Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 10, 1947 · Page 10
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 10

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, December 10, 1947
Page 10
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HOPE STARj HOPE, ARKANSAS Wednesday, December 10, 1947 akes Big Step Against mmunism by Approving the • r-Aiherican Defense Treaty OeWITY Affalri Analytt Red Russia 'everywhere pressing hef W6rld revolu- 1 ,the establishment of com,' the U> Si Senate has made- e'nt6ds contribution to west-, .erhispherlc security, and con- itttly to global peace, by rat- kthe' inter-American defense __.„, which was framed last sum- eiv al Rio de Janeiro. jfKaer this historic pact the court- ftfcW the neW WOrld would stand gfther to tight 6« attuck against Mtte,,Of them. Senator Tom Conally, , one of the Iramers of the Agreement, describes it as "a long ..... pUn the direction of guarantee- S. We, safety and security of the netteah republics from aggres- '^r' k attack by anv power out( this hemisphere." .' agreement isn't aimed at ,p»ny v pS* ticular nation. It is aimed aggression, . from whatever rce. However, it is significant Sv the •, American ratification es, at a tense momdnt in the . against Communist aggros- i.r'lt, cOmes after numerous mries of the two Americas have n Idfced to take action against d? fifth columnists, among these ohs being the' United States, ; Cattada; Chile, Brazil, ."Paraguay, %Cuba and the. Dominican Republic. " eVtfeaty' must be. 1 ratified lay rthirds of ''the " nineteen - natidns h 'sighed t it a't Rio. Three al- 'have approved and the rest, of<whom have been 'waiting to hal action Washington would a're expected to follow quick- «,,. vJt^uourse the chief strength of s »,ihisVtreaty * lies , In the solidarity rt<whi(ih it creates, rather than in the '•material resources • which can be ??i Contributed by the smaller nations MtA Ijttle state might provide an ag ^fimgressttt with a vital base for oper ,ations against the hemisphere as a .„„• whole/ With solidarity, the United E^IStateS is capable of providing the * ^wherewithal for defense. l i St^much for the western world ';BuU.what about western Europe Where communism has been press ijrtg 4or the kill against the French * and "Italian governments? Shoalc i bolshevism extend its domination through to the English channel, it fl,< tiext major move would be to jump ••"•-.the Atlantic. You know what tha ^ N would mean! <i $' Tensipri between Russia an ^France suddenly tightened an , j,t>othi,took, "fighting" action , whicl \feanrte'as clbse to severance of dip Ibntatie relations as could'be with s- actual break. Moscow can 1 the * Franco-Soviet trad talks, and both countries expelled each other's reparations missions. France not 1 only booted out the 12 members of the Soviet commission on the ground of "subversive activities in France," but recently xpelled 19 other Russians on barges of interfering with the French strike situation. Russia, in ancelling the trade talks, bitterly ceased France of "hostile" ae- ons, and declared that the Soviet overnment "holds the French overnmont..- responsible for the onsequences." France's Internal crisis, how- ver, eased materially. The French General Confederation of Labor — rtrlch is dominated by the CommU- lsts—ordered the 2,000,000 strikers ack to work today. This was in re- oonse to a government ultimatum 0 the strikers to get back on the ob by today. The capitulation ame-after the Communists had de- lared; their intention of defying the 1 dor. In short, the Bolshevists acked SOwn, and the chief rea- ons were two: The strong and ag- ressive attitudd of the government, and the' heavy dropping off f support for the Red program by ic rank and file of French labor. In Rome, too, there was a slight asement when the Communist-led Chamber of Labor cancelled its ul- imalum-'to; jnaugurate a general trikd in' the Capital and province" unless ,the government acquiesced n the' Red, program, However, her,e were fresh disorders in Sic-, ly, and the position of the country as a whole remained grave. All in all, the situation in western Europe was rather brighter for democracy. French Strike Continued From Page tm« was here to stay. The most hopeful feeling was that the present kill would continue at least until after the first of next year. CGT leaders issued a 2.000-word statement calling for strengthening of the unions for new struggles. It said many workers went back to work "with death in their hearts" and because they were hungry. The government said many of those who went back to work before the strikes Were called off did so because they had become convinced the Communist leadership was using the strikes for political purnoses. (Robert A. Lovett, U. S. undersecretary of state, , declared in Washington last Friday that the Communist-led strikes in both France and Italy constituted an ''extension of Soviet foreign policy.") The work stoppages, which be- ean in Marseille on Nov. 12, cost France: (1) At least 45 dead and hundreds, perhaps thousands, of in- jared': (2) Uncounted millions of francs worth of coal and steel an other production. They also forced a change in the government and resulted in exchanges of harsh Words and actions by France and the Soviet Union. , RUssia and France yesterday expelled each other's repatriation commissions and Moscow broke off trade negotiations, costing Frenchmen their chance for getting 300,000 tons of badly needed Soviet Wheat. France accused the Rus-- sian repatriation commission of engaging in ."subversive activities." The French reported 19 Soviet citizen's on Nov. 25 for "interference in French affairs" during the strikes. The Russians protested this Doily Bread Continued From Page One es, instead of thundering a lump sum of billions and leaving it hanging in tho air, he may have a more attentive audience. The CIO : notice of new wage demands has left Congress with a choice -of three actions. It