Chino Champion from Chino, California on June 13, 1952 · Page 11
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Chino Champion from Chino, California · Page 11

Chino, California
Issue Date:
Friday, June 13, 1952
Page 11
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Cal-Aero, Rich. Gird Schools Hold Promotion Thursday Promotion exercises were held yesterday, June 12, for sixth graders of Cal-Aero elementary school and Richard Gird intermediate school. Cal-Aero exercises opened at 12:45 p.m. in the high school auditorium, with the salute to the flag, led by Jeanie McPherson. Music throughout was provided by the elementary band an^ orchestra, directed by Miss Mary Reiss and Dean J. Bruington; the Sixth grade chorus, under the direction of Miss Reiss; and two choral readings, one by Mrs. Charlotte Wangler's room and one by Glen Davenport's room. "Why I'm Proud to Be An American" was covered by John Yzurdiaga on The Unity of America, Muriel Moto on Amerca's Beauty and Natural Resources. Michelle Mutuberria on Freedom of Speech, Larry Timmons on Freedom of Choice and Kathie iSarboza on Worshipping God In America. * Presentation of the class was made ty Leonard F. Collins, supervising principal of Cal-Aero and El Rancho schools and ac- '4-^eptance of the class by Gerald Litel, vice principal of the junior- senior high school. Cecil Berry, member of the Chino board of education, presented certificates of promotion to: Eleanor Alcala, Trinidad Alcala. Betty Armstrong, Margaret Armstrong, Wilma Barber, Kathie Barboza, Bryon Beavor, Cecil Ruth Berry, Garret Bootsma, Janean Boyer. Lottie Brown, Wilene Carroll. Glenda Chambers. Kenneth Clark, Billy Dan Curtis, Kenneth Deason. Mary Anne Diaz, Welcome Dobbs, Ruby j|Durrington, Phillip Edgeman, Sharon Edwards, Ray Elam, Frank Esqueda, Robin Lee Flowers. Angle Foster. Jimmie Fujil. Helen Gandara, Mary Garcia. James Greenwood, Judy Grlffis. Kathleen Groff. Sandra Lee Hansen. Charles Heath, Danny Hemstreet. Ival Herron. William Hohberg, James Imbach, Wesley Jager, Leatha Kendrick, William Kennedy. Leo Kinion, Pauline Lambert. John Lasek, Linda Lewis. Robert Lowrey, Kenyon Matlin. Marcia McDowell, Jean McPherson, Marva Meredith. JoAnne Metzger, Jesse Moreno. Patricia Morris. Walter Muller, Muriel Muto. Michelle Mutuberria. Aurelia Perez, Dale Ramsey, Lola Reeves, Patricia Richenberger. Leo Schakel, William Scott. Norma Jean Seri. Donald Showers, Donald Sonke. Patricia Stone. Deanna Tibbett. Larry Timmons, David VanDermyden. Viola Van- delVlag. Fred Van Wallinga. Rex Waggoner. Garry Williams. Marjorie Wilson, Edith Woolen, Quin- cy Young, John Yzurdiaga, John Zartman. Richard Gird intermediate school promotion exercises were held at the high school Memorial Field at 10 a.m. Ned Morgan, president of the school safety committee led the pledge of allegiance, and was followed by the elementary band and orchestra, directed by Miss Mary Reiss and Dean J. Bruington in a group of selections. Songs That Built America, given by the sixth grade rooms, were Songs of the Indians by Mrs. Elisabeth Shugart's class, Songs of the Mountains by Ralph Mendoza's class, Songs of the Negro by Miss Betty Brown's room, and Songs of the Westward Movement by Dallas Fox's room. Mrs. Doris Dickson, principal of Gird Intermediate school, presented the class, and Gerald Litel, vice principal of the junior- senior high school accepted the class. This was followed by the presentation of certificates of promotion