Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 3, 1947 · Page 20
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 20

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, December 3, 1947
Page 20
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'• / < HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Wednesday, December 3, 1947 •T - SSIFI ED y* 1*1 V».i» *i \ IM*M Adf Muit Be In Office Dajf Before Publication •M-.iU'Jl ..JvLWlIO ,1.90 10.50 -.20 1.40 4.00 11.00 ,!•„.-,}.!» 1.70 4.50 13-.50 JS'..f;./l.M 3.00 8.00 15.00 tM are for Continuous 'L. toftrtion» only .Want Ad* cani-in Advance jpMrtfl Over th«, Pbon» TWO OR THREE ROOM FURN- Ishca apartment. Phone 1140. 2-3t For Sole S^tiODOE BUSINESS COUPE. 1 tires,and good running itio'tf. H. L. Hunt, Box 128, Fulton, Ark. l-3t TWO DOOR CHEVRO- beater, radio, new scat , Good tires. P.O. Box 238. :dr* 'phone 650-J. Prescott, Ark. * PUPPIES, 6 'WEEKS Just -right next season. jarles Bryan, Fh,onc 1080. 3-3t |^J>RAfc*IC!ALL,Y NEW MAHOGANY &J: finish't bedroom suite. $100.' y>|M)ohe 751-J. 506 East 5th St 3-3t Notice jjftB|BUY USED FURNITURE, piece or carload. City Fuini- Co. Phone 61. 226 East 3rd. Street. J I7-lf «DER YOUR CHRISTMAS GIFT ''magazines now. Special rates. Reynerson. Phone 28, City •f • 23-lm :UNTING ALLOWED ON MY "-ty. Located at DeAnn, 10 north of Hope. T. J. 2-3t Lost * -TWO WHITE FACED COWS, NO ' -. * horns. Branded on left side -'i?»{JWS). Reward. $40. J. W. Seymour, Fulton. Phone Tommy ' Fulton, Ark. 26-61 Wonted Wanted to Buy OFFICE .DESK .AND TYPE- writer, good condition. Phone 712-R. 3-31 INEXPENSIVE 54 INCH BABY bed. Write P. O. Box 297. 3-3t Fair Enough By Westbrook Peglcr Copyright, 1047 By King Features Syndicate. Now York, Doc. 3 — Let us con aider, as today's lesson in unionism, the contrast between the royal and aristocratic class of the tenm- Little Rock Now Favorite to Win Arkansas Title By CARL BELL Associated Press ports Editor Despite 1 slight embarrassment over a batting average of only .750 on our first-round playoff predic- union and the rank and file, & For Rent fe* THREE ROOM HOUSE FOR ght housekeeping. Mrs. J. E. . Phone 38-F-ll. 2-tf REE UNFURNISHED ROOMS, bath. Close in. Phone ROOM UNFURNISHED yfopartment. 31B North Elm St. J*See Mrs. H, M. Olsen. Phone 151 l-3t ROOMS UPSTAIRS UN- Sftjfnlshed with bath. In old paver home close to High chop]. M. C. Bruce. 3-3t UNFUHNISHED ROOMS . - .,.,, ul e entrance. Near Brick ^•,yard. Mrs. Mary Loy, 3-31 3 -fiOOM UNFURNISHED APART- t tor rent 31P North Washing- K, B. Brlce. 3-3t Fights Lost Might By The Associated Press •Los Angeles — Maxie Docusen, 132 1-2, New Orleans, T. K. O. Davey Hernandez, 132 1-2, San Bernardino, Calif., 2. Clevelasd—Ezzard Charles, 173 -4, Cincinnati, T. K. O Fitzy Fitzpatrick, '175 3-4, Los Angeles, 4. Kansas City, Kas —Roy Miller, 164, Kansas City, T. K O Tea Hubert, 165 Washington D C. 4 By United Press New York (Broadway Arena) — Naba Esparza 14fi 3-4, Mexico, outpointed Ruby Kessler, 140 1-2, New York, (8) New; ; York (Sunnyside Garden— Jimmy Warren, 136, New York, outpointed Dmo Blata, 132 1-2, Camden, O., (8). White .Plains, N. Y. — Rudy Pasco, 125. Toronto, 'Ont, stopped Jimrriy Callura, 123 3-4, Hamilton, Ont, (7). Jersey City, N. J. — Tony Her- tucci, 157, New York, outpointed Joe Agosta,: 158, New York, (8). Manchester, N. H. — Tommy (Red) 'Wells, 131, 'Manchester, knocked oat Leo Miccuci, 130j Portland,:Me., (10). Salem, Mass.—Buddy Hayes, 131, Boston, outpointed Ticky Millozzi, 135, Elizabeth, N U , (10) San Antonio. Tex. — Paulino Monies, 135, Mexico City, stopped Louis Vera, 135, Elpaao, Tex., (4). Milwaukee, Wis.