Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 17, 1947 · Page 13
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 13

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, December 17, 1947
Page 13
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^^^^T^^^^^^TTTrTfyfvs'-i;'!:^„»«,.,'„•'-, t, j "-r4r\ '- "'* ,*• v ",' ' Wednesday, December 17, 1947 HOPS STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Wedrietday, December 17, 1947 loiM LASSIFIED , Adi Mutt B* In Office Day Before Publication * ,0«* ThreeJM« «•• ' 'DM* DtyiDayj Month • i»30 i.oo i.oo ' 1.50 J.SO 7.60 1.80' 8.00 9.00 •„ 1.10 1.50 10.50 - 2.40' 4.00 13.00 2.70, 4.5C 13.50 .-,. 8.00 6.00 15.00 Are 1 , for Continuous Iftttittioni Only . Int Ads Casn in Advance Over th» Pbone <f Wonted to Buy For Sale $1200 BUYS EQUIPMENT FOR your own business. No merchandise. Outside work. Clear $3,000 by May. Write A. Frank Jackson, Ash ville, North Carolina. 11-Ot $35 GETS NEW FLOOR FURNACE complete. 4th house east of Jones Garage off end of South Main Street. H. B. Morolock. 15-3t ; WAJWED TO BUY A GOOD USED ^,?$lik*up, one half ton tiurk V'^McBad Hardware Company, 16-31 Notice § BUY USED FUKNITURB, '{v L One piece or carload. City Fuinl- ture Co, Phone 61. 226 East 3rd. • ., 17-tt T CHRISTMAS GIFT ,„. fyyiriftgazlnes .now. Special rates. *'*-'- x * Chas. Reynerson, Phone 28, City 23-lm &j »«. Wonted MECHANIC SHOP, NEW BUILD ing. concrete floor. Some tools and' lot. Good-' business, Bodcaw Ark. See Edward Allen, Route 2 Hope, Ark. 15-Gl TWO YEAR' OLD MALE ENG llsh setter. Ready for field. New Pentecost. Phone 215 : W. 10-3 SHETLAND 'PONY, 5 YEARS old. Real gentle for children Saddle and bridle; Dclton 1-Ious ton, Phone 231-W. 10-3 GENUINE BROWN FOX FUR Jiock piece. Priced reasonable ^all 983-W after G p.m. 16-3 WHO and type CAN well. g^t fake dictation and type well. & s « V Aptily in person. Branch Hospital.- W-f ^ it-* 1 R If $L/ fr ^1 ...f.f * . ... .' ,.. \ Lost 181 ..GAUGE BOLT ACTION '•Repeater shotgun lost- on Rocky Mound road. Sunday evening. Foi* l< reward call 659-W or see Bob t, Ponder, 1012 Foster Avenue V* « ' 17-lt PRACTICALLY NEW 48 BASE Lombard! Accordlan, in excellcri condition at Vi price. Ideal Furni ture Store 17-3 GOOD CLEAN 1941 FORD, SUPER Deluxe tudor sedan. Reasonabl priced. Gradie,Clark, Rt, 3, Hone Ark. 17 UCLA Honors Robinson of the Dodgers For Rent 3'SkOOMS FURNISHED FOR 17-tf Schooley, Phone 38-F-ll TWO 'OR FOUR UNFURNISHED , rooms, Phone 868 or 772. W. E Brunei-, l7-3t Token Up WHITE MULE, WEIGHS 1200 ft i pounds. One red horse, weighs 1000 pounds. Owner pay for ad and damage. See P. D. Oiler, Phone ^Z-P-Z, Columbus highway. 15-Ct NOTICE We Buy All Kinds ot FUK •- 4 See J. C. Porterfield & Williams ;,, 5 at McDdvitt's Office i on Cotton Row. |*,8EE US BEFORE YOU SELL Los Angeles, Dec: 17—(/P)—Base Fair Enough By Westbrook Pcgler Copyright, 1947 By King Features Syndicate. Washington, Dec. 1G — The Holywood Communists and those glamorour; ignoramuses who went nto that second-act climax on their behalf can not be blamed for underestimating the powers of a committee of Congress to rebuke contempt for the congressional authority. It has been our custom and our mental habit for so long to ridicule Congress that actually the members themselves of the Thomas committee on un-American activities were not sure of their rights and powers. But they arc sure now. Their lawyers looked things up and they are on safe ground. The people of the United Slates really have unlimited power. Some essayists thinks the constitution limits the power o£ the pople but they are wrong. The people limit the powers of the constitution. They made it. They can widen or warp it, as they please. '• At present we deny ourselves the protection of law providing punishment, even up to the death penalty, for membership in the Com munist party or collaboration with Communists by non-Communists toward the destruction, of our government by force. There is a superstition that because thus :far we have passed no sucli law, we cant. That is just a superstition. Congress could fix it up tomor- v n w' that as of a certain date all persons convicted of such membership or such collaboration should be shot against some designated wall, And if there was anything in the conslitutinn to interfere with Wallace-May Be Nominated byPAC New York, Dec. 17. — (#) —A movement to nominate