Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan on June 12, 1948 · Page 17
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Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan · Page 17

Detroit, Michigan
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 12, 1948
Page 17
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! : : ' Van's Daughter in Limelight V & - L A x X. The limelight was taken over by five-month-old Schuyler Van Johnson in her first Hollywood picture with her famed father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. Van Johnson. 'Faces West' Rated Good Horse Opera Westerns have been appearing on the Detroit screens at a great pare recently and to high results. So it shouldn't be any surprise that "Four Faces West," which opened Friday at the Broadway Capitol with "Man of Evil," should confirm opinions that Hollywood v s a sure hand when it comes to horse operas. THIS ONE brings back to the screen for one of her infrequent appearances, Frances Dee, who joins with her real-life husband, Joel McCrea, for romantic interest. And It might he mentioned, that helping vivify this opus are such other stalwarts as Charles Biekford, Joseph Cal-leia and William Conrad. Terhaps you wouldn't term the story fresh after thousands of westerns, what could be new? hut it has the always reliable "nice" bad man. McCrea is tagged with the role of the bank bandit who repents and tries to atone for it with other gallantries. INCIDENTALLY, the film was made in the White Sands Monument area of New Mexico now famous as the site of the first atom bomb explosion. As a companion picture the Broadway Capitol has James Mason who has raught on with the American fans, in "Man of Evil." But what might be of more significance to the male fans is that the picture offers Phyllis Calvert, cover girl on the current issue of "Life" magazine. Vanishing Act Baffles Magician PHIADEPHIA (P) Magician Arno Bast tried all the hocus-pocus he knew, but it didn't bring back his tall silk hat, rabbits and whatnots. The magician returned to his car parked on a downtown street and found thieves had broken in and made off with his magic-making stuff. Third Year Orrin Tucker and his orchestra are playing for the third time in three years at Walled Lake's New Casino ballroom. Their two-week date began Friday. Fji inn m mi i in i iippin r - v ? t V ' - V " r , j imiiiiiiitii ri" "N -"fc in mil fin mmm (1 - : - . i v. . -.4 ' jy ... -- I 'Die Fledermausri Shoivs Superb Color Process Whatever else has been happening in Germany since the war, color photography and motion picture production have something to show Hollywood. "Die Fledermaus." now at the Cinema Theater, is the first postwar German film in color, produced in Berlin in 1946. The "new color process" is not identified by name. While there is some evidence of light filter trouble in certain scenes, the total effect is almost three-dimensional. Details are sharp, yet there is a beautiful over-all softness which makes American color films glaring and crude by comparison. THE PICTURE derives, of course, from the Johann Strauss operetta, known by its English title, "The Bat." Americans who want to understand the European sense of humor will see in the film the development of an elaborate practical joke. The theatrical director Falke (Willi Dohm), costumed as a bat, has a joke played on him by his ! friend Eisenstein (Johannes Hees-!ters). In revenge Falke stages his jjoke at a magnificent ball given I by Prince Orlovsky (Siegfried : Breuer). NO ANESTHETIC Teeth Pulled Against Will, Woman Says MICHIGAN CITY, Ind. (U.R) A 59-year-old dentist was held on charges of forcing a woman to permit him to yank out 12 of her teeth. Dr. Jesse R. Bennett said from his jail cell that it was "all a mistake" and then lapsed into silence. POLICE SAID he was unable to post $100 