—George (Sugar) Costner, 152, Cincinnati, O., knocked out Jackie Cooper, 145, New York, (3). o Lujack Awarded for Outstanding Sootball Play New Yoi% .Dec. 2 — (/P) —Aerial Artist Johnny Lujack, who has skippered Note Dame throughout its current unbeaten campaign, js the 1947 winner of the Heisman trophy, awarded annually to the nation's outstanding football player. The senior from Connellsville, pa., received 742 points in the poll conducted among sportswriteis and broadcasters Bob Chappuis of Michigan, the over-all runner^ap with 555 points, '•yvas named -first in the midwest, while Doak Walker of Southern Methodist received the nod among thp southwest voters. Lujack lated second in the midwest and the southwest. The award will be presented Dec. 10. minus deductions. In the November issue of the Teamster, the official'circular of King Dan Tobin's royal court, Mrs. Mitchell, the mother of lour children, the oldest 15, said they had not had butler in 18 months and that most of their clays were moat- less days. In the same issue, Otic II. Frobo, of Cincinnati, the secretary-treasurer of Local 100. admitted that this union, had bound Ihe men to work for as little as 81 cents an hour. Recently they struck to escape the starvation standard imposed on them by their union. There we have the extreme of poverty. Now for the riches, extravagance, pomposity and arrogance.. The union bosses have opposed the Taft-Harlloy law which restores to the rank and .file some of the rights which the Wagner Act obliterated. The drivers have nothing to .do with the appropriation of union money for politics or the- content of the union publications which .they pay for. They just pay the bills. .The same icsuc of tlic Tr-amster reports that the American Federation of Labor adopted two biles to raise money to try to destroy the Tatt-Harlloy law. The A. F. of L,. f ft* i-** 1 f ,< REMOVED FREE ^ ta , Within 40 Miles PEAD HORSES, COWS and CRIPPLES \, Texarkana Rendering Plant a Phone 883-W (Phone Collect) «; ft No Answer Phone 3158-R *^f ?£"• •tf, »r- w« service and Repair . . • APPLIANCES REFRGERATORB ELECTRICAL SERVICE ,'j 810 8. Elm Phone 70 5 P,-ro. Phone 909-R ELECTRIC Nfctrical Repair. kansas high school football honors. Class AA: North Little Rock over Subiaco — The Northsiders had a close call in Ihe tirst round and had a bad day in losing a non-olayoff Thanks- Riving day game to bitter rival Little Roclj. They should begin to roll this week. Subaico's Trojans, however, pay little attention to the dope, as witness their first-round upset of Fayetteville. Little Rock over El Dorado — Here are two teams which played a scoreless tie in the regular season. The tilt will be at El Dorado, and a hunch says the Wildcats. But form says Little Rock's balanced Tigers, Forrest City to beat Booneville; Mr.sn.olia ,to sh.ow Paragould; Class B; Parkin over Atkins; DermoU over McCrory. Defending champion Little, Rock- was, established .,as a general'AA title favorite in .the Turkey Day debacles, when it conquered North Little Rock. 13-0, and Camden, wiiich dHn't fvpn.get intn the playoffs, spilled El Dorado, 6-0.' • • But we're sticking by our guns on the Northsiders —believing that no team can make as many;' mis- _ r ,.„>. ...... ... * ~. ^! kos , a second time as th-y made the per capita tax on more I .thanksgiving. And a handful of observers, including the Little Rock nnd North Little Rock coaches, ex- orcssnd the belief beforehand that the Thanksgiving day loser would .vin the playoffs. Watch for our Opening Date. Hope Washiteria Located North of Second Baptist Church 419 N. Ferguson Where Do You ii Need Uon Payments Reduced? Heed Extra Cosh? t of WHERE you we can probably help * Govern ep Government have now been lf y s u want your reduced, or if need extra «?wh, or yW' «ee us right away. f ifi£ ve f ke * p a customer Just Received a New Shipment of Butane Gas Ranges Priced. $140 each. $30 down, 12 months to pay. Hope Butane Gas Co. ; Phone 188 Hi way 67 west Hope, Ark. Have Your Own Portrait, on Your.Xmas Cards This Year You will like the "personal touch" of a Photo Greeting Card. Bring in your kiddies now. Special 3£mas background. We are prepared to make as many cards as you need, but get your order in early, THE SHIPLEY STUDIO "Hope's Finest Photography" ppnje and get It, ' Afkfor Mf. TlMM McUity * I - t, i.