Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 1, 1947 · Page 9
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 9

Hope, Arkansas
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Monday, December 1, 1947
Page 9
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;- HOPE STAR, HOP! „ ARKANSAS ££aVt.,*k»! „ ™-iifca«s IWf •v^ 1 ,^™^. c sn^T&^w ''"'IrllUlt Iftrlta'OMct Day Before Publication fFJED ,»'• BH rtt«4 Thai ?.&., Uii« ! Uiv 9 j*J 1.80'.1.00 ,8.00 _ Ifeiuw for Continuous "insertion! Only For Sob COOKSTOVE. CHEAP. ;lddlebrooks Grocery. Phone 607, '" , 20-3t - BUSINESS COUPE. _ ",fires -and good running a«oL>'H. It. Hunt, Box 128, . Ark. l-3t No*»c* USED FURNITURE. .^..or carload. City Fttini- ; Go. Phone 61. 226 East 3rd. ' ,> t ,, 17-U jCfoRlSTMAS GIFT? _, ,_ 'now. Special rates. . ReynersOn. Phone 28, City ttU*>r f * , 23-lm J!LY NO HUriTlfrd OrJ 'x6t'tny property. 3, V. Moore, 9O MVHITEAT'ACED COWS. NO "*«« ' ''Branded' on left sid,e 5)i > Reward. 1 $40.-J, W. Sey'" Fiilton. r Phone Tommy Ir/Tulten, Ark. Sfl-6t •it.' For Rent , RO S OM TJNFURN- G house; Close in. To couple ypt^Shonem.,^ 28-3t IREE'ROOM HOUSE, WATER and''.lights. ., Jessie Mclntosh, M»c,!s Camp. • • < 29-3t \rfSr *i { (r v | ". . . ^-.l ...".. T ROOM ' UNFURNISHED :. 318 NortK Elm St. ;. H. M. Olscn. Phone 151 Jf^Sjervices Offered - J'PAPER HANGING- AND •dinting, Call Ray Smith, 22U, " " Ark. 25-3t iman's Sister Bothered ith Politics Teams to Ploy in Bowl Games Little Rock, Dec. 1 — (IP) — The 1947 football season is water ovcf the dam to all but two teams of the Arkansas Intercollegiate conference. Arkansas State Teachers College, which shared the championship with Arkansas Tech, and third- place Magnolia A. & M, are concerned %ith the matter of postseason business. The Bears of Teachers College Will play Hardin College ih the Kickapoo Bowl at Wichita Falls, Tex., Friday and the A. & M. Mulridefs are to meet McNeese Junior College ih the CajUn Bowl at Lake Charles, La., Ded. 12. The AIC race went as expected except for, Teachers' winning the co-championship and the low finish of Ouachita teachers, a cellar team a year ago, wasn't given a chance in the pre-season.rankings, while Ouachita was expected to be a leading contender. Under a n6w coach, Howard (Pee Wee) Montgomery, former Bear star and Texarkana, Ark., high school mentbr, Teachers fin- ishpd the regular season with eight (victories and a tie and a perfect conference record . of, six wins. Tech, favored from the start, also was, undefeated in six conference starts but dropped a non-circuit decision to compile an 8-1 record. The only undefeated, untied collegiate^ team in the state was the University of Arkansas' freshman and B squad, which registered six victories and did not compete in the AIC. Little Rock Junior College returned to intercollegiate grid competition this year alter a decade's absence from the scene, compiled a 6-6 record and walloped Coffeyville, Kans., 31-7, in the Coffee Bowl at Coffeyville Thanksgiving Day. In the wlndup of regular season play rlast week, Tech blanked Hendrix, 31:0 .and Teachers whipped the College of the Ozarks, 12-0, to clinch their shares of the top rung Magnolia blasted Arkansas A & M. of Monticello, 33-6, and Ouachita and Henderson battled to a scoreless draw. Rex 1 Peareo; Teachers back, led the conference in scoring with 72 points and also was tops m the ball-carrying department. New York, Dec. 1 — Something .ells me that the man who started selling the St. Louis Browns to Richard Muckcrman, ten years ago or so, probably was the same fel- ow that was spinning around that suite up there in the Chase hotel in St. Louis back in .the twenties when .he Cardinals had won a pennant and we were very young and so was the hootch inside us. I was just reading that Mr. Muckerman is a horny-ha,nded mil- ionaire who bought a little bit'of stock ,in the Browns arid never .bought it might bo habitrforming until he was horribly addicted and inally sOld off all his players to cure himself. I was re'aditig that he was baying at the moon at a parly in a hotel n. Jefferson City that night a few roars back when suddenly ,a trftnger broke into his iddlc-bum- 30 to ask "Why don't you buy -my .3,500 worth Jrowns? Rock, Dec. 1 — (/R— Miss .