by Earl Newman, member of the board of education. Ronald Afdal, Ben Alvarez, Judy Anderson, John Arganda, Martin Arroyo, Trinidad Ayala, Gilbert Beltran. Marilyn Bickmore, Marjorie Biery, Stephen Black, Richard Blain, Daniel Bov,-:-sberger, Diana Bretzke, Me- Undu Brown. Linda Faye Bruington. Gary Burrell, Alfred Busk, Ernest Caldera, Carol Calhoun, Gerell Campbell. David Carls. Carolyn Carter. Marcia Cattle, Phillip Chacon. Rudolph Chacon, Shirley Chilibolost, Fredrick Cicero, Preston Cooper, Dianne Corkhill. Donald Crews, Stanley Cross, Grace Dan, William Davis. Jacqueline Dees. Carlos Delgado. Gerald Delzell, Richard Dimit. Philip DuBoise. Lynn Dudley, Gloria Durham. John Eastes. Donald Elrod, Jerry Ewart, Eva Garcia, Raymond Garcia. Delores Garrison.Raul Gil. Robert Gingg, Connie Gonzales. Daniel Gonzales, Rebecca Gonzales. Valentine Gonzales, Florence Gresham, Henry Griffin, Ismael Guaracha, Anita Hamilton. Edward Harding, Janet Harper. Gerald Heaton. Victoria Held- rcich. Molly Hernandez, Raymond Herrera, Jimmie Herron, Kenneth Huscher. John Huston, Tony Huston. .To Anne Johnston. Andrew Kendall. Esther Kerr, James Kimble. Kenneth Kliewer. Gary Kroeker. Roger LaHorgue, Josephine Lara. William Latta, Claranne Lewis. Gail Lindhorst. Terry Liskey. Honry Martinez. Manuel Martinez. Gerald Massey. Helen McNall. Tommy Melz. Richard Min^i; Frank Mize, Marcella Moore. Edwin Morgan, Lilly Nakamoto. Jacquelln Ne- Best Wishes Class of 1952 Chino High School Your diploma is one of your most valued possessjons . . . the key to your future success in whatever work you may do. ENGUND'S APPUANCE SALES AND SERVICE 339 So. 6th St. - Chino - LY 8-1345 Servel Refrigerators - Wedgewood Ranges SUCCESS TO ALL IS our wish for the members of the Class of 1952. Chino Rotsiry Club cochea, Fredrick Newman, Patricia Nickels, Kathleen Nies, Leland Noble, Michael Nyberg, Julia Olivas. Margarita Orosco, John Partida. Ralph Partida, Richard Partida, Joan Pattison, Edith Pinkney, Anita Ponder, Martha Jo Porter, Judy Ann Price, Johnny Ramirez, Edward Rein, Mike Resendez, Carol Robinson, Josephine Rodriguez, Adrlene Rogers, Edna May Rubalcaba, Lucille Rubalcaba, John Ruiz, Dennis Schmidt, Jean Seeburger, Patricia Sharp, Lenore Snidei; Jimmy Snyder, Soledad Soltero, Mary Jane Stark, Gerald Steward, Carl Strona, Alex Tapia, Margaret Tezber, Lloyd Thomas, Charles Tygard, Gilbert Venegas, Aurello Vicario, Joe Vicario, John Vicario, Donna Wampler, Ned Wangler, Regina Westphal, Eugene White, Lela May Willmon, Jerry Lee Wolfinbarger, Sharon Wright, Anita Zimmerman. RECENT ARRIVALS Mr. and Mrs. Nick Monico Flores, 601 E. Walnut, a son, Stephen, weight 8 pounds and 4 ounces, born June 4 at Pomona Valley Community hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Jess Fernandez. 370 Second street, a daughter, Violetta Rosario. weight 8 pounds and 1 ounce, born June 1 at Pomona Valley Community hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Carapla, 354 First street, a son, Frank Abel, weight 8 pounds and 7H ounces, born May 28 at Ontario Community hospital. Mr. and Mrs. John Williams Hunter, Rt. 1 box 281-A. a daughter, Linda Sue, weight 6 pounds, 51^ ounces, born May 22 at Park Avenue hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Louis Kiefer, 364 13th street, a son, Kenneth Lee. weight 5 pounds. 12 ounces, born June 4 at Pomona Valley Community hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Leroy Rueff. 