Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 10, 1947 · Page 19
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 19

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, December 10, 1947
Page 19
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HOPE STAR. MOPEV A R K A N S A S Wednesday, December 10, 1947 SSIFI ^',V*' Adi Mt&tfie Ih Oftiee t)ay Bet6re Publication Three Six _On*S>Days '.W 1.20 1,50 1.80 2.10 Z.40 2.70 3.00 ,_,_M<mtb 1,50 4.50 2.00 8.00 2.80 7.50 3.00 9.00 3.50 10.SO 4.00 12.00 13.00 Wanted to Rent 5.00 15.00 F i"* 1 *-* Aiw >ii,.;U20 9'45 ..*i1.35 a Jfl ...... 1,50 _. Rittt are tor Continuous « w- Insertions Only |«<1tit,Want Ads casn li Advance L#,,tft»f> Taken Over th» Phone 't&r >-. $»; For Sale ^ FORD PICK-UP, GOOD Itiifes. Good condition. See at 405 Edgewood.' Paul Hooten. 6-3t , 'HOMEMADE CANDY. kinds. Bon Bons, Coconut and ristmas candy. Cnil 588-W U? t6t /order. Mrs. G. J. Downing. Bonner. 8-3t KO LARGE TEAMS OF DRAFT hors6s. One set double HOUSE AJJD 1 TO 10 ACRES OF land, long lease. Cabin at Davis Courts, No. 3. 0-Gt FURNISHED APARTMENT. Couple only. Permanent, pets. Phone 872. No 10-31 Real Estate for Sale 3 TRACTS LAND, 40 ACRES, S miles north of Hope on Blcvins highway. 00 acres, Wz miles north of Hope on Blcvina high way. 144 acres. G miles out on Lewisville highway. See Ear Schooley, Lewisville highway 5-3 For Rent Call C82. 6-3t FOR SALE. SEE E. Byers or phond 33^F-3.. 8-31 LARGE 2 ROOM UNFURNISHFD upstairs apartment on Soul Main St. 'Day phone 57, nigh phone 901-J. FOUR RCiOM APARTMENT WITI rugs and shades. 301 North Fei guson. Phone 827. 8-3 ,i CEDAR POSTS. ISc EACH. 310 South Walnut St. Phone 107, Q-3t CHESTER AUTOMATIC 12 uage single barrel shot-gun, shells. Apply 920 South Elm " 5|(GOOD OIL COOK STOVE. CAN BE after 4:30 p.m. or on the -end. Stic Annie Weal out at ntirtmy's mm. 0-31 R GIFTS FOR CHRIST- Spiral Hairbrushes. Line ed. 002 South Fulton St. Leon Bundy. Phone 138. BEDROOM SUITE. . AND j:>fhor furnitute. Can be seen at We-t Cth St. 10-3t 6 ROOM HOUSE, UNFURNISHED G miles out on Highway 20, clos to CCC camp site. Water an lights. See Julia Sirnms. 0-1 FURNISHED ROOM/r"pR"ivA r rr entrance. Call 11SO-M. 10-31 By Westbrook Pegler Copyright, 1947 By King Features Syndicate. ^ HOMEY, 5 POUNDS, $1.10. GO } , pounds, $0.50. Evergreen bhrubs, -Atborvitac nnd Juniper, 4 to 8 other Fruit »$' f" feet $2.50 each. Few ^ighrubs. You move them. > ' and Truck Branch Experiment V Station. Phone l-F-2. 10-3t 'GIVE BIBLES AND HELP BUILD ' lives. Prices from $1.25 to $?0.75. „ } Bible story books. D. O. Silvey. $<? Phone 775-W. 820 South Elm 7. St. ' 10-61 Notice .._ BUY USED FURNITURE, ^Onc piece or carload. City Furniture Co. Phone 81. 22G East 3rd Street. 17-tf YOUR CHRISTMAS GIFT 'magazines now. Special rates. iChas. Reynerson. Phone 23, City »« >' 23.1m rail I Has Lpcusts ,„ lands Janeiro— W— Reports on;, {the town of Cangucu say it a invaded by a swarm of lo- Lists which are appearing again the interior of the State of Rio New York, DCS. 10 - i/Pi —Coiv- mi.ssKmer A. B. Chnuul°r joined (he maiOr leagues tcdav m ondu> i ing the long-range plan to. bung in four teams of the 'Pacific Coast league for the ppipr<e of nxpand- mg each major league iiom eight to 10 team:). The commissioner, who was a member of the five-man committee which visited the coast last August, intends to bring the plan before Iho ioinl major league meeting tomorrow. Along,, with the National and American leagues, Chandler is of the opinion that tho 10-club nlan is the most practical and could be accomplished .with the "least trouble to baseball." The National League owners touched on the coast league problem yesterday as the three-day winter meetings began.' Although league president Foid Prick de- lined to reveal the defcision, it was larned that the senior circuit le- iccled both PCL requests. The coast league wanted major league statu.