Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 13, 1894 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, April 13, 1894
Page 5
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THE THEY DID IT. GAS COMPANY AND PHAROS GET KEVEKGE. THE ATTER? WHY, DEWENT THE HATTER. So say the majority of men already. Now we want the minority to come over to the majority. Let us show you our NEW SPRING HATS. OBSERVE! The announcement of Tucker & Young $ THE PEARL ST. TAILORS. Their New Spring Goods are ready for in- £? spection. Special attention is called to their $20.0O suits made to order. Yours Truly, "PUCK." A SSS$SS$SSSQ$ SOTICE OF «TT ELECTION. I tort* C4ptalu of Police, Logansport, Ind. T«U m hereby rerjqented to notify the Electors * ind in -aid cltj or LtgKDSport tba an election ., .,D b»held ID srtld city ih« first Tuesday In May. rllW. for the election or toe following ofllcen: I jfwor, Treasurer, Cleik. two Trustees of the I w»t*r Works, and one member of the Common I Oounoll from each of the wards In said city, and 1 tfce polls nlll be open lor the reception 01 votes at | Mi a. a. , C.tj Clerk. I T» the Beaton of the city of Logansport: I Too will hereby tak« notice that an election will I Mheld In said city of Lognninort, Tuesday, liar I lit, 1884. for the election of the officers dealgnat- l«d In the above notloo, and the polls be opened at 1 4 o'clock a. m- . Caitaln of Police. CLIMAX BAKING POWDER IS ON TOP BECAUSE "ttTGood ie other Is so Cheap Costa IMS than Half land plMiMmueh batter (than tha ovar-prlead and ovar-"andorsad" kinds. Republican PrlmBrle* Tonight. The Republican primaries will be held tonight at the places designated ID the official call which appears in another column. Let every Republican attend. The Journal wanta a full, fair, /roe expression of republican sentiment and urges the attendance of every republican. ADDITIONAL lOCALM, Judge for yourself. I In Cans. At your Grocer's (DAILY JOURNAL (FRIDAY MORNING, APRIL 13. f> Hlller-Hmyne* At the home of Mrs. E. A. Bllgh on street Wednesday evening at ••o'clock occurred the marriage of |r. O. W. Miller and Miss Inez A. jrnes, Rev. A. W. Hawkins official- pjf. . Many friends gathered with •t wiihes for the bride and groom I to bid farewell to Mra. Bllgh and llMrao wbo departed yeiterday riling for their visit to Europe. Humphrey & Co. can bind World'* Fair Portfolio* in a tome cover, either embodied, or clotn with gold title. > Buiio li showing a fine aiiort- of drawing and fancy oaedle alto doing tumping, at tbe New i store. !$>00d cloth oapeTonly |1.24, lit the Rule. Mils Nina Hall piano accompanist for the singing flowers at the First Presbyterian church tonight, A grand assortment of new dress ginghams and many other beautiful wash dress goods, at the New Fashion store. Miss Alta Young returned last evening from California where she has been spending the winter and viewing the sights of the Midwinter Fair. In the line of postofflce changes Robt. Manders whilom mail carrier will begin today upon his duties «g general delivery clerk, vice T. H. Simpson, resigned. Montlcello Herald: Miss Clara Rathfon of the Logansport schools spent Sunday here with relatives and expects to spend a good part of her summer vacation here. Yesterday morning at 4 o'clock at the residence of Thos, Mahoney. 300 Sycamore street, West Side, Mrs. Nancy Townsley died, aged 73 years The remains will be taken to Idavilie this morning at 8:46 for interment. Mrs. Jerome Myers arrived bore yesterday morning from Stockton, Cal. to join her husband on a visit at her old -homo in Loganeport. Mrs. Myers lived In this city In 1860 61 and will be remembered as Miss Laura Vannets. About seventy-five young people filled the parlors at the home of Miss Minnie Starr, on the West Side, last evening, and enjoyed themselves at cards and dancing. Elaborate refreshments were served and the party broke up at a late hour. Upon a grand jury Indictment Sherman Mohler and Ida Mohler have been arrested upon the charge of stealing from their uncle Win. Welch, of Now Waverly, the sum of $85. The complainant alleges that they inveigled him into their home on Wabash avenue and then and there secured the sum above mentioned. In -'If Christ Came to Chicago" by Wm. T. Stead, of London, truths are told as they have not been told since