Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 23, 1947 · Page 30
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 30

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 23, 1947
Page 30
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^^jf^^J^^'^^T^ HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Tuesdoy, December 23, 1947 w — -*><< -: * * ' v * ». *i r i i n ''^?***>^jrf', | j ' \ *\;| s 'ritoner. Rebuild royt to Make Jhildren Happy sJ'SwaatUres " Ster' Lodge/ Mont. — Warden otfn E. Heriry afid his boys at , along with civic Christmas morning.^ The civic clubs collect hundreds 6f used toys, a group of prisoners MERRY, 'CHRISTMAS REETINCS ?°/(l 1 * Me ' 9 °" r Christma * <* nlil ™ !nU /; /oA* •'• wilh , an ftdded Word O f appreciation for ..„.*!.•'t^H^.r.-^a^ ''all-past favor* Miss Henry's Shop -NRY WILMA feOSWELL RUTH ELLEN BOSWELL LOUISE ENGLAND „ SNYDER STEWART ' REBA LEVERETT Greek Novy Gili Clothing Supplies From U. S. Navy Athens -(/P)- The navy group of the American Mission for Aid to Greece 'has imported into Greece naval clothing, supplies jind spare parts, valued at $423,854, lor the Greek navy since the first ship ment September 3. Seven ships delivered a total of 271. tons of supplies. About $180, 679 of this sum was spent for cloth ing, $89,872 for general store supplies,, and $153,303 ;for mine sweeping spares. Lt. George Kost, of Chicago, assistant supply officer of the navy group, indicates that of the $12,000,000 allocated to navy requirements $4,229,813 have been obligated with additional purchases of clothing and gescral stores, ordnance, engineering equipment, public works, naval construction fuel and medical stores. Old Skirt Sorcery rebuilds them like new and they are distributed' to needy children on Christmas by members of the clubs participating in the plan. Warden Henry, who .began the project last year, says it's the only one of its kind among the nation s penal institutions. He .hopes the idea will spread. . • The work is especially good fo the men, too, says Henry.^ Handicapped by lack of mater ialsi,, the prison workers have re built' or repaired more than 1,80 dolls, pandas, teddy bears and am mals of all descriptions in an ol IGO-loot" long cell block. Tuesday, December 23, 1947 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS AT CHRISTMAS ,,While we're goinc about the business of wishing every- body'a Merry Ctirtstmas, we don't want' ; to forget that'we owe our friends our sincerest appreciation for .malf.ihgposr sible one of the best years we have ever enjoyed in this community. Thank you, each and every one. ,; ' CRESCENT DRUG STORE FRANK DOUGLAS, Prop. '-,- i <. The post year has been a good year. Many new friends hqve been made and the fglatipnships of old friends qre reassured. These qssociations we treasure and trust ° ur * lM)W*rhore years to come. .,, ><•» v, Christmas Greetings! >"' *. jr -"" r - ^* * We Clothe the Family for Less Owen's Dept. Store Sterci at Hope, Preicott and Naihville By SPSIE KINARD NEA Fashion Editor j New York—(NEA)—You don't! have to throw away your skimpy, I short-ssirlcd dress just because it! nes no hem-letting possibilities. i Turn its top into a blouse, and add an apron skir.t. That's how Tina Leser, New York designer called in to help salvage back-issue duds, reclaimed ,i siviinpy frock which typifies the dress tnat's facing discard in almost every wardrobe today. i;ie back number submitted to Mias Leser for re-styling was a jiiu l-jslocvcd srey woolen dress of ;ncc-lcn;;th with no hem-letting posit iliUes. as sh:>wn in the pholo- ;iL.p'.i ULOVC. The bodice was cm- jiOideicd with nuilheads. Miss Lcssr's transformation, as ,l.cic'ned, looks like a wand-wavihd deal. The sorcery lies in heavy «ray crepe apron skivl, back-but- 'oned and. gathered around the va.srline. Tlils simply-styled skirt, vliich any woman who can sew an ipron can make in any length de,n-ed, ties on with ribbon belting over a blouse salvaged from the top of the old-styled dress. Miss Lcsev removed the nau- iends from the lop of the outmoded -Iress and detached the old skirt. On ths "new" blouse she repeated a motif of the new skirt's black- and silver sequin embroidery. ShO'tld you desire to revamp an old dress along these "new look" lines, there are variations on this theme which you might like to try. A wool dress, similar to the one i e-styl^d by Miss Leser, will team TS smartly with a new skirt of matching wool jersey. A black skirt, similar to the Tina Leser tie on, could be used to revive any little black dress that's beginning to languish in your closet. Germans Admit Exceeding Food Rationing Berlin —In the British occupation zone, which is one of the hungriest sections of Germany, between 77 and 85 percent of the Gcr-i mans admit that they are buying c-r scrounging food over -and above their official ration ot 1,550 c;ilories daily. This was disclosed by a poll. | In Hamburg 85 percent said i they were yetting food in addition to' the official issue and in the province of Sehlcswig-Holstein 77 percent made u similar admission. The official survey observed: .'