Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 4, 1947 · Page 18
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 18

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 4, 1947
Page 18
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s^u r »_.ui2._ia>i.»ji^^_ ~ii^^^^~-j>"^^^~S!!,!!^SS!S^S!!S!S!t^S!i, o HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Thursday, December 4, 1947 ASSIFIED «g<S **!*•* i'",* r * ' IW 1 ' Adi Muit Be In OOlce Day Betore Publication •«l Oh« S.OO 2,50 3.00 3.50 COO 4.5C 8.00 1.00 7.60 9.00 10.50 19.00 13. 15.00 I ..I.. 1.50 1,00 .... _. t:Ate for Continuum R.\£, t ,Inieriioni Only"', ' f I T Wint Adi cam in Advance t Tiken over th» Phone 'For'Sole ^ jrri^jrwo coofc CHEVRO- flfet, * * heater, radio, new seat fcpvetS. Good tires. P.O, Box 238, * " r phonc'650-J, Prescott, Ark. , y i , 2-ot fEfc, PUPPIES,; fl WEiEKS „—_/ 'Just right next season. 'ffChartes Bryan, Phone 1086. 3-31 ICALLY NEW MAHOGANY bedroom suite.' • $100. Phone 751rJ. 50a East ? 5th Si. '"'" t j , 3-31 is fUEBiottT GAS RANGE, DINETTE fe £}fi*t,i living room and bedroom ifcrtlitft^'V'Must siell Immediately. *•— --- - 4-3t gJijtARGE TRICYCLE IN GOOD s«¥«iondMiion. Call 1161-,W. 4-3t WK JBARREL 'FOR 12 Remington automatic, _. r . 11, ' 28 Inch "improve'd cylinder. In good condition. $18 75. 38?.-W or apply 213 East . • 4-3t 100% ALL WOOL BROWN IgSTchesterfield coat. Size 12. Like iew. Phone 342. 4-31 3 ROOM HOUSE WITH . V1 ., j bathroom, smoke house and n f^chickeri house. 3 acres of land. ?/V£i *»*""'<«auun call 900 or come to .p-'^j 503 South Mam St. 4-11 23 INCH GIRLS BICYCLE IN i,«igood condition. Phone 863.-Mrs 4 Geo. W. Robison. 4-3t Wonted to Buy OFFICE DESK AND TYPE- writerj good condition. Phone 712-R. 3-3t INEXPENSIVE 54 INCH BABY bed. Write P. O. Box 297. 3«3t APARTMENT . SIZE GAS COOK stove. Must be in good condition. See Mrs. S. L. .Churchwell, East Third St. next door to Police Station. 4-3t Notice WE,BUY USED, FURNITURE, One piece or carload. City Furni -ture Co. Phone 61. 226 East 3rd. Street. 17-tf ORDER YOUR CHRISTMAS GIFT magazines now. Special rates. Chas, Reynerson. Phone 28, City Hall. 23-lm NO HUNTING ALLOWED ON MY property. Located at DeAnn, 10 miles n6rth of .Hope. T. J. Hartsfield. ' 2-3t Fair Enough By Westbrook Pegler Copyright, 1947 By King Features Syndicate. New' York, Dec. 4 — A hostile agent willi intent to unmask the boss politicians of the teamsters' union and to make them appear ridiculous and mean could not con- some of the royal and imperial bulls of Dan Tobin, the "international" president, is stupidly artless. Dave Beck, of Seattle, Tobin's assigned protector in the northwestern province, has the sense lo employ professional talent in mixing the hogwash published in his Washington Teamster. Tobin edits his own International Teamster. Dissention Shaping Up at Parley Miami, Fla., Dec. 4 — (/P)—One of the big battles in baseball appeared to be shaping up today as rumors of dissension among Pacific Coast League owners leaked out here to dwarf all other activity at the minor league's 4Gth annual convention. Despite League President Clarence Rowland's insistence that all ridiculous and mean «""«»"<• «>"• was serene among the coast's rno- lure more effective bombast than i ,,,, K u was lear * cd that p auln ? they proudly publ.sli m thpir jour- Fagarii vice pres iaent and the San nals. The .ignorance expressed in Frandsco Se £, Si and g enerallv raen . ferred to as the "strong man" of the league, had confided to friends that he was determined to bring major league baseball to San Francisco. Fagan added he did not .car.e whether the Seals entered the big leagues as part of the eight club Pacific coast circuit or as a tour- team grojp composed of thern- ------- Los Angeles, Oakland and Dave is the aspirant to throne. The old bumbler Tobin's thought SPECIAL ORDERS TAKEN FOR Fruit cakes. Phone'463. Mrs. G. A. Linaker, Emmet, Ark. 4-3t U. S. Team of 500 to Leave for Olympics Chicago, Dec. 4 — (/P)—• About 500 athletes, bearing the colors of the United States, will pack their, suits and equipment and leave New York July 14 aboard the S America to compete in.20 sports in the 1948 Olympic games at London, England July 29-Aug. 14. Plans for participation in the winter and summer games were completed hcie today at a session of the U. S Olympic committee after which the sailing date was announced. For Rent \ THREE ROOM HOUSE FOR ,. flight housekeeping. Mrs. J. E. ^"•Schooley, Phone 38-F-ll. 2-lf TjNFURNISHED ROOMS. Private bath. Close in Phone 2-3t 2 ROOMS AND bath, two blocks from Hotel. To couple only. 946. 