Christ came to Palestine. All the evils known to modern life are sketched like vipers, and their oblei abetors are named openly without regard to persons or consequences. Four Democratic Corpaci mid • Fifth to Pollow-Jtcmarkable Jlemult of Well Planned Effort- Peter* Drompp ana Beam Knocked Out. Reed Next—Kearney, Kennedy, Heed, KedmoDd and Ullmore Noinlnated-TJie Lt*t of Delegate*. The democratic primaries wore hold last evening and the result is such that even the originators of the scheme mutt stand aghast. Councilman Beam in the First ward, Dolan in the Second, Drompp In the Thiid, and Peters In the Fl'th are retired and Ed Kearney in the First, John R. Ken. nedy in the Second, Wm. Reed in the Third, John E. Redmond in the Fourth and James Gllmore in the Fifth, are nominated. The work wag done by the Pharos, backed by the gas company. The couDollmen defeated voted against the gas company and refused to vote for the Pharos scheme to redistrict the city and add four more councilmen. The Pharos and the gas company have got their revenge, whether the new men are better for them or not. One thing Is certain, they could not be worse and may not be as bad, so that revenge at least has been gotten. In the First ward Councilman Beam made the best showing. He voted against Erie avtnue, and that wasn't it. He voted against the gas company and refused to vote for the red Is trie t- lug, and that was it. Tho fight against him was led by the great reformers, John Schwerdman and Charles Graffis, and Graffls did the counting. Ed Kearney is a young Irishman who Is a telegrapher by- occupation and Is now employed as clerk in the Pan Handle offices. In the Second ward Councilman Dolan declined a renominatlon and as the nomination belongs to the North Side, which has no representation, Fred Pohler of the North Side was brought out. Mr. Pohler was not in it however for the South Side had the most votes and nominated another Irishman, John R. Kennedy a Chicago man. Mr. Keniody Is "one at the boya." He came here a couple of years ago to sell the lots In the Wast End addition for which he had traded and has lived here since—a good part of the time. He is a polite, gentlemanly follow, has taken all the degrees In the Mulcahey Club but li a nonconformist, as far as many of the rules of the club are concerned. In the Third Ward, Councilman Drompp got only 5 votes. Tho nominee, Wm. Reed is a pleasant, sociable cltl/en. Ho is a floe musician and has traveled with one «f the leading circuses in the summer time. When the council has a circus time he will be right at home—if elected. He is a member of the opera house orchestra with Mr. Setter, the secretary ol the Ft. Wayue Electric Light Co. which has the five year contract with this city and is Mr. Seller's most intimate friend, la the Fourth ward, John E. Red. mond was nominated. Mr. Redmond la a good citizen but will hardly ac cepl the nomination. He was not present. In the Fifth ward, Councilman "Billy" Peters Jell a victim to the revengeful spirit. He was defeated by James Gilmore, another Irishman. Mr. Gllmore is a steady and industrious citizen, a machinist at the Pan Handle shops. He has a grocery on the corner of Seventeenth and George streets which la managed by members of his family. A striking feature of the whole proceeding Is that three prominent German members of the Council are retired and three citizens «f Irish Wm. MoDermott F. W. Mlnnomun Frank Klenley P. ,T. Schruder Thos, Beckett Jolm Gallagher C. H. Ohl KreU Boerger Jobn Rumbolt F. W. Fottmeyer ,lohn sturkin J. B. Messenger J, D. McNItt Felix Bauer L. M. Dooley O. W. tlunter. —Sfi. Reod.G; np&inst, 30. SKCONU WAIJD The Second Ward primary was called to order by WllJlam Bopp, the Sixth street saloon keeper, and somehow the beer boys popped to the front very frequently. Nominations for chairman were called for and Wlla Berry was named by two or three and seconded. Frank KlBtler was also nominated and seconded. Matt Schneeberger, the Indianapolis beer agent, however, got the lloor later and nominated John McGreovy, The chair ignored the other nominations and put the motion on McGreevy, declaring it carried. George Kistler wan then made secretary. Nominations for councilman were called for and Mike Mahoney, the attorney for the beer buys, nominated John