-V-TW ,-ane Truman of Orandview, ;Mo.*,,5te leaving the family's poli- '"—^trlotly up to her brother—the Ifent of the United States, r, Truman, who .came here fay to attend thp annual ;g of the, Arkansas Grand W of the Order * of Eastern *ning today,-.'agreed to talk jporters only "as long as _ about politics." is associate grand conduct• the Missouri Grand Chap- Eastern Star and received a dinner given by rnem- ,--,. — T .ie Arkansas chapter last ,.. 'REMOVED FREE f* t' Within 40 Miles . '.0 HORSES, COWS * and CRIPPLES, iyilfkana Rendering Plant ..ode 883-W (Phone Collect) JjWo Answer Phone 3158-R m j J¥f,8«pvlce and Repair .... • APPLIANCES • REFRIGERATORS All makes and models -I REFRIGERATOR & ICTRICAL SERVICE '"8, Elm' Phone 70 >r 5 p. m. Phone 909-R Earth Tremor Disturbs Missourians Poplar Bluff, Mo., Dec. 1 —(/P)— An earth tremor, lasting about 30 seconds, aroused • many persons from their sleep at 2:40 this mOin- ing, but as far as could be learned there was no damage. The highway patrol said there was a rumbling sound several seconds before the "explosion". A patrol headquarters employe said it "sounded like, a truck ran into the side of the building." , Police said it was the most se vcre tremor felt here in years. , Enough •y Westbrbok Pegler Copyright, 1947 By Klh$ Features Syndicate. of stock in the , Ruthenium, one of the platinum metalK is rarely used in elemental form but is often employed to harden platinum and palladium. fclTY ELECTRIC CO. — far — Industrial 1*8 Wiring Iteclrical PHONE 784 N|ed Loan Payments NOTICE We now hove o ear of Super-Phosphate Bring your AAA order and get yours now. MiWILLIAM'S SEED STORE Need Extra Caih? M|rdles» of WHERE you »r«we can prpbably help slnce all Govern/went lations hay« now been ^ reduced, o r if ,xtra c«h, or >th( ue u» right away, l(ee P » customer th a» neces- headquarters and get it. Ask for V Tow McUrry Have Your Own Portrait, on Your Xmas Cards This Year . will like the "personal touch" of a Photo Greeting Card. Bring in your kiddies now. Special Xmas background. We are prepared to make as many cards as you need, but get your order jn early. • THE SHIPLEY STUDIO "Hope's Finest Photography" HOPE TO CO, GOOD USED CAR PARTS TIRIS, TUBES, BATTERIES Anything for your car LAMB'S WRECKING YARD 317 South Laurel LET FOY DO IT * t? v *' yar<i8 • Dig Post Holes • Plow Qardens • Cut Vacant Lots • Also custom work. MAMMONS TRACTOR CO. Phone 1066 a Walnut 6t For .... LIGHTING, COOLING, WIRING, MOTORS, ond APPLIANCES or anything ELECTRICAL ALLEN ELECTRIC CO. And he kept pestering Mr* Muck- crman, and pulling and picking at im, until Mr. M. said: "All right, give me a blank check and I'will your rancid violets but then eave me alone so I can sing." What for kind of looking type of afty • was he, Mr. Muckerman? Va's hd kind. Of tall and janderous- ooKing with' kind of sunk-in eyes and a .Texas hat and a watch-chain With .aft Odd-Ffillbws' fob? Talked sort .of whiney drawli did he, Mr. Muckerman, and playing caroms off the bathroom door and he sofa where that lady was a'set ing? •...-:.