can do nothing*' that would result in long strikes attd lost production, or hU gherwagfiS'and-higher labor costs, or most likely both. It can give Mr. Truman the authority he wants lo reimpose • some : ceilings. Or it an come up with. a : brand - new plan to lower'prices. • A brand new'plan doesn't mean voluntary price- reductions, • either. EThose have been asked, and the response has been silence. What is demanded now, is quick, effective action. - , o NEWPORT DOCTOR DIES Newport, Ark., Dec.' 10 — (/P) — Dr. A. M. Elton, 52, a practicing physician here the past 25 years, died today at a Newport hospital of a heart seizure. Dr. Elton had come to the hospital frorn his home to check on the condition of his patients prior to startng to Conway on a business trip,, 'His widow, one daughter and a son survive. More Bales to Tote This Year Million* of: 13 12 U. S. to Demand Curtain Lifting on Occupation Zone London, Dec 10 — (/P) —Secretary of State Marshall charged tonight that Russia is taking assets from eastern Germany at rate of more thn $500.000,000 yearly and he demanded that the withdrawals be halted effective Jan 1. 6 This year's cotton crop, spys the estimates of the Department of Agriculture, will be the heaviest since 1944. Large amounts of Open cotton still in the fields have resulted:in_str-.-«'demand" fcv harvest hands at near record wages. Chart aboyv iws year-by- year cotton production since 1939. This year's lu~,i is estimated at 11,505,000 bales- London, Dec. 10 •—(/P)—The United States was understood today to be planning an effort to force Soviet Foreign Ministers V. Al. Molotov to lift the curtain on affairs in the Russian occupation zone of Germany. U. S. Secretary of State Mar'—| shall and his advisers are reported to be contending that unless Russia furnishes information on conditions in their zone, it will be df- fcult, if not impossble, for the Council of Foreign Ministers to arrive at substantial agreement on German unification. As today's Big Four session opened, western diplomats said Russia's demand or $10,000,000,000 reparations from Germany, largely [fom current production, may well oe the issue that could break up the conference. This view apparently is behind western represnta- tives' efforts to draw from Molotov an explanation of his statement that the question of reparations and German economic unity could be considered simultaneously. Fabulous Rags to Riches Oilman Dies in Texas Longview. Tex., Dec. 10 — (/Pi- Rogers E. Lacy, a fa"bulous Texan of a rags to riches fable, is dead. The 63-year-old multimillionaire, in .failing health, died yesterday. Lacy, who left the life of a small town merchant to "wildcat," founded a fortune'in th vast East Texas oil discovery of 1931 and expanded until he was considered one of the richest, men in Texas at the time of his death. Lacy worked as a telegrapher in his youth. During his hunt for oil, Italian Labor Unit Votes General Strike By FRANK BURTO Rome, Ded. 10 — (/P) —The chamber of Labor voted a general strike for Rome's province, effective at midnight. ," '• The' government of Premier Alcide De Gasperi, according to unofficial reports,had offered about 11,000,000,000 lire (about $18,650,000) for public works in the city = _._. and province of Rome in an effort ', associates said Lacv had uncanny to avoid the strike, which was • • — •-•• ---' called to protest unemployment. Newspapers forecast the cabinet's action might be its last and that the harried Premier might announce tomorrow his fifth government, including representatives of two srriall leftist parties, which would afford the government an unassailable majority in he assembly. The chamber of labor for Rome Province was to consider the government's offer later today. It had demanded 10,000,000,000 (bil- ion) lire to help the unemployed in ,he Rome area, estimated at 80,)00. The general strike threat remained implicit. They said he drilled only one ,hole in more than 150 attempts. move. Under the terms on which the strike's • were settled, minimum monthly salaries were boosted from 7,000 francs ($58) to 10,000 ($87) compared to the 10,800 francs C.f90 demanded. A 1,500 franc ($12) cost of living allowance was provided for all workers, retroactive to Nov. 24, with increased family allowances for larger families. POULTRY AND PRODUCE Chicago, Dec. 10— (fP) —Live poultry: firm; receipts 18 tracks, no cars; prices unchanged except on roasters a cent a pound higher at 30-33 FOB and on turkeys two cents a, pound higher; FOB wholesale market; young hen turkeys 49: young toms under 18 Ib 39; over 18 Ib 36; old toms 30. Butter nervous; receipts 252,247; prices unchanged.' Eggs firm; receipts 9,378; prices unchanged except 1-2 cents a dozen higher on dirties at 40 and on checks at 39. Hope Star Star of Hope 1899; Press 1927, Consolidated January IB, 1929 ST. LOUIS LIVESTOCK • National Stockyards, 111., Dec. 10 — (JP)— Hogs 12,500; 170 Ibs up and sows steady to 25 higher than average Tuesday; lighter weights steady to 25 lower; bulk good and choice 180-240 Ibs 26.00-25; top Many May Continued From Page One — is capable of carrying 40 passengers. Ground rescue crews set out at daybreak today but faced rough going over the rugged countryside near the trading post of Northwest River. : First reports indicated there was "signs of survivors" but this was later amended to: "No known survivors." Goose Bay radioed Army Trans port Command headquarters here: _ , "Weather presently preventing ob 26.25; 25.0-300 Ibs mostly 26.00; odd servation of progress of ground "^ *»="''"• «•«'"*'+«, 95 7*. ™™t parties and of wreckage.' The report added, however: "9th Airforce reconnaissance disclosed scattered, burning wreckage 8 1-2 miles from the field." Ground parties had not reached this wreckage at the last report received here at 8:30 a. m, (CST). Maj, Gen. William H. Tunner, commander- of the 'Atlantic division of the ATC, i has 'flown to Goose Bay to direct rescue efforts personally