Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 23, 1947 · Page 32
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 32

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 23, 1947
Page 32
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£:fej^^uA^A*4fc <A ^''' f fr t ^^ ^^^^^^^^?V<^>^^^^' )) ^- 3 rs **> ', , ^ , HOPE STAR,HOPE, ARKANSAS Tuesday, DesemberJSJ?^ Tuesday, December 23, 1947 HOPE STAR, HO.P.E,' '.AR KANSAS a- Dr. Hewlett Johnson, 'Red Dean" of England Draws Sharp Rebuke From Church By DeWITT MacKENZIE AP Foreign Affairs Analyst Good-eheeri »> ••, t ' Good luck and may hoppy-daVfi beyoar^r SHOE SHOP Dr Hewlett Johnson, known around the world as the "Red t>ean' of Britain's famous Canterbury Cathedral because of his championship of Soviet Russia, has drawn a sharp rebuke for his views the supreme head of the ICri-urch Of England — the arch- Ibishop of Canterbury This isn't the first time the good doctor has been in a jam with an archbishop and he is taking it in stride. He says he has the right and responsibility as a Christian spokesman to express his Socialist Views Tie supports this opinion by citing that he was appointed dean by none other than the late Socialist Prime Minister Ramsay Mac- TJonaltl in 1031 pi ociscly because of/the clergyman's belief in social- 1 The dean doesn't hide his political light undei a bushel. He is credited with relishing beine: included among "fellow travelers. To uiticism of his "leftist tendency, he once remarked: "You can is most insistent. The position was well summed up recently by the Baltic Review of Stockholm which quoted the Soviet minister for edu-, cation in Estonia as saying: "It is to be regretfully acknowledged that some Soviet Estonian educational establishments have neglected education in the Marxian-Leninist spirit. The result is that many pupils go to church, attend confirmation classes, etc. Ue- ferring to educational systems m capitalist countries the minister said: . . This class character mainly expresses itself therein that the pupils and students are imbued with idalism. religion, the spirit of reconciliation between the classes." . As previously suggested, this is a Drying Brushes Is Important Household Job Bristles down is the rule to remember when drying household brushes, says Miss Dixon, home t\*i JJLl; V1WUO* J Ol*fe&»-«vv.«, ----- -- -spot where a layman should tread circumpectly, but tucked away in he 'back of your correspondent s lead is the admonition that ^'no man can serve two masters." supporting religion and conmumsm at jUlLlJlf£ l.UAIf^JVSii 11 »i*-i ^.1-1 .....~ ^ the- same time strikes me as being like trying to cross Niagara tails on a tight rope with a kitchen , * ( 1 another Christmas desire to express. mil" me a Red " Among other activities he is a member of the editorial board of the London Daily Worker, the Communist organ. Tt is indeed a lost day when Dr. Johnson isn't in the news, and_all subiects arc gust for his mill. Foi example, he once expressed regret tor the return of long.skirts..He advocated shorts and open-neck shirts for chon boys and young icolytes He deciced that no girl should be excluded frnm religious services in the cathedral because she was woaimg "oeach pajamas. He defended "pew lovers" who held hands in church. All these thmfis irked the orthodox no rnd but he long has en-. I epuntei c-cl his jneatcst .opposition from religious .folks because he IK standing Jp in the bleachers m-. cheorinP fol Russia which they book up with atheistic communism. After a triri to the Soviet Union in 38 he said there was nothing es- , scnlially antl-reliqious in Russian communism and that Russia was a Uoocl field foi Christianity. 