333 13th street, a son. Christopher Lynn, weight 7 lbs., 6 ounces, born June 9 at Pomona Valley Community hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Dionisio Orosco Espinoza, 204 Third street, a son, j Raul Dionisio. weight 9 pounds, 8 ounces, born June 9 at Pomona I Valley Community hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Saunders. Apt. 34. Cal-Aero. a daughter. Pamela Gail, weight 7 pounds. 8'-J ounces, born June 8 at San Antonio Community hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Pete Borba, Jr., E. Ely street, a son. weight 7 pounds. 7 ounces, born June 10 at San Antonio Community hospital. - -••-^'•••T-"tft^"-- tlH jH^ifc^ Bids On Prison's Irrigation System Called June 17 Bids will be opened in Sacramento on June 17 for the irrigation system for the new California Institution for Women, nearing completion southeast of Chino. according to Frank B. Durkee, state director of public works. National Production Authority has authorized the construction schedule and material allotments have been received for the extension of water mains and installation of branch lines to complete a water system, Durkee anounced that plans and specifications may be seen in Room 405. State building. Los Angeles, or obtained from the division of architecture, 120 N street, Sacramento, and that the department of public works and division of architecture are interested in receiving bids from qualified contractors in the San Bornardino county area. Tobe Holcomb Visits In Chin6 This Week Tobe Holcomb paid the Champion office a visit this week while in Chino for the first lime since he and his wife moved to Alameda, twelve years ago. They are staying at the home of his stepmother. Mrs. Mary Holcomb, 842 Riverside/ drive. Holcomb's father, the late George W. Holcomb. came to Chino many years ago and dur- ORDINANCE NO. 255 AN ORDINANCE CREATING A PUBLICITY AND ADVERTISING FUND AND AUTHORIZING AP- rROPRIATIONS THEREFOR AND THEREFROM. The City Council of the City of Chino does ordain as follows: SECTION 1. There is hereby created a Publicity and Advertising Fund. SECTION 2. Moneys in the Publicity and Advertising Fund may be appropriated and expended, by motion or resolution of the City Council, for the following purposes: to publicize and advertise the advantages of the City of Chino as a cultural, business, industrial, residential and agricultural center, and to disseminate Information relative thereto through distribution of literature, and by corespondence, newspaper publicity, and otherwise, and to participate in, sponsor, promote and invite trade and business meetings, celebrations and conventions, whereby outside interests and individuals may become acquainted with the advantages and opportunities of living and working in said City, and otherwise to publicize the advantages of the City of Chino, in such manner as shall seem appropriate to the City Council. SECTION 3. The balance in the Publicity and Advertising Fund at the end of any fiscal year i shall be part of the General \ Fund, and all or any portion of I the balance in the Publicity and Advertising Fund may at any time be utilized for any other purpose than publicity, advertising and promotion, by motion or resolution of the City Council. SECTION 4.The sum of $500.00 is hereby appropriated for the Publicity and Advertising Fund for the fiscal year 1951-52. SECTION 5. The City Clerk shall certify to the passage aud adoption of this ordinance and shall cause the same to be pub- ished