3-3t . ROOMS UPSTAIRS UN. ? V-furnjsUed with "bath. In old »?yaaver hqmc close to High M. C. Bruce. 3-3t o ' UNFURNISHED * ROOMS vate^tentitance. . Near -Brick . Iiirs:-Mary Loy. ' 3-3t /^/ROOM UNFURNISHED APART- J tyentjtor rcnt - 3l6 N °rth Washing- 1 tbrt.".fc.' B'. 'Brice.3-lt Wonted R THREE ROOM FURN•apartment. Phone 1140. ' ' ' 2-3t ** • ' REMOVED FREE " • A Within 40 Miles DEAD, HORSES, COWS , and CRIPPLES Tex«rk«na Rendering Plant Phone 883-W (Phone Collect) II No Answer Phone 3158-R srX-r We Service and Repair .... • APPLIANCES REFRIGERATORS fro Head Umpire Association Miami, Fla , De-c. 4 — (/P)— O. K. Blauvelt of Fort Wayne, Ihd., today was named president of the National Association of Umpires ' : n conjunction with the National Baseball Congress meeting. FOR SALE One 7 ft. Frlgidalre n eixcellent condition. $140.00 CITY FURNITURE CO. 226 East Third Street Bird Dog, Liver and White. Brown heart shape spot on right side. Liberal reward. Phone 717 W AN5LEY GILBERT Watch for our 1 Opening Date. Hope Washateria Located North of Second Baptist Church 419 N. Ferguson f"? T E R m CAI ' SERVICE $£ Ally's p. m. Phone°£?09-R CITY tf CTRI<? CO. — for — Industrial Wiring FHON5784 Just Received a New Shipment of Butane Gas Ranges Priced $140 each. $30 down; 12 months to pay. Hope Butane Gas Co. 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"SffilNQ, COOLING, W1RINQ, MOTORS/ «nd APPLIANCES or anything ELf CTRICAL See ALLEN CO. rvice Daye seemed a little too eager, when, 'last winter, Back .sprinkled himself with glory as the forward- looking leader who'called off the vandal goons in the Oakland general strike. Tobin had already called them off and was home awaiting sweet acclaim when word came that Beck was the man of the hour. The old flannel-mouth's own-message had been held up while Be.ck beat hinVto the streets with 'the order, to the beasts to cease and desist. Tobin was suspicious in the ridiculous way of a clown slowly comprehending some broad wickedness by his colleague in the act. But Beck, a master apple shiner, goosc-groasod him wilh flattery to keep him still a few more crucial months. Then last. August the union held, in San Francisco, its great international convention of dukes, princes and barons, come from near and far on lavish expense accounts. With Old Dan's blessing, Dave put through a constitutional amendment creating the special office of executive vice-president with plenary powers. That'• being done, Beck's only remaining uncertainty lay in the risk that Tobin might name someone else to this job. Bock's campaign now was a course of outlandish adulation in his paper that might have turned the stomach of a garbage-fed hog. The teamsters' convention ended on August 15. Tobin dallied for the convention of the A. F. of L., also in San Francisco from Oct. 6 to 10. Up in Seattle, Beck's staff got busy in the manner of the mara- jahs arranging great gorgings :!or the glory of the crown on a progress of the emperor. Dave was steering his majesty up to the northwest 'province and :Cixing 'to give him the royal works. "Joint council plans big welcome for Pres. Tobin," said' a head across the. front of.:the Washington Tcnmster on Octi 17; "International leader of teamsters will address big meeting in Seattle." "A great mass meeting of union teamsters will welcome Daniel J. Tobin when he arrives in Seattle Thursday, Oct. 23, on his way back Hollywood. Tt