^;.4 GOOD USED CAR PARTS TIRES, TUBES, BATTERIES Anything for your cor LAMB'S WRECKING YARD 317 South Laurel LET FOY DO IT • Level yards • Dig Post Holes •' Plow Gardens • Cut Vacant Lots • Also custom work. HAMMONS TRACTOR CO. Phpne 1069 & Walnut St For .... LIGHTING, COOLING, WIRING, MOTORS, end APPLIANCES r anything ELECTRICAL ' ALLEN ELECTRIC CO. Hour than seven million members by 50 per cent and In.viccl a $2.000.000 special tnx for tho same purpose. The millions who understand and Desire .the Taft-Harllcy law nevertheless must pay. The cold financial attitude of the union boss toward, the cattle in ihe pens was expressed when Tobin was opposing a proposal to the A. F. of L. convention which would have released the small and miscellaneous "federal" unions from the fold. These little cats and rloKs of unions, in the aggregate, represent a lot of money on tho hoof. More than $1.780,000 a year. Tobin was on his feet, roaring. Release $1,786.000 a year? Hell no! Tn the teamsters' own financial statement, the cost nf publishing the International Teamster is slated as $243 313 a year. This garbage, is strictly personal publicity for Old King Dan. For several years, Lester Hunt, a professional newspaperman, was editor and imposed-on the sheet some sfimblancc of journalistic integrity. But Hunt was too refined, loo educated, too othical An intelligent man couldn't iclp shakmg : lhis head or smiling behind his hand at Tobin's colossal "ovc of himself and his attempls to 'write." Tobin named himself editor. This is a sample of the bilge that Tobin prints about himself, the cost of which Harry Mitchell and thousands of other teamsters may pay out of wages of $5!5 and loss. " September issue, loading story— 'Convention giv?s Tobin ovation: n a tumultuous tribute to a great eader—" T am not kidding. That is exactly what the old Cat head printed about himself in his own sheet, ostensibly in the interests of the rank nnd file. Another sample: "— Never before did Tobin receive such a spontanious ovation." He tells how resolutely he turned down a $10,000 raise and the Harry Mitchells and their wives are sup'- aoscd to be too cUunb to know that, through his unlimited expense account, he can reach inlo Ihe damper and help himself to all he wants, any time. There is no income lax on that expense rakeoff. It is pure eravy. So lie gives himself a tumultuous hand for his magnificent unselfishness in refusing a raisa which, after tnxes, would be hardly worth having to a man in his brackets. Maybe the Harry Mitchells are as dumb as he thinks, but I don't see how anyone could be that stupid. Then Dan tolls how John English, the secretary-treasurer, spole in favor of a resolution to reduce his own pay from $30,000 to $20 000. That was strictly a gag. The mob never would stand for any reduction of any official's pay. Because they all aspire to those lobs themselves. Moreover, any reduction would be a bad precedent and would be sure to give the employers evil ideas. So they finally kept English's salary at $30,000, Not that he would have been underpaid at $20,000 or even $5,000, when you recall that a Cincinnati judge tossed him off the witness stand a few years back when he tried to qualify as an auditor but admitted that he never studied auditing. "When President Tobin's term runs out in 1952, he will have devoted 55 years of servi?o to this union as its president," says lie in another of his genorous tributes to himself. And most of the time on the uravy train, with his sons riding tho cushions on fat salaries and with a winter palace in Miami Beach, paid for. furnished nnj maintained by the Mitchells of Cincinnati. And most of his time on an unlimited expense account (or