once in the Chino Champion, a newspaper of general circulation printed and published in said city. Approved this 4th day of June, 1952. HOWARD M. COMSTOCK, Mayor of the City of Chino. Attest: G. C. Seitel, City Clerk.. Oregon Smith. City Attorney. I. G. C. Seitel. City Clerk of the City of Chino. do hereby certify that the foregoing ordinancn of the City of Chino. was duly i adopted by said City Council at a regular meeting held on tho 4th day of June. 1952. by the • following vote, to-wit; AYES: Counciimen Brown, i Heinauer, Morales. Anderson. Comstock. NOES: Counciimen. None. ABSENT: Counciimen. None.: G. C. SEITEL. I Citv Clerk, i 6'13.1 I No. 22483 NOTICE TO CREDrrORS j In tho Matter of the Estate of William Carlton Miller, also known as William C. Miller, and sometimes known as W. C. Miller. Deceased. NOTICE Is hereby given hv the undersigned Harold Randall Miller as the executor of the last will and testament of William Carlton Miller, also known as William C. Miller, and sometimes known as W. C Miller, deceased, to the creditors of and all persons having claims against the said deceased, to Ing his lifetime hold several public offices, including the positions of city clerk and chief of police. He was also the owner of thr Miller building at the corner of Sixth and D streets. Tobe Holcomb himself was the first football coach at Ihe high school here, and recalls that when he took over the job none of the boys on the team had ever seen a football game. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Holder moved last week from N. Central Ave. to S. Fifth St. Mrs. Holder is the daughter of the Everett Williams. t.p.OMM-.'*'^*^ V THIS SEAL/o^/^f guarantee of... SAFE, PROMPT, IMPARTIAL ESCROW SERVICE ^ttuk oT America NATIONAL I5^*,Vcs ASSOCIATION MiHira riDrtii DI*OIIT -NI ••nil CIIMUTIM present them, with the necessary vouchers, within six months after the first publication of this notice, to said executor at the office of William J. Curry, attoi- ney at law, 639 D Street, Chino, California, which said office the undersigned selects as a place of business in all matters connected with said estate, or to file them with the necessary vouchers, within six months after the first publication of this notice, in the office of the Clerk of the Superior Court of the State of California, in and for the County of San Bernardino. Dated June 7th, 1952. HAROLD RANDALL MILLER, As executor of the estate of William Carlton Miller, Deceased. William J. Curry, Attorney for said executor. 6|13,20,27;7-4 Chino Champion Friday, June 13. 1952 NOTICE OF LIEN SALE OF "VIKATE" Notice is hereby given that on Thursday, June 26, 1952, at 2:00 P.M., at the C. B. Hixon ranch, situated on the south side of Carbon Canyon Road between Pipeline and Ramona Avenues, in Chino Township, San Bernardino County, California, the undersigned will sell at public auction "Vikate," a three year old bay filly. Said auction and sale will be made in accordance with Sections 3051 and 3052 of the California Civil Code for the purpose of satisfying the lien of the undersigned on said horse for boarding and other services rendered said horse. Dated: June 13. 1952. C. B. HIXON. E. Spurgeon Rothrock Attorney at Law First National Bank Building Corona, California. 