1 A little Intel five canons of Canterbury Cathedral disavowed their dean's range on each shoulder. Mahy Remain Homeless in demonstration agent. . This is especially good advice for brushes with wooden handles. The common practice of turning brushes nail brushes, tooth brushes and scrub brushes'on their backs to dry should be avoided. Drying with 'bristles up allows water to stand on the place where the bristles are fastened and loosens Most other brushes, brooms included, should be hung to dry and should be kept hanging at all.time when not in use, Miss Dixon said. They should be hung in a manner that allows them to be free from the wall, free from the floor, and free from each other. . "Many brushes are made with a hole or screw eye at the end of the handle," says Miss Dixon. "This is an obvious hint from the manufacturer as to proper care." . Q GARDENS "MARKETED" In 17th century Quebec, "vegetable gardens" were sold in the markets each fall. Boxes of earth n which rooted lettuce plants were growing were bought by •ownspeople and stored in then- collars to insure a supply of greens during the winter. " Vith more gratitude than we know how to express, we say to you, our friends Hennas We appreciate your friendly associations and wish you all of the true happiness that the Christmas season can bring ALL OF You WE .EXTEND •irsg Company * if By RICHARD HOLLANDER NEA Special Correspondent Nuremberg, Germany— (NEA) In the American Zone of Germany there arc perhaps 500,000 Displaced Persons— all that are left of the millions who were here two and a half years ago. The rest have gone, most of them back to their homes. Two and a half years ago, every train and plane and truck was carrying Displaced Persons out of Germany. The problem then, was simply transport. Now there's plenty of transport, but there's no place for them to go our 'our pl sincere apprecia- leasant relation- ships extend our best '-.»«* 'wishes jor a'very Merry t ip>r? *•" T • " .Pfrrvfr***^ * -*• *• <•" *•"!«-» •—'-•' I {JUI 1 lll^O Wi *Vi u 1.%. i i »v.u •»•••• —— - | ing "Russia's offenses against humanity and religion," charges which he denied. . In 1Q45 he predicted a socialized Europe in 10 years, or much less, and said socialism wasn't impossi- '-'- -n the United States. A year after a trip to the Soviet , umuii he delivered a lecture in highly religious Dublin on. 'What 1 Saw in Russia" and the speech produced a not in which several people were injured. It took fifty cops to quell the disturbance. And the moial of this story? Well, I don't think this is a spot for a layman to get categorical. However, it's permissible for him to express puzzlement over how one is going to make rehgwn^and communism mix AlJO, Ajtivvj.Mtiw — ---- 1 a few Slavs. They come m all grades and sizes. They're the Greek Orthodox priest supervising the construction of a chapel in the Polish-Ukraman camp at Raitersaich near here, and being inordinately proud of the tiny cupola fashioned from five- gallon Army food tins beaten into a semblance of silver. They're the half-hour-old baby in the cantonment hospital at Beidorn, and the handsome Jewish girl learning arc welding in the metal working shop at the A i " '46 same camp. They're the women doing . lake religion and work in tne cantonment when a cardinal | Ansbac h, and the diligent Lw, ie «™t rl " t - l dozens of Baltic (intricate needle- near Latvian romiliuiliaui Jin-* Y»."-.* t " /illSuaCIl, UI1U UIL: laniB^ni. ,uv*....«i. tenet of the Red ism is that reu-1 mcn carving vvooden platters rnd Mfiiui. ui L"^ j-v^v* *.,... — — eion is the dope of the masses and must be oiadicnlod. That's one of the points upon which bolshcvism cigaret boxes. They're old people and for GITY BAKERY * £) > < 1 ,(&»'.'.. •m. $$ £,'4i-"' .*>•. -, / y ,••'*-""»<•} <-" - ^ "•<•: K. Grotefully and sincerely we express to ' you our best wishes for She Christmas season. We are indeed thankful for the friendships of those about us and the happiness that has come to us as a result of these associations. May this Christmas favor you with a season . of genuine happiness and content.; MUHH MCDOWELL MOTOR co. • children;" married men and single men arid unwed mothers; artisans and the unskilled; laborers and professional men. They seem to je just people. Hungrier lhan most, perhaps colder in this season than many. But mostly with less hope — 1'or good and sufficient reasons. Curiously, since they are people who have been thrust very near to the bitter actualities of life, they can deal in all kinds of stroctions. For instance, the things Ihuy make, the tablecloths and wooc carvings, are sold for German marks which are quite literally worthless because