Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 24, 1947 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, December 24, 1947
Page 6
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^ IT; i y, 4*!' . k^h.^s.'J&^W^^&'t??. ~..t t t .^,.^L ^^^f^ 1 ^^?^^^^^^ HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS knows e.m- . . re- Appropriations ' • government; . \vith Reports •>.- their, '/officials ; on commodity ''• ' " '•''''' '•' •" ' : '•'•"-" ; - ' •:.us'e:?':6f •*.. officia ; a- state'me'rit; )K adminlsWatpr '' .... ( .futures Wheat • XReoMy Is a Santa Claus ptSfpln'Sp rlce ; ';.at;a future;; date. ^^^fp;,t»aaefeL.|i:s:":;'".one:;!;; ; ;wh6, as two sisters at Paris', Orphelinat packages sent to France by the U. ft ...... ,,,... , -,..,,.--..„— .,....,, —, 1 by the American Paris Christann :,.;•;Vlfund,-: vvill : enable'vtrje; homeless-child ren to enjoy a real Christmas lca^/Memorial Honors British Port '•: who oj f£u'pblern ent •'•.'• i the i r '. •< in -"small --....!'^''.- ;':•-• .v..-'^ Sgn9t(5iJfKnQwland,,(R-Calif). ' .told' is the ,;;tp.-- ; reply ; to s; dommittce's re. ; (jSi$J|oyftU'Sv r information, -'he add ' ' • •••• 11 vn= n' T* p r, ijied' Pallpca(iion~s :i)r}nc ihe-tota,! — —-••-' ' i>!,<ms fiscal • • •. ; .-..l_l'_U- ' '• i .. i,v , exports prinqipjally :£rom this - - hich: ., has " ; We prp- ':: those in Korea will be £ Corporation r ; i • except, in milled rice spread to ja two ,jg next door and 20-rooaiv ' brick munications were n. It was be lines runninf were burncc all neigh -:tow«$%were.:;e'alled' to this With ..«^inytC-3S.tj 1 j- ; ;:13i;;-jeij > arvc'.v, U. S. military and rur attache to Britain, delivers an address , r .. .(iiitly ^"g'lindJptiCiiirc unveiling an American commernorutive column honoring the Port ^ ot-.VVeyrrwiith; tor itv'tapcr'tuiU roJc-in D-D;iy operations. On the .monument is a ship's bell donated •. ; '...by.'-lhc.'13|l.ti'sh"Adi'ii!i'aJly'-:.which will soiled sliip's hours during the cUiy. In the foreground is a "•"'' '•',';.'I'••-'• . •'wwytln^hit of .Air.cncari Bailors from the U. S. cruiser Sjpokuiie. Fr^sh Little Squirt! Seventeen-year-old Margaret Jean German, left, ot Roinncy, Ind,, won the milking National Farm Show in Chicago and also hits' lha maik as slie toasts runner-up Nan contest at the , ... „ — .,_ -up Nancy Gannon, ol Delmar, la. Margaret extracted seven pounds of milk in two minutes. Governor Lane set out bis views Has 90 Days ' Continued From Page One him her picture. He had proposed to her previously by mail. Alfidi rushed- fo Ellis Island to tell the dark'cyed beauty of his love and to protest her deportation. Gov. Earl C. Clements of Ken- Uicky also appealed to immigration authorities in Maria's' behalf. The State Department said a temporary visa could be granted. Maria's uncle. > Michael Cataneo, New York, said he would post .$500 bend and said she could slay with him. The immigration authorities relented and said Maria could slay I for 90 days, and if she married Al- tidi, n navy veteran, she could stay for keeps. Aindi said 90 days was long enough for him to win her. "We'll see," said Maria. Texan Appointed Assistant: Naval Secretary Washington, Dec. 23 —(/P) — President Truman has decided to appoint Marie Edwin Andrews of Houston, Texas, as assistant necre- tarv of the navy. The White House announced today Andrws' nomination will be sent to the Senate early in the new session of Congress. The rjost is now vacant as a result of promotion of W. John Kenney to undersecretary of the navy. It was also announced that Sec- rota rv of the Navy Sullivan, with Mr. Truman's approval, will name Vice-Admiral Arthur William Radford as vice chief of naval opera- Ii6ns. effective Jan. 3 . Admiral Radford has been commander of the second task force of the Alan- lic fleet. Andrews. a 44-year-old lawyer, oilman and manufacturer, was a navy officer during the war. He was assigned to buying of aircraft, shins, and landing craft. Radford has been a naval aviator for. 27 years, and directed the expansion of aviation training dur- in" the war. He commanded an aircraft carrier task group in tho Baker, Makin" and Tarawa Island landings. o Here and There •=? Arkansas Little Rock, Dec. 24 — <fP) — Com mercial hatcheries in Arkansas produce 800,000 chicks during November, a six percent decrease from the November, 194G, total. The crop reporting service said today. "Low broiler prices the forepart of November lessened the demand for baby chicks," the report commented. Arkadelphia, Dec. 24 — (IP) — A suit seeking to prevent levying or collection of a 2.5 mill tax for a new S300,COn Clark county hospital has been dismissed by Chancelor A. P. Stee A L Hughes and N. M. Davidson : brought the suit, naming a group of county officials as defendants and charging that the election at which Clark residents voted the tax and a bond issue was void Yes, Everybody Would Like to See Such a Christmas Tree in This Troubled World Wednesday, December 24, 1947 Hope Star Bv DEWITT MACKENZIE AP Foreign Affairs Analyst If vou could have your dearest Yuletide- wish, what would it be? I'll make one guess: You'd wish that somewhere in 'he troubled places of our sorry world there might be raised a wonderous Christmas tree, so tall the silver star of bethlehem unon ton would touch the sky, that all- might .see. It's great, green boughs would bond beneath the tokens of goodwill, and round, its base would gather a vast choir of all races who would carol songs of peace. Fanciful, isn't it? Well, there's little harm in wishing. Perhaps if we wish hard enough, our vision