II. Kennedy, the real estate man. A North Sic e man named Fred Pohler, the drayman, and balloting was begun, Tho result was Kennedy, 33; Pohler, 20. vValter Oamer then moved that the chair appoint a committee of six to select delegates to the city convention and Matt Schnoeberger seconded; M. F. Mahoney moved to amend that the committee consist of two from each precinct and this was adopted. The chair appointed Gottleib Shafer, Wils Berry, John Jackson, A. J. Sutton, Walter Oamer and M. F. Mahoney and they retired to deliberate with the following result. A. Qnealy Trontman J,... ,lob» John Kline* I). Loftus K, Flllnxro Jus, Goss C. Spltgnaglo Ed Selginond Goo. Crosier John Preston Ueo Slemler A.ft. Jenklnes J .1. Citniptwil AlKmc L. ShnftVr Jnko >'rl, s JI. Ciilnll obn Preston W. irlxuH Put Akern Arthur MuCarter .lohn McCiinn.—40. CUT THIS OCT. Reed, 3; against, 37. W. Aughey received the oupport of the convention Works Trustee. unanimous for Water Miller Chi Mart Sclmfloberger Henry Hubler Harry Glascoe Pf ter Weckfus Nicholas Files Ulllmm Freeland H. C. Taylor John Ward J. X. Suiton DELKGATKS. Frank IClstlor J. P. Sebastian Thomas Nichols Patrick Mahoney John Hlgley Georiw Morlarlty lieorgo Wetlwller Wm. Bopp Wllso last descent are nominated. THB PROCEEDINGS. The Journal obtained estimates evening on the Mayoralty and that Mayor Bead tor reelection will have lib Jut 80 of the 140 delegates. Tbe figures show Reed 31, against 110 so that his sacrifice is also assured. MK3T WARD. J. I). McNItt was selected chairman of the meeting and S. F. Anderson secretary. The names of P. J, Sohrader, E. F. Kearney and F. P. Beam were proposed for the nomination for councilman. The first ballot resulted as follows: Kearney, 109; Beam, 69; Sohrader, 46. Necessary to a choice -113. A second ballot was ordered which resulted in tbe following figures:'Kearney, 134; Beam, 54; Schrader 34. Kearney was declared the nominee of the convention. Tbe following delegates «o the city con Tentlon were selected: ' '' ,:D*LIOATM. . H. Adalnikl V.L. K«le Byron Wilson Auguat Blnz Michael Gurrigan,.—21. The delegation stands Read, 7, against, 14. About hfty-flTe were present, one.ihird the usual attend, ance. THIRD WARD. Chris Berg, jr., called the meeting to order. Dr. B. C. Stevens was called to the chair and Peter Wallrath of Die Sleinnenbanuer, was elected secretary. Councilman Wade submitted a resolution that tbe nominee of the convention be required to pledge himself to vote at all times for the people against the Logansport Natural Gu Co. This resolution was unanimously adopted. For . • Councilman the following, names were submitted: John Day, John Drompp and- Wm. Reed. The selection was made by ballot. Upon the first and only ballot Wm. Reed wan nominated, the vote being as follows: Reed, 36; Day, 18; Drompp, 5. Mr. Reed was declared the duly nominated choice of the convention and responded with a brief speech in which he pledged himself to follow the terms of tbe convention's resolution, above. Delegates were selected by a committee of six, selected by the chair as follows: John J. Tagpart, Chris Berg, jr., Henry Brookmeyer, jr., Wm, Burgman, Wm. Murphy and Wm. Grace. The following delegates were selected: DELEGATES. Jacob Deed Jack O'Miiru John C. Elsert Henry Drorapp Jus. Berry Henry Kllnslck mnk KelKner Robt. Manders M. A. Jordan Hanry Ge Iger Dolan* Opera lloime. F. M. Williams company In repertoire of new productions will be seen at tba opera house all tbe week commencing Monday April 16, at popular prices. The members of this company by individual excellance with metropolitan attractions makes this engagement above tho average of companies in repertoire, a change of plays nightly. Lltile Kdna Kerning a wonderful child actress is with this company and is said to be an excep- tlonably strong card with all com- panles she hag been with. The Evolution Of medical agents is gradually relegating tho old-tiiUL- herbs, pilie, draughts and vepetiblo pxtraou to tho rear and bringing iniu peuferiU uee tho pl>?Hsant «nil '-tTVcl.ivfc liquid laxative, Syrup of Figs. To pot the true remedy tee that it is manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only. For sale by all leading drug- griets. _ Kepnbllrnn State Convention. On account Republican State Convention tbe Pennsylvania lines