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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
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Tuesday, December 23, 1947
Page 3
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-v?r Ml Vf ' ( 1 €> HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS ruman Leaves Nothing e Imagination in s df Marshall Plan 'Affairs Analyst fe nothing left to the imagi- tfh*ln President Trjman's mcs- *$fc v Congress • detailing the Fulfill- plaru > , a .stark picture of a war„„., Europe which is strug- g in atveconomic slough of des- 'fronv which it cannot escape .Jut' OlUside help. Meantime ifeisive communism is threaten- to »overnin the distressed coun- , few years," warned the Jd&tr, "can determine whcth- I'^'the 'free countries of Europe < B%be.,able to preserve their her- we' of freedom." e.v,can't, such a turn of , plight well compel America ~" r her'own economic sys- forego many of her frcc- i privileges. And the chief makes this grim point: ie last two decades have t ,us the bitter lesson that no rtomy, not even one so strong our^bwn, can remain healthy Here and There in Arkansas Little Rock, Dec. 22 —(f)—F. M LeRoy, veteran traffic chief of th Little Rock bureau of the Associat ed Press, was stricken with heart ailment at his home her early today and is in Baptist Slat Hospital in a serious condition. LeRoy, who came here from Memphis in 1929, was reported b; attendants to be "resting" at 7:41 a. m. He svas being; administere oxygen. 'Hsiosperous in a world of pov- ",and want. Ojr deepest con- ft with European recovery, ..jverj.is'thal it is essential to .sMjaintenance of the civilization S which the American way of life liboted." That's ihc big issue. Apart from ^'.altruistic ' viewpoint on our C," the western hemisphere is atetied by the Bed Tide. And - Is the cost of helping Europe in her'feet an of maintaining iw-n way of life? of this Mr. an -says-. »je program of .aid to Europe ['chvl?am recommending is well ca'pacity to undertake, -total cost, though large (About /iOOOjOOO.OOO)' will up only about •jEsspercent of the cost ol our ef- 4;Vin' the, recent war." euld , . viously the corollary is that it "cheaper to head off a war than to fight it, point which tnjs coi- empnasized before, Sev- ateejn billion dollars — or wnat rmvlycu -- is a powerful lot of ' and its expenditure brings -,„ „ cheer to the hapless taxpay- |r£rv"but to my mind this mountain "'•".cash doesn't matter a tinker's ri' as compared with another out- which war would involve. i*Jid you ever stand beside one of tose „ great military cemeteries Ih-tafe the product ol the last -world wars? Thousands upon lisands v of white ciosses stretch"" -across the acres as far as iv w ~" «a n reach. You can't bal- jtffe'the dollar sign against one of dose emblems' ot sacrifice. Che world needs .no further evi ; " J s 'ol America's willingness to "if necessary. ,We'll tight all tne occasion demands Little Rock, Dec. 22 —(IP) —Gov ernor Laney has made his future political plans but has put off for another month announcement of whether he'll seek a third term. Telling newsmen "my mind is very definite at the moment,", the governor said he would reveal his plans in a public statement Jan. 19 — his wedding anniversary. Arkansas, has had only one governor who was elected to a third tegm — the late Jeff Davis. Fayetteville, Dec. 22 —(/P) — The State Experiment station and the U. S. Bureau of Agricultural Eco nomics are making a farm management study in the Arkansas rice area, Dean Lippert S. Ellis of the University of Arkansas College of Agriculture announced today, At tention will be given to mechanization, particularly combining, and to alternative enterprise combinations on rice farms, he said. The study, lo include both old and new rice aicas, will be by Troy?Mullins and M. W. Slusher. Mullms is a graduale of Ihe Um versity of Arkansas and holds an M, S. degree from-the University of Wisconsin. Slusher is employed by the Bureau of Agricultural Eco-. nomics but will be stationed at the university and work in cooperation 23 Nazis Are Sentenced by the Poles Krakow, Poland, Dec. 22 —(/P) Krakow's Supreme Nalional Tribunal today sentenced 23 top-rank- ng German S. S. (Elite Guard) officers to' die for crimes against humanity committed while they were attached to the notorious Auschwitz (Oswiecim) extermination camp. Five other defendants were sentenced to life imprisonment, six were given 15 year terms, two were sentenced to 10 years and three to five years. One defendant —Dr. Hans Munch of Munich—was acquitted. ' Heading the list of those sentenced to death was Artur Lieb- Henschcl,' 46, who succeeded Rudolf Hoess, one-time commandant of the camp who was executed last April. . " Death sentences were also given to assistant Camp ' Commandant Max Grabner, 42, Hans Aumeier, 41, Johan Kremcr, 64, and Maria Mandel, 30. Kremcr was convicted of Cutting thousands of war captives to death by psucdo-mcdical experiments. Mandel, described as a ruthless sadist, was accused of personally killing 10>000 women. Poles and foreign observers in the inprovised court room in the National Museum here listened to Family Quarrel Results in Two Deaths Paris, Dec. 22 — (IP)— M. L. Sweeten fatally shot his wife and then himself at their home here yesterday despite the presence o) their six children, his in-laws and a 15-year-old neighbor boy who .ricd 'to stop him, Police Chief Carl -ox reported. Cox who said no inquest would be necessary, quoted Mrs. Ruby Sweeten. 34. as saying before she died that the shooting resulted Irom "family trouble." The police chief said the eye witnesses, who included Mrs. Bill Day. Mrs. Sweeten's mother, and Day, the dead woman's step-father, gave this version of the incident: Mrs. Sweeten and Mrs. Day were working in the kitchen. Sweeten, 35-year-old coal miner, appeared in a doorway between the kitchen and a bedroom, holding a 10 gauge shotgun. The neighbor youth, V. J. Horton, who was visiting thq Sweeten children, tried to disarm Sweeten but was unable to do so' and the man fired a charge into iis wife's side. Reloading the shotgun, he shot Famed Hoosier Author Dies in Indianapolis 'Indianapolis, Dec. 22 — (UP) — Indiana mourned today over the death oi Meredith Nicholson, former U. S. minister to Paraguay and Nicaragua and last of the authors of the eolden era of Hoosier literature. ago. He suffered diabetis and bronchial pneumonia. He was 82 last Dec. 9. His family was expected to announce plans for his funeral today. His only survivor is a son, Mere* dith Nicholson, Jr. Nicholson's road to success was a series of stepping stones in which one job led him into another until he became one of In- ciana's best known authors and an authority on political philosophy, and the respresenlative of the nation in Latin America. Critics ranked him along with In diana's other great writers —Lew Monday/December 22, 1947 - - • • " * •" ' ' *" Packages Pilfered In Japan Tokyo —(/P)—Japanese postal and customs employes are pilfering , food and clothing from packages Friends said that his powerful sen t for Japan's needy families, President Franklin D. appointed him minister Roosevelt to Paraguay in 1933. He served five years and then became minister to Nicaragua. Ihe Tokyo press complains. The system is to tear off the customs declaration from incoming packages so no'one can. tell what they contained. Then the He uid not write any more books | thieves remove some but not all after he became a diplomat. His; the articles. The "Nippon Times last, a collection of essays en- says so far the government hasn t build, strong facila features, Sense of humor and powerful sense of civic responsibility contributed much to his success as a statesman. Our Daily Sliced Thin by The Editor Hope Star Arkansas: ness, colder nlghi. 