may cnme true. Reminiscense was what set your correspondent dreaming. To those of us who live in climes which favor evergreens, the Christmas three has come to be the symbol of the day. I've snent. the anniversary in far places: On the fighting front Dickens' Christmas Carol Paver—in far off Tndi"—in Bethlehem beside the Holy Manser. Often, nf course, there's been no tree, and I have felt some vital thin/? wns missing from thr> scene. irplv that; feeling is a heritage of Childhood in a Vermont persnnage in days when Yuletide's main attraction was tho heavy-laden tree in the old church—a tree so high thft. in youthful eyes, .it seemed indeed as though it might reach to the sky. likn the evergreen of our hi" wish todav. So at this Christmas t'me I was hnrcpy to receive from my good fH^nd Tom Keene. edit"'- of the TCikhart (IndianaV Daily Truth, a letter of good cheer and a nrnse-. «~ow-i which he ^imposed about a Christmas tree. Tom has warmth of .heart for nature- and *pr /• his fellow men. and often turns to the noetic to' record his thoughts. And here is what he wrote about the tree: T ?m your Christmas tree. I have come far—from silent slones 'where rabbits run. Spring winds with thnir murmur- in<* melodies tin-t.npd Or-rmgh the taller tops, and birds of the Sorest sans to me from soft shadows. Jolly sunbeams rain like quicksilver ar;d capered on )eafy carpets. and summer showers swung through the woods with tinkling cups of refreshment for m lf parching throat. Furry wayfarers of the night middled contentedly at my earthbound feet, and winter's snows draped with gay festoons my bend- Simple Ideas Continued From Page One they said. But what he says will be simpler, and easier to understand, than the report they turned out. It's heavy going although economists like themselves ' may not think so. Yet it looks as if it were written for economists only. An average reader would find the report difficult and tiresome. Newspaper writers, last night and today, have written long stories on the report. But these newspaper writers have had to translate into fairly simple, readable English what the economists seem to have had in their minds. Here's an example of the report, and it's far from the heaviest: "From our economic analysis of sustained maximum production, we we have Star of Hope W9( Press 19*7. Conjolldotod janunrv 18. 192? Published every weekday a)terno<v h\. STAR PUBLISHING CO , C. t. Palmer, Preside"' < MM H. Wofhburn, Secretary '•- ot the Star buildlno 211-214 South Walnut <""• Hooe A n- Al«. H. Woihburn, Editor 8, Publish** Paul H. Jones, Managing Editoi George W. Hosmcr. Mech. Supl. i«> M. Davli, Advertising Manage ' Emma Q. Thomas, Cashier rtr Wednesday, December 24, 1947 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS TT» «1 ,4 j-SUOLcllllCU llltl-Mlll England of have concluded ol — m a _-uj arts where the full utilization of our resources makespossible and will call for the increasing enjoyr ment of satisfaction that go beyond merely 'keeping body and soul together'.." • Some mouthful, the 48 words in that one sentence. Maybe • — but he language is too vague to be sure '— the. president's advisers meant to say: "We've checked . on keeping pro duction at a peak. And we've de- hings we have in this country, peo- :lc 'Can live 'better than .iust on a keeping body and soul together' basis." ' • . Bat now look at this from iris -boughs* Leaning falos clutched at mv throat and lashed any bent body with stinging whips, and storms nf sleet incased my drooping arms in signing armor. The haunting cry of hunting hounrls has cnmp to me from distant hills, and the screech owl's Dismal note has vousprl me from tbp reveries of a bewitching night. From out of the colorful nnpean- trv of the changing 'seasons I have come to grace the Yuletide home with my green symmetry. Silvery tinsel now dranes the boughs that once so proudly wore the shep.tpd whiteness of the win- tpv. and the head that once was adorned by the mellow tracery of a bright moon's gleam now rests beneath the crown of a shimmer- ins star. Tho'ieh I wear a rnhn nf baubles and glittering things, I bring to you thn refreshing glory of the great outdoors, and I bid you pause to render on Him who is the Creator of us all. Frv beneath my tinkling coat Attorney Jjrn Goo : eh for permis-1 <iin'- fi feeblv beats a friendly heart, Little Rock, Dec. 24 — (ff) — Lists of 1944 tax - forfeited land must be filed by next .Wednesday but fewer than half the state's county clerks have sent in their lists, Land Commissioner ports. Claude Rankin re- Only 31 county lists have been received. The other 44 clerks must file by Dec. 31 or be sufject to the suspension, Rankin said. Little Rock, Dec. 23 —(/P) •— Tho office of the attorney general has denied a request by U. 3. restrict sion to appeal an Eighth Circuit Court reversal of the Clennie Joe Buchanan conviction to the U. S. Supreme Court. W. H. Gregory, Gooch's chief assistant, said today that he hopes to retry the case early next year, under which Buchanan and Ira Coleman Roberts, Batesville, were convicted of conspiracy to transport $9,280 from Illinois to in stolen funds East Arkansas. In reversing and remanding the case for retrial, the appeals -lourt held that there was no evidence that Roberts and Buchanan entered into a conspiracy to transport money into Arkansas. Little Rock, Dec. 28 —(/P)— Polly Deer, 10 - year - old Blvthevitle school girl, has tho official assurance of Assistant Attorney General Jim Bunn • hat no one has killed four of Santa Clans' reindeer. Polly wrote Bunn that when she visited in Little Rock recently she saw in a drugstore- window tho heads of four reindeer named "Donner, Dancer, Vixon and Blitzer." She told Bunn, school law special! 