Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 13, 1894 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, April 13, 1894
Page 3
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A STRANGE CASE, How an Enemy was Foiled. The followlriK prnuhlo statement will bo s-ciul wltti iiitciisciInterest: "1 cimnotdescribe i|ii.iiiinil>,rn'Cpyson!MiUonthttt<ixlstou In my .'inn-, hiiml* and !»K«- 1 ":"1 to rub uncl boat tluwcriiirts until they were soro, to overcome In ;i mr;iMini ilin dimd foelliiu that hiwl taken uiHwp-wlon "f tliem. In addition, 1 h:ul a siransi 1 »'i-:ikni!sfi In my lmi-l< and around my wulst, tixetlmr with nn link-scramble 't-'onii fi'olln^ I" my Klumncili. 1'liyslclitns s:ild t Bii-iiTH'pInc pnmlysls, from wlili-h, (u'ronl- !ri<j ti>t!iflriinlviTN(ili:oiii?lu.iIO". there IM no ri.'lu-C. Unci- It fu-ituriH upon u'person, they siiv. It. cmitlmiM Its Insidious progress until It 'iwrlifs 11 vital point mill tlin snirurcr dies. -ue!\ w:is my pro>peec. 1 hall been doc tori UK iivoiiriiiKliilmlfstwullly, but with no pur- tk-ular iH-ni'Ht. ivhi'll ' s.-ni 1 nn .iilverUsenii;nt f 1H- Miles' Kcstonitlvo Ncrvlno, procured a bottle lind bepiin uslns H. M:irvelojis us It TTMV sc.-rn. luii. u few days hsid passed before cvo'ry bit of Hint-creepy fueling bail left mo, .•Hid there tins not boon ovi-u tho sllsbtust iiidL-ulliwi of Its return. I now foe I nn vi-ll .is 1 ever did. and li:ivo u'lilned ten pounds In weight, tliouiih i had run down from ITU to W.' Four others lia-vo usod Dr. MIliV Kostiiriitlvo Ncrvlnison my reuomen- datfon.undlt huslwen iissntisfaijtory In their cu-ie-'iis I" mine."—Jnnil-s h:uiii, Ln Uiio, O. lir Miles' HcMtoriulvo Nervine Issoldbyull -dru-irl-its on a positive Kuiirantuo, or sent, direct by tho Dr. Miles Medical Co., Wkhart, Ind.. on receipt of price. SI pe.r boltlo. six but tics for Si, express prepaid. It, Is ftoo from opiates or dacgorom drugs. DR. TRUAX, THE SPECIALIST. OVER STATE NATIONAL BANK- Alter fourteen years of nctentlfl" study of Nose, Lung, Liver, and al' Diseases of a Chronic Nature t adopted mj pwwnt form of tmtun»nt. and fcaTe co ndnctrt n snccemifol practlco In the above •tlias of oas»». I i-onimllj Invlt* jou or jonr mendu. If aniicted with any Car .nlc Dlswwe. to -ron»ult me and mr method of trpatment and Its TCiulti. Office hours: 10 to 12 a. m.:2io 4. 7 to 8 p. m. Realdenceatoftlee. All calls promptlr at- •Jended. We can't tell you what life is e can *ay that the amount of it in a person depends upon the condition > of the nerves. Without good, healthy nerves,life is feeble and miserable, and liable to leave the body entirely, but with nerves braced up by Dr. WHEELER'S NERVE VITALIZER .life is vigorous and athletic. The Vital, izer prevents over-exertion, unusual fatigue and extreme excitement from weakening the nerves and cures all nerve disorders like Prostration, Debility Sleeplessness, Headache etc. PRICE. *1.00 A BOTTLE Inquire of druggists for free sample. If not found, write us enclosing five cents (stamps) for postage. The doctor givei ••• ' i free advice to any nerve We otter S<oo disease sufferers. All welcome. The J.W. Brant Co. Maker* ALBION, MICH. And 4> Dey At.. New York -We otter $500 to any pbyiitclan or ju who can amilyBldor otherwise, tiinUiU remedy con'tklne morphine, opium cocaine, or any harmful drug. Sold by Ben Fisher, 31J Fourth St. DAILY JOURNAL FRIDAY MORNING, APi.ilL 13. Attend tho big aale at the Golden Rule. New carpeta at the New Fashion store. Standard prints 2; conta, at the <3oldon Rule. Ladles' suits, tea gowns and wrap. pers. ready-made, at the New Fashion store. House for Sale Very Cheap—No 508 Sycamore street. Inquire ol A. DeLong, No 402 Market street. Perfect health is seldom found, for impure blood is so general. Hood's Sarsaparilla really does purify tho blood and reatorea health. Tholadleaof the Christian Church will serve supper Friday evening, April 13th. at tho home of Mrs. T. P. Swlgart 62i North street. Supper. 15 cents. For rent, good front room, down stairs, «ultable for two, in good location on Market street, five minutes walk from court houae. Inquire X X JouroaJ oillco. Ig your noad clear? Have you a food grip on all your Interests and a boundless energy in your blood? You can have both If you observe the precaution to take, when retiring for the night, « dose of Smith'* Bile Beans. By the time you get W work next day you will feel M if you could u 1 » trftin of can. Be sure to g«t the imkll •If* GET NEW BLOOD IN f\PRJL. The Body a Machine That Cannot be Slopped for Repairs-Paine's Celery Compound Feeds Its Shattered Nerves, Purifies the Blood, Makes Refreshing Sleep Possible. March winds and April showers e?eep and acour the earth and clear tho air of winter Impurities, makinp it sweet and wholesome. The same thing takes place in the body, tho pores open and the blood that creeps In winter now rushes through the arteries In a fuller, stronger stream. Now la the groat season of purification, of new life, new hope, new am- billon. It is tho best time to get well. Spring is hopeful, and the Invalid gala well quicker when hopeful lhan when despondent. Thousands of people throughout tho country are this month taking Palne's celery compound—tho great spring medicine that makes people well, "What March does not kill may be done for by April," says an old ada£'e, Tho nine woeks from Fob. 1 to May 1 develop vhe hidden perns 3 of disease inside tho body and without. For health's sake back yards, cellars, and tho dark closets and corners must be cleaned out, and for health's sake every one needs to take a spring medicine like Palne'a celery compound; years have shown the wisdom of doing so. . April has always been set down as the best time to remove Impurities from the blood and to regulate the nervous system. ' The formula for Paine's celery compound waa given to the world by Edward E. Phelps, M. 0 , LL. D. while he was still active professor In the Dartmouth medical school. A remarkable nerve food and blood purl- Bar, it Is the most valuable contribution to tho world's progress that American college influence has sent forth. Its power of restoring lives of countless men and women from feebleness and despair to strength and usefulnes la known In every part of the country. It has added years of aotive, joyous existence to thousands of weak, tired- out, ailing women who thought themselves doomed to be Invalids for the rest of their days. ,. Palne's celery compound cures thoroughly and finally rheumatism, neuralgia dyspepsia, diseases of heart liver and kidneys, and every form of nervous weak, t ss. It cures as nature cures, by seeding the vital Inmost parts of the body, the blood and narves. All the parts of the body are adjusted with the greatest nicety, and a derangement of one affects the whole. We can not stop this complicated mectanlsm for repairs, because we do not know the secret that would eot It going again. The repairs must ba made when it is in motion. It ig in sleep that the machine goes slowly, tho heart beats less rapidly, the blood circulates loss quickly, the nerves rest, the muscles relix, and each gains vigor in tho only wa it can—by sleep and rest. Palne's celery compound quiets and regulates the nerves by supplying the material for their repair, and the tired, exhausted man and woman, on the verge of breaking down, gets Bleep and the means of recovery to health and strength. All over the country Pulne's celery compound Is convincing overworked business men, anxious housekeepers, women behind counters and in .officer, school teachers, and all who use their brains excessively, that the unqualified praise from physicians and others, who arc careful of what they say, is none too strong for this great remedy that is making so many well and strong. Paa handle engines 503 and 487 were sent to Columbus for repairs yesterday. Pan Handle fireman Joseph Fitz is off duty with a sore eye caused by a hot cinder. Several candidates for political offices were canvassing the Pan Handle shops yesterday, Chas. Fitz, night caller at the PUB Handle round house has returned from a short visit to Star City, Pan Handle engineer L L. Truman, will go to Hartford City this morning and bring back engine 525 which went in the ditch a few nights ago. The "After the Ball" theatrical lompany came in yesterday morning from Danville, 111., over the Wabaah and were transferred to the Pan Han die station from which it left for [Cukomo on train 18. Superintendent Graf ton of the Pennsylvania signal department, arrived ^ the city from Richmond on a special yesterday and left for Chicago. Here was joined by several local officials. Tho object of the party was ;o Inspect the Interlocking switches ilong the line. Eagle's »•<• This play so popularly known all over the country as having no rival among the purely American dramas of ,he day was presented last evening at ,he opera house to an audience highly enthusiastic but owlntr to outside meetings not so large as it should aave been. The play is a story of strong human interest with stirring incidents in overy act, never however, exceeding tho probabilities. The company is a good one nearly all of the members being well known in the theatres of Now York and Boston and tho merits of tho play wore well 3us tained. The company being disappointed in a d-vto the management baa concluded to repeat tho place this evening. If our play goers roaily wish to witness a good startling drama well played, they should not miss this opportunity. Doatb of Jnnte* Glllenplo Yesterday afternoon at 4 o'clock James GUlosple dlod at his home at No. 115 Ohio street of pneumonia aged 60 years, Tho docoasad has boon for 20 yeira a night watchman at the Pan Hand Is ehops. Ho was a member of tho Father Mathow T. A. B. a 'clety. Ho leave a wife and one son William.' The announcement of the time of the funeral will bo made later. f 100 Itoimrd, flOO. TUB render of this paper will be pleased to lP»rn that there IB at teist on« dreaded dtsemes that science has been nbleto cum In all Its stages and thi° toOiSrrh. Hull's Catarrh Cure'Is The onlv Doiflve i-nre known to the medical fraternity. C-itarrh bilnc a constitutions! dlxeniw, requires 8 MriHtltntlonifl treatment. Hull's Catnrrli Cure Is token Internally, aciliiK directly on the blond and mucua surfaces of the nystera, thereby destro.lng the foundation of f lie disease, and xivlns; the patient strength by building up the constitution and wulstlnu nature In doing Us work. The proprietors have no raueh fiilth In Us curative powers, that they oHer One Hundred Dollars for any case that tt full* to cure. Send for Hat of testimonials. Address K. .1. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, 0. ^~;iold by druggists. After the ball It ovor, after the .break of morn, After the dancers leaving, utter the itars are none. KftnyahMdHsonlia, 11700 But knew It all, Take Smlth'i Bile Beam on retiring after the ball, art for SHALL slw. Wabh illlcs only 38 oenti, reduced from 66 oenti. —GoUUn Bule. .. ss .. 2(1 .. 19 .. 84 .. 02 Republican City Convention. The Republicans cf the City of Logansport are notified to meet in the several wards on FRIDAY. APRIL 13TH, 1894, at 8 p. m, for the purpose of nomina* ting one member of the council from each ward, and selecting delegates to the city convention to nominate a city ticket. Tho places of meeting will be as follows: First ward—West Side engine house Second ward—Broadway rink. Third ward—Council chamber. Fourth ward—Broadway rink. Fifth ward—Fifteenth street engine house. The ratio of the lepresentatlon will be one delegate for each 10 votes oast for General Harrleen in 1892, and one for each fraction over 5. The ratio makes the ward representation as follows: First ward Second ward Third ward Fourth ward Fifth ward Total delegates IjjJ Necessary to choice 81 The delegates selected will meet at the new court room SATUKDA*, APRIL, 14TH, 1894, at 8 o'clock p. m. to nominate candidates as follows: Mayor, Treasurer, Clerk and Water Works Trustee. By order of committee. J. 'A, POWELL. Chairmen. Attest: D. W. TOMLTOSON, See'y, The Colonel Ooca to While County, Idavillo Observer: Col. William Pollock of Deer Crook, a character who has a hankering for journalism, has contributed the following which the Observer publishes and has no apologies to offer: "1 would flee from the city's rule and law, and go where the strawberry grows on a ftraw and the gooseberry prows on a goose; whore tho catnip tree is climbed by a oat ns she clutches for her prey, the guileloes and unsuspecting rat on the rattan bush at play, I catch at ease tho saffron cow and tho cowlet in her glee, aa they leap in joy /rum bough to bough in tho top of a cowslip tree; and while the patridge drums hie drum and the wood chuck chucks hia wood and the dog wood devours his dog wood plum in primitive solitude. Oh lot me drink from tho moss grown, pump that was howod from the pumpkin! Eat muab and milk from a rural stump, from worry and fashion free; new gathered mush from the mush- roon vine, and milk from the milkweed aweet—with pine apples fresh from the pine, and beaten eggs right from the beet. And then to the white-washed dairy I'll turn, wbera the dairymaid hastening hies, ruddy and golden^halred butter to churn from the milk of her butter-flies, and I'll rise at morn with the earliest bird to the fragrant farm yard pass, and watch, while the farmer turns his grasshoppers out to grass. Turner-Bachelor Wedding. Mrs. Nora S. Buohelor ol East Broadway, was married on lust Tuesday evening at Louisville, Ky., to Mr. JosephB. Turner. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. D. P. Jenkins. The bride Is well known in this city, especially in the Universal- l»t church circles. The groom It engaged in the wholesale tobacco business In . LouUville. . The- well wiihe* of their hosts of friends attend them in ttoelr matrimonial venture. Yard wide ibmtlnff only 4} at the Geldtn Bolt. Foundation* Dlscorercd. Chicago citizens in their desire to excel, have lately accomplished a big feat, namely: in discovering by actual measurements that there are some lady residents who can wear shoe* twelve inches long. Your blood needs regulating In spring. "Lafeld Cabinet Port" is nature's own blood purifier. Mild and mellow. Price, quarts, fl; pints, 60 cents, For eale by W. H. Porter, prescription druggist, S26 Market street, Uogansport, Ind, What will 00 It? Medical writers claim that the successful remedy for nasal catarrh must be non-Irritating, easy of application, and one that will reach the remote sores and ulcerated surfaces. The history of the efforts to treat catarrh is proof positive that only one remedy has completely met these conditions, and that Is Ely's Cream Balm. This safe and pleasant remedy has mattered catarrh as nothing else has ever done, and both physicians and patients free. ly concede this fact. Our druggists keep It. _ Our readers will find Slmmone' Liver Regulator advertise it, and use it, and wo commend it as a s&fe and excellent medicine. We became acquainted with it in Georgia where It Is a standard 1 family medicine. We do not deny the merits of other preparations but simply state that this one commands confidence. From the •Journal," Lanesboro, Minn. Reduced RatCH to Knkomo tla Ponii- HVlvunla Linen. On Wednesday, April 18th, special excursion tickets to Kokomo will be sold at rcducad round trip rates from North Judson, Anderson, Monticollo, and intermediate stations on the Pennsylvania lines, account Populist and Prohibitionist rally; return coupons valid until April 19lh, Inclusive. Physicians state, that many cafes supposed to be female d!s.:ase are in reality a derangement of tho nervous system; quickly relieved and cured by Dr. Wheeler's Norve Vitalizes Sold by Bon Fisher. Hitiiillo Factory Wood for Hale- Handle factory wood delivered to any part of tho city. Mail orders to Hillock & Pittman, Handle Factory, on Toledo 3t., or P. J. Kimmer. Quaker headache capsuls give re. lief in ton mlnutea. WONDERFUL! TIio Remarkable Cure of nn Ar- Uansas City Street Commissioner. J had an attack of La Grippe tha 18th ol December, complicated wild tonsllltls; was confined to my bed one week. Tin physicians ga»e me up My breathing was very labored; had a smothered aonaatlon at times; my chest and Innw wore Terj sore. Phflp's "Four C" re;nei]y helped me the flrstdosa: the soreness left ray chest almost la- stuntlv; was well in three days. The above Is due Mr. Fheiys In simple Justice to this wonderful medicine. P. H. MIANJSY, 'Street Commlaalonei Arkansas City, December 30th. 1891. Four "C" has cured Asthma, Bronchitis, Pneumonia, and Ulcerated Ton«llltls. In composition it Is DIFFERENT, is WORK poWEnFtn, and ACTITI InfactlsasDIFFEBKENTfrom any otbar long remedy as molasses Is different from Tlnegu. It IsaEBTKLATION. B«sT OF ALL TOT TAIB m HIM, ThaBsMCKofthecoBtractts, tou "V MUST GIVE SATISFACTION or moaw MftndM BEN FISHER. PART 9 NOW "READY This interesting number is the first MIDWAY NUMBER and contains the following photographs: 1 The Western Entrance to Midway Plaisance 2 Town Hall in Old Vienna 3 In Cairo Street 4 The Eg^ ptian Temple of Labor 5 The Irish Village 6 The Javanese People 7 The South Se Islanders 8 The Algerian Theater 9 Ths Panorama of Kilauea 10 Arab Spearmen of the Wild East Show 11 Encampment of Bedouins 12 The Lapland Village 13 Interior of Lapland Village 14 Midway Driving Bell Exhibit 15 T he Famous Persian Theatre 16 The Chinese Pagodas. MEETS PRAISE FROM ALL Es-ary person who his taken advantage of our ollor of BURROUGHS flRT PORTFOLIO OP STfYGB CELEBRITIES -SL - workEXCEEDSALL EXPECTATION. Th, demand for it has amounted W r/ush wbich it has kept u, busy to supply, and although we knew thai It would be popular has surpassed our most sanguine hopes in regard to U. It menu t.e popularity it has gained. It is unique among artistic pub^lication £eaie a popular subject in a popular way, pre a ent9 po. traits of ALL. REAT LIGHTS Of THE STAGE in the most attractive manner known^ »rt id each irtoonprUes twenty handsome half-tone photograph'^ FJ ISHED IN TWO COLORS, these being the latest and best pictures of each subject, with a well written biographical sketch of each. Don't fail to secure the back numbers and secure the forthcoming P«W i they arrive. Two parts issued each week. Part 7 now ready. "IF CHRIST CAME TO CHICAGO" COUPON. l, "SB"** gM * t H chrtat Came to Catena" cmr THM *w. APRIL 13,1S94. STAGE CELEBRITIES, This Coupon with two others of different dat»B,<ind T«n Cent*. Is «p«| fo '.°g? part, containing twenty portraltd. of it* M«rl« Bnrraugb'* Art Part- foil* «f SUgo C«lebrlttM. THE JOURNAL.

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