also was learned that the "big [pur" roast teams, with the exception eft the Chicago Cubs' owned Los Angeles club, had held a "secret" .meeting several weeks ago lo consider what steps would be necessary if the big leagues refuse Lhe coast's request for -..major league status. It appears .alrnost a certainty that the American and National Leagues will hot grant such a re- ouest. It is almost equally certain that the minors-.here will, bypass this matter, pending action by the majors next week. An informant 'told .the Associated Press' that the three clubs had olaced it value on Ihe property held by Sacramento. San Diego, Portland and Seattle at $2,500,000 and agreed among themselves to compensate those clubs that amount. . Esoh of the clubs going into the majors agreed to pay ^.lOO.OOO to the others with a half million dollars coming out of the league treasury, the informant added.. " O 11 —~~~ Ice Hockey T BV Team F to Indianapolis, etc . A mam- rank and file were herded other halls to listen to the moth rally is scheduled for the teamsters auditorium the evening of his arrival." Actually there were present about 350 head, mostly professional unionecrs. The king-emperor's vanity was miffed, even though come into _ ._ old bore's babble, piped in by wire. They staggered out of the gas chambers, gasping for stimulants. The Washington Teamster is owned by the Joint Council of Teamsters, No. 21!, of Seattle. Beck is president of the council and the employer and bo.ss of the editor, Ralph Benjamin, a competent pro- Dave turned on the fe;;sionnl. On Oct. 24 goose-grease and Tobin slithered around the northwest like an oiled eel. Page one was entirely devoted to the stately features of the king- emperor of one million faceless nonentities. The clear, shrewd oycs which can, and so often do, spot the little white onion in the slot on the spinning wheel in the underworld dumps of Miami aoercd benignly at the chumps who pay his lavish way. The outline called him the "honored guest." Final arrangements wore "being checked." A "mons- t°r mnss moetin" was "r;latod' -'or Thursday. And Emporcr Fathead I and his queen were "scheduled 1 to 'If this and that. He didn't go sight-seeing in the way of mortal slobs. He "inspected" the fruit packing sheds. He didn't "go" anywhere; he proceeded." Movies were ,madc of the imperial progress and presented Chicago, Dec. -1 — (#>)— Tho United States Olympic committee today awaited the decision of the Swiss organizing committee at !3t. Moritz, witzerland, concerning the "hot potato" status of who will make up the United States ice horkey team in the 1948 winter games. Porkers Trounce Pittsburg by Lopsided Score Fayetteville, Dec. 4 — (tf>) —The University of Arkansas basketball team won its season curtain-raiser last night, downing the Kansas State Teachers from pittsburg, 75 lo 42. Center George Kok led the Razorbacks with 20 points. Jim Cathcar was second with 14, . —o Champi Title at Stake at 8 Arkansas Title By The Associated Press A replay .of a regjlar season tie bolwoon Little Rock's Tigers, defending state' champions, and the El Dorado Wildcats is the top attraction in the semi-finals of the Arkansas High . School playoffs this weekend. football These two Class AA behe.moths will tangle Saturday afternoon at El Dorado, where they played their scorclcs-i draw in the miid a few weeks ago. This time the Wildcnts will be without the services of their ill-state end, Horace Windham, who suffered a fractured leg a The Yerger High School Tigers Wf!ek nftor tnoir first tiil with the went through final drills yesterday T ' F ' elr " Lml ° Rock, on the other afternoon in preparation for ail i 1 . is expected to bo in top con- _ » -1 -,,. v ,, J.U4 CM I all important championship clash with Texarkana tonight at Hope High School stadium at 8 o'clock The two teams are in great shape for the battle and • both coaches will shoot the works A record crowd is expected. Tigers' probable starting line-up- L.E., Thomas Jordan; LT David Perkins; L.G., Titus