Preparations were made to fly a helicopter to the crash scene. The area where the big transport crashed is heavily forested. Four Parachute to Safety Istanbul, -Dec. 10 — (fP) — American sources said late today they were informed that a United States C-47-. military plane en route from Rome to Athens had crashed in Western Turkey, but Ihe four per- feons ' aboard parachuted lo safety. : The plane was said to have crashed near the village of Susi- girlik, in the province of Aalide- Bhir. It was believed to have exhausted its fuel after overshooting Athens, its destination. . Meager reports to Americans in Ankara, relayed here, said the men landed on a hill and were taken on mules to a hospital in the village. Reports from Athens said U. S. Greek and British places startec a search at dawn for the losl ane. hf fe GAY DONALD DUCK SWEATERS For Boy* and Girls Donald Duck ,.. gay, authentic Disney pattern in three-color Jacquird design . . . brightens these sweaters of fine All New Zephyr Wool, Cardigan sod slipover, as set, will delight tots. Hand washable. 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Dec. 10 — (IP) — Fourteen radio stations of the new frequency modulation type have •been installed in the area between bittle Rock and Hot Springs for fire protection purposes within the last month, State Forester Fred Lang announced today. Three of the new stations are ixpd and the 11 are mobile, Lang aid. Mr. LanR said the new FM, two /ay installations bring to 00 the tatipns now operated for the prevention of forest fires. escaped today while Arabs of the|binet, probably would form a new town of Acre . engaged prison guards with gunfire, it..was announced officially. A press release said the Arab prisoners, separated from Jewish inmates after fights following the announcement of the "United Nations vote to partition Palestine had overpowered and 'bound the warden. The gunfire of Acre Arabs covered their flight, it said. Unofficial sources in Rome said le plane was piloted by a Lt. ol. Covverd (SIC) and that other rewmen were a Capt. McMurray, trt. Willis and Sgt. Barnes. The ir force in Washington said it had o official reports on the plane or ts crew, but that three men were ssigned to the air attache's office n Baghdad: (Lt. Col, James F. Coward (cored), the: Air Attache, Erwon, "cnn.; Sgt. Hugh F. Willis, crew hief for Attache, Hickory, N. C.; nd sgt. Paul A. Barnes, radio nan, Springfield, Ohio No information was available oil Capt. Mc- iurray. 'Ike 1 May Look Over Presidential Possibilities Washington, Dec. 10 — (IP)— An innouncement that Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower will take over the presidency of Columbia university June 7 touched off speculation to- iay that he may spend part of the ntervcning months looking Ins presidential possibilities. Politicians here expect him to surrender his army chief of staff's duties to Gen. Omar Bradley about Feb. 1, although army officials smd it might be closer to March 1. In any event, he is expected to take a 60-day vacation before going to Columbia. This would give him time, if he desires, to make up his mind whether to go along with the 'Eisenhower-for- president" movement. Some of his friends have been urging him to seek the republican presidential nomination and this drive has taken formal ots heavier weights 25.75; most 60-170 Ibs 25.50-75; 130-150 Ibs ;3.50-25.50; 100-120 Ibs 21.25-23.25; ;ood sows 450 Ibs down mostly 24.0050; over 450 Ibs 23.25-23.75; few 24.00; most stags 18.00-21.50. Cattle 4,500; calves 1,200; steers .n light supply but finding limited inquiry with very little done early; less than 20 loads on sale; small slaughter interests taking a few medium fleshed lightweight steers around 2225-24.50; these about steady with Tuesday; heifers and mixed butcher yearlings in modest supply; some opening deals steady on medium to low good kinds from 18.00-25.00; cows omewhat slow aut about steady at Tuesday's late decline; a few good beef cows around 17.00-19.00; common and medium cows 14.50-16.50: canners and cutters 11.50-14.50; bulls active: odd head good beef : oulls to 19.50; largely around 19.00; medium and good sausage bulls 16.50- 18.50f choice vealers 50 higher at 33.50, A new record high; good and choice 26.00-33.50; common and medium 14.00-25.00. Sheep 2,500; slaughter lambs opened steady to 25 higher; other classes not established; most good andchoice wooled lambs 2400-50: about-a deck 24.75; medium and good 20.50-23.50; cull to medium throwouts' 15.00-18.00. NEW YORK COTTON New York, Dec. 10 — (IP) — Cot- tori futures registered moderate gains in slow dealings today, 'lorn- mission house byying and mill demand carried prines to new ;ien sonal high ground in early dealings. Thereafter the market encountered increased profit taking Entered as second class matter at th. Post Office at HODO, Arkansas, under th< V:t of March 3, 1897. IAP)— Means Associated Press. (NEA) — Means Newspaper Enterprts* Subscription Rates: (Always Payable !• havance): By city carrier per week 20c per month 85c. Mail rates — in Hemp stead, Nevada, Howard, Miller on' Lahayette counties. J4.50 pur xenr; els* here JB.50. and soybeans were 3 cents highwe, March $3.88: In the cash market, a car of old croo No. 2 yellow corn sold $2.70 1-2, an all time record National Advertising Representative — rkonsos Dailies, Inc.; Memphis, Tenn Jerick Building; Chicago, 400 North Mich Ban Avenue; New York Citv, 292 Madisoi ve.; Detroit, Mich., 2842 W. Grano Ivd.; Oklahoma City, 314 terminal Blda Orleans, 722 Union St. Member of the Associated Press: Th- Associated Press is entitled exclusively 1< ne use for republication of all the loca news printed in this newspaper as well o ill AP news dispatches. Strength of corn largely reflected le small movement of cash grain i markt, brokers said. Snow in le mid-west was expected to de- ay this movement further. The rade continued to receiv reports f unusually small corn supplies n Iowa. Wheat closed 1 3-4—1-4 higher, December $3.11—$3.12, corn was 1-3—6 1-2 higher, December :?2.G3 -4—$2.64 .1-4; oats were 7-8—1 38 ligher, December $1.2G 14— 3-8, for for cash corn. New crop No. 2 yellow corn brought as high as .