former vice president Henry A. Wallace for president on an independent ticket in the 1948 election was formally launched today by thn progressive Citizens of America and echoed in Chicago by Illinois leaders of the progressive party. There were storong indications, however, the third party movement might result in a wide split in "liberal" forces. Wallace was not available for comment on the situation. Dr. Frank Kingdon, PCA cochairman and candidate for the Italian Subs Not to Be Sunk as Ordered Previously Rome, Dec. 16 —(IF) —A foreign ministry communique today announced the Big Four powers had agreed that Italian submarines scheduled to be sunk at midnight under the terms o£ the Italian peace treaty need not be sank. The communique explained that the United States, Britain, France and Russia had agreed withthe Italian position that the machinery and scrap metal of the submarines would be useful to Italy's industries. HUUMlUr •By Hugh 8. Fullerton, Jr. New Jersey democratic senatorial nomination, resigned his PCA post as a result, of the announcement urging Wallace to run and said in a statement that it "would be folly to attempt an independent campaign." Resignation of Michael M. Nisselson, president of the Amalgamated Clothing Workers' Amalgamated bank, as PCA treasurer, also was reported but he was not available for comment and his office autor- ized a statement that "sources close to Mr. Nisselson say there are no policy difference between him and P. C. A." The clothing workers union has . . been on record as opposing .a third i died in St. Joseph's hospital about Blind Peddler Shoots His Housekeeper Philadelphia. Dec. 16—(/P)— Detective Sgt. Charles Beckman reported today a six foot, 300 pound blind street peddler fatally shot his housekeeper because he obeyed "a sudden impulse." Beckman said, the vendor, William- Neithamer.. 37, then attempted suicide in the darkened North Philadelphia apartment but misspd with a bullet that he had aimed at his head.. . . : .Mrs.. Anna .Austin, 47, his house- keener of less than three months, Air Scouts to Organize Here Thursday Agreeing to sponsor a senior scout troop if a suitable meeting jlacc could be secured, the Hope Ciwanis Club today announced the city owned Elks hall is available emporar.ily. An organization meeting has been called for Thursday night in the city hall courtroom. Parents of boys nterested in. Senior or Air Scouting are invited to attend. W. A. Mudgett will bo the Insti- utional Representative with Royco Weisenbergcr, Dr. F. C. Crow and ;hc Rev. W. P. Harclegreo as com- mitteemon. Buddy Halliburton and Harold Walker will serve as scout masters. All boys between the ages of 15 and 18 who are interested in air scouting arc also invited. The meet starts at 7 p.m. ball's rookie of the year, Jackie I that pleasure of the people of the Robinson of the Brooklyn Dodgers, was to be honored today by some 400 admirers—including Brooklyn Manager Leo Durocher — at a luncheon sponsored by UCLA alumni The former four-sport star at UCLA who went on to become the first-i Negro standout in major league baseball will receive a gift from the Los Angeles Bruin club. Robinson, himself, last night disclosed that he plans to enter a Hollywood hospital tomorrow ; for removal of a painful growth from the second toe of his left foot. He added that he has given up plans- to matches. referee -w resiling p W*: Service and Repair .... L !f7 • APPLIANCES 4i7 • REFRIGERATORS L4 J All makes and models; RINER REFRIGERATOR & . ELECTRICAL SERVICE F 210 9. Elm ' Phone 70 *" After 5 p. m, Phone 909-R * REMOVED FREE 1 Within 40 Miles DEAD HORSES, COWS and CRIPPLES .' Texarkana Rendering Plant Phone 883-W (Phone Collect) ,H No Answer Phone 3158-R W&M Gridders Promise to Throw Passes Wilhamsburg, Va,, Dec. 17 —(A>) — Wiliam and Mary's Indians started the task of setting up a de- cnse fot the University of Arkansas ycsteiday as the Tribe continued its preparations for the New .Year's Day rheetliig with the Razorbacks In the Dixie Bovvl at Birmingham, Ala. •-,-•' . Coach R. N, (Rabe) : -McCray said the Indians didn!t know much about Arkansas' plays but ,thnt he knew the Razoi backs use the old [Tennessee systemrcoached by John Barnhill and th.at he. was working toward stopping that style of attack. The Indians spent part of Tuesday' •workout on passing and pass defense and went through, a brief scrimmage. McCray