Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 8, 1947 · Page 12
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 12

Hope, Arkansas
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Monday, December 8, 1947
Page 12
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See Earl Schoolcy, Lewisville highway. 5-3t Cal1 682 - 6-31 FOR SALE. SEE E. H. Byers or phone 83-F-3. 3-31 For Rent ,-,3-ROOM UNFURNISHED APART*\> ment for rent. 316 North Washington. K. B. Brice. 4-3t LARGE 2 ROOM UNFURNISHED " South night 5-3t apartment on Main St. Day phone 57, ifiphone 901-J. fe<fc"4? AHTMENT ' r °R RENT. W VT" va J e entr ance and bath. Elec- ^.fe t.* > trie hov. R9fl 'Mv.i.fVi Hervov Q-lt ;tric box. 520 ROOMS, WO- NICE LARGE ,, unfurnished. Bills Elderly couple preferred. A trailer cabin lor sale. 622 "Ulton. . e_3t >UR HOQM APARTMENT WITH -i«s,and shades. 301 North Fej?- Phone c 827. 8-3t Duck Season Opens Today in Arkansas Little Rock, Dec. 8 —f/P)—Arkan- sas hunters can just about seek- the gam6 of their choice now. .The duck season and the second JU47 period for shooting deer opened today The seasons for quail and fur-bearing animals got under way last week. Ducks are expected to be plenti- luj. Large early flights have been reported from all water areas of the state, especially the Grand Praine rice region. The daily bag lin^t for ducks is lour. Deer hunters are allowed only one buck for the season, which ends Saturday. Legal Notice SV; 'j"&* "Juch as 26,000 tons of coal f.ftave'been moved on the Ohio and t^. MlCIQetnm m«* nu « *_ ... Rivers in a tow 4r3 ,,'fi: DEAD R.fMO VED FREE . and CRIPPLES i - ^S? 883-W^hSne"co'll?c« jl , u no Answer Phone 31S8-R Service and Repair . • APPLIANTCES • I UCTRICAL SERVICE Where Do You Live.,. Nee^l Loan Payments Reduced? Need Extra Cash? you ' Government have ntw been ,r*jmove<i. |f you want your payments reduced, or if «xtra cwfiT or ,us right ^way. mi keep a cwsiomer -Waiting longer than neces- fnJT?.'^c£ a ^ headquarters .f9r CASH. Come and set it A*k for Mr, Tom McLorty otthe HOPE &UTOCCX NOTICE OF SCHOOL ELECTION r^2! lce c ls her ^ b y S'von that the County Supervisor of Hempstead Cdunty, has called an election to M h l ldJ , 1 ? Columbus School District No 3 of Hempstead County, on the 7 i?, Q?y of January 1D48, 'at S^ 11 ! 1 !?, ( J u . a " fle1 ? electors in said School District shall vote on the question of a loan from thefRe^ vplving Loan Fund, and the levying of a special tax of 1 mill annually on the assessed valuation of the! taxable property in the district so long as is necessary to repay said loan and the; interest thereon. Such election shall be held at Columbus School on the 17th day of January 1948, between the hours of 2:00 o'clock p. m. and 0:30 o'clock P. m. and otherwise in the same manner as is provided by law for h wT l S&£2 nual s , chot)1 elections WITNESS my hand this 17th day of November, 1947. ••' Fair Enough By Wettbrook Pegler Copyright. 194V By King Feature* Syndicate, New York, Dec. 8— From time to lime those dispntches have dis closed and commented on i, strange liaison between our journalism and the underworld and Communist fronts of the amusement industry. That this industry in all three of its major phases, movies, radio and night clubs, is infested With police characters, socially and professionally, was disclosed last winter through Frank Sinatra's choice of friends in Florida and Cuba, and later through the assassination of Bugsy Siegal in Bcv erly Hills. Siegal was the good companion of many prosperous artists of the awkward sprawl and the noisy repartee. His most vociferous horn of rapturous personal publicity was a : llttle Hollywood publication of the underworld for which Sinatra has been known to bespeak advertising favors from the studios. Its incorporators include Hank Sanicola, Sinatras'partner in the music business, and Barney Ross, the former welterweight champion fighter. Its editor is a semi-illiterate police character from Orange County, J., with a record of three entries, accompanied by the standard front and profile portraits, named James -Tarantfno.'