Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 16, 1947 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
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Tuesday, December 16, 1947
Page 6
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its -*; te»n,5>ff^..J. t !L-.«...j '_ .^, HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Tuesday, December 16, . itee .isy,determined to see a traders ^determine -wheth- ..nftaWrts of a'lorm- |ft*^"" ' lampshjre senator , he has ,hear,d re,._ that effected'.will renew bmtrtittee''s Request ,• .to . the itidlty ' exchange" r ~ authority •*o«Ut .ifetne. nation's grain-ana rtmodity marketer"*" other 'itnesses told the .committee I'w'sek .thai, they are, prevented iftw f^e-tru giving,, Congress a Stjilalioti *of..big-scale, -traders, i/Brldges took'isgue with this 'Edwin W. Pau- int'fto 'the Secret testify last week testify,last week ,„ ^_ the tiv . ii'f''^ hi? ^ specwla'tfv'e invest' ', in cdrn, oats, lard and . products as a "h e d d e" inflation. ^JofrneVtreasUrer Of < the vratid',Nattorial '' Committee, ,ie had solcrrrtost of ihls futures pgs-sinfce taking the'army de- -^ttent, post under an agree- Miti'ma'de 1 -\vithfSecretary Royall. "fe.Defended -his right" to engage .fcufchi, operations Awhile serving aHspeclal ambassador {or Presi- Truman-,and protested against £ singled (out" by ,the Senate jitteef , P;>'V. r .' > , ' ' "; ssatd. Hie committee. has Hhe? -cottime"rce, ^treasury, . £4 agriculture" and- other - tiabi- Ott&c&tetlei • ' ' - — Car'Deals' ; Continued troth Page One "ma'glc at getting delivery on new cars had nothing to do with the business h& got from war assets. They said he was one of their most aggressive disposal agents. 'Rizley Vigorously denounced their actions. ' "I think that agericy contract ought to be canceled and you all ought to be fired out of war assets at once," he said. "It's not enough to Say- that you didn't intend to do anything wrong." Mollison said Lodwlck«got him a new Chrysler last August. Between April , and,, August, while it was on order, the dealer lent him a 1947 Packard, he said. •Benedict bought a Pontlac through the dealer, and later a se- cond'hand Cadillac which had been driven 2,800 miles. Carey said the four-door Cadil lac he ordered through Lodwlck has not corne ,y<St. Early in Sep- tdmber, he saitf, Lodwick lent him the i!947 Pilckard previously Used by Mollison. Dolly-Bread Continued From Page One' spenders' did, that giving this help will hot be a painless process. Bu they may have reahzedi too, tha when they can" fly to Europe it half a day, danger in Europe ii not > tob 1 remote from this countrj 6nce the^-last barrier of opposi tion abroad Is broken down. Conintiition Not to Hold Game and Parley tittle Rock. Dec. 1C — (/P) — The scheduled meeting of the Ark- nsas Game and Fish Commission esterday was canceled because a uorum could not attend Secretary , A. McAmls said today. The next scheduled meeting of ic commission is Jan. 19,'when hanges in hunting and fishing egulatlns are to be considered. McAmiS said that consideration f the quail situation, which was o have been taken up by the commission yesterday, would be de- erred until the regular January tneetint!! unless game wardens' reports show tre situation to be criti- al. •The secretary has Instructed his ield force to make a .survey and 10 expects to have the complete report later this week; Numerous requests that ihe quail Season be closed because of the scarcity of birds have been re- ,a check ,MMh> their "departments 1 on 'spec- llatSve ^radlng,,by officials or em- IWietr who* ^ "may Kave t "Inside" 'ata^ori! government purchases that "ffect!markets and prices. JerfB-d^li-jrhew,, < in Arkansas The hardies,which these travel ing congressmen have helped the ERP to Clear'" are at stone wall o isolationism^-a 'feellhg that It is better, to i fake a chance on the un grateful, improvident European stopping"' an all-Out-short-of-war ,at tack by the J Communists than tc make - any "sacrifices ourselves. I the'public money spent on congres sional travel this'summer produce a force that, cart break down tha Jvall, then the junkets will really have paid off. ,-,^,..».j R.ock, Dec. 16 —(/P)—The lUtuversity of Arkansas School ,-of .JfMpdicino greatly needs new X-ray »M;<machines to replace its outmoded feoftes, apcor'ding to'Dean J. T. Ro||Be«s: .% Hoberts, made the" statement '"" "' fteF the"V".;;i PubUc",'H£altiTSer. ice r announced a grant of $23,324 ox the school for improvement of ffckticer 'instruction. The grant can; |npt be used for new machines. ' 'R6cb*JJecf was*adv«nce4 ff £3 toftS, c^nts per loaf>day ' bakeries here., •>- Cotf ' " der Bread) did-not post a pric< increase immediately. Milk prices were advanced b; all distributors here over the vVeek end from 20 to 22 cents per quart effective tomorrow. Fort Worth, Tex , Dec. A new wage program for the na lion's oil workers will be drafte here early in January by the o workers' interriatiorial union's wag polidy committee,, O. A. Knigh president of the Union, announcec (Knight paid the action resulte from the continued increase the cost of living, • •Washington, Dec. 15 — (#)— Th .. ftpm,'i27 - cents its , &lor twoifloayes - ,/ot ibread. - Cp.