said the tempo of the practice sessions would step up c on s i d e r a b 1 y today when the Indians are expected to hold a lengthy scrimmage. , COBB'S WRECKING YARD ' New and Used Parts General Repair Work Phone 57 iWhere Do You Live... N«ed Loan Payments Reduced? , Need Extra Ca.h? , «-Jteg«r<ile$« of WHERE you f t liv* we can probably help 1 ypMi since all Government regulations hav* now been removed, if yp« want your Bayments reduced, - or If oath, see us right away. We never Keep a customer waiting longer than necessary. We are headquarters for CASH. Come and get It United States expressed through l:bi>ir rc'-ivesonfalives. — well, it is our constitution, isn't it'. 1 We can change it. Remember, the; purpose of that constitution is to "insure domes- party in the 1948 campaign and .reports in New York and Albany have said that the union would quit the American Labor party if it should back Wallace on an independent ticket. Louis Hollander, head of the New York State CIO and another officer of the amalgamated, said he had initiated discussions among . CIO leaders and would call a meeting of the state CIO executive committee within the next few days. Hollander said the CIO undoubtedly would oppose the third party movement. While 'making it clear that he was not criticizing Wallace. Kingdon said in his statement that "there is not no a single national labor organization, union or leader tic trannuility, provide for the cnrn-i who will support an independent mon. defense, promote the general : ticket. On the contrary most of welfare and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity." To do that it might be necessary to kill a few spies and traitors. Then in the very first article them will actively, even bitterly, oppose such a ticket. "We should probably come out of such a campaign with solidly reactionary control of the presi- <-ienov and Congress on the one after the preamble, it sets up our , hand, and with a bitterly divided national legislature to make laws and quarreling and disillusioned . McLorty at the WANTED Three furnished apartments, two, three or four rooms. These are for station personnel recently moved to Hope, and a very desirable class of tenants. It is 1 imperative that KXAR get these people placed promptly, and the co-operation of property owners will be appreciated, : Please 'phone 508. HOPE BROADCASTING CO. Radio Station KXAR Robert L Mitchell; Genl. Mgr. Have Your Own ; Portrait, on Your Xmas Cards This Year You will like the "personal touch" of a'Photo Greeting Card. Bring in your kiddies now. Special Xmas background. We are prepared to make as many cards as you need, but get your order in tarly. THE SHIPLEY STUDIO "Hope's Finest Photography" to effect the high purposes of the preamble. Now, certainly it wasn't the intention of the founding fathers that we should provide special protection for our eenemies, it has p bnn lion for our enemies, although it has often been invoked successfully to that end. The reason why that could happen, though, was that we, the people, and a lot of lawyers, got all tangled up in our arguments and forgot that this document was written for the benefit of the neople of the United states. Some judges, notably Frank Murphy of the present supreme court, have though that it was intended to throw the same protection about aliens and enemies of our country, but that is nonsense. Its language says "we, the people of the United States," and that certainly didn't mean Harry Bridges, for example, when he was still an alien and proven guilty of hobnobbing with known enemies of he nation. He was not one of the eople of the United States then, was a.foreigner and our consti- ution never was intended to "se- uc the blessing of liberty" to'the .ustralians, of whom he was one. 3r to the Austrians, of whom the iisler boys are two. "We the people" have he right o shoot Commuhists and if it omes to that, we can amend our onstitution so as to impose that icnalty retroacivcly. But wouldn't hat be Hitlcrian? I guess it would, we would be fools to deny our- elves the benefit of every idea, ind measure that Hitler /"avored, list because he favored it. He be- levcd in nationalism. So did lim. corge Washington, long before li-m. Because they represent the leoplc," both houses of Congress lave the right and power in thcm- elves to make anyone answer any question bearing on any subject mder