• . • • ' Tarantind spent some time in that dubious area of rnidtown New York known as Jacobs' Beach, near Madison Square Garden, .yhere the fighters, managers and :ixers hang out. His own special ntcrest in that region was money- lending in amounts of .$5 and $10 at vigorous interest. Following his transfer to Cali- .ornia as a protege of Sinatra in he field of night club and underworld journalism, he became involved in a scandal over a mys- erious and apparently spurious cidnapmg of a member of his amily. H e tried to attribute this to jcrlad L. ,K. Smith, the anti-Jewsh propagandist, but the effort to make Mr. Smith the fall-guy for a queer exploit in heroics failed even though Sinatra had the pre- umption to telegraph the district ARKANSAS South Arkorisds Men Visit Pensacola Naval Base H'«""- Ve M'tt!; 0 B^u. CI | t }' i - p Carr Cannon, Little Rock; Ed Belshe, Round Pond; W. C. Little Rock. Lt. Com. Joe._D. Brummett, Pine Bluff; Horace Cabe, Gufdon; Howard Stebblns, Jt'., Palmer, Texarkaria; Above, is, the pictureVof 24 business . and , professional men < who' visited .the Naval Air ? Base .'at 'ensacola.last week at the invita-- ton of Rear Admiral F, ;D. Wag-: er, who is .in .command' of all; < aval aviation training in -'the ontinental United States. ', The : arty left Little Rock last"Tues-clay noon in Naval planes,'' arriv- ng at Pensacola at 2:30 p.rru- After eing shown over the grbund^nstal- fitions, they were entertained at Hul'l, Rus'sell'vYi'leV i, Little Rock; Lt. Com. Phillip B. Phillips', '• ff Lo D u r f* D N,,vi v° e r i icl n' Ar . kad elPhia; Lamar Williamson, Montlcello; ...Louis hurley, El Dorado; W. I, Walton, Arkadelphia; Clyde E. ,Dec. 8, 15, 22 E. R. Brown County Supervisor Hempstead County ittorney. as the leader of a long ist of .indignant taxpayers, demanding that justice be done. He seemed to think his name carried -pecial weight. The district attorney, mean- vhile, had checked Tarantino's record on his old home grounds, just as a later district attorney was to wire east for Sinatra's record and )icture in the Lee Mortimer slug! mg 5 aso last s P r i n S. Since then, he editor s devotion to Bugsy Sie- ral [and George Raft, another un- Mushmg underworld celebrity, has o impaired his social standing nat (jeorge Evans, Sinatra's manager, has -tried to disown him . on binatra s behalf. .Barney Ross recently ._saldv; he had pulled out of the .publication for fear of Implication but without recouping his original stake and was now promoting a project to strike the editor a blow of the fist on the nose. But. notwithstanding Mr. Evans' Just Received a New Shipment of Butane Gas Ranges Priced $140 each, $30 down, 12 months to pay. Hope Butane Gas Co. Phone 188 Hiway 67 west Hope, Ark. Have Your Own Portrait, on Your Xmas Cards This Year now. Special Xmas'background We Prepared to male T as many THE SHIPLEY STUDIO Hope's Finest Photography" c , CAR TIRES, TUBES, BATTERIES Anything for your car LAMB'S WRECKING YARD 317 South Laurel LET FOY DO IT For LIGHTING," WIRING, or anything ELECTRICAL See ALLEN ELECTRIC CO. 933 *>Mh pin,' 800 effort to brush off Tarantino, insisting that he was only one of ™—y street-corner parasites who latched onto" Sinatra, the fact remains that Sinatra has solicited advertisements for the publication in recent weeks. Ed Sullivan, of the New York Daily News, does a column about his own great contributions to the hearts ease of "our brave boys" in the hospitals and to "tolerance." Years ago, he voluntarily assumed the role of apologete for Frank Marlow, a man of wicked ways whose own pastor would have been embarrassed to sift a good word onto his box with the crumbled clay of the