>(Won- Agriculture Department announc ed ..today that it bought 30,190,00 pounds t of rice last W for export to shortage areas. All pf the rice was bought i the; Louisiana -^Arkansas - Texa producing area." Prices paid,' per 100 pound bag Market Report '' ' POULTftY AND PRODUCE ' Chicago, Dec. 1 — (/P) —CUSDA- —.'Live poultry: firm; receipt 23 trucks, no cars; prices unchanged to three cents a pound higher; FOB: fowl 26.5; Leghorn fowl 20 roasters 32-35; fryers 33-37; boril- ers 31-34; old roosters 16; FOB wholesale market; heavy ducks 35 small .ducks 25; young hen turkeys rO; ceivedf McAmls said. He hat most of the requests added came young toms under 18 pounds over 18 Ib 17; old toms 30. Butter n-ervous; receipts 409,657 prices unchanged. .Eggs unsettled; receipts 18,981; prices unchanged except U. S. tx- tras No. 1 unchanged to a cent lower at 59-60. ST> LOUIS LIVESTOCK National Stockyards, 111, Dec. 16 —(XP)—(USDA—Hogs, 10,500; :180 Ibs'up 50^5 higrer than Monday's average; lighter weights unevenly 25-75 higrer; sows strong to 25 from the area north and west of higher; bulk good and choice 180-240 irom tne area norm HIJU wisi. UL 1W = _ __ __ •=.— _ „•„ „,„ ..— -iltle Rock, which was hardest hit iy the drouth last summer. The secretary said the situation s somewhat comparable to 1946, When the first 20 days of the season brought many complaints about the scarcity of birds but the "ast part of the season found shoot- ng greatly Improved. 0 ...,' . • Ice and Snow in Arkansas Melts Quickly By' The Associated Press Arkansas' skies were clear today ind highways were cleared of yesterday,'s snow and ice, but it still was cold and expected to remain cold. : The forecast for the state brought iromises of low temperatures of 12 to 32 degrees tonight. Most minimums this morning were in the sub-freezing 20's. Gilbert had a low of 16 degrees. Harrison had 18. State police, who reported yesterday that several roads were dangerous as a result if ice and snow, said no reports of either ice of snow had been recieved today. IDS 27.00-25; top 27,25; 250-310 Ibs mostly 27.00; 160-170 Ibs 26.00-75; 13150 Ibs 24.00-26.00; 100-120 Ibs 21.50-23.75; few down to 21.0; good sows 45 Ibs down 24.50-25.0; over 45 Ibs 2375-24.25; most stags 18.002000; few 20.50. Cattle, 4.000; calves, 1,100; steer run light; short loads on sale; these running mostly to medium and up to top good in flesh; inquiry, moderately active and prices howing strength on a few loads of good- at< 27.00-29.75; medium kinds'.24.00-25.00; heifers and light butcher yearlings in relatively light supply .but relatively little done early •despite active inquiry; cows active, 25-50 higher; common and medium beef cows 15.00-17.00; canners and cutters mostly 12.00-15.00; some light shells down to 11.50; buls firm; good beef bulls 20.5021.00; medium and good sausage bulls 17.50-20.00; vealers steady; good and choice 26.00-33.00; common and medium 14.00-25.00. Sheep, 2.50; market not established. Si grade No. 5, unpolished milled rice were as follows: Southern Pearl and Erly Prolific $9.20; Zenith,' Prelude and, Lade Wright: $9.85; Fortune $10.40; and Rexora, Bule Bonnet, and Nira $11.00: 'Part of the purchases consisted of U. S. No. 6 unpolished milled rice •• containing not more than 35 percent broken rice at 10 cents under !. prices paid for grade five. [Purchases -. announced 'today bring accumulative buying since .Oct." 14. -to -32,750,000 pounds. The department said it will continue 'to receive offers each Monday and Thrusday notice. ;' until further Hope Star Star of Hope 1899; Prcsj 1927, Consolidated January 18, 1929 Published every weekday afternoon bv STAR PUBLISHING CO. C. t. Palmer, President M»> H. Woshburn, Secretory •Treasur» ot the Star building 212-214 South Walnut Strr-p- Hope,, Ark. Al.x. H. Washburn. Editor & Publisher Paul H. Jones, Managing Editor Ceorqe W. Hoimer, Mech. Supl Jin M. Dovil, Advertising Manage' Emma 6. Thomoi, Cashier :Entered as second class matter at th, Post Office at Hope, Arkansas, under thf t of March 3, 1897, (API—Means Associated Press. (NEA)—Means Newspaper tfnteipnsr Association Subscription Rotej: (Always Payable >• Advance): By city carrier per week 20c per month 35c. Mail rates—in Hemp Mead. Nevada, Howard. Miller nrk i.aHayelte counties, $4.30 per *enr; els» •here $8.50. National Advertising Representative- Arkansas Dallies, Inc.; Memphis, Tenn iterirk Building; Chicago, 400 North Michigan Avenue; New York Citi, 29?. Mariiso. *V8.; Detroit, Mich., 2842 W. Grano «U/d.; -Oklahoma City, 314 'lerrrmal Bidg Mew Orleans. 