0 * 1 of the attorney general's office, • that she understood he answered questions for school people and since she was "a little school girl" she wanted him to tell her whether .someone had killed four of Santa's reindeer and if Santa would not be able to come this Christmas "because he will not have his reindeer. 1 In an official opinion, Bunn wrote Polly that he was assured by an employe of the Game and Fish Commission that the animals in question are Arkansas deer known as Virginia white - tailed deer and were not reindeer. o 'Insincerity' Blamed for World's Troubles By JOHN MCKNIGHT Vatican City. Dec. 24 — <*P)—Pope Pius XII, in his annual Christmas message, declared today that a "policy of insincerity" among nations was blocking the path to peace and called for a "league of drained of its strength by the wood- mnn's wound. And. though I be dving. I am content, for I have brought you ii*tv. . T have peace and cheer and con- 'cntmcnt for all of those who look uriin mp with understanding. It is Christmas timp. and I bave been given a place of honor in ,your family circle of happv hearts. Who among you shall say that I am unworthy? I air: your Christmas tree. cided this: "If we make full use of the Entered as second'class maltor at rh. Post Office at Hope. Arkansas, undei thtt Act of March 3. 1897. (API—Muans Associated Press. . (NEA)—Means Nnvvspnoer --nteii £ A=,T;viaHnn ^ Subscription • Rates: (Always Payable !• fWivance): By city carrier per week 20r per month 85c. Mail rate 1 !—in Hemp ntead. Nevada, Howard. Miller one l.aHayette counties, $4.50 our yenr: 'els» where $8.50. National Advertising Arkansas Dailies, Inc.; Representative — Memphis, Tenn >teri.-k Building; Chicago, 400 North Midi igon Avenue: New York Cit>, 292 Madisoi /we.; Detroit, Mich., 2842 W. Grano "'"H.; Oklahoma City, 314 Terminal Bida- Mew Orleans, 722 Union St Member of tho Associated Press: TfS Associated Press is entitled exclusively t< the use for republication of all tho loco news printed in this newspaper as well o all- AP news dispatches. Social ana Personal Phone 768 Between 9 A. M. and 4 P. M. Social Calendar .*.. _. The Doctor Says: Monday, December 29 The Hope Country Club will hold open house Monday evening from eight-thirty unHl ten-thirty honoring the new officers and directors. Hosts and hostesses will be: Mr. and Mrs. H. O. Kyler, Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Beene, Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Springer, Mr. and Mrs. John P. Vesey, Mr. and Mrs. mi T. White and Miss Beryl Henry. Wednesday, December 24 The Youth Department of the First Methodist church will meet at the church at seven thirty to sing Cimsmas carols. AH memoers are urged to attend. report: "Gross imbalances in the wage structure must be rectified by some drawing together of those now at opposite extremes of. the wage scale." .There's no sense in trying to put that into simple English because, first of all, what does it mean? ^ It does say that some people ar^ paid a lot and 'some too little. But i does it mean those at the top should get less and those at the bottom more? The language is vague all right. But if you said the economists meant some people's wages should be cut, they could deny they m'eant the that. Coming and Going Mr. and Mrs. Paul Schreck will Arrive Wednesday night to spend •$?mstmas with Mrs. bchreck's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Homer Fuller. Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Reynolds left Monday to return to their home in New Iberia, Louisiana after a visit with Mrs. Reynold's parents, ! Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Leverett here. M.D. By EDV/IN P. JORDAN, Written for NEA Service Streptomycin is a substance which is related in a way to penicillin. Soon after its discovery, the possibility was considered thai it might be useful in treating tuberculosis. Testing the effect of a new druj or medicine' requires a great deal of work. Fortunately, the Vet- U. S. Postpones Deportation Proceedings Here's One Little Girl Who Knows There IS a Santa Clous, erans' Administration and the Army and Navy Medical Departments entered into a co-operative plan, aimed at studying the effects of streptomycin on tuberculosis in human beings. Recently, a report of this study, based on 900 iatients, has been published. Because tuberculosis is, by its lature, a long-lasting disease, final conclusions are not possible. Nevertheless, it has been confirmed hat streptomycin is useful in as- Mr. and Mrs. Dolphus Whitten, Sr., and Mr. and Mrs. Dolphus Jr. and littie daugnter, will • leave Wednesday to and Whitten, Susanne nj.ght for Houma, Louisiana Sylencl Christmas with Mr. lVirs. Horace Whitten and family. Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Reynerspn will arrive Wednesday night for a holiday visit with Mr. Keyner- son's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Alva ..Keynerson. Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Brice of Kansas, Oklahoma have arrived to spend Christmas with Mrs. Brice's parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Hatcher and other relatives FOR REAL ESTATE BUYERS for all classes of land and types of'business places arriving from everywhere. Yearly 400,000 Catalogs circulated by advertising in over 500 newspapers, on highway signs and thru STIIOUT Big City offices. LIST your property NOW and enjoy the benefit of STROUT.'S successful National advertising program at no additional cost. NO SALE.