$2.69 1-2, a record peak for new crop corn. The December corn future reached $2.05, only 3-4 cent under the record high for any corn delivery made by the September contract on Sept. 15 this year. Spot wheat was one to two cents a bushel higher; basis unchanged; receipts seven cars. Corn was strong; basis one to two cents higher on top grades and steady to one cent higher on new No. 4 and 5 grades; bookings 194.000 bushels; shipping sales 50,000 bushels; receipts 61 cars. Oats were higher with the futures; ,basis one to 1 1-2 cents higher; shipping sales 50,000 bushels; receipts 15 cars. Soybeans receipts were 22 cents. NEW YORK STOCKS New York, Dec. 10 —(JP)— Stocks moved irregularly higher for the third successive market session today paced by the long-dormant rails. Carriers got off to an early advance and succeeded in holding most of their gains, although other sections of the list were unresponsive. Dealings proceeded at a steady pace to produce one of the busiest days of the past month wnXi total transactions approximating 1,200,000 shares. Near the close narrow advances were in the majority. constitutional government soon. His resignation, submitted to the national assembly, came a week after the assembly unanimously adopted a new Bulgarian constitution (Dispatches from Istanbul .lasi week said reports had been hea c there that Bulgaria and Yugoslav ia becoming chief of state 6f the federation and Dimitrov taking over as head of the new nine-nation communist international informa tion bureau— thecominform. (Such a union, these reports said, might enable Bulgaria to evade provisions of the Bulgarian peace treaty, including payment of $45,000,000 in reporatipns to Greece and armaments limitations imposed by the victors). In the New .hree-Iourths of England the farm region houses are about GO years old, according ,o estimates made recently. Beware Coughs from common colds That Hang On Creomulsion relieves promptly because it goes right to the seat of tho trouble to help loosen and expel germ laden phlegm, and aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender, Inflamed bronchial mucous membranes. Tell your druggist to sell you a bottle of Creomulsion with, the understanding you must like the way it quickly allays the cough or you are to have your money back. for Coughs, Chest Colds, Bronchitis ?12 8, MAW 10W Delivery in 49 hpun under the national draft Eisenhower league. While Eisenhower has said he doesn't want anything to do with politics, he appeared at an informal meeting of Pennsylvania republican leaders last week. Some of wose present said they got the idea tnat he "was talking a whole lot like a candidate." Bradley, who relinquished the Post of veterans administrator when he got the chief of staff assignment last month, is currently and edging which brought moderate recessions from the besi levels of tho day. The American Cotton Shippers Association revealed that shippers have objected to some terms nro posed by the French Cotton Pur chaing Commission with furthei negotiations on the contract terms in prospect. It was reported that Germany is seeking 10,000 to 13,000 bales o: American cotton. Spot cotton markets were firm which was reflected in the steadi ness of nearby December futures dsuite issuance of five additiona transfrrable notices. * Futures closed 15 cents a bale lower to 70 cents higher than the previous close. Dec high 36.74 — low 36.56 — las 36.62N up 14 Mch high 36.71 — low 36.49 ~- last 36.52-55 up 6 to 9 May high 36.26 — low 36.06 — last 26.09-11 up 3 to 5 Jly high 34.98 — low 34.73 — last 34.75-78 off 1 to up 1 Oct high 31.91 — low 31.G7 — last 31.67" off 3 Dec high 31.20 — Ipw 31.00 — last 31.02 up 10 Middling spot 37.35N up 6 N-nominal; B-bid; A-asked. NEW ORLEANS COTTON New Orleans, Dec. 0 —(/P)—Cotton futures advanced to new high price levels for the season here today before profit taking on the long side and hedge selling haltd the rise. Closing prices were steady 50 cents a bale lower to 10 cents highr. Dec high 36.55 — low 36.46 — close 36.37B Mch high 36.80 — low 36.46 — close 36.46-48 May high 36.32 — low 36.02 — close 36.02-05 Jly high 34.99 —. low 34.73 *- close 34.73-74 Oct high 31.90 — low 31.78 — close 31.67B making (acuities. inspection of army Eisenhower probably stay on briefly at the penta- GRAIN AND PROVISIONS Chicago, Dec. 10 — W 5 )— Corn g aced an upturn in grains on the orad of trade today, soaring as much as seven cents a bushel at umes In the December contract. This delivery moved to a new sea- gon to feelp out before Bradley of- sonal high. Wheat and oats followed ucially takes over. the advance of the yellow cereal. 25.75 CHAIN DRIVE RAMO-PHONOGRAPH CONSOLE *THE DIGNITY OF CHIPPENDAIB *THE BEAUTY OF MAHOGANY! *THE MATCHLESS PERFORMANCE OF TRUETONE A COMBINATION SET THAT IS DEFINITELY OUTSTANDING. BEAUTIFUL CABINET HOUSES RADIO WITH "EAR IEVEL" SPEAKER AND AUTOMATIC RECORD CHANGER THAT SLIDES EASILY ON CONCEALED DRAWER. 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MAIN Order today PHONE 1080 Delivery in 48 hours Wednesdoy, December 10, 1947 HOPE STA'R,HOPS, ARKANSAS Social and P an Phone 768 Between £h C Social Calendar • Wednesday, December 10 Tho Wesloyan Service Guild and Circle No. 5 W.S.C.S. of the First Methodist church will hold n joint dinner meeting and Christmas party at the Lions club Wednesday night at seven o'clock. Each member is asked to bring a gift wrapped toy. Wednesday, December' 10 I'Piiislcy P.T.A. will meet at three o'clock Wednesday afternoon at the school. The children of the school will present a Christmas program. Room mothers are asked to meet at two o'clock and the executive committee al two thirty. Thursday. December 11 The Hope High School P.T.A. will meet Thursday afternoon at 3:15'at the school. The executive committee will meet at 2:45. ersona 9 A. M. and 4 P. M. l December 12 All Girl Scout Leader's will meet at two o'clock Friday afternoon .at. the 'Educational building of tho First Baptist church. Mrs. Basil York Hostess To J.O.Y. Class The J.O.Y. Sunday School Class of the First Baptist church mot at -the homo of- Mrs. Basil York for its annual Christmas party. Yuletide decorations pf ', Holly. 