- as a unit, or major- minor classification They held: First, tho eight cities involved at tho moment cannot support major league baseball; second, it would be unfair to the two other tripIc-A leagues to grant the Washington. Dec. 9 — The fault may be ours. b.il il otlcn seems to me that tho professional bleed- ins-hearts deliberately'-make it difficult for the right-minded element lo understand Them, we near Frank Sinatra deploring fascism and sincerely wonder why a young man so healthy and pugnacious did not find a place on the dangerous Murmansk run or l',o out as a driver with some French or British ambulance outfit in the war. I know of an old fellow, nearly uO, u tired from the sea, who went back as the skipper of a tanker. Tie was soon lost hut.'-he would snort-at anyone- who said today that he Kave.hiH life for human freedom. He had road some history nnd he was a very practical man and his idea was that.if our side won. as hn was confident \ye would, his nionoy Would keep him throuKh a comfortable old ape. The nay was hifih. Ko gam'olcd and lost. Nothing could be'more idiotic than to uuggcBt that he left his IIP hie and tied loose- into the dan- get's thai sonn killed him to rebuke callous American Anglos for calling .American .Halos rude nam^s, which--seems to be Sinatra's version of our war aims. Another I 'enow, a/young musician blind in .one eye, joined up v,ilh Ihe field service- and got a medal from the Australians :"or iwimmins some of their wounded aero.'JH-'a cold river in Italy. He •••hares Sinatra's feeling, about the w !rrk"D,'u r r>" anrl "Wnn." but he- eatisc he is n younrj gentleman, not . ! for fear thai: Sinatra might slug i him when his head was turned. Being a musician, he likes Italians and thinks Sinatra is neither a gqoJ miiiiician nor a . representative Halo-American. His reasons for crowding into the war unnecessar- the Standing Pat oh a Good Pair Around Sport Circles in Arkansas By CARL BELL Associated Press Sports Editor Subiaco Academy's "iron men" wonders are — in this crystal ball - due for a tumble in the championship g'ame of Arkansas' Class AA high school football playoffs, with the Little Rock Tigers' dazzling aerial attack proving too much for the tough, surprising Trojans. B'.'t boosters of the Logan county Catholic school won't be tossing in '.he towel before Saturday afternoon — not, at least, on the basis of this forecast. While calling all other Double A games correctly, we haven't guessed the Trojans light yet. Neither has any team stopped Little Rock in the last two years. Subiaco may come the closest. I.oo'nng at the other playoff finals: Forrest. City over Magnolia in a Class A thriller; Dermolt to SPORTS Peach Bowi to -By Hugh 8. Fullerton kins. the B division crown from At- Little Joe Marino, of San .Francisfao, doesn't" seem a bit awed by Bob and Dirk, giant Belgian draft horses that tower over him. The handsome team is an entry iri; the San Francisco Cow Palace's Livestock Exposition Bad news news for the Arkansas Tia/.orbacks is that, their Dixie Bowl opponent, William and Mary, was second only to Penn State in rushing defense this year. The Indians gave up an average of only 62 yards a game. And the Razorbacks can't very \\ell decide to switch from running to -p PS sing as their principal weap on. William and Mary yielded bul 72.8 yards through the air each week. - • - • • 3BSS ily were- -more spiritanl than old r.ai!iirs. - He was young and st'cng, his country was in a :tight ind'-so he \vchl, lui :ie was. Cocscli Sate College, Miss.. Dec.' 10 — (IP) — Dr. -Fred Mitchell, president of fGjande do Sul, boulhern , Bra?;iI, with great loss to farm- . REMOVED FREE Within 40 Miles .OEAD HORSES, COWS „.' and CRIPPLES > Texarkana Rendering Plant >Phone 883-W (Phone Collect) r If J^o Answer Phone 3158-R ! *• PCL» special privileges" doing the same for them. without The American League is expected to tqke pretty much the same action today.'Should that occur, the next stop, it was