last farewell. Again this season Mr. Sullivan took it upon himself to cast out of the good society all citizens who are deficient in admiration of Sinatra. This "attitude, he said, bespoke the intolerant mmd and a cowardly disposition to make hideous childhood's happy hour of little boys and girls corn of Latin parents. • Whereat, the night-walking pas- l? r u°j t- b ! nck sheep solemnly sloshed himself from the font and went his rounds, dewy with beads of piety and self-acknowledged vir^ tue. -. . t There has been strident controversy as to Sinatra's real opinion of the nasty little chits who used loiter late into the night around clubs, theatres and other inappropriate haunts for children where Sinatra- was earning his liv- "? g . 0 . r taking his ease with the Fis- cnetti Freres of the Chicago under- g nt j L UC ] CV Luciano, the bicilian proslitutioneer. Mortimer called them little morons. This was outlandish flattery in the reckJess tabloid manner, and Si natra caught him when his head was turned and slugged him. In Chicago, Ashton Stevens, a pugnacious brute of 80 years and about as many pounds, wrote about the same opinion and might have got his needing, too, but put himself away in dry-dock for his annual craping with the Mayos in Roches- In a study of this maUer at the time I wrote that Mr. Evans the manager and preys-agom. had ex- piessed the same opinion of these little tramps, but by error expressions were aUrib.Ucd Stevens instead. I should to say. therefore, that, while Stevens doubtless agrees with it was nevertheless Mr nrmJ 8 ' bmatra ' s own manager and Piopagandist. the man who foment" H ""• -xcnemcnt over this exag- roadhouse moaner, who ie of Frankie boy's fol- miin as s « xu . ally cxicted jailbait. million ol them, squealing like id. as Mr. Evans put it, t his buttons." Sinatra, on the other hand has i l {?H U 5Uh, or a " etlcd to think, of swarm as girlhood inno- c^ir —^, l - ure in heari and of 1 self as their knight defender. inner at the officers' club-, . fol- owing which they boarded- the ircraft carrier Saipan; where ley stayed until Thursday mor-' mg. The Saipan was comrhis- loned in July, 1946, has an over- 11 length of G81 feet, 80-foot beams ith estimated speed of 83 knots ith 30,000 hp on each of four shafts. Captain Robert W. Morse is Commanding Officer. On Wednesday, they- inspected the various departments of -the ship— engine room, quarters for the personnel, and were particularly impressed with the marvels of the radar installation which could locate anything on the sur- IIUUNIIUP -By Hugh 8. Fullerton, Jr. • face of the water or in the air for many miles in any direction' Most of Wednesday was devoted to 206 take offs and landings of student fliers. Twenty-seven students who had never before landed on an aircraft carrier each made the required six landings in the training planes, and five students qualified in larger planes. At dinner that night, Horace Cabe, naval aviator in .1919, ' presented a cake to Marine Lieutenant James Rodin, who made the 14,000th landing on the Saipan, a' similar ceremony being performed en each 1,000th landing for the pilot who makes it. - -;• Many Arkansas men are in the naval service at Pensacola. —Commander J. M. Bridewell, Lt. Com.. P, B. Phillips of Siloarh Springs, aiid Lt. Com. J. D. Brumm'ett' of' Pine Bluff, who at 16 was the : youngest pilot in the history 'of naval aviation. Four Arkansas men are members of the Saipan crew —George A. Angmire, ship ri, K, - 8 ~ (fP) ~ Most likely to be denied story heard over the week-end is that the Big Nine family, is feuding and fussing over football . . . The. main subject is Purdue's potent freshman squad . ; Dhio State and Illinois are said to be soured on the Boilermakers because nine Purdue frosh footballers lail from Ohio and two of the better Illinois .prep stars suddenly de- On top . cided to enter Purdue ... of. that