Washington; C., James Wright; R G Meredith Watkins; R.T., Alford Campbell; R.E., Jimmie Cannon- Q.B., Chester-Jordan; . R.I-I Bonnie Dixon; L.H., Edward Stuart; F.B., Ralph Palmer. in A contingent of seven very loyal and determined Kiwanians furnished opposition for the Prescott Kiwanis Club in ci Donkey Basketball game last night at Prescott Roy Taylor riding "Midnight" performed as he always did -\vhc-n playing for Hope High School A star in all departments from horsemanship to high scorer of the local team. Captain Taylor was ably assisted by none other than the highly touted Royce Wcisenberger riding "Miss America" and a "swell job Royce did as standing guard, ably assisted by Miss America. Dr. Frank Douglas, the fast- 5-oving .flash riding "War Admiral" was a scream from start to finish. You could never tell by the United States' teams from the winter concstr, if the Swiss committee sticks to its preference for the ice hockey entry of the 1 "professional and • commercial Amateur Hockey Association. In -London, however, John i Ahearric, general 'secretary of the International Ice Hockey Federa-; lion, termed tlio Chicago action "a bluff." Ho added: "Avery Br.undage can do what' over he pleases but he will not sabotage hockey at the Olympics. There seems to be only one voice in the International Olymnic Committee — and that is Brundage. But for his information, we won't plav against a team of his committee's choice, and that's final " The I.I.H.F. last year cancelled the membership of the AAU and replaced it with the A.H.A. Tho U. S. committee's action left the Swiss committee with the sole choice of approving the ie hockey loam selected by the U. S. Hockev Committee, backed bv the U. S. Olympic group, which claims the AHA is "commercial and professional." At St. Moritz. where the winter games are scheduled Jan. W-Fcb. Ii. Carl Nater, general commissioner of thr>' Swiss organizing committee, said "we cannot risk not to have the Americans here.' He called a meeting of the 30 members of the Swiss Olymnio Committee for Dec. 13 in St. Moritz lo lake formal action. The committee left the door open 1o American bobsled, ski, speed and figure skating, the possible ire hockey competition, providing the Swiss corn-mil ten. 1. Apuroved the ice hockey team assembled by the AAU arid the NCAA, backed by tho U. S. Olympir: committee —or, ?.. Rr-iected the entries by both the AHA and the AAU-NCAA factions, in which case the U.S. would not enter a team. _ or going but ho managed to loop the basket several ilion and is hoping for a dry field '.his lime for the benefit of its aerial attack. The winner of the tilt of the Oil 'itv \vill become a clear-cut favorite for the AA crown. Little Rock curronllv is a slight, favorite. Sublaco and North Little Rock will plav at North Little Rock Friday night. to see which ot them will clash with Little Rock or El Dorado in the finals. The. North- Riders, despite their loss to Little Rock Thanksgiving Day in a non- playoff engagement, are expected to clear the Subiaco . hurdle, though perhaps after n real fight. Class A playoffs Friday night offer Forrest City against 'Booncville at. Conway and Parajjould meeting Magnolia at Jonesborn. with Forrest City and'Magnolia to Ro into the finals. expected Semi-final action in the B division gets under way tonight fThurs) when Parkin takes on Atkins at Forrest City. The other MIL pitting McCrory against Dermott at Sutgar, will be run off Friday night. nos Miami, Fla.. Dec. 4 — (/P) — Like the cat who swallowed Hie goldfish, General Manager Joe Cronin of the Boston Rod Sox thinks his trading season opened and closed in the Vern Stephens-Jack Kramer- 'Ellis Kinder deals with the St. ' SPORTS BOUNDUP •By Hugh 9. Fullerton, ^Thursday, December 4, 1947 BLONDIE National AAU Omaha, Dec. 4 — (fP) —One of the rules changes which will come before the National AAU convention here would, in the words of an AAU officer, "prevent foreigners from keeping championships way from our boys." J. Lloyd