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letwit 4faee JhB0 METRO Sluggish Stock Market Slides 2 Points See Page 7, Section 15c 6-Day Home Delivery 90 Partly Sunny High 67 Low 47 Mm a Details pm to 1 HOUlv TIMPERATURIS I 7J 7 p.m. S3 11 p.m. 4 p.m. 70' p.m. SI 12 mid.

I p.m. 44 p.m. 52 1 a.m. 45 t-m. 54 10 p.m.

50 a.m. 44 ON GUARD FOR 143 YEARS Vol. 144 No. 178 Tuesday, October 29, 1974 Dope Empire Run from Mexican Jail MILD Imprisoned Pushers Live in Luxury BY BOB WIEDRICH Chicago Trlbunt TIJUANA, Mexico If running an international heroin ring from behind prision bars Action Line solves problems, gets answers, cuts red tape, stands up for your rights. Write Action Line, Box 881, Detroit, Mich.

43231. Or dial, 222-6464 between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. right in the Hernandez trailer after suitable greasing of palms at the jail gate.

ALL DELIVERIES would be made some-. where in the Los Angeles area through a controller whose identity is still unknown to authorities. The buyer would check into a Los Angeles room and wait for telephoned instructions on where to pick up the load usually packets taped beneath a washbowl in a gas station or other public washroom. Deals like these were conducted only with long established customers of the Hernandez ring and were based on mutual trust. Please turn to Page 2A, Col.

2 is your bag, why not operate in comfort? So, when the Hernandez family of Los Angeles Roberto, his and his brother, Juan were finally housed for 11 years each on dope smuggling charges in Mexico's Baja State Penitentiary, called La Mesa, near Tijuana, they set up housekeeping in grand style. THAT WAS FOUR years ago. And, until last week, the Hernandezes still functioned from a plush house trailer command post parked in the La Mesa prison compound, taking orders for multimillion-dollar heroin deliveries across the U.S. border on an unlisted telephone line wired directly to their quarters. Unbelievable? Maybe, if you're accustomed to American jails.

But absolutely probable under the lax manner in which Mexican state calabooses are run. Here is how the Hernandez family oper ated since 1970, right under the noses of Baja jail officials: A buyer of big loads in the U.S. would contact the Hernandezes on their private telephone, using a code changed every day. He would make his deal on the phone, then fly to nearby San Diego and rent a car for the drive to Tijuana. Once there, he would enter La Mesa as one of two visitors allowed daily for each prisoner.

In such cases, cash would exchange hands TAPES DISILLUSIONED HIM Hunt Admits Lying, to Juries I filed a claim with Union Fidelity Life Insurance Co. in Pennsylvania when my wife was hospitalized for 17 days due to a fall. We were paid but for only 14 days. Letters I've written to the company asking for the additional payment have gone unanswered. Can you get some results? G.G., Marysville.

One' call from Action Line brought quick review of claim and check for three additional days of wife's hospital stay. Union Fidelity spokesman said there wasn't any record of your letters to company. Claims department denied last three days of claim because of conflicting medical report, finally decided to pay since liability amounted to onlyJ18.75. I was arrested in San Diego last year and kept in jail for twos weeks on a phony drug rap. My parents posted bond to get me out and the charges were later dropped.

When I returned to Detroit the cops kept my clothing. I've tried since then to get it back without success. Is there anything you can do? M.K., Detroit. Five pieces of luggage are on the way. After Action Line's official from San Diego County Sheriff's Department cornered federal agent who made arrest and got his promise to ship clothing immediately.

Agent couldn't offer any excuse for year's delay, did say he tried to give luggage to your California attorney but lawyer didn't want any part of deal. Maybe attorney thought he'd done enough for you since three of your buddies got hit with slammer-stay for drug possession. I was going through some old papers the other day and found a letter sent to my grandfather dated June 23, 1923. Enclosed were 1 million Russian rubles printed in 1922. Do they have any HV can you SPARE A RU81E FOR A COPOF COFFEE Was Paid Off, He Testifies 1 BY CLARK HOYT Free Press Washington Staff WASHINGTON E.