bond on a specific charge of assault and battery. His alleged victim. Mrs. Margaret Agnew, 33, told authorities that her husband, Morris, 35, invited Bennett to their home to work on her teeth. She said the dentist arrived with a satchel of tools and her husband went out to buy liquor. She said both of them drank and the dentist forced her to sit in a kitchen chair while he pulled teeth with reckless abandon. "Every time he'd pull a tooth, he'd take a drink of whisky," she charged. FOUR HOURS and 12 teeth later, the dentist still had not given her an anesthetic, Mrs. Agnew declared. She said her husband was present throughout the ordeal. Finally, Mrs. Agnew said, Bennett drank &o much that he could pull no more teeth and her husband put him to bed. Bennett's trial comes up Monday. Hung Up Telephone service to Willis, Mich., from Detroit, was cut off a half-hour Friday afternoon. Heavy rains damaged a cable in Ann Arbor, the Michigan Bell Telephone Co. reported. Associated Press Wirrphoto Mrs. Johnson is the former stage actress Eve Abbott, who divorced Keenan Wynn 18 months ago and married Johnson. EISENSTEIN has alwavs In sisted that his wife (Marte Harell) is an angel, about whom he could not possibly be jealous. Falke proves otherwise, with the aid of the Baden prison warden (Willi Fritsch), the Eisen-stein's maid (Dorit Kreysler) and a tenor (Hans Brausewetter). Joseph Egger has the burlesque role of the prison guard. Americans will see excellent acting, handsome men and European beauties. Whatever their personal living conditions may be, the cast under the direction of Geza von Bolvary of "Two Hearts in Waltz Time" puts on a superb show that has no hint of war privation, as there should not be in a merry story of 19th century Austria. H. C. B. DAILY ASTROLOGY by rita nrr. mar TODAY'S MAXIM: I have marl a crpat dtx'-ovTy what I love hHon;: to m'. Ni( the chairs am) f:hl- in my hou but the niatiTii-i-p of tlip wnriil ' Klizahr-th Aquitli Birw'sco STIKI KOK KVKKVONF: 'Fln U an xi ( IK'iit tmw for -imi,l.i me u.r.N and einJ of task ami attending- to ilf-tails. ho))inic. B hoswtahip or stav around home and family if you ant to makp the most of the evening. LOOK FOR VOI R BIRTIIIIATE AND BIRTHSIGX BELOW: ARIES (March 21 - April 19) Devote the day to km, property, rlothine : bo helpful: practice better nutrition. TAI RI'S (April 20 - May 20 Let amusements, pastimes bnirnten vour day. Enjoy society of dear ones; gel your share of fun. GEMINI (May 21 -June 20) Take steps to enhance surroundings, monetary standimr: trive favored place to kin; improve values. CANCER (June 21 -July 22) Take jaunts, associate with people close at hand. Do some research, make social calls. LEO (July 23-Ausr. 23) Mull over current dilemmas, record of income and expenses; make some wise buys. VIRGO (Au. 23 - Sept. 22) Make all around progress. Contact stimulating companions. Don "gay feathers;" socialize in evening-. LIBRA (Sept 23 -Oct. 22) Seek knowledge or solutions. Hold "confabs;" take nnii-Mial trips or visit invalids. SCORPIO (Oct. 23 - Nov. 21) Forward congenial pursuits, far-off interests. Add to list of contracts; air opinions, outlook. SAt.ITTARItS (Nov. 22 - Dec. 21) Step up prestige, credit standing; attend to basic issues; be dutiful. Visit parents. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 - Jan. 19 I Put efforts behind loner-term ventures. Follow siiBsestions. decisions of others; write, take trips. AQIARII S (Jan. 20 - Feb. 18) Improve stock of vitality and cash from mid-morninR to late evenine. Capitalize on insronuity PISCES (Feb. 19 - March 20) Let others "say their piece:" be a willine teammate. Enjoy (rood company at home or elsewhere. PLANNING AHEAD Good for socia hility. entertaining, etc.: June 12. 15. 16. li. 23: afternoon and eveninc of 25; daytime of 26: evening of 29. 