come reports of widespread """-"*-•" J " Missouri by Purdue Two Games Tonight at the Hope High School Gym An independent boys team from Saratoga will tangle with a local independent team here tonight at 7:30^in the high school gym - in the first basketball game of the season. operations in talent scouts Commissioner Tug Wilson may have been hinting at something of the sort when he recently said, .without naming names, that some Big Nine schools had grown careless about recruiting . . . If the'situation is as we hear, there likely will be something popping at the conference meeting late this week. Crisler Looks Niceler Another rumor relayed from the Midwest is that Dartmouth will trv to pick up where California left off in trying to lure Michigan's Fritz Crisler away from Ann Arbor , The bait is said to be an attractive long-term contract, at attractive long figures. A second game has been scheduled between a Saratoga Girls team and Stewart's Girls team of Hope Get Set for, Title Play Monday Matinee • Billy Herman, who'll get $26 000 tor not managing the Pirates this season,: still is looking for a minor league -managerial post. And the guy who'll be helping him make connections at this week's major league meetings is none other than Roy Hamey, the one who fired Billy Visiting Midwest scribes fitter, Kohler, John W. Dickey, Huntsville; coxswain, Frederick G Fort Jr., Smith; aviation these to Mr. nnko . Thc £ c - is here a head-on conflict " of 6pm. j •,, — •- — •*,••* SpG3-KS is** ni(j _ , a .nd there is comfort in corroboration so I lean toward him .Current reports suggest the dissipation of a phenomenon in!i TK tr ^ laid an °2g at the Capi- tpl Theatre and the amormous cult Pi a ™,H V o a ?iSl e< * a ^ a y like the insect m«i madly swarm and dis- bosun' mate, Dardanelle; am Lawrence JW. McGehee, chiefiquar term aster, Sherrill. ^ The. party was greatly impressed with the safety training facilities of the Navy, designed to safeguarc in every way from injury or death and giving very thorough training on how to survive if forced down in any country or climate from the tropics to the arctic regions. Admiral Wagner explained that all citizen taxpayers were stockholders in the Navy, and the policy of entertaining groups from the various States was to familiarize the public with the needs of the Navy and the efforts being made to keep our defense forces n a constant- state of prepared ness. Captain John S. Thatch, second ^n command to Admiral Wagner, :lew one of .the planes from Little Rock to Pensacola and devpted considerable time to entertaining ;hc group. The party left a substantial fund with the chaplain of the ship for the benefit of the personnel of the Saipan. Notre Dame Ends Season Unbeaten By WILL GRIMLEY New York, Dec. .'3 — (IP)— Notre Dame nailed up the boards on the 1047 college football season Saturday with sledgehammer licks that felled South California, .'38 to 7. and now we can all sit back and get confused in peace about the myriad bowl games. There were four of the extra added attractions over the weekend but these days that's not enough jo whet the appetite of the conformed bowl fancier. Three more are- coming up Saturday. Then a half dozen or so others are to be unraveled before Jan. 1 ,vhen they really pop at last count. This week's bowl lineup, with earn records by win, defeats and ties in parenthesis, goes like this. Boys' Ranch Bowl at Abilene. Tex. — Missouri Valley (10-0) vs. Mc-Murry College (7-2-1. Grape Bowl at Lodi, Calif.