generally agreed would be for the so-cnlled "Big Four" clubs of Los Angeles, San Francisco, Hollywood and Oakland Sinatra was strong, even athletic but had a legal right to exemption and ho took full advantage of it. And yet, his authorized biography Mississippi State College, said to- that despite a student petition ir i ii^-.u »•"•' dismissal of Coach Allyn Mc- blmcl though | Kcf . n and retircment of Athletic Director C. R. Noble, the college wil Gets Red Lobe The Ycrgcr High School Tigers A'ill journey to Forest City, Arkansas, to participate in the second annual Peach Bowl game, on Thursday night, December 11. The Tigers will meet a strong latholic High eleven of Mem)his in the bowl affair which proiri- ses to be a big event. The two cams arc rated about even accord- ng to Coach Brooks who compared :hc scores of the Pine Bluff games .hat both teams played. Coach Brooks took advantage of .he break in the weather and sent :he Tigers through a lengthy practice this morning Thirty-tw) players will make -.:ie ii-p and a number of Yergor boosters promise to follow New York, Dec. 10 — (/P) —After listening to Jim Turner's unofficial report nn 1947 Pacific Coast league baseball,. this corner doubts that the circuit will achieve ma.ior league status or even contribute a few teams to the majors in the near future. . .Turner, who had a good year with an ordinary club at Portland, Ore., Tigurcs vhat it will be about three more years; r,e- "ore the major leagues return to normal playing strength and that nis league won't have much to contribute next season. . ."The kids will have to come up through the minors from the bottom," he ex- alains. "A lot of fellows who were away in service never will regain their old 'form." Shorts and Shells Frank Lane. American Association president, maintains that Duke Snider, who likely will get Dixie Walker's place in the Dodger outfield, will br; a really great ball plaver in a few seasons. . . Contrasts noted at the grand opening of Al Sohacht'" "New Joint" Monday: Pauline Bet/., the dainty tennis nro. ancl Donna Fox, the amateur bobsleddcr who says followers of his sport all sing: the team, -o- "He's Too Fat For .The respect its contract with those men. In a formal statement, Dr. Mitchell said: trlls us (hat he now seriously: "The administration of the col- <hmks of inciting bunches of emo- lose respects those contracts 1 as tional little {.-iris to disrupt political 1 "• - - " ' ' " meetings in the 1948 campaign whenever he decides that a speaker on a proposition is un-dcmocrat- ic. I doubt that my one-eyed young friend would stand for that. He has strong ideas on- strong-arm politi- methods. Sinatra's first political demonstration was made on the night that Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected for his fourth term in 1944. In the company of Orson Welles and others' ho toured the circuit of expensive New York saloons known as the milk route and spent lome. time at ,the .political hcad- qua'rtcrs-oC Sidney Hilhnan, which were the Communist 'headquarters »oo. He got shrieking drunk; and kicked up such a row in the. Waldorf that a house policeman was <cnt up to subdue him, and did. Sinatra sec'ins to have had hallu- to prepare the way to their territorial release purchase from the Pacific Coast .League and thus pave iho way majors. for : their entry into the - l We Service and Repair .... • APPLIANCES • REFRIGERATORS . > All makes and models . RINER REFRIGERATOR &| : ELECTRICAL SERVICE , 210 S, Elm Phone 70 After 5 p. ryi, Phone 909-R C5TY ELECTRIC CO, — for — Home Wiring industrial Wiring Electrical Repain PHONE 784 Where Do You Live,., Lpon Payments ZT Reduced? Need Extra Cosh? ... -8 pf WHERE you £ live we can probably help , y9V> since all Government , sregui^tlofls have now been removed. If you want your p'jwjywents reduced, or If '} you need extra cash, or 4 both* see us right away. j,,, We never keep a customer „•• waiting longer than