Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 15, 1894 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 15, 1894
Page 5
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s?^T^^ WHY, DE WEN TER, THE HATTER. So say the majority of men already. Now we waut the minority to como ove: to the majority. Let us show you our NEW SPUING HATS. OBSERVE! The announcement of I Tucker & Young | '"''// THE PEARL ST. TAILORS. |? Their New Spring A Goods are ready for in- 4/ spection. Special attention is called to their $20.00 suits made to order. Yours Truly, "PUCK." Dower Sf. Purest-Best. PRICr LS ON ALL CANS, TOBF DAILY JOURNAL SUNDAY MORNING. APRIL 16. Neglige gowns—Golden Rule. How does Otto sell so cheap P He jutt does it. The great rush at the Trade Palace dr«l( goods counter continues. Genuine Buttermilk Soap at Ben Fisher's drug store. Three cakei for 96 cents. Hew carpets, mattings a*d linoleum*, just opened at lowest prloes, at th« Trade Palace. We will show an elegant line of printed China silks at 48 cents per yard, at the Bee Hive tomorrow. f 1.98 for finest Derbys and Fedoras, all popular stylos including Stetron's, Dunlap, Youman and Miller styles, at • Kraus 1 . Wilson, Humphrey & Co. can bind your World's Fair Portfolios in a handsome cover, either embossed, moroooo or cloth with gold title. Seethe latest Parisian styles in wrappers, tea gowns, neglige gowns, rtclrlng and house robes, at the Golden Rule Monday and Tuesday. The Elks Minstrels next Friday T »ifht. The long expected event. Watch for further announcements. Box seats on sale Tuesday at 9 a. m, at Patterson's. Kid gloves a specialty. We keep la itook th« heot quality, all the new lo«4ei and latest styles, fit town to the hand and guarantee them not to rip or break In a reasonable length of tine, at th» New Fashion store. YOUR NAKE IK PBIHT. Item* of • Personal Chmrmcter Ooa- ••rninc Iiocaatporteni mad Th«Ir Friend* Stewart Fryzee was at Peru Friday. Miss Eva Wordel is visiting at Frankfort. S. P- Sheerin has returned from New York. Mrs. John E. Barnes Is visiting relatives at Uarrlman, Tenn. Horace Knowlton is home from Purdue University for Sunday. Mrs. T. T. Hllderbrandt and Miss Bllderbrandt are home from a visit at Dayton, O. Mr. and MM. O. A. Myers are In Indianapolis visiting the parents of the Utter, Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Cornelius. Mr. J. W. Ray who has been vlslt~ ing his daughter, Mrs. Dr. J. h. Allen, has returned to his home at Chicago. George Hendee, the great North American taxadermiat and friend of Mejar MoFadin, is home from his Florida trip. Quite a number of the young socio ty people of the city attended an informal hop at the hospital at L«ng Cliff Friday night. Mr. R. H. Brown of Warren, Ohio, who during his former visits to this city gained a wide acquaintance, is here again the guest his slater, Mrs. Douglas I. Hobba. Peru Journal: "Rev. Ratliff, of J/ogansport, came up yesterday and last night bagau a series of meetings at the A. M. E. Church, which will continue throughout the weak." Mrs. W. 8. Brown of .Union City, wifedfRov. W. S. Brown, former pastor of the Christian Church In this city, is visiting friends here, en route to her home from a visit at her former home at Hebron, Ind. Rev Dr. D. P. Putnam went to Wabash last evening, He will occupy the pulpit at that place today of Dr. Chas. Little who will occupy Dr. Putnam's pulpit at the First Presbyterian church in exchange. Mr. W. S. Selber and family of Syracuse, N. Y. have moved to tho West Side where they will make their future home. Mr. Seiber Is a cousin of D. A. Elder and is gladly welcomed as a citizen to this city. Mr. H. N. Hills, of Gambar, Ohio, is Tlslting his old friend, Rev. Doug, las I. Hobbs. Mr. Hills graduated some yeari ago from Kenyon college and at once became an earnest worker In the cause of Christian education. He is at present Regent of the