•,-.:. Sounds to i me mighty like the ame ,man, Mr. Muckerman. A few years older than the time he sole rrie Lil Stoner, the old Detroit jitcher, in that suite at the Chase lotel for $1,500 and $500 for a catcher, because a pitcher is no ;pod without you got a boy to ketch iim. It couldn't be anyone else. And, tell me,. Mr. . Muckcrman, now,"was they a right pretty sor' of lady, a red -head, setting the.p on the sofa all night long while the gallant stags were harmonizing and arching their necks and fetch ng her drams and ev'body thoughl she wa's somebody else's true lov ng spouse? And she set there oading and loading and smiling sweet at this and that one, and no jody even made a pass to offer to see her home and along about two j. m. she just sifted away, alone, .ike..a phantom in a Viennese play ; •Mr. Muckcrman, you and me, we haVe had the same dream. Same cast. Same plot, shook up a little. " I bought a battery, Stonei and One. You bought into the Browns. I didn't have no more idea to buy me no ball-players that night than gossakes, that's all I hope. And neither did you. .Well, with me it was like, you know, a .lot of people in a World Series suite and the bathtub full of beer, like always' in tHose days. And a logger named Sam the Gasman, he comes busting in and sheds pint slabs of chicken-cock and Golden Wedding and, it makes a man shiver .to think of it now, how we 'used to used to use ginger ale to neutralize the worm-oil from the still. In a hundred rooms, at the Copley in Boston for the Harvards and the Yales, at the Ritz in Philadelphia, the Commodore, the Drake and those old pigeon-lofts in Washington, the scene was always the same, give or take a few characters. And' always there was a nice-acting, pretty-looking, redheaded, sir-I'm-a-lady kind of lady on the couch. Edna! that was her name! Her lame was Edna, because I re.mem- >cr one night we all put our little ousted heads together and sang 'there is always a girl named Edna." Well, this whincy-voiced party somehow picked on me to buy Lil "Itoner who had been a real good pitcher for the Tigers and had ;one down to Dallas when his term vas up. I said, "No, I don't want to buy him." "Why not!" tis fellow said with glarey look. "Because," I said, "I am not Baseball; I am newspaper. You <now, words and phrases, strung together with inimitable facility." "Sure, I know," he said, "Associated Press. Nothing but bigotry!" "Who?" I said. "Associated Press," he said. He seemed ignorant to me. Then this lady, Edna, began to >ay, "Why don't you buy Lil Stoner Red?" and she started to cry and yell. I was a red-head too, then. I never could stand a lady yell- ng and carrying on, so the upshot was that somebody pulled out a check on a little old busted bank down around Poplar Bluff and he filled it in for §2,000 and he wrote out a bill of sale for Lil Stoner and one. The next rriorning when I met 3ranlland Rice-he said, "I suppose you know what you did last night, don't you?" and Harry Salsingor, from Detroit, said, "and in Missouri at that! He had to pick Missouri to do it! Boy that certainly is bad. Well, whenever they have a World Series out lliis way, we will run up to Jefferson City and tall on you on visitors' day and bring you cigarettes and candy bars." "Me?" I yelled. "I didn't do no such of a thing. She went out with her husband. That skinny guy in the Texas hat." '.'Oil, her," Rice and Salsinjjer said. "Nobody ain't fretting about her. She is the house-mother. But you wwote a bum check for $2,000 and furthermore.come Jan. 1, you are responisble for Hie board and keep of Lil Stoner and one and they are terrible eaters. You are aoorned to poverty, all for a smile from a pretty red-had." When Christmas came I wrote Lu Stoner a nice note. I said ) didn't want to stand in the way of his advancement so, inasmuch as I didn't have any ball-club, I was giving him his unconditional release. Then I wrote an article for the great American free press giying the same notice to one, my catcher. In Florida, I asked Judge Landis and he said all right but the next time he would fine me $26,- Hope Places on All-State