30. ENJOY A THRILLING SATURDAY NITE SHOWBOAT aboard S.S. PUT-IN-BAY Here's dancing at its best to Bob Vargo' "Muic Aglow" in the largest ballroom on the lakes. Featured vocalist: Rita Ray, The Sweetheart of the Lakes." Added attractions. Sail 8:45 P.M. Return 11:30 P.M. Fare $1.50. Federal tax included. ASHLEY&DUSTIN STEAMER LINES WOodward 2-0230 mm MS -'a 1 1 1 1 Hedy Gets a Role in 'Delilah' BY IIEDDA HOPPER HOLLYWOOD From now on it will be Hedy (Delilah) La-marr. Cecil DeMille signed her for "Samson and Delilah." It will be interesting to watch those two work together for the first time, as they both have definite ideas on how a part should be played. It's a lucky break for Hedy, who needs a good picture. GREER GARSON'S got her work cut out for her. On Tuesday, she will talk for 12 hours over the telephone to 25 leading newspapers in world capitals, two of which are behind the Iron Curtain Warsaw and Prague. Metro sent these papers questions about Hollywood and the stars and Greer will answer all of them. Burt Lancaster claims that the story about his giving up acting for directing is a lot of eyewash. SAYS BURT: "The public has been mighty good to me. Alfred Hitchcok wants me to play opposite Ingrid Bergman in 'Under Capricorn.' "But my partner, Harold Hecht, and myself intend to preview our last picture 'Kiss the Blood Off My Hands' in 10 cities where people rarely see previews. We will mingle with the audience and get the real lowdown on what they think of the film. The next production for John Gariffield's independent company will not star John but Joseph Cotten. The property is a comedy by Ring Lardner, Jr., called "The Great Indoors," and deals with a financial consultant who has a crawling abhorrence of fresh air, vegetables and animals. DOUG FAIRBANKS celebrated 25 years in the picture business on the set of "The O'Flynn." He was 14 when he made "Stephen Steps Out." I asked Lloyd Nolan, who is elebrating his 15th wedding an-niversay, if he thought Hollywood was conducive to happy marriages. He said: "Yes, the climate is wonderful; an actor has to lead regular hours; it's a good place to raise kids; houses are small and it's unnecessary to have a whole raft of snooty servants; and when you begin losing your appeal, you can take your wife to a premiere and let her watch the autograph hounds go to work on you." RAINS CAME Trusty Flees Berry Patch IONIA A search was under way for an Ionia State Hospital trusty who walked away from a strawberry-picking crew Thursday. John Rogers, 37, failed to return to the job after taking refuge from a rainstorm. Rogers was sentenced from Wayne County June 27, 1939, to 7y2 to 15 years for breaking and entering. He was transferred to Ionia in 1946 from Jackson Prison. Thousands See City Gardens Thousands of flower lovers have thronged Detroit and suburban gardens in the Garden Pilgrimage which continues through Sunday. Sixty-seven gardens are on public display. Gardens in the Northwest section of Detroit, Huntington Woods and St. John's Woods will be open Saturday. Sunday the pilgrimage will end with exhibits at Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, Palmer Woods and Pleasant Ridge. Ti-kets are on sale at the gardens. Wed 50 Years STURGIS Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Schweder are celebrating their golden wedding anniversary. f TONIGHT mm m n a.aa if. am GOOD SEATS AVAILABLE Tlek.h $3.00. J2.40. $1.80 (Tu lacl.) at CrlnneH't. RA 1124 MUSIC HALL AIR-CONDITIONED V ONE SHOW YOU CANT AFFORD TO MISS!! JAN Plus All Detroit's Cantors Symphony Orchestra Barney Ross Benefit of Wounded Israeli Soldi'ers MASONIC AUDITORIUM TUES, JUNE 15, 8 P.MPrlces 1.28, Gene and Judy t- t Am mnum Lfefeag A Slmmmnm mil m,.m. mm J,iI V f r rmnrii i inrn For the first time since 1941 Gene Kelly and Jady Garland co-star in the fast-moving Technicolor musical, "The Pirate," with new