24 In extreme treme south. Nicholson died yslerday in a hos- (Wallace, Booth Tarkington, James pital where he was taken two'Whitcomb Riley and George Ade. titled "Old Familiar Faces" was published in 1929. His works included favorites such as "The Main arrested anyone. ^.nance," "The Port Men," "Rosalind at 'The Reversible Santa Claus." IB ivittui The amount of bromine in the of Missing blood of certain insane people is Red Gate," less than half that <" """' in normal himself in Sweeten the head. died a few minutes Jjir © with tho rnent. rural economics depart a nine-judge Supreme Tribunal described the defendants as mass murderers. The prosecution had estimated that 4,500,000 people died from starvation, .torturing, hanging and in the gas chambers at Auschwitz, 50 miles west of Krakow, during tne war. All of the defendants, using head- pnones, listened coldly and im- oassively as Chief Justice Alfred Eimer read the verdicts. Four shabbily dressed women were among the defendants, The woman was separated from the others. Her chief assistants in the mass killings at the camp, Clarissa Brandel," 36, and Hildegrad Martha Louise Lechert, 27, were sentenced to 'life imprisonment. The other woman, Alice Orlowski, got 15 years. later. His wife died an hour later at a Paris hospital. Cox said Day told officers Sweeten previously had threatened to kill his wife and himself but was not taken seriously. o— Scientists Explained B ve're not going to send your d'mlne across to tignt again ! avoid paying taxes to avert r- global comlict which like- urd' be so disastrous as to c, the 1 -last one look inslgnifi- *b'e cash' investment would dividends. Ol tms Mr. Tru Little Rock, Dec. 22 •— (/P)— A 58-year-old service station proprietor was held without charge here today after Sheriff Tom G-ulley said he had admitted the shotgun slaying of Charles Herbert Masterson, about 48, of Decatur, 111., early yesterday. Gulley and Chief Deputy Sam Halum said L.E. Dennis told them lie shot Masterson at the Wonder State service station, about three miles out of the city on the Hot Springs highway, at 2:30 a. m., yesterday after a brawl." Hallum, who went to Dennis' station after the shooting, said Masterson, Dennis and two other men ia.d been drinking at the station. l/As'-ah investment toward the see'".and security of the world „,&" toward the realization of hope aridSconfiaence in a hotter way of Bte'<fdr the,, future this cost is _„_ concerns, the threat ';B0!s,hevism, none 'need ques- Jthat, The consensus ol! impar ^observers is that, this const!--•^-- greatest menace which have faced since the great conquerors. o . leather with, vegeta- was introduced into this »try,,< by the Pilgrims. . The chief deputy quoted as saying Maslerson had Dennis struck him on the head during an argument which followed Dennis' orders for the others to leave so he could close the station and go home. The officers said Dennis then related that he had reached for his shotgun and sent a load of buckshot into Masterson, who died instantly. Little Rock, Dec. 22 — (/P)—The secretary of state today issued charters to: Pannell Construction Co., Inc., of Helena, which listed paid in capital at $50,000 and incorporators as E. H. & Diana W,' Polk of Helena and William F. Pannell of Elaine. Noble's Inc., Hot Springs, which listed paid in capital at $32,000 and incorporators as Tom Dick Noble, Joe W Newman Jr., and Kenneth R, Wheatley, all of Hot Springs. Britain Starts Drive Aga'mst Communists London, Dec. 22 —(/P)— Britain's ruling Labor party launched today a campaign against Communist ; 'infiltration and intrigue" within the organization, and the Communists immediately branded the drive a U. S.-inspired plot to link this country with France and Italy in an attempt to split the trade unions. Warning that the Communists were out to "sabotage" the government, Labor Party Secretary Morgan Phillips dispatched, a letter to all labor groiips — including the trade unions— in which he urged lat they take the offensive against ornmunist influence .within the arty. The Communist Daily Worker at nee retalialed by declaring: "This attack follows montns of B**.' nsational Sale — This Week Only THIS COUPON .WORTH $4.02 STREAMLINED fEERlESS BALL POINT PEN WITH A 10. YEAR WRITTEN GUARANTEE WRITES TO 3 YEARS WITHOUT REFILLING anil only 88(1 entitles b«ar«r to th« famous nationally advertised I"; Peerless new ball point pen (15.00' value). Smooth-flowing, prcclilon- '4<*'cnrd.' Can't scratch, can't leak. Instant drying;. Makei 6 lo 8 curbon ' copies, Smart streamlined plastic-barrel, rnetnl cap. Looks like a $15.00 pen, It '.year written guarantee. Mall order* Ailed 15f extra. Hurry. Supply fgr Ptcrlei* pen at JOHN P. COX DRUG STORE •• • • I/'' NOTICE / , t The Undersigned Service Stations ' will be CLOSED ALL DAY CHRISTMAS So th$t our employees may be able to spend Christmas with their families. C. Colemar/s Oarage & Service Station Heffner Nash Co. Clark & Caudle Esso Service Wyatfr Service Station Fox Tire Shop Cross Service Station Me Motor Co. Service Station Moses Service Station Frank Walters Service Station Gaines Service Station Collier's 303 Service Station Tarpleys Esso Service R. Sfeadman & Son Service Station By ELTON C. FAY Washington, Dec. 22 — (/P)— Government officials said today there is a critical scarcity Of scientists in certain branches of military research. But they discounted statements that an aversion to working on death-dealing weapons is the primary cause. Economic factors and a scholar's desire for complete freedom in ,-t|,,i-. — mthp r than philosophies- keeps many of them away from government work, officials of the military and the Atomic Energy Commission told a reporter. The latest of a series of statements came recently from Dr. Theodore Rosebury, Columbia University professor, who said "many American scientists are refusing to work on military developments." Atomic commission and military officials said they believe these are the governing factors in the unwillingness of some scientists to work on government projects: 1. Lack of security. Unlike employment in the laboratory of a university or a large industrial concern, employment on a military research project may be of uncertain tenure. Scientists don't know how Inng the job may last. • 2. Unsatisfactory living conditions for the scientists and their families at some of the more isolated projects, such as those in southwestern United States desert country or remote towns in newly developed sections. 