'IWistlctoe and other greens and red takers we're arranged throughout the home for the occasion. The president. Mrs. Royce Smith presided over the business session and Mrs. S. D. Cook gave the opening prayer. Various committee reports were hoard. Mrs. Clyde Coffee gave the Christmas Story from St. Luke, Mrs. Rufus Herndoii, Jr., told the story, "The Unexpected Christmas Gift". Games and contests were enjoyed. .^During the social hour the hostess served a delightful dessert plate with coffee to twenty rhem- bers. Mrs. W. W. White Hostess to Willing Workers Class The Willing Workers Class of tho Hope Gospel Tabernacle met at the home of Mrs. W. W. White on Tuesday evening for their regular monthly business and social meeting and Christmas party. ,.£JThe meeting was opened with prayer by Mrs. Louis Sutton followed by the singing of Christmas Carols led b\ Mrs. Maxine White. Mrs. Fred Smith gave "The Origin ' of Christmas" and Mrs. •Maxine White sang "White Christmas". Gifts were exchanged during the social hour and Mrs. White was TODAY - THURSDAY FEATURES : 2:45 - 4:50 - 6:55 - 9:00' TODAY - THURSDAY FEATURES 2:38 - 4:46 - 6:59 - 0:02 FredMacMURRAY Claudelte COLBERT f presented with a gift from the class. During the social hour the hostess served a delicious sandwich and dessert plate with hot chocolate to 22 members and four guests: Mrs. Orville Stcadman, Mrs. J. W. White, Bill Wilson and Mrs. Maxine White. Mrs. Dorsey McRae, Jr., Hostess lo Catholic Altar Society The Catholic Altar Society met Monday afternoon at the home of Mrs Dorsey McRae, Jr., for its regular Decemuer meeting. The meeting was opened with a prayer by Father Boyle and Mrs. Aline Ghcling, president, conducted the business session. Mrs. Walter Simms read the minutes of the last meeting and Mrs. E. S. Alexander made a treasurer's report. During the business session plans were made for a Christmas party to be held at 7 o'clock Tuesday evening. December 10' at the rectory. All members are asked to bring contributions for several Christmas baskets. The following books were decided upon for the Study for the coming year: "Father Smith Instructs Jackson". "The Mass" and "Life of.the Saints". The study will be under the direction of Father Boyles. The business session was close'd with prayer. During the social hour the hostess, assisted by Mrs. Walter Ver- halcn, Jr., served a delicious dessert plate. Hospital Notes Make the Wardrobe You Have Now Into A * New Look' for Old A Top-Notch Designer Shows You How Branch Discharged: • Mrs. Milton Butler, Patmos. David lAcks, Emm'ett. Julia Che'ster Admitted: Harry Robinson, Jr., Fulton. Discharged: Mrs. Elmer Anderson, Rt. 1, Hope. Martin Timmons, Rt. 4, Hope. Josephine Admitted: Baby Margaret Ann Hall, Washington, Ark. T. O. Porter, Hope.. Discharged: Mrs. Sherman Wilson, Emmet. Mrs: Elmer Aldridge, Springhill, La.. Mrs. Hugo Elkins, Hope. , ~" 0 — ... • The Doctor Says: BY WILLIAM A. OBRIEN, M.D. Written for NEA Service Diarrhea! diseases are still one of the chief causes of deaths in the first year of life. Rates vary from Oregon and Maine, where the condition is rare, .to Mexico '11 and. Arizona, where it is cemrnori: j 1 Why diarrheal diseas • are disappearing in certain parts of the country and not in others, is difficult to explain, unless one takes into account the influence of sanitation. Diarrheal diseases cause the most difficulty during the first two years of life and djring the newborn period, ' in undernourished infants. Parents should be instructed as to the importance of giving their children clean food, if diar- rheal diseases are to be prevented. Treatment of diarrheal diseas in infants consists of preventing or overcoming dehydration, the loss of water and minerals. Although many diets have been tried with the- Suggestions for converting last year's \vardrobe to conform to this year's fashion changes are illustrated above. The severely simple suit, photographed left,.takes on the ."new look," shown. By EPSIE KINARD NEA Fashion Editor New Yorii—(NEA)—Peer closely at fashion's "new look," and you'll see some details that will make you look twice. Close-ups, as shown here, are intended to capture a second glance, oi'tcn a third. Take the blouse front, upper righi. Splashed over it as big as life is the lace ot a woman turned upside down.- This hand-painted, seauinnsd motif on while crepe is one of the sensations of the season.- It is Tina Loser's copper-etched re-production of "Ondine. 1 " which pictures a woman's face reflected in water. Collars, like the two shown, climb to haughty heights. The towering Persian lamb, center below, bears the nams "Graceful Exit' 1 because when the collar turns its back, its height is pointed up by a yoke of jet embroidery. The green • Dick- ensian collar, top center, climbs up Erom a blouse which teams with a royal blue suit. Jewels which could double as necklaces make shoulder straps to hold up evening gowns. 