6!13 60552 NOTICE OF INTENTION TO SELL NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN pursuant to the provisions ol Section 3440 of the Civil Code of the State ol California, that Charles R. Cook and Robert H. Easley, partners. Vendors, doing business as, Charles R. Cook, of 220 Northwest Vernon Street, Chino, California, intends to sell to Dale Pulver Equipment Co., a Minn. Corp., Vendee, of 421 South Central Ave., Chino, California, all that certain personal property consisting generally of all stock in trade, fixtures, equipment and good will, a list of which is on file at the escrow department of the Bank of America. NT&SA, Pomona Branch, Pomona, California, of a certain Farm Machinery and Equipment Agency business known as Charles R. Cook in the City of Chino and located at 421 S. Central Avenue, Chino. California, and that the purchase price thereof will be paid at 2 o'clock P.M. on the 24th day of June, 1952 at Escrow department. Po mona Branch Bank of America. NT&SA. in the City of Pomona. County of Los Angeles, State of California. Dated June 6. 1952. CHARLES R. COOK, ROBERT H. EASLEY, Vendors, and-or DALE PULVER EQUIPMENT CO. a Minn. Corp. By: D. D. Pulver. Pres. Treas. Bank of America NT&SA P6mona Branch 210 Pomona, California 613,LANSB,1 CERTIFICATE OF BUSINESS Fictitious Name THE UNDERSIGNED does hereby certify that he is conducting a wholesale and retail ice cream and ice cream products business and restaurant at 901 East Riverside Drive in the City of Chino, County of San Bernardino, State of California, under the fictitious firm name of OZZIE'S FREEZE and that said firm is composed of the following person, whose name and address is as follows: to-wit: Name Residence Address Oscar Gagner, 626 Washington Street. Chino, Calif. WITNESS my hand this 16th day of May, 1952. OSCAR J. GAGNER. STATE OF CALIFORNIA ) ) ss County of San Bernardino ) On this 16th day of May, In the year nineteen hundred and Fifty-two, before me, CHARLES D. WARNER, a Notary Public in and for said County, residing therein, duly commissioned and sworn, personally appeared OSCAR GAGNER known to me to be the person whose name is subscribed to the within instrument and acknowledged to me that he executed fhe same. Witness my hand and official seal. CHARLES D. WARNER, Notary Public in and for said Countv and State. 5|23,Oz4 BUSINESS & SERVICE DIREaORY CHARLES D. WARNER Attorney at Law 328 Sixth St Phone 8-2533 Towning & Barnes DUTCH BOT PAINTS WINDOW SHADES VENETIAN BLINDS UNOLEUM . ASPHALT TILE ONE DAY SERVICE ON WINDOW SHADES 354 6th st LY 8-1882 CHINO CHAMPION AND CHINO VALLEY SHOPPER CXJISSIFIEDS GET RESULTS BIDS WANTED The Board of Education of the Chlno Unified School District Is calling for bids on the following items: Athletic Supplies, Maintenance Supplies, Shop Supplies, and Tires. Specifications and Bid Forms may be secured in the district office at Sixth and Riverside Drive, Chino, California. Bids will be received up to 4 P.M., June 24, 1952. The Board of Education reserves the right to accept or reject any part of or all bids and to be final Judge of quality. (Signed) EARL A. NEWMAN, Clerk Board of Education. 6|6,2CUSD G. E. SCHUCHARD. DJ>.S. DENTIST 702 RIVERSIDE DRIVE OFFICE HOURS 9:00 am. to 5:30 pm. Mon., Tues., Thura, Friday 9:00 - 12:00 Wed. & Sat PHONE LY 8-1134 ROBLEY C REHER Attorney at Law 395 Sixth St Phone 8-1840 If No Answer Dial 9-2587 LA CrrA CAFE Authentic Mexlccm Food American Cooking PHONE LY 8-2466 369 6th St. Chlno WAGNER ELECTRIC ALL TYPES WIRING 354 6th Street LY 8-1802 741 D st B and T Plumbing and Electrical Plumbing Supplies and Electrical Fixtures and AppMoncee Dial 8-1979 Chino CaUf. GENERAL CONTRACTOR AND BUILDER New Homes a Specialty — Free Estimates — Remodeling THOMAS CONSTRUCTION CO. Euclid So. of Edison CHINO LTC. 8-2853 CHINO RADIO and TELEVISION GUARANTEED SERVICE 413 So. 6th —Member R.T.A.