— NO PAY. Booklet HOW STUOUT SELLS mailed free, STROU? REALTY AGENCIES World's Largest Offices Coast-to-Coast BEE, WRITE OR PHONE listing the treatment of certain dnds of tuberculosis. It is especially helpful in tuberculosis of the meninges (mem- jranes enveloping the brain and spinal cord; or tuberculosis men- ngitis, in tuberculous infection of ;he sinuses, in tuberculous ulcera- Lions of tha breathing tubes leading to the 'lungs, and in tuberculosis which has been carried to various parts of the body through the blood stream. On the other hand, streptomycin proved to be of little, if any, value in tuberculosis involving the urinary tract or the bones and joints. It is not recommended for most kinds of tuberculosis of the lungs, at least at present.- Lake Success, Dec. 23 —(ff)— Deportation proceedings against a jreek Communist correspondent accredited to the United Nations were postponed today as U. S. officials weighed the possibility that the action violated an agreement with the U. N. The issue was raised by U. N Secretary General Trygve Lie, who dispatched a telegram "last night to Warren Austin, chief U. S. dele gale, calling attention to a provi sion in the agreement under which the United Nations headquarters was established here. The agreement provides that no correspondent accredited to the vorld organization shall be com pelled to leave the United States until the U. N. secretary general ias been consulted. Pointing out .hat he had not been notified in advance of the deportation proceedings; Lie wired Austin: "Would appreciate prompt consideration in conformity with headquarters agreement." Lie's action also was expected to cielay deportation proceedings pcnctmg against an India'n correspondent accredited to the U. N. Lie acted after receiving a message from the Greek correspondent — Nicholas Kyriazidis — advising that he was being detained at Ellis Island for deportation "on charges concerning only my political affiliation." UNDERGROUND WIRES There are more than 220,000, 000 pounds of copper in the 38,000 miles of underground transmission wires through which New York City receives its electrical power. Not A Substitute Streptomycin is not a satis- Since 1900 J. K. MOODY 220 S. Pisie Hope, Ark. Record Price Is Paid for Steers afc Chicago 'Uy provision •Q<^ro«;,Larie'fi iftinlpng on triis i itj-crty law than to aUcrntt 10 re- slv tA-f*,j3»ral inatter IS sound'* Iv^l-nn «U- tl3ofa»,vinayf.(, 1-iitit? nf stnnU vamp 'This is an im'- Utate. laws of each J$»<4#r "of tas ^djustoent" i Lsney also recalled that the Ar- Chicago, Dec. 23 — VP)— A new nil-time record price of $40 a hundred pounds for fed steers was paid today, at two large midwest crn markets -^ Omaha and Chi cago. In Chicago, $40 was paid for 20 head of choice to prime 1,220-lb fed steers. The previous record high of $39 was paid several times in the last few -weeks for animals somewhat inferior in quality to the well finished animals which brought $40 today. At Omaha, the previous record was $38.50. Today's high price was paid for 19 head of Angus steers which averaged an estimated 1,310 pounds. They were marketed by 'he Galbraith Brothers, Beemer, Neb. o Rice Growers Ask Research Priority Washington, Dec. 23 — (ff) — The Rice Advisory Committee has requested top priority during next year for "research on the marketing phases of rice," the Agriculture Deoartment reported today. The committee, which met here recently, described marketing research as "the greatest need of the rice industry," and said there is a particularly urgent requirement to develop grades and standards for rough rice that Will reflect more accurately the ultimate mar- "Protectlon PLUS" for the Years Ahead A new calendar hangs on the wall. To some the New Year will bring realization of their hopes and desires ... to others misfortune will befall. Whatever the future may bring, no Woodman need go his way alone. The fraternal fellowship of Woodcraft is his unfailing friend, bringing comfort and aid in time of sorrow or need. His Woodmen life insurance protection assures him and his family security from want. Start.the New Year right. Ask the local Woodmen representative to explain the fraternal and protective benefits you will receive by becoming a Woodmen member. WOODMEN o/the WORLD Life Insurance Society OMAHA. NEBRASKA OUR ASSETS EXCEED $101.000,000 J. C. WALKER, Field Repressed*ave 716 West 6th St. Hope, Ark. delegation in Congress, par •icukirly Senator McClellan, had been aggressively sponsoring a community property provision for "c federal income tax law. He expressed the view tlj$t "Senator Me- plellan has the right approach tft the whole matter-> honest men" to safeguard the world against war. The pontiff specifically blamed "a growing tendency toward insincerity" for collapse of the recent foreign ministers conference in London, which he said had left the world "f jrlher than ever :"rom the true pea;e." He sharoly condemned these nations which, he said, had adopted •'the lie and the garbled word" as "accepted weap9ns of offensive" in a,n effort to "win at any cost the " ' of-class interest and thepries, The group urged more emphasis on tne study of consumer pi^fer- onces as to specific types of rice kind and size of consumer pack ages and the adequacy of recipes printed on the packages as a fac tor in consumption of rice. of ideologies and power politics.' The pontiff named no names ii placing the blame for the presen state of world affairs, but his •! 