The Eugene Guard from Eugene, Oregon on March 28, 1939 · Page 1
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The Eugene Guard from Eugene, Oregon · Page 1

Eugene, Oregon
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Tuesday, March 28, 1939
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feather: Fair m. . . Home Edition LANE COUNTY'S HOME NEWSPAPER TODAY'S NEWS TODAY EUGENE, OREGON, TUESDAY, MARCH 28, 1939 ON STREETS 3c; NEWS STANDS 5c NO. 87 all of Madrid Brings End of Spanish War Jighty Oregons Scramble Ohio State,5 Fails in Mixempi For Divorce fo Take Hoop Title of All America Webfoofs Win Easily Over LOS ANGELES, March 28. P Joan Crawford (ailed today to obtain her divorce from Franchot Tone by "remote control" when Superior Judge Benjamin Scheiu-man refused to consider the action with the actress' deposition as testimony. The court said: "It is against the policy of this court to consider a divorce action unless the plaintiff is present." The hearing was continued until April 18. BfBIlE Eugene was being shaken with wild cheers of celebrating Oregon's American basketball champion m h;;!;;.--, stents, grounding ''." bell, I, show'n in the ton nlcture taken by George Godfrey. Below, an Associated Pres? ,vire .plain Bobby Anet. right, accepting the award from .lonn u. unmus, . x... state s captain. James Hull, center, with the consolation award. Town and Campus Fo lk Mill in Wild Rally Monday Night in Spontaneous Celebration Of Winning Basketball Title of America wntown Eugene sounded one gigantic auto horn grounds Monday night VNianda of exhuberant c'" V 'ndrnt:: tnr.1- tVif fc,,."Ke Hitler took Czecho- , .,... ineir basketball "pleated Ohio State to be- n.-itional champions of aple court for 1939. '.own Willamette . r ' - nd on foot, the rallied up and down stormed into thea-en roared back to the lery they danced in cleefully commands and joyfully "en-two policemen. '"''Ice of University ""int""' Dr,nald Erb. sleepy tW(vt'If !roP'ng their way e wl Tue?day after much 91 2' "nlida.v" follow-7 mad rally. But Dr. Erb won plaudits for this announcement: "Let's wait until Friday for our holiday." A city of some 23.000 will join the students in extending a riotous welcome to the champions when they arrive home Friday. Whereas Monday night's fanfare was spontaneous. Friday's will be planned in all details. The city council even paed a special resolution last night in congragulating the team. earn. , Dr Erb's telegram to Coacn Hobson read: "Congratulations to you and the boys from 3000 University students, a million Oregonians and me." The Emerald, student daily, m it's morning edition, bannered the word "Oregon" in four-inch type, then ran pictures of the team, followed by two more banners, "National Champs" and "Wandering Webfoots Whip Ohio State." The headlines and pictures cut 14 inches into the depth of page one. Gathering In cars, the students jammed downtown thoroughfares after the game, choking Willamette street so that the traffic signals were shut off In the face of an insurmountable problem of regulation. Commandeering a truck at Tenth and Willamette, an impromptu rally was held with Mrs. Howard Hobson. wife of the national champions' coach, as the honor guest. Galloping down to the Heilig theatre, the doors were thrown open to the cheering students who placed SEE RALLY STORY PAGE 2 Triumphs of University's Greatest Athletic Team Traced To Final Victory By DICK STRITE Eugene was recovering from a whooping hoop hang over Tuesday following Monday night's victory - crazed spree precipitated bv the 46- liii victory the University of Oregon's Webfoots scored over the Ohio State Buckeyes in Evanston, 111., earlier in the evening. The triumph for "Young Howard Hobson's veteran Oregons focused the nation's sportlight on Eugene the home of the first national collegiate basketball champions. Ohio State Outclassed According tn reports from the mid-west S.000 basketball fans, including 400 delegates to the National Basketball Coaches' association meeting, saw the giant Oregonians completely outclass the champions of the Big Ten and eastern regional N. C. A. A. titlists. Monday night's triumph climaxed the greatest season in Oregon basketball history. The conquest opened early in November when Hobson called his charges together for preliminary preparation for a 7,000-mile barnstorming trip featured by Oregon's first appearance in Madison Square Garden, rortland First The competitive season opened on November 29 with a 51-24 vie tory over the University of Port. land. Three other victories were scored before the Oregons entrained for the east where in New York they suffered their first of five setbacks for the 34-game season against City College of New York Oregon scored six triumphs in SEE OREGON STORY PAGE 2 Canned Corn, Beans Attracting Recipes By MARIAN LOWRY "Recipes Using Canned Corn and Green Beans" is the topic for the "recipes of the week contest which closes Wednesday. A typo graphical error in Monday's paper said recipes for "canning corn and beans, but the topic should be ideas for using the canned arti cles. All entries must reach the Reg liter-Guard office by 6 p. m., Wed nesday. The usual five prizes are being awarded, an one-dollar cer tificate, good in trade at any of the grocery stores advertising in the Register-Guard, to be given each of the winners of the best five recipes. When spring comes, as it undoubtedly has, it is hard to visualize canned food still on the menu, but it is, because it will be a long lime before corn and beans come to the table fresh from the garden. So canned corns and green