.'Money has grown shorter. Expendable articles such as jewelry and textiles and clothing, which might have been sold have be! come worn out or useless. Black 'market prices arc falling, indicating a new phase in impoverishment." o First Tree of Truman Grove is Planted AP Newsfeaturss Jerusalem — The first Iree of 'Truman Grove" in the Children's Memorial Forest near the Jewish collective settlement of Am Ilash- oplict in northern Palealiue lias jcen planlcl by an American clergyman, the Rev. Dr. Carl Hermann Voss of New York City, chairman of the executive council of Lhc American Christian Palestine Committee and extension secretary of the Peace Church Union. The grove is situated on Jewish National Fund land and named in honor of the United Status President. It is a gift from the American Christian Palestine Committee. U is the frist oi a number ol similar groves which will be presented by Christian children in bun- clay Schools and Christian church of'America to commemorate all i Jewish children killed in Europe i during the war. France Puts Huge Tax on Night Clubs Paris, Dec. 212 -- C'P> — Finance Minister Rene Mayer announced today a special 400.000 francs <$.!.-1 360) yoai-ly tax on night clubs, , and new levies on gasoline, prcci- I oiis ivetals, alcohol, spices ana 1 other luxury products as the national assembly debated his budget plan. ' 1 i . . , The night club lax is expected to close many small caburels, already hard hit by the departure of Allied troops. The new taxes are calculated to bring in ::bo:u !>!,500.000,000. , ,. Debate on the government s n- nancial measures is expected to last through the night, with observers predicting a victory lor the government when the votes comes tomorrow, Q. Goiter is found in man, fish and farm animals. of m 0» SB May the generosity and good will that is so evident at Christmas remain with you throughout the coming year. You have been friendly and considerate with us and in return we wish for you a Christmas Season unsurpassed for happiness. Compliments of the season to each of you ! BEST WISHES for a HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON Farmers Should Orchards Now 3* ' Farmers with Home Orchards should have pruning well along in the orchard and the job should be iinishtd and out -of the way as soon as possible, so as not to interfere , with other!-' later activities in field. Some areas; have the reported Suggestions to Apply When Buying Blanket mum un 5"'"'=V'". ".-T-7™ -f it lo Now that winter is here and degrees after which it is until to homemakers havo gotten out lhc emulsion with a little water. Pour the oil emulsion-water mixture into the spray tank. Fill the tank and spray immediately. $ Caution: Temperature should be above 40 degrees and the spray should dry on the trees before it freezes. Otherwise, trees or buds may be injured. Government formula oil emulsion freezes at 15 Life Span in Prehistoric Days us |: , „*„„..«,• bix and one-fourth Harry Hawthorne Market . a light crop of fruit buds inside the trees. While' pruning has not been completed, this matter mighl be checked and the method and severity of pruning adjusted accordingly. In some few cases scarcity of fertilizer, seed and the prolonged dry weather of fall kept growers from applying fertilizer and sowing cover crops. Where complete fertilizer has not been applied and there is no cover crop seeded in the orchard, the application may be made at any time that soil conditions are suitable. The earlier that the phosphate and potash is applied, the greater benefit will be realized from the application. Sif ana one,ou r ..,„.- of j blankets ^ve^sU^all S n^-be^e^i^of 8 tnt ^^ ^^10^ "^ oil-Bordeaux formula for the dor- b ankets. 101 tunaiuy, in* SSSU'^icKS^ &« U^^o^nlal^s^S pleasant to use. See your County Agent for Spray Calendar and information orchard. -o — Qualified on How to Stay Married good supply ipping for blankets may find several in the stores to choose from 1 . To help women buying blankets yet the most for their money, Miss Mary Dixon, home demonstration agent, has these suggestions. First, read label carefully. If AP Newsfeatures Salem, 111. — A southern Illi• realized iroiu me ayyu^uui.. , n°is couple married 721 years has The dormant spray may be ap- been flooded with inquiries on how 1 - • ' — stay wedded happily that long, dropped m me iciu ana oeiui'u uuu s , Noting a news story on the un- swell in the spring. Weather is us- usual anniversary^ J W (Bill) ually more favorable for spraying Arnold nearing-90, and^ his-wife, HP'S •»• » •i=^™« »*• MOTOR CO, HAMM TIRE & APPLIANCE CO. May we drop in a moment to say December anS early January Sarah, 86 a Boston lawyer wrote: than it is in February. . l would appreciate your writ- This spray is for control of San mg to me such suggestions that Jose scale and peach leaf curl, you may have for young peoplb San Jose scale kills many peach who desire to make their mai- trees every year in