hiinself and his wife and a royal retinue of courtiers and flunkeys Tho financial statement does not tell tin; Mitchells a word about that expense account of the royal court in turn. As though this were not enough of that for one issue, another story starts: "interrupted by frequent applause, President Tobin made his official report — " and so lorlh. There ar'i still some matters tu be reported and discussed by wav of showing why the Tobins and others of his kind, seeing their lux- Jrious rackets and royal prerogatives doomed by the Tafl-Hartley Law. are holding a gun in the ribs of the Mitchells and the other rank and file to make them give up the money for propaganda to repeal the law. They are desperate. This law will not bother labor but it certainly will ruin the parasites who have persecuted and lived upon the body of labor since the advent of Rloosejaw the Great. Local Kiwanians to Play at Prescott Tonight Members of the Hope Kiwanis Club will go to Prescott tonight for a donkey basketball game with the Prescotl club in the Prescott High School Gym. Tickets arc on sale here at Byers Drug Co. Yerger forTexarkana Here Tomorrow Coaches Brooks and Bailey sent their Yerger Tigers through a Stiff workout yesterday afternoon in preparation for a Southern" Region Championship game with Texarkana, Thursday night at Hammon's stadium. Down field blocking was stressed in yesterday's drills in which all regulars participated. Texarkana operates from a smooth T-fprmation with an excellent ball-handler in the quarterback slot. They feature the running of the Dawson brothers, a couple of shifty half-backs. Yerger operates from a single wing formation and boost a triple threat fullback in Ralph . Palmer vyho is supported by the bro- .keii field running of Edward Stuart, Bonnie Dixon, and Willie Bfil- mer. The kickoff will be at 8 p.m. A record crowd is predicted and ,a large number of Texarkana fans as well as visitors are expected to be on hand. Scott on Third Ail-American Selection By FRANK KECK New York, Dec. 3 —(/P) — The Midwest, boasting the nation's two top ranking teams in undefeated and untied Notre Dame and Michigan, carried off honors on the 23rd Associated Press All-America football team by filling three of the four all-important backfield positions. Johnny Lujack, brilliant 180- nouncl quarterback who is pacing Notre Dame to its second straight unbeaten campaign; Michigan's equally versatile Bob Chappuis, and Ray Evans, key man in the Kansas atlfick, are the Midwesterners on tho first team backfield. All arc seniors. To round out the backfield of fine passers and hard .Southwest has come runners up with the this this fall. "Well," Barney "it seems there Barnhill, the Razorback grid tactician, was being kidded about the selections of his team to clay in the Dixie Bowl although it barely won more games than it lost laughed back, aren't enough teams to go around for all Ihe bowls." Actually, the Dixie sponsors nrobably made a wise choice. The Razorbacks, with Clyde Scott, Aubrey Fowler and Ken Holland, cutting up, may be counted on.for »• good show — and it's usually a 'safe bet that a Barnhill outfit won't.lose or win — by a very large margin. does it? Picking Coach Gene Lambert usually buries his head in his crying towel the minute we make our; annual choice of his Razorback cagors to win the Southwest Conference championship, so (are yuh listen,in', Coach?) 1 We won't' make any outright prediction this year. We'll lot it go at say ing. we think (think, lhat is) personally' (personally, that is) that the Porkers won't finish as low as second. Now, Coach, just a personal opinion doesn't put the boys on a spot, rinoK it? . a litlist half the time isn't so bad, so really a forecaster can't go far wrong by taking Arkansas every year in basketball; The Red and White has won 11 crowns in the last 22 seasons and has been without the trophy,for as long as four years only once. The Razorbacks now have taken three straight seconds since last winding up on top. Speaking of basketball predictions — and coaches, Deno Nichols, the former Ouaehita and U, of A. flash now in his first year as cage tutor at Little Rook Junior College, is hereby nominated for the week's acting Oscar. ' Sidling up with the longqst of long faces, Deno advised: •• "Tell 'em I'm sad. Tell 'em we're in pitiful shape. Tell 'cm we can't win a game, Oh, it's terribly terrible.' What else did he say? We're sworn to secrecy. Fort Smith high school, where coaches have been, coming and going like night and day in recent years, has lost another mentor . . This time an assistant. The coach, Frank Robbins, has resigned to reenter the army as a first lieutenant in the medical corps. To prove that other players make the stars look good, one of our co-workers would like to see a game between the first All-Southwest Conference grid eleven and a combination of the second teani line and the third string backs. He'd "take the second and third stringers at even money." "Look at the second string line (which included Arkansas Guard Theron Roberts) and those four third string backs — Rice's Carl Russ, Arkansas' Aubrey Fowler, Texas' Jim Canady and Texas A. S-' ti M.'s Stan Hollmig, he argues. "They might not have the color, but for stamina, know-how ability — W hew!" and Miami, Fla., Dec. 3 —(IP) — The 10-team major league, which proved a dud once before, may be revived in the National and American Leagues in the near future. The executive council has drawn up preliminary plans for such a revolutionary move with the purpose of admitting four Pacific Coast League teams in the majors, the Associated Press learned from a reliable source last IHMIH. The source added that the teams are Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland and Hollywood. The latest plan, however, faced determined opposition from the Pacific Coast League itself. Clarence Rowland, when informed of the movement afoot,' admitted that he had heard of something brewing "along those lines," but insisted that he had never been informed directly of such a plan. ''The Pacific Coast League has only one purpose," he said, "and that is to become a major league in its entirety. We will never consent to have the majors take one, two or four clubs from us." Rowland was one of 54 minor league presidents who listened yesterday to a speech by National Association Head George Trautman cautioning them against further expansion. .Trautman said "our main job is not to seek additional leagues but to strengthen all oar existing leagues." SPORTS HOUNDUP -By Hugh 9. Fullerton, Jr.- New York, Dec. 3 — (IP) — The other day Branch Rickey remarked that he never had seen the baseball player market as "jumpy" as it is now. . . But reports coming up from the Miami meetings don't support that statement . . . Maybe everyone is ready to jump at a trade with the Dodgers, who have so much promising minor league material that they may have to stage bargain sales, but among the other clubs it seems to be all talk re, — r year's only sophomore All-America in Doak Walker, forward passing wizard from Southern Methodist University. The line, dominated by six-footers weighing between 195 and 230 oodncls. finds the. East with three positions — Center Charles Bednarik of Pennsylvania, End Bill Swiacki of Columbia and Guard Steve Suhcv of unbeaten and untied Penn Stale. The remaining four places on the forward wall are held by players from the Far West, Midwest, Southwest and South. They are End Paul Clcnry of Southern California, Guard Bill Fischer of Notre Dame, Tackle Richard Harris of Texas ;.ind" Tackle Bob Davis of Georgia Tech. This line is the heaviest since orewar days. It averages 213 pounds ' with Fischer the heaviest at 230. Davis, six-foot-four and tallest man on the entire first team, scales 