Bingham of Chicago, assistant to the AAU president and an early arrival for the 59th an- New York, Dec. 4 '— (/P)— Pat Kennedy, who probably knows as much about basketball officiating as anybody, figures that the lessons learned in the big pro league eventually will lead to two changes in the college court regulations . . . Kennedy, a notably noisy figure when he's officiating, manages lo keep fairly quiet while he'r, discussing his job as referee in chief for the Basketball Association of America in accents — and some-1 times words —faintly reminiscent of Mushky Jackson 'We have made two change's that I think the colleges will follow." says Pat. "We allow coaching :trom the bench during time-outs. Everybody knows it's done anyway, so we let the players go over to the sidelines explained the rule change this way: If a foreigner scored .the most points in a National AAU cham? rionshio and a citizen oi the United States came in second, the formal championship would go to the latter. ..But tho foreigner would get an award which would certify his mark. Bulk of the AAU officialdom arrived early today from Chicago where many of them participated in the meeting of the United States Olympic committee. Meanwhile bidding grew brisk for the various 1948 championship contests to be awarded. The Pacific Association will ask that the senior women's indoor swimming championships be held at Oakland, Calif. The Baltimore delegation announced it would ask for the wrestling, junior boxing, weight lifting. 30-kilometer run and horseshoe championships. In addition. Arthur Price. Jr.. of Baltimore carried a bid for the swimming meet to be held at Annapolis. Bingham expressed belief Denver wo_uld REt the .Tnen'n basketball championships again despite bids of Salt Lake City and Oklahoma city. The Chicagoan said one 'oroposed rules change regarding basketball is expected to be refected. The proposal would nlaverr. from playing teams the same year in district or national meets. and receive any coach wants to instruction tho don't *~~ O—'~ Louis Browns.' "Nobody wants to trad? with us." Cronin said. "It looks like we'll have to start with 'the name to the crown the dynasty. for the archives of "Tobin voiced the highest praise of Beck,' we read in Beck's own sheet. Rules No Change Geneva. Dec. 1 —(/P)— American participation m the winter Olympic sanies at St. Moritz became doubtful today when Marcel Henninger, president, of the organizing committee of the fiames, declared there would be no change in recognition of a hockey team as demanded by the United Slates committee. .«. C i. The organizing committee has "Closing the meeting, Dave Beck designated the American Hockey •aid great tribute to the national Association, instead of the Ama- naid great ________ ._ leadership of the union." At last, old Fathead I appointed Dave executive vice-president. I liavt- heiiitnU'd io i-oinanc iht Tiibin lias not quite equalled Franklin D. Roosevelt's self-adula- Ui.'n with a memorial to himself while he still lives. I am not sure he hasn't planned it that way. While thousands of teamster' wives are sending their children biHlerless to school, he is earnestly nlanninj; an imperial palace in Washington, to cost $3.000,000 of thcjv butler-money. From the throne. Dan casually remarked that "one of the routine changes" was a constitutional amendment authorizing lliis ex- 1 travagance, inevitably io be known as the tobin shrine. It desolates me not to have space to enable old Dan lo depict himself more fully BUT I offer these selections from his own address to his convention as published in the October issue; "Poverty and slavery is even worse. "Our journal, of which 1 have been editor since any inception into office, has had an outstanding place in the literature of the nation. The education that we endeavor to convey through its columns has been quite helpful »Qt only to ojir members but to tbeir wives and other members pf their faini- T^.Lx '_/'£ j li.