Arkansas. In riage permanent and successful some years peach leaf curls de- Too abashed at first to assume stroys most of the leaves on un- roles of marriage counsellors sprayed peach trees. The dormant they finally answered. Arnold, the spray is completely effective in more talkative ol the two, said, controlling scale and peach leaf "There would be fewer divoices is obtained with the spray. Failures among young people if they would curl, provided complete coverage stay out of taverns and not stay to obtain control can usually De up late drinking and carousing, it the blanket is marked "wool", the abel must give the exact percentage of wool fiber. As a rule, the more wool the warmer the blanket. It takes at least 25 per cent wool to make much difference in warmth, or to give any of the characteristics of a wool blanket such as fluffiness, elasticity and ability to absorb moisture without feeling damp. The label may also tell the weight of the blanket. In choosing between blankets of the same size and fiber content, the heavier .one contains more fiber and therefore is usually the better buy. But blan- vets of different fiber content can- lot be compared on this basis. Then, hold the blanket up to the light. Inspect the nap. Thick napping adds to warmth because the fluff forms little air pockets that act as insulators. Be sure that the nap is even all over. Study the underlying weave. For good construction yarns should be smooth, even, regularly spaced, and fairly close together. See that the blan- traced to poor coverage. wives stopped looking at other acc o poor cov. Use of DDT in spring and sum- men, and Husbands wouldn t look. ............ 'at other women. "And if wives would go to bed early, then get up and get a good breakfast for their husbands to work on instead of staying in bed. AP Newsfeature* New York— In rugged prehistoric days, mart's 'average life span <ivas a meagre 18 'years. Infant' and {childhood mortality were terrifically nigh, pulling the average expectancy down. Discovery of numerous damaged skulls indicates that violent death from clubs and battle-axes were fairly common in times not noted for so cial graces. '.-,,' In the Itbmarv age 2,000 years ago, the life expectancy wasn't much grcateiy somewhere on the low- side of 30, and about 150 yedrs ago- the average, life span Was around 35 years, says the Statis tical Bulletin Of the Metropolitai Lite Insurance Co. In the United States in 1945, the average length; :of life was 05.8 years, the study shows, and the average span has "undoutedbly increased more In the past century than in all prior centuries together 'since the dawn of civilization." Most'of the increase has been due to saving lives of babies and children. For millennia, people have lived much longer than tne average given. The average span, of adults was longer' after they had survived Childhood. ' "Our studies indicate," the bul- etin said, "that within the course of the next decade' or two,. it should )e possible to extend the average Strange Skeleton Considered Prize by Professor AP Newsfeaturris _ ^ Powel, Wyo. — A partial skeleton of a pachyaena, described as a carnivorous animal approximating the size of a great dane dog, was the prize find by Princeton University paleontologists during three months' search in the McCbllough peak region. Dr. Glen Jepsen, , PririecSUjr curator of paleontology, said the .. ., animal roamed the regl6ft ions 'of yeaf s 1 ago^Heotefft specimen extremely rare^ i The grol^.pMisHb'a year for a more extens of the distwd- M Robert V. Witter Merle Harris,' , and general geology at' vcrslty of Minnesota, and,; Shoup, NeW York Small amounts of s « drinking water are believed*! prevent tooth decay although]; large amounts., cause tooth • fflftfc age. ket is cut straight. Buy the right size. Many blankets wear out before they should because they are too small for the beds they are used on, says Miss Dixon. A blanket should be large enough to tuck in well at the foot and still'come up well around the nock. The sleeper tugging at the mer sprays killed beneficial insects and does not kill scale. For this reason San Jose scale is more serious problem if DDT used in spring and summer sprays, i >•"**>• «•* *..«*•—— — ,---«- 'HOCK, me SUTUIJUI ms^" 1 *^ " To prevent scale outbreaks, DDT "My wife always has meals ready lblanket wca kcns the fabric, shouid omy be used when neces- When I come home. fche stajs F double bed, choo: sary - home and tends to her knitting. A "" --• • 'Hie formula for the dormant share in handling the money, cpray i s - Young couples should be careiul Lubricating oil emulsion, IVj gal- in this spending wave; they ons; Copper Sultate (bluestone), 2 shouldn't spend beyond their m- - - - • 'comes. Debt always causes arguments. "If we get to quarreling, I just walk away. It takes two to make ^ff) / And to wish you all the good things of life during the Holiday Season. Ladies' Specialty Shop pounds; Hydrated lime, 3 pounds; water, 5IJ gallons. Government formula lubricating oil emulsion is safe