they will buy nothing. But they sell anyway because the marks are the onlj things they can get for Miei work. The transaction maintains a fn. tion ol' commerce, It's probaoly very sil.ly, but somehow, whe you see it function, it begins t make sense. They have only a vague con ception of how the things the make or the skills many of thei are learning will fit into the ha/ picture of the future, for th l)Ps' big tragedy is that they still lack roots alter all this time has passed. - , This lack of roots, continued for so long, has produced in many of them a feeling that nothing good will ever happen again. They speak of wanting to go to the 1) S or to Palestine or South America, the way a child speaks of wanting a pony with a red harness. it's something that has been in their minds too long to have a basis in reality any more. Two and a half years have passed since the first DPs went home. The last half million are still in the American /one, along with the several hundred them sand elsewhere in Europe. And today the final disposition of the hard core of the problem seem as far off as ever. They have come to believ fully 'thai- nobody wants them lor "reasons that can't .seem iai and equitable to tneni. fhei original misfortune ol hatm Communism or of being Jews ha somehow compounded its>eii. They are like a man with pair oi patched pants wanting to got a job so he can buy a new pair of pants, and Imciing that uiobdy will hire a man with patched pains. ) ft •i _ & *u >/y iistmas 'WOOD NASH' Let Your Hair Down, Girls: These Hairdo's Match New Hats Head-hugging feather cut Is revival,of Irene Castlo bob. -- & FBI and Secret Service Weeding Out Wrongdoers Washington, Dec. 22 — (fl>) —Veterans of the FBI and the Secret Service have 'been called in by the air .force to help ferret out any vrong doing. •• The reorganization of the. Air Force's Inspection service follows he indictment here of Maj. G.en. Bennett E. ' Meyers, wartime procurement offider, on -charges of perjury and persuading another to ie before the Senate War Investigating committee. The new setup is headed by an office of inspectior general, which replaces that of the former air inspector. ' , , "Tne air force has a duty of public trust and there has been a long- felt need for establishing a .better means of safeguarding that trust," commented Maj. Gen. Hugh J. Kneer, who was named to the new post by Secretary of Air W. Stuart Symington over the weekend. Frank J. Wilson, retired head of the Secret Service, will serve as a consultant to Kneer. . Criss-crossed slrands create profile .interest in this coiffure. By ALICIA HART | NEA Staff Writt'r Hairdo's have as new a look as hats this fall. Coiffures cover ears as hair is pulled down to balance the high, puffy attic-revival hat styles. Buns or figure eight swirls, of hair brotiqht over one ear take care of the profile that's neglected by a side-slanted hat.' "One "profile" hairdo created 101' gals with Ions locks is swung this way: Draw hair in a smooth drape over the ears and twist into a fig- Comb holds huge curl in place over car in asymmetric 1 hair-do. Hair Is pulictl dow n In smooth .drape over ears to balance hat. ure eight chignon slightly'-to one side of the back of the neck. Here's the criss-cross coif.' a more elaborate "profile" hairrio designec by M. Louise, New York stylist To swing this one, weave front and side strands of hair, parted off-side back through a heavier -straw brushed down from the top. Curl ends to make a semi-r.oll over one ear. Hair over the other ear is pulled straight back, to meet the criss-crossed strands. A -comb anchors the arrangement in back. Equally spectacular is an asymmetric liairdo that sweeps all the hair around to one side. Ends are curled in one puffy vertical roll over the ' ear for this effect and held neatly in place with a comb. Other hairdo's arc as. nostalgic re: minders of the World War I era as the hats they're designed to comple- ' ' scent of the Irene for example, is the . Castle bob, , feather cut casual designed by New ' w,^),. stylist, I.iim' de O ' For , .. the 1947 revival. 