-^IS.VS.ii-'Li." tear Athletic Union, as the group entitled to select an ice hockey team. Yesterday at Chicago the United Stains Olympic Committee threatened to withdraw all United States teams from the winter games, due to start Jan. 30, if the Swiss committee stood firm in preferring the Amateur Hockey Association. "If they don't want to come we shall be oblipod to hold the games without (he United States," sa id Henninger in asserting that the committee would not reverse is decision. Tickets to Dixie Bowl Now on Sale Fayctteville, Dec. 4 — (/p, _ A batch of 3500 tickets to the Dixie Bowl football game in which the University of Arkansas will play, went on sale here today. The tickets, for seats near the 35-yard line, were priced at S5.50 and 0.00 including tax. The University Razorbacks will meet the William and Mary team, champions of the Southern Conference, in the Jan. 1 bowl game at Birmingham. «tj<=u LU loop me DasKel several c ] nn W e have riant now times as he used to when perform- j T hc£o were , n® 1-fl' ing for the Mt. Ida Wildcats. Coach Nolen Tollett riding "Sea Breeze" was a crimson flash all over the court and in a rough and tumble battle for the ball Nojen would always come up grinning and with the ball in his arms make, a flying mount on his donkey and take off known. for parts un- Coach Lawrence Martin riding "Old Faithful" covered the court like the dew covers Dixie. After getting the ball if the donkey .wouldn't manuver in .the right direction, Lawrence would politely pick up the mule and with the ball in one arm and the donkey in the other take off for the Hope goal and immediately score. Newt Pentecost riding "The Killer" in his usual cowboy fashion, was in on most all of the plays; his horsemanship was superb. ; Leo Ray riding "High Flyer" was in the air most of the time but in the rough and tumble out from under the donkey he would come with the ball and work it down the court to the goals. Jack Cisco officiated and after a great scramble the game ended in a 7 to 7 tie. At the halftimo the Lady Godiva race was run. Hepresentnig Hope in the race was Roy Taylor and Leo Ray computing with two Prescott men and the Hope boys came out victorious with flying colors and skirts. Scott Picked on Southwest All Conference Dallas, Tex., Dec. 4. — (UP) — Four members of the championship SMU Mustangs were placed on the 1947 United Press All-Southwest Conference football team, while runnerup Texas placed ihrce, Rice two and Arkansas and Texas Christian one each. Four of those making the mythical eleven were unanimous choices —backs Doak Walker of SMU, Bobby Layne of Texas and Clyde There were nn tears shod arnund convention headquarters and Manager Bucky Harris of the New York Yankees heaved a sigh of relief. Forrest Cook, business manager of the St. Joseph club 'for the last two years, moved to Columbus. Ga.. in the same capacity, a shift in, the St. Louis Cardinal chain. Trades finally .got out of the iMmor stage with the Pittsburgh i irates sending First TJasoman !E1- bie Fletcher to the Cleveland Indians for slightly more than the 5UO.OOO waiver price. In return the Indians sent First Baseman Les" Fleming to the Pirates' Indianapolis farm for 1he waive tag. Pittsburgh strengthened its infield with Ihe acquisition of Second Baseman Romulus (Mnnte) Bas- Call, a Brooklyn farmhand who played with the Dallas pennant winners in the Texas League. It's reported the Pirates nnid $35,000 in addition to Tnfielders Jimmy Bloodworlh and Vic B.irnhnrt whn were turned over to the Montreal farm of the International League. Golfers fo Start- Winter Tour Orlando. Fla., Doc. 4 — (/P)— Most. of the nation's to professional and •imatcur players were on hand to- dav to start tho winter golf tour with tho $10,000 Orlando open over the (i,454-vard oar 71 Dabsdread Country Club course. Tho field nf 1G4, trimmed by a qualifying round yesterday for non- exempted golfers, was ready to start teeing off at 0:30 a. m. Among the participants are seven members of the American Arkansas Sfaie Loses Gage Gome by Big Score St. Louis, Dec. 4 — (IP)— St. Louis University defeated Arkansas Stale College from Jonesboro, 00 to 38, ' i a basketball game here last The St. Louis team -Jed, 48-16 at liaiftimc. Fights Lost N»<ght By The Associated Press Miami Beach, Fla.