Cole Porter music. The film opened Friday at the Michigan Theater. BY BRIGHT in costumes and settings, "The Pirate" in Technicolor, just opened at the Michigan Theater, diverts the eye. Judy Garland and Gene Kelly team engagingly, starring together for the first time in seven years. They are better than the material with which they have to work. Kelly prances about as if he were Douglas Fairbanks and I'd rather not remember that Cole Porter is credited with the songs. Kelly leaps around a fat donkey squatting hindside to the camera in one amusing routine. The "Pirate Ballet" takes advantage of special effects in red and black shadows. Miss Garland's best song is "Mack the Black," about the pirate Macoco, who has captured her imagination. But on the whole this is just another song-and-dance film. Time for Change WATCHING Miss Garland's sensitively sharp little face, I kept wishing she could get a chance in a good drawing room musical or even something more dramatic. Watching Kelly's graceful nimblenfSH, I kept wishing he also could step over into something like the pictures in which Fred Astalre used to star. Miss Garland and Kelly could be a big box-office dus, I think, if the studio stopped casting them as a couple of attractive juveniles. "THE PIRATE" has a Caribbean setting, in which Manuela (Miss Garland) is to be married off to Don Pedro (Walter Slezak), the town big shot. Manuela accepts her fate. But she can dream, can't she? Serafin (Kelly), head of a troupe of carnival players, obligingly impersonates the hero of her dreams, Macoco. Fine Mix-Up DETERMINED to rescue Manuela, Serafin follows from the seaport to her village. Lovers' quarrels and Don Pedro's efforts to get Serafin out of the way speed the action until Serafin tricks Don Pedro into a confession. Gladys Cooper dresses elegantly as Manuela's scheming aunt. Reginald Owen has the advocate's role. Several specialty acts appear as carnival performers. Added film is "Rocky," boy-and-dog story starring Roddy Mc-Dowall. Palestine Report Headlines Reels i Count Bernadotte. as UN mediator, confers in Haifa with the Israeli foreign minister in the new Downtown and Norwood Telenews Theaters program. President Truman on tour, Benes resigning in Czechoslovakia, Sweden's King Gustav nearing his 90th birthday and Michigan Senator Vandenberg receiving an honorary degree from. Columbia University are among the spotlighted personalities. Famed Tan or of Metropolitan Opera Co. Tiekatt: 601 Barlow Tower. WB 5-4306: Crinaolla. HoteU Statlor an4 Fart 140, 3.60, 4.80 "'imSi d. Bm"' Star Gazing Garland-Kelly Talents Merit Better Material HELEN BOWER- Lions Open State Parley More than 2,500 representatives of Lions Clubs in Michigan open a three-dc convention Saturday in the Hotel Statler. Fred W. Smith, international president of Lions Clubs, will be the speaker at a banquet Saturday night in the Masonic Temple. The 23 Lions Clubs of the Detroit Metropolitan Council are hosts of the annual convention. Thug Takes 370 Charles Cates, attendant at a filling station at 5862 Third, told police an armed thug took $370 from him, ripped out the phone and locked him in a closet. ToniKht at 8:30 Mat. Today at '4:30 Air Conditioned Last T DaS OSCAR SERUN pr,.nt CLARENCE DAY'S ?! A N W PI A Y fay HOWARD LINDSAYond RUSSEL CROUSE DOROTHY STICKNEY "HOWARD LINDSAY D,ced by GUTHRIE McCLINTIC Em.. $3 60. 3.00. 2.40. 1 80. 1.20. We. Mit. $2.40. 1.80. 1.20. Sit. Mat.. 13.00. 2 40. t .80, 1.20. Tn mcl. LATE SHOW TONIGHT AT 11:57 Stage Shows at 1:00, 3:45, 6:30, 9:15 and 12:00 NOV jack mm PHIL HARRIS ROCHESTER Marilyn MAXWELL SPORTSMEN QUARTET jirEirrFiTTi(n)M EAST JEFFERSON AT 9V 0f C u LLLRlvUU HIGH SCHOOL DAY TODAY! Bus from Gd. Circus Park direct to Beach via E. Jefferson rv i r. j J j v 1 1 111 LrJl mi -mnmm. . , Jim, jm. , jKmmm-u . mt. II II JfTSm CTfTSTl -m ...... Tl, .