225. Though purely a mythical team <:he 11 men chosen after a careful survey by 250 sports writers throughout the country is a veteran collection of athletes. They have starred week after week during one of the most interesting football seasons on record. The only teen-age player on the team is Tackle Harris, Texas Longhorn who is 19 yet stands three inches over six feet and scales 212 pounds. He is one of three juniors chosen. The others are Bednarik and Fischer. Only two players are under six feet. They are Suhey and Walker, each five-eleven. The second team: End, Robert Mann, Michigan Tackle, Zygmont Czarobski, Notre Dame Guard, Leo Nomcllini, Minnesota Center, Richard Sc:ott, Navy "luard, Rod Franz, California Tackle. Malachi Mills, VMI End, Ike Owens, Illinois Back, Chalmers Elliott, Michigan Back, Charles Conerly, Mississippi Back, Harry Gilmer, Alabama R ack, Charles Justice, North Carolina. The third team: End, Barney Poole, Mississippi Tackle, John Forraro, Southern Calif. Guard, Joseph Steffy, Army Center, Jay Rhodemyrc, Kentucky Guard. Mike Dimitro, UCLA Tackle, George Connor,. Notre Dame End, Lenny Ford, Michigan Back, Clyde Scott, Arkansas Back, Anthony Minisi, Pennsylvania Back, Bobby Layne, Texas Back, Jack Cloud, William and Mary Basketball Results By The Asnociated Press Last night's scores: East New York Univ. 41; Tulane 37. Long Island 74; Quantico Marines 49. . South Tennessee 56; Lincoln Memorial 41. Western Kentucky 51; Kentucky Wesleyan 31. Midwest Kirksville (Mo.) Tchrs 77; Central (Iowa) 47. Washburn 72; Omaha 38. Northwestern (Okla) 49; Panhandle (Okla) A & M 37.' Eureka (111 46; Westminster Mo). .45.- . '-. . / Cameron (Okla Aggies 27;'Connors (Okla) Aggies 19. . J . Wichita 47; Culver-Stockton 35. Far West •'• ; . ' '•';• , '' : Gonzaga 34; Idaljo 33. ; '• ; .' .• Oregon State 47; Willamette 41. Olympic Group Meets to Make ; Arrangements Chicago, Dec. 3 — (/P)— The far- flung United States Olympic committee met today to wrestle with the biggest hitch in American plans for the 1948 winter games —a stalemate in which two ructions claim the right to represent this country in the Olympic ice hockey championships. : The committee, about 50 .strong, opened a day-long session and hinted that the impasse between the Athletic Amateur Union and the ''outlaw" American Hockey Association over which shall enter a hockey team in the Olympics mav result in withdrawal of all U. S. teams from' the winter competition at St. Mauritz, Switzerland, Jan. 30-Fcb. 8. Lambert Trophy to Be Awarded to Penn State New York. Dec. 3 — (UP) — Coach Bob Higgins today was due to accept the Lambert Trophy awarded Penn winning the unofficial Memorial Slate for champion- Cub Pack 33 of Hope held its regular monthly meeting at Hope City Hall Monday night under the ' Donald of cub Moore. of Cubma'ster A large number scouts and parents attended the meeting, although too many parents were absent. Every parent is 11 member of the pack and should attend all pack meetings, Mr. Moore said, In a charter review and reorganization meeting held during the parents round-table period, officers were elected for the next charter year as follows: Cub master — Frank Hortor; assistant cub masters Donald Moore and Frank Ozmer; treasurer — Raymond Jones; secretary — Mrs. J. W. Perkins: den mothers — Mrs. A. S. Willis, Mrs. Fred Cook. Mrs. Hugh Hall, Mrs. Charles Brlant, Mrs A. A. Halbert; den ship of the East. The trophy was voted to ihe unbeaten and untied Nittany Lions by a poll of sports writers and broadcasters. Of the 108 ballots cast, C8 went to Penn State. The University of Pennsylvania, unbeaten and once tied, placed second with 17 votes. Army, which won the award last year foi' the third successive time, •soiled 14; Columbia got six and Rutgers three. Penn Slate, which will meet SMU in the Cotton Bowl at Dallas, Tex., Mew Year's Day, won ihe Lambert Trophy for the first time. Settlements in Liberia were established in the 1820s as an African home for freed U.S. slaves by philanthropic societies. Louis Confident Of Victory Over Wolcott Now York. Dec. 3 — (/P)— Coldly confident, Joe Louis closes hard training today for his world heavyweight title defense against Jersey •Toe Walcott in Madison Square Garden Friday night. "I will win," said Joe as ho prepared to do a final four rounds publicly at Pompton Lakes, N. J., and then rest up for his 24th fight as champion. Walcott, hopeful but silent, shut the gates on his last workout at Grenloch Park, N. J. Louis mostly used his loft ycster- d.iy against sparring partners. "He mixed it hard," said Manager John Roxborough, "to get ready for a smaller, Caster man." Roxborough smiled slightly when he said "faster." Louis will weigh 212 pounds, the heaviest by a few oun-es of h ; s entire career, compared to Walcott's 192, for the 15-round fight. "I feel stronger at that weight — it doesn't slow me," said Joe. The fight between the two 33- year-old Negroes could draw a gate of $261,000 at the Garden, of which Louis gets 45 percent and Walcolt 15. It is Louis' first fight since he knocked out Tami Mauriello in one round at Yankee Stadium Sept. 18, 1946. The odds arc 3-5 that Walcott will not come oat for the fourth round. '242,000 gasoline sta- -..„..., tiros' to tte United States. Charles Bria^t, A. 4. Halb>rt. MADAM VONGER LICENSED PALMIST tells you exact' 1 / what called to f>id cut. No Questions Asked you Located 3 miles east of Texarkana on highway 67. Look for sign, Located in house. NOT ATRAILOR. Everyone Welcome WANTED - Logs & Blocks GUM - HACKBERRY - ELM -LYNN SYCAMORE - HOLLY - BAY HOPE BASKET CO. Coll 1000 or Contact Office and. little action ... Quote, Unquote Clair Bee; Long Island U. basketball coach: "My team this year uses Nat Hol'man's give-and-go system in reverse — the boys don't know Where Ihey're going and I don't give a darn." Spots, Before Your Eyes Rumor kicking around in fight circles is that Joe Louis will risk (?) his title against Turkey Thompson at the Los Angeles coliseum in March . . . The fight, will be for the LOJ Costello foundation and Comedian Lou promises that movie folk will buy all the high-priced seats . . . Eddie Dyer points out to scribes that the Dodgers A under Burt Sholton did better against the Cards han he Dodgers under Leo Durocher . . . Bu didn' eveybody clo better against the Cards last season? Oats Sew Will Men One of the better stunts perpetrated by college students during the 1947 football season came when some Louisiana State boys snaked into the Tulane stadium and planted some oats in the grass . . About a Week ago they began to sprout, •giving the fans who were looking ahea"d : to this week's Tulane-LSU name- the sight of a bright green L. S; U: in midficicl . . . The 'pats weren't' wild, but the grotmdkeep- ers 1 who had to crawl around the field, .pulling each .one by Hand, certainly were. . ' • ' -.9 '1^1 1 ( ft Enjoy A Bike While You're Young ' Bicycles Handsome .new postwar bicycles for younger'chil- dren. Beautifully styled . . , exceptionally we.ll constructed. ; Choice of brakes . . . Morrow or New Departure. New construction 'features. Easier pedalling, longer service. 15 inch Frame 26x2.125 Balloon Tires Gift-Tip For An Active Youngster Skoo-Ty Scooter, Jr. • Speedy • Height—28 Inches A dandy scooter with rubber tires .. . tubular steel handlebars with rubber grips. Handsome enamel finish. Sealed Beam Penetrates fog, rain and sno\\ Concentrates light on road Reduces back i^lare. Single light . '.' 