Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 3, 1947 · Page 17
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 17

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 3, 1947
Page 17
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^* ' ", ' ' \ t )' ' •> ' ' i ' " ' ' ' ' HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS a,. Irld. — (fr)—hi addi- tellers in high in,fool- Baseball, Frank Tripucka, quarterback understudy to Johnny Lujack at Notre Dame, captained the basketball and baseball teams in his junior and senior years at Bloomfield, N.J, high.school. DURING DECEMBER MAKE MONEY AT OUR E PRICES t SUITS * PANTS -; COATS (Short) OVERCOATS SHIRTS JACKETS DRESS (Plain) LADIES COATS SWEATERS SLACKS PICK UP DELIVERY .65 .30 .35 .65 .30 .35 .65 .65 .35 .30 BLANKETS (Single) .65 BANKETS (Double .85 PHONE 399 AT THE PLANT .50 •25 .30 .50 .25 .30 .50 .50 .30 .25 .50 .75 Pclow PcisSey School 1101 West Are. B ft • "'V .1*1*; '''•'•'•' Prince Minor Roma With Copenhagen, ,*E)enrriark, ; De'C. . 2 (/P)— Dashing young King Mihai I of Romania and beauteous; Princess Anne o£ Botirboh-Parrna, his distant cousin, will annourttfe 'their engagement probably within a month, a source close to the Danish royal family said today. The 24-year-old Danish-French princess, who once worked, in a hat shop in New York with her royal mother, and 20-year old Miahi are together now in Switzerland. They arrived Sunday from London after attending the marriage of Princess Elizabeth. The British royal wedding had revived rumors' of a romande between Mihai and Elizabeth's sister, Princess Margaret Rose. Mihai's name also had been linked with that or Princess Thcrcza, member of a fa.mily which claims the nonexistent throne of Brazil. (King Mihai's secretary, advised in Lausanne of the report, said "we have to wait for an announcement fiom the government,"' The king and the princess are staying at the Hptel Beau Rivage in Ouchy, a fashionable Lausanne suburb With them arc the king's mother, Queen Helen, and his aunt, the Duchess of Aosta. The king's .secretary said the king planned to leave at the end of this week for Bucharest and that Princess Anne expected to return then to Copenhagen.) While they were in London Mihai Asks Specific Plonfor Anti-Inflation JACK BELL Washington, Dec. 1 — (fp) —Senator Wherry (R-Neo) demanded today ..Presltiiiht Truman Jay. ^before Congress 1 specific-' proposals .to carry out his 10-point anti-inflation program "if he's not just talking lor political purposes." The Senate's Republican whip thus picked up in the form of a challenge to Mr. Traman a question by denator Tail (R-Ohio) hint-' ing at political implications in the president's request for standby pricewage and rationing authority. Taft,.. an laying down an eight- point program of his own iqst night, asKect a Philadelphia audience; "Is it possible 'that they (the democratic administration) would like to see the present condition continue until after the November election in order that there may not be the slightcs chance of a falling off in the boom so favorable 10 anyone in power?" Wherry told a reporter his su- picions that politics may be playing a part in the controversy over cost of living controls have been oy what he called the administration s failure to spell out proposed legislative remedies. "if the president is not talking for political purposes, he will sena up here forthwith a specific program," said the Nebraskan wose role as whip makes him an assistant party leader. "We have pased .he slop-gap European aid bill in ,hc Senate and we could be working on some cost of living propos- times fills up with stuff y transient congestion-put a few drops of Va-tro-nol in each nostril. It quickly, reduces congestion and makes breathing easier In a hurry . . . gives grand relief from sniffly, sncezy, stuffy distress of head colds. Follow directions In the package. Here and There in Arkansas and Anne. were seen together frequently. The informant said it was expected the engagement would be announced simultaneously by Kino Mihai in Bucharest, King Frederik X of Denmark and Princess Anne's parents, Prince Rene and Princess Margarethe, in Copenria- —:n. The princess, whose full name is Anne Antoinette Franeoise Charlotte, was a iront line worker jor -he Red .Cross in Woi-ld War II. Later she went to New York with her mother, and they opened a hat shop The tall, willowy princess is known as an enthusiastic amateur photographer. Little Rock, Dec. 2 — (#)— Steve Stahl, executive vice-president of the Oklahoma Public Expenditures Council, will attend the annual meeting of the Arkansas