Kenyon Military academy and one of tbe belt educators of the country. Go and hear his address at Trinity church this morning. REPUBLICANS MEET THE OPERA HOUSE CROWDED BY ENTHUSIASTIC CITIZENS. The Grenteit Inlcrc.t Ever DlHplnyed lu Locanmport—A Ticket Nominated Harmon louilf uud Entkiurtaatleallr —The I>efeati>d Candidate* MOTO to Make It I'uRulmoui—Detatln or ttae Convention. THE TICKET. For fflaror CEOU44E P M'KKE For Tremuror O. E. HAttWKTT for Clork J. B. WINTKKS For Water Works Trn.tne* THOMAS AUSTIN and GEOIIGK B. LIt<TON, The convention was called to order byD. W. Tomllnson, Secretary, Chairs man Powell being called away on professional duties. Hon. D. H. Chase was elected chairman of the meeting and Messrs. Fred Landis and S. B. Borer secretaries. After a brief speech tho chairman announced the object of the meeting and read the oBlolalcall. Col. T. H. Brlnghurst, the veteran, came onto the stage and was greeted with three rousing cheers. On motion it was ordered that the voting should be done In the following order: for candidates for Mayor, Treasurer, Clerk and two Water Works Trustees. It was ordered that the voting be done by wards, and that each ward should select a chairman who should announce the result, Nominations for candidates for Mayor being in order Mr. J. B. Kerlln of tho First ward placed before the convention the name of Mr, C H. Starr. Mr. J. C. Edges worth of tho Fifth ward nominated Mr. S. A. Vaughn. Mr. S. H. Dilley. of the First ward proposed Mr. Geo. P. McKee and Mr. L. A. Alford of the Third ward nominated Mr. Weldon Webster. Tho first ballot resulted In the following vote: First ward: McKee, 23; Starr, C; Webster, 4; Vaughn, 2. Secoid Ward: McKee, 11. Web- eter.8; Vaughn, 5; Star.O, scatterings. Third ward: McKee, 4; Starr 1; Webster, IS; Vaughn. 1. Fourth ward: McKee, 11; Starr, 1; Webster, 9; Vaughn, 13. Fifth ward: McKoe, 14; Starr, 14; Webster, 8; Vaughn. 16. Total, McKee; 63; Starr, 22; Web, ster, 42; Vaughn, 37. Total number of delegates, 169. icessary to a choice 84. No candU date receiving a majority a second bollot was ordered with the following result: First ward, McKee, 22; Webster, 4; Starr, 6; Vaughn, 4. Second ward: McKee, 14; Webster, ; Starr, 0; Vaughn, 5. Third ward: McKee, 4; Webster, 3; Starr, 1; Vaughn, 1. Fourth ward: McKee, 18; Webster, 6; Starr, 0; Vaughn, 10. Fifth ward: McKee, 24; Webster, 5; Starr, 7; Vaughn, 16. Total: McKee, 82; Webster, 35; Starr, 18; Vaughn, 36. There still lelng no choice a third ballot was irdered. Following is the result: First ward: McKee. 25; Webster, ; ; Starr, 8; Vaughn, 8. Second ward: McKoe, 1G; Webster, >; Star, 0; Vaughn. 6. Third ward: MoKee, 8; Webster, ; Vaughn, 0. Fourth ward: McKee. 23; Webster, ij Starr, 0; Vaughn, 8. Fifth ward: McKee, 33; Webster, 0; Starr, 1; Vaughn, 8. Total: Mo- K.ee, 108; Webster, 32; Starr, 5; Vaughn, 24. It was moved by Mr. Vaughn and leconded by Mr. Webster that Mr. MoKee be declared the unani. mous selection of the convention, which motion was adopted. After a ow remarks from the successful candidate the convention proceeded to nominate a candidate for treasurer, ['he following candidates were placed n nomination: O. B. Sargent by Henry Tucker, Gr. E. Barnett by H. Long, well, J. D. Allison by W. H. Legg, Aaron Long by George Elokolburner and J, G. Powell by J. B, Smith. The vote oast was as follows; First ward: Sargent, 4; Barnett, 11; Allison. 11; Long, 3; Powell, 6. Second ward: Sargent, 2; Barnett, ; Allison, l;Lone, 1; Powell, 13. •Third ward: Sargent, 1; Barnett 1; Allison, 8; Long, 1; Powell 13. Fourth ward: Sargent, 6;.Barnett, 9;. Allison, 6; Long, 0; Powell, 3. !Fifth ward: Sargent, 16; Barnett ; Allison, 4; Long, 1; Powell, 24. 'Total result: Sargent, 29; Barnett, 7;'Alllson, 28; Long 6; Powell. 