—Ben Monta- bana; 152.. Birmingham, Ala., out- rointed Oswaldo Silva, 153 1-2, Brazil. 10. Binghamton, N.Y.—Tommy Sten- houso, 131, Buffalo. T. K. O.'Bobby Timpson. 135, Youngstown, G. New York—Eddie Dumazcl,' 124 1-2, Cardiff Wales knocked • out Robert Fuentcs 1.30, Mexico City 3. allow a team it slows up tho game, costs the team that's behind a chance for a two or three-point ;ihot find it lends to repetition of the »• foul/' . . .The BBA is ngin' any- \ ^ thing thai slows up the gams. The whole idea — and that covers Pat's famous whistle-looting act, too — is "give the fans a show." K.O.—OK. In the Madison Square Garden ring where Joe Louis will defend his heavyweight title against Jersey Joe Walcott Friday, the '.ale Jimmy Johnston -once slaged a nard consisting of these bouts: ,-. I-Jaris Birkio vs. Andre Lenglet; •" Charley-Massare vs. Eddie r-Uinms, Bob Pastor vs. Alex Borchuk, George Brescia vs. Frank Connelly and Lou Nova vs. Ralph Barbara. . . . The interesting point to Joe is that at one'time or another. Louis knocked out all those guys except Lenglet, Connelly and Barbara . . . One-Minute Sports Page Gossip in local radio circles says the Giants soon will announce r n million dollar deal with n big*.> cigarette company ior broadcasting ball games . . . Ohio Slate U. will have an nil-sophomore basketball nch .juniors nnd seniors good enough io Displace the sophs . . . Mic.key Owen has launched n now career as a livestcsk a u c t i o n c c r. Suppose Branch.Rickey could find a job for his ineligible catcher helping lo dispose of surplus rookies? : Q- _ BaskefbaBS Result's By The Asscinted Press Last Night's Scores Midwest MacAlcslor Cl; Carleton 50. (two extra periods) Cape Girardeau (Mo) 5G; Evans- villc 45.. St. Louis 90; Arkansas Stale College 38. South Norm Carolina 51: Cntawba ' 32. prohibit collc'gs j toam this season because Coaci slaying on AA'tl f'FPy Dye can't find any junior: . .Wake Forest 71; McCrary Eagles'*21. : Southwest Arkansas 75; Pittsburg (Kasvi 42. New Mexico 45; New Mexico Highlands 44. Centenary 44; Austin (Tex) !!3. ' . Far West Washington 112; t-and Point Nav- GET THE Scott of Arkansas while Tackle Dick Harris of Texas lacked only one vote of being the unanimous choice of United Press staff writers and sports writers throughout the Kcveen-t'-'am circuit. Other Mustangs getting the coveted award;-; included End Sid Halliday, Tackle John Hamberssr and Guard .Earl Cook. Rice placed Center Joe Wat r ,i:n mans pfTflaUef fat-head t and Guard J. W. Magee and TCU's lone berth wenl lo I'ullback Peie Sto.it. T*vde<- Gun Ben Hogan, , Sam Snead, Jimmy Demaret. Lew Worsham, Jr.. Ed Oliver, Dutch Harrison and Herman Koiser. Also on hand are two of the British Ryder cuppers, Eric Green and Jimmy Adams. They will battle over the 72-hole route, with the 18-hole final round set for Sunday. Amateurs were well represented and one of them carried off top hr.nors in the qualifying test. Promising young Felice Torza of Hart- fovci. Conn., whittled four strokes off par on the back nine after trimming one of the first nine for a pace-setting 35-31— GG. sensational performances in late panics- - especially again!-:! SMU — brought hiin the edge nvjr SMU's Di '-' k McKissack for tho fullback I s ! 1 ."