neces- ) vary. We are Headquarters s^fpr £A8H. Come and flet it. Ask for , Tom» HOPE mo co, The. National League voted down .nlimited night baseball, The two leagues also discjs&cd he 22 amendments to the ninor dgrcemcnt adopted by tho minors in Miami la^t-week bul did ot disnlose thoir decision. Will Harridgc, who still hid ihplher year to serve on his 10- ear pact, was re-elected president of the American League for more- fears at a "substantial increase in alary." It is believed he received 140,000 per year. Frick last July vas elected to a four-year term as Rational League president. dilations for he a broadcaster thai he had banged on Ihe door pf one who had opposed Roosevelt intending to beat him up but, not finding him in, beat up his furniture, instead. That was his iirsl venture nnd strictly imaginary Into physical terrorism, he seems to have enjoyed the fantasy for the dream of lending girlish developed Inter. 1 It. alid and the services of Coach Mc- Ccen and .of Athletic Director *Io'ole as satisfactory." Charles Wilkinson, a spokesman :or students who backed the ouster, said earlier this week that 1500 students had signed the petition Meanwhile members of .the football squad gave McKeen a vote of confidence. McKeen's contract has years to run and Noble's years. four five . gnifie.'int that Sinatra's shock- seems companion on this night was Ovson Welles. Welles, though he loo is young, ilso was entitled to exemption. Uanny Kaye. it will be remembered. n third furious theoretical defender of human liberty, was .lo- niecl permission to go abroad as an iMilcrtainor whn his draft board In-Ill that, his physical condition and Basket-ball Results By The Associated Press East City College New York 58; Oregon Slate 51. Midwest Emporia State 41; Rockhurst 28 Pittsburgh (Kas.) Tchrs 41; Tah- leciuah Olda. Tchrs. 34. Phillips (Okla) U. 49; Ponca City Conoco Oilers (AAU) 44. Warrensburg State 43; Westminster 30. Southeast Missouri State Tchrs. 71; Concordia Seminary (St) 54. Washburn 55; Omaha U. 49. Southwest Texas Wesley an 47; Centenary 39. Abilene Christian G5; Southwestern Okla. 35. Rice. 50- Texas Tech 43. Baylor 04; North Texas State 53. 'Texas 50; ouisiana Slate 31. Far West California 66; San Francisco Olympic Club 31. Just Received a New Shipment of Butane Gas Priced $140 each. $30 .••downy, 12 months to pay. Hope Butane Gas Co. Phone 188 Hi way 67 west Hope, Ark. Have Your Own Portrait, on Your Xrhae Cards This Year You will like, the "personal touch".of a Photo Greeting Card. Bring m your kiddies now. Special-.Xm'as. background. We are Brepared to make as many cards as you need, bul gel your order m early. ^ THK SHIPLEY STUDIO "Hope's Finest Photography" were inappropri- mental altiljdc ate. Thi'f-t 1 very imuorlant people vnake themselves difficult to 'under- Bland. They seem almost frantic in their hatred of injustice and yet they let millions of other:;. 18-year old buy:: and old men of family, do I In: actual fighting. How could men so ferocious restrain themselves? Welles has seriounly stated that ho Is int. a Communist because ho regards communism as an enemy of democracy which he believes in. He is ready to spend onormmisly out of his pan-lings to defend ihe freedoms through organizations which he approves. lie suffers badly from asthma and probably would have bsen culled even if he had ever .managed to sneak into any of our fighting services. But be certainly could have thumbed his way to Britain, where thousands of asthmatics and cardiacs went through il all. Or he -could have sailed aboard the cargo ooats, to lend a hand, somehow. \Velle:,. like so many others, Sinntra. Kay? aii'l Qiioiilin Reynolds, has really luxurious tastes. The< are all iastirlious carriage ir-'Uii.'