'This new detail that rates a second look is shown lower right. Silver straps studded- with colored stones hold up a blaci: gown which designer Jo Copelar.:! tops with a gardenia- colored satin- jacket. This designer's bustle bow suit of black faille, lower left, is one of the season's attention getters. Shoes that rivet eyes have high- climbing backs that look like stylized stocking heels, as shown upper left. These distracting pumps are a revival of Ihe French dandy's shoe. THE STOHY: It all started after I had been in Hollywood three rnont.hs, writing the movie script for one of my own mystery books —and .letting Jeff Haverson help me get over Oscar Craig, Jeff was director on my picture and a very altractive man. So when Liz Leyden, my unplbasant collaborator, informed me vindictively that Jeff had been married for some lime to Avis Vaughn, our glamor star, I was stunned. VII Liz stood Ihere cackling laughter at me until his ugly face turned a vivid red. 1 "Get ojl." I hissed. "Get oul!" He got out then but nol before he managed to get across a smug feeling of self-satisfaction at my dismay. I walked over to the window after a little while, and stood staring through the venelian blind slits so diseases, Ihe only one which! nt Ihe street below and he wall of has stood the test o£ lime is Ihe "-- --"----'---"-"--- -- T '--administration of water and minerals as long as water and minerals are being lost. Milk and other foods always aggravale the condition. When diarrhea develops, it is important lo withhold food, if there is vomiting, and to give injections of water and. minerals under the skin. If there is no vomiting, water and minerals by mouth. may be given water has results. Examination of the tissue fluids of infants show that potassium and sodium are the minerals which are lost in greatest amounts. Adding these minerals to the been tried with good infections Cause It Diarrhea may develop in children from infections in various parts of the body. Although treatment may be aimed at these infections, the dehydration treatment should also be administered. Until preventive measures can be esta-blished everywhere, thousands of infants will develop diarrhea and many will succumb. Treatment with water, containing notassium and sodium, will save the lives of many of these children if food is stopped at the same time. QUESTION: I have styes on bo- and th eyes. What is Iheir cause treatment? ANSWER: Styes result from a local infection of the hair follicles. They are spread by rubbing the eyes. If Ihe eyes are kepi clean and local applicalions of x ointments, containing drugs which destroy bacteria, are prescribed, they will go away. -- o -Top Radio Programs of the Day (he yellow building opposite. I donl (hink I was feeling very much of anylhing. excepl a cold sick emptiness as if someone had hit me in the slnmnch. Sn Jeff Hnverson \vas married. And lo Avis Vaughn—of nil women. T don'l exactly know why Ihe fact (hat it was Avis affected me so oxcepl (hat she was so toward Avis. I think at hit. me almost as soon as it did Jeff, and I wasn't surprised when I felt him lean "or-, ward in his seat and stare at 'the screen as if he couldn't believe,, his eyes: 1 I. could hardly 'believe mine: either. : • • >, * The last, foot of the film, flickered from the screen and, the house lights came on. Jeff turned to Morgan incredulously. "Did you sec that?" he demanded. "See what?" Morgan growled, shifting his cigar to the other side of his mouth. Ben Morgan's a big rough 'man who made his money in Texas oil and went into producing -movies as a hobby—and to make more money. He isn't what I had expected in a producer after all the jokes I had heard about movie magnates who couldn't speak the- King's English. Morgan could speak English, all right. Plainly . and profanely, too, upon occasion. I measure will get no where. in:left and center sketches, when skirt material Is used tb make full peplum on remodeled jacket. Out-modcd Chesterfield coat, right, is brought up to date, in sketch at right, as a mort coat. thai no aclion is likely at this ses- ion. That statement did not close the Washington. Dec. 10 — (IP) —Republican con-gressional leaders agreed today on a four-point anti- inflation program for enactment during the present session of Congress. Senator Taft of Ohio, chairman of the Senate Republican steering committee, and Hoase Republican Leader Halleck of Indiana, announced Ihe program provides for: . I. Voluntary industry-wide agreements to hold living costs in .line. Anti-trust laws would be set aside temporarily by such agreements, and the administration would be given money 'to promote such a program. . 2. Continuation and expansion Of export controls. 3. Increase;; from the present 25 per cent to 40, per'cent the gold reser.ye.s, required'^behind currency issues, oy federal 'reserve bdnki; and increase from 25 lo 3.) per cent the gold reserves that federal reserve banks must carry to support the deposits of commercial b;mks. 4. Controls over vital transportation facilities, such as boxcars. The Republicans drafted their program as a reply to President Truman's request for broad powers to resume rationing and price controls if the administration sho.ild decide they are necessary. A draft o.f a bill covering most of the president's request was presented by Secretary of Commerce Harri.ynan yesterday to a Senate judiciary subcommittee, but Re- Dublicans have made clear that Instead of answering him Jeff called to the operator, "Ran"it over again, Mac. . .." He wanted Morgan to see for himself. The room darkened and the ne began again and we all wait- | ed—Jeff and I tense with the cx-|unlary industry-wide agreements. Even befoi-p thf Republican program was officially announced,' it had come under attack from Democrats. Rep. Gore (D-Tenn) accused see- 1r| p GOP of "rubber stamping" :-:or ait- j "big business" by proposing vol- citEment of discovery, the rest ... • _ , T ,,'' ert with mystified • expectancy, —well, cheap ; Somehow^ I woulrl The preliminary action of the scene woun( j O ff an( j u lero was t ] 1c fj. nal moment again. Avis and Mad- ce Nar'-ry etni-jnjy P t each other across the width of the room and al that distance, looking as much alike as sisters are supposed to look and seldom do. Bleach Mad- fe's hair and they could pass for i : _'_ i ' c of those unexpected have fxper-ted Jeff to have had more dUcriminalion when ho picked a wifp. Tn inv own nvnd I V'ad bpc-n building him up to the statue of a very rnecial sort of guy, as a woman alwavs does 'Before she