Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 14, 1894 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 14, 1894
Page 3
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25 CENTS Prove* tbe efficacy of CUTICURA Since a cake of CUTICURA SOAP costing 25 cents is sufficient to tesMhe virtues of these great curatives there is now no reason why thousands should go through life Tortured Disfigured Humiliated by skin, scalp and blood diseases which are speedily and permanently cured by the CUTICURA REMEDIES at a trifling cost. Cuticura Works Wonders and its cures are the most remarkable performed by any blood and skin remedy of modern titles. Sold throughouttl Mvorlil. TnTTKit Tiin'O A>D ClIfc.M.C'»[:v., > tlo I'roprlrtorr-, Hu-tijn. ' All ubom tliu Suii rit-jiip Mid Jlnlr," True. pnritlod ii:id lio;uitili Is and h.ilr prc-H d by I'uticuru Pain is the cry of a suffering nerve. Cuticura Ar.ti-P.iin Plaster is the llrst and only pain-killing plaster. s home circle complete. Tbli' great Temperance Drluk gives pleasure and iitultli to every member of toe family. A Via. paokace makes 6 gallous. Be snce nud get tbe genuine. Sold everywhere. Mud* only by Tbe Chas. E. Hires Co., Philada. 20 jtftmp for bgantlful PlotHir Eir.1i »M Boot. DAILY JOURNAL. SATURDAY MORNING. APRIL 14. Spring wrapt at tr e Bee Hive. Big sale on trimming Bilks.—Golden Rule. Buy your Sunday-go-to-meeting hat and tie atOtto Kraua'. Francesca kid gloves, alirays satis* factory.—Golden Rule. Nineteen owes of new bata received «t Otto Kraus' yeitorday. We.offer gome goods at "sacrifice." See advertisement.—Walker & Rauoh. Have your shirts made to order by Patterson, ahlrtmaker, hatter and furnisher. House for Sale Very Cheap—No. 308 Sycamore street. Inquire of A. DoLoog, No 402 Market street. The new coffee and tobaooo brown bat* at Kraus' today at 60 oentt OB the dollar; |1 98 for $3 50 hats War! on Ki'ofula and every form of Impure blood declared by Hood's Sar- «aparlllH, the great couquror of all blood diseases. See Harry Frank's 60-oeot flannel ihlrts for men and boys at 25 cents; overals and jackets 35 cents, and 10 cent sockc for 5 cents. For rent, (food front room, down •tairs, suitable for two, in pood location on Market street, five minutes walk from court houflo. Inquire X X Journal office. Tbe eait-a program of entertainment to be given next Monday by the Knights of Honor will appear In Sunday morning's Journal; also In both evening papers of tor ay. Logan and Wabash Lodges Knights •of Honor, will give their aecond en. tertalnment on Monday, the 16th, over Progress Clothing Hall. Every member and their families are cordially Invited. It is now beyond dispute that € 'Beecham's ( ^s) Pills (Tasteless) I are a specific in all cases of Indigestion, Biliousness, Sick- headache, and kindred troubles. *5 cent* » tx». TROUBLE AMONG CELESTIALS. Lew Mfmh Sins; !• Sue* by » Brother UelevtUI Wke Cbargc* Him With UelDK Tlilaa*. There has long been trouble brew- Ing among certain Chinamen in thli section of the State, and Lee Wah Sing, the good natured Celestial laun. dry man and tea merchant on Third atreot hat been the recipient of visits on numerous occasions from other Chinamen looking to an adjustment of the alleged differences existing between him and another Chinaman at Crawfordtville. Their committee on arbitration evidently oould not affect the compromise for yesterday in tbe circuit court by hit attorney, Thos. J. Tuley the Craw- fordsvllle Celestial, brought suit against Lee for the sum claimed. The plaintiff, Moy You Bong,| sometimes called Moy Sing, compUlns of Lee Gow Lin, commonly called and known as Lee vVah Slog, defendant, and avers that the defendant Is Indebted to the plaintiff In tbe sum of |840, money had and received by the defendant to the use of plaintiff; which sum of money the plaintiff has heretofore, towlt: January 35th, 1894, demanded of the defendant and tbe latter then and there refused and declined to pay the plaintiff, and wrong. fully converted to his own uao, towlt: January 25th, 1894, at tbe city of Logansport in said county, to the damage of the plalatlfl In the aum of $400. Tho snld plaintiff complains of raid defendant and avers that he defendant on or about December 22, 1893, at too city of Logansport, In said county, under the claim and pretext that he, said defendant, wished to sell and dispose of hia, defendant's, laundry, Chinese and Japanese wares, utensils used In said lauundry, fixtures thereof, in said Logansport, urged and procured the said plaintiff to come to said Lo gansport from his then and row home and business in Crawfordsvllle, Indiana, and buy of said defendant, said laundry Chinese and Japanese wares, utensils used t in said laundry and fixtures therof in said Logansport. That pursuant to the inducements and urgent request of said defendant as aforesaid, the plaintiff on towlt: Deo. 22, 1893, come to said Logansport and paid to said defendant the sum of $340, the prlca then and there fixed by gald defendant as the value of his, defendant's said laundry and fixtures thereof, in oald Logans port, as purchase money thereof. That said defendant received said sum of money, refused and declined to turn over or transfer to this plaintiff said laundry, Chinese and Japanese wares, utensils used in said laundry and fixtures thereof, or any part of the same though requested to do so and wrongfully converted to hie, defendants, use the said sum of $340, and though demand has been by plaintiff made of defendant for the said money, the defendant has neglected and refused to pay the «ame or any part thereof to this plaintiff; that there is due and unpaid the plaintiff from the defendant the sum of $100 for which be prays judgment and other proper relief ^ Dolau'a Opera Honae. F. M, William's company of players will present, week commencing Mon» day April 16th, a repertoire of new plays presented by an excellent com pany of well known* artists who have held positions In the best metropolitan theatres in the United States Don't miss seeing this company of unsurpassed excellence Dainty little Edna Remlng will appear In each play with her singing and dancing specialties. Popular prices will prevail during the engagement. Tbe Money lU'fnndod. In these days and nights of political activity the show business can not be profitable In Logansport. Owing to the outside meetings last night the attendance at the second night's engagement of "The Eagle's Nest" company was so slim that the audience was dismissed and the money was re. funded. The company goes from here to Marlon. (100 Rewird, (100. The reader of this paper will be pleaied to learn that iheri li at least one dreaded diseases that science tin been able to cure In all Its rtages and tna< l» Catarrh. Hall'i Catarrh Ciire Is the onl> DOS!' Ire care known to the medical fraternity, Catarrh biln« a oonstltntUnal dlwwi, requlr«j a oonnUtntlonal treatment. Hall's Catarrh Unre Is taken Internal^, •owing dlreotli on the blo-xl and mucus surface! of thu »jstem, thereb; dMtro,lng the foundation of r.he disease, and gWiw the patient strength bj building up tbe constitution and M«lstlng nature In doing Its work. The proprietors have so mueb faith In lis ouratlTe powers, that they offer One Hundred Dollars for any case that It t ul Is to cure. Send for list of testimonials . Address, F. .1. CHKNEI ft CO., Toledo, 0. Notice to Tupaten. The City Treasurer's office will be open evenings to acoomodate employes of the Pan Handle, commencing on next Monday GOOBOX W. HOFFHIM, City Treasurer. Bleycloc. The beit light weight bioyole for $1CO, Juit received at HEMM Toorart. The headquarters of the officials o the Michigan division of tbe Vandal! will be constructed just east of th pasnenger station and will be room and comfortable. The force of Supt Hatch will consist of hit private sec retary, train master, train dlipatohe and several clerks. They will arrlv on Monday. Fan Handle engineer Chas. Beam was out on the streets yesterday fo the first time since he returned from tbe Detroit hospital where he had operation performed on him mor than a month ago. His condition i slowly improving but it will probabl; be some time before he IB again read; for work. The extension of tho Chicago & Southeastern railroad from Anderson to Munoie will be completed by Jul, 1, To secure a $37,000 subsidy voter by out township in Delaware count, the extension must be in workln order by the middle of July. Genera Manager Moore has a force of three hundred men and eighty teams are now engaged in construction. The three candidates for nomlna tion for councilman of tbe First wan at tho democratic primaries were al railroad man each one rf presenting one of the three railroads running through tbe city. Ed K° arnev work for the Pan Handle, Frank Beam fo the VanduUa and Pete Sohrader for the Wabasb. The coincidence was e curious one and excited some common from tho men who were present, It Is announced that SU Louis capitalists have let a contract to build a railroad from St. Elmo, 111., to Brook' lyn, opposite Paduoah, Ky., a distance of about one hundred miles. Tbe new road will be known as the Chi cago, Paduoah & Memphis Hallway. At St. Elmo it will connect with tbe Wabash for Chicago, and at Marion with the St. Louie, Alton & Terre Haute, and connect with points near Paducah. Indianapolis Journal: A few months ago agents of Mexican railways were in this country to get engineers, firemen, and brakemen to go to Mexico to take positions on Mexican roads, and secured quite a number of men from this section, many of whom have returned. They say the companies pay good wages, but In Mexican money, whlob is silver. The managements of the Mexican roads will not employ a brotherhood man if they learn that he Is one, and there are many other things connected with running trains there which are by no means pleasing to a railroad man who has been educated on roads IB the United States. Further particulars of the attempt to wreck the Atlantic express, on the Lake Shore railroad, near Huron. O on Monday night, show that it was a devilish scheme and might have cost many lives. Some time after 11 o'clock Monday night a couple was crossing the bridge that sp^ns the Huron river, a short distance from tbe station, when they saw piled on the track rails and ties. The young man hurried to the station and notified the operator. The Atlantic express was rounding the curve and he barely had time to run to tho west end of the bridge and signal- the approaching "flyer." It came to a standstill only a few yards from the obstruction. One large timber had been spiked to the bridge and but for tho warning tbe train and its sleeping passengers would bave been thrown into the river. _ Chanite of Meeting. The official meeting announced to be held at the Broadway M. E. church this evening, has been postponed Indefinitely owing to the Illness of the pastor. By order of the board those interested will therefore take notice. Four "C" Nothing in the whole history ot Medicine can, compare with the success of "FOUR C." It is the ONLY KNOWN specific for LA GRIPPE. It removes all its DREADED and BVli effects, inducing restful, natural sleep. ONK DOSH will frequently remove Pleurisy pains. OsfS DOSK has time and again relieved a child suffering with CEOUP. Pour "C" has eared Asthma, Bronchitis, Pneumonia and Ulcerated Tonsiiitis. In composition it is DIFFERENT, Is MOBK POWKBFUL and ACTIVE, In fact it-la as DIFFERENT from »ny other lung remedy as molasses is 'different from vinegar. It la a REVELATION. BEST OF ALIi YOU TAKE STO RISK The KSSKNCK of the contract is Four "0" MUST GIVE SATISFACTION or money will be refunded b7 BEN FISHER. FOR UEimiUT The Farmers Want Hon, 0, M, linkham—Apiil Finds Him There ii no man more popular among the farmers of the country than Hon. O. M. Tinkham, whose .Ikeness is here given. A man of acknowledged ability, of commanding presence, an excellent presiding officer, he will undoubtedly ill with credit the office to which the armers of his own State wish to elect him. Ten years aa agricultural editor of the Freeman and Watchman of Montpelier. Vt., secretary and president or several years each of tbe Vei mont State and dairyman's association, and employed by tbe boards of agriculture of Maine, New Hampshire, Mas- laohusetts, and New York at their meetings, assistant commissioner of agricultural affairs dairy commls- loner at the world's fair at New Orleans, member of his State leglsla- ure, where he was chairman of tho bouse committee on agriculture, and recently accredited bj tho secretary of agriculture to Europe to study the abor problem, he Is one of tho most onsplcuous representatives of tbe arming Interests-of the country. Some time ago Mr. Tinkham was irostrated with heat in the hay field, and from tbe consequent derangement of the system suffered severely rom dizziness, so much BO that walk, og was difficult. He tried the amous Patne's celery compound, hlob had been so publicly ecommended by Mayor McShane f Montreal. Rev. Father Quellet, ,llB8 Mabel Jenness, Ida Lewis and others, and tbe resul* was most happy. Toquote his own words: "The dizziness is all gone, and I am now quite recovered." The success of his vigorous lectures upon his European experiences has been marked. He Is now residing at North Pomfret, Vt.. and the citizens of the State wi 1 wisely insist upon his going into politics so far as to take the lieutenant governorship. Mr. Tlnkham's experience with the wonderful remedy that makes people well and is as superior to all other spring medicine as milk is more nourishing than water, is not eurpris- Ing. Men and women all over the country are finding strength and freedom from disease in Paine'* celery compound. It clears the sluggish blood of the unhealthy bumora that a poor circulation and faulty assimilation tend to produce. It corrects un. healthy nervous action and feeds the nerve centers with just the elements needed to build them up again into hoathy tissues. Prof. Edward E. PholpB, M. D., LL, D. of Dartmouth c .liege discovered the formula for the famous Paioe's celery compound after long years of study of the deep changes that take place in wornout, disordered nerve tissues. Dr. Phelps was accustomed to explain in his lectures his mastery over diseases due to bad blood and nervous weaknesses as followe: "In disease of the liver, kidneys. and heart something is In the blood that ought not to be there. Neu- tralize these bad humor*. Th* nerves and nerve centers are starving. Feed them with the element! that will build them up again." Paine'* celery compound embodies theie ad. vanced Ideas regarding the blood and nerves. As was to he expected, 80 remark*. ble a discovery has not failed to • attract the attention of scientific men all over this country and in Europe. Medical journals bave given Palne's celery compound much dlecusitoi. Palne's celery compound ii extensively used In all the large home* and institutions for sick and aged penensj throughout the country. Today it stands unquestioned as the mott valuable and reliable remedial agent at tbe physician's command for curing neuralgia, rheumatism, dyspepsia, inability to sleep and diseases of the heart liver and kidneys. It is prescribed by the entire medical faculty. It ie the greatest spring medicine, "the only spr ng medicine worthy the name." say? one pbyeiclan of the high* est Btandlng in the profession. For languor, debility and all form* Of nervous weakness It has proved its In. valuable curative power. It makes people of all ages and occupations well and active. The famous Dr. P*rr, who lived to such a patriarchal grand old age, waa accustomed to say, "'Now' is tbe> watch word of the wise. -Now' la on tbe banner of the prudent." Tak« Palne's celery compound "now." April IB the most favorable time. Will Da> It? Medical writers claim that the sue essful remedy for nasal catarrh must e non-irritating, easy of application nd one that will reach tbe remote ores and ulcerated surfaces. Tbe Istory of the efforts to treat catarrh s proof positive that only one remedy as completely met these conditions, nd that la Ely's Cream Balm. This afe and pleasant remedy baa mastered atarrh as nothing else baa ever done, nd both physicians and patients free concede this fact. Our druggists eep it- m NMIee. The members of the Father Mathew _ x. Society we ordered to meet at heir hall»' 1 o'clock today to attend the funeral of our late Brother, James Gelesple. MXOHAU. 1fOTA«&AST, QBAHAM, Seo'y. Tha-Mou- Is purely a Vegetable Compoud, «•- peoially adapted to cure all diseases of the Blood and Secretory Svetem; mch as ASTHMA, Hay Fever. Scrofula, Eczema, Dyspepsia, RUeumatism, Lagrtppe, Catarrft, Kidney andLiver It is a Harmless Blood Purifying Compound. m> w woman csn take It with perfect ufetr; It wl'l do Just M claimed f« It. ji vOTplSSant to the'taite and reHeres difficult p*rw«aM ot »"•«>•»•. 'ne liter and ooweU. sharpen; -MS*.. Keeping, Lofatup.rt ••nut* Faetorr Woo« for Bale. Handle factory wood delivered to any part of the city. Mall orders to Hillock* Plttman, Handle Factory, OB Toledo Jt, orf. J.Klmmer. Tab oystert—Bot'bsnnsl. Pmyilolani state, that many supposed to be female disease am l» reality a derangement of the net-row system; quickly relieved and core* by Dr. Wheeler's NerTe TitaUaer. Bold by Be» Fisher. '. -., -ill. S.'ll.t.ifc . . . .

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