—Utah tate (6-4-0) vs. College of the Pacific (8-1-0). The Great Lakes, Glass and Aloha Bowls decided their champions Saturday in presentations Jvershadowed somewhat by Notre Dame's root of Southern Cal at Los Angeles and a Southeastern Confer- ;nce squabble that saw Louisiana State and Tulane tie 6-6 at New Orleans before the largest crowd ever to witness a regular season ^rid contest in the South—67.000. Then Sunday the Missouri Colin the llege All-Stars still .are touting Michigan's Bump Elliott as the guy who makes the football team go, although they agree Bob Chappuis is the logical All America selection .... Jim Bendy, U. S. Hockey League president, reports that "never before in the history of hockey "have the pro leagues ^ been on such harmonious a contrast with the terms. What amateurs? Hottest baseball battle a Miami last week was over an amendment which would increase the number of rookies allowed on each minor league club. The farm teams favored it, but for once the independents won out. -o— Two Teams Close Unbeaten Grid Seasons New York, Dec. 8 —UP)— Notre Dame, Pepperdine and Jacksonville (Ala.) Teachers closed out perfect records over the weekend to leave the nation's list of unbeaten, untied teams at 13. All have finished their regular .season schedules but some will see bowl action. The Fighting Irish thumped Southern California, 38-7, for their ninth straight and Pepperdine blanked Loyola of Los Angeles 130, to run its win streak to nine It also was win No. 9 for the Jacksonville Teachers after a 7-0 verdict over Florida State University New Hampshire was beaten in the Glass Bowl but had completed its regular season,, o <uA,' Dec - 8 — W— While the All-American Football Conference is settling its championship next Sunday, the rival National League will be attempting to decide its divisional titlists. ^ h £ Cle veland Browns clash with Ai? AYankees in New York for the All-America, title. At the same time the Chicago Cardinals and the c . 1 . 1 . lc j i e° Bears will meet in the Windy City for the :National's Western: half crown while the Philadelphia Eagles entertain the Green Bay Packers with the Eastern half flag at stake. A crushing 45-21 Cardinal triumph over the Eagles and Los Angeles' 17-14 surprise victory over the Bears yesterday set the stage for next Sunday's important conflicts in the National loop. . The defeat dropped the Eagles into second place, a half game behind the Pittsburgh Steclers, who vaulted to the top after their 17-7 win over the Boston Yanks. Steelers have completed schedule and the Eagles must whip th? Packers to stay in the picture Charlie Trippi, Mai Kutner, Pat Harter a nd Paul Christman Two Tied for National Grid Scoring Title New York, Dec. 8 — (fi>) — Darwin Horn of Pepperdine bucked over a touchdown in his final game against Loyola of Los Angeles a,t- urday to earn a tie with Chuck Schoenherr of Wheaton (111 ) Col- ege for the 1947 collegiate football scoring title. They wound up with identical ecords — 19 touchdowns and one point after touchdown in nine ames for 115 points. Other 1947 scoring leaders included Wesley Luther. Minol (ND) Teachers College. !12 points; Tom Ward, Hillsdale, 108; Lucien Gam- :>ino, Maryland, 96; Roy Preston. Missouri Valley, 93: Marvin Wet- el. RIarshall, 90: Doak Walker SMU, 87; Rex Pcarce, Arkansas tate Teachers, 72. and J. R. iioone, Tulsa, 61. Forrest Griffith. Kansas, topped Big Six scorers with 54 points. ind Mo-Kan bowl at Kansas City Kentucky won the Great Lakes Jowl game at Cleveland, conquer- ng Villanova. 24-14. before 14.908 ans. Glass Bowl honors at Toledo vere snatched by the host Toledo earn, which fractured New Hamp- hire's eight-game winning streak 0-14, with 13,500 watching. The Shrine's Aloha Bowl game vent to Hawaii University, winner ver Fresno State, 27-13. In regular season finales, Ariona tied Utah, the Big Seven hamp, 20-20, and Hardin-Simmons umped Arizona State of Tempe, 2-0. The their . sparked the Cardinal attack. Trippi and Kutner scored two touchdowns apiece while Christman scored once and set up others with his passing Harder scored once, booted a Cield goal and six conversions. In remaining National League encounters, the New York Giants ^°, U n nCedJt1 }? Washington Redskins, 35-10, and the Packers toppled the Detroit Li9ns, 35-14. Meanwhile, the Yanks and Browns tuned up for their All- America title battle. The Yanks beat the Brooklyn Dodgers 20-17 and Browns topped the Baltimore Colts. 