69. Noioa'ndidate being successful a see- >nd' ballot was taken resulting as ollowj: 'First ward: Sargent, 3; Barnett, 12; Llllion, 1; Long, 1; Powell, 9. ; .Second ward: Sargent, 0; .Barnett. ;\AUtaOnV2.5 Long, 0; Powell, 15. ' Third ward: Sargent, 0; Barnett, ; AllUon, 1; Long, 0, Powell, 18. Fourth ward:. .Sargent, 2; Barnett, 28; Allison, 1; Long, 0; Powell, 3. Fifth Ward—Sargent, 13; Barnett 10; Allison, 3; Long, 0; Powell, 26 Total vote: Sargent, 18; Barnett, tt AUlson, 1C; Long, 1; Powell, 71. There still being no majority to conventioq proceeded to the third bal lot, resulting as follows: First Ward—Sargent, 1; Barnett,21 Allison, 1; Long, 0; Powell, 12. Second Ward—Sargent, 0; Barnett 11; Allison, 2; Long, 0; Powell, 13. Third Ward—Sargent, 0; Barnett, 2 Allison, 1; Long, 0; Powell, 16. Fourth Ward—Sargent, 2; Barnett 29; Allison, 1; Long, 0; Powell, 2. Fifth ward: Sargent. 4; Barnett, 16 A11I80D, 2; Long, 0; Powell. 30. Total vote: Sargent, 7; Barnett, 79 Allison, 7; Long, 0; Powell, 73. The vote not being sufficient to elect either of the candidates a fourth ballot was ordered resulting as below First ward: Sargont, 0; Barneit, 23 AllUon. 0; Long, 0; Powell, 12. Second ward: Sargent, 0; Barnotl 13; Allidon, U; Long, 0; Powell, 13. Third ward: Sarg-ent, 0; Barnett, 1 Allison, 0; Long, 6; Powell. 18. Fourth ward: Sargent, 1; Barnett, 29; Allison, 1; Long, 0; Powell, 3. Fifth ward: Sargont, 0: Barnett, 26; Allison, 0; Long. 0; Powell, 26. Total: Sargent, 1; Barnott, 92 Alison, li Long, 0; Powell, 72. Mr, Barnett having- received a majority was declared the nominee of tbe convention which choice was made un animous, the motion being made am eeconded by the unsuccessful eandi dates. The next thing in order was the nomination for candidates for clerk. Charles R. Green placed ID nomination the name of J. B. Winters, R. M. VanWInkle nominated Charles Smith while tho present in cumboDt, Al Swadener waa proposed by William Chase. The v«te was as follows: First ward: Wnlters, 9; Swadener, 12; Smith 14. Second ward: Winters, 7;Swadener, G; Smith, 13. Third ward: Winters, 6; Swadener, 6, Smith, 7. Fourth ward: Winters, 24; Swadener, 0; Smith, 4. Fifth ward: Winters, 25; Swadener, 16; Smith, 11. Total: Wlnte-s, 71; Swadener. 45: Smith, 49. No candidate having a majority another ballot was taken. Following IB the result: First ward: Winters, 10; Swadener, 14; Smith, 11. Second ward: Winters, 12; Swaden* er, 6; Smith, 8. Third ward: Winters, D; Swadener, 5; Smith, 6, Fourth ward: Winters, 26; Swadener, 3; Smith, 5. Fifth ward: Winters, 30; Swadener, IS; Smith, 9. Total: Winters, 87; Swadener, 41; Smith, 88. On motion of Mr. Swadoner which was eeconded by Mr. Smith, Mr. J. B. Winters was declared the unanU mous choice of the convention. Tho next thing in order waa the selection of two candidates for water works trustees. The names of Thos. Austin, Geo. A. Llnton and J. E. Barnes were proposed. The entire delegation of the Fifth ward seconded Mr. Austin's nomination while Mr. Linton's ward, the Third, seconded that gentleman's nomination. Mr. Barnes was backed by tbe entire First ward, save one delegate, but before a ballot was taken Mr. Barnes withdrew his name. Thin left but two candidates in the field who were elected by acclamation. The following resolution was adopted unanimously: We believe that laws woro placed upon our statute books by the will of tbe people and that the proper place to secure their nullification is at the polls and not by the hands of judicial or executive officers. We behove In defending tbe people from the encroachments of monopoly In whatever guise it may present itself. We believe in rigid economy,and in conducting the affairs of the city with the same business methods as are practiced In tbe business houses We believe in putting tbe city on a cash basis as speedily as possible, that the city orders now depreciated, will buy 100 cents on the dollar In material and labor. Ram Burned. The (5re department was called out yesterday morning- at 10:80 to ex