3 Inability of the government to match pay offered by private research institutions. i 4. Refusal of scientists, particular!" those interested in pure re- Wyji vork by the U. S. State Department, acting partly through its em- assies and partly through paid gents of the American Federation f Labor. Their aim is to split the unions f France, Italy and Britain. Philps' letter obediently .parallels the actics used by the reactionaries in "'ranee." This obviously was a reference p developments last Friday in ~aris, where the anti-Communist minority wing of the Communist eneral Confederation of Labor CGT) voted to secede and form ts own nalional trade group. In his letter Phillips said the British Communist parly had oincd the Cominform's "cold war" against the western brand of so- ialism and against the Marshall aid plan for European recovery. 'We can expect Communist-inspired attempls to foment discon- enl -in factories and workshops which may result 'in slowing down and hampering the production drive," he said. According to best estimates, ased on recent election returns, mere arc only about 50,000 Communists in Britain, but they hold a number of key trade union »osts— especially among groups so vital o Britain's recovery program as he miners, engineers and trans- jorl workers. Even as Phillips leller was being distributed the Moscow radio launched a new blast against the Marshall plan, declaring its 'essence" was 1 "war." Combining its commentary on President Truman's message lo Congress Friday with a discussion of Marshall's address the same day on the failure of Ihe Big Four talks in London, the Moscow broadcast said: "When the United Slates announced a four-year program of expenditure to revive Germany's heavy industry, her war potential, one recalls another four-year pro gram for the development of German economy — the notorious plan of Goering and Killer. "This plan was adopled in 103G to prepare the German war ma- cnine for Ihe second world war, and (Iljalmar) Schacht was the financial head behind that plan, too. Now we see another four-year plar tor so-called aid to Europe, and again the sinister figure of Schacht The essence of the two plans is the same — war." The references to Schacht apparently were based on stories from Berlin some months ago disclosing that Ihe former Reichsbank president, had been questioned^ by U. S. occupation authorities, oen. -lUclus D. Clay American military governor, later said Ihe interrogation was connected with the Nuernberg war crimes trials and had nothing to do with a plan bchachl was reported to have for German recovery. No Flies on Main Street Lebanon, Ind. — (.¥)— When spider webs appeared on parking meters, city officials protested traifie hadn't been Ihal dull. Exploring with screwdrivers, they found spiders had crawled into the coin slots to escape cold weather, jamming the mechanism. —— o —-•— Jaffa is the Mediterranean port for Jerusalem. search, to be pinned down to the comparatively narrow confines o'f a project directed, at obtaining a particular military development. 5 Aversion to helping produce machines for killing. A very minor percentage of scientists have given this as their reason to work on for declining government projects. Both military officers and manpower experts at the civilian-controlled Atomic Energy Commission agreed that virtually all of this rcli any motivated by group had a sincere personal feeling, sometimes dictaled by ™ 1i - giotis failh, against war in iorm and were not political views. The greatest shortage in scientific manpower, and one definitely retarding research in some fields, is in certain key personnel, officials said. They mentioned in particular tho need for scicntist-ad- min'istralors who, thoroughly schooled in science, at the same time are capable of organizing and diractint; a large research project. The lack of more, average research workers and technicians is less acute but still an important factor in operation of the nation's military development program, it vas explained. . o Italy Settles One Strike, Faces As^other By J. EDWARD MURRAY Rome, Dec. 2 — (UP)— The Italian government sellled a nalion- wide strike of 300,000 food workers over the weekend but was faced toda" with a new threat by the left lo set up a separate govern menl. Riots took place in Trcviso and Naples. The food slrike was called off lasl night when, agreement was reached on dismissal pay, seniority and holiday vacations after uvo days and one night of continuous negolialions. The setUomeiit g.iur anleed llaly's food supply foi Christmas week. Pietro Nc-iiui, leftwiug Socialist leader and Communist collaborator, threatened lo set up a separate government of leftist urgaiiiza lions if Premier De Gaspori's rightist Christian Democratic partj wins in the spring elections. Nenni said in an editorial in his newspaper Avanti that workers groups already are assuming the "aspects of self-government" ii Ready for the oven when you buy. Waste up to 20% of total weight is removed before it is weighed and priced. A 12-lb. Eviscerated bird is equal to a 15-lb. New York Dressed bird. Over 14 pounds 14 ibs. down. Ib. •Grade A, dressed and drawn. Farm-Fresh flavor. Dressed and drawn. 3 to 4 ID. average. 