Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 15, 1894 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 15, 1894
Page 3
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A recent discovery U that headache, dizziness, dullneM, confusion of tho mind, etc., are due to derangement of tho norvo centers which supply tho brain with norvo force) that Indigestion, dyspepsia, neuralgia, wind in stomach, etc., arlmo from the dorango- mont of the norve Centers supplying those organs with norvo fluid or force. This Is likewise true of many dtseosenof the heartundlunffa. The norvo sjaternlillke n telegraph syntom, u will be seen by the accompanying cut. The llttla _ * * • white lines are the norvos which convey tho norvo force from the cervo contort to every part of the' body, iint as tbo I eloctrlccurrentls ' convoyed along' the telegraph wires to every station, largo or uraall. Ordinary phy»lclan<i full to regard tliU fact; Instead of treating the nerve con-, tors for thocauso of tho disorders arising thorof roni they treat \tho part allccted. Hvd Franklin Miles; M. T>., LL. II., tho highly colobratod specialist and -.student of nervous diseases, of many noted treatises ou tho latter Rubjnct, Ions since reiillzcil tho truth of tho first statement, and hi* Restorative Nervlno Is prepared on that principle. Its success In curing (ill diseases arising from di;ranf,-o- mont of tho nervous nystom is woiuler- ful, as tho thousand* of unsolicited testimonials In possession of tho coinpauy manufacturing tho rornotly amply prove, Dr. Miles' Hostorative Nervlno Is a reliable Tomndy for nil nervous diseases, such ns headache, nervous debility, prostration, flleoplessrie.'a, dizziness bysterln, sexual debility, St. Vitus danco, epilepsy, etc. It Is sold by all druggists on a nosltlvo gunnintno. or s«nt direct by tho Dr. Miles Medical Co., ElUhart. Intl., on receipt of prlco, *l por bottle, six bottles for 15, express prepaid. Restorative Nervine positively contain* no opiates or dangerous drugs. »nd author THE VENDOME. SEW MANAGEMENT! NEW COOK! FINEST SKKVICE! JOHN W. MABKLET, havlni? purchased the Vendorue R&stauranc and engaged the services of a competent chef, now promises a cuisine not excelled anywhere in the eltj, Look at tbe following great menu lor Sunday. DINNER Soup Young Oulons Brown Cream of Farron FWB. Mackinaw Trout Lettuce ROA1T. Sirloin of Beef, Natural Gravy Veal, with Jellj Rout Chicken, with FrencB Dresalcj INTHIC. Brown Beef Flo French Marine, with Lemon Sauce Hashed Potatoes V10STABLI Jersey Sweet Potatoes Sugar corn Code* PASTBT. Apple Pie Cream Pie Tea Milk We can't tell you what life Is but we can fay that tbe amount of it in a person depend] upon the condition of the nerves. Without good, healthy nerves, life is feeble and mis' erable, and liable to leave the body entirely, but with nerves braced up by Dr. WHEELER'S NERVE VITALIZER life is vigorous and athletic. The Vital- tier prevents over-exertion, unusual fatigue and extreme excitement from weak' ening the nerves and cures all nerve disorders like Prostration, Debility> Sleeplessness, Headache etc. PRICE, $1.00 A BOTTLE Inquire of druggists for free sample. If not found, write us enclosing five cents (stamps) for postage. The doctor gives •^71 free ad vice to any nerve disease sufferers. . All welcome. The J.W. Brant Co. Maton ALBION. MICH. And 4» 0«y «., M«w York Sold by Ben Fisher, 311 Fourth St. •We offer $900 lo any pb jritclui or ch«tDln wbo out •bow by*n*]jrBlaor othtiwlie, Uut tbli rtmtrty ooniklo* morphlnt, opium or «nj DAILY JOURNAL SUNDAY MORNING, APRIL 15. Pan Handle switch engine S97 has been taken out of the shop and will be returned to Chicago. William Penn, assistant paymaster of the Vandalla is the democratic nominee for mayor of Terra Haute. Jas. Burwlck, late conductor on the Pan Handle, is BOW a lecturer for the Y. M. C. A. He addressed a meeting at Terre Haute last evening. The Wabash ia endeavoring to build up a good business between St. Louis and Detroit, and will, with tbe taking effect of the summer time table, give faster train service. James Gllleeple, who waa buried yesterday, was employed at the Pan Handle shops for about twenty-five years. For some time past he served as night gate keeper. Charles Fuller, superintendent of bridges of the Vandalla lines, died Wednesday at Terre Haute. He had been in the employ of the Torre Haute and Indianapolis road for twenty-eight years. The American Railway Union has ordered a strike on the Great Northern road. The union is well represented on this line and the entire road is tied ua. Tho action is tho more remarkable from tho fact tb^t it is the chief boast cf the union that it IB a non-strike order and is clearly against tha constitution to strike. The trainmen of tho Chicago and Hock Island have unanimously voted that tho company abolish seniority, by which is meant promoting men according to tho length of service with the company. They take the position that men should be promoted only on meilt whether they have been with the company ten years or ten months. The trainmen have taken similar action on the Missouri Pacific. The management of the Toledo and Ohio Central a short time ago issued an order forbidding employs visiting saloons where intoxicating liquors are sold on penalty of dismissal. Aa a result two saloonsQin Buoyris, Ohio, where the company's shops are located have been closed. The company is now fitting up a reading room at that point and the men express themselves as gratified that tho company took the position it did ou the saloon question. It is stated that the Pennsylvania Company has perfected arrangements to get its trains Into Detroit. The Pennsylvania now rents terminal facilities in Toledo to the Toledo, Ann Arbor & North Michigan. The arrangement is to run up to the Aon Arbor to Milan. Mich., and from there over the Wabash Into Detroit. All of the eight trains on the line to Toledo will go on to Detroit, some of them being through trains to and from Plttsburg. It is believed the Columbus, Hocking Valley & Toledo will succeed in getting into the deal also. A clause which appears In the annual report of the Pennsylvania company is causing some comment. It is follows: "The plea for joint control of the Toledo, Peorla & Western with the Chicago, Burlington & Qulnoy connects the Pennsylvania lines with the Iowa Central, and the mileage of the latter could be advantageously utilized". This leads to the belief that the Iowa Central may, at no distant day, fall Into tho same hands which the T. P. & W. has. The Iowa Central would give the Pennsylvania lines excellent connection with the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul, as well as the C. B. & Q. William Wehling, some years ago a Pan Handle machinist, arrived In tho city last evening from Detroit. He had lately been employed in the L. £. & W. shops at Peru, but waa let out last Februajy on account of a scarcity of work. Since then he has been at different places but could not procure any work. Detroit, which is usually a lively city, Is especially suffering from the general depression of business. He says: Nearly half the people are out of work or working on half time, and when a vacancy occurs at BMnlM of tbe Obierr*tl*» of Dobjni-A s are uign. J. B. Dobyns, of South port, an "oldest inhabitant," predicts that spring will begin about the 16th inst. He bases bis belief upon what he calls 1 'a never-failing sign"—the appeaa- ance of sun dogs. Hig judgment comes from observations during his life of seventy-six years—or rather from the time his attention was first called to the matter soon after he bo- came of age. • 'Whenever sun dogs appear in February or March, you can count on it as a dead certainty that cold weather will last onty six weeks longer," said Mr. Dobyns. His first experience with sun-dogs was in "43. "The Miller)tes, a religious sect had predicted that the world would come to an end on March 3, of that year," he said, "that oil would fall upon the snow that covered the ground, the sun would ignite it and the enow and earth would be consumed. There was a big fall of snow on the night of the 2d, and the morn- Ing of the 3d broke clear and snapping cold. I then lived in White Elver township, Johnson county. I had arranged to go to Indianapolis, thirteen miles away, that day, and wo were out of bod before aun.up. but, as it was so cold, I went back to keep my little child warm, while my wife got breakfast. I had a brother who put some little taith in the Millerltes, and, while I was lying snu'gly in bed he came hurriedly to our house and walking to my bedroom door, said much alarmed, that I ought to be 'out of that'; that something was going to happen sure, as three SUDS had just risen. I arose and looked out of the bedroom window of our old log house, and there were three of the plainest suns one would ever get a chance to see. I rather made sport of my brother, in epite of this phenomenon, which was new to me, and I soon was on my road to Indianapolis. "I had proceeded about six miles when I oame up to old Davy Myers who was just closing his gate. As he mounted his horse he asked me where I wag bound for. >To Indianapolis,' I answered. 'I'm going there myself,' he remarked as he rode up alongside. 'It's a pretty cold rldo.' I responded, and I'm sure company is welcome.' Then he asked me if I had seen the sun dogs and I answered that I had seen the two circles around the sun. 'I have lived to be over seventy years of age,' continued Mr. Myers. 'You're young and I want to tell you something about the sun dogs that an old man told me when I was your age and which I have found to be inv&rl- bly true. Whenever you see sun dogs in February or March you mark down that spring will come about six weeks later. It will never fall. "1 have been a close observer of sun dogs in those months, and their significance, since that day, and I have yet to learn of their first failure to indicate the opening of spring six weeks from their appearance," waa Mr. Dobyn'g concluding remark. T. V. A. Notes. Don't forget the State convention to. be held at Lafayette May 19th. Make your arrangements to attend. Post F.held an adjourned meeting at the parlors last evening with George D. Cueter in the chair. The monthly amendment to the constitution was presented and rejected. The following delegates were elected to represent PostF. at the state convention, George Barrow, .H, C. Clemens, George D. Custer, W. E. Hogin, T. M. Qugley, T. S. Ksrns, J, M. Stukey, H. C. Wiley, George Washburi, John Wilkln, W. C. Fischer. H. F. Trick, M E. Franklin, Joe Taylor and T. P. VanHorne. The following members were added to Post F: Isaac Vernon, O. D. Gleaaon J. W. Warner, E. L. Dono. van, Max Jennicg-s, A. W. Stevens, Jas. Mulcahey, 0. B. Fansler, Chas. Uhl, Dennis Uhl, T. P. Van Home, August C. Belnz, Harry Lux, H. Brookmoyer, jr., Ford Krebs, W. B. Hawkins, D. C. Smutz. State Secretary, E. F. Roller, has issued a circular letter reminding members that the Illinois Division is after us, and to keep our petition as the second largest division, we must hustle. A blank application is en. closed in these loiters, and it is hoped many of them will bo sent in filled out. The enterprising wholesale grocery firm of Elliott & Co. employ enough T. P. A. members to hold a mooting including a presiding officer. How is that for Logansport? It is to be regretted that members of this post do not refer differences to the chairman of committee on arbitration instead of settling them "Marquis of Queensbury rules." The State constitution as amended by Post F, is now in tbe hands of Secretary E. F. Keller, and will be mailed to the different Posts the coming week. Mr. R. H. Huff president and J. A. M. La Puire secretary and treasurer are the officers of the post recently eitablished at South Bend. Clark Taylor, State president is in Indianapolis to complete the organization of Post A of that city. Frank Stone member oi the Board of State Directors was in the city Friday. ZOA-PHORA, "DISEASES OF WOMEN AND CHILDREN," a booh worth tttttl&rt, 99itt liaitd for 700, Seams to GIR L> » p»J»lft«t, \ development and thoi prereit* llft-lMf weakness. Snstaln* and soothe* Overworked Women, Extuiusted Mottien, and prevents prolapsus. Cares Palpitation, Sfeepfew- net,*, nervous breaking; down (oft*B preventing Insanity), providing a tail Change of Life, and a hate art Siappy old age. Header, suffering from any complaint pecnliar to the female sex, ZOA-FHORA to Worth everything to yon. Lcttcn for advice, marked "Consulting Department," an Men by onr physicians only. ZOA-PHORA CO., H. G. COLMAN, See'y, Kalanuttoo, Mich. THE CHUKCHEH ADDITIONAL IXICAL8. House for Sale Very Cheap—No. 808 Sycamore street Inquire of A. DeLong, No. 402 Market street. Hood's Sarsaparllla Is absolutely unequalled as a blood purifier and strengthening medlolno. It is the ideal spring medicine. Try It. For rent, good front room, down ttairf, suitable for two, in good location on Market street, fire minutes walk from court house. Inquire X X Journal office. Physicians state, that many cases supposed to be female disease are in reality a derangement of the nervous system; quickly relieved and cured by Dr. Wheeler's Nerve Vltallzer. Sold by Ben Fisher. least a hundred applicants appear for the position who are willing to work for almost any price ao desperate is the situation. Has* Ball Nolesi. The colored boys of this city have organized a ball team with Gem Wlnilow manager and James Carter captain. Tho High School boys defeated the East End ball nine yesterday afternoon by a score of 29—11. A. 1H. E. millenary Society. All the members of the A. M. E. Church Missionary Society are requested to be present next Friday night, April 20th, Those holding cards will please bring them In. MBS. 6. A. RATLIMB, Prei. I believe in popular prices, therefore I sell 13.50 hats for $1.98, and $2 hats for $1.—Otto Kraus. Hlll.Aatadon. Last evening Mr. Francis A. Hill and Mrs. Martha Louisa Ashdon were united in marriage at tbe residence of .the bride, corner of Fifteenth and Broadway by Rev. W. H. H, Marsh. Mr. Hill resides in Ontario. New York. Mre. Hill is tbe mother of Mr. Earl Cook, secretary of the R. R. T. M. C. A. of this city. During her residence here ehe has been active in Christian work. She is president of tho W. C. T. U. and of the Board of Lady Managers of Iho Home for the Friendless. She has made herself many friends during her stay here. She will remove from our city to tho home of her husband in the State of New fork. The couple will bear with them the best wishes of many friends here. Vandal la Line Kxcnralon*. On April 16th, 17th and 18th, round trip tickets, Logansport to Crawfordsville, Ind., at $2.55, good to return to and including April 20th. On April 23d, 24th and 25th, round trip tickets, Logansport to Indianapolis, at (2.35, good to return to and including April 27th. OD May 1, the usual variety of commutation tickets go on sale to Marmont—Lake Maxinkuokee. Tickets all now on sale to Chicago via St, Joseph and Lake Michigan. For any further information see J. C. EDOBWORTH, Agent. Notice to Taxpayer!. The City Treasurer's office will be open evenings to acoomodate employes of the Fan Handle, commencing on next Monday. GGORGE W. HOFFMAN, City Treasurer. Don't Be IMcelred. Don't be humbugged! If you want pure E«rly Ohio seed potatoes without fail, go to J. H. McMillan, the gard- ner, Bates street, West Side. Get your ready-made wrappers at the Trade Palace. Only 7* dents. Tea gowns.—Golden Rule. Moire silk and lace bows at the Bee Hive. One dollar for $2 Dorbys or Fedoras, at Otto Kraus'. Quaker headache capsula give re. lief in ten minutes. Como to our cloak parlor Monday or Tuesday,—Golden Rule, Regular meeting of Typographical Union at 2:30 this afternoon. Clark's spool cotton 3 cents per spool, at tho New Fashion store. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Ira Jones last evening a 10 pound daughter. Wrappers made of American indigo print only 89 cents.—Trade Palace. Seo Otto's 18-oent ties in the show window? How does he do it? Well, he does it. Wanted—A girl for general housework, 606 Market street. None but competent need apply. Our special prices on spring wraps proves a great success. Call again this week,-—Trade Palace. Twenty-five cents for summer un. dorwear at Otto's; 37 cents for fine Balbrlggan underwear worth 75 cents. Mies Maibelle Justice's new book and several other new and popular novels just received, at Gifife's book store. Grand reduction in our cloak department for this week. Capos, 98 cents; children's jackets, 75 cents.— Trade Palace. New carpets, new patterns, well selected and at lower prices than elsewhere in the city. Prices guaranteed at the New Fashion store, A. M. Hathaway yesterday purchased a "Sterling Expert" of A. B. Eeasllng. It is pronounced by all who have seen it the finest wheel in town. The first division of the Woman's Relief Corps No. 30, auxiliary to the G. A. R., will serve coffee at the reil- denoe of Mrs. G. N. Foster, 1401 High street, Tuesday, April 17, from 3 to 6 o'clock p. m. Coffee 10 cents. Tbe opening production of the F. M. Williams company will be announced through the daily papers on Monday evening with full strength of cast introducing little "Edna Kern- Ing" who with her part singing and dancing specialties, has been received every where with the greatest admiration and applause from all. She has been identified for a short season with Tompklns Black Crook do. and is said to be undoubted one of the brightest child actresses en the American stage. CUMBERLAND PRESHYTKKIAN CnUHCH.— SerVlCOS lit Hum and? (i in. PreiichliiKlir Rev. A. W. Hawkins, Sundny School at U:-I5 a in. A. M. E. Ciroucn—Corner of Clcott and Market streets, L, W. Ratllff, pn-stor. Services at 10:80 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. Sunday scnool at 3 p.m. C. S. Jones, Supt. Cinmcn or CHRIST (Scientist)—Services will be held In tDelr now looms In tt-e Mugee block, corner of Sixth and Brondwaj-. Blblo Clusii ;tt HiilOftindnyiiiornliiK. All tire cordially Invited to attend. CHKISTUN Cuojicn—Corner Ninth rind Spear streets. Rpv.T.ti. Krcflniiin, Pastor. Services ;it i! o'clock a m by the p,-u«tor. Sunday School Mt 9:30 a in. <;. N. Berry. Siipt. V. P. S. C. E. :it U lo. All ure Invited. BKOAUWAY PHESKYTKIHAN Cnunni—Kev. E. S. £cott, faster. Krv. ,). K. Toild ot Luceriw, Intl.. will i>re;ich this morning II ;i. m. Simd.'iy School at ll .'in. ;t m. V. I'. S. C. B. :<t G:.'»i u m. Allure cordlaily Invited to attend these services. FniST PiiKsiiYTKHiAS Cnuiiri!— Rev. D. P. Putnam, piistor. Murnln;,' services ME 11 o'd ck. Preaching by Knv. Cli.'irms Llitleo! Walmsli. TvenlnK services :n. 7 .'In o'clock. Sunday S nuol at !l::w. Yninii; 1'eoiilH'n meeting ;it (i:li« am. A cordial welcome lor all. TlIINITV KlMsroi'Ai, Climni-Kev. Douglas I. llobbH, Ktctor. 7 ;i in Holy Communion, ih'ida m, Sunday SdKiol; 111:.'):) a in. inornlnp praji'r, and address by Mr. 11. N. Hills of ftamblnr Ohio. T p. in. nveii!iig prayer and sermon. Subject "ijefeated." A welcome for all. BROADWAY M, E. (Jiimcii—Rev. H. ,T. Norrls I'itstor. un account of ihe sickness of the pastor there win be no preaching. The other j-ervlo.es wlil be I'eid as usual. Sunday School at !l:W a. in. Kpworlh Le;igu« at 6 lit) Junior EuworU) League ,'i p, in. A welcome far all. MAHK.KTSTHKKTM. K. Cnuncn—Rev. W. R. v>oiifs, PiiMiir. Preaching<it 1H:15 a m. and 7:Siip. ih. riafolmli bcao«lac D.-SOa m. Junior League nt 'J !ki p. in. Kcvtorth League at (Jito p. in. Kvenlng services at 7>tO p m. clmw inWngs at IHOum and C^U p m. All are cordially invited. UNIVEHSAUST Cncucii—R**v. T. S. Guthrle Pastor. Services today at this church at 11 a.m. mirt 7:30 p. in. by tbe pastor. Similar ftchool at 10 a. m., KdwiirU Canls, aunt. Morning .subject, "Pardon." Kvenlng subject, "JCperlastlng Punishment nnd Eternal Lite. All are cordially Invited W tbese services. BAITIST CHCRCH—Rev. W. H. H. March Pastor. Services toaaynt 10:.'S) a. m. preachlog by the pastor. Sunday Scnool at 12. Ueeilog •( the B. Y. P. U. In tho lecture, room at 0 3U. Leader, Miss Ore Cox. Sublect, "Testifying In tbe midst of Uabellevlng." Lnke 22:57. Morning subject, "The Mind Kept In Perfect Peace." In tne evening at 7:80 p. m., the subject will be, "The Intermediate State." [Those furnishing the church notices will please band In only the changes In tbe notices sucb as special services, subject, change of hour and change cf pulpits. Cut out this notice as far as It Is good and add toe change. CLEAN CF FOB SPRING. Nolle* Tbe Board of Health Iiinei a to ike Public. LOGAN8POET, April 14, 1894. On September 20th, 1893, the common council passed the following or. dlnance: An ordinance of the city of Logans> port, Indiana, requiring property owners to clean and disinfect, and abandon all privy vaults and cess pools west of Fifth street and between Eol and Wabaah rivers, and connect same with sewers, and provide penalties. Be it ordained bp the common coun. ell of the city of Logansport: Section 1. That the continuation of privy vaults and ceaa pools in all the territory lying weat of Fifth street and between the Eel and Wabash rlvera in said city be and ia declared a nuisance In accordance with the above ordinance the board of health notifies all property owners within the above described district, ' that all privy vaults and cuss pooln are to be cleaned at once, disinfected and abandoned and suitable connections effected with tbe sewera lately constructed. By order of the health board. N. W. OADY, Secretary. Rule* to California ' Urcatly via tne Pennnylvanla The Midwinter Fair at San Francisco and tbe numerous other attrao» tions in the Wooderlaod beyond the Rocky mountains can be enjoyed bjr- persons of limited means QJ the round trip rate has again been materially reduced via Pennsylvania lines. PH. seng-ers can eelect any of tbe several routes from Chicago, and tho return limit is ample lor a satisfactory sojourn. For detail-s apply lo J. A Mo- Cullough, ticket agent. Logauapoi*!, Ind. BlllonH Colic; I*roveiit«'d. Persons who are subject to attacks of bilious colic can almost invariably tell, by their feelings, when to expect an attack. If Chamberlain's Colic. Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy is taken as soon as these symptoms appear. they can ward ofT the disease. Such persons should always keep the reme» dy at hand, ready for immediate ule ' when needed. Two or three doses of it at tbe right time will save them much suffering. For sale by B. F. Keeeling, druggist. Muslre Fo«»d«tloi« Dliconrcd. Chicago citizens in their detiro M excel, have lately accomplished a Wf feat, namely: In discovering by actual . measurements that there are IOBM lady residents who can wear show twelve inches long, Your blood needs regulating In spring. • -Lafeld Cabinet Fort 1 ' U nature's own blood purifier. Mild and mellow. Price, quarts, $1; ptntf, M cents, For sale by W. H. Porter, prescription druggist, 326 Market streM, Logansport, Ind. It !• Good. The more Chamberlain's Cough Remedy is used the better it is liked. We know of no other remedy tha» always gives satisfaction. It Is (rood . when you first catch cold. It U good when your cough is seated and your lungs are sore. It Is good In any kind of a cough. We have sold twenty-fir*. dozen of it and every bottle hat given. satisfaction. — Stedman & Friedman. druggists, Minnesota Lake, Minn. 50' cent bottles for sale by B. F. Druggist. ___ Republican suit* On account Republican State Con- ventlon the Pennsylvania lines will ' sell excursion tickets to Indlanapolli and return at rate of $2.35. Tickets will be sold April 23, 24 and 25, good going only on date of sale and will be available for returning trip until April 27, 1894. Inclusive. KneKbtx of Hoaor Entertainment. Logan and Wabasb. lodges, K. of H. will give an entertainment at Progress hall on Monday evening, April ICth. Following 1 is the program: Openlmr Ode K. of H. Orders Accompanied by Miss Bessie Pitman. Prayer „.. Chaplain of Logan Lodge Song Manhattan Quartette Speech **. Brother (TOO. w! Fender Song Mlsi Mattle Furirns Speech Rev. Dr. Wonen. of M. E. Cbnrch Duett Miss Cora Alford and Mr. Will Rustic Accompanied by HISS Florence Flanlgan. Recitation Miss Rena Jones Tom Drill Idward Doyle Recitation Minn Blanche Elliott Guitar Solo Miss Baby Cornell Recitation » , Miss DglsySbelton Sontr Manhmten Quartette Recitation Miss Maggie Shedell Song—"Hortinuro the Farm" Misses Gora Afford, May Kstabrook, Nellie Coon: Messrs. Sllg»rt and Foustj accompanied by Mils Florence f lonlgan. Mock Initiation - Lodge T«om Closing Ode,. Accompanied by Miss Bessie Pitman A dispatch just received from General Cozey of the Commonwealers, states that he will be on hand and deliver a short address. Rrdaced Rate* M K«k«n* •Tlvanla Line*. On Wednesday, April 18th, special excursion tickets to Kokomo will be sold at reduced round trip rates from North Judeon, Anderson, Monticello, and intermediate stations on the Pennsylvania lines, account Populist and Prohibitionist rally; return coupons valid until April 19th, Inclusive. VandalU Line Kxennlou To South, Southeast and Southwest will run on various dates from now until June 5, 1894, inclusive. On* fare round trip. Call on or address any Vandalla line agent and ask for Information contained in circular No. 327 of January 20, 1894. Handle Factory Wood for Bale. Handle factory wood delivered to any part of the city. Mail orders to Hillock & Plttman. Handle Factory. on Toledo St., or P. J. Kimmer. Four "C" f 100 Bovard, f 100. Tbe reader of this paper will be pleued to learn that there li at leut one dreaded dlseatea that science bus been able to cure la all Its stages and that U Catarrh, Hall'i Catarrh Cute Is tne onl7 poRltlTe core known to tbe medical fraternity. Catarrh being a oonitltottmal dlseun, requjwa a oonjtimuonal treatment. Hall'i Catarrh Cora It taken internallr, acting dlreotlr on tbe blood and mueui surface! of the intern, tbenbj dentrojlDg the foundation of tbe dlseana, and giving the patient itnnttb by bnlldlng up the constitution and uftaUng natoK In doing Iti work. Tbe proprietors bare 10 mueh filth In Hi cunUre powers, that they offer One Hundred Dollars for any cue that It fall! to euro. Send for Uitot testimonials. Addnu, K. J. CHENEY ft CO., Toledo, O. GVdoid bj drnggirta. Bterclci. The best light weight bicycle for (ICO, just received at HENKT TDCKKR'B. A beautiful QdUplay of millinery at the New Fashion store. . , Nothing in the 'whole history of Medicine can compare with the suo- oe88 of "POUR C." It is the ONM KNOWN specific for LA GRIPPE. It removes all its DRKADBD and KVTL effects, inducing restful, natural sleep. ONB DOSB will frequently {remove Pleurisy pains. ONK DOSK UM time and again relieved a ohild »nf- ferinK with CROUP. Pour "C" hu cured Asthma, Bronchitis, Pneumonia, and Ulcerated Tonsilitis. lit composition it is DIFFERENT, to WORK pcrwKRFUL and Acrrvit, in fMt • it is as DIFFERENT from any other lung remedy as molasses is different from vinegar. It is a REVELATION. BEST OP AL& TOP TAKE »•RISK. The KSSBNCK of the eontraet is. Four "C" MUST GIVE SATISFACTION or money will be refunded BEN FISHER.

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