tlngulsh tbe flames arising from the barn of Henry Baker who resides at No. 1317 Wright street. When the department arrived the fire had obtained -such a headway that but little could be done and the structure was entirely destroyed. . The loss Is about $200, and was insured for $106. Mr. Baker thinks that the barn was set afire by some boys who owe him a grunge. Friday evening he saw four young men lurking about the premises who were repeateply driven away. Just before the fire was'discovered the same boys were seen to jump from the hay mow and disappear down an alley. The matter will probably be Investigated by the police. ANOTHER JAIL DELIVERY. MAHLON RODERICK, TIRED OF HIS LONG CONFINEMENT, WALKS OUT OF THE COUNTY BASTILE. nihlop WBH In for Forgery. Hut HIM LODX M»H rur Trial «i«ve Him HpecUl 1'rivllrgei—Acting Ii'pon • Good, .Sale < haiir* l>s»l KroDlnr He Wmlltii Out or Hie Jail nud U a Free Mau CUT TUI8 OWT. I i APRIL 15.1894. MEMORIAL WAR BOOK COUPON. About four raontts ago Mahlon Roderick, the whilom Tipton township merchant WHS placed in jail upon the charge of forgery, a grand jury indictment preferring this charge against him upoo the complaint of Mr. W. K. Haney. Mahlon has been confined in the female department and has evidently been having a very lonesome time of it. He hes, owing 10 his alleged phyeleal and mental weakness, claimed to have been brought or by his long: confinement. h(?en given special privlleijreti by Sbcrilf Hombur^ and has, during (he past week or two been ongaped in small wo>-lf about, the jail and jail rutsidencj, bach as bortiE;; potatoes, greasing harnnps. otc.. etc. Last evening the Sheriff took up the supper for Mablon and hia only com. rade, a petty prisoner and upon the pretext of eome fault In the delivery of tho same returned down stair?, leaving the door unlocked behind him. About 9 o'clock when he was making the last round he discovered that Mahlon was gone and that the door was unlocked. Mahlon's comrade said that the former had discovered that the door was unlocked and bad come to the conclusion that he would descend to the jail office* and get an evening paper. It is likely that upon bis arrival there he found the outside door open and decided to walk out and try the free air of freedom again. He got fully three hours start of the Sheriff before his disappearance was discovered, and it is not unlikely that he Is gone forever, probably to join Shanty Hamilton, Sol Speed and Williams, the tramp highwaymnn. Judge White of the Parke circuit court has ruled in favor of J. S. Beach, the indicted banker of Terre Haute, on the proposition that his constitutional rights were invaded when his bank books were inspoctec by the prand jury. The court also held that Mr. Beach had not surrendered his constitutional rights in turning his books over to an assignee. they having been surrendered for the sole purpose of winding up his business. An appeal will bo taken to the supreme court. If Judge White's rulings are sustained, they render inr valid a number of indictments which have been returned against Mr. Beach [t is claimed, however, that be can still be prosecuted on the allegations that he embezzled $50,000 from the savingfi bank of which he was treasurer while he conducted the Prairie City Eiank, and that he embezzled money held in a fiduciary capacity as rust.ee of the bondsmen of ex-Treasurer Fitzpatrick, The ETOlntlon Of medical agents Is gradually rele- •ating tho old-time herbs, pills, draughts and vegetable extracts to the rear and bringing into general uee the pleasant and effective liquid axatlve, Syrup of Figs. To get the true remedy see that it ia manufac- ured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only. For sale by all leading drug- grists. _ Henry Polt, sexton of the old ceme. ery com plain a of tho lurge number of jhlckens that are running at large here, mutilating the graves and dong other