1^ '-Alex. H. Washburn Merry Christmas Let Us Be Humble in Our Own Hearts Before I h c i r own hcarlhslone families all over Ihe wprld ccle- €5l-ale another Christmas. And for two thousand years Christianity has been trying to expand the love and friendship lhat families and close friends have for one another to include whole nations and continents — thus achieving world peace. It is well Ihis Chrislmas-time that we look deeply into our own hearts, as Americans, and lake some measurements against the example set by the Man whose 49TH YEAR: VOL. 49 — NO. 60 Slo, ot Mop. '1M»! P' Consolidated Jomiorv TUESDAY, DECEMBER 23, 1947 (API—Means Associated Press (NBA)—Moans Newspaper Enlerprlw AM n. set Giving U. S. Visit to Crippled Children's Hospital Brings Tears to Eyes of All-Star Grid Players un government anc their demands management. New violence broke out in Tre viso, where police fought for si> hours against a crowd of suvera Hundred demonstrators who ga thered to demand work for the un employed and then attacked right ist buildings with stones. Th crowd finally was broken up will tear gas by police reinforcement from Pudova. Two civilians and two polic were injured in an. exchange o gunfire between demonstrators au security agents at Naples. The average American eat: about 10 pounds of fish a yeai but New Yorkers average abou 30 pounds. J irlhday we now celebrate. For. the world is very obviously at one of those dangerous crossroads where one way leads to peace and happiness and the other is the road to war and destruction. And Americans are weighted with the knowledge lhat our national power and wealth force upon us a decision that may be final for the whole world. Americans are divided, for instance, en bolh the wisdom and obligation of extending aid to the impoverished nations of Europe €ib that they may get on their feet again. No man knows lor sure about the wisdom of it. But that there is an obligation, goes without saying. I think here is the place for a Jiltlc history to support our Christmas theme—that if a nation is to remain strong and respected iis people must be of a remembering and contrite heart. America is now rich and powerful. All the olher nations of this earth owe money to her. But it By LUIS C. NOLI Panama, Panama, Dec. 23 —(/P) — Panama's national assembly unanimously refused last night to •atify a signed agreement giving ,he United States the right to lease and man 14 military and airfield sites as defense bases for the Panama canal. The assembly's action took the form of a flat rejection of the pact and seemed to close the door to future ne g otiation. Informed sources here expressed .belief the issue might wind up in the lap of of the United Nations or rjome in ternational arbitration tribunal. The rejection, voted 51 to 0 touched off a wild celebration in the capital. Thousands of persons marched through the streets shouting gleefully: "It did not pass." In flic midst of the demonstrators was former Foreign Minister Ricardo J. Alfaro, who resigned Dec. 9- because of opposition to the pact. successor, Florencio ffiyas not always so. Within — . memory of this writer, now only j cxnjrea ; 48, America was n. debtqr nation. The fact is, America owed money Alfaro's . Arcsemena, quit yesterday, a Jew hours before the assembly voted, because of his party's opposition to the agreement. The situation now apparently reverts to the status of Sept. 1. 1946. when Panama notified the United States that a 1942 agreement au- thorising the leasing of Panama - ' " had 3 Justices Criticize Proceedings Washington, Dec. 22 — (/P) — Three supreme court justices today denounced what they termed a "merry-go-round 1 of legal procedure in Illinois which offers "no substantial hope of relief" to convicted persons claiming deprivation of constitutional rights. Justices Rutledge. Douglas and Murphy joined in this criticism ot the state's procedure in a ruling granting Tony Marino a new trial in a 22year-old murder case. Chief Justice Vinson spoke for the court in ruling on Marino. He merely recited that Marino was sen enced to life imprisonment within a week of his indictment, that he vas only 23 years old at the time vith little knowledge of English, hat there was no showing that he has been advised of his right to counsel or of the effect of a plea .By HAL WOOD San Francisco, Dec. 23 — The slogan "strong men run the weak may walk;' was lhan a -catchy collection of words today to the 48 nation football stars ...vT"%.^i/i ., visit to Ihe Shrine Hos- that more British Battle Arabs Who Attacked Jews By CARTER L. DAVIDSON Jerusalem, Dec. 23 — (ff)- Nubbins Shows Poor Progress who'oaid a visit to the Shrine pital for Crippled Children They entered as the typical roistering, rollicking gang, of athletes and came away with tearstained cheeks Tommies fought today -British against 1L . the I Canal wartime defense sites argued Ready-to-use. Finest quality. Makes delicious pie. Stuffed Olives- 5 OZ . ja r Embassy Manzanilla. Firm ,meaty, finest quality. Kroger Beverages 1224oz. bottles plus deposit Cola, Root Beer, Ginger Ale, Orange Soda. Value! 1 Ib. bag Fancy quality. Thin shells, large size. 21 Ib. cake Mellowed in Sherry wine. Full of nuts and fruits. abroad up to World War I. It was World War I that made America i a creditor nation. If you are of humble heart you wil. never forget that our vaunted wealth and power are founded in part on the misfortunes i;f othor nations —and that there is an obligation, by the terms of Christianity, for the fortunate to extend helping hand to the unfortunate. Forget the mere words that are written about politics and government. .All the world is a single family, gathered around a single hearth- clone—this Christmas-time. And that some are cold and hungry and others nre warm and well led is not wholly a matter of virtue- much ot it is dvie to the accident of birth and the whims of geography and. history. - f ' Tliesi are no'' foreign govor.i- 'ments we speak' of— a Christian would call them the common people of the world, the helpless ones who die in war and starve in peace. This a humble and contrite nation wil remember from iis own past as we observe Christmas 1947. The United States argued then that the 1042 agreement was effective until a year after the peace treaty with Japan had been signed Panama contended the "one year of guilty. In fact, Vinson, said, the record entered. The case Japanese surrender. (The U. S. Slate Department in Washington declined comment on .ne Panama assembly's action and officials said no decision would be n " Page Two 0 - • does not show that he even personally signed a waiver of jury trial nor that a valid plea of guilty was . was sent back to the circuit court of Winnebago County 111 where Marino had been denied a writ of Habeas Corpus. The criticism of Illinois procedure came in the concurring opinion written by Rutledge. He said the case did not appear different to him except in one respect from many similar ones appealed from Illinois in which ielie£ nad been denied. The 48 players were members of the East and West football teams, assembled here to start practice for the annual East-West Shrine All-Star football game at Js.ezai stadium on New Year's Day. To start off the introductions, each little patient in the hospital was dressed in the'colors of one 01 the football player's college. , John Prchlik, a 215-pound tackle from Yale, drew as his particular friend a little girl who had been stricken with polio, but was just learning to walk—she hadn't taken a step yet. Big John took her by the hand. And ho showed her how to balance herself as he guided her through tne first steps of her life and formed a lasting friendship. Little Billy Williams, a scst-back from Idaho,' made friends with a bed-ridden boy and what they lalked about was a mystery —but when Billy - turned his back to leave there were tears in his eyes. Tony Minisi, halfback irom Penns'vlvania: Earl Maves of Wisconsin" Lou Mihajlovich of Indi- to Lead Italian Dressed and drawn. 