42-0. On the Pacific coast, the Los Angeles Dons rambled to a 34-14 decision over the Chicago Rockets and the San Francisco 49'ers battled the Buffalo Bills to a 21-21 stalemate in the conference's other games. Jirn Crowley, coach of the hapless Rockets announced before the game he was resigning to enter business in New York. - , — o - _ Basketball Results By The Associated Press Drake 58; Iowa Tchrs 49 Yale 67; Rutgers 46. Wisconsin 57; Marquette 50 Notre Dame 66; Indiana State 49 Indiana 59; Depauw 43. Harvard 63; Brown 46. St. Louis 50; Minnesota 42 Illinois Tchrs 45; Washington (St. Louis) 35. 35; Oklahoma Texas Wesleyan Citv Univ 33.. Georgia 81; Erskine College 37 Miss. State 59; Aubjrn 35 Iowa 66; South Dakota 30 TCU 48; Texas Tech 46 ' ' Bethany 56; California, Pa 1 chrs 52. Kirksville (Mo) State Tchrs 59- St. Benedict's 42. Oklahoma A & M 53- Culver- Stockton (Mo) 28. Southeastern Okla Texas. A & M 37. Idaho 57; Montana Wichita 42; Emporia State 37 West Texas State 54: Morehead (K.y I .02. Omaha 51; Wayne (Neb 42 Colorado College 61; New Mexico 57. California 57; College of Pacific TtJ . Tchrs 40; 51. The average American used about 187.44 quarts of fluid milk 1 in 1947 which was lower than the record 20.5 quarts in 1946 The average American used an estimated 18 quarts of ice cream in 1947 which was lower than the record 20.5 quarts -o- in 1946. Although the exact boundaries of Saudi Arabia are indefinite, the country contains more than 800,000 square miles. Jer$eyj0e New York. Dec. 8 — (/P)— A contention that Jersey Joe Walcott should be declared heavyweight boxing champion of the world was to -be laid before the New York Boxinp Commission today with every indication that if Jersey Joe gets the title he'll have to fight-for it again. And that, incidentally, is the big talk now — a second meeting next summer between the Cinderella challenger and Joe Louis who gained a split, torridly-disputed decision in the 24th defense of his crown last Friday night at Madison Square Garden. It's that decision which Walcott's manager, Joe Webster, wants to talk about — and.protest — in his t.ete-a : tete this morning will Commission Chairman Eddie Eagan. Eagan has already indicated that he will listen and that's about all. Kor him to reverse the decision of the judges is virtually out of. the question, observers insisted. Webster's main complaint deais with the scorccard of Frank Forbes, the Negro boxing -judge who pencilled Walcott a 12' to 9 lead in points but gave the bout to Louis on rounds,' 9 to 6. ' Forbes' decision for Louis helped swing the pendulum in the -direction of the -champion, the other judge, Marty Monroe, also going along with Louis while Referee Ruby Goldstein was voting for Walcott. Monday, December 8, 1947 Final Playoff Games Set for Saturday By the Associated Press Arkansas' high school football championships will be determined this week as survivors of the first two rounds of the state playoffs bring down the final curtain on the 1947 season. The Little Rock Tigers, favored defending state champions, will tan- , ;le with the Subiaco Academy Tro- w ans, suprise finalists, in the featured Class AA title game at Little Rock- Saturday afternoon. Undefeated, once-tied Little Rock is champion of the Fifith District. Subiaco will carry ••the Fourth District's colors. Magnolia. District Seven, and Forrest City, District Six, will fisht • it out for the Class A crown. The site and the time of thin game has not been announced. : In the B division, Atkins. District Four, and Dermott, District Eight, will meet at Dermott Fri- ' day night. Litle Rock, capitalizing on its fine aerial attack, moved into the finals and avenged the .onlv blot on its regular season record by defeating the El Dorado Wildcats of District Seven. 