damages. He requests resi- ents of that locality to keep their ioultry away from the cemetery. It is thought that there Is a direct lue to the untamed idiot who turned n the false alarm on the South Side rid ay night. It 'Is hoped that such s the case and that the fellow may yet uffer the extreme penalty for his diotlo act. Three «!' tlttwc ainrinnx and ten ewte secure* the current number of tbe Memorial War Book. It prwtpnied at the Portfolio Department of Tbe Journal. CD i\THIS OUT. ADDITIONAL JUH;ALV To Chris Shelly :ind wiffr of street, a son. Mrs. A. H. Doug-lass is reported seriously ill. See the beautiful lacee just opened; at the Trade Palace. A full Une oC ribbons of nil ktodH. Black silk and moire silk capes,. trimmed in jtt and lace for $7.50, at the New Fashion elorti. Tbe Bee Hivo it, bhowicgr the finest. line of wash dress goods in the city,.. Prices lower than over. Mi-i? Carrie P.iltorncn wbo is at-- tendint- <i<.>llc-po -,i th« S'.nte Universl-- ty a.t, G-reeoeastie, is reported quite. ill. 1 i-.-ii nior;- hii-.'>:En »ho hatterav and 1 pel) identically tbo same styles^ bin I sea iiieu: from ji 10 51-50 less. —Otto Kraus. A beautiful new line of wash silks,, printed china silks and Chesey'a printed silke, all at prices never before,—Trade Palace. Aaron HearreJl has received appointment of Postmaster at Wail on, to succeed David Rrgler. The latter'r. term expires July 1. Latest styles in wrapper*, tea gowns,: neglige £owns, receiving and ho we robea, at the Golden Rule cloak parlors Monday and Tueoday. Supt. Gardner continues to receive very flattering- encouragemefit from the teachers of the county in the mat-, ter of the coming summer normal. Henry Hill, a fourteon.year-old boy^ was accidentally shot by a younger- brother while hunting ducks in £Tag!e> lake Friday morning and he died froca the effects. Call at our cloak parlors Monday and Tuesday and see the elegant lin» of wrappers, tea gowns, negl!ge> gowns, receiviti g and bouse robes id wool, silk and muslin.—Golden Rule- The "Yellow Jacket" Club ha& adopted yellow and black as their- official colors and its members are. now seen on the streets with their wheels decorated with the clut> colors. Our millinery department has been very much rushed tbe past week, so> much so, that we have been compelled to secure two more expert trimmers to assist us during this week at. the New Fashion store. Alma M. Burket, by her attorneys, Dykeman, Wilson & Taber has filed a. suit for divorce from her husband,. Chas. A. Burket. The defendant is- in the penitentiary and the complaint, is based on statuatory cause. The High School nine yefterday defeated the Call boys club on the 12lh> street commons by a score of 26 to II. The High School Club then challenged Walter Closton't club, but the challenge has not been accepted up to date. Lafayette Courier: Mrs. Bffie Stee*. of Logaosport, came to the city today in search of her four-year.old daughter. Mr. and Mrs. Steet lire apart and the child has been ID the care of" people In Lafayette. The mother learned that the little one had boei» sent to Indianapolis, and came here to see about the matter. There really was no canto for apprehension. The Masonic fraternity will hold two special meetings thle week, n chapter will confer tbe leventb. degree Monday night on three candidates and Orient Lodge will hold » ipeoial meeting and confer the eeconi? degree Tuesday evening on two candidates. These promise to be the most nteresting sessions of the seasons- . work so far. Tbe calenders for the. new year are juet from the press andt will also be distributed at these meetr- ings. I NOW THIS IS A FACT CARL W. KELLER tbe Merchant Tailor, leads them all in the f Spring Trade. LOOK AT HIS PATTERNS. Ask any man in the city the way his clothes are made to fit and then know the truth. CARL W. KELLER. 311 Market St.

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