9 to 1 1 Ib. average. I" f I /% j. Extra Large Fres-Shore Oysters standards, P t. From finest oyster beds. Fresh. Selects, pt. 85c, Pork Sausage Ib. roll 47c Armour Star.' Fine for dressing. 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A high command already has been established on the Comminisl- dcminated industrial labor front, with a parallel purpose. The communist newspaper L'unita and its allied left - wing socialist newspaper Avanti said a land constituent" of some 6,000 That one difference, Rutledge said, is that in the Marino case the state confessed error and ot- tered no objection to Marino's contentions. • , ,, "During the last three terms Rutledge continued, "we have peen flooded with petitions from Illinois alleging deprivations of due process and other constitutional rights Thus, in the 1944 term, out of a total of 339 petitions filed; in forma cauneris (meaning the petitioner is unable to pay .the usual fees), -almost all oy -prisoners, 141 came from Illinois; in the 1945 term 175 ana- Bob Hazelhurst of Denver -all made friends quickly with, tots decked out . in their respective school colors. Virgil Eikenberg of Rice Institute, who had a 10-year-old boy for his partner, soon was showing his protege how to pass, kick and .run wi th afootball. All during the visit there was a little girl, dressed in Notre Dame she Can't he Arabs .who attacked highway traffic no$h of Jerusalem, and Arab bullcls raked a Jewish funeral pro- ession on the sacred mount of the Ascension. A green-turbaned Arab in a green slipover sweater led the highway attackers in a wild exchange of fire with a British convoy, army sources said. The convoy blasted hillsides above Bab El Wad, from which attackers' bullets wounded a Swedish journalist and eight Jews this morning. (The wounded Swede was identified in Stockholm as Harald Hagg, an artist assigned to Palestine by a news agency a week ago) At Haifa, meanwhile, Brilish forces brought to port a two- masted refugee schooner carrying about 800 visaless Jewish immigrants. Preparations were made immediately to transfer the immigrants to detention camps on Cyprus. Arab casualties were unknown in the highway duel in which one British officer was wounded. Army sources said the convoy raked the attackers' position with 10,000 rounds. David Ben-Gurion. chairman of t.ie Jewish agency executive, was reported to have been a passenger in one of the convoy cars under attack. The funeral procession on the Mount of the Ascension :1or Robert Uevc Stern, English-born Jewish iournalist who was killed Sunday by Arab bullets, was marked by an attack of snipers, some situate: on the Mount of Olives. Many cars turned back under the fire as the procession neared the Jewish \ Lawmakers to Probe List of Grain Traders Washington, Dec, S3 ^— ... congressional committees toda promised searching scrutiny O each list of commodity traders possible irregularities—and uiarlv for "leaks" of Inside mation. colors, on the verge of tears, "wv^nro'c mv Jnhnnv " Where's my Johnny asked of the attendants, come and see me?" She was calling for All-Ameri- out ! of 393 were. and released her for treason. from an indictment No finer values in the land. 1 6 OZ. Cranberry Sayce Ocean Spray. Slightly tart flavor. Delicious can cans Best when full green, sweeter flavor. Value! Fresh Lettuce Crisp, firm, large heads. Ib. Ib. Finest quality. Miss Anderson's happy fate sent us cheeking back on some of the other Americans who sat out the war in Axis capitals, broadcasting appeals lo the American forces to sunciider. The result was not heartening. Of Ihe 1-1 that, we remembered '•'"only one, Douglas Chandler, has been sentenced to life imprisonment. E/.ra Pound, Ihe poel who peddled Mussolini's propaganda, has been committed to an insane asylum. Robert H. Best, former newspaperman, has been arrested but still not tried. Fred Kaltenbach was in Russian hands the last lime he was heard of. Here is what happened lo soma of the Americans who stooged for Hitler on the Nazi radio. Con. stance Drexel, Edward L. Dolaney, ^Heibert Burgman, Max Koischwitz and Donald Day have all been released by 'he Justice Department. The reason given in some cases was "lack of evidence"; in others, an inability lo find witnesses; in Day's case the Justice Department simply was "no longer representatives of agricultural workers, meeting Sunday at Bologna, had ordered committees _sct u'i in every village to spearhead a drive for "expropriation of surplus properties" and against "extension of land holdings." Pietrb Nenni, pro - communist socialist 'leader, announced Sunday the meeting in Bologna and a congress in Milan on Christian Democratic government's solid parlia- hi the "WG term '322 out of 528 came from that state. Rutledge said the appeals had been rejected "almost with mechanical regularity" on the ground thai the applicants had not exhausted state remedies. He added. "It wo aid be nothing less than an abdication of our constitutional duty and function, to rebuff petitioners vyith this mechanical formula whenever it may become clear that the alleged state remedy is nothing but a-procedural morass offering no substantial hope of re ief. - . , "Experience has convinced that this is true of Illinois " Among other actions today, can Johnny Lujack, who was so surrounded by newsmen and photographers that he couldn't get over to his "girl." But he got there finally. •— and iey soon were pals. The players, as they prepared to eave, wrote down the names .of, tipir paiticular pals, promising to viite letters "And they will, too," said Mrs. Getrude Folendorf, the hospital administrator. "I've seen these boys come ever since the .first Shrine ;ame and they never fail to keep .his promise." The most touching scene of the day was the finale when Ray Ball of Holy Cross and Bill Swiacki of Columbia led the East team in the singing of "White Christmas." mentary position. Premier Alcide De Gasperi s Christian Democrats have consolidated with two small moderate leftist 'parties, the labor socialists and Ihc republicans, further .solid ifying the premier's majority ir the assembly. All three parties boy colled Ihe "land constitutuent" at Bologna. Press dispatches reported a gen oral strike in the Po Valley in dustrial town of Cremona in pro test against a bomb explosioi th court: cemetery, hard by an Arab vHlage Arab bands roamed ;the country side attacking freight trains as'wel as road traffic. A freight train wa helci up this morning, but official said the attackers left empty handed. Traffic inside Palestine was at a virtual standstill. One Jew was killed in a