'of this old-timer, nair is side-parted," shaped to hug the head and pirtcurled, around the edges to frame the face. STARTED CUSTOM The Conestoga wagon of pioneer days was the fust Amencah VP- nicle to pass on the light, when meeting another vehicle. Other travelers followed m the tracks and the custom became general. , .. o Iron in the human body is ef- " and tosed over physiological fectively conserved and over again m development iered Democracy a Service When He Called.for Adjournment of London Meet NOW, ALL TOGETHER .'/** Storm Movteig an On West- Coast Says Weatherman San Francisco, Dec 22 — (/?)""— The Weather bureau ordered storm warnings hoisted at 8 a. m. today from Northern California to Puget Sound in the face of an "intense" storm moving into the northwest from a center about 700 miles at sea. The storm was characterized as an "intense disturbance" and moving toward the coast at about 30 miles an hour. Southeast storm warnings were posted for 24 hours from Caple Blanco, in South Central Oregon, north to Tatoosch and through the strait to Port Townsend for strong southerly winds. CHRISTMAS ' By DeWITT MacKENZIE Ap Foreign News Analyst Each passing day since the failure of the Big Four Foreign Ministers' conference in London it has become more and more clear that U. S. Secretary of State Marshall rendered democracy a notable ser vice by calling for adjournment, thereby forcing acceptance of the fact that the parley long had been dead on its feet 'and was merely being used as a dummy for Soviet propaganda purposes. While the conference dragged on Moscow was getting ahead with its officiallv declared war 'against 'the Marshall plan. With the meeting out of the way as an acknowledged flop, the Western Allies have been able to concentrate on developing their program for the rehabilitation and defense of Western Europe as a countermoveV against a fiercely aggressive and determined communism. It's no longer the Big Four. ;It's the Big One — Russia — versus the Big Three — America, Britain, and France. For the strongarm efforts of Bolshevism to secure control of the Paris government have forced Fance to abandon her middle-oftheroad course toward Moscow and come over completely into the American-British camp So the battle is, swelling between the two Europes — East and West. As Secretary Marshall said in his broadcast last Friday night, helping Western Europe reach a high level of economic recovery is orobably the 'only way to force a lasting peace on hostile Russia and Communist leaders have predicted become formidable, there must be tremendous industrial expansion. I spent considerable time in Central and Eastern Europe and the Balkans just before the war. Virtually all that area was under Hitlerian domination and the Fuehrer had so developed econqm ic relations that Germany provided manufactured products for all thses states' while they -in turn sup plied agricultural products. These small countries were dependent pn Germany economically, and consequently politically in this great area, bat the Soviet hasn't replaced the Reich industrially. Mos cow still is a long way from being able-to. meet home demands, to say nothing of supplying all the satelite states. Can Russia turn the trick as Hit er did? That question must be answered before we can gauge the potential strength of Moscow's de pendencies. iHs with all sincerity that we. 1 send /,' ^^M^§ you this GhHstmas remembrance with \ > w '^7 tf^ J £ #**^ the hope,that the Christrrias^eciStfn, and best •.. • ^ all of you in this fine community. May you enjoy Christmas Season' to its fullest. that this place. restoration won't take the South-Walnut St. Hope, Ark. FORD TRACTORS DEARBORN EQUIPMENT "Until the result of this struggle becomes clearly apparent." said Marshall, "there will continue to be a very real difficulty 1o resolve, even on paper, agreed terms for a treaty of peace." Meantime all hope of an early unification of Germany — so important to the economic recovery of Eurone — must be abandoned The indications are that America Britain and France will combine their zone of Western Germany into a politico-economic unit, while Russia will continue in nosscstiion of Quads Celebrate Things That Made Them Famous Baltimore, Dec. 22 — (fP) —Four very tiny