inquiry in the public interest p or refusal to answer, the witness •nay be kept in the common jail of he District of Columbia until the end of the session or until he decides to talk. In the old days, however, when sessions were short, his might mean only a brief pun- shment, so in 1857 Congress adopt;d a law providing for prosecution jy the attorney general in the fed- where he peddled and pencils was HOPE AUTO CO. For,... LIGHTING, COOLING, WIRING, MOTORS, and APPLIANCES or anything ELECTRICAL See ALLEN ELECTRIC CO. 24 Hour Service Day Phone Night Phone 333 806 204 South Elm WANTED - Logs & Blocks GUM - HACKBERRY - ELM -LYNN SYCAMORE - HOLLY - BAY tlOPi BASKET CO, , . Coll 1000 o, Contact Office braakup of our progressive forces on the other. We would arm our enemies and divide our friends." Kingdon said also that the American Labor party "will split wide open" if an independent ticket is put in the field. The ALP polled almost 500,000 votes in New York state for the late President Franklin D. Roosevelt in the 1944 presidential election. The Progressive party, organized in Illin9is last summer, sponsored a Cook County (Chicago) judicial election slate whose top man polled 313.848 votes. The P. C. A. co-chairman said in New Jersey where he is seeking the democratic senatorial nomination: "I could not support Wallace if he runs for president as a third party candidate and must automat- ioaally sever ,my connections with P.C.A. which advocated a third party." The P. C. A. is a consolidation of a number of liberalorganiza- tions including the National Citizens Political Action Committee an the independent citizens committee for the arts and sciences. o — In 1947 U. S. people, on the average, spent twice as much for goods -and services than in 1939. LET FOY DO IT • Level yards • Dig Post Holes • Plow Gardens • Cut Vacant Lots • Also custom work. HAMMONS TRACTOR CO. Phone 1066 S. Walnut St. Just Received a New Shipment' of Butane Gas Ranges Priced $140 each. $30 down, 12 months to pay. Hope Butane Gos Co. Phone 188 Hiway 67 west Hope, Ark. CITY ELECTRIC CO. Electficol Repain PHONE 784 seven hours after she was shot in the abdomen. Neithamer,. a familiar figure on Broad street shoe strngs charged with homicide. With only his white cane to guide Mm the blind unmarried man had walked four blocks from his apartment in a driving rain to report the incident to police. Beckman said Neithamer told hm this version of the shooting: ' Mrs. Austin was in bed and probably asleep, when he entered the bedroom in the second : floor apartment about 1:10 a. m. He got an old .38caliber revolvei from a bureau drawer and walked to the bed. He groped with one hand until he located Mrs. Austin pressed the pistol against her side and pulled the trigger. Neithamer stenned back pointed the revolved at his head and fired again but the shot went wild: Neithamer said he could not explain why he shot his housekeeper, except to say he gave way to an impulse. "She was good .to me," he said. - o Trailways Resume Schedules in Some Areas Alexandria, La., Dec. 16 — (IP) — Through bus service from Shrevc- Bort. La., to Columbus, Miss., effective Wednesday, was announced .today by R. K. Jeffries, southern Trailway executive vice preident. Jefferies reported that the bus line would make connections at those points with buses for Dallas, Texas; El Dorado, Ark; Birmingham, Ala.; and other cities. He also aonnunced that Southern Trail- wavs. which has been involved in a labor dispute since last May, has resumed bus service between Cairo, 111., and St. Louis, Mo. Also effective tomorrow, Jeffries reported, are new bus schedules between Texarkana, Texas, and El Dorado, Ark., and Texarkana and Shrevepoi-t. ; The new Shreveport-Tcxarkana schedule will provide connectons to Kansas Citv, Mo., via Fort Smith, Ark., and Joplin, Mo. eral court and a penalty of not less than $100 or more than $1,000 fine, and not less than one month nor more than 12 months in jail. The earlier method' was to haul the fellow before the bar of the house. Congress still may do that. Anyway, when a committee of the House npks a Hollywood Bolshevik "Are you a Communist?" and he refuses to answer, all questions concerning do his freedom of speech, his dignity and his political freedom yield to the interests of the "people." ^ It would give you a smile to notice how the statesmen have sort of squared their