. Mr. RovMuids covi-rod the London and cashed in .I: 1 , .' o ;1 I'm- rnc'mcy ill ii'i in nr'ilinns for cash :i'iii IHMVIJ on the i'e.o- > riivi'ii. JIU cnevk \or fi'W woi'il:; of lor ihe GUI-:-: Charley Jamcrson.. Davidson College's new football head coach, was a grid and baseball standout at Ar- knsns from 1918 through 1931. Hailing from Clarendon An annual district scout • meeting was held Monday night, by Scouts, Cub Scouts, their families, and leaders nf Nevada Boy Scout district. A pot-luck supper . , was spread in the lunch room of A •; the Prescott primary school, nnd a • followed by the program in the Lincoln (Neb.) star's Norris Anderson quotes Phog Allen, Kansas j U. basketball coach,-as saying "all big lime teams are professionals, including every team playing >n a coining bowl i;;.iino.' The odd oart, Anderson points out, is Iliat Kansas will play in the Orange Bowl. Quote, Unquote Slats Gill. Ovecrnn State basketball coach: "No place in the United '-•Ir.t.os (hat I know of has the scat- ing . capacity for all the people who want to go lo basketball games, pur gym seats 'J/GQO; we hope to increase that to 10,000 soon and it may be obsolete before it is finished." successful tenure .as pigskin tulor at Memphis Tech High and was oromotcd last week. Arkansas State College's Benny Wilhelm. the nation's seventh leaci- ing basketball scorer of last sea°on is only a sophomore this year. State got off to a slow start this season and plays a big-time schedule, but once the point-mad Wilholm works the football kinks out of his system, the Indians arc likely to cause trouble for someone. shown by Scout Gordon which he took at the Nevada district water carnival. Awards were presented to four troops who made excellent ratings, at the district water carnival. A number of Boy Scouts also received merit badges and advanced in rank at the court of honor. District officers were elected for the coming year. . Dots All, Brothers Forest High* School of Dallas. Tex., hart an iinrlefcaled record for nine ga~r.es t'ii:-i -year but won only Tour. Five others were 0-0 ties. . . Bo«:1 crack nbr'ut the Walcott-Louis fight is the prediction that the N. Y. World Teh-gram will name Danny Flcrio (who told Walcotl to Facing more accusations of being linked to the Communist Party than any other person named in the current Un-American Activities Committee probe into communism in Hollywood is John Howard Lawson, above, .52-year-old New York playwright. One witness, Howard Rushmore, former New . York Daily Worker Him critic, said Lawson is the "Red commissar of Hollywood." The best hunting story so far this year is one Clayton Tanner of Hot Springs swears is true. Tanner says he shot into a squirrel nest: nothing happened for a while and then a big squirrel fell from the nest, hitting Tanner on the hear! and knocking him uncon- cious. Upon cleaning the squirrel. Tanner relates, all its ribs were mind to be broken. o 28 Entered in $10.000 Miami Open Tourney Miami, Fla., Dec. 10 —(/P)— A field of 228 golfers will begin teeing off at sunrise tomorrow in the $10,000 Miami open tournament but only 150 low scoring pros and ties, plus the 15 low' amateurs, will compete after tomorrow. The second day's play will cat the field still further, to the low The about meeting was attended 150 persons. by Rev. Bensburg, pastor of tho Presbyterian Church of Prescott. was guest speaker. 1 ' — JI T'— L —0 ' Cofitora States Loop Raises Player Limit- ot Springs, Dec, 10 •— UP) —The Cotton States League player limit has been raised from 15 to 17 for next season, according to Chancellor Sam W. Garratt, president o£ the loop's Hot Springs club. Garratt attended the minor leagues meetings at Miami. 