Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 12, 1894 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 12, 1894
Page 5
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' ' *!f WHO IS YOUR HATTER] WHY, DEWENTER, THE HATTER. So say the majority of men already. Now we want the minority to come over to the majority. Let us show you our NEW SPRING HATS. OBSERVE! The announcement of Tucker & Young THE PEARL ST. TAILORS. 7 | Their New Spring Goods are ready for inspection. Special attention is called to their $20.00 suits made to order. Yours Truly, "PUCK." POWDHL PUREST AHD BEST, POUNDS, 20*. HALVES,! 0 4. QUARTERS^. DAILY JOURNAL 1HUBSDAY MORNING. APRIL 12. Good sheeting muslin only 4} cents, at tbe Golden Rule. We bought a travelling man's 'samples in umbrellas, and will sell them out today way below ooit,—Pat- terson, tbe Haberdasher. Henry Fossmeyer, of Vlnoennes, attempted to cure a balky horse by fastening a chain to its lower jaw, one end of which was attached to a wagon drawn by two horses. Tbe horae stood until its jaw was wrenched off, after which it was shot. Homer Fuller, of Jefferioavllle, while running his trot line, which WM stretched in the Ohio river, • pulled up the bead and shoulders of a man whloh had become attached to one of the hooks The remains are supposed to belong to one of the vie. tims of the Phoenix bridge disaster in December last. The Roby prize fighting cases, growing out of the prosecution of the Columbia Athletic Association, will be .": called for trial In the Lake Circuit Court on Monday next. Judge ; Lengaon of Lafayette, who presided :• in the Costello case, has notified Judge Glllett that he oan net try the remaining oases, and ex Senator Touohe of Crown Point, has been selected, although it is not known that '':'. he will accept. Judge Orumpaoker ''? will be assisted in the defense of Damtniok O'Malley by Judge Allen •ted Lionet Adam* of New Orleans. A BIG DITCH. Thirteen Hllec !>••• "•« t» COM S7o.ee*. Uhl and MoNltt 'bid in the Thomas Sheets ditch yesterday at 7J cents per cubic yard. The ditch will be IS miles long, all In Cass county, 365,000 cubic yards. The ditch will be about 40 feet wldo at the top at the widest plioe and about 24 feet at the bottom. The ditch begins In the northwest |part of Bethlehem township, through Harrison, Noble and Jefferson, and will cost about 170,000. Two dredging machines will be used, 1C men to each machine. This interesting play has been a strong drawing attraction, and favor, ably reviewed by tbe press. It is one of the best dramas built up on an essentially America* theme, that of life among the hardy ploneera of tbe Rockies. The story, however, is so delicately drawn that the motives of the playwright must have been taken from the most refined circles of the highest civilization. "One teuch of nature makes the whole world akin" and so whether in the wilds of the Sierras or in tbe salons of the old Knickerbocker millionaires tho springs of man's actions are much the same. Heroism and truth are not sectional and on tbla groundwork of human nature,' as it is, the play of Eagle's-Nest baa built up a reputation that seems to grow with the years. Theplsy is under the experienced management of W. A. Edwards, who has secured the support of a strong company. It will be presented at Dolan's opera house tonight with new scenery and stage appointments, expressly painted atd designed for it. Young People •prime a Surprise. A surprise was sprung on the clt- teens of Wabash Tuesday when Will Fowler, a popular young druggist and Miss Maggie Teague, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Teague, announced that they had been married, the ceremony having been performed two weeks ago. Mr. J>wler'a patents objected to the union, though for what reason is not known, and the pair boarded a Big Four train, went to Indianapolis, and thence over to Dan- vllle, where they were wedded, returning home immediately. Not until Tuesday was there the slightest intimation that they were man and wife, they having lived at their respective homes. These holding invitations to the Salesman! Union dance at the G. A, R. hall tonight are requested to bear the date in mind. ; TOSI ZOtT HELD IP. The Pearl Street Beer Man Robbed 1 of Mil Roll at Midnight. Last night about midnight at tbat stilly hour when grave yards yawn and hell breathes out contagion to the world, Tony Zolt, the good natured Pearl street beer saloon man was re pairing to his home on the West Side. At a point on West Canal street below Clcott street he was held up by four burly ruffians who demanded ol him what, if any, spare cash he had about him at the time. Without wilting for him to give up, quietly they grabbed him