5.45 Pair .9.95 - PAY LATER JUST THE THING FOR ALL THE LITTLE TOTS Goes Like A Streak ie From 11.95 to 16.95 For speedy, spirited you.. -•. sters. Sturdy. Rubber tires. Leather saddle. Wednesday, December 3, 1947 BLOND9E V/MAT ARE YOU WRITING ON YOUR KITCHEN SLATE .? THE LIST OF GROCERIES I HAVE TO GET AT THE MARKET/ SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith COPR. 1947 BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REO. U. S. PAT. OFF Yes, I'm feeding Joan before John gets home—since we're on the food-saving program, he eats half her baby food showing her how good it is!" FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershberger And this is our new model spite chair!" POPEYG T r \ >" ,^^^^^^>^^^^^SS v v ' * •"'S "OPE ST AR, HOPE, ARKANSAS WHY DON'T YOU WRITE THEM ON A SLIP OF PAPER AND THEN TAKE THE PAPER WITH VOU TO THE THIS WAY, WHEN 1 i COMB NOME WITH - THE GROCERIES, I CAM CHECK AND SEE WHAT I'VE FORGOTTEN By Chick Young OZARK IKE I DON'T COME DOWN > TO YOUR OFFICE AND TELL YOU HOW ' ' TO RUN YOUR > 'AFFAIRS, DOT PI CARNIVAL By Dick Turned COPR. 1M7 DY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REC. U. S. PAT. OFF TERRORS CYCLONES ...FOR THE PRO FOOTBALL TITLE/... X1A//J KICK tS IN THE AIR! THIS IS THE PLACE. LET'S GET GOING. I HOPE FLINT KNOWS WHAT HE'S DOING.' 5jp^flSA^ nis !•*-*-£. otl m' •fttffoiMwK ^•SMiialS ^^:^^^^^^S.lapffl ' 'r- 1 '" •- -•'•'"r.'-fV'../.^'^-.';.U.i») i Va'j/J.-jJar Ut'syMei WASH TUBES "Maybe my soap isn't the best ever made in this class, Prof. Clements, but put it with a sob serial and ! betcha it would sell!" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By BSosser UETHANY HAD DATES WITH' LARD •AT G, FRECtC AT 7.ANDNUTTY AT 8• THIS "lATE DATIN& " IS AM OLD NORTH CAROLINA. CUSTCMi BUT IN SHADVSIDE— ii-3 SO LATE DATIN& * I IT WAS, FLOPPED IN / A MESS/ SHADYSIDE, I IMS BOYS MEY.SIS? J SlMPLV WALKED •^ OUT ON ME I — A FINE THING.' THREE DATES, AND X WOUMD UP WITM NOTMIN& BUT CHECK.' SERVES YOU RIGHT! THIS DEER SOUTH MASQUERADE HAS £ONe ENOil&.H f SO • "ft I > Ml., L MASQUERADE/ WE'LL GIVE A DIXIE MASGlUERADE PARTY THAT WILL. REALL.V SET Tt-llS , TOWN OM ITS EAR/ r j' *L E , E ^i?^ \ WU-RE.VIBRN KIND, CAPTAIN ?,HOW.MONEOF x OMW THW Myt^, 1 DEM THE LEAST WE CAM DO IS TO EELIEV/E .VOU OF IMMEDIATE WOERV OVER. EXPENSES'. WR. McK.EE'5 THOUGHTFUL "&^^^L^^^S^\m MET HIS &EKTH. DONALD DUCK ALLEY OOP Thimble Theater ; J. WELLINGTON WIMPV [ OM THE FIRST FOR THE (MR. WIMPV) r 5 ^ OM THE < OM THE Fiesr WIMPY, \(l WAS PBOWSED WHERE > A SET, BUT 7 AES rf LINFOETUNATELy /v "" 1 " V TWey HAVE NOT f r. .^M; /r / IN TWO SECOWPS S /^ HE ' S ^ I'LL THROW HIM OUT sY GOING ^ OF THE TOURNAMENT H UP NOW.' AMP PASST T^\ 7' ONJ TO THE < (*J\ ^~L .NEXT EMTRV ) ^^J £^r n ^ ^—4. u, - • SIMS OUT OUR WAY Lehman Auto & Home Supply 215 S. Main Phone 174 Hope, Ark. M * BE Goodrich By J. R. Williams SHE SAYS SHE WON'T EAT OUT OF A SECTION HANDS WASH BOILER AND HE WON'T EAT OUT OF A NINNY- NANNY PAMSV HOP.' GHIIITMAS CUT IDIA* WHAT? PACK TWO SEPARATE LUNCHES WHEN THEY'RE BOTH IN TH' SAME ROOM IN SCHOOL' ' SSi 1 OUR BOARDING HOUSE WHO QUIBBLES ABOUT HI: ooouA'5 XHOOEV, OOP. you oi_ OkAY. ONLY \SANDBUG.' WHY DON'T SHE'S SOT YOU ADMIT YOU'RE TOO MUCH / AFPAIDOF HER? SENSE: ' RIGHT MEND WAYS OE HUNT UP ANOTHER MAN By V, T. Hamlin BOOTS HELLO. BfJVS.' SO TSLL^ FOB MOTHER NOW I'VE -we^,,,., „BROUGHT OOP HOME/CHEER, BUT (SO, - 'FOB CHOW/ >-*, POP, MOM'S, , llw .,.,™, NOT HERE.'/BEEN SON! *&*•. T. M. ua u. B. PAT. orr. With Major Hocple 60T, FATHER—UMP~ AH SPOTT/-"- ARE YOU posmvie VOUR PLf\hJ& IS lt^ PRll\\E COKi- CONiDlTlOr^? — AVA-UM./ .X l /v\ EAGER. TO M-MAK& TtAE: F-FLIGI4T,OF COURSE,BUT THESE BLUEPRINTS OF AA.V AUTOMATIC BED — X'D rtAT TO SEEr TKEtA LOST/ >CWT GO M.t MOVJ -v*. FIRST \T WAS VOUR BLOOD PRESSURE, ThAEhi YOUR EAKQRL5M.S. AMD MOW TvAOSE PLAINS/ *»- IF AWSfTAltviS GOBS <^ ^. ev>iv Ol<b THIS TRIR \ YOLVL-L I^EN/ER tAP\\lE TO \MoeRY ABOUT TH& PHONE .OR LIGKT BILLS > MOE£/ pW HE'LL if ABOuT GETTING A P VOU A«t& vyEftY SHWa.9> OViRftCrefc, v>\i%9 ^Ot&,<3"AK>Q i oom uvtE soiii ^^••<3^%$&^-(i ^Zy^im ^- \ IZ-3 RED RYDER ' J* A iff.' -I ,/ ** •#/0

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