Calls in love with a mpn. The afternoon was half rone be- COVP l r-iuld forr-o mvsplf to go bpck to Ihe set where Jeff and the others WPVO -it work. Thev hp<i nro- eressed to the scene in the library n'hp"" Jimmy Petp>-s —he madp a swell-looking detective —was doing hi* stuff. I so* down in a chair and watched the rehe?' - sal. It didn't, thrill '•"p now Avis Vaughn. Art Cleves, Mad«e Narnev and Jimmy Peters might havp been so manv robots moving under the bright lights for all I cared. The socinrt of Jeff's voire. curt, assured and imoersonal. giving directions was like the prick of a kn'fc To in a shut fresh wound. it out I nirkpd up o newspaper that happened to be lying on avdiair next to mine and tried to concentrate my attention upon it. But I wasn't really interested in tho day's news. I wasn't really interested in anything except thinking up some plausib'e excuse for leaving early, when Jeff turned to I me and said we'd go over to see the rushes of tho morning's take us soon as they finished the scene ihpv were on. The entire cast trouped along to the projection room. The lights were on when we went in. I sat beside Jeff. and Ben Morgan, . There was the white rectangle of | l ' al '.V after 'he screen i'or a moment dazzling '.sentences. «... , ' TS -. * 1- I our eves and then it was filled ith Hie scene filmed that morn- was Avis Vaughn and re-sled By The Associated Press Central Standard Time Programs tonight (Wednesday) NBC-7 Dennis Day's Day: 7:30 Great Gildersleeve'; 8:30 "District Attorney. CBS-V American Melody: 8 Morgan - Ameche - Langford; 8:30 Sweeney and March. ABC-7:30 Vox Pop; 9Bing Crosby land Walter O'Keefe; 9:30 Henry h'on and Avis went through her Morgan. " | hysterical denial. Strange how ma- i MBS-7 Scarlet Queen Adventure: 7:30 Quel Please Drama; 9:15 Fool- twin's! Tt was one sometimes brings, out. like the\one resemblances that the camera sometimes brings out, like the one between Joan Bennet and Hedy Lamarr—after Joan dyed her hair, I mean. No wonder Jeff was excited. Here was the double he'd been looking for—the girl who looked enough like Avis to fool any audience into thinking it was Avis in a distance shot. And he'd had her in the cast all the time. The others saw it, too, this time. I heard several gasps back of us. "Doggone if ihey don't look like twins," Morgan said and took the oigar completely out of his mouth. Which was an exclamation point lor him. (To Be Continued) o Taft said a single bill embodying all four points 'of Ihe Republican nrogram will be introduced in the House immediately bv Chairman Wolt-qtl (II -Mich i of the bank- inn committee. Wolcott lold reporters he plans to hold hearincs on the bill tomorrow and said they should nol lasl more than one day. Taft and Halleck announced the plan following n meeting of Senale and House GOP loartors in Ihe of(ice of Speaker Martin. Thev said (hey hope that the single bill can be enacted in lime to permit Congress to adjourn on Dec. 19. About the time this meeting was breaking up on Ihe House side of the capitol, the Senate Banking Commitlee approved one poinl of the president's anti-inflation program — legislation to restore limit- door, from the standpoint of leadership, against action on the the measure approved by the Banking Commitlee. The House will consider bolh the appropriation and the economic bi.ls first, Halleck said. Allending the conference besides Halleck. Martin and Taft were Senators Cooper of Kentucky and Wiley of Wisconsin and Represenl- alives Taber of New York, Michener of Michigan, Arends of Illinois, Brown of Ohio and Wlgglesworth of Massachusetts. Halleck said no further meetings of the leaders are planned. Oil Dealers Plan to Fight Another Gas Tax Increase Little Rock, Dec. 10 —• m—Ark- ansas Oil Dealers Association has asked all candidates for public office next year to commit themselves against a further increase in the slalc gasoline tax; • Tn another resolution the association .requested thai Gon'gress eliminate the federal levy on gaso Wives With Rovih'g Ixl DEAR MISS? DIX: Is there any-"" **~**"* ""' ''"" thing wrong with a married w«" I parents would be ashamed, lo man flirting a little if she doesn't I me «s a dauphtor-iriMaw AnA go any further? My husband says Id always feel that their soit'd I am cheapening our marriage in very foolish thin? in marrying ™A c ?L es °Ll U ot our r" en frlends ' * h sve a high school eduCaU6n< _.. f n f r e Ot u 6r!me , nj « wi l h , wrom J hnve ^ways conducted .rnyselt'$ flirt. I say he is old-fashioned and a lady * , ^ insulting to insinuate that I would Would you advise me to.' ... go too far. ; . head pnd marrv this boy? Shod!' v , DISGUSTED a chdd have to pav for her, ' ANSWER: I think it is your hus- rents< mist&kes and failures? band, instead of you, who has the right to Use the word disgusted." For it must be a mortifying experience to a husband to have a wife who is so bored with him that she has to turn td other men to put a little pep into her life. Certainly there is nothing more cynical in all the upsiand downs of married life than ,that so many husbands should spend their days toiling like slaves to provide their wives with expensive beauty treatments and fine clothes to use'to attract other men. Yet We see it being done about us every day, But if the philandering ladies think that they befool the public into believing that they mean no harm and are just having a bit of clean, innocent fun, they afc vastly mistaken. For a wife is either true to her husband or falste'to him:'She either loves him, or,she has no affection for him. Hb is cither the center of her W.orld^ o»' he is entirely outside of it. There is ho middle ground for her in which- she can play about with strange men and take their kisses and caresses and gifts and still be a faithful wife. Only Belittle ^Selves The married woman who:thinks she can indulge in i little extra-marital affairs without being found out befools herself. There was never a love nest built so hidden-that some spying eye didn't discover it. Nor do men feel called upon to protect the name of the woman Whs throws her hat over the windmill. And as for a wife saying sho won't go too far with her flirta- nonsense. She can ne- herself to stop. There tions, it's ver bring are no little sins for women. The end of the flirtatious wife's little game is almost invariably the divorce court. It is a terrible price to have to pay for a few thrills and a sordid adventure. DEAR DOROTHY DlX: A boy who belongs to a very wealthy family has fallen in love with me and wants to marry me. >I love him deeply, but, I do not^eel that I should marry him because our families are of such different social standing. 