- St pul got 19 points lo Mc- Compctition was not even close I l'--i'-'sack's 11. for most of the positions with the I The second team balloting was tightest races being for one tackle cl:'so in some spots, bjt tho and one guard poal. Hambcrgcr, one of the mainstays in SMU's staunch lino, nosed out Texas A. and M.'s Jim Winkler by three votes as a running mate lo the defensive wizard, Harris, who garnered 27 nf n possible 9.8 first-place ballots. Hambcrger gol 10, Winkler 13. Joe Magiliolo of Texas and (Jhurck Slonc of Baylor put-lied Cook for the qlher guard post. Magee gol 20 points while Cook got 10. Magliolo 14 and Slone 12. Baumgardner, Halliday and the latter's running male, Dick Keink- ing, dominated the voting at the terminals. Baumgardner gol 28, Hailiday 24 and Rcinking 13. Watson, whose terrific play was instrumental in Rice's late strong showing, dominated the center voting, getting 23 points to 12 ior SMU's Cecil Sutphin. TJjere , wag .no question Layae. Welke ' " " choices went to' Reinlung and Jim Williams oi Rice at end. Winkler and Ji:n Minor of Arkansas at iacklo. Magliolo and Stone at Guard, Sutphin at center and Hucy Kceney of Rice. Gil Johnson of SMU. Tom Landry of Texas and Mc-Kissack in the buckficld. Honorable mentions went to: Ednds — Schwartzkopf, Texas Bailey, TCU. McGaha and Canada of Arkansaa. Tackles — Edwards and Kilman of TCU, Tinsley of Baylor, Eth- ildge of SMU, Petrovieh of Texas, Spurill of Rice and Lively of Ar- Guards — Statutzenbcrgcr of A. and M., Pike and Hicks of TCU, Lewis of SMU and T. Roberts of Arkansas. , of the backfield post$, fcut Stout's Price of Baylor" Center—B. Thomas of Arkansas. Backs—Berry and Knox of TUC, Gillory and Canady of Texas, Page .f. and Ramsey of •'EMU; Dusek and{ of;3?exS6 Ai'.'and M., anc£ •*> Your worn risky tires are worth more in trade for Top-Quality Generals. Don't let them go until you get our proposition. Come in today. We'll go tho limit to give you a Trade - Jn deal you can't refuse. f< I', V* re Co, 115 E. Third St. "Arch" Hope, Ark. "Charles" Phone 368 "Andy" WANTED - Logs & Blocks GUM - HACKBERRY - ELM -LYNN SYCAMORE - HOLLY - BAY HOPE BASKET CO. Coll 1000 or Contact Office «* 0 < f < ' ' HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS By Chick Young OZARK IKE iVi .LOOKED THAT'S TERRIBLE/ THAT STICKY STUFF?' BREAD ANd BLOCK AT TH OPEN/NQ KICKOFF. CAN'T VOU REMEMBER WHERE VOU SET IT? VOU SHOULD ROOM AND THAT ROOM BfiEAKS INTO THE CLEAR AT SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith CARNIVAL By Dick Turner S Ar«\ITTED KILLING JANUS ARD A WADHAM.YOOU FIND THAT SE OVER THERE LOADED WITH WAOHAM'S MONEV. GET AT CHIMES WHEN WASH TUBES -j- «.>. .. *»^-«i-i.^rt~i Bl Leslie Tur .GOSH. YTHEH WERE CLEARING I HEMJ THEY'RE WE'fcE FkOM McKEE IT FOR A NEW HOUSINS 1 TOSTftRTAGWM THERfe'S TORIfes, ANP WEfeB SDOM— HWttl / A COP ARE^ OF OLD WAREHOUSES, PILAPIPWED (XMD ft FEW CONDEMNED TEHEMEIOTS., WHERE HIS BODS PR 19*7 BY NfeA SERVICE INC T M CORK. Wft BY NEA SERVICE..INC. T. M. R6C. U. 3. Huf. OFF. "I can't stop to talk now, Elsie—a man is following me!" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Blosser "Oh, I've learned loads this sehlester-^-a simple hairdo, natural fingernails and neat shoes are preferred by nearly all the boys!" FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershberger A DlXie MASQUERADE, SO I'M ALL SET.'— EVEE.VBODV SAYS I'M THE RHETT BUTLEE. TYPE / Coft 1?)?. King l>l[ulp,S t n.Ef,lf. IM , \X'O.U rinliu (tKtvtJ lA * DONALD DUCK GRAW ON HIS MEAD AMD GO AS . ROAST'POSSUM/ P^f^^^J I l! , T i * \" It's easier than carting around a ladder!" ALLEY OOP » r- •*• H$ Wf Y'KNOW.CC.', IT'S \ AW. SHE'LL SHOW up MIGHTY QUEEE 1 PRETTY SOON-- BUT ITS SUNDOWN NOW, AN" SOON'LL W-. BE DARK. AN' THESE MOOVIAN JUNGLES ARE NO CITY Thimble Theater (?L1- SJMT/Q ~ AN VOU R-AV IT, WIMPV?? TAKE THS PIN OUT f! By Edgar Marti 10 6t"X CWCH OUT OUR WAY MR.BU S By J. R. Williams OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoople OH, SPUDS.' I WAS GO THAT'S VOUR. FATWER.2-~~E.GfrD/TOO &AO \ME CANT MAKE tHE TRIP, BQT 1 WAS 6OR& WOULD BE 16 NO PROPELLER-'- DID VOL) TAKE IT OFF TO 66 OMeR- „ HAULED ? HAME SOU BEEM THE. LAST 5O NEARS.GNOOZ- ING UMDER TABLES AT TH& OVJLS CUL5B ? —THIS PLA^E T 60T A PROP—THAT \MENT OUT VJ\TH THE THEY WERE VOUR SHOES I VOL) PUT IN TO DRV- /. BUT DON'T MENTION! \ IT TO THE OTHER KIPS ) OR THEV |M!OHT J THINK THEY ARE, TOO.' ARE VOU DOIM' RED RYDER HE IAOB CAUGH POP . A.ERO- _ I5VMA.NAIC KlD ?

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