100-word address contained man t passages which western listeners st least, interpreted as condemnation of communism and of the postwar policies of th,e. S#vte* Union, i Stuart Spragins of Little Roc!* will be the holiday guest of his. parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. C bpragins here. Carroll Hyatt of Northwestern University, Jivanston, Illinois has arrived to spend Christmas with his mother, Mrs. B. C. Hyatt and other relatives. Hugh Carl Walker of Little Rock £ ; as. arrived for a holiday visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Walker. He attends JJraugnns .School of Business. You can't tell little Rosaria Nuccio of New York thai there isn't any Sanla Glaus. She has seen him—in fact, she' has seen 20 Sanla Clauses. Yulclide workers for the-Volunteers of America,' they tend sidewalkJVchimncys'^in' midto-wn New York, collecting contributions for the needy.'"" ~ ~ ~^ ! or go to some place And't spei her. I keep iny try to be very" home and'to stt6wIh£fi.>Uiii tunes wnen Vn* ;$0}<bui •When I tmd olrt t«at< !? hbrne tor me&ls t ifele she con plan 6ef <\VOI-K or go oui somewhe'i'e it ' to. " f find that rriy Wife gratcitii to me for ail the cxmsu ution i show net 'and ttoaf''* appieciateb Very Much atiy"«ll' attentions. I aiso snow her. am proua ot net- ana fh her. i oelieve if more, tty toilowed these rules there not be so inany dissatisiled ANSWER: Well, Bab, i do/i Wonaei' that your wile is & hapji ana continued one with a who treats her as it she JUuay ivovc, instead 01 just a. ivousc horn convenience. Anyi vVomamWif alien a husoana wouiu'teel tnat&tt naa arawn a prize iri tne tttHl menial lottery, ( " M our i uies for keeping s. a, W catmg out ot your nana are gooa that I am printing tttem\"lip ,iua in me hope ui tne nobe** mey will mspue ouiec young i bunds to tauuvv-.Utem. ' *, , \*, DEAR DOROTHY DlXr tioW cijj I breaK my lianee from taning* lor granted? We have been e"cl ioi' two yeais, with no pr oi getting married soon aae to tti iactc ot an apartment. f iie ma, me bo iurioub mat all 1 can ;thji ot that if ho ^tattes me Defoie we are to expect alter we, are I know the situation' \yill piove. Rather, it will become, Wo se. % '„-> A CONSTANT ^ Miss Ella Jo Edmiaslon of St. Paul's Hospital, Dallas arrived Tuesday to spend Christmas with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ben Edmiaston. factory substitute for other treatments which are already known to be valuable in treating tuberculosis. Streptomycin is useful in several infections other than tuberculosis. However, if it continues to prove oi value, even in only a few kinds of tuberculosis, it will be a boon to mankind. QUESTION: Could you pleass tell me what causes an enlarged 1 hymns? Do you think X-ray treatment would help? My condition auses a heavy breathing, and a oise - when breathing. F. S. „ The cause o£ an en- rged thymus is not known. X-ray •calments arc sometimes em- loycd to try to cause this gland shrink. It is also believed that n enlarged thymus may, in some ANT PROSPECTORS Frank Fail-field, Nevada prospector, saw ants bringing particles of perlite to the surface and, when he ran a shaft at the spot, he hit a rich ' perlite deposit. Miss Mary Esther Edmiaston of Henderson State Teachers College, Arkadelphia has arrived to spend Vhrislmas with her parents, Mr. "find. Mrs. Ben Edmiaston. Captain and Mrs. Chester C. Holloman of New York City have arrived to spend Christmas with Mrs. Holloman's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Duffle. Mr. and Mrs. Arvil Hickman left 'Tuesday night for McAlister, Ok- .lahoma to spend Christmas with •Mrs. Hickman's mother. They will return via Bonham, Texas for a holiday visti with Mr. Hickman's parents. Miss Sue Martindale of Baton Rouge, Louisiana will arrive Thurs day to spend the holidays with hei parents, Mr. and Mrs. K. H. Mar tindale. Hospital Notes Josephine Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Jones o Hope, Rt. 4, announce the arriva 01! a son on December 23. |fi Mr. and Mrs. Garland Kidd o Hope, Rt. 1, announce the arriva of a son on December 23. Admitted: • Mrs. Garland Kidd, Hope, Rt. 1 Discharged: Walter Jones, Rt. 1, Hope. THE STORY: Jeff tells -me the police have proof Avis and Art' were poisoned, and they suspect the poison was given them in my house. This would limit suspicion to tne three survivors of the party —Jeff, Liz and me. After Jeff leaves, I remember the packet .of poison. I look for it frantically, it is gone. XIX I was in the midst of searching the house for the poison when Marie Maloney turned up. Jef£ had talked to her over tne tele- pnone alter he left my place arid when he explained tne set-up to her lone woman living alone, not much cooking and not many parties; she had jumped at the chance to work for me. fcne had piled all her worldly belongings uito a ases, be .the cause of noisy breath- taxicab and come rignt over to my ig by pressure on the breathing I place—not wanting, L suspect, to ubes. spend another nignt in mat apart- Russia Says U. S. Transferring Troops to Germosiy Moscow, Dec. 23 —(/P) — Russian jress dispatches intimated today rnent of Avis Vaughn's. Marie was about tnirty with a bioad Irish.. face. As .a. girl she nuisi haye ;b.e'en very pretty; I read later in the newspapers mat she had once played m pictures. Bit parts. She - still had biue-blacs iiau- and eye's of an amazing blue. And a lunu taste in clothes. ___^_ . i but any sort of maid was to be he United States was transferring' regarded as manna from heaven .roops from Italy to duty in American zones of Austria ermany. (It is no secret that some the i auu t,o j. snusvta ner to me maid's and room across the patio from the of- !icers and men in the Mediter- lutchen without any further aao. When next 1 saw her she was turned out neatly in a blacK uni- rancan theater of operations trans- U' ol . m with a crisp wnite apron and ly shaved face and his blue eyes were clear and untroubled. We talked a little bit about the funeral—and the write-ups in the newspapers. When he let me out at the studio parking lot, he said he'd take me home tnat evening ii I'd wait for hint. Jefi and Ben Morgan \yere in conference all morning. Then they gave Madge Narney a iioclc of screen tests and .wnen they were ready Jeff called me and asked if I'd like to see them, too. They were swell. The makeup department had done a good joo on Madge. They had left ner hair its natural honey-brown color and the technicolor camera had picked up the golden glints in it and in her pale Drown eyes. She was ravishing. And her acting was so good, one forgot the resemblance of her face to Avis Vaughn's. ' Jeff was highly pleased over the tests and Morgan nodded his head in cautious approval. I was so happy about Madge getting her big chance . that' I burbled about it to Jimmy Peters on the way home. "She'll be a sensation," I said, going Hollywood. I raved on. "She's the most natural, the most unspoiled young thing I've seen in this town. And she can act." Jimmy looked at me out of tho corner of his eye. "You don't know her very well, do you?" "No—why do you ask?" "Well," Jimmy said with a rue- ancl dusted from top to bottom; every chair, every cushion, every magazine was invitingly in place; the windows were open to the aitemcon oieoze; uie taiieta drapes rustled luxuriously. Contentment honey-drowsy filled me bee. i''or like just DOROTHY'DIX Julia Chester Admitted: Mrs. Leo W. Erwin, Hope. Discharged: Mrs. C. P. Caldwell, Rt. 3, Ross- ••t° n *• The Julia Chester hospital cclc- :ered to other European assignments before the occupation of Itab' ended Dec. 14. Various dispatches from Italy during the fall told of the movement. (The first train carrying U. S. Army personnel from the theater to Germany left Leghorn Oct. 8 with 55 officers and 100 dependents. Five other such trains followed. The movement was completed Nov. 1. (The last American troops in Italy sailed from Leghorn about 10 days a so, in accordance with the deadline set in the Italian peace treaty, and arrived in New York yesterday. There were about 1,300 officers and men in the contingent.) A Tass dispatch from ' Vienna said that according to reports from Salzburg a "considerable increase" nad been observed in U. S. forces in the American zone in Austria. Among the population," the dispatch said, "there exists the opinion-reinforced by recent reports in moment 1 lorgot tne nagging worries of the present and let mysell drift into a rosy dream of a suddenly, tantalizing lulure. 1 had this lovely homo. I had a promising career, i could have Jeft Ha- ve'rson, now that he was free. He had made that clear. Lite could be-beautiful alter all, I thought, as naively as if I were still Sixteen. The raucous voice of Marie Maloney broke .it up by announcing that dinner was ready. 1 steppea oltmy dream tram, made a little face oi regret, picked up the day's mail tnai was piled on my desk, took it downstairs with rne and read it while 1 ate. The iront doorbell, above,"*chimed just as I fin- Parental Curbs DEAR MISS:DIX: I am 12 years old and in the eighth grade. I gel along very nicely with everybody except my mother. She makes me vciy unhappy because she tries to make me different from the'.-pther gnls when I want to br_ just like them. I want to dress just like the other girls do, but she makes me weat things that she callh "individual " She has my hair bobbed with a wave to the end, while eveiy gill my age has a hair-do that comes down to hei bhouldcrs with big, thick curls. She makes me wear ANSWER: A long _ very apt to get on the' bom parties wnen t' ding day in sight., you and your nance fi'om the suspense. ' as you cannot conjure * an r & ment out of the air< don't 1 yoivj the wise thing for you to" dd get a giip on your ownv'cohi oxfords, while the other gills wear (and try to use some common "' bobby socks and loafers. All the girls in my clast, haVe thote navy blue shoit coats With a wide collar, or a black and wnile short coat, but my mother insists Public Invited to Catholic Midnight Mass You at- cap. that time I had finished searching the house and hadn't found any trace of the packet of poison, in tne kitchen — where I looRed first, in the living room, tne guest room, my own room or either of the bathrooms. ful smile, unnatural "She's about the most girl, . I know Announcing The New Location of Today - Thursday « George Brent • Joan Blondell French United newspapers States is that the .transferring I'm a writer. I have the habit of thinking more clearly when I'm writing things down. That evening 1 look a blank sheet of paper and a pen and put down in an orderly lashion everything I knew about the case. My notes read like this: Avis Vaughn murdered by poison. Art Uleves, ditto. Motive blank. To be fined in later. Number One Suspect, Jeff Haverson, husband of the dead woman. Motive —he admittedly wished she were dead so that he would be free to marry again. Opportunity —he fixed the last drink for her. Motive for murdering Art Cleves —jealousy .