shoulders and braced up with this new conscius- ness that they are down here as "representatives" of the people, of the United States. The "people" are back of them, and the glamor- ites from Holywood and the Daily Worker and Marshall Field's miserable thing may snarl but they only show how little they understand the Americans. Some of the Communists exposed down here by this committee are ferocious enemies of the American people and such detestable in- arates that if you were to throw them to the people they would be kicked to death in any neighborh- hood in the country except a few red spots in the city of New York. One handicap on the committee and the "people" is that these hearings are very long and the testimony, in printed form is very tedious reading. This is an advantage for the traitors and suies, Those traitors are much more horrible than any Quisling. Quisling wanted his country to bo on Hie winning team with a people who were similar in many ways. National boundaries and sovereignties over there change by the decade, and in fifty years " Noray's people might have merged with the victorious German:;. B.it refugee ingrates and turncoat immigrants that the committee turned up owed the American people" their very lives. Quiet Americans all over, the kind who never have been inside a night club or a movie or radio studio, who never wrote a book or made a speech to a rally on "civil Liberties." had provided these wretches M. Dick, association said he was not ready Milk Producers Oppose Increase in Prices Little Rock, Dec. 16 — (#>)—The Central Arkansas Milk Producers Association announced today it would oppose a two cents per juart price increase posted on milk by Little Rock distributors yesterday. Dr. T. manager, to announce by what method the opposition would be applied "bu1 probably can tell you tomorrow." He said that approximately 05 Dercent of the producers supplying local distributors were members of the association. He said that out of the eight cents per gallon in^ crease the producer was realiz ing only a two cents increase. "The producer needs a substantial increase and has been demand ing an added price from the dis tributcr for the past two months, but «at no time has the request justified a hike of two cents per quart in retail price," Dr. Dick de clared. Fred Terry of Terry Dairy Com pany, one of the largest local distributors, said "we are doing only what the producers asked us to a refuge from a monster would have sent them to the who gas chambers. We let them in and took their word that they were not Communists. Then, after years and years of their treachery, we learned slowly, incredulously, that all the time they had been conspiring with our enemy, snooping, stirring up racial hatred, low-rating our beautiful country and sneering at beautiful country and sneering at the ignorance of a people who treated them as human beings and saved] their lives. "All of the price,increases whicl have been made on milk in the recent past have gone entirely to the producer," said Terry. Loop Is Here to Stay By SPIKE CLAASSEN New York. Dec. 17 —tfP)— All- America club-owners, whoso earlj peace feelers where answered bj guffaws, now are so confident then to-year-old- pro football ciruci is here to stay that they say "al future peace overtures will have to come from the National League.' Benjamin F. Lindheimer, par owner of the Los Angloes Dons anc chairman of the conference execu tive committee, tossed that chal Icngo late yesterday as the looi "omplcted its second draft meet ing. Waving aside the Brooklyn pro ilem with "there's nothing wrqnp, vilh the .Dodgers that a winning oottaall team can't cure,' 1 he point _d to the Los Angeles situation a an example. He said that a year ago the Na ional League Rams outdrew hi one-year-old Dons at the gate. Thi ear he estimated that the Don averaged 12.000 more fans pe game then the Earns. Lindhcimer's statement cam after the Dodgers., a certain xinan cial c'asulty in pro-convention gos sip. drafted Alabama's famed passer Harry Gilmer as the foundation !or- the .ore successful eleven. Washington of the National League, also has drafted the Crimson Tide ace. Under pro football rules, only .hose two clubs arc permitted to deal with Gilmer. Lindheimer would not confirm nor deny, -however, the reports hni- the Dons were carrying; the hallenge to the extent of trying to lire Coach Earl (Curly) Lambau, a National League stalwart since ,ts start, away from the Green Bav Packers. All eight clubs participated in the draft with Dud DeGroot. who resigned a month ago as the Don coach; doing some of the drawing Eor the ownerless Chicago team His first choice was Tony (Skippy) Minisi, halfback of Penn's unbeaten team. Bobby Laync, star of this year's Texas team, was the No. 1 pick of the Baltimore Colts and Lowel Tew, teammate of Gilmer, went to the New York Yankees. The Yankes also signed Pole Layden, former Texas great, ho has con- firned his post-way athletics to baseball. The draft, as a whole, was secret. National League owners will draft virtually the same set of players at their meeting in Pittsburgh this weekend. New York, Dec. 17 —(/P)—One aseball man who won't talk about le possibility of an all-Boston Vorld Series next fall is Billy o'uthworth. manager of the (raves. . . "Our club will be better ext year," Billy admits, "but it nil have to improve to finish even s high as this season. The other lubs will be improved, too." outhworth figures the biggest ains his club has made are the mprovement of Erl Torgenson, nd the acquisition of Jeff Heath nd Jim Russell. . . "I can't wait 0 see Heath in action," Billy buckles. "He'll be a great help in un getting. I think Russell will ie the ball player everybody pre- icted he would be. And Torgeson —he improved so much late in the eason that I thWk he'll go against ny kind of pitching." Question Marks .. ' , Southworlh still has to build up a complete pitching staff around iVarren Spchn and Johnny Sain mcl he plans to take 20 flingors outh next spring. He's co-anting a ot on Bill Voiselle, who recently lad an operation for varicose veins and is hopeful that Johnny Beaz- cy will be able to take a regular urn. "I don't like to predict, but 1 think Voiselle will win at least 15 games." Billy says. . . He also jlans to string along with Al Dark he rookie shortstop from Milwaukee, who was "the most talked-of slayer at the minor league meetings.". . . • rood for Thought The American Association of college baseball coaches which got no reply from the majors on its no-tampering proposal, is planning to entertain all the N. C. A. A. folks at a big banquet during the January college meetings. . Still tabled, eh? Shorts and Shells One more reason for big-arena basketball: Holy Cross, N. C- n : 30 the Columbia gym. Four of the five Holy Cross starters come from the metropolitan district. Attendance will be limited to 2,500 students and alumni of the two school . . . The U. S. Olympic committee is issuing an Olympic victory stamp to halp raise funds for the 1948 toarns. . . From Hunger \ Praising the team-piny of his rebuilt Oklahoma basketball team, Coach Bruce Drake says: "Every man plnys like he wo^ld rather feed a goal than score it himself." Just a bunch of heavy feeders. . . ——- o — Basketball Results By The Associated Press Last Night's Scores Midwest Crcighton 31; San Francisco 29. Loras 47; St. Joseph's (Ind) 45. Omaha 39;. Nebraska Wesleyan 37. Illinois State Normal 60 Eureka (111) 57. Southwestern (Kas 50; Bethany (Kas) '14. Ottawa (Kas 48: William Jewell 38. Northeastern (Okla) State 52: Okmulgee (Okla) Branch A & M 44 Peru (Neb 54; Tarkio 53. Kirksvillo (Mo) 54; Culver-Stockton 51. Northwestern (La) 32; Oklahoma City Univ 27. Central Missouri 59; McKendree 46. Nebraska 65; South Dakota 38. Taber (Kas) 42; Kansas Central 29. Southwest A& M38, Hederso 61; Henderson 61; A&M 38. Horse Betting in New York Declines Albany, N. Y., Dec. 17—(/P)—Pari Mutuel horse race betting this year at New York State tracks dropned to $434,410,834 lowest total since 1944 and $46,484,785 under 1946. The state's share of track revenue fell from $31,431,273 in 1946 to $28.227,763 a 10 per cent decline and the smallest "take" in four years, the tax department reported last night. Wednesday p.m.,. Dec. 17 5:00 Hop Harrigan — M 5:15 Superman— M 5:30 Capt. 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Air Force headquarters announced today an American weather plane missing since last night on a local flight, had been found near Nicrs- tein in the French occipntion zone with both its occupants dead in the wreckage. The crashed plane was discovered by Maj. Raymond E. .Johnson of minneapolis, who landed his light L-. r i observation plane beside it. The C-45 aircraft lost radio contact with the Wiesbaden airport last night while. 