Grid Selection tittle Rock, Dec. I — (#>)— At- kansas football fans will see all- staters galore in action this week as tho high school playoffs are re-i siimcd. Perhaps appropriately, playoff .cams — those, still in the running and those which have been eliminated — dominated positions on the official 1947 all-state teams in the AA, A and B divisions selected for the Arkansas Athletic Association and the Associated Press in a poll of the state's coaches. An outstanding feature of the all-state squads was the accomplishment of the El Dorado Wildcats, Seventh District champions and underdogs for a semi-final playoff tilt with Little Rock this week, in landing four players oh the Class AA all-star first eleven. By contrast, Little Rock, a teafn featuring balanced strength rather than individual brilliance, was awarded only one berth. Also getting one spot were North Little Rock and Subiaco, which rneet In the other semi-final. Most of the all-staters aro> sen' iors and will be eligible for 'College; football next season. The allrstate .teams: Jack Ray Class AA First Team Position, Player, School, Class: End, Horace .Windham, El Dorado, • senior. " ', End, Jack Ray, Hope, senior. Tackle, Fred • Williams, Little Rock, senior. Tackle, Buddy Edwards, Texar kana, junior. Guard, Pete Burrow, senior. El Dorado Guard, Jack Fitzsimmons, Subiaco senior. Center, Charles Smith, El Dorado senior. Back, Billy Bob James, El Dorado senior. Back, George Thomason, Ho Springs, senior. Back, Bill Bodie, Pine Bluff, sen ior. Back, Lee Von Hoffman, North Little Rock, junior. Second Team Position, player, school, class: End, Jack Wilkins, Little Rock senior. • End, Jack Bales, Hot Springs, sen ior. Tackle, Carl Smith, Hope, senior Tackle, Thomas Stringer, Subiaco senior. Guard, George Harrison, El Dor ado, senior. Guard, Bob Watts, Fordyce, jun ior. Center, Jack Burris, Russellville junior. Back, James Lamphere, Camden; sophomore. Back, Bobby Scott, Jonesboro, senior. Back, Joe Cruz, Texarkana, senior. Back, Billy McFarland, Blytheville, senior. Honorable mention: John Webb, Floyd Almond, Little Rotk; Lawrence Paladino, Subiaco; Charles Rinsinger, El Dorado; Robert S. Quail Season Opened Today in Arkansas Little Rock, Dec. 1 —</ft— It was ipen season on quail and fur-bear- ng animals in Arkansas today. .Shooting of quail will be permit- ed through Jan. 15 with bag and possession limits of ten. Fur-bearing animals, including oxes, may be killed through Jan. Southern Cal, Notre Dame Tops Grid Play By WILL GrtlMSLEY New York, Dec. 1 — (JP) —• They irepared the 1947 college football leason for moth balls today and the fans, left limp by one of the dizziest of campaigns, began col .ecting second wind for madness Jan. 1 the bowl There is only one genuine pulse- quickener left on the regular schedule—that's Notre Dame's en- :ounter with Southern California Saturday 'in .Los Angeles. The handful of other remaining games are minor. Regardless of What occurs the Koonce, Carndon Blythcville; Bill Homer Shumate, Judd, Clemenco Zakrzcwski, Bob Brilcy, Eugene Blendcn, North Little Rock; lion Logue, Billy Drake, Fayeite- ville; S. A. Weslbrook, William Sut- toii, Hope; Ewing, Weiburg, Junior Babe;, Van Burcn. rest of the way, the 1947 season already goes into the books as crammed with surprises. It. was . a year that saw Army, jnconquerable for three seasons, ,oSe two games arid tie _ two arid then roar back for one magnificent afternoon to srnother Navy, 21 to 0. • It was a year that saw Michigan return to preeminence in the Western Conference and Southern Cal i'b supremacy on the West Coast LO lay a star-spangled setting for the annual Battle'of Roses at Pasadena. Dark horses were the rule rather than the exception in emerging as sectional champions. in the Southeastern