-not likely. He may He stressed the adjective. XX I sat up and took notice, remembering how I'd suspected there was something between Madge and Jimmy the morning she came to see me after Avis Vaughn died, i had thought she was worried for fear Jimmy was somehow mixed into the affair—everyone his at the Marie came' back -from answering it and announced Detective xtooert Leiphan. . He was waiting for me in the living room. He wore the same aauc sun he had worn the first day l.saw him, ne neld the same battered gray hat in his hands, and he looKed. -at me with tne same cool .gray eyesi I apologized for Having Icept him waiting, offered him a cig- uitc, anuweu' him to ngnt mine, and sat down and waited for him to begin. "I'm sorry to bother you again, Miss Donn." His voice was brusque in spite of his words. He went on, "'We're raiding it necessary to check further on the people who were here at your house the night Avis Vaughn and Art Cleves died. On everyone, mas Eve, at the Catholic, Church in Hope Rev. R. F Boyle, assistant pastoi, will celebrate the High Mass and deliver the sermon The choir will sing the by W. A. Leonard, Mass in F „, the "Adeste Fideleb" at the Offertory and "Angels We Have Heaid On High" after the "Ite Missa Bit". Carols before Mass Solo "O, Holy Night" by Mis E S Alexandei Mass on Christmas Day at 10 o'clock: .. „ bl A" a ' _ you on for Avis. But this crack of Jimmy s sounded as if the shoe were on the other foot. It had all the earmarks of jealousy. "What's the matter, Jimmy'.' Did she throw you over for someone else?" Jimmy murmured something lhat sounded like "nuts". He pressed his foot down on the ae- troops to Austria and Germany after withdrawing Italy." o— them "from ON WAY OUT? The rhinoceros, once plentiful under- y face were in a sam- you came out here to Hollywood. A serious nervous breakdown, I was told. What caused il— overwork? Or something lhat happened to you?" The perspiration poured out on the palms of my hands. I clenched them lightly trying lo hold on to my self-control through sheer muscular effort. I had never told Lions Club Dance to Be Held irridlay Night The Hope Lions club will hold a dance tor members and guests at the Lions Hall, across from the postoffice, Friday night, December 26. The orchestra will start playing at 9 p.m. All members are urged to attend and bring a guest. o Clubs , that I wear the upper pail of a snow suit, which iookb awful. My patents aie not intentionally unkind. They spent $200 on books tor me that I uon t oven ,wam to read, but I would love, to have a new dress like the other girls have, I beg my mother to see my point, but she won't do it. She says, i am sinful and wicked and begins to y when I talk to her. Wntit can d ° ? . ANN ANSWER: If it is. any comiorc 0 you, Ann, there aie just scads, if other gins, ol your age who nave motheis ]tisl like'youit,, who are determined to dress their dau- ;hteis up accoidmg to their taste, nstead of the poor little boboy- soxers' own. I know because I was one "of 'em, and tf/lhw^ctEi^I- remember how I longed an4 begged fo r a ruffled white apron wi,tn iuce on it like all the other guisi m my ciass had, ana now i never got»it because my motner' didn't thjnic uiat such a lancy garment was suitable for school wear, t Want To Be In Swim I think that mptheis make a terrible mistaice when theyj do yiiot realise that all cnildren »ar& copycats and they don't want to be individual, or picuu'cstjuc, or "nave qlothes that aie cheaply or more expensive than the other 'kids have, They just want to be,rubber stamps 01 wary ana oaiiy and busie And Mother should gratify- 1 their desire. Mother may be right. Maybe her taste it, Deuer tnan ouiiy s. JiUt as and courage m meeting the 'Sttu|» lion? You can control your temper*" if you try hard enough, i (Released by The Bell Syndicate's Inc.) ' *fr» THE GREAT have tnotight poisoning Cleves in BodyShop Why not bring your car in today and let us take out those dents. Expert body men with years of experience to do the work. No job is too small or too large. Come in and get an estimate. Have those seat covers mode now or the upholstery in your car repaired. See us for any upholstery work on your car or furniture. We have a large stock of materials. Come in now for estimate. I The Corpse Came COD 7 with ADELE JERGENS JIM BANNON LESLIE BROOKS from India to Java, scorns doomed to extinction, due to the 'Chinese insistence on using its horns, blood and bones as medicine. v CRASH-LANDER The sea-going gooney bird makes a crash landing unless stiff headwinds are blowing. It strikes the ground and slides on its breast, or somersaults into the air. would complicate the case and obscure his motive. Opportunity for giving poison to Cleves— blank. Jeff did not mix a drink for Art. Number Two Suspect, Liz Leyden. Motive —unknown. Opportunity—mixed drinks for everyone. The who only person in Hollywood could have known about it Jeff Haverson. Max Hosier hud told him. Told him because me, I suppose, just in tase I went haywire again. And Jell—Jeff had told the po- WYLIE Located at 5th •> .. .