Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 24, 1947 · Page 12
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 12

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 24, 1947
Page 12
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^^^SS^^SL^S^' trt ^"vt i (SB-fat. ••„ x , W?** (1 5V?[ '*V', »*' ' •• *",r ''-".; ' i • I-ft '" ' • * ' *''' ' ^ H^fl^ r^rr?^gp| Wednesday, December 24, 1947 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Wednesday, December 24, 1947 By Chick Young OZARK IKE By Chick Young OZARK IKE By Ray Gotfo ,_..LOOK WHO'S DASHIN' OUT UP TH CROWD f THANKS, COOKIE, FOR SEEING , , , AH'LL STOMP FAWLIN'V THRU THE/VS AA«QATTS -A CLEAR FIELDf... VICTORY, HERE AH COMCf BLONDIE SMD SHE'D LEAVE THE KEV IN THE V/nlLBOX IF SHE V/ENT OUT I THOUGHT YOU WERE OUT BLO.CKED BY THEM THANKS/ NOTHING/ -N. NOBUDDY TWIXT HIM AN' TH' GOAL LINEJ I EXPECT TWENTV-FIVE ) FATPIELDSrl FAWTY-;> LIKE A CENTS FOfc THIS i -- JUS' LIKE IN TH' MOVIES; (OMAN) **. iS| FAREWELL, ' B'ARSKlNf PfodutW bjltntyn Slni'igci ' - • i"op>ii£hi I44T by Kinf Intuin iindmit. IM ratftnl »1f -II f -» / - ,tf -.1 lkt~ j ln~»i*»iJ By Michael O'Moll.y A ( Jld j. rMw^t* JM, . ^^fc^rit. . j*J\&"f?'*r&*&*, SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith CARNIVAL By Dick Turner DE GLANCES By Michael O'Mollev & Ralph Lane 3 watched Sonya's face. Her eyelpoppe.d By Golbrolth CARNIVAL By Dick Turner DIAMONDS! HE CARRIES THEM AROUND WITH HIM MATCHES/AND E"I THOU6HT WAS SMALL CHANGE WANT TO KNOW WHERE? I'M THE MARKET : AU THEY'RE AFTER IS DIAMONDS. OONCHA UNDERSTAND ABUT WE DIAMONDS! ru SHOW'EM some I ENGLISH? WIUIE SAYS / HAD AN |\ 'Hf DQN?I ,WANT VA / APPOINT- Y '/»/ 7MENTWITH HIM. MAYBE THEY'U GO AWAY AND LEAVE ME ANDSHONYA WASH TUBES Si S-.a^SiiR Turner WASH TUB8S NOW LOOK.' THIS «(SS', TOM 60UMOS 60NE ON FOE OVER \ UNSRMEFUl M4 HOUR l EVIERSTHINSfe \ Ml I DID TO,SW)f OR. /SOU tOO PIWN! MA BESINWW&1 Ef^SER POSSE THM- TO DOUBT IF SOU'VE I DON'T KWOW WHV I LET 20PE ME IN ON A JOB LIKE THIS! HERE...HOW (XBOUT THIS F BRWN...PUT IT OFF TILL THE L&ST MOMENT !1... I SEE. DOT WIELL...N-VIER.S THWJKS, m FRIEMK...TH05E.. T ' BUT.HOU I LOOK LIKE \ MTRPiCTWE.ONE CAM'T I!! \W>S COMSCIENCEi I'LL OFFICERS CWJ'T' IDENTIFS We CW4T RUSH NQU'UE 5IWPLM SOT TO HELP US HATCHET OF COURSE. BUT I'lW NOW!.l'Lt60 WHILE THEY'RE -J WTO WELL,THNT'5 LIE AWftKE NIGHTS, SELECT SOW\|THiS5 FOR MlHT KGWHM JUST. WHAT; WONDERW& IF i TO SOL! / MW «EEP MODE HELP! _i y UNWITTINGW HELPED I'LLHMETORISKSOU! SOMc HftTCHET WON\WJ ;-,^ -T^^^s^mVMb, COPf. 1P47 BY MEA SERVICg. INC T. M BES. U. 8. PAT. OFF. TOPR. 1947 BY NEA SERVICE INC. t. M. RED. U. 8 "And Junior got the latest thing in electric trains—it • - - ...... • .«•_ * 1f his f atne -.