and stuck four (runs in his face and did then and there, deliberately and maliciously, premeditatedly and with malice afore thought go through the pockets of the very much surprised and agitated ' 'Tony and extract therefrom $60 in cold cash, a city order for 110, a gold watch and chain, a revolver, whloh of• course, he did not have tbe opportunity to use upon bis assailants. Thefelloirs even went so far as to take nis door keys, and Tony was compelled to arouse his bousebold to gain admittance to his residence. He came back over the bridge and reported the case to the police, but was unable to give any satisfactory clue whereby the guilty parties might be properly apprehended. Police!! TOUR SAME IN PBEJT. Item of • P«n«n*l Character eon- etrnlnc Loctuupqrlen and Tfcelr Frlendi M. B. Lairy is at Toledo. J. D. Johnston was at Chicago this week. William Dolaa returned yesterday from Chicago. George W. Walters wes at Wina- mao yesterday. Mrs. T. C. ABBabal Is visiting her aunt, Mrs. T. H. Wilson on Broadway. Mlaa Mollie Morgan has returned from a several week's -visit at Joliet, 111. Mrs. Mary Pearson of Peru, Is visiting her daughter, Mrs. J. P. Conrad. Miss Clarissa Englebreoht has returned from a several week's visit at Fort Wayne and KendalvilloT D. D. Smith, business manager of the F. M. Williams Stock Company in repertoire of authorized productions, was in the city yesterday. Revs. D. P. Putnam, and E. S. Scotland Mr. Rodney Strain are at Valparaiso attending the meeting of the Logansport Presbytery. Among the strangers within our gates yesterday were F. J. Crisp and G. W. Reynolds, of Ssuth Bend; F. J. Statesman. Peru; W. F. Stlllwell, R. B. Wallace jr. and H. C. Dougherty, of Lafayette. Col. Wm. H. Jacks, 0, S. Consul at London, Ontario, Is in the city calling on old home friends. Mr. Jacks was called back to Indiana by tbe death of his wife's mother at Attica, and will visit here briefly before returning y> London. Rev. ard Mrs. A. W. 'Hawkins will depart this morning for their future home at Deoatur, 111. Mr. Hawkins who took charge of the Cumberland Presbyterian church in tbat city some months ago is much pleased with his new field of labor. Their home here was maintained during the winter, but their household goods were yesterday shipped to Decatur and they will follow today. The best wishes of the Bts of friends of Rev. and Mrs. Hawkins In Logannport go with them to their new hone. Thev Lay II on to Charier. Idavllle Observer: A sparring match was arranged by some Logans- ports with some of the local element, to lake place some where on the Wabash on Monday night, but it seems that Sheriff Homburg, of Cass county, got wind of the affair and promised to interest himself in the'matter In a way which might Interfere with the proceedings, so the match was declared off. A number of parties who it seems were only on the outside of matters made a trip to the point but probably returned disappointed. Vhe KroUtlon Of medical agents is gradually relegating the old-time herbs, pills, draughts and vegetable extracts to the rear and bringing into general use the pleasant and effective liquid laxative, Syrup of Figs. To get the true remedy see that it is manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co: onry. For sale ;by all leading drug^ grists. . . : • ^ ' Brand fmrr Indictment*. ' The Grand Jury yesterday returned to the court sixteen indictments, eleven of whloh were indictments against saloon keepers. The remaining indictments were against the three fellows who recently .escaped from jail and against present prisoners in the jail. Bengallns silks Only 48 cents, at the Golden Bule; flower*. Below is given the program ol the entertainment to be given at the First Presbyterian church tomorrow evening. PROGRAM. Orchestra Trio Mesdames Krela, Shultz. Anderson Recitation. Mm. Fender Violin solo Mm. Bernard Fisher Solo Mr. Michaels Solo „ Mine Nelson Orchestra CANTATA OF "BUKriNB OLOWBRS." Chorus, "Brli.htly Pawns."—Gardener and cborun."—Snntlowec Solo.—Gardner to tbe Dal«r."«-"Man In the Moon" and ecbo.—Solobr the Hose.—Buttercup And "Man In tbe Moon."— "Oft In the Stlllr Night "-Solo by the Dalnv— Chorus,'iNoddlnij."