Public Expenditures Council here Friday, JJi lector Sam Hays said today. Stahl, former director of the Arkansas organization, instituted the Arkansas 'State tax survey, just completed by the council's research staff, which will be presented to the council meeting. Camden, Dec. 2 — (/P)— J.D. Reynolds, member of the state'Oiland Gas Commission and Camden civic leader, is in the Camden hospital today following a heart attack. Hospital attendants said his condition is serious. An extensive oil operator, Reynolds retired from active business last your after a brief illness. Little Rock, Dec. 2 — (/P)— Organization of a Chamber of Commerce at Earlc, makes a total of 100 such community organizations in the state, the Arkansas Economic Council-State Chamber of Commerce announced today. Little Rock, Dec. 2 — (IP) — Applications for 56 paroles, 20 furloughs and seven commutations of sentences arc to be considered by the Arkansas parole board here tomorrow. Little Rock, Dec. 2 — (fl>)— A course in agricultural engineering necessitated by increased mechanization of farms, may be offered at the University of Arkansas next fall, Dean Lippcrt S. Ellis, of the college of agriculture, has disclosed. Ellis told the Little Rock Engineers Club yesterday the course would be offered through co-operation of the agriculture and engineering colleges. •—•^*^^^**X^O^^mmmmmafmmHm^9 COST EDUCED 15 to 20 (*!,*• ^ I -* "% - - * _ '•".,• -' .'''• • .1 YOQ can now Reduce your'food cost 15 to 20% by renting a Frozen Food Locker. We have just initiated a new service where you can buy Meat, Sea Foods. Frozen Foods and other food items in wholesale cuts, and have them stored in your locker for future use. With this service you will be able to REDUCE YOUR FOOD BILL from 15 to 20%. We have just added an additional 250 lockers, and still have some of them available. Come in today and reserve your locker. ORK CURING Little Rock, Dec. 2 — (/P)— A Pjlaski circuit jury has acquitted Hoy L. Cossey, Wrightsvillc farmer, of a voluntary manslaughter charge in the fatal shooting of his father-in-law, J. W. Massingill, at the lattor's home last June 28. Cossey pleaded self defense at lus one-cliiy inal yesterday. Little Rock, Dec. 2 — (/P)— The tran.sier 01 Central College from Conway to Little Rock has passed the argument stage and the board 01 trustees is m •complete agreement," the Rev. E. C. Brown of Blytheville, board president, said yesterday. Brown announced following a board meeting here that the college would open classes at its Camp Robinson site Sept. 6, 1948. 'Jonesboro, Dec. 2 — (/P) —The Jonesboro city council last night passed the controversial ordinance Bordering the city water and light Plant board of directors 10 turn .fiver all real and personal property for operation and control by the city council. The ordinance was put on third .reading, by ,a 5-4 vote, and the dissenting aldermen attempted to clock passage by leaving. Proponents, however, remained until the 10th council member could be located to make up a quorum, and voted for adoption of the ordinance The ordinance becomes effective in 90 days. The directors declined to comment on the situation today, but due to the lengthy controversy oyer the ordinance, litigation is expected; -.'-.:• Wednesday/December 3, 1947 s Communist Machine Is Strong, Well-Organized All Qver the World By DeWITT MACKENZIE AP Foreign Affairs Analyst One of the. most significant of the currcritv hews developments is the announcement that Maurice ez, French Communist leader secretary general of the party in that country, has returned to Paris from a visit to Moscow during the anniversary celebration of the Bolshevist revolution. There's;, just that and nothing more; Thorez is back. But this unadorned 'announcement immediately conjures up a picture of the amazing Red machine which the Soviet Union has built up in foreign countries-and operates by controls from the Kremlin. We have perfect illustrations of this in the politico- economic, crises of France and Italy in which the governments are fighting for their very lives against the revolutionary tactics of Communist citizens who take their orders from Moscow and in this sense are subjects of Red Russia. Thorcz was' born -17 years ago in the French department of fas de Calais, the son and grandson of coal miners. He began work in the pits at the age of fifteen, and soon displayed a leadership which carried him into politics. He became a leader of the Communist party shortly after it was founded. Mobilized at the start of World War II, Thorcz fled to Russia, stating. that he feared arrest in the French government's anti-Red drive. An army court convicted him of desertion, in Absentia. In 1944 he was pardoned by none other, than General De Gaulle, who today heads the anti-Communist "peopled rally" which achieved such sensational success in the redent country-wide municipal elections. • Thorcz returned to France to -assume 1/idership of the Reds and has held many high political offices while building up his party, to its present great strength. . The board strategy for the Communist upheaval in France and Italy clearly comes from Moscow, with which Thorez is so closely associated. When the Comintern or Communist general staff for world revolution, allegedly was dissolved in 1943 .seventeen people signed the document of dissolution. Among them were seven who now head important Communist parlies m seven European countries. Thorez is one of them. Another is Palmiro Togliatti. leader of the Italian Commjnists who' are trying to bringabout the downfall of the government. But Thorez isn't the only powerful link between French communism and Moscow. Another is the Frenchman Jacques Duclos, a journalist who is widely credited with, being one of the Kremlin's chief agents for the transmission of policy ,to Communists through- world. You will recall that was speaking for Moscow. . So we see • that in both France and Italy, Moscow has its field marshals, Of course the Communist revolution has reached an advanced stage in these the countries, but the same Red tactics are seen in every nation where the ism has secured a substantial footing. We Offer You a Complete PORK PROCESSING SERVICE Including Sugar or Salt Curing. Old Time Hickory Smoking, Sausage Making and Open Kettle Lard Rendering. With our refrigerated curing room you don't have to wait on the weather. . kill your hogs now and bring them m to us for curing. .This Complete Service is Only 5c Per Pound. ,,-Fort Smith, Dec. I.-(ff) About 50 union plumbers in 11 shops in Fort Smith and Van Buren were not at work today after the union and the masters plumbers failed to agree on. a wage scale Saturdy. Bill Brown, business agent for the union (Plumbers and Steamfit- ters Local No. 29, AFL), would not comment on the work stoppage. Dink Haynes, spokesman for the master plumbers, said a strike notice had been filed by the union representatives three months ago when an unauthorized strike was called off. At that time, the union had asked for a 40 cent an hour wage increase over the $1.75' an hour prevailing wage. Negotiations reached a stalemate Saturday when the master plumbers offered $1.87 1-2 per hour and the union failed to go below their $2 per hour compromise offer. City officials said this morning, they could not estimate the number of jobs affected by the strike. Several non-union as well as union construction jobs are now going on in the two cities.' Locker Plant Locker Plant Hope/ Ark. Stuttgart, Dec. 3 — W 1 )—S. Kendrick Guernsey ot Jacksonville, Fla., president of Rotary International, believes in the United Nations, but thinks the American public should guard against being too impatient for quick results. He pointed out to an audience of 375 Rotarinns here last night that the U. N. had been in existence for approximately two and a half years while the international disputes it has to tackle arc of years' and even centuries' standing. Elaine. Dec. 3 — (/I 1 )— The Arkansas Power and Light Company tias started operation of facilities of the former Elaine Utilities Company in this and other Phillips county communities. Division Manager W. H. Howzc at Helena predicted A. P. and L. operation would allow for a reduction in rates to consumers of approximately 20 per cent or 813,500 annually. Clyde Chism, formerly at Wilson. Ark., is manager for the A. P. and L. here. Besides that at Elaine, utility service at Oneida. Wabash, Ratio, Mellwood, Lundcll and Crumrod was involved in the transfer. als if we had anything but vague generalities from the White House." Wherry said administration officials appearing before congressional committees disagreed on many points and failed to offer specific proposals in many instances. On the other side of the capitol, Chair-man Wolcott (R-Mich) of tno Houjse banking committee declared 'we have heard nothing yet to justify turning out economy over to the bureaucrats." Wolcott made this assertion to newsmen afer the committee had heard Secreetary of Commerce Harriman, Secretary of Treasury Snyder and Secretary of Agricul- the downfall of Earl party in the United States in 1945, and the overhauling of the party's policies. None doubted that Duclos Pure Oil Firm Faces Charge in Louisiana Shrcveport, La., Dec. 2 — (/P) — Charges that they shipped 272,906 barrels of "hot o.il" fom Louisiana to Texas during three months, of 1946 have been filed in federal district court here against the Pure Oil Company and two of its Houston, Tex., office employes. The employees, C. C. Brown, division production superintendent, and H. T. Kirby. clerk in the Gulf Coast division office, are charged with knowngly causing shipment of the "hot oil" from the Gueydan oil field in vermilion parish to Smith Bluff, Tex. At Houston, Brown declined "comment on the charges. Kriby, was not available for comment. United Stales .Attorney Malcolm E. LaFarguc said the action was brought in federal district court because the oil shipments were in violation of the Connally "hot oil" act. The act prohibits shipments from one state to another of oil produced in excess of the daily al- lowables set by a state conservation commissioner. Lana Turner and Tyrone Power Romance All Off Hollywood, Dec. 2 — (/P)—The romance of Lana Turner and Tyrone Power is just a memory today. The famous twosome,, whose names were linked for months talked things over following Power's return from a four-continent air tour Sunflay. The decision, a studio spokesman announced last niRht, was to call it quits. Talk of the rpmance was given impetus when '• Actress Turner kissed Power goodbye before he left ^3 wccksj.sgpKpn his tour. And shciVfas waifihg'-in New York when he returned; Saturday friends said. B,^it PowcF-.!;^k'irjVQdjj:ft|c'.w .York on hfs rcluWAjii t$i| {Hollywood. Miss Turner returned here and they met Sunday. Power and his wife, Annabclla, have been separated since October of 1946, and she announced last weekend that she was willing to give him a divorce. There was no comment on this from Power..Miss Ttener ^formerly was nYar- ne.d to nggsiciah Arfic Shaw. They wcjre (.divtoced'jin 4SJ90. -. Marshall to Talk It Over With Russia's Molotov London, Dec. 2 — W?) — Secretary of State Marshall, apparently anxious for a private conversation with Russian ' Foreign Minister V. M. Molotov, accepted today an invitation, from Molotov for luncheon Friday. The luncheon will' afford the two their first opportunity tor direct discussion of U. S. and Russian problems since the Moscow mcc'tr ing early this year, when Pvlolotov attended Marshall's conference with Prime Minister Stalin. There was no official indication of what Marshall wants from a meeting with Molotov. Molotov earlier declined an invitation to have lunch with Marshall at the U. S. embassy Monday. American diplomats here for the Big Four Foreign Ministers conference were puzzled by Molotov's rejection. Soviet informants said simply that it had not been con-' ven'ient for Molotov to keep the date on Monday and that Molotov would see Marshall very soon. Marshall entertained British Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevin and a group of American and British zone officials from Germany at a luncheon today a.t the embassy. The Big Four.were to moot lalcr today, presumably to continue their discussion of the best way to write a German peace treaty. Diplomats discounted the prospect of the couricil completing an Austrian treaty, saying there appeared to be no basis ior agreement. Shop Foreman Is Charged Wteh : \ Manslaughter Philadelphia, Dec. 2 — (/P) —Dotec- .tive Sgt. John J. Me Enroe r,aid today that Stanley Druisl, 07-year- Old shop foreman, has "been charged with .manslaughter by fire in connection with a biaze that swept through a dnrmHnry for homeless men here, bringing'death to six and injury to 17 others. The fire early ycstcrdnv whipped through the interior of the four- story building of the Volunteers of America, Inc., in north Philadelphia, as 60 homeless men — some if them employed as street corner Santa Clauses—slept in dormitories on the second and third floors. Me Enroc said Druist was charged after he signed a statement in which he said he had been smoking on the first floor of the building shortly before the fire broke out. The detective said his investigation indicated the blaao started in a shop operated by the relief agency on that floor and then spread throughout the upper three floors. . ... MIGHTY MST En RHI ACH! ving goose-flesh "Bill agreed . . . after I bought him those modern Hanes WINTERSETS last season. Now he's comfortable in winter —no more goose-flesh bumps from shivering along in summer underwear." These garments are mid-weight. You're warm enough outdoors without feeling bundled-up indoors. All-around elastic waistband for body-conforming fit. 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