and ettecuve under Arkansas conditions. There an argument, are many other dormant oils on 1 Mrs. Arnold chimed in: the market. They vary in safety and efieclivcness. The powdered [orm of copper sulfate is more convenient to mix than crystals. The hydrated lime should be fresh. Upon long storage, hydrated linne becomes lumpy. For small quantities ready-mixed Bordeaux mixture may be used instead of copper sulphate and lime. In mixing the dormant spray, fill tank three-fourths full of water. Dissolve the copper sulfale in water and add to the spray tank while it is filling. Start the motor or stir the spray solution with a paddle to agitate it. D>jsolve the hydrated lime in a little water and pour'into the spray tank. Continue agitating the spray mixture. Thin the oil _ _ choose a blanket" at least 72 x 84 inches, for length of life for the population of trik United States to at least 70 years. -Or- 1 * • ( h -r n- )T MERRY It -ft; t, J. Freeddm's So Confining Rapid--CityrSr D; — m— A statewide alarm was broadcast when a soldier escaped from the guardhouse at^,the army airfield here. Fourteen' 'hours later the soldier surrendered. He'd spent his hours of "liberty/ 1 huddled 'undjer a nearby building.-, v CITY ELECTRIC 00: Approximately--25 million man- days of work were 'lost in the .United States as the result Of fireS in 1946. a single, bed at,.least: 63 x 84 in- „! «' •' ^ ''. chcs. Everything he says is all right. I agree." She added: "Young couples should do everything possible to keep their love light glowing. Real love has nothing to do with age. I think we are as much in love as we have always been." (They eloped to St. Louis when he was 18 and she was 14.) Arnold said: 'We always had the same tastes and liked the same things. We share in the house work, washing dishes and such. "My motto on getting along is— Always pay your debts and t^il the truth at all times, even to your wife." i l TO OUR GOOD FRIENDS AND CUSTOMERS,. HALL AUTO SUPPLY WANDA BUTANE '• *» »--* -* *•*! t CO. . Yes, a very Merry Christmas to you, ,_, our friends of this area . . . and j'our most sincere thanks for all you have done for us ... for being friendly, cooperative, dependable ... for making it possible for us to have a most successful year, TALBOT "WE OUTFIT THE FAMILY" Can Decorate Mantle, Tables Cheaply A mantle or table may be decorated for the holiday season with elaborate mammoth candles without spending a mammoth amount of money, says Mary Dixon, home demonstration agent. You will need a tall inexpensive candle and numerous discarded burned ends of candles for each big candle you plan to make. Burned candles only take up storage space after they hve ceased to be of use. Now is the time to make them useful. A good mold for large decorative candles is the now popular cardboard pint or quart milk cartoon used by modern dairymen, Miss Dixon' explains. Cut off the top section which leaves a straight rectangular form. Thoroughly clean and dry the mold th*n it is ready for use. Place a new candle upright in the exact center of tha carton. This will give you a center wick. It should extend about one- ' half inch above the top surface of the mold. In order to keep this candle upright while the work is being done it may be nccccsary to heat the base enough to cause it to adhere to the base of the mold. Then prepare the filler by melting any and all colors of candle ends you have. Remember that if your mold is a quart milk carton it will take almost a quart of melted candle wax to fill the mold. If you are making Christmas candles you may wish to save out some red candles to be used as an outside fininshing paint after the mold has been removed. Usually- the result of using candles of numerous colors is very pleasing without dipping for an all-over solid color. Heat the candle wax only enough to licjuify and permit the removal of the burned wicked ends. Then fill the mold with the melted wax and leave undisturbed until it hardens. To unmold the candle tear the paper carton away. Any rougl corners may be smoothed with i warm knife. The top may b sloped and shaped in the sam manner. If a true solid color is desired it may be obtained by applying a film of warm melted colored candle wax to a very cold molded candle. Either apply the polored film with a soft brush or quickly dip the cold candle in warm melted wax. o Game Multiplying Moscow —(fft— Wild boars and elk arc multiplying in the forests of the Moscow oblasl as they did SCO years ago. A census for 10431944" showed the oblast had about 1,500 elk. Last year the number reached 2,000. The boars are increasing. They were brought here a number of years ago from the south. . o If a plane should fly westward at the eath's equator at a little more than 1.000 miles an hour it would remain in times zones recording the same time of day as that in which it started. /-u • ..«,«= «; P ason is now here Chns.,n«S.o W n ,.,, jii now .n • *e happy MERRY !*'."• «,Jr. JJJs£-. fjf!«»\»f*if. -.-U,.

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