6 Russia Plans 20 Plants Moscow — (IP) — In the Russian Republic alone, one of the sixteen epublics making up the Soviet Union, it has been decided to set tp twenty factories for manufac- ure of prefabricated houses, . according to the railway newspaper Whistle. Many of the houses which vill be produced there will, go to •ailway workers, the paper added. Atom Plan Strike Threat Delayed; Officials Confer Oak Hidgc, Term.. Dec. 9 —(/P) Although the threat of a strike in one of the atomic energy plarit here has been postponed indefi nilely, company and union officials continued contract negotiation today. Clark Center, general manager of the Carbide and Carbon Chemicals Corp., plant, said agreement had been reached on "just about everything but three points — wages, job inequities and constracl duration." Official word that the CIO gas, coke and chemical workers' union had agreed to postpone the strike, scheduled at midnight tonight was not received here until shortly before last midnight. Mcanwhie, the negotiations had continued all day. About three-fourths of all fiber consumed in the United States is cotton. Eleven Cogers En route fo New York Fayetteville, Dec. 10 (/P) Eleven members of the University of Arkansas basketball squad are en route to New York where thn Razorbacks tomorrow night will meet New York University in the (54 pros and ties and the 10 low amateurs who will complete the four - day tournament. The field falls shor of the 252 starters 'in 194S and the 239 of last year, bul with 197 pros and 31 amateurs it includes Lew Worsham, national open champion from Oakmont, Pa.; defending champion Sammy Snead of Hot Springs, Va.; champion money- winner Ben Hogan of Hershey, Pa.; and Dave Douglas of Wilmington, Del., a newcomer who won the $10,000 Orlando open in a playoff Moday. Other "big game" golfers readv to shoot for the top money of $9.500 include Tony Penna, Claude Harmon, Herman Keiser, Jimmy De- marot, Ellsworth Vines, Bob Hamilton, Fred Haas, Jr.. Bobby Cruzikshank and Tommy Armour. Skee Reigel, national amateui 11 iww U Aii;*Ti a-vjjin. t-'iiiv^-iAiLj' lit 11 iu . . *-• '- . __— .,.,,-«first of two games in the east. | champion, leads the Simon pures. The Porkers entrained here last night and were to board a plane at St. Louis today. After tomorrow night's tilt at Madison Square Garden, the Arkansans will move lo Philadelphia, where they will meet LaSalle University Saturday night. Those making the trip: Alvin Williams, George Kok, Clifford Horton, Tony Byles, Ken Kearns, Paul Coleman, John Campbelp, Gerald Hudspeth, George Meyer, Bob Adams and James —o———- Cathcart. LET FOY D© ST » Level yards « Dig Post * Plow Gardens ."cu^V Lots «• Also custom work. HAMMONS TRACTOR CO. Phone 1066 S. Walnut St. For .... LIGHTING, COOLING, WIRING/MOTORS, and APPLIANCES or anything ELECTRICAL See ALLEN CO, 24 Hour Service ,% on * N'oht Phone by bad; o. In New York, ai the iiiver Hoj.se. i- ;n:v-t IT.-; Icnii.-.ns row of J'lals the Unilcd States. He lil.e;; nice t'aicigf, altli'iugh he «.y nut have thc-in li.iiis for he is n:ri.' a s;ilc:-m:in llir.u a writer and H-ontly h,;- \ii.-n; ci(r,v:i to c'livering the hearings of thr Committee on . of poverty. Mr. Welles disagrees. That would be a denial of fret'dum of speech. A millionaire i;hui:l(l '-e allowed to feast on eastern steaks flown west while (lie - poor live on husks outside his very Gu>Tson boys dn-.ir. A rich man should be ai- .-ly in the win 1 lowed 10 decry poverty alo.id, .-•uldiur:; v, ho I iho-jgh lie never gives a dime to until it was charily. That, you see, is true freoclom of speech and only ignorance would argue the contrary. So Orson Welles dines on steaks from the cow that jumped over the miK'ii, even while he bellows in his angry treble against economic porter ^lor Marshall Field's thing. Thai thin:; isn't Uu- gravy train, been reports in Holly- Wi-lles has a florist fly flowers out all the way from soulhein France. That probably is 2 distortion of the actual truth which is thai he docs prefer and dors enjoy beef steaks which are lo Hollywood from the East His asthma that he a large amount of protein. Western steaks contain protein of a sort but not enough or the right sort. The eastern steaks are light. just Now some ignorant persons believe a man with lots of money should give liberally to the poor OS the price of. a voice on the sub- wrung. But he .doesn't undertake