will sell excursion tickets to Indianapolis and return at rate of $2.36. Tickets will be sold April 23, 24 and 25, good going only on date of sale. and will be available for returning trip until April 27, 1894, inclusive. For salet At a bargain, a Jersey calf, male, ten months old. Inquire of John Gerard or Dr. J. H. Shultz. TOY ALPS. Bow » Mun Reconntrucled the Wonderful lias any painter ever fixed on canvas such visions, distinct and haunting, of lands he had never seen, Claude or Turner, or the Flemish people, who painted the little towered and domed celestial Jerusalem? I know not. The nearest thing of the kind was a wonderful erection of brown paper and (apparently) ingeniously arrangei shaving-s, built up in rock-like fashion covered with little green toy-box trees, and dotted here and there with bits o mirror glass and cardboard houses which once puzzled me considerably in the parlor of a cottage. "Do tell m what that is?" at last rose to my lips. "That," answered my hostess, very slowly, "that is it work of my late 'us bund; a representation of the I]alps a close as 'e could imagine it, for e' never was abroad." 1 often think of tha' man "who never n-as abroad," and o lus representation of the Alps; of tho hours of poetic vision, of actual crea tion, perhaps, from sheer strength o longing, which resulted in that quaint work of art. As close ;is he could imagine them! He had read, then, about the Alps, read, perhaps, in Byron, or some Rad' cliffian novel on a stall; and he hat wondered till the vision had come ready for pasteboard and toy trees an<3 glue and broken mirror to embody it!— Vernon Lee, in Mauiuillan's Magazine. A PHIL 13. ISM. MEMORIAL WAR BOOK COUPON. Threc\ of thrwe coupon* and ten cnnts flMMrw the current tiuinhfr or the jM<»m- url.-il War ^ook. U presented ,-vt the Portfolio Deiiiirtnutni- of The Jourual. CDT.THiy OUT. rOII THHAHOKKR. IwlllbwacanclMawtor Treasurer of th* tits of LoismMiort, mibject In th« will of ttuj Republican City Nominating Convention. O. B. SAK9KKT. Loransiwrt, Ind , February 13. l!»t. 1 will be a camllcfafp for Treasurer oJ the t!t> of LnKnnniinrt, Mibje-jt W the will of the Republican CUy Moininatlne Convention. A. LotiO. IxwuiHport. Ind., Febmary 18, J8M. I wll 1 b» a oatxlldato for Treasu'er of HIP city or Lngaii.-|i(jrt. Mibjecc to tbe will of the Republican, City Nominative convention. « E. (H Lovansjiort, Ind.. Aurll 7, ]S!M, I will ben c.'tnilld.iM fo- immlnailen for tbe. Miiijcr t ut the will of the* ,\, 0. AJJ.1SOR.. ior TreHKurer t.i tl>« win of tho Hepub- ' olllce ol Cll.i' 1 will bv a ra.j of Lwi ic !">rt, VOU CIJtKK. I will bea Candida:*) for Ctarfc o! the City of Lo- gRnsport, subject r.o the will ol to« Republican) City Momlnu'iJne Convention. J. B, WlNTKBi Logansport, Intl., M>m C, WJ, I will b« a enndldatp for Ctert of Ihe City of Lo- cansport, subject to thwwlll oftdti Republican city Noiulnatlni: Convention. Logansport, InU., March 31, l&JI. 1 will be a candidate for Clerk of tbe Cftr of La- etmtport, subject to the will ot- the Republican City Nominating Convention. Ci Logansport, Ind., April 7,181M. ran HATCH. To the ReDtibllcorui of l.ogniuport: I will be A candidate before tbe Republican) convention lor tbe nomination ot Mayor ot the, city of LoKaliBport Fledging myself to a last enforcement ol the laws, 8lrltt economy In ti-e, administration of public affairs, ooDMsmt with the absolute need* of onr growing city, the protection of tbe people agalnxt tbe encroachments of all corporations and r«imrln< a ntrkt observance ot all their contract* with the elcy and: opposing all action which tend* to Impair oar- nnanclal credit at home or abroad. 1 ask the- cordial support of all Republican*. SIDMEY A. VADOHN. Henry Milton Gustavo Rode JU, 0. W8d» Henry Berg Cbos, Arnold John Dun Tim Welch Wm. Burgroan John Howe Mitt Knewles Wm. <irac«. Jr. M. Sullivan John Katter Geo. Palmer B. C. Stevens John Day—26 Reed, 2; against, 24. • FOURTH WAltD. Rufus Magee, Chairman. S. £. Mulholland, Secretary. Candidate for Councilman John Redmond. Delegates were selected by the precincts getting together as follows: E. Iced Milk In France. The French industry of icing milk is an original departure in tinned com- raoditius. The milk is frozen and placed in block form into tins, and on the part of the purchaser