1 attempting an instrument approach in a snowstorm The missing plane had taken off from Wiesbaden early last night for a local flight to report on weather condtiions. SAFETY HINT An automobile involved in a collision should not be driven until it has been carefully checked for damage which may not be readily apparent to the eye. If this precaution is not taken, additional damage may result. Midwest Football Is Best Says Hsh Menton Little Rock, Dec. 17 — (/P) —They nlay pretty good football in the Southwest, but it isn't up to the Midwestern standard, declares an assistant Notre Dame coach. At the annual Little Rock Catholic High School football banquet here last night, Bcniie Cirn- mins, the coach and a former Irish performer, said the nation's best college football is played in the midwest, adding that section the players ''hit harder." "The rough open play in the Southwest is better than in *ho East and possibly rates an edge over the Southeast," he -.-aid. •'The Pacific Coast - is off just now. The;- 1 seem to luck that certain something they had before the Harder Is New Pro Scoring Champion Los Angeles Jackie Wilson, 145, Los Angeles, outpointed Bobby Yaeger, 145 1-2 Los Angeles, 10. Hatford, Conn. — Beau Jack, 140, Augusta, Ga. outpointed Frank Viccant, 145 1-2, Thomaston, 10. Chicago — Harold Guss, 181, St. Louis, knocked out Marty Marshall 177, Detroit. 2. Top Radio Programs By the Associated Press Central Standard Time Programs tonight (Wednesday) NBC—7 Dennis Day; 8 Duffy's Tavern; 9:30 Jimmy Durante. CBS—7:30 Dr. Christian Drama; 8 Morgan-Amecho-Langford; Sweeney and March. ABC—7:30 Vox Poppers 8:30 Jack Parrf 9 Bing Crosby. MBS—7 Scarlet Queen Drama; 7:30 Quiet Please; 8:30 Dance Time. Thursday items: a. m. Olmsted Story. NBC— 8:30 CBS 10 a.m. Arthur Godfrey Tom Breneman. Shady Valley Folks ABC 10 a m. MBS 8:30 a. m. By United Press New York (Park Arena) — Willie Bcltram, 137, Nw York, stopped Frankie Rubino, 135, Brooklyn, 8. New York (Broadway Arena) — Jimmy Warren, 135 1-2, New York knocked out Jimmy Joyce, 136 3-4, Gary, Ind., 5. New York (Sunnyside Garden) — Tony Labua, 134, New York, out- pointed Bernie Bernard, 132, New York, 8. Jersey City, N. J. — Fitzie Prudes, 141 1-2. St. Catherines, Ont., outpointed Nat Harden, 141, New York, 8. White Plains. N. Y. — Walter Cartier. 157 1-2, Mount Vernon, N. Y., knocked out Jimmy McDonough, 152 1-2. Brooklyn, 3. New Haven, Conn. — Teddy Randolph. 186, New York, outpointed Nate Mann. 198. New Haven, 10. Salem, Mass. — Tommy (Red) Wells, 137. Manchester, N. H.. out- pointed Bobby English, 132, Fal River, Mass.. 10. Buffalo. N. Y. — Phil Muscato. IJKi, B.iifalo. outpointed Billy Grant 179 1-4. Orange. N. J., 10. Chicago — Kid Coco, 158, Puerto Rico, knocked out Ray Barnes, 157 Detroit. 6. Manchester, N.H. — Roy Andrews. 13U, Lowell. Mass., outpoint- ed Floriant Desmarias, 134 Manchester, 10. Philadelphia. Dec. 17—MV- Pat Harder, fullback on the Western division winning Chicgo Cardinals, is the new scoring king of the National Football League with 102 opinls—the highest margin league history. Final- statistics released today showed Harder reached that total by scoring seven touchdowns and kicking seven field goals and 39 | extra points. Dick Poillon of Washington" finished second with 85 points and Steve Van Bureau—the Philadelphia E a g 1 e s' all-time ground gaining titlist—was third with 84 points. Jack Jacobs of Green Bay was the league's o. 1 punter. He had Churchill Willed Buddha by London Man London, Dec. 16 —(/P)— Winston Cuurchill was bequeathed a seated, cross legged buddha, brought by the late Gen. Sir Ian Hamilton trom a deserted Burmese temple near Mandalay, under the term of Hamilton's will published today. The will said: "In the worst stress of politics and when the heathehen most do rage, a glance at the placid features of this emblem of divinity Porkers to Don for Dixie Bowl Practice Fayetteville, Dec. 17 — (/P)— The University of Arkansas football team will take to the practice field tomorrow and Friday to wind up its pre-Christmas preparation Eor the Dixie Bowl game in Birmingham, Jan.l. Saturday the footballers leave for the Christmas vacation, returning Dec. 26 to begin two-a- and Mary, day workouts. Plays of William which they meet in the bowl, will be demonstrated Friday night for the squad's benefit. Coach John Barnhill