to explain himself to us and so we mis- uudei'stimd and some of us may actually dislike him. But the an- fairest part of it all. is that Orson Welles thinks anyone who is so stupid as to have to ask for explanations is too ignorant to understand his point of view, snobbish of the boy. That During the war he was implored •me night to preside at a rally at the Holywood Bowl. Henry Mor- ganlliau. himself, made the re- tiucst. He agreed only on condition that an escort of Secret Service agents bo sent to take him there and see him home. There weren't enough agents on hand, and the situation finally was saved only when a number of Los Angeles police who were off duty, agreed to give up their hours oi rest to grease the vanity of Orson Welles. Fighfs Last ^4iQht Bv The Chicago Associated Press Harold Guss, 173, St. Louis, T.K.O. Orlando Trailer, 194, Chicago, 4. London Ernie Roderick, oulpoinled Eric Boon, 143 1-2. 15. (For British welterweight title). Lus Angeles — C!ene riurlon. 14?. Neu York. outpointo:l iiunianl no- euscn, i't'2, New Orlc-ijis. It). By United Prfss "New York (Park i\njii;:i Pennino. Ki'i, New Yor' 1 . di'-. v \ James Cai'ter. 13H. N«.-w Yo'-k. .",. Kevy York (Broaciw-iy Ai-i.-r.:\ • — .loo Gcivernale, 1C5 !-•;. JN'cv,- York, outpointed Gcorgie Siiiaii. HiC, New Broker Profifrs From Rent- Controls Little Rock, Dec. 10 — (/P)— A Little Rock real estate broker saic here last night that his company had profited because of '.rent con trol. Spencer Plowman of Weaver am Company told the Little Rock Ren Advisory Board that the controls had caused many owners to sel houses at high prices rather than rent them at the "low" amounts allowed under rent control. This resulted in greater profits- to the broker, he said. Most, persons who appeared before the board at a public hearing coast in the last round) as :onch of ihe year. its COBB'S WRECKING YARD New and Used Parts General Repair Work 57 GOOD USED CAR PARTS TIRES, TUBES, BATTERIES Anything for your car LAMB'S WRECKING YARD • 317 South Laurel Just Received CHRISTMAS c l TREES 3 I* 10 t-eet B & B Grocery & Market Free Delivery, Phone 801 "Your Birdseye Dealer" were landlords, who urged discon- thiuanco of the controls. The board is to recommend to Washington rent authorities by Doe. 15 whether controls should be ..continued in Ibis area, which in- •'jMcLides Pulnski. Saline nnd Lonokc '•' | coumU'E. i ~—o Jersey City. N. .1. •— .loe Curcio, 15:3 1-a. Jersey City, km irked o;.;t Gcoi'ge (Red* Doty, Ifi^ 1-1!, Ijarl- ford, Conn., 4. White Plains. Mead. ISO. Grand outpointe Italy. I'.. Hartford. N. V Rapid.-:. Pete Mich., Ace Kickers May Decide Football New York, Dec. 10 — (/P)— The All-America football conference )«^, VJi UllVt ildlJUt.-, .iVi I <„ t I . , . . - — —.. d Bill Poli. 153 l-:i. Milan. I championship playoff m Yank stadium Sunday between the New Conn. — Carey Mace, Hartford, outpointed Joe Sa- wieki. 148, Worcester, Mass., 10. Buffalo, N. Leo Mntricini, <UO, Baltimore, outpointed Vern Mitchell. 191. Detroit, ». Portland. Me. Vn- Yo.ing, 131, Biddeford, Me., outpointed Jean Richards, 12U. Montreal, 8. Salem. Mass. — Fluriant Desmarais, 132. Manchester, N. H., out- pointed Frankie (Kit) Carson, 127, Newark, N. J., ' 10. o— Before the war about 40 percent of U. S. exports went to the British empire. York Yankees and Cleveland Browns may be decided by a toe. Two of the professional sport's most talented upright-splitters, Harvey Johnson of the Yanks and ~,oj Groza of the Browns, are matched in Ihis title struggle between division champions. Johnson has booted 49 extra points, forty in a row, this year to set a new record. He also has made good seven field goals for a total of 70 points. Groza has kicked 39 extra points and seven field goals for 60 points. In the previous meeting between the two teams a 28-28 draw resulted. RAD3O STATION compmi, radio-phonograph console Occupies no more room than n chair...yet gives you all the pleasures of a full-sr/e consols combinn- tion! The C'rosley DEBUTANTE has the newest electronic developments, incliu'ing Crosiey FM to thrill you with brilliant, lifelike reception, without ;.iiling' or static—the Floating Jewel* Ton? System ii'.nt recaptures tlelicnte tonal f bailings nr.d harmo- :-.ies from your-favorite records—"Glide-Out" Recur;! Player," handles up to 12 records swiftly, Kcntly. Haml-rulibed malio;;nny or v.