Conference, where Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia and, Georgia Tech have long oeen dominant, little Mississippi rode to the title crest behind passing Charley Conerly and snagging Barney Poole. Southern Methodist, although tied in its final game by TCU, surprised by beating out Texas and Rice in the wide-open Southwest Conference. The "surprise" theme prevailed right down through the last big Saturday. Army was figured to take Navy before President Truman and 101,499 other fans at Philadelphia's Municipal Stadi'um but the Middies were supposed to keep it close. Instead, tiiwyn (Rip) Rowan, the Cadets' 'great little • fullback from Memphis, Tenn., made it a one- sided affair by running 92 yards to pne of the three touchdowns and passing to another. Southern Methodist, which went to-, the final barrier unbeaten and untied, was held to 19-19 even tefms by Texas Christian and now gctos into the Cotton Bowl against Penn State with that light smudge. Mississippi locked up the Southe^'stern title by subduing MMissis- sippi State, 33 to 14. The Ole Miss team plays TCU in Memphis' D^lta Bowl. Other teams headed for the Sehior bowls managed to come through final conflicts without damage, although there were some squeaks. Georgia Tech, slated for the Orange Bowl in Miami against Kansas, edged past Georgia, 7 to 0.] Kansas, with big Ray Evans figuring six touchdowns, overwhelmed Arizona, 54 to 28. Alabama, which has a Sugar Bowl date with Texas in New Orleans, had nything but easy sailing in triumphing over Miami (Fla,), 21 to 6, Saturday night. , .Texas Tech won a- spot in the Svjn Bowl by jolting favored Hardin-Simmons, 14 to 6, for the Border Conference championship. Two teams gave their resigning cOaches a good sendoff. Holy Cross won over favored Boston College, 20 to 6, for Ox Dagrosa. And West Virginia's Mountaineers, whose Coach Bill Kern quit last week, trounced Pittsburgh, 17 to 2 — the first West Virginia win over Pitt in 19 years. North . Carolina State held favored Maryland to a scoreless tie.Fordham and N. Y. U. wrangled to a 13-13 draw. Fast-finishing Tennessee outlasted Vanderbilt, 12 to 7. North Carolina won over -Virginia, 40to 7, in a Southern Conference duel and in another game down South Florida kept Kansas State's string intact—handing the boys, from the wheat country 'their 26th straight setback, 25 to 7. Moving eastward, Rice topped Baylor with a fast finish, 34 to 6; Oklahoma conquered Oklahoma A. and M,, 21 .to 13; West Texas State whipped New Mexico, 28 to 18, Oregon State licked Nebraska, 27 to 6; and Michigan State defeated Hawaii in the islands, 58 to 19. In a couple of Sunday encounters, University of Nevada topped Arizona State College of Tempo, 33 to 13, and University of San Francisco subdued St. Mary's, 31 to 20. o BEAKS HAVE SPECIAL USES Birds have many special types of beaks. They are used for chisel- Clyde Scott Only Porker to Make All-Southwest Dallas, Dec. 1 —(IP)—. Champion Southern Methodist and runner-up Texas placed the most men on the All-Southwest Conference football team. Each landed three and four of those selections were unanimous. Arkansas came UD with only one — bounding Clyde Scott — but he among coaches, scouts and sports was the fifth unanimous choice among coaches, scouts and sports writers. The all-conference team .has five seniors, four juniors and two sophomores. Here are the selections; First Team Position, Player, Team, Wgt, Year Encl. Max Bumgardbcr, Texas, 187, senior. End Sid Halliday, SMU, 195, senior. Tackle, Dick Harris, Texas, 212, junior. Tackle. Jim Wihklcr, Texas A & M, 225, junior. Guard, J. W. Magce, Rice, 220, senior. Guard Earl Cook, SMU, 217, senior. Center, Joe Watson, Rice, 223, sophomore. Back, Bobby Layne, Texas, 197, senior. Back Doak Walker, SMU, 163, sophomore. Back, Clyde Scott, Arkansas, 165, junior. Back, