Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 14, 1894 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 14, 1894
Page 5
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I'TilSV? WHO IS YOUR rriATTEW WHY, DEWENTE THE HATTER. So say the majority of men already. Now we want the minority to come ove to the majority. Let us show you our NEW SPRING HATS. OBSERVE! The announcement of Tucker & Young I THE PEARL ST. TAILORS. " Their New Spring Goods are ready for in- £ spection. Special attention is called to 4! their $20.OO suits made to order. Yours Truly, "PUCK." iTlSTHEPEOPLtr purasTjJEST, AND NOT THE TESTIMONIALS OF PURCHASABLE CHEMIST*. DAILY JOURNAL. SATURDAY MORNING, APRIL 14. ^^^^^^^*** aMl ^^^^*^^^^^^^^^ M * l ^^ M Plenty of pine apples, 16 cents, at Kothermel'i. A good cape today for 98 cents.— Trade Palace. Those $4 and $6 ihoes for ladles •lill go at $2.48. at Kraus 1 . No such line o( lovely dress goods M you will find at the Bee Hive. For $2.48 Otto Kraus sells the choicest ladies fine footwear for ladies. Patronize the maker *f his own clothing and save 20 per cent.—Harry Frank. Call again today and get muslin underwear at special prices.—Trade Palace. Genuine Buttermilk Soap at Ben Fisher's drug store. Three oakei for 35 cents. No advance, new hats at old prices at Kraus' today—$1 for f 2 Derbys and Fedoras. The prettiest designs in Cheney Bros, printed Pongee China silks, at the Bee Hive. We yesterday received the new Miller hat. It's a beauty.—Patterson, the Haberdasher. Otto Kraus' special fine shoe sale at $3.48. continue* to attract universal attention. Such extraordinary values were never before offered. Wilson, Humphrey A Co. can bind jour World's Fair Portfolios in a handsome cover, either embossed, ; •oroooa.or olotn with goW tllle. ; The Convention TonlRfct, Owing to the general demand for a larger room the central committee has secured the opera house and the republican convention will be held there tonight. Delegates will please take notice. The Junior* Entertain. A couple cf months ago the Junior class of the High School entertained the seniors at the home of Miss Lottie Harrison. Last evening as a return of the courtesy the seniors entertained at the home of Miss Daisy Justice, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. DeWltt C. Justice on Tenth street. It wae a very pleasant occasion. The party whiled the time in parlor games and an elaborate supper prepared by the Seniors was served. Those present were: Seniors—Sadie Delzsll, Bertha Shaffer, Edna Long, Bertha Reed, Cora Walter, Leah Woll, IdaWorstell, May Martin, Earl Chappelow and the hostess. Juniors—Lottie Harrison, Nettle Himmelberger, Marie Barnett, Marion McNitt, Emma Manders, Lena Rosier, Gertrude Winters. Elsie Martin. AUle Larrlmtr, Anna Nelson, Carl Green, Dwlght Pewoll, Warren Hlgglns, Edward Burgman, Wiley Overholuer, Frank Amoss, Jehu Powell. Teachers—Prof, and Mrs. Spraker, Miss Hawkins, Miss Cook, Miss Gil man, Mr. Stauffer. Tbe Oaptaln Gel HI* M«» Captain Thomas of the police force went to Chicago yesterday upon infor mation that George W. Hoffman, a patent right man who was wanted here for defrauding Frank Grafton, a school teacher out of a city lot, on a patent ri^ht deal. The Captain returned at midnight with Hoffman who is now in jail. It is thought that Hoffman is a crook with a record who is wanted also in other States. The Evolution Of medical agents is gradually relegating the old-tlme herbs, pills, draughts and vegetabl/ extracts to the rear and bringliK,- into general use the pleasant ani"' effective liquid laxative, Syrup of Figs. To get the true remedy see that it is manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only. For sale by all leading drug- grists. _ Death of lire Kn«lU«n. Mrs. Wllhelmlna Kuellsen, wife of Christian KuelUen, died at her home at 107 Pratt street, at 9 o'clock last night, aged 01 years and 7 months. For lile, At a bargain, a Jersey calf, male, ten months old. Inquire of John Gerard or Dr. J. H, Shultt. FOILED. THE GAS COMPANY FAILS—HADLEY TO BE SENT HACK TO AID T11E HOLD-OVER VALIANT FIVE. Tbe l>eopl« Awake 10 the Dnnner Which Tnroatenii—Remarkable Attendance at the Republican Frlma- rlei—Bnlldlng* too Small to Accommodate the • Crowd* — Nominee* Which iviu meet Approval Be- KBrdle» of Party—The Delegate* to the City Convention Selected In a manner that Ever7 Candidate In done*. THE COUNCIL First Ward ...CHARLES RINGLRBEN Second Ward ........... GEORGK HAIfiH Third Ward .......... WILLIAM KEISEH Fourth Ward.. ................. J. C. HAD1.EY Finn Ward ......................... JOE The Republican primaries last even. ing- were startling in the exhibition of public Interest In them. The buildings in many instances failed to bold the crowd, and the street outside was thronged. In the First ward 176 votes were cast. The laat Republican primary there was made up of leea .than a dozen. In the Second ward 108 votes were cast. The last primary there showed 7 present, In the Third ward 86 votes were cast. The last primary showed less than ten. In the Fourth and Filth wards over 250 In each were present where the laat primaries showed lees than 25 In each. It was evident that the republicans bad realized the dangers threatening the good people of Logansport. The feeling wag intense and the enthusiasm Brest. In every Instance the delegates to the city convention were selected fairly and the candidates were pleased with the fact. In the First ward, Charles Rlngle- ben was nominated for councilman. He la a tax payer, a good citizen and a close, careful business man. In the Second ward, George Haigh, one of the most exact and careful business men in Logansport, was nominated. In the Third ward, William Reiser, who has always been recognized as one of the solid business men of the ward, was nominated. In the Fourth ward, Councilman J. C. Hadley was nominated by acclamation. In the Fifth ward the popular Fan Handle conductor, "Joe' 1 Klnney, was chosen by acclamation. The nominations reflect great credit on the Republicans, and if the nominees are elected the council will rank high ID the estimation of the people of Logansport. On the gat question Charles Ringleben is the bookkeeper in the office of the new gas company, George Haigh was a director in the first opposition fas company, J. C. H*41ey has always stood firm against the old gas company in the council and William Reiser and Joe Klniey are subscribers to and active supporters of the new company. On all other questions they will be found close economists and careful business men, always for the best interests of the people. . THE FIRST "WABD. In tke First ward commltteeman W. H. Legg called the meeting to 1 order. Charles Rlngleben was made chairman and C. B. Longwell, secretary. John E, Barnes moved that all republicans and those intending in the future to vote with them be invited to participate in the deliberations which was carried, several former democrats coming forward. Nominations for councilman were ordered and Charles Rtngleben, Edward Leonard, Andrew ECay and Robert Cromer were named. The first ballot resulted, Rlcgleben, 74; Cromer, 46; Leonard, 41; Ray. IS, and C. B. Longwell, 2. The second ballot gave Rlngleben, 105; Leonard, 81; Cromer, 28, and Ray, 9. Total vole, 176; necessary to a choice, 89. Mr. Rlngleben accepted the nomii nation in a very happy speech. Delegates were selected aa follows: The four commltteeraen were instructed to put 15 names each in hats to be Irawn from in order, the first 35 to be chosen. This resulted in the choice if the following delegates: DSLIGATEB. J, 1, LIntner O. W. Hllai Harry Brlggs L. a Ciller Chas. B. LongwsJl B, V. Barnett E. Wheeldon B. Cromer A. M. Coahler Dan M. Watt* Thou. Uscden J. B. Kerlln John ttonaid jlfred Campbell Elliw Win en A. C. Baroott ,„„ JRJ. Bvmtt Wm, G. Cuumlnfi.-V5, • aicoiro WABD. In 'the Second Ward Chairman J. Z. owell culled the meeting to order. S. McCpuoell ww made chairman and E. liber, -itoretary. Nominations • councilman were ordered and 8. S. Hart and W. H. ' nominated. The flrtt ohn 1. Earner oho Hartz lias Morgan ?n.H Legg aiCook Wm. Caxntm ameaiCcComb* an. Lnrawojr . H, Wise lose Crocket . H. Parker avid Miller obn Thornlrarg 3*o. Ekolburner . Hart M»ttMa>i«nna • flarrj Long nell ballot resulted, Halgh, 63; Hart, 80 Bevan. 10; blank, 2; total. 105; neoes aary to a choice, 58. A motion was made that the chair appoint a committee o three from each preclnt to select delegates. The chair stated that be preferred that this committee be elected by ballot and an amend meat to that effect was made and carried. Nominations were called for and made. Aa only three from each precinct were nomlnalei they were selected by acclamation. The committee consisted of Samuel Hart, Albert Williams, O. J. Stouffer, George Haitrh. W. H. Beven, William Stone, Charles Sellers, Bert McMillen and Robert Patterson. While the committee was out the following resolution was offered and adopted: Wo commend to the republican city ooDvention our only candidate Charles A. Smith whose energy, ability and gentlemanly qualities especially com mood him for the office of city clerk to which he aspires. We hereby instruct our delegates to vote for him and to do all in their power to secure his nomination. The committee reported the following delegates: DELEGATES. Alt McCartj Pre«. Swlgart J. K. Bnrrows 0. J. Stauffer Ed Bncber I.on MRJ John Glnierj S C, Hart G«o. BarnM L. B. it«TeM Cbun. Tuber Cbu. Lu A. L. Zo*k M. Conover Chas. Cirnber J. F. Grnble W. B. Stone A. N, Donaldson Frank Klcs .Albert Wlllllams Cliai. Piirker Robt. Pntterson Harry Cam* Clms. Sell*™ B. McMillen •W. H. Porter-28. Johi Slnceman Ulchael Fornoff Charles Hlllhouno Will C. Grlndle John D. Fi-rnuscn Jonatbnn K. Rollins Lewis Wandrel Jfcmeu A. West tteorga W. Kitchens THIRD WARD, In the Third ward committeeman John Sauera called the meeting to order. John Sauera was made chair., man and John|D. Ferguson, secretary George A. Linton was indorsed for member of the Water Works Board. John B. Grovor was elected committeeman in the first precinct vice W. S. Parks resigned. Nominations for councilman were called for and William Reiser, Joseph A. Aman and 0. L. ShepparJ were nominated. On tbe first ballot William Kaiser received, 49; Joseph A. Aman, 19; and O. L. Sheppard, 18; total 86; necessary to a choice 44. Delegates were selected as follows: UKl.RGiTi'S. C. L. Alford Jacob Barren John B. Smith S. II. Murray Thorn as Kendall John Sauera .Josepb A. Aman Earl Stewart Vlivll Conrad illclmel Carl-20. FOURTH WAHD. The convention was called to order by Mr. S. B. Boyor and Judge D. H. Chasa was called to the chair. B. F. Keeiling was selected as secretary. There was a promise given of some rivalry in the matter of the nomination for councilman, the names of James Chidester, W. T. May, A, B. Stanton and J. C. Hadley, present incumbent, being placed before the convention. Mr. Hadley was nominated by acclamation the others with* drawing their marnes. The applause of the convention was substantial and hearty. Jamee McSheehey, of the Chronicle, though a Fifth ward man, spent the day with Fourth ward republicans working against Mr. Had. ley. Tbe Chronicle was gotten out a day in advance and distributed free, as it baa been for the past two weeks, in an effort to defeat Mr. Hadley. No one suspects the Chronicle of working for its health, and the opposition made tbe support of Mr. Hadley more enthusiastic. In the matter of selecting delegates for the city convention the executive committee of the ward proposed a method of (electing by consecutive committees of three, each committee to eoleot six delegates until the allottmeot be made. Upon motion of A. J. Robinson thia recommendation was laid on the table • BS being too cumbersome. C. E. Hale then made a motion that the delegates be selected by ballot, each member of tbe convention voting for 34 men, the 84 receiving the highest number of votes thus cast to be declared the choice of the convention for delegates. This cumbersome method did not meet any higher favor than tbe first and W. D. Pratt made an amendment to Mr. Halo's motion by which tbe chair would appoint a committee in the usual way this committee of three from each precinct to select. Thia was carried and the chair named the committee as follows: George W. Walters, C. B Green, J. C. Chidester, H. C. Cushman, C. E. Hale, J. T. Tomltnson, A, B. Stanton, John Jenks, Q. A. Myers. Thia committee then reported the following' list of delegates which was adopted: UKLXQATKg. Jobn Y. Wold Sol Wine W. D. Pratt ChM. young Cha*. ifcubell Henry Uuidock Wllli&m Douglaii at 8 o'clock. J. G. Meek was called to the Chair, and Fred handle and H. F. Jox were elected secretaries. The names of J. W.Kenney, Rodney Strain, John Knefield and N. R. Donaldson, were proposed for nomination for Councilman Mr. Strain withdrew hlu name. The ballot resulted as follows: Konney, 113; Eosfield, 76, Donaldson, 68: Strain, 2. Total number of votes cast, 259; necessary to a choice, ISO. As none of the candl dates bad received a majority another ballot was ordered which resulted as follows: Kenney, 127: EaeQeld, 76: Donaldson, 52. Total vote, 255, neces sary to a choice 128 By a prearranged agreement the name of the lowest candidate was dropped and before the third ballot was ordered Mr. Ensfleld withdrew hU name and Mr. Konnoy was nominated by acclamation: The following delegates to the city convention were selected: . IIKLXGATKS. C, T. Thompson J C. Jiduuworth I.'N. Liwdy John M. Toney S. M. Velsey Will F. Bridge C. H. pooltttlo K R. Penrose fSoo. Snider CUT THIS GET. Slate 1 . . I)r. Sterrett L. L. Jack i:<l fiampsell I. N. Wiitklni Clms. Kxrlln C. T. Llspenard Rudolph Berndt J. M. Patterson William Chase, jr. M. L. Bryant II. Voss Jos. Xenaey N. K. Johnson H. K. Jox J. E. Cram *'. P, Rogers D. C. Leo Tlios. Auston .T C Cockburn A. B. Dortrt K. e. Hilton Harry Cllloy A, J. Murray C. K. KMd Jos. Sellfrt .] K. Cnmlr.enre Will Wllltinore 1.. W. Rrnwn John T. Long Wm. KnmU John Enslield Pat Doliin W. M. Plclcard H. L. Clark K. n. SellTS C. C. Stewart B. A. Deal! Albert Armstrong Wni, Patterson Jas. Cotikburn H. C. Chriatman N. R. Donaldson £. A. Hull E. W. Anderson Jobn Blasslngbam W. W. BrlgB W. W. Hllton-02. Col. Wool ttnrprued. On Thursday evening Col. Chas. L. Woll was much surprised upon return, log home from the ward meeting to find his pleasant home in possession of a gay crowd of his friends who had called to spend the evening with him and Mrs. Woll and to help him celebrate the anniversary of hie birtb— just what anniversary deponent sayeth not. It was a pleasant evening for all concerned. Bak«r-0«naon. At 8 o'clock Thursday evening at the residence of the bride's sister, Mrs. S. L. Hutchlneon at 406 North street, Mils Llllie L. Condon was united in marriage to Mr. Arthur G. Baker, the jeweler. Rev. H. J, Norria performed the ceremony in the presence of quite a number of the friends of tbe parties. Reed-Dr Itt. Thursday evening at 7 o'clock at the home of the bride's mother north of tbe city, Rev. Dr. D P. Putnam officiating, Miss Sarah M. Dritt was united in marriage to Mr. Robt. Heed, a Fulton county school teacher. OollciPreveuted. Persons who are subject to attacks of bilious colic can almost invariably tell, by their feelings, when to expect an attack. If Chamberlain's Colic. Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy is taken as soon as these symptoms appear, (bey can ward off the disease. Such persons should always keep the remedy at hand, ready lor immediate uee when needed. Two or three doses of it at the right time will save them much suffering. For sale by B. F. Eeesling, druggist. Vudalla Line Bxenralom To South, Southeast and Southwest will run on various dates from now until June 5, 1894, inclusive. One fare round trip. Call on or address any Vandalia, line agent and ask for nformation contained in circular No. 327 of January 30,1894. It If OMd. The more Chamberlain's Cough Remedy is used the better it is liked. We know of no other remedy that always gives satisfaction. It la good when you first catoh cold. It ii good when your cough is seated and your ungs are sore. It it good in any kind of a cough. We have sold twenty-five dozen of It and every bottle has given atiefaetton.—Stedman & Friedman, druggists, Minnesota Lake, Minn. 50 cent bottles for sale by B. F. Eeesllng, Druggist. Have the Miller hat or the Sherman and be strictly correct. Sold by Patterson, the Haberdasher. A PHIL 14.1894. MEMORIAL WAR BOOK COUPON. * of tMosc coupons nrnt t s<-cun>K t.Ue current mimlxr <,f the Mem- ortiil War Honk, If pro-wmed a-t a Portfolio Department of Thi; Journal. COT.THIS OUT. Pf>H TItKAMCKKH. I will be a candidate for Trwumrer of the clt3 of Loeiinsport. subjwt to the will of t&e HfpnWS- can City Nominating Convention. O. B. SAKSIKT. Loransport. ln,I. Fnimiary IS. 1SH. I will be a candidate (or Treasurer oz the dlj of LoiMnsport, cabinet to the will of the Kepobl>- can City Nominating Contention. A. 1,0,SO, LOKansport. Ind., l-Vbranry 1C. 1894. I will b« a Piindliliile lor Tr«isurer of itif eltyo 3 Loginsport. .«ub)i>ct to the will of tbe Bepubllcafc. Cllj N'omlnatliiK Convention. (! K (El,) BABKKTT.. Log.inspon. Int).. April 7, ]>«n. o!llc« or Cltj 1 rru.-unT .sulijoct ui tbe will of th«* Republican Convention. J. n. AI.X.OOS. LUKaiiwl. l"d-. rVornjtry 59,1X34. I will b;> :i i-aMi'l'il- inr Tnwnrer n: theclly. llcan City Nom::nti int: romcntion. Logunsport, lnii. Jl.uciifc. W94. TOH CLKRK. I will be a e.iii<il<l:ii« for Clerk of the City of Lc~ Kansjiort. subject to tlm will 01 the city Nominal Inc Coiiventlon. .1. B. Wi lognnsport, Ind., April C. 1SW. I will be a candidate for Clerk 0( the CI^ of Lo puisport. subject to th« wlj) o) the Kepabllcfle* City NoiulnatlnK Convention. ALBKHT SW.UJXMKK. Logansport. Ind.. Mnrcb Si, itftM. I will be a candidate for Clerk of the City ot Lo- eonsport, subject to the will ot the BepubUcact City Nominating Convention. CHARLES Surra. Logansport, Ind., April 7,1894. FOR MAYOR. To the Reuubllcanx of I/ogantiport: I will be a candidate before tbe BepubUono convention for the nomination of Mayor oi UK-city of Logansport. Pledging myself to n Jwt enforcement ot tbe luws. ntrici economy to tt*e» administration ol public atMirs, consistent wlUa the absolute needs of our throwing city, tbe pio-- t«ctlon of the people against tbe encroachment, of all corporations and reqimlnn a strict oteerr-. anceofall their contracts with tbe city and opposing all action which tends to Impair oar- Iln.inclal credit at borro or nbroad. 1 axk tn*> cordial snpnort of all Republicans. SIPNKY A. VAUeBN. 1 will be a candidate for Mayor of tbe City or Logansport, subject to tbe will of ibe Republican- City Nominating Convention. flBORfll P. liCKKK. Logaimport, Ind., April ij, isw. Weldon Webster will accept tbe Republican nomination (or Mayor K tbi» oonored bf tbe Republican Convention whltb meets Saturday neit; and will do all In bis power labrlnt about a successful Issue at tbe noils. I will be a candidate tor Major of the City ot Logansport. subject to the will of Ibe Republican City NomlnatlDgConventlOD, CBABIM H. STIJUL Logansport, Ind., April*. 18W. Major HcFkdln will be a csadktete lor tbe onto* of Mayor or tne City or iMUMfort subject to Urn- Democratic City Convention nod It elected no- councilman or city ••ctalwUI be permitted to. vote tbe taxpayer'!) money Into bin own pocket lilt Is In his power to prevent It. an Cltr O»»»«i«U»». The Republicans of the City of Lo-- gansport are notified to meet in the, several wards on FRIDAY. APRIL 13TB, 1894, at 8 p. m. for the purpose of nominating one -member of tbe council frons each ward, and selecting delegates to the city convention to nominate a city- ticket. The places of meeting will b» as follows: First ward—West Side engine house. Second ward.—Broadway rink. Third ward—Council chamber. Fourth ward—Broadway rink. Fifth ward—Fifteenth street engine, house. The ratio of the representation wilU be one delegate for each 10 votei OMfc for General Harrison in 1892, and one. ior each fraction over 6. The ratio, makes the ward representation a* follows: Flrat wart » Second ward * Third ward .'. - 1» Fourth wart — ** Fifth ward JK Total defecate* - _....ll* Necessary W clotoe - M The delegates selected will meet at. the new court room SATURDAY, AFRO., 14TH, 1894, at S o'clock p. m. to nominate candidates as follows: Mayor, TKMUTMU Clerk and Water Works Trustee. By order of committee. J. Z. POWILL, Chairmen. Attest: D. W. TOMLJNSON, Sec'y,. Brnaker'a Carminative Balsam, the great storx>-. ach and bowel remedy, isstUl working 1 wonders. For sale by all druggist** L. O, F»tter«on Italic SbUteler Jonph turker Will Illlott A. P. Jenk Imanuel Clim AlBrtnf hurst a B. Jwulun Joieph T. CralK C. B. Ora*D Wm. Eoyiut Wm. F. M»r AmMW. TOOBPMD L, H. Bum* John H. Flerc* Andrew Morgan D. H. CtU* Henry Tucker fieo. Barton Junes Chldeitar Henry Tbomu Dart J Bryer Jobn H. If UtlD C. I-.RiucH . D. tPryor Maroellm Xsib . D. C. Jurtlot-34 WITH WARD. Th« convention WM called to brdt; NOW THIS IS A FACT CARL W. KELLER the Merchant Tailor, leads them all in the Spring Trade. LOOK AT HIS PATTERNS. Ask any man in the city the way his clothes are made to fit and then know the truth. CARL W. KELLER. 811 Market St.

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