citizens are celebrating today the event that made them famous—their birth. A good deal larger and livelier one year after their fourfold debut in St. Agnes hospital here, the quads are having their first birthr day party, with benefit, of cakes and candies. Their mother, Mrs. Dorothy lenn — British wife of former Army Sergeant Charles Henn, Jr. — has invited the St. Agnes medial staff that supervised the babies earliest development for a little reunion. . It's been a "good and healthy" year for the three boys and the Rirl who make up the Henn quar- et, the mother said. Chief guest at the birthday will be John, the quads brother who came all by himself one year ahead ORVILLE'S HOPE CONFECTIOHERY Will be full of joys Of the friendships you. Greetings to you, one arid-all. ' " $' JSr 'Where Good Shoes are FltlJd Correctly" ?^& F&ftiKT i . ~~ l*V ..i «>, L T i W 1 \. i " i sia the will continue rich eastern in possession Reich. F You-From All of Us The Staff of Radio Station KXAR: •?*. WITH THE LIGHTING OF THE The Soviet union is going all out to consolidate Eastern Europe economically and politically and thus create a unit which the Muscovites can, use as a spearhead in of them. . _, . , Soon afterward, it'll be Christmas — the quads' second, if you count a Yuletide spent in incu particular plained. Robert L. Mitchell , general manager Luther B. Tooley ch.e eng.nee W R Nickels commercial manager Marshall Hendrix program director & chief announcer farm editor & announcer sports editor & announcer n 18-year-old Hamburg student won a bet oy walking two miles through UIL crowded city streets clad only m underwear and a bower hat. A notice around his neck bearing the date 1950 forecast how the Geimans would be dressed in that yeai U the shortage of new clothing continued. ' n)-, Thomas Dolaney, detective for the Belt Railroad, saw a man lurking near a boxcar and called out. The man fired at once, then stumbled and lost both his gun and his right hand under the wheels of a moving train. American Indians were skilled in tanning leather by using deer oils and smoke. Leo VV. House, Jr Neil R. Baird George Frcizier Gladrnan W. Upchurch James D. Gardner ,--Mrs. Elizabeth Bannister Mis. Alline L. Tidwell Herman Webb =^W£ announcer engineer engineer secretary bookkeeper janitor * Christmas the offensive to secure domination of Western Europe. In this cornice tion a European foreign minislei yesterday told Arthur Gavshon member of the Associated Press staff in London: "Tightened political and ecnomic ties between these Communistlec countries (of Eastern Europe), will unite eighty to ninety million people and in effect will mean that a great new power has arisen in Eu rope." That may be, but we shouldn't try to put a tape-measure on this new power until we see how it de velops. Before Eastern Europe can million, oators. The Christmas celebration will be a quiet family affair, Mrs. Henn says. , . As to presents, "we always get them things in fours but actually only one is necessary. If one of the babies begins to play with a toy, then the rest of them want that thing," Mrs. Henn ex- Czech Glass Town Jablonec Nad Nisou, Czechoslovakia —(/P)— This north-Bohemian town, well known for its glass and fancy jewelry industries, still has the largest percentage of Germans of any community m this country. Out of its 60,000 inhabitants, 15,000 are Germans, o- Since mid-1939 the U. S. popu lation has increased more than !•' KXAR >% The Heari of Hope 1490 on Your Dial Hope, Arkansas Mutual Network The Associated Press •1 At this season of good cheer, may they signify joy and gladness to fill your heart for many days to come. All of us in this firm extend to all of you in your home, Holiday Greetings. STAR BARBER SHOP R. S. JOKES W T.BABER BEN G. SOUTHWARD Gosnell's Men's Store We thank you.moit th« Meellertt cooperation wt Mvt during the y««r ju»t drawing to • hav« tried 'to' MlW you efficiently and .Udi« continuation effort* os (0119 ^wt Mo tho of lerving yov, . , ' ^r ' U r SAEN6ER Allow ui to extend the Season'* Cheer to werybedy I ' ' , RIALTO-HEWTHfATRB- * 1 L » i *t' .•!• *•** *»J»«f* Sf-K ' •j*^"

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