Howard Hunt, in a dramatic courtroom confession, admitted Monday that he lied repeatedly under oath to protect high officials involved in Watergate after receiving thousands of dollars in clandestine cash payments. A pale, dejected Hunt, his voice dropping almost to a murmur said he had finally decided to tell the truth because, after reading former President Nixon's White House tape transcripts, "I realized these men were not worth my continued and future loyalty." THE TESTIMONY by Hunt, former CIA agent, former White House consultant and convicted Watergate conspirator, appeared to stun defense lawyers at the Watergate cover-up trial. They complained to Judge John Sirica that prosecutors "misled" the court into anticipating that Hunt would be a hostile witness When, in fact, he turned out to be "very friendly" to the government. Conceding that he even lied in a forthcoming book of memoirs, Hunt acknowledged that he kept silent for almost a year after the June 17, 1972, Watergate burglary and bugging while a stream of secret cash payments flowed to him and his wife. "My lips were sealed," Hunt value? J.S., St.

Clair Shores. According to money experts, ruble discovery would buy you cup of coffee if you shopped around for good deal. Current market value of your find is 15 cents. Grandad probably just held on to rubles because he knew inflation had KO'd Russian economy in early '20s. John Lewitt, owner, of Michigan Mint Coin Shop in Oak Park, says problem with coin and bill collector novices is that they think just because find is old, it must be rare.

Lewitt says it ain't necessarily so, adds that discovery of very valuable old coins or bills is extremely newsworthy occurrence. Condition and unavailability are much more important determining factors than age. For example, 1970 Kennedy half-dollar is worth 1 -1 rft-v a Hit fe Si ton Wl I Jtf fc- to'fc 1 ff iii iii ifHTfrr'i rff iiir'-inf AP Photo said he pledged in a message to Charles Colson, then a special counsel to Nixon and the resident White House "tough during a lunch recess in the Watergate trial. At left are Jill Volner, Carl Feldbaum and James Neal. Defendant John Ehrlichman (right) and Mrs.

Pat Taylor, a family friend, pass assistant prosecutors WWII 4immm. KISSINGER MENDS FENCES India Gets Warning, Promise guy. we were being taken care of," Hunt said he told Colson' But in March 1973, dissati-fied with what he felt was a failure by Nixon forces to honor "commitments," he threatened to "reconsider my options" if the White House did not come up immediately with $132,000, he said. On the night of March 21, Hunt said, an envelope containing $75,000 in cash was left in the mailbox at the home of his lawyer, William Bittman. Six days later, after receiving a provisional prison sentence for the Watergate burglary and bugging, Hunt was called before a federal grand Please turn to Page 8A, Col.

1 UFI Photo nuclear device on May 18, which it said was for peaceful purposes, and noted Mrs. Gandhi's promises not to develop nuclear weapons. The blast made India the sixth country with nuclear capabilities. New Delhi has not signed the 1968 non-proliferation treaty because it says the treaty discriminates against countries without the bomb. "A world in which an ever increasing number of nations possess nuclear weapons vastly magnifies the risk of both regional and global conflict," he said.

"And proliferation complicates, if it does not inhibit, international co-operation in the Please turn to Page 2A, Col. 2 $20 today 1870 half-dollar would only bring about $4 from collector. In October 1973 I bought two miniature dachshunds from the American School of Dog Grooming in Warren. One of the puppies, which was supposed to be a gift for my father, turned out to have a permanent back defect. We were promised a replacement in April, but the shop never made good on their promise.

Can you help us get what we paid for? Mrs. R.P., Detroit. You've finally got new puppy but this one didn't come without problems, either. Dachshund was shipped from Kansas, arrived with slight case of bronchial pneumonia. Vet checked dog, said he could correct ailment, so you decided to keep it.