- ,-u». « f brated its annual Christmas party. Tuesday night at 8 o'clock. Jo Ann Sorrell played Sanla Clans to the superintendent and al other hospital employees. An enjoyable evening was had by all. Punch and cake were served to twenty-five. The entire hospital enjoyed Christmas Carols sung by the teen-agers of Hope. Amu* au. Seat Plat,* I From Mani) Other LOutstandi .Games! Number Three Suspect, Holly Donn. (I thought 1 might at least try to be as objective us the police would be.) Motive for muidering Avis— interested in Jeff Haverson whom Avis would not divorce. Opportunity—made coffee, which all but Avis drank; and cheese sandwiches which everyone ate. Motive for murdering Art Cleves— I couldn't off-hand think of any reason why 1 would want to murder Art. I re-read what I had written. It was pretty unsatisfactory. In disgust I tore the paper to shreds and went to bed and tossed myself to sleep between sheets that were us comfortable as a bed o£ stinging celeralor and the speedometer rcg- i muscumr eiiori. i "«" ' n - T " ^ istered fifty when we were stopped [anyone about thai-anyone_ at all by the next red light. "The trouble is," he said violently, "she doesn't date anybody. Has some freak idea that men would interfere with her career —and nothing is to interfere with that. The girl's career mad." "That's the wrong attitude," I agreed. "How can she act life H she doesn't live it first?" Jimmy hedged. "She's not altogether to blame for it. It's her mother. She's had Madge in dramatic school and little theater companies ever since she was able to walk and talk. Getting her ready to be a great star. -It's all Madge has ever know^,." I was still curi6us. "Did you ever have a date with her?" "One," Jimmy admitted. "I long a.s sne can make a little gnl happy by giving her a haircut nice Jame's or the same.Width ribbon to wear on her hair tnat Qladys does, why not do it, Belton The Belton Kelsie Davis' club met at Mrs. home, Thursday, Dec. 19. Scripture reading was given by Mrs. Glenn Ealey.:Mrs Hardin led the 'song, 'Silent Night." Gifts were exchanged from a Christmas tree. Sixteen members DEAR DOROTHY DIX: My wife and I have been man led for ten yetii b and have been so happy that I would like to tell thp young men especially bome of the ininga that I have clone tfc make 8>uch a success, First, I consider my wife in everything we do, and we do eveiything together My work keeps me pretty bus>y, ho I do not have much time to be with her, but whatevei happens I taHe one evening off each week to be either with her at home, it she piefers it, In all the long his-; tory of the art of T J^ building fine pianos, "••• only a notable few • have ever deserved' » t to bewailed "great": I And among that * t notable few, to quote i • the words of the dis- • tinguis.hed artist:, • Jose Itufbi, "•.. the . Baldwin is jfncpm- I iperhr", J he wanted someone to know, J enjoyed the meUing and elected wanted someone to watch out foi the_ following^ ofticcis^^_ stone . Davis; Your Modem Mutie TEXARKANA lice (To Be Continued) President, Mrs. Milton vice-president, Mrs. Buel secretary-treasurer, Mrs. Hardin; reporter, Mrs. Marion'Myrick; song leader, Mrs. Askew. H\GHl\GHTS OF 1947! 20MINUTE$^THRILLS! nettles. When I ajvoke the next morn- Today - Thursday "IN BEAUTIFUL NEW COLOR" " The Lost of the Redmen" Starring • JON HALL • MICHAEL O'SHEA « EVELYN AWKERS ing, the weight of the world had lifted from my shoulders. I felt foolish and relieved. During the night, my subconscious had figured out what had happened to that litlle unmarked packet of poison. , I hadn't put it back in the dressing table after I used some for the cat and Ccmsuelo had found it when Khe was giving my house a lick and a promise on her last visit and had simply thrown it out with Ihe trash. IS My car wouldn't start that day. The starter sang a little when I put my foot on it and wouldn't turn the motor over. I happened to think of Jimmy Peters and went back into the house and called him. He -hadn't started for the studio and he said he'd stop by and pick me up. It was the first time I had seen took her to the Osear dinner last winter, just after I got out of the Aimy. She seemed to go for rne, to. But every lime I called her after that she was busy. Finally I quit. You know a fellow isn'l going lo run after a girl forever." And so, I thought, he had gone for Avis Vaughn on the rebound, j And I could imagine Avis, for all j her preoccupation with Art, still finding time to lead Jimmy on. "Why don't you try again?" I said suddenly. "Madge may feel differently about it how. And I wouldn't wait too long either. H she's the hit I think she's going to be in this picture you'll have a lot, of competition." Jimmy looked at me and grinned. "What are you trying to do, play Cupid?" He grinned some more. "At that it might not be a bad idea." The funny thing, looking back now, is how closely I came lo the \ motive for our murders in that talk with Jimmy Peters. He had the key to everything and nobady ever asked him. And, of course, he didn't know lhat what he knew was important. ' ; " sine* the night of the tragedy. 'He'looke^' toe- With' a. ruddy healthy glow of cplor in his fresh- Jimmy let rne out at my driveway and I said goodby to him and went into a transformed knows where house, Heaven Marie, my new maid, had learned the art of hoinemaking. But somehow, somewhere she^ 1 place had been cleaned aw ;ed Through the insurauce.cQverage \ve provide, this agency protects business concerns and individuals^ throughout the community. Through safety engineering and fire prevention work, we aid in preventing accidents and fire. And by removing fear of loss, we help encourage progress and prosperity. These are not special featurea ta be viewed with pride . . . they are some of the regular services which we render our clients and community. ROY ANDERSON & CO. JNSURANCi 910 OF FRONT IOWI SPEED WAY FOR MEALS! The beautiful Ctosley Slielvador* gives you unequalKJ convenience in ineal preparation . . , plu> every outstanding impiovement ici modem hom<f jefrifieration. Come in and see these advaa* tages for yourself. 210 S. Main Hope, Ark, Appliance & Tirf 115 I. Third St.,

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