sniping duel between the Jewish village of Eat Yam and Arab Yahelia in a fighting \yhioh Still dangerously ill, six-year-old Forrest "Nubbins" Hoffman is pictured fn a Denver, Colo., hospital where he faced hta third bedridden Yuletide, still dangerously ill from a kidney ailment. In 1944, the nation's sympathy was aroused when it was thought Nubbins would die befoie Christmas and a special November Yule party was arranged for him. His parents Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Hoffman, of Cheyenne, Wyo., have appealed for more blood donors. Talk Failed to Halt a Suicide Chicago Dec. 23 — (IP)— Two policemen and a Chicago Times pno- togiaph sped to the hotel apartment of Mrs. Patricia Brody yes- lerday aflcr she had telephoned the Times and said she was going to commit suicide. While the policemen were en- Says Congress Won't Approve Marshall Plan By SADOR S. KLEIN Washington, Dec 23 — (UP) — Chairman Charles A Eaton -->!' the House Foreign Affair's Committee voiced doubt today that Congress "m its present tempei" would authorize the $17,000,000,000 asked by Piesident Truman, for the Euro- WHITE HOUSE SltENT, •> <y ON STASSEN CHALLENGE J -; Washington, Bed. 23>-,<ff) -7'* Harold E. Stassen today chaI* 1 Vli lenged the administration to *,/ say whether any present and'?J former officials hi the "eXecu- p tive department oi ,the while *, House" traded in i commodities!« prior to big government pur-' chases in early 1947. l ^>'. Stassen also asked in statement whether White '. and other past and present i ernment officials itaflde "huge profit at the steepl q of prices which iollowcd'f governmental buying*" ^ Reporters who asked t ... dential Secretary Charles i Ross about Stassen's statement*! got the reply, "no common' Stassen first charged weeks ago that "Insiders" the government ,had profited from commodity trading.«. Hlj assertions then led tp disclosuti that Edwin, A. Pa.iUey, specla assistant to Secretary of ' thfe Army Royall, had been a big market speculator* f t.. , Pauley told a,Senate commit-'*'; tec he went into the market be^f fore taking the goVernmferitg post. He said he began jjettipg^ out after taking it and has", never had'inside information'oh, ', government commodity chasing plans. , Members" 5 " ol both groups they will concentrate on efforts? determine whether federal oMljEi' allowed confidential, h infWW(n' loute to the home of the 36 year ,p ean recovery pi'o£ram ijbntmuatiori — — - „ .. "stalled yesterday. The villages lie south of Jaffa. The death boosted to 305 the number of persons killed ;n the Holy Land since Arab rage at the United Nations decision to partition Palestine began to manifest itself on Nov. 30, the day after partition was voted. Associated Press Correspondent James M. Long narrowly escaped being hit when Arab snipers raked old divoicee, a reporter at the Times talked to Mrs. Brody for 20 minutes pleading with her not to kill herself. He talked of Christmas, of new hope that might come with the New Year, of God's mercy, of the 11 year old adopted daughter she had mentioned Several times during the telephone conveisation she threatened to break .the connection^ and Jtfmp from her third iloor window.. Bach, time the reporter coaxed her' out abdut The New Jcrsey^Republicanialsq said he thought tHe president was shooting too high In Ms request for initial appropriations*for the* four- vcar program. MP.jjTruman. -" 'quested $0,800,000,00(Rlor the 15-months of operation but this 4 pld not include $822,000, -*""• cies to seep' out in ,advanpe4.|C The chairman mittee House) ma of it. T nothing to live foi," she told'him Shp hung up when the polire and D hotographer John Arabinko /arrived. She told the officers, "Go away. I don't want any police- highways leading :rom the north. into Jerusalem Ruled 8-1 in a decision by Jus tice Murphy that all claims for federal income tax refunds whatever the reasons giving rise to tne claims x x x must be filed within two years from the time the Justice Douglas tax dis- was paid." sented. (The court's ruling was given jn cases involving the Liberty Glass Co. in Oklahoma and J. H. Noble of the trial of jnterested." Miss Drexcl was. last reported Marsh Seedless. Heavy with tangy-tart juice. Novel Oranges New crop California. Lari Ib. sizes. Fine flavor. Campbell's. For your Christmas appetizer. WINESAP APPLES Ib 14c Kroger Small Peas Fancy ^.jde, young, small peas. No. 2 can Sweet and tender. /** /"*• iH *"fcl/oz. O Green Giant Peas 2 cans d Large, tender, sweet peas. Garden fresh flavor. Pride of Illinois Sweet ( cream style, white corn. No. 2 can Richer flavor. Extra fancy and fancy quality. BAG APPLES 5 Ib. bag 59c Fine eating and cooking quality FANCY APPLES Ib. 15c Washington Golden Delicious. POTATOES 10 Ibs 49c Washed selected reds. Value! FRESH GRAPES 2 Ibs. 29c California Red Emperors. COCOANUTS Ib. 12c Fresh, meaty. Full of milk. CRANBERRIES 12 oz. bag 32c Firm, ii-esh, excellent quality. to be coveting *hc United Nations as a fruc-1'ance, and writing a bock on "disarmament." Day also . hich had . damaged communist headquarters Saturday night. YwgosSavs Convict Five Friars on Espionage Charges Belgrade, Yugoslavia, Dec. 22 — (/Pi—Conclusion of Ihc trial al Pola of five friars charged with espionage in Ihe Islrian peninsula was announced today. The sentences have not been handed down. Yugoslav press dispatches said all the defendants had admitted operating an illegal radio stalion in Pola "on orders from the Vati- of Detroit). Granted a revicsv George Cornelius Moore and Haughton who were sentenced .o death for shooting Delective James M Burke in New York City. Toe men charged that Negroes were York Furniture Co. Gives Workers $4,000 in Bonuses Employes of York Furniture Co. received bonuses totaling $4,000 it vas announced today with four employes sharing in the profits of ,he firm. 