American School of Dog Grooming agreed to pick up vet bill. Dog shop manager Louise Chuvard claims this is first available dachshund puppy since they notified you in April of replacement plan. She blamed delay on fact that dachshund puppies "at the right price" are presently hard to come by. I'm having problems getting my 1973 Capri repaired. Last June, after getting the tires rotated, I took it to Greenfield Tire and Brake Service in Rochester for wheel alignment and balancing.

The car vibrated and Greenfield blamed it on the car's frame so they re-rotated the tires back to their original position. I've tried to get the frame fixed but everyone just gives me the runaround. On top of that, I'm out the money to Greenfield for alignment and balancing and they didn't really solve the problem. Can you help me get some satisfaction? J.M., Rochester. Capri's rolling smooth and straight again.

Jim Jones, manager of Greenfield Tire and Brake, admitted his crew shouldn't have balanced tires since there was problem with frame, refunded balancing fee. Wheel alignment was done according to manufacturer's specifications so you got what you paid for there. Problem getting frame fixed was due to fact you moved to Rochester after buying car in Ypsilanti. Rochester shops couldn't fix car and you (didn't want to travel to Ypsilanti for repairs. Action Line finally found Lincoln-Mercury dealer in Rochester area that could handle frame problem.

E. HOWARD HUNT: "I felt a sense of rude NEW DELHI, India (AP) Henry A. Kissinger lectured India, the newest member of the atomic club, on the perils of nuclear proliferation, then promised on Monday to help the hungry nation without interfering politically. The speech to the Indian Council on World Affairs capped a busy day of reconciliation with Prime Minister Indira Gandhi's government. The American secretary of state also signed an agreement to set up a joint commission for co-operation in education, science and culture.

Mrs. Gandhi suggested in an interview published just hours before Kissinger arrived that the U.S. has only a marginal interest in India. But she said Monday at a brief lews conference: "With any two countries, any two individuals, things go up and down, but overall, relations with the United States are good." Sitting beside her, Kissinger interjected: "I agree with that completely. Relations are on the way up." IN HIS SPEECH, Kissinger acknowledged that relations between the world's two largest democracies have tended "to oscillate between high expectations and deep suspicion." The low point was in 1971, during the India-Pakistan war, and Kissinger said: "We faced these differences candidly.

That crisis is now behind us." His audience of businessmen, professionals and intellectuals interrupted the secretary several times with applause. But about 70 young persons outside shouted "Kissinger go back" and waved their fists as he arrived and left the auditorium. Kissinger mentioned to the council India's explosion of a Arab Chiefs Back Guerillas, Rebuff Jordan U.S., Israel Ford Signs 22 Bills; No-Knock Raids Die WASHINGTON (UPI)-President Ford signed 22 bills into law Monday, including measures repealing the controversial no-knock drug raid laws and expanding congressional control over exports of nuclear materials. Others rescinded the mandatory automobile seat belt and ignition interlock requirement and provided a new commitment to the development of solar energy. The 22 bills were among 36 that have been awaiting Ford's action since Congress began its election-period recess Oct.

18. Adopted in 1970, the no-knock laws allowed federal If i 3 tk 'f THE QUESTION To eliminate possible danger to children, some adults prefer to have block parties on Halloween rather than let kids go trlck-or-treating. Do you think the trick-or-treat tradition should be banned? Ex-Ally Spurns Rebel Convicts From UPI and AP THE HAGUE Four convicts freed the last child hostage from the Scheveningen Prison chapel Monday, but negotiations for release of the remaining 16 captives were thrown into confusion by the refusal of a Palestinian guerilla to join the gunmen. The four convicts, including a Falestinian guerilla convicted of an airplane hijacking, seized the chapel with 22 hostages inside Saturday night. They demanded that authorities bring them Sami Hussein Taminah, a second Palestinian prisoner.