indicated there would be no rough work \mtil after the holdiay. The Razorbacks so far worked out only in sweat suits, mostly in the gymnasium. o Light Heavies to Battle It Out for Crown Philadelphia. Dec. 17—(UP)Light-heavyweight Champion Gus Lesnevich today was matched for a second time with Billy Fox of Philadelphia for a title bout. Fox's manager, Frank Palermo, announced. The contracts will be signed in New York tomorrow, Palermo added, and the bout will be held March 5 at Madison Square Garden. Fox lost to Lesnevich by a knock out in the 10th round of their bout Feb. 28. Larry Atkins, Cleveland prompter, protested the new bout, claim ing he offered Lesnevich $50.000 to defend the championship against Ezzard Charles in Cleveland. Atkins subsequently announced that Charles would fight in Cleveland anyway on Jan. 13. His oppo nent has not been selected. The United States has approximately three million more fanv an average of 43.7 on57bo ots. will help him to keep on smiling." ilies than in 1940. HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS OZARK IKE By Chick Young . -MI inpi '>y •—"-—xJ-^'-N ' ( ALEXANDER SMELL THE 2 —^N SHAME ON PRETTV FLOWER,) V_' VOU/ , COOKIE _J THE IDE A.' PLAYING A TRICK LIKE THAT ON YOUR SISTER—GIVE ME THAT SO I CAN THROW IT AWAY NOW THROW inillli THIS AWFUL- THING AWAY-I DON'T V» IT AROUND AH DONE M.MOS* . FEROOT THAT tH* UFTH'YEAft TAKES PUACE SATURDAY.'.. CYCLONES-12 TERRORS-7 .../WD TIME IS RUNNING OUT AS OZARK RECEIVES THE KICKOFFf By Michael O'Molley & Rolph L« •* i » • J ». ,fc-..iif »•!-«* #*»A« I rt'.Si'*Kiii4*«iJa» By Galbraith CARNIVAL SIDE GLANCES By Dick Turner HE'S GONE.' T U8BY, I'VE GOT A^ HUNCH THIS WILLIE, WHOEVER HE IS, IS THE LEAD I'VE BEEN LOOKING K WASH TUBES COMER. & DR. ^DI^^^\s 1 BO EASV'6 MOT IK) M6 OFFICE^SWM ^I'LL AMSWER. ' HE CAME HKE TO DO RESERRCH TODW, EH?. INND3U5T WHERE. 15 HE?/ THMTi;,WftS.fll 'HE'S — - DID WU EVEE £EE MMTWN6 TO fO LOOK IXFTEK MURDER CfVSE.THW M OUR RESEARCH OUR POLICE ARE TO SOLVJE! COMPOUND HIM... HE DOESN'T TNCE HIS RESPOMSISILITIES HERE SERIOU5UV EN006H'. JUIWIW&TO CONCLUSIONS By Carl iAndersbn COPR. 1947 BY NEA SERVICE, INC. T. M. REO. U. S. PAT. OFF COPR. 1947 BY NEA SERVICE, INC. T. M. REO. U. S. PAT OFF. "When I told him she-was a senior he said he knew it—l' guess you can't do much for a guy who likes old women I"^ | "I understand today is your birthday, Perkins, and as a ' littie token of esteem, I'm returning your lawnmower!" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Blosser BIGGEST ICE- CREAM SODA IN TOWN FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershberger Ml, BETH.' YOUR, DATE IS LATE THIS TIME. MO . KIDDING-/ THE MUGB MESSINS UP OUR ACT / WE SHOULD HAVE" GOT A BLOOD HOUND .. WE I SHOULD TIED A ROPE AROUND LARDS \ ( Al?' V ' ; j&a/Mj; . MAKF OUR_ SPAND EMTPAMCE WITH JUST ME WECK AMD LED FOR. A BLOOD- COULD 7DECL/WUH, DONALD DUCK GO WAY, WILL. YA"? CANT , YOU SEE I'M A PHONY? , S~-'^X SCRAM .' OUCH ! QUIT IT/ rmi.kaM to, Kin; fi««<f The street car gave us the idea—our apartment is so small we could only squeeze in two chairs!" ALLEY OOP _ _ COPR. 1947 BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REO. U. 0. PAT. OFF. BUT.ZEL PEW?, CU SURELY Thimble Theater CAN OOP ON THIS/HANDl-S VES, ITS ALMOST IM— YOU'RE OUT OJ THE GEEEN AMD BY THE PIN, i CAM TELL sy THE PEEL; n( I HOPE YOU WILL 2 ( you ARE MiNeVes, BUT we JEjyE POWN MOW, rSTlLL HAVE NINE ./1 i*.i ._ OP THE TOURNAMENT PARPON A\V 6LOVE 'f UNLESS you MAI^E $_( THAT IS 1-. )N_OSIE ?fjf QUITE TgUE?D CEETAINLy.") .y' WIMPV"/HOLES TO •"I.'TT"""TTi WiTi 1i T" "i ••""»' TrfXCVC ftWC\A\W6 With Major HpopSe By J. R. Williams OUR BOARDING HOUSE OUT OUR WAY ULP/OH.THAT? rvi="-r^r->. n BE SUCCINCT, M.V DE/NR, T. * SOLD rA*/ ir>MES3TlOW/-«- AFTER. SPLITTING MTU MR. K'EVOL ANiD PASlKsG DEBTS,X UANE PERrtkP! &4OO-*--! i^Tei^DF.DTO lAMraU SOME GORGEOUS GIFTS CMANSCe , ..VtoOLD SOL) PREFER <: \MERE- UNDER. SURE, I SKIN MY KNUCKLES EVERY TIME I CRANK TH' THING, BUT VOU DON'T HAVE TO G>O I KNOW, BUT IF THERE'S ONE BIT OF METAL. EX- POSEP, VOUR KNUCKLES WILL FIND IT--ANP I'LL. HAVE TO EVEN WASH VOU FDR A WEEK.' TH& ETHER -THE D/\Y, i SANM Vou HOLDINGS A * 1,000 CHECK—SO I' BRITTEN A BRIE RICH £LL M.E \MKERE YOU 60T IT RED RYDER /2-J7 O . oom m. .< K. M..ict. u.c. BORM THIRTY YEARS TOO SOOM T ,„_„,, „...,,„...„,

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