requires to be melted previous to use. Being- hermetically sealed the commodity thus iced preserves its form until it is required, when a minute's exposure to the sun's rays or to the heat of the fire is all that is necessary to reduce it to a liquid condition. — Boston Budget, John Welch Rufus Mngee wm.Drompp A. P. Stukey John Rankle C. W. Kink <5eo. Flannagan Julius Llnneman ChrU Hober>-ltl by D. D was made and Fred Herman folk M. Drtnopll JohnLnddtn. • John Fltxonld M, R GonrtMT .JohnUarobj C.U. Qtaffli J. Holbrwur John Schwerdnun PitKennw Al Moore J. A.Yhw S. F. ABdenon Quo. Oum J. B. Ball p. D. Smith C. J. Newell T. J. Imrael A.CoIem«n Dr. J.B, Lynas Ctuis. Sine B. p. Louthpln Dan'l Zook Jos. Hartz H. Six Reed, 13; against, 5. FIFTH WARD. Meeting called to order Fickle. M. D. Fansler chairman, C. D. Herrlck Montfort secretaries. D. D. Flcklo offered a resolution commending the Mayor and Council for their stand on the gas question. This was followed by votes knocking out the councilman commended and selecting delegates against the Mayor. Tb.9 following candidates for Council were nominated, J. P. Gllmore and W. M. Paters. Gilmore received 96; Peters, 48. The following delegates elected: DlLEOATffl. P. For J. C, Pah-man B.Grafflii JMnei Finnan Jd. Monihan : Jai. Koran , H.8-TOD.IIW JthnDOcan M Gormeley A Rural Juliet. Maud Muller — Swear not by tbe moon, the inconstant moon -Lover (a peddler) — Then what shall I swear by? Maud Muller — Swear by that patent weather-vane you sold to pop for five dollars last spring. It's rusted fast.— Puck. _ — Worth, the man milliner and dressmaker, is an Englishman. He went to Paris early in lifo and soon engaged in the business which has made him famous. Every dress sent out_fron his establishment is photograph'ed. Mr, Worth's two sons are associated with him in business. 1 will be a candidate tot Mayor of the Cltr of Lotcnnsport, subject to tbe will of the Republican; City Nominating Contention. GBOHnx P. McKK*. Logannport, Ind., April U, 18»«. Weldon Webster will accept tbe Rrpnbllca* nomination for Mayor If than honored by trw Republican Convention whleb meet* Saturday next and will do all In hl3 rower to brine about a sac• cessfu) issue at the polls. I will lie a candidate for Mayor of the City or Logansport, nibject to tbe will of the Republican, City NomlnatlngConrentlon. CiuitLBi H. STARK. Logansport, Ind., April «, 1KM. Major McFadln will be a candidate for the office. ot Mayor of the City of LoRangport subject to the Democratic City Convent/on and If elected no> councilman or city official will he permitted to vole the taxpayer'* money Into his own pocket If It Is In bis power to prevent It. to CnlirarnlK Oreatly via tbe PeniMylVMta U>«*. The Midwinter Fair at San Francisco and the numerous other attractions in the Wonderland beyond the Rocky mountains can be enjoyed by persons o/ limited means afl the round trip rate has again been materially reduced via Pennsylvania lines. Pap.. sengers can select any of the several routes from Chicago, and the return limit is ample for a satisfactory sojourn. For detalrs apply to J. A McCullough, ticket agent Logansport.. Ind. Persons who are subject to attacks of bilious colic can almott invariably tell, by their feelings, when to expeat; an attack. If Chamberlain'* Colioi Chelera and Blarrhcea Bemed j is takaa as soon as these symptoms appear, they can ward off tbe disease. Such >ersons should always keep th« reme-- [y at hand, ready for immediate u«& when needed. Two or three doaoa of t at tbe right time will iwre them much Buffering. F»r tale by B. F. [sealing, druggist. Vu«alla Line R»wr*toM To South, Southeast and Southwest will run on various dates from now until Juae 6, 1894, inohitit*. One are round trip. Call on or nddres» ny Vandalia line agent and aek for nformation contained in circular No. 27 of January 20, 1894. The latest style in dress goods and rimmlngs, at the New Fashion stor«u were C.Woll A. H. McDonald C. b Berrlok W. Place 6«o. Mulctthey C. J. Hlldebrand H. Hwchen NOW THIS IS A FACT CARL W. KELLER the Merchant Tailor, leads them all in the Spring Trade. HOOK AT HIS PATTERNS. Ask any man in the city the way his clothes are made to fit and then know the truth. -• CARL W. KELLER. 811 Market St.

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