But Taminah surprised the prison rebels by refusing to join them. RABAT (UPI) A special committee of the Arab summit conference broke a three-day deadlock between Jordan and the Palestine Liberation Organization on Monday and ruled that the PLO will be responsible for any Palestine land liberated from Israeli occupation, a conference spokesman said. Basically, the formula was a diplomatic victory for guerilla leader Yasser Arafat; who had been waging a bitter fight for recognition of the PLO's role in the settlement of the Palestine problem, sources said. It also amounted to a rebuff to the United States, according to some sources. Moroccan Information Minister Ahmed Taibi Benhima said a formula specifying the leading role for the PLO had been worked out by the special seven-member conciliation commission set up early Monday to end the feud between the PLO and Jordan over who shall administer territories that Israel may evacuate.

The conciliation committee, headed by summit chairman King Hassan of Morocco, included Arafat, Jordan's King Hussein, presidents Anwar Sadat of Egypt, Houari Boumedienne of Algeria and Hafez Assad of Syria, and King Faisal of Saudi Arabia. Benhima said the compromise has been submitted to the summit plenary session for formal endorsement. Diplomatic sources said that under the compromise Jordan will be guaranteed "some role" in the next peacemaking efforts. Benhima said the compromise was that the PLO should take over the responsibility of any occupied areas to be liberated without specifying whether they lie on the western or eastern bank of the Jordan River flowing through Palestine. THE ACCORD meant that the Arab leaders have decided to defy Israel and the United States, which have put the Arabs on notice that giving the militant PLO the upper hand in the Palestine issue would hamper peace efforts, diplomatic sources said.

HOW YOU VOTED YES, 63.7 percent. COMMENTS: "I don't think it's safe enough to send my kids down the street at night" "Trick-or-treating should have been banned a long time ago" "The creeps that walk the streets now are worse than ghosts or goblins" "With the high price of sugar, I can't afford to give them candy anyway" "I hope they keep them off the streets on devil's night, too." NO, 36.3 percent. COMMENTS: "Most of the dangers that kids face trick-or-treating could be eliminated if their parents would accompany them" "We have to keep some of our traditions" "My wife and I look forward to treating the children every year" "The kids shouldn't suffer for the sins of the adults" "Maybe trick-or-treating could be moved to daylight hours to make it safer." AP Photo mm drug agents to enter a dwelling without notice after obtaining a court order. The laws were intended to prevent drug traffickers from getting rid of evidence while agents were stalled off at the door, but address mistakes led to terrorized citizens and shoot-outs, so Congress voted repeal. Ford also signed a bill which gives Congress the power to approve or disapprove the sale or gift of nuclear materials to foreign countries.

The nuclear export bill was initiated after President Richard M. Nixon promised Egypt and Israel nuclear power plants on his visit to the Middle East earlier this year. Ford promises 70,000 jobs for Vietnam veterans. Page 5B. I The gunmen an Algerian convicted of theft and two Dutch prisoners in addition to the Palestinian freed 11-year-old Godfricd Clerqs at 9 p.m., bringing to six the number of hostages released.

HOWEVER, they have not yet yielded to demands of Dutch officials to free all the women. They still held God-f ried's mother and father, two other women, a priest, an organist, two prison guards, and eight members of a church Please turn to Page 5A, Col. 1 Arab guerilla leader Yasser Arafat leaves the royal palace in Rabat. A palace guard stands behind him. Israeli prime minister Yitzak Rabin declared recently that Israel will never deal with the PLO exception the battlefield.

And U.S. Secretary of State Henry A. Kissinger told several Arab leaders recently that he would wash his hands of any new peace -moves involving the Palestinians if Jordan had no say in the next diplomatic moves, according to Arab sources. The seven-member committee had been instructed to work out a settlement before the Arab summit ends Tuesday. 5-6D 4C 5-10C 5- 9B 7- 9D 5B 6A 7D 8- 9D 5B 1-4D 6- 9C 3B 1-4C Amusements Ann Landers Business News Classified Comics Death Notices Editorials Horoscope Movie Guide Obituaries Sports Stock Markets Television Women's Pages TOMORROW'S QUESTION As election day approaches, candidates are spending many of their campaign dollars on TV advertising.

Do these ads help you decide" how you'll vote? To vote YES To vote NO Call 961-3211 Call 961-4422.

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