'We were able to make money in 1947 through the efforts of our employes and we are pleased to pass on part of the profits. We hope that the prosperity of the company will continue and that we may be able to continue this practice," Basil York, owner said. Kiwanians Collect Toys for Needy Children Kiwanians, collected toys for needy children at today's regular noon luncheon and completed the have troubles Continued on^page Tw0> There's. man , Tr.ty left and Aiatamko stayed. When she double locked the door Arabinko began to unlock it. He told Mrs. Brody the policemen would send a police matron to help I was talking to her all the " her time, I guess," Arabinko said, but I can't seem to remember what J said. My mind seemed to be all filled up with Christmas —my wife; our two kids, the presents at home and everything." Suddenly, Arabinko said, she darted to a window and ^quickljj threw it open. to grab her general objectives" of the- SO' ailed Marshall ,„ plan. But he bought it would be'best to author- ze funds only from year to year. "I for one would want to make t clear to Congress that once it adopts the Marshall program, and t should m one form or another, t must see it through," Eaton told •eporters "There can be no turn- ng back " He promised that his committee would give "a most impartial and complete examination of the Marshall nlan, not from a partisaa view, but from the point of view of world conditions as they affect tne security of the United States." Sen. Robert A. Taft, chairman of the Senate Republican Policy Com songs. The _ _ Clifford Franks. -The program was in charge of Charles Tarpley. Guests were, R. E. Harris of Searcy, Dr. Fulton of North Little Rock and Carl Gardner of Texarkana. Arabinko altemptec but loo lale. She mitlde told the reporters he believes plan will cost more Kroger Stores Will Close Christmas Open until 8:30 P. M. Christmas Eve Prices in this ad effective: Grocery prices thru Saturday, Dec. 27. Meat and Produce prices thru Wednesday, Dec. 24. TANGERINES Ib. 10c ______ Florida grown. Large size, juicy. -• JUICE ORANGES Texas. Full of sweet, tree-ripened juice. FANCY BANANAS Kroger selected. Golden rioe, meiiow flavor. RED DELICIOUS APPLES Wasnington extra fancy. Large size. Juicy. 2 Ib. lb ' bag Ib. (**' 15c has improved some of his shining -O'hours of freedom by doing a booK which is published in Swedish. The Tokyo branch of this traitorous crew, though less numerous, has fared just as well. The notorious Tokyo Rose and Robert Chis- holrn ha'vc been released by Ihe Justice Department. Mark Streeler, aresied in 1U4J, has yet lo be tried. Carl Flick has disappeared. It is inteix-tting to note the cor-.- Irasl bcuvecn ihii government's loving and forgiving attitude toward those who worKcd for its de- fj feat, and the British government's method. The British have tried six and hanged two—William ("Lord Haw Haw") Joyce and John Amery, Continued on Page Two 20 Years Ago Today Dec. 23, 1927 A special Christmas program is planned at the Saengei' tomorrow when the Goodfellows pass c- out gifts to the needy children— "*' The Goodfellow fund has reached $221.50—More goods stolen Irom Palterson's Department store have been recovered al Texarkana — Travis Hall was counly agent- Popular songs of Ihe day were: -Mv Heart Stood Still", "The Hours I spent With You,'; -There Must be Somebody Else, PU/ground in the Sky," "Just a Mem- B -- --we—My Honey and Me, When," "After I've can and particularly from Bishop Radoshi in Italy. Belgrade newspaper accounts ot the trial quoted Sempliciano Albino Gomiero. superior of the monastery of St. Anthony in Pola and chief defendant, as Haging testified that "church regulalions do nol permit" espionage work, but thai he was -'getting orders from my superior." The C o m m u n i s t newspaper Borba reported yeslerday that seven other friars had been sentenced to forced labor for terms ranging from six months to six years on charges of engaging '" acts against the government Premier Marshal Tilo. improperly excluded from the jury panel" and that use of a special "blue ribbon" grand jury vilated their constitutional rights. Declined to review a bondhold- ar's effort to halt execution of a multi-million dollar financial reorganization plan for the Baltimore and Ohio railroad. o Mack Against Expansion to West Coast Philadelphia, Dec. 23 —(/P)—Connie Mack, slill one of baseball s shrewdest managers, is 83 years old today and his birthday prophecy flally rejected major league cx'pansiqn to the West Coast. •" ' - third Case of Maria Formicola Is Example Why Rest of World Can't Understand America jumped. He looked out the window and saw her lying, in her brigh blue dressing gown, on the paved areaway below. She was dead. Arabinko went to the alley, made photograph of her body and called his office. . o Equipment Moved in for Wildcat Test By HAL BOYLE } New York — W)— The case of Maria Formicola presents an example of why Ihe rest of the world finds it difficult to understand America. . , Maria is a pretty 21-year-old Italian girl who came here last week to marry a Kentucky veteran she had met overseas. But while she was en route her fiance was than $8,000,000,000 in fiscal 1949 if neg ii g( the administration program is ap- — °proved by Congress. To Mi Tiuman's request for an imti.il §6,800,000,000, Taft added the $822,000,000 the administration plan to ask foi relief in western Germany, $350,000,000 to be spent by the international bank and $550,000,000 by the international fund. Money for the lattor two organizations already has been appropriated. Taft expressed belief that Con* , qress would approve only a one year a.ithouzation, Eaton said that while he did not think the objec, tives of the Marshall plan could be achieved m less than four years he loo favored only 4 year's an thoiizallon at a time. t L Frankfurt,- 1 Germany, %-„, .„ (JP1— Two packed passenger, tra collided last t toight >at Fahr-Irl? near the spot whereSU,^ S. tfo first crossed tb,e 'Rhine, and 30$ sons were killed and 60 injured^ the victims ,w,ere believed -TOIM. Oerman.s, «i k - ^ r "The wotffcf 'train wreck r many since s the war, it 1 Occur, the French zone, nearer which is, across the Rhine ,;„ blenz and about 13 miles southe of Rema.gen r where*- ,Amfru troops captured* an intact', brioi Most of tne passengers «><««?? M route to Christmas rev families. , ' " '" wm German, tail officials ' at MBit said "the accident was caused', .-„-„-,-_ of the engineer tit'f Freiburg-Dortmund Express, vt nordd a stop signal at the F< lich station, 1 ' , 'y ' 1 SAalco Employes Receive Bonuses at Xmas Parly , Personnel of the loco,! j:. nd New Theaters were ^ntert§ vith a Christmas dinner lastk t-the'Ur>ique Gale by Malpc^c: any, " '" " J " J ' ompi very case has already shown. It has shown again that the letter of the law means less {o Americans lhan Ihe spirit of abstract justice. It is a heart-warming demon stration, too, that people haven t really forgotten what Ihey owe the of •There never will be a major league," Mack said in an interview. "And I don't thin,k either tne American or National League should become 10-team cncuits as suggested by some West Coast people." Looking fit as a fiddle, his six foot-two frame erect as ever, baseball's Brand old man was looking for only this Christmas gift — two infielders, a second and third baseman, "to make the Athlelics a 1948 pennant contender." Cardinals Visit iro Pope Is Abandoned ory" "Way Back Rcmo, Dee. 23 — (.V\ — Pope Pius XII will not receive the traditional Christmas Eve visit from the College of Cardinals tomorrow because of the cold from which he is suffering, as informed source •said today. The pontiff will, however, broadcast a Christmas message which was to have been his reply to the traditional Cardinals' greeting. Informants said the address would la-4 about 30 minutes. It is to oe given at 9:55 a. m. Greenwish mean time (3:5!5 a. m Standard Time). An yuagc translation for Stales killed in an automobile accident. A representalive of the shipping line Iried lo explain Ihe situation to the girl, but she didn't know enough English lo understand him. Then Anthony Camerano, an Associated Press photographer, who speaks Italian, told her gently in her own language: "I am sorry to have to lell you Ihis, but your fiance is dead." The clealh of her fiance cost Maria her right to enter this coun try, and in the normal course ot events the immigration authorities would have promptly senl her back lo Italy. Bui Camerano's newsphoto of the ,— , ... <„,]-,,. young Italian intended bride in "The way things shape up toda> > Bwas prin ted in newspapers the Athletics will field Ihe same America, and H touched a team that finished liflh last reason. But if we could get two more in fielders who were fast and could hit in Ihe pinches we'd be almost veterans. They want to see that the fiancee of the dead Kentucky ex-soldier gets the protection he no longer can give her. In some countries it would be inconceivable that so many people would take such concrete interest in a case that luis no peifaonal con corn lo them. In these countries people limit help to their own families, and the area of aid rarely goes beyond the border of blood knibhio oi the ntighboi ic\t dooi But in Ameucd Ihe tradition ot Hcnciosity extcndb to nil in need It ib a hangovei fiom oui fiontiei and also, perhaps the that this country was settled Equipment has been moved in I and actual dulling will stait boon 1 on the Nora Carrigan No. 1, wildcat oil well, SW NW, 18-13-23, 6 I miles east of Hope in the Shovel- Springs community. The well will | be drilled by Carter Oil Co. j Placid Oil Co., N. D. Munday' No 1 NW NW 2-14-26, a wildcat, is drilling around 4000 feet. In Lafayette county Barnsdall has abandoned its Creek No. 2, at 6474 feet and in Nevada county Ihe H. B. Cassady No. 1 has been abandoned as dry al 4000 feet. Pauley Suggests He Resign From Democratic Post lot ol hearts. More than 200 telegrams poured made great -largely by underdogs and therefore they still have a sentimental feeling for the underdog themselves. They don't have to see or know the people in trouole lo volunteer to hel:i. They only need to be made aw:.re of their other fellow's plight. People of this country are mi%- - 1 -- comaion Called You Sweetheart." Central will be p.m. GMT UO English-lan- the United transmitted at 4 a -ro- CST). The almost means the Boston Red Sox— "that's the team to beat in the American League next season," Connie predicts. "The player the Red Sox bought from St. Louis are exactly the scoring punch they needed." , ___ Q THEIR TEETH GROW The incisor teeth of a rodent continue growing throughout the animal's lifetime, and musl be kept worn down by usage. In one case, an incisor of a woodchuck grew in from every part of the United taken it they believe i"^ ">n Stales offering the girl marriage, folk of Europe area t Sidtclu money, a home or adoption. Some American aid. Iney J e M«I " V "**'« 7t " . ,. ,. .-.*! , t r.11-1 4 Vi ni< »J~ ..-,1 nil 11. were probably from 24-karat screwballs, but most were from sincere people anxious to help her. One would-be suitor hired a lawyer and gol in touch with Ihe - (/P) — oil man and asMbtant lo the secretary of the Army, announced last night he Los Angeles, Dec 23 • "act Edwin Pauley, California and and they do count un )l. On occasion they may too long, pierced into two the skull, and While House and Attorney General Tom Clark in a one-man campaign j to see that Maria is permitted to stay here, and said that a presidential secretary had assured him President Truman would take a "personal interest" in the case. Whether Miss Formicola does get to remain in America will be- decided at an immigration hearing in Philadelphia. The outcome itself is less important than what the grateful •v^l* VJ VV. ClOlUll LIl^.' •--- -v O I • 4. F noyed at the American habit of self-back-p*aUing and saying. See what I'm doing for yoJ. But Oie wise ones realize it is natural _u» a voung son who ran prideful comes away and struck U rich to have a feeling of when he back in lime lo lift the mortgage on Ihe old homestead just before foreclosure. . . It's the wide heart in giving that counts, as Miss Formicola, a stranger with many new friends, must be aware this Christmas week. has suggested he be relieved of his post as California Democratic national commitleernan. ... Pauley said he had made the proposal to Sen. J. Howard McGrath, chairman o£ the Democratic National Committee. ••I have not been active since 1945 " Pauley told a reporter. "I have pointed out to the chairman of the Nalioiial Committee that there will be certain responsibilities which will occur soon and feel he should appoint a successor °In° > recent months Pauley and James Roosevelt, California Dem ocratic state chairman and son o. the late president, have been at odds over party policies. SUNKEN SHIPS Final figures on merchant ships lost during World War II show Dry Weather Is Promised for Christmas By The Associated Press Fiom eaily indications there will be no wet weather to slow up Santa Claus on his, nationwide tour on Chustrnas Eve The weather bjieau repoited diy weather prevails over most of the country, Light lain, reported in a small aiea in central Indiana and sputhwebt Ohio was moving uattwaid Ram also tell along the Washington coast Snow flume* fell in the Lake Suueuor region. Temperatures throughout the count! v are at beatonal level!? The coldest weather today was in North Dakota, with the mercury near the zero mark at Grand Forks and Pembma. Minor Damage Result of Auto Accident ^ 4f\ i* - f and 13th and Ms; afternoon rqs ago to bQtn fl investigate^, , that a fleet equal to nearly three- fourths oi our prewar merchant manne went to the bottom. Surprise-Russian Citizens Support Red Candidates Moscow. Dec, 23 — W) —The Soviet press reported today that returns from Sunday's local elections in five of Russia's 16 republics showed that 99 oer cent of the electorate had voted for candidates of the bloc of Communists and n.qn- party citizens. In the city of Mos>cow the returns were listed as follows: for the bloc — 99.36 per cent; against the bloc 0.36 per cent; invalid — H7 ballots. Returns from other areas indicated thq same high preee.irt- ages for the bloc. Where Cup$' Berlin —(t Americans, coming so nearly mono] umn of the B 1 A iccent issue ., notices. 01 these, American ana |j- J American-Germi Subscript! Star Is This, is fc year many. Star as a folks The oce orrtot the ,, gift is intend? 1 Cig the Ihe r in Wei ette' Mler is S4.50 Ms year, Distant and yearly rie* deliver are h

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