—"Djrlng ol the Flowers"— Finale, "Wake! Wake!" The oast of characters includes Misses Abble Howe, Edna Stevens, Lottie Hall, Minnie Patterson. Mrs. McMillen, and Messrs. Michaels, Stough, Denbo and Getty. A Snrprue Party. April 9th being Mrs. George Webster's 45 birthday forty friends and neighbors gathered at her home to surprise her. Mrs. Webster had been called from home but tbe ladles took poiteslon and by eleven o'clock the tables were loaded to their utmost capacity with good things. In a short time Mrs. Webster and her son Will oame home. It was a complete surprise. Many nice presents were presented, Mr Pryor making the presentation speech. All wished Mrs. Webster many happy returns of her birthday. OWE WHO WAS THERE. Dream City Binding*. There is no volume of photographs which will make such a handsome collection in bound form as tbe Dream City Portfolio of World's Fair Views. The Journal bas made arrangements to have the portfolios bound for all subscribers at a very reasonable cost. This same arrangement will apply to all parties who have received tbe portfolios elsewhere who may have them bound by bringing them to this Office. Prof. John H. Dlckerson, of Lebanon, has been placed under bonds, charged with criminally assaulting Miss Sarah Kepner, tho alleged offense having been committed on tbe 1st of April. Mr. Dickerson waived examination and gave bond. He has retained counsel, and claims that tbe prosecution is the result of attempted blackmail. Some months ago a young man o Warren wrote Jhis name and address on an egg he was shipping, and this week he received a letter from a red dent of Sydney. Australia, The letter •aid that probably the sender migh be interested in knowing how far the egg traveled in finding a customer and it added that eggs were worth 85 cents a dozen in that city. Delegate! Elected. « At a meeting of the Clerk's Union last evening the following delegates were elected to Bit in the Trades Assembly as representatives of the Clerk's Union: Weldon Webster, Pat Fox, Geu. Irvin, Jos. Grace, and Jas. Porter. » BatM to California Oreatly Reduced • ~vut tne F«»n»TlT»nla Line*. The Midwinter Fair at San Fran clsoo and the numerous other attractions in the Wonderland beyond the Rooky mountains oan be enjoyed by persons of limited means as the round trip rate baa again been materially reduced via Pennsylvania lines. Pas. sengers can select any of the several romes from Chicago, and the return limit is ample for a satisfactory sojourn. For detail* apply to J. A Mo- Cullough, ticket agent. Logansport, Ind. It In Good. The more Chamberlain's Cough Remedy is used the better it is liked, We know of no other remedy tha» always gives satisfaction. It is good when you first catch cold. It la good when your cough is seated and your lungs are sure. It is good in any kind of a cough. We have sold twenty-five dozen of it and every bottle has given satisfaction.— Stedman & Friedman, druggists, Minnesota Lake, Minn. 50 cent bottles for sale By B. F. Keesling, Druggist. _ Hiwln foundttlom DIi«»«r*4. Chicago citizens in their desire tc excel, have lately accomplished a big feat, namely: in discovering by actual measurements that there are some lady residents who can wear shoef twelve inches long. Tour blood needs regulating IB spring. "Lafeld Cabinet Port" is nature's own blood purifier. Mild and mellow. Price, quarts,'$1; pints, 6C cents. For sale by W. H. Porter, prescription druggist, 826 Market street, Logannport, Ind. Du't T«taeo 8plt or 8nok« T*ur Lift Am? .. th» trnthfnl. "tartlln* atie or a little bo* tnst tin. »fi ftbont No-to-bao, tne wonderful, harm- Si ouJuS£m> tooaooo habit ear*. Tto cost trfimu, and the man who want* to ault and »"> Ph*"* 1 ot ftnrodal r fn using " Sold bf Bun Flioer. ort-orbj mtlllree. Address, Tb« Storung BtmSr Co.. Indiana Mineral Springs, *-d , Standard prints only 2i oents per yard.—Golden Rule. . ,. •••..•• Eitra low prices at the Golden Rule this week. • OOVslal Cmli. The Republicans of Cass County, Indiana, and all others who desire to co-operate with them are requested to meet in their several townships and wards at the time and place designat ed for the purpose of selecting dele. gates to the Republican State convention to be held at Indianapolis on April 25, 1894, and to the Republican Congressional convention to be held at Hammond, Ind., on May 24, 1894. The pluco and time fixed for said meetings IB ae follows: Adams to wt ship— Twelve Mile, April 21, at 1 p. m. Bethlehem township — Metea. April 21, at 1. p. m. Boone township— Royal Center, April 21, at 1 p m. Clay township— Shady Nook school house, April 21 at 1 p. m. Clinton township— Clymers April. 20. at 7 p. m. Deer Creek township —Center school house, April 21, 1 p. m. Harrison township — Lucerne, April 21. 1 p m. Jackson township— Salveston, April 21, 2 p. m. Jefferson township — Calloway school bouse, April 21. 