- I - Now! New "Name Headliner" Floor Show Policy DICK HAVI L LAN D, NIC. Tn ristocrar of Abmrdity EDWARDS & L A WTO N Mario fief fes and Pantomime DARLENE gOBAr,M" PATTIE-LaVERNE DANCERS FRANK GILBO and his TOP HAT ORCHESTRA NO DOOR OR COVER CHARGE AT ANY TIME AIR COOLED! Lif9fi M Y3rx) leepmlursrTy I tfff'LK JaVOOCT Jjl PHYLLIS LAN ANA v mmm i HMOS Criminal Gets Tivo Choices As much as such a story can be, "Raw Deal," at the Palms Theater, is a "good" gangster movie. When a boy has had a raw deal from society, a man may come to defy the law. When he is caught and imprisoned, he can either earn freedom by taking his punishment or continue to rebel by attempts at escape. Dennis O'Keefe, in prison when the picture opens, has those alternatives offered by two women who love him. Marsha Hunt visits him to urge that he serve his time. Claire Trevor comes with a plan to "spring" him. THOUGH the break is success ful, O'Keefe needs a hide-out and turns to Marsha. He and Claire force her to go with him when they try to get out of the state. The police set traps for him. So does the gang boss, who wants him wiped out. Raymond Burr chills with his sleek cruelty as the gang chief. WILD rides by car and furious fights supply plenty of action. O'Keefe has Marsha under his skin, but chooses to go with Claire to freedom. Just when they have succeeded in boarding a ship and O'Keefe is dreaming of a new start in life, conscience smites Claire. She tell- O'Keefe that the mob is holding Marsha. The news sends him dashing off to rescue her Claire follows. When the film ends, both O'Keefe and Claire have paid for their defiance. "Heart of Virginia," companion film about horse-racing, has Robert Lowery and Frankie Darro in leading roles. II. C. B. LATE SHOW TONIGHT AT BOTH THEATERS no i j. . MILE ROAD pfmt ROSEVILIE 0SS0 DANCE SWIM Mli SATnSUM. IN LAKf it UAI Aftrrnoon and rvrninc. Fnn Marts at 1:00 p. m. All H.N. Mndenl, Invited at prrial bargain ratrs. Bobby 8hrrwood'a rcnrtra. J I i, "JI i VICTOR Vy1 MENS RJCH I I alj 4i I j ANNA LEX 1 htLhl fl IP GUY PBBEE " fJ!yyUUP fj MAE MARSH wist try Mm .DETROIT FREE PRESS Saturdav. June 12. 193 17. f LATE SHOWS TONIGHT at ALL THEATRES BELOW RODDY McDOWALL ROCKY wnJVoo IXC8ID BERG?. CHARLES A 1. fC T L CHARLES LAUCHTON IXTtA! TECHNICOLOI FIATUSITTI' I TOOTUGHT RHYTHM" 1 "HEART OF VIRGINIA MSr1 LSWERT JaMl MlftTIt JAMES MASON !5 'Man OF Evir WUH PHYLLIS CALVfcSI $0h 1F OltiVC! Radio Sthoolho.i, 6 KS0K 6S DANCING, SINGING STARS! 1ST 0 MIHIMlTV i tf lT ji -tc S I 42 Bl Y . IIV r.iei m wink TISA lili Palmer H uaiiatm t'SULLIVAl THE BIG PLUS TAX CLOCKS W Alan Hale Last Day! "MY GIRL TISA" ' ptYt H coin1 oo" wf I V wtT 1-T "C MIL NND T.3 4 Liui Palmi AWMUMW0r. I.ATK SHOW TOMTK lO V, M. IB ft-01OIJ JJ Ray Millanti Charln Latihtoa "THE BIG CLOCK" "MY GIRL TISA" STARTS SATURDAY Fight Pictures Rocky Crailano vs. Tony ZaU Pi NOW Leo Corcey Bowery Boys "ANGEL'S ALLEY" Tw Camefiti Cartoon Snorts Ntwi Lavt Shoo Startt 63 Intl.' a. Taa f. Jaiiiil iuLt BOB-LO SAILINGS DAILY Daily and Sunday Schedule Leave Irav Arrive Detroit Bob-Lo Drtruit 10:0O A.M. 11:45 A.M. 1:15 P.M. 2:041 P.M. 4:00 P.M. 5:: P.M. :00 P.M. t:SO P.M. 8:30 P.M. 10:00 P.M. 11:00 P.M. 12:30 A.M. 4:0O P.M. 6:00 P.M. 8:15 T.M. RATES (Round Trip Kroru Detroit) Monday to Saturday Adults $1.00 (tax Incl.) Child SOc Low Far. 6 P. M. Sailing Monday thru Friday Adulla 10c, Children 50e Sundays and Holidays Adults $1.30 Child 65c Saturday Moonlight 8:45 P. 31., $1.50 Extra Late Moonllrht Every Sat. Night. 10:15 P. M. Fine Food Served In Our New Cafeteria at BOB-LO ISLAND CA 0130 FOOT OF WOODWARD ' ' . XI l mas IttCHHlCOlOfcH mm III IS I 10 4S I TA OPEN L iwi. ' -am" -i. I r iiv u r c n v- mml 10' A. Day! VljSS3i a Kauretn O'SullWan f TISA" -1 fREE f ARK IN O II I a 5 71 a MaMMMfiHBalafaaMa

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