beans will be used for some time yet and all cooks will appreciate variations on how to serve them. Miss Ann Chancy from the Eugene water board staff again will judge the recipe winners. Followers of the recipe department are urged to keep special watch for Friday's paper announcing something very unusual for the contest. Oregon Fans Prepare For Team Welcoming The city of Eugene will be turned over to Oregon's national championship basketball team lock, stock and barrel when the boys arrive here on the 11:55 a. m. train Friday, March 31, it was announced Tuesday as plans for their welcome were whipped into shape by the junior chamber of commerce, STUDENTS TO CONTROL Though no real damage of any kind resulted from Monday night's spontaneous celebration of the Oregon championship, Virgil Earl, dean of men, met with student leaders Tuesday and plans were made to keep Friday's big homecoming rejoicing within bounds. Pranks are to be confined to such as will not endanger life or property. Student opinion is to be used to do what police couldn't do. "No incident to mar the victory" is the slogan. senior chamber, Quarterback club, University and student leaders. The team will be met at the Southern Pacific depot by cheering citizens of Lane county gath ered here to pay homage to the great team which defeated Ohio State Monday night. Three Bands With three bands, the University band, I. O. O. F. municipal band and the Eugene high school band, studenLs and citizens will rally along Willamette street to Kiev enth, east on Eleventh lo High, south on High to Thirteenth and oast on Thirteenth to Kincaid where the university students will "take over," according to Ralph Newman, chairman of the junior chamber committee arranging details of the event. It is planned to have the team ride in open cars so that everyone may see them, Chairman Newman said. Roy Morse, chairman of the merchants' division of the chamber, SEE FANS STORY PAOE 2 President Approves Plan For Warcraft WASHINGTON. March 28. (UP) President Roosevelt has approv ed navy plans for construction of 45.000 ton battleships, the White House revealed today. White House Secretary Stephen T. Early would not state how many 45,000-ton dreadnaughts were proposed for construction. However, it was believed that two have been approved by the president and that funds for them would be sought from this congress. The navy now ha? six 35, 000-ton battleships under construction. The president's approval was given orally to Admiral William D. Leahy, chief of naval operations. It was based on information that foreign powers were laying down war vessels In excess of 35,000 tons. Fascist Franco Follows Italian Troops Into City Of Hungry, Weary Civilians i City's Conquest Ends Without Serious Clash TAKEN from Germany after the World War, the Free City of Danzig, part of which Is shown in this airplane photograph, may be next in line of Nazi expansion. Its parliament Is Nazi-dnmlnated. Legion's Home Show Draws Throngs on Opening Night Home-minded residents of Lane county crowded the Eugene armory Monday night to view small model homes, the latest, word in air-conditioning, new interior and exterior finishes and materials and ultra-modern home furnishings as the American Legion Trade Exposition started its three- night stand. Entire Student Body, All 5 Of 'Em, Will Trek 'Way Off To Portland LINSLAW, March 28 (Special) The entire student body of Linslaw high school, consisting of four boys and one girl, will leave Friday morning with Principal E. V. Lincoln for an educational and sightseeing trip to Portland. They will return Sunday. They expect to visit the plant of the Oregon-ian, the airport, and a radio studio while in Portland, and will see points of Interest en route. Students mailing Oic trip arc Holford Bnd Jack Jackson. Richard and Deane Clarkson, and Maxine Sutton. Horace Robinson Announces New Star Horace Robinson, director, actor, designer, technician of the University theatre and the Oregon Trail Pageant announces a new star Douglas John Robinson, weight 8 pounds and two ounces. The new star has a remarkable voice and stage presence but his diction is still "rotten," says Director Robinson who is always brutally frank with the cast. Mrs. Robinson who Is co-starred with the prodigy at Sacred Heart general hospital, is doing very nicely. OKAY PORTLAND, March 28. iP) A declaration by Secretary Harold L. Ickes that J. D. Ross' successor in the Bonneville administration would follow out Ross' program, brought a telegram of approval yesterday from directors of 25 Washington public utility districts. City Council Warns Prospective Builders WHAT THE COUNCIL IH WARNED: That no leniency can be expected by property owners who build or alter structures without obtaining permission. PROPOSED: To draft a new system for collection of licenses and fees. ORDERED: That all efforts be united to extend a welcome Friday to the members of the Oregon basketball team, now U. S. champions. APPOINTED: One new fireman and new secretary for the recorder's staff. Notice was served Monday night by the city council that no leniency can henceforth be expected by property owners who build or Improve structures without securing the necessary building permits from the city building inspector. Neglect of property owners to obtain these permits is in violation of the city building ordinance which specifies that erection or improvement of buildings within the city limits ran only be done after the city building inspector investigates the nature of the Job and issues a permit for it. Several of these building code violations have