«» By Blosser The Perkinses called off their party because the children 'm having all ole afternoon shop wasted! , ft|"Your father grumbles, about -all the fuss we go to, but ^tboisure to putlii? presents out in front so he won't knock , - ,*he tree down getting to them!',' have chicken pox, so I'm having all the guests over here— comes completely equipped with handcuffs for his father! i don't want that whole afternoon I spent in the beauty ; FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Whaddaya mean, I'll be late for the office? I'm back' for lunch!" YOU ARE ABOUT TO CHANGE YOUR ADDRESS FRECKLES AND HIS FRIEND*. By Hershberger FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershberger TtHATS ALL, WeLL.IFIT ' ISNT MY OLD . DATE/.---EVERY TIME L START DAWCIM& WITH BETHANY, SOME LU& WHOPS ME -'THE BACK AND CUTS BROTHER/ X FRIEND, LARD THE LUG DONALD DUCK By Wojr Disney DONALD DUCK /WEUL-/ WELL., SO YOU ^M SMACKED VOUC FINSEQ ) TSK/TSK/ — "T C WAS-TRYING TO WANS PICTLJEE ANP I HIT MY ...WOULD YOU PL-EASE- CQV\E OVBK"? ' A COUPLE OF TA& DANCES T WHERE I'M GOING- l&^DAMCe GOOD OLD TAG DANCES / THE OBJECtS A NIGHT MISHT BE OIVW, BUT / YOU A GIRL GETS STUCK WITH WHEN SHE ISN'T WATCHING/ MAKIM& THE RULES / ^•pgjsnivMiAtnvicf i>^ay» lie gjot^it for Wilbur^^but I'm not so sur*i'J ''!^^'-*'''*'-''^-^''-''-'?^^- * '•. ' "it's a pushbutton automatic top—-Hank likes it better than an umbrella!" ALLEY OOP By V. T. Himlin ALLEY OOP / 5OREY TO L.EW£ YC?U Thimble Theater VELU. YOUNQ U*sDy, I SUESS , RESUME TPAVELINS PARTLY TBUSSED UP. 3UT WE'VE SOT SOME PRETTY TOU&H SPINS UP AHEAsD,,. Thimble Theate - VMEAN WHEN you \ vezziie, AN' IF TI?.EDT>CTEI?FERE) YOU DOUiT MVITH OdJL/>v AN' /BELIEVE ME, HER KIDNAsPEtl, / JUST LOOKIT SHE BUSSED >C.TH' BUMP ON -VOL)?' • jr > X \ MY HEAD.' ^PERHAPS a\NJTA CLAU5 PICKED AHOY BALL 6 STILL IT LANDED IN'A WHEEL'BAREEfe.'.' JUS'A AMNNpr/.' WHAT?? I'/V\ PU/y\PlNfl THIS NEW TUPJF ON THE . MAVE VOuVTlT SHOULD BE FOUND IT, .SQVEWH5KE NJEAJ 'THIS BDNT LOOK. OSCAR. S^^>\: By Edgar Martin OUT OUR WAY With Major Hoople By J. R. Williams OUR BOARDING HOUSE We. OOfpl 16 OKSt Of 'WE. By J. R.f Williams OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoople %#3Slw!\ < i feP^T^m? 1! ^^i/-W^MM IT'5 FUWMY HOW NAAWY OTHER PARTS OF YOU ARE USEFUL WHEN YOU'RE TOO LAZY TO WIPE YOUR HANDS AMP TINKERING ON THAT OLP HOT ROD OF YOURS- BUT IF YOU BUMPEP A FIMGER I SOULPNi'T GET YOU TO BEMP AN ELBOW.' v s ONLV A> TA\s ME A SPORT "<& OME SOLOTlOri SHIRT OF THIS GARIStA F "TO T^S TIE ^ AUNT PA^ER^^-^PACeA —X'LLWWje)/ PROBABLY OM& OF HORSES/^-UA\.' ^^ TO SROVJ ^ AW LITTLE PERHAPS X CODLD WEAE )./ /WVSELF VA IS VJOMDERlt^S IT Ihi TtAE WjlNiTER/WELL. // SOME C^Nl ) '] HE GOT A BOTTLEr /I DRAPERY/ / I OF SHAMIMG VJESKlT/ ALL ^> A MlMOTE ; PLACED W sou SMD AN •% THRILLER e\'E/| EARLV HoopLe^y MODR. BROTHER TO BRlMG HARlWOi^V it-i ^1 HEiPfD VJEiTe/ JAKlE LAID FOR FDR ANiiAR |A THE A\V3E=3,Te ^ SANTA vJlTH AMD It-i FIN- k't FIOCLES — J\ BLPiCkSACI^ AhSD LAl^D, AFTER A STEAivA S'/ GNe O5 ^> TAPPED yOL) HAD 1t» ROLL ;( AMOTrAER SLICE Yf THE DARK By OFF THAT SIDE7V' MISTAKE .'£&*£ OF -MB - CLOSIMG TWO POOR5, OPEMING OKIE, AMP SHUTTING A PRAWER f B» ME* SERVICt/lHC T M. «EC U. «. f BV'KEA'SEKVIC. ijC.'T.IH. DEO.'U'. 3. PAT. OCF t>v rirs-J REI5 RYDER

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