— David A. Laycox LY 8-2874 For Concessions and Display Space at CHINO AMERICAN LEGION FOURTH OF JULY CELEBRATION CONTACT ROY GRIFFITH LYcoming 8-2329 WE HAVE THEM - The Genuine Thorogood HORSEHIDE WORK SHOES FOR DAIRYMEN AND FARMERS CHINO SHOE SERVICE Specializing in Fine Shoe Repairing 612 D Street Across from the Bank MOTOROLA TELEVISION NOW — LOWEST PRICES FOR QUALITY TV THE "ONE-PRICE" TELEVISION No Extra Charges for Excise Tax or Parts Warranty CHINO RADIO & TV SERVICE DAVID A. LAYCOX 413 SO. SIXTH ST. MEMBER RTA LY 8-2874 WRIGHT BROTHERS & RICE FURNITURE HARDWARE PAINTS CARPETS GAS RANGES • LINOLEUM Use Our Friendly Terms WRIGHT BROS & RICE 252 So. Main, Pomona Phone 2-1015 First Church of Christ, Scientist Sunday, June I 5 "GOD, PRESERVER OF MAN** ONTARIO 636 No. Eucltd Avenue Reading Room 628 Na Euclid Avenue Sunday Service 14:00 a.m. Sunday School - 9:30 a.m. Wednesday 8:00 p.m. POMONA 599 No. Main Street Reading Room 126 W. ^urth street Sunday Services 11:00 a.m., 8:00 p.m. Sunday School • 9:30 a.m. 11:00 a.m. Wednesday - 8:00 p.m ALL ARE WELCOME WILLIAM ;. CURRT Attorney at Law 639 D Street CHINO, CALIFORNIA LYcoming 8-1429 DR. HARRY SASAU Chiropractor 724 D Street Otfice Ph. 8-1930 Res. 2-3156 Hours: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. 9 a.m. to 12 m.» Saturdays DR. HARRY E. TUCKER Osteopathic Physician and Surgeon 706 Riverside Drive, Chlno Phone 8-3027 OFFICE HOURS: 10-5, 7-9 24 Hours Emergency Serrice LY 2-6417 LY 2-1086 PHILLIP R. KOPPEL, D.O. Physician & Surgeon 24-HOUR SERVICE 1293 N. Towne Ave., Pomona Keys Made — Locksmithing Sow Filing Lawnmower Sharpening DUFrS PAINT AND BICYCLE STORE 731 D St LY 8-2545 Your Discards Pay Wages to Handicapped People at Goodwill Industries Telephone 8-2208 Home of Mrs. Jde Clarke DRS. BRENNAN & LASKEY Veterinarians 361 6th St - Chino Office Hours: 8:00 to 5:30 Office Phone 8-1137 LODGES CHINO OPTIMIST CLUB Every Mon. Nighl 7:30 - K. P. HaU 7th and D LY 8-3158 Don Maxwell, President o Chlno Unit No. 299 AMERICAN LEGION AUX 2nd. 4th Mondays at 8:00 p.m. Community Bldg. Mothers, Wives, Daughters & Sisters of war 1-2 veterans Elaine Nunamaker - President Marjory Snyder - Secretary CHINO VALLEY LODGE, NO. 427 F. & A. M. Stated meetings first Monday evening of esch month. All brothers cordially invited. rred Wanzenried, W. M. W. C. Walker, Secretary CHINO LODGE, No. 177 K. of P. MeeU at K. of P. Hall on Thursday evening of each week at 8 o'clock. Visking Knights cordially invited to attend. V. L. Keller, C. C. James P. Sanders, Sec. 262 10th St. CHINO POST NO. 299 Meets second and Fourth Mondays each month. AH veterans of World Wars invited to attend. Joe Guisasola, Com. Alva M. Smith,, Adj. CHINO VALLEY JUNIOR ODD FELLOWS NO. 69 Meets every Xuesday evening 7:30, at Odd Fellows HaU. Chief Ruler—Charles Boyer Depu^ Ruler—Fred Baitlett Recorder—Richard Boyer Acct TYeas.—Richard Holcomb CHINO LODGE. 373, I.O.O.F. Meets In Odd Fel- ;iows' HaH every Wednesday evening. Sojourning brothers cordially Invited to attend. George Cattle, Noble Grand William H. GlDson, Rec. Sec. Scott ScKroyer, Fin. Sec. il>. .11 JBI.AIW^^.'I. iH.-i"a- itt^^m^^f >j. .*. ««4L^ .-• ..>-;.- .^.-- *»:••• -..-^.^ «•!* 'I't^'lifK^i*l<

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