19-6, at El Dorado Saturday. The. two previously had battled to a scoreless tic. The Trojans, who early in the season were tied by Hot Springs and beaten by Blythcvillc and then came along rapidly to win their other tests, advanced with a convincing 6-0 conquest of favored North Little Rock last Friday night. It.will be the first time in history that the state of Arkansas has crowned officipt champions- in three divisions. The playoff system was inaugurated la.'-:t vcar with all schools lumped into the same division, but the lop-sided games which resulted prompted a revision of the .system this year. There is no provision for bringing together the divisional champs to designate <"••• a single titlist. V o Porkers Moid overwork- 'cause the for BowS Gome Fayetteville, Dec. 8 — (/P)— Only' light work was scheduled for the •uowl - bound Arkansas Razorbacks as they returned to football practice today. Expressing fear that ing the squad might Razorbacks to "go stale" for their bowl game, Coach John Barnhill said no scrimmage would be held until after Christmas. The one-hour-a-clay drills will bo devoted to conditioning and ing. Having vacationed since feating Tulsa Thanksgiving the Porkers are in top shape. Only Alvin Dude, a starting back until he was injured late in the season, is expected to miss the bowl tilt at Birmingham. Duke still is hampered by a cams leg. Barnhill announced he take about 40 players to Birmingham and that the B squad would not be used in prc-game practice. WANTED - Logs & Blocks GUM - HACKBERRY - ELM —LYNN SYCAMORE - HOLLY - BAY HOPE BASKET CO. Call 1000 or Contact Office BEST ALLOWANCE UNUSED MILEAGE OLD TIRES TtiP-<MiilT GENERALS $ i -v.-nFfc m Your worn risky tires are worth more in trade for Top-Quality Generals. Don't let them go until you get our proposition. Come in today. We'll go the limit to give you a Trade-In deal you can't refuse. WANDA BUTANE Appliance & Tire Co. 115 E. Third St. Phone 368 Hope, Ark. SAVE WITH SAFETY AND PAY f-'fV'^f *{';*' *'\ 'X fc^ (l T r »^{;f><f^'y,T ^ Tl . <! f OPE; *Atf R A NTS AS ,Mortdoy, December 8, 1947 HOPE STAR/'ft OZARK IKE By Chick Young YOU USED LAST; YOU'RE WHO DIDN'T PUT IT-AWAV/ BUMSTfeAD, THEN, I'LL EXCUSE VOU THIS TIME, BUT DON'T LET IT HAPPEN) AGAIN THE SHOE POLISH AWAY AND VOU LEFT THE LID OFB BESIDES, WHEN DONE! as** TH( ED TH * SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith CARNIVAL By Dick Turner By Michael O'Mdlley 4 Ralph 3ta!i ; started in the rihy jewelry store of Camion and West. SO ENTHUSIASTIC THE \MR.CAWrOM OTHER nAV,MR.BUCK k NO, MR CAMION, AS^VERY STRANC-F, BRAYIING ^HAM.I^SlJRPRlSfD/lWANTtD,S()Mr- , HE ' SKWltD 5° '<KN THEN O CAltED SINCE HE !i'A5 HERE TWO >;lHATfTOHAVEANOTHE $15,000 SAL SUPTHROUG OUR FINGERS WASH TUBES 61 Leslie Turner' BUT TH 1 \THeiroccURREIXTO ti<=>, C NWRPEBEB \VNE PEOVEt. BH HCPER MENTS' OPDE. ftPDWRS \THM- A IftODER \NOULU LEWB SE . IT i N .^. ^F* T*P «ETIOH$! LOOKED SORTfStlKE ft WELL, THWfe ML'TH • i*.*. 1 1 * ••fci.^fc-wr- ^»VUU|-' l.Cf\VC ^ KS*™^K' USEP THE ONLS WHEN I VOU F1SUR.E CUT TH PPM'T HfeffME TO CMl N\E- OH THIS LED&B..,, EWRftMCETOTH'ROOF. HE.MUST'UECOWBUP , TWS 14-FOOT, W^LLl• k SET THER£ \-JERE TO CRWV\ TH BOOS IN THM" SftAOKESTACK u COPR. 1547 BY NEA S^BVICE. INC. T. M. REG. U. 8. PAT. OFF. ~" "They ought to make homework more attractive—I'm writing essays and limericks in three soap contests and might win thousands of dollars;" By Carl Anderson "My old lady'll probably want me to fill in her entry in this contest — she can't say nothin' in ust fifty wordsl". just fifty By BJosser KRUSTY PIE BAKING CO. FRECKLES AND HJS FRIENDS ) FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershberger DONALD DUCK But ; you're only supposed to hold children on your lap!" ALLEY OOP By V. 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