722 Union St. .Member of the Associated Press: Thi Associated Press is entitled exclusively U the use for rcpublication of all the loca news printed in this newspaper as well o all AP news dispatches. Marshall Report to the Nation Friday Night Washington, Dec. 16 —(.#>)—'Secretary of State Marshall plans a report to the nation-Friday night on failure of the Big Four Foreign Ministers conference to reach agreement on a European peace settlement. State department officials said today that tentative arrangements are being made for a 20 minute radio address to begin probably at 9 p. m. (EST) (8 p. m. CST Marshall is expected to arrive from London Friday in president Truman's plane, the scared cow. o Pyatt Bridge Bids to Be Opened for Fifth Time Little Rock, Dec. 16 — (IP)— The Arkansas Highway Commission, at a meeting here Friday, will open bids for the fifth time on the Pyatt Bridge on Highway 62 between Yellvillc and Harrison, State Highway Director J. C. Baker said today. «* The commission also will open bids on a 100 per cent federal aid bridge in Carroll county and on bituminous surfacing of a section of the road between Mountain Home and Norfork. Baker said the Carroll County bridge also had been up three Says Broadcast Funds Should Be Easy to Get Now By GORDON BROWN Washington, Dec. 16 — (/P) — A prediction that "it would be easy" to obtain additional funds now for the Voice of America broadcasts ame today from Rep. Gathings D-Ark). Praising administration efforts to nform European people of world onditions, particularly in Russia, nd of United Stales aims, Gath- ngs said he believes Congress vould be receptive to the idea of i deficiency appropriation for the tate department's information di- /ision if one is necessary. Gathings said he returned from a tour of Europe last summer con- /ihced this country should redouble ts efforts to counteract Russian opaganda and he thought many ither congressmen "had their eyes ipened." "The main thing we want, to tell s that we con't want an inch of any country's territory, that we vant only peace and want to help ither countries and are helping othpr countries on the road to peace." The administration, he said, "is ;etting our ktory across." NEW YORK COTTON New York, Dec. 16 — (At —Cotton futures turned firm following early weakness today, as aggressive mill buying and short covering met only limited offerings. Late afternoon prices were 70 cents to $1.30 a bale higher than the previous close. March 36.12, May 35.68. July 34.'8. ADD NEW YORK COTTON Futures .closed 70 cents to $1.25 a bale higher than the previous close. Dec high 36.00 — low 35.57 — last 25.95 Men : high 36.18 — low 35.76 — last 36!ll-15 up 20-24 May high 25.83 — low 35.40 — last 35.75-77 up 21-23 Jly high-34.68 — low 34.30 — last 34.57 up 25 Oct high 31.74 — low 31.39 — last 31i66Nup 16 Dec high 31.03 — low 30.73 — last 30.94N up 1.4 Middling spot 36.93Nup 20. (December, 1947. futures contracts expired at noon' today. N-nominal. o GRAIN AND PROVISIONS Chicago, Dec. 16 — (IP) —Grain futures moved upward today in relatively light dealings at the Borad of Trade. The advance ws led by corn, which started the upward movement following early easiness'.^' Producers were not inclined to sell corn in generaous amounts, to- ay's bookng being placed at 40,- iO bushels against sales of 100,000 ushels. There was fiar elevator buying f wheat, acco.mprnied by scat->red commission house purchases ut offerings in all pits wre light, ocal xhorls covered in the near- y delivery of corn. Oats followed B lead of other grains. At the inish wheat was 2 1-4 to 1-4 higher than the previous r tjB? £* _£*• }&£* ^tSSJ^ $&&&&&'$&*£*' }%&& ^ >&? 1& ^Ji • tK&*Gt i "iEt-i* \J£ZL *^E* %££&*?&-••• CHEr%eSfc™i^&*T.*?c^^&^' CfSt^Ci*^-' cSI-I'^~'*C£~*TJ rSSwh^S' '^jk^^k^'W^rw^a^^fe^ak 54*^^ ^T". 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'*' COME-SEE LADIES' SPECIALTY SHOP lose, December $3.10 3-4 — 3.11. orn was 1 3-4 to 2 1-4 higher, )ecember ?2.58 3-4 — 2.59. Oats /ere 1 cent to. 1 3-8 higher, Decem- er $1.26 1-2. Chicago, Dec. 16— (&)— Nominai- y unchanged prices prevailed in ash wheat today with no sales .re"^ ortod; basis steady; receipts 17 hipping sales 100,000 bushels; rears. Corn was unchanged; basis >teady; bookings 45,000 bushels; hipping sales 100,000 bushels; receipts 83 cars. Oats were unchanged; asis 1-2'to one cent lower; ship ling sales 70,000 bushels; receipts 6 cars. Soybeans receipts were ix cars. o NEW ORLEANS COTTON New Orleans, Dec. 16 — (/P) — Cotton futures advanced here today on trade buying and last minute short-covering of the December position. Closing prices were steady, 95 cents to $1.25 a bale Higher. Dec high 35.87 — low 35.55— close 35.87 Mch high 36.21 36.13 May hih 35.82 — low 35.39 35.72-73 Jly high 34.GC 34.54 or tour times previously and all bids rejected. "Contractors indicated that if wo put these jobs ai?ain they might have acceptable bids so. we decided to try it again," Baker said. Says If Judges Get Bonds They Wtl! Be impaired Little Rock, Dec. 16 —(/P)— A Little Rock contractor alleged today that security of Arkansas Highway bonds would be impaired ii county judges are successful in their suit to acquire a total of $1,!553,000 (million) in state highway funds. The allegation was made by Bon M. Hogan, who intervened in the suit in Pulaski Chancery court. Hearing on the suit is schedulcc .for Saturday. Hogan also -contended that Act 100 of 1947, under which the suit for additional highway monney turnback was brought, was unconstitutional. His complaint said that Act 4 of 1941 pledged all revenues coming into the state highway fund to state highway purposes. White House Won't Comment on London Washington, Dec. 16— (/?)— The White House declined comment today on the failure of the London / council of foreign ministers. 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'Where Good Shoes are Fitted Correctly" FAMILY SHOE STORE 101 E. 2nd St. Corbin Foster Phone 1100 low 35.77 — close close low 34.29 — close S Your Christmas Problems With Gift Oct hifih 31.71 • 31.G2B Dec high 31.00 30.92. low 31.30 — close low 30.04;— close NEW YORK STOCKS New York, Dec. 10 —(/P)—Selected oils, rails and special issues kept on the recovery side of the stock market street today while many tired-looking leaders backed away 'under relatively light selling. There were a i'ew wide jumps by "thin" stocks but fractional variations either way held the majority throughout. The direction was cloudy at the doss. Volume for the full proceedings dwcindlcd to around 1,100,000 shares from $1,430,000 the day before. Touching highs for the year were Superior Oil, up about 6 points on a few slaes: Follansbee Steel and Skcly Oil. Best foods advanced on a favorable dividend. Reports that Great Britain would renew talks on the 7f> per cent film tax aided Twentieth Centruy-Fox. Warner Bros, and Paramount Picurs. Bonds wre spoty. •~ J '-~"'~~"' O ' Architects tc Be on Little Rock, Dec. 10 —(/P)—With legal obstacles to the proposed medical center on the stale hospital grounds in Little Rock cleared by a Supreme Court decision, architects will be called into consultation soon to begin plans for a new building, Dr. H. C. Chena'alt, head of the University of Arkansas Medical school, said today. The medical center plan, which calls for construction ot a medical school and war memorial hospital building on the state hospital grounds, was approved by a decision of the state Supreme Court yesterday. Dr. Chenault, a leading sponsor of the medical center plan, said this morning that as soon as possible archilecls would be asked to meet with the university and state hospital boards to begin consultation on plans for the new building. Governor Laney told his news- conference this morning that he had not talked with board members since the court handed down its decisoin but said he felt sure "They will go right ahead." Dr. Chenault came to the governor's office later for a conference with the chief executive on the medical center plan. MOON CALENDAR The Indians' moon calendar was Snow Moon for January, Hunger Moon for February, Wakening Moon for March, Grass Moon in April, Planting Moon for May. Chick Moon in June, Thunder Moon for July, Molting Moon in Augusl, Hunling Moon for September, Leaf-Falling Moon was October. Mad Moon for November, and Long Night Moon in December. $2.48 and $4.00 values in hard and soft sole,styles. Many to select from at only All kinds of smart and practical house slippers to choose from and all are excellent values. A logical gift . . . and appreciated gift ... so give slippers from FOSTER'S. COMFY STYLES at Only one of the many styles in this price range. 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The program was in charge of Miss Eugenia Sue Hassell and Miss Helen Downs gave the prayer. Those taking part on the program were: Miss Gladys Key and Mrs. Bill Keltncr. , Following the program* a social hour was enjoyed. Guests at the meeting were Mrs. Charles Malone and Bill Keltner. Seventeen members and Mrs. Jesse Brown, leader attended the meeting. I 1 .. Tuesday. December 16 Lots of Styles for the Kiddies, Too! Pair For Example These Bunnies These ever popular "Bunnies" at this unbelievely low price. These are regular at 1.49 values. Childrens sizes 2 to 12. 'Where Good Shoes Are Fitted Correctly" STER'S FAMILY SHOE STORE 101 East 2nd St. CORBIN FOSTER Phone 1100 The V.F.W. Auxiliary will most Tuesday evening at 7:30 at the V.E.W. Hall For transportation call 14U«W Or 335-W The Cosmopolitan Club will moot Tues'duy night at 6:45 at the home .,6f Mrs. Jim McKenzie at the S/PiG. All members are reminded ito.i bring a gift for the tree. • Wbdrtcsday, December 17 The Lilac Garden Club will meet \. at ! three o'clock Wednesday afler- , noon..at the home of Mrs. W. O. Beene for its annual ' Christmas party, with Mrs. C. C. McNeill, . E. Slusser and Mrs. W. G. as associate hostesses. Miss Mary Bruner Honoree at Shower Miss Mary Bruner, bride-elect of Mr. Gibson Robertson was honored on Monday evening with a kitchen shower by Mrs. Jack Fielding, Mrs. James McLarty, Jr.. Miss Elizabeth Pilkinton, and Miss Kath- crine May Simms at the home of Mrs. Fielding. • The honoree received many lovely and useful gifts. A tempting sandwich plate wa; served to 18 guests. Out of town guests were: Mrs. James Watson " ...The Brookwood P.T.A. will meet at;tne school at 3 o'clock Wtclnes: day'.'afternoon for its December -meeting. The program will be furn- •'iShed by the students ot the school. The Teachers and Officers of the Children's Division pi! me Methodist Church will hold their regular mon- ...tiiiy..meeting Wednesday evening at tievcn-thirly at the home of Miss Kditiriviasty on Rocky Mound road. ^liss Masey will give the fourth in O series o£ lectures on "Learning To Teach". r.. of Gonzales, Texas, Mrs. Ken e McKee and Mrs. Harold Tul os of Garlana City and Miss Car Dlyn Barr of Chicago, Illinois. Barbie ry-Sa nfo rd Vlarriage in November Mr. and Mrs. Howard C. Sanforc. pent thqir honeymoon in Carmel by-The-Sea, Cahfornia after beirii married in the St. Paul's churc! and having a reception in the. homi of Miss Angela Montiel of Sai Francisco on November 23, 1947. Howard, son of Mr. and Mrs. H 3. Sanford, lit. 2, Hope, is an elcc .ricat engineering graduate of th iensselaer Polytechnic linstitute Troy, New -York. iviru. Stanford is the former Cai men Barbiery of Managua, Nica .-agua. They plan to make thei .icine in Han i c 'rancisco. Thursday, December 18 .The Azalea Garden Club will meet at two o'clock Thursday after• noon at the home of Mrs. i'ranklin • McLa'rty with Mrs. George " Kobi- sbn, Mrs. W. R. Herndon, Mrs. R. L.,'Broach, Mrs. Kelly Bryant and Mrs. Syd McMalh as associate hostesses. A Hope Chapter 328 O.E.S. will meet- Thursday evening at seven .thirty at the Masonic Hail. A Christ mas party will be held after the meeting. ' . The Friday Music Club will have its Christinas party on Thursday evening at 7:30 at the home of Mrs Jim McKenzie at the S.P.G. Al. members are asked to bring a gif lor .tne tree. For transportalior call:408 or G33-J. DeLong-Goss Marriage Announced Mr., and Mrs. V/ill Dillard of GUI don announce the marriage oi their daughter. Leola DeLong to. Aimon GOES, son of Mr. N! A. Goss and the late Mrs. Goss of this city on Saturday, December i3 at the Methodist parsonage in Gurdon. The single ring ceremony was used. . Tne bride was attired in a suit of brown gabardine with brown accessories. Her flowers were a corsage ol Talisman rose buds. Attendants were: Miss Daisy Co- fcr of Hope who wore a grey-suit, with matching accessories and a corsage of red rose buds. Carl PolK also of Hope was best man. Mrs. Goss is a graduate of Gurdon High i School and Baptist Scnool 01 Nursing, Memphis. The groom is a graduate of Vivian, Louisiana Hign School. After a wedding, trip to Houston the couple will be at home in Hope. The Doctor Says: By EDWIN P. JORDAN. M.D. Written for NBA Service Blood poisoning, or septicernia, neans that an imection with germs as invaded the blood stream. The onduion is also called septic poi- omng. Germs are probably otten resent in the blood, but most 01 he time the blood's natural, powers £ resistance serve to eliminate Hem rapidly, so that blood poison- ng is not present, ucrms enter tne blood in many lilferent ways. A cut or an in- ury in the SKin will allow them o oe brought to the blood stream, iither direct from the object producing tne injury, or because erms. which are always present on the surface 01 the skin, are car- led to the deeper- layers. Germs •Uso get into the blood in several diseases, such as pneumonia and spinal meningitis. Germs wiucn are present in the air, on the ground, or on common mplements, such as an axe, are lot harmim to the unbroken skin, nit may be extremely dangerous if they get lino the blood. Some germs in particular are dangerous, and may conquer the detenses 01 the blood "rapidly and cause blood poisoning. The most common and dangerous germs responsible lor blood poisoning are called streptococci, bepticemia caused by these dangerous microbes usually starts suddenly. A feeling ot chilliness, perhaps wnh actual shaking, comes eariy. The body tempeiaiure rises tapidly .to 1U4 or lUp degrees, and the heart beats rapidly. Up to recent years, a high pro porcion of .those who developed btrcptococcic blood poisoning died, oiien wuiim an extremely snort period. Today, if victims of septicemia can be treated eariy with one of the sulla drugs or with penicillin, tne majority recover. Another Type Another germ, which is sometimes responsible 1'or a very dificfult kind of blood poisoning is called the staphylococcus. Stapliy- lococci are even more widely distributed on common objects and on the skin than the streptococci. Penicillin can now be given for nany staphylococci infections with good results. Although much can be done for a person who is struck, down by ilood poisoning, carelessness is THE STORY: It all started after 'I had been in Hollywood three months, writing the movie script lor one of my own mystery books —and letting Jeff Haverson help me get over Oscar Craig. Jeff was director of my picture and a very attractive man. It was a shock to learn that he, had been . married tor some time to Avis Vaughn, our glamor star, and that she refused to divorce him. Jeff wanted Madge Narney, who looked like Avis, to play her sister in the film, tout the star insisted on doing both roles herself. Liz Leyden, my unpleasant collaborator, suggested a small party at my place that evening when he would try to talk Avis into changing her mind. On the way home, 1 stopped at Ravella's shop .o pick up the special lipstick she had made for me. Ravella had also made one for Avis and asked if I would mind giving it to her. Liz, Avis and Art (Avis' lead- ng man and current flame) came over and Liz persuaded Avis to give up the double role. We phoned Jeff to join us. ^friday. December 19 •Mrs. John Hatley. Mrs. L. W. Young, Mrs. Kline' Snyder, Mrs. George Brandon, Mrs. Frank Trimble and Mrs. A. K. Holloway will i entertain with a lea from three until, five o'clock Friday afternoon •• at the home of Mrs. Hatley, 417 -West -Second street. Coming and Goinq Mr. and Mrs. Tom McLarty and Mr. and Mrs. Speedy Hutson will return today from a two-day stay in Memphis. NOTICE . Brownie Troop No. 1 tinder the direction of Mrs. Hinton Davis and Mrs,' Herbert Lewallen will not fcpeet Wednesday afternoon as was cinonunced. All members please note the change. No date has been set for the next meeting. Y.'W.A. Meeting Held Monday Night Y.W.A. of the First Baptist church met Monday night at the Educational building for its regular meeting. ; Miss Mary Ethel Perkins called "tho'Vineeling to order and heard the roll call and the minutes of the ist meeting. Various commitl'su Reports were heard. The treasurer Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Cannon and Miss Dorothy Cannon of D.allas will arrive Saturday £or a visit with Mr. Cannon's mother, Mrs. Arch Cannon and Miss Clarice Cannon here. They will attend the wedding of Miss Mary McKenzie, daughter of Mrs."James McKenzie and the late Mr. McKenzie of Camden and Allan Gordon Cannon at the First Presbyterian church in Camden on Sunday. Hope announce the arrival of a son,December 15. Admitted: Mrs. Hoy Bruce, Hope. Jimmic Clark, Lewisville. Ark. Discharged: Jesse Monroe Duckett, Hope. Mrs. Homer Fuller, Rt. 2, Hope. Mrs. J. W. Patterson, Hope. Maybe Jeff was his usual sell as he sat there sipping his drink and listening to Liz Leyden—who was still doing the talking. Or maybe he was tired. Anyway that was the excuse he gave for breaking up the party Said that he was tired §nd thai he was going home and going to bed. That he'd have to be at the studio early to make tests of some other actresses for the part of the secretary, now that Narney was to do the sister role. % "What about me?" Avis askec sleepily from the divan. -She was getting quite a glow oh by tha time. "Do I have to work tomor fow?" "Yes," Jeff told her. "Go home and get some sleep or you'll look like the devil." Avis hiccoughed. "Thash what 1 like about Jeff—always nish and gentle—always the gem-mun." "Take her home, Art," Jeff ordered. He asked Liz if he wanted to ride back with him. Liz had come by bus and was glad to accept Jeff's invitation. I followed them to the door. "Sorry about Avis," I said in a low voice to Jeff. "We had to sort of tank her up to get her to agree to things." "It's all right," he said. "She's sod to it. She'll be all right in the r.orning." Jell and Liz went out and I went ack into the living room. Art was lelping Avis into her coat. They mothered me with their farewells ind went out together. I turned off an the lights except mo and walked down 10 the end if the room and stood there look- ng out of the window for some ime. My thoughts were gloomy. Jeff was married and there clid- i't seem to be much chance of Avis turning 1 him loose and that rieant I only could have him on a jurt-thne basis, or I could start eaving him strictly alone. I thought I was going to leave him a- one. The motor of a car was started n the driveway directly below the window here I stood.' Its lights ent on and it moved out into the street and I realized that Avis and Art must have been parted there in his darkened car ail tiic time 1 :iad been standing at the window. Making love probably. Love. . . A sriivcr of distaste ran over me. The Hollywood variety. The kind Avis and Art had. Maybe the only kind Jelf knew anything about. I didn't want that kind. I turned away from the window in disgust and began to gather up the dirty glasses and the over-flowing ash trays that littered the room. And then I stopped abruptly. And listened. From down the hill came a wild screaming of bra kcs and the sound of a prolongec tearing crash. I though of Avis anc Art just turning out of my drive way. Starting down the steep road way. There was a white wool coa hanging in the front coat closet, graobed it, put it -on and ran ou tne door. Down the steps and ou the driveway to the road. Some where down the hill an autorno bile horn was blaring blatantly a if signaling for help. Josephine Discharged: Mrs. Hugo Elkins and daughter. Guernsey Benefit Program Scheduled Thursday (Night A benefit program which will fea- urc the Stamps Dixie Quartet will >e held Thursday night, December 8, at Guernsey high school. School juses will run that night. The purpose of the program is o raise funds for repairing the Vater Creek Church. Library to Close for Christmas Holidays The Hope and Hempstead County jibrary will close for the Christmas holidays from December 21 through 28, it was announced today. Communist Eisler jecl of Eggs, Boos at Michigan Ann Arbor, Mich., Dec. 10 — (UP) — A menacing crowd of 2,500 University of Michigan students Eired eggs and overripe fruit' at Communist Gerhardt Eisler last night when he attempted an extcm- porancious speech after cancelling a scheduled address. The students booed and catcalled as the man labelled by Congress as America's No. 1 Communist tried to speak from the front porch of a nouse where he DOROTHY DiX Working at Marriage Possibly you have to have a ta-i lent tor marriage. Otherwise you] bungle the job and make a failure of it, as you would of being a carpenter if you couldn't hammef a nail in straight, or of being a grand opera arust it you couldn't cnfry a tune. Anyway, that Is as plausible an explanation as any, of who so many marriages that should have been a bit of Heaven on earth are nothing but a preview 01 purgtory. If only people who are sadistic by nature an dwho gel a kick out of torturing others got married, we could understand why one marriage out of three ends in the divorce court. Nor is it difficult to comprehend why the woman who thought she was getting Prince Charming for a husband doesn't go around singing roundelays of joy when She discovers that she is tied to a tightwad and a grouch. And even a blind person can see that the man who espoases a nag' ger always looks like an martyr. early stayed overnight. FBI agents and local police looked on during the demonstration. . . ':"-.. One student was seen carrying a rine concealed ijeneath-his over- coal. -.'•-. Eisler was not hit by the eggs, although there were hits. many near Brother of Hop* Man Succumbs in Funeral', serVide , Wednesday In for Jess H, Osier,, ttfou.-,™— „--,. old Osle^oi Hope. Me wk* a form resident of Hope and 1 K t World War 1. <• f -o-r slill dangerous. Accidents, which break the skin and allow germs to come in contact with the blood' stream, should receive prompt and proper treatment, as this may prevent blood poisoning. If a chill or fever follows an injury, blood poisoning must be suspected and appropriate treatment should be started at the earliest possible moment. When I reached the turn in th road, I saw three cars parked with their lights still burning. One ear was turned so that Us lights streamed over the side of the road where a big gap had been torn in the guard rail. A woman was standing there having hysterics. Probably a passenger from one of the cars. I came up beside her and looked down over the side of the canyon. I couldn't see very much except shadows down there and then a pin point of light probably a flash light—began to waver around. "Who. . : .'- . what happened? My teeth chattered. . "A car went over here— the driver must have been crazy," tne woman said. "What kind of a car?". "I don't know My husband and I just saw the lights when we came around the turn here: We thought the car was going to" hit us—it was coming so last. Then it swerved and went over tne bank." A siren was wailing its haunted I song down on the boulevard. It drew closer. A police car came to a stop oehind us and a couple 01 officers jumped out. "Down there," tne woman beside me said, pointing. It seemed an eternity while we stood there on the road and watched the two policemen slip and slide down the side of the canyon; sow ihein moving around at the bottom with liashlights looking like tiny unwinking fireflies. And then finally four or five men were struggling back up and they carried something among them and when they reached the top of the bank the lights from the cars fell on the body of the woman • they carried. Pier face and the front of her dress was smeared with blood ana there was no doubt at all that she was dead. It was Avis Vaughn. . (To Be Continued) But it isn't awne the meanics, the lyiants, the viragoes, and the slave-drivers who are responsible for the marriages that are failures. Some of the best men ond women in the world are the worbl husbands and wives. They have every good quality except the know-how to get along with their mates. Unintended Conduct And the pitiful part of this tragedy is that oftcner than not the men and women who are wrecking their marriages are perfectly unconscious of the crime they are committing. The hen-pecking wife, who never gives her husband a breath of freedom and who tortures the very Hie out of him by her bossing, isn't always actuated by malice. She is often prompted by a love that makes her feel that she must keep a continual watch upon him. lest some accident might befall him, or he might eat some- Mrig that-disagreed with him. And all of us know husbands who simply adore their wives and who work themselves to death to give .hem luxuries, yet who never pay Inem a compliment, or say a word 01 atfeclion to them, or give them a kiss that isn't as frigid as if it had been in cold storage ever since their wedding day. Now the trouble with these misfit husbands and wives is not that they lacked any ol the basic virtues of domesticity, but that they just didn't have a talent for marriage. The husband is a good provider, but he feeds his wife on Mrs. Cornelius, Succumbs Here f! at Age of 73 ; ; Mrs.'Delia Mae Cornelius^ 73, died iri a local "hosbltaj nieht. She had lived in ttbpe'V years. , , ., -'^^ otuvlvors include: 3 sons, Bitti of Hope, Clark and- R. ( E. Cornell of Kalamath Falls, Oregon;£" daughter, Mrs. Ellen SmithjofB cayv; ,two sisters. Mi l s.',,A'4H.' r , dres,of Dallas nnd Mrs. S. HU aa of Hope, , . '*.'.&,«$ Funeral services were^held,,ats, p.m; today at hHemdon-Corher ' Funeral Home with the Rev. W 1>ST Hardcgrec in charge., Burial; vya at Shover Spirngs. . - X7-W £•& Palbearers: George, -W« ,C*'' "**' jawrence McBay. I.."" vsrd Muncey, J. D Smith. » - pork chops while her " tor white hyacinths, The'Awjler corns on her fingers pinc.hin&,e' r . penny, and ,burns hecself<jto$«.j<!; ier cooking, good mealsr buEg^ las gotten ^sd unglnmbrous*' lusband calls her-Mother. H*W : , We Often wonder why\ \c0rfc man-led'couples ojt > our f --—•" tance' live together t ii" mony and peace when 1 ,._., _ seem to, us io be 'especially, con nial; while others who^wef-u ~ think are just made -for; each er are in a perpetual '"fightf* answer to th'e conundrtim'iS',— one has a talent for marriage ,thii the other lacks..' •One" 3 "" 1 ''"'* 1 •*<* as much di each other after marriage as 'UieyJ did in, the days of, court?hip.4T^ other couple believe that marria'f gives. them the t right to 'say ^.ai.^ do things to each other that'theR wouldn't think ot doing or —••<—* to a- stranger. •>»*•< Which is right?-'" ""1J* (Released by Tne Bell ct - Mrs. Ernest Still and daughter, Cynthia of Arkadclphia will arrive Saturday lor a visit with Mrs. Still's mother, Mrs. Arch Cannon and Miss Clarice Cannon here. -Hospital Notes Julia Chester Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Johnston of '" The Most Talked About Movte of the Year ON THE SCREEN AT LASTl COLOR BY TECHNICOLOR Today WED. THURS. FEATURES starring LINDA DARNELL • CORNEL WILDE RICHARD GREENE-GEORGE SANDERS 2:00 - 4:35 - 6:55 - 9:37 ADMISSION Child 50c Balcony 75c Adult $1.20 We Do Not Control Passes for This Attraction ITS A Visit Hope's Newest Jewelry Store We take this opportunity io, '" * -"VVT," invite each of you to come in, and look around. We'll always , be glad to haye you., »~> . ^ -^ **y -4 Mr. and Mrs.'A. B, Mhoon, P\vne.rs ,' GIFTS FOR riER,,^^ i Diamond Rings ;^;|i \A/ 4- ' • "'> '--'"'•'- ^W Watcnes - ' • -;^ k Compacts Silverware Glassware VS% *' <j'*K*>8 •'$ *• V " &V 1 f f f$te One look and you know it sports Swandown's famous label, for who else could give it such dashing airs! Swept-out lines and huge postman pouch pockets match the bold plaid . . make the sensational little-coat you'll wear over everything. Pure wool in white with striking plaid combinations. Size 10 to 18. $49.50 Bring your Christmas Gift list in and fill it at Mhoon's Jewelry and Gift Shop, A big new stock of Christmas merchandise, to choose from. P^MI. r* -v^h ^** r^^ ,Y 'ffi • .««.>''L * *. '*>K ^^ Swansdown — Ours Exclusively! SEE THE OTHER NEW 1948 Spring Swansdown Coats and Suits we have in stock. Gifts for Him.... iS Watches ^r Rings iS Billfolds ^ iS Parker'51'Pens iS and Others 53$S*B See this coat advertised in CHARM "We Outfit the Family" Mhd JIWiUY I H^R •P^if TTF~ V WJKIfe 1 i * i * "S«i"' 1 ^5s ^ -„.*&#$

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