'I am afraid that his line and lubricating oil, leaving Little Rock. that field' of taxation to the states. The association, holding its 13th a n n u"a 1 convention! • re-elected M. R., Springer of Uttle Rock chairman. <•' Also • re-elected were J. M. McMurry and Paul J. Ward, vice presidents, and* ,W. F, Scarborough; secretary. All are of ANSWER: In deeidi«B''tHls"«yi& "O",the;-e are two' points y6\ should take into consideration^ Orti H the boy's age. If he is-jusl"] kid whose tastes' and habits : unformed and who 'falls in' lV with every girl he/sees you sh uld pass him up. He doesn't, tftil what sort of a wife he is Komk^Uq- want, and it would be t&idn&«ad| vantage of his ignorance', and 1 1: experience to tie him down to _„, marriage for which, he is not Tea*! The second thing you should 'c&nfi sider is how vou will fit into thinl rich fnmilv. What'will be "the fiby'll parent's attitude towards you?- OT course, the gayihiT'ld thar'w-" you marry you'do nftt marrifj boy or girl's family, but yotioe And thev can make you ^ erable if they resent you and-tr you as if you were the dirt •' neath thoir feel. \ :~ When a Door girl. \vho has iiVea iri a, very humble ^way all her. It marries into a wealthy and fit minent family, everyone thinks.n.,, lucky she is and how happy>'sh will be. But oftener .than not lief marriage, b>ings v ficjr, .jjqth'ihg *M| sorrow because ,sne cannot adj herself to her new life. She, not know the password of .th ciety into Which she is,thrown a.,. she feels awkward and" uncoiiU and lonely and despairing. 1 ,^ ,"> Many a poor girl who'iriarriesSf rich man knows that she^ou' have been far happier, if she ti married in her own class and' ha a little house instead-of a sion. and a husband who be proud of her instead of one j is alwajs correcting her a ing to raise her to his level. JR (Released by The Bell ' Inc.) FIHI ro*i •OHM' --,- KHOB.iUTt|t - * RELY ON THIS NAME! PETROLEUM JEll ed consumer through March credit 15, 1049. conlrols , . Chairman Tobey (R-NH> told reporters the vole was 9 to 4. The senator said three Republicans — Tobey and Senators Buck (R-Del.) and Flanders (R-Vt) — joined ihe six Democrats on committee in casting ballols the for of a "ha!;itnal criminal" law for Arkansas. „ , Wassell L'ited the cases of two puffing a cigar, came in and took | J5 e JJ r °es Jan~.es Harris and Edward the seat on the other The lights went off. 'Habitual Criminal 1 Law for Arkansas Urged by Wasse!! Little Rock Dec. 10 .-WV-Ma., ... „.... „, UUWI1 fjuwlll . M ...._ t>dm Wassell believes that two re-1 and how much tirne'to pay the bal- ccnt arrests hero point to the need anee — would be left to'the Fed- side of him. Both have prowlers and woman. ball Trophy Award. Thursday: NBC-8:30 a. m. Cleve- landaires; CBS 1 p. 11:30 Jack Berch ..ABC S:25 a ....MBS 11 a. m Second Mrs Burton m Betty Crocker milting raning c-ne white .„. _ mo'estiiiR so-oral others and en- iore real it seemed when .seen tenng a number of homes. Pugh is than it hud thai inor- j cnargcd with vane of a two and the bill. Four Republicans voted against it. The bill approved by the committee simply authorizes the Federal Reserve Board to restore controls on installment buying. This ex- Divides regular change accounts from any restriction. Details of the program — consumer goods to be covered, HIP Mayor amount of down payment required ""''' ' much time to pa* would be left to oral Reserve Board, as under the control program which expired Nov. 1. That program covered such products as automobiles, washing ma chines and refrigerators. In gener- ial customers were required to pay i one-third down on these and had been accused as to pav the balance in 15 months, rapists. Harris, ar-1 Halleck, talking with reporters Monday ait?r a !9-ycar-o!d i after the meeting in Martin's of- ram idea and are Pugh, both of whom police were released from the said serving portions of i when they acted it before the | one-half year old ncaro girl and '-•a m era. Tbo door behind them opened and Madge Narney came into the room. She paused iust inside the door and stood looking at the body of the man on the floor m Kate Smith and then she lifted accusing eyes with a series of burglaries. Fink said several counts of bur- lary and grand larceny had been filed against Harris and that a rape charge probably would be filtd "within a day or two." not necessarily committed to ?i. The leadership also aarecd vhat H single appropriation bill should be whipped together providing funds for emergency foreign relief, occupation needs of the army, and for administration of the anti-inflation Ta credit controls will be handled aep- arately ''if at all," but indicated program. ft said the subject of consumer TALBOt'S DECEMBER 1ES' BETTER S Included in this clearance are ladies fall and winter shoes of our nationally advertised lines. Smart styles and at money saving prices, No Refunds • All Sales Final * No Refunds STARTS THURSDAY MORNING GROUP NO. 1 84 pairs in this group. Values to 10.95 A.95 GROUP NO. l\ 75 pairs in this group Values to 7.95 GROUP NO. 3 125 pairs in this group. Regular $5.00 and $6.00 values. i -'I' Be Early For Best Selections TALBOT'S "Wl OUTflT THf FAMILY? _i'4'«s

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