come to the council's attention and upon the mayor's recommendation the council decided to clamp down on the offenders. A proposal was put before the SKK COUNCIL STORY PAGE 2 Chamber Luncheon Friday Postponed There will be no chamber of commerce public affairs luncheon Friday noon, It was announced Tuesday by Dr. A. T. Oberg, chamber president. The chamber will Join others In paying tribute to the Oregon championship basketball team when it arrives here Friday, Roy E. Morse, chairman of the merchants' division of the chamber. Tuesday urged all store owners who have flags and other decorations to put them out Friday In honor of the team. Tuesday evening the Eugene Gleemen will sing at 0 o'clock as a feature of the entertainment program. The I. O. O. F. municl pal band will play before the showing of the motion pictures which will start at 8 o'clock. Miniature Reservoir A scale model of the College Hill reservoir, constructed by students at the Eugene Vocational school, was displayed in the booth maintained by the Eugene water board. The model II about five feet long and four feet wide and shows the various features of con struction of the project. A group oi model houses, dls played by the chamber of com-nierce, indicates the modern trend in low-cost homes today. New refrigerators, ranges, and other kitchen equipment together with the latest developments in paints, interior and exterior fin Ishing material gives prospective home owners all the information needed in planning a home to day. Motion pictures including the local "romance" film starring Virginia Mikulak and Kenneth Griffith In which the Eugene couple visit Eugene establish menls in the proress of building a home, a picture of the governor's inaugural ball at Salem, a film of ihe American legion parade in Los Angeles and a picture editorial entitled, "Let's Go, America." which depicts the growth of this country through inventions Entire Nation Rejoices As Peace Returns After Nearly 3 Years of Strife By EDMUND E. ALLEN MADRID, March 28. (UP) Republicans surrendered the beleaguered city of Ma drid unconditionally today and victorious Nationalist troops under Gen. Francisco Franco occupied the city with Italian soldiers leading the van. Gen. Franco was in personal command of the 200,000 troops which occupied the fallen city. The white flag of surrender and the red and gold banner of the Nationalists fluttered from the tallest buildings and appeared in windows everywhere. Million Dead The civil war, which cost approximately 1.000,000 dead, untold agony to the population, and destruction which will take generations to repair, was over after two years, eight months and 11 days. The republican resistance was collapsing everywhere simultaneously with the surrender of the capital. On the Toledo front, the Nationalists entered Aranjuez, taking 5,-000 prisoners. The Nationalists also made headlong advance on the Cordobs front, capturing town after town. The Republican demoralization appeared complete. Madrid was captured without the firing of a shot. The population, half-starved and weary of incessant bombardment by air bombs and artillery through many dreadful months, rejoiced that peace had come. Bread Cheap Nationalist trucks piled high with bread moved into the city to feed the famished people. Gen. Segismundo Casado, mili- SEE MADRID STORY PAGE 2 from the pioneer present time. days to the Igor Gorin Arrives On University Campus Igor Gorin, the handsome young Russian baritone who will appear as soloist with Ihe University of Oregon symphony orchestra Wednesday evening at McArthur court, enjoyed his first visit to Eugene Monday. Gorin arrived here from Hollywood to spend a busy day looking over the university campus and making final arrangements for his appearance with Rex Underwood, director of the symphony orchestra. Wednesday nights concert will be the final event on the Associated Students' "Greater Artist" series this year. Reserved seat tickets are available at McArthur cuurt and Washburne's. Pomona Power Group To Meet Thursday The Lane Pomona grange power committee has been called into meeting Thursday at 8 p. m. at the fairgrounds, announces Allen Wheeler, chairman. At this time the group will consider what steps to take next in the set-up of the power district organized by the grange and approved by the state hydroelectric commission. The power committee was empowered at the last Pomona meeting to go ahead without waiting for the next Pomona session, which comes In April, but action was held up until the close of the legislature to await what action might be taken there on power issues. On the Pomona power committee with Mr. Wheeler are Lennie Haldorson, Fred Knox, Miles Wicks, Raymond Johnson, Raymond Wicks, Ray Bower, W. H. McRoth. Mrs. Julia Haldorson, and Elmo B, Chase. Weather News Heavy frost again covered the Eugene area early Tuesday morning when the thermometer dropped still below the Monday mark, registering 28.8 degrees. The official 24-hour minimum for the day, however, Is 30.8 degrees, the 28.8 coming after the reading hour, 4:30 a. m. The forecast follows: OREGON: Fair tonight and Wednesday; local ground fogs west portion in morning: little change in temperature: gentle to moderate north wind off the coast. AIRPORT BUREAU RECORD: Minimum temperature, Tuesday, 30.8 degrees: maximum temperature, Monday, 50.1 degrees; windi at late morning, Tuesday, west. RIVER BUREAU RECORD: Stage of Willamette river in Eugene at 7 a. m., Tuesdav, 2.9 feet, SIUSLAW TIDES U,rh A:3l . m R05 - m tow 13:28 a. m. 1:40 D. m.

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