-alnut cabinet. M;il:c- n (iate with the ]>;-. HlIT.' 1 ': T...?: (uiv rt i. ; I 1 V 'Patented ! ?nnrp cv 1 r f^ I n lW6bVj«t< '•ii.C S . a 'v.j v, :\9* 115 E. Third St. Hope, Ark. Phone 368 "QUALITY TIRE HEADQUARTERS" j?_S..^ Wednesday, December 10, 1947 DLOHbiE ;• "' H •"''"^^y^^?^^^v^^^^^^^^/^^f^^^ffl /'-"''' \ * ' ^v'^'l HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARK A NS AS By Chick Young OZARK IKE 4 p '^'%**.,; ( ^''; ?t\\\'t '«•> «$$» " * ' ( % u. ' - .|M 'v M SIDE GLANCES t By Galbraith CARNIVAL "E By Dick Turner *'IC FLINT '/ tftffr?** COPR. 1947 BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OFF. 12-10 "You go down and tell them how late it is—5 remember I used to so horns wishing J could take a sock at your fatherl'! .,, Now don , t go jumpjng tQ conc j us5onSt Albert , |t , 8 just Qn 1*4" n Q n o dn tv^ii+llVl o*« 1^ o r* ft 9 !-w-l **. 4> u A > tt^ I <, „_. J.A!. .j. *. ' PJ WON'T BF LONG. SRAYIING. 1 DON'T KNOW WHAT I'M GOING TO DO ABOUT THIS BUSINESS, BUT , I'M GOINS TO DO SOMETHING. I'M GOING TO Do,18 And that's how I got into the By Michael O'Mollcy & C<Ullfc * YES, THIS 15 VIC FlINT YOU RE T MY NAME IS -. • TALKING TO. ~S CAMION, MR. FlINT. > A FRIEND GAVE /WE YOUR NAME AND SAID i COULO TRUST YOU. CAN YOU MEET ME IN TEN MINUTES AT THE ENTRANCE OF HE PARK? I'll SAY m MEET H!M/,A^ A 813 CATCH LIKE ALEXANDER. I ' CAMION DOESN'T SWIM EVEAVyi DAY INTO A PRIVATE DETKTTVtS MET/ 1 -WASH TUBES THftHKS . FOP. SHOVJIMS \SET &BOUT WOT U5 WHERE DR. \ H^PPENED ? •/**. HEMRY THW \^WWBE HE'$.'R|0HT. .1 CWO'TSEE SARCftSTIC \HO«j THE MURPERER COULD PO& COP BURNS \S1BLS GET HIS MICTIWV UP-IMTO , MP IIP P^OU \ TUAT <=MnfCs=T(V,-v 00 lAtUV! s-vr wursi-w-' * ^-lt7Ul wtl .nil? .V1V» I llvi ME OR E^,.. \JHWefAOK£5TPiCK,;< VJE WERE A PIUEPRIVER TO CRUIA Pt£ HEWS METAL UKE THftT! I NEVER HEIVRD op^c^sETH^T^^^t>E LESSSEMSEl ! ITD TPK.E "t VVOT ftSOUT TH 7 ! POWN HERfe 1 Ut FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershberger ft that papa sometimes has a little trouble getting out in" the evening!" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Blosser ALL? MIGHT/ TO ~\ Cof» I9t7. Ktnjt r^iniff S>ihli.». I DONALO DUCK WHAT Y WELL, ALL V'ALI. «« c 3U f^ ) ^'SOME^NTEUJGENT HAVB VALL WANT LITrLE ME TO SOOO TO ^f^, "Is tho doctor in?" POPEYG OPB. 1947 BVNEA SE /^(EEE/ GIVE ME^ k V. THAT PERFUME! ) ^ ^ -]S—~. - flp^- .' YOU IOC'S EVES <NI TO LEAVE THINGS ^ AL-ONE? Corn UP *. jit D incy P ojurt on* __VXur_l Rph*HncivcJ By WaU Dlsiwr'> <C H S -*'^ ji. ALLEY OOP « ^NOBOPy' CAN CLIMB" HIULST'AND Thimble Theater OUT OUR WAY THE £ ZEL AvND HER, . ..IE TM<ING IS INDICATION, THEY'RE DINS FOR THE SOUTH HIGHLANDS GOING TO 'HOST- CATCH THEM SE FOOZYAND ALUE By V, T. Hamlin f& «Ve3( ^i?KiS : ^.''"." • " " r .T-• •" CURLV'S HELPINJ' SODA QUITSMOKIM ' HAS CUT HIM DOWM TO OME INi ,.. , THREE HOURS-- I /' V^-7-O, WAMT TO WATCH 5OPA ( C^^U V SMEA14 OME. FKOIvA POCKIT SCKAPIM'S.' IT SHOULP HE TO CURE HIM WITH LIMT By J. R. Williams OUR BOARDING HOUSE J AAftRl< MP FiiT BOOTS By Edgar Martin With Major Hoople ^§ on, I'LL KEEP M>/ 'I ^^SI^^(-?^Ti_l I?|^^|;£i T/\KlNs& DOT TH/XT ^7-^1 ) " \ CtAECK EVSRV H/MF -™. iv— ^ . \ HOL)R ^^Q START- MAKEDEDLicTIOMS FoRTAXES A FE\M SMALL DEBTS / WHWs, THt \Dth Of \J3CVC\Kifo TV\t <~>(&&GZ. ? WWX Cft»-VT We. TftU'E. (X V.OOVi f MV . ^ QH, WtVV. UV RtMtVA^S.% . RED RYDER BUL HUP? CAU5£P YOUR FAiHefifSj PEATH, FRAN}' THESE fA£N A??E. _j- J _.v . ._ ^-. (\.. —• - * ^^rr: —^^ %xiL SiN

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