1 p. m. Miami township— New Waverly, April 21, 1 p. m. Noble — Centre school house, April 21, 1 p. m. Tipton township— Onward, April 31, 1 p. m. Washington township — Centre school house, April 19, 1 p. m. First ward — Engine house, April 21, Second ward— Rink April 21, 8 p. m, Third ward— Council chamber, April 21, 8 p. m. Fourth ward— Rink, April 31, 8 p. Fifth ward— Engine house, April 21, 8 p. m. The several townihlps and wards will be entitled to representatives as follows and the meetings will eeleet tbe number of delegates as follows: State Convention Congressional Convention. Adams township Bethlehem " Boone " Clay Clinton Deer Creek Harrison Jackson JelTerson Miami Tipton Washington First ward Second " Third " Fourth " Fifth i "".'.'.'.".".".'...1 ....... i '"".'. ...... i ........... 1 ........... i "'" .™. i ".'....„ ..... i ........... i ,' ........... i ...... 2 i ............ S ............ 2 .3 CUT THIS OVT. By order of the Central Committee. J. Z. POWELL, D. W. TOMLDJSON, Chairman. Secretary. Republican City ConTentlo». The Republicans of the City of Logansport are notified to meet in the several wards on FRIDAY. APRIL ISlH, 1894, at 8 p. m. for the purpose of nominating one member of the council from each ward, and selecting delegates to the city convention to nominate a city ticket. The places of meeting will be as follows: First ward—West Side engine house Second ward—Broadway rink. Third ward—Council chamber. Fourth ward—Broadway rink. Fifth ward—Fifteenth street engine bouse. Tbe ratio of the representation will be one delegate for each 10 rotes oast for General Harrison in 1892, and one for each fraction over 5. The ratio makes the ward representation as follows: First ward » • * • J5 Second ward..— S. Third ward <£ ICHth ward...".'...! ^ Total delegates IjjJ NeceBsaryto choice °* The delegates selected will meet at the-new court room SATDKDATt, APRIL, 14TH, 1894, at 8 o'clock p. m. to nominate candidates as follows: Mayor, Treasurer, Clerk and Water Works Trustee. By order of committee. J. Z. POWELL, Chairmen. Attest: D. W. TOMLINSON, Seo'y. TO Bnlarce the Church. The Official Board of the Christian church met Sunday after services and talked of a project to enlarge the church building. When the times get better the work will be begun. The work is deemed a necessity. 12. ISM. MEMORIAL WAR BOOK COUPON. Three (rf these coupon* and 1 ton> centi spcunis tbe current nouiber of Ibe Memorial War hook, it pr«wiV«J' at th« Portfolio Department of The Journal. CDTLTH18 OUT. Do You Overwork? De Von <ji<t Exhausted mn* Irritable? Such Condition!* Mean Mndk More Than You Think. How to do the Most and B«st, Work Without Uettiur Tired. People are am bilious, they belter their condition and to bare tbe. (rood things of life To do this they overwork and put, too great a strain on their strength a> ft nerves. ID COM*-. quence, the nerves become we»he»ed! and the person soon loses the power to work an much as formerly. ' When the neives are weak, the- heart aleo become* we&feened. Severe heart disease ia liable to follow if this condition is not checked. Weak: heart causes poor circulation, indigestion and many other troub'ca It ia a dangerous condition to neg'ert^ The following letter written by Mr.. W. A, Pbflllps, of Moretown. Vt,, gives tome interesting information: ••I bave been troubled with heerfc dleeaiie and indigestion. not being aMev to do a full day's work for ec me tine. I employed physicians and used miaty remedies but wan rot benefitted by them. I have seen days in tbe lasto few months when I would bave givetk anything to be able ton good day let work. '•I finally commenced using DK Green*'* Nervura Mood and »erv« remedy and in a very snort tiMO derived more benefit horn its UM thani any medicine I had ever taken. I think it tbe belt medicine I bave ever uied. I heartily recommend thitt remedy to all tbe sink and sufiering. If you are working harder than you* ought and feel any of the symptom* coming oa, or if you oan not work; readily and easily, take Dr. Greene** Kervura blood and nerve remedy and*, you will be cured. It will strengthen, and build you up BO tbat you oaa work- as much as you ever eould. Take it now, in the spring, tor this is tbe best- time to be cured. Everybody heeds a., spring medicine and this one is doing- more good than any other known remedy. It is purely vegetable and harmless. Dr. Greene, its discoverer, is the; most successful specialist in curing- nervous and chronic diseases. He> ' can be consulted at his office, 3& iVest Hth street, New York City, free, personally or by letter. I't Be BMMlTe*. Don't be humbugged! If you want pure Early Ohio seed potatoes without fail, go to J. H. McMillen, the gard~ ner, Bates street, West Side. Notice the prices quoted in our advertisement—Golden Bule. NOW THIS IS A FACT CARL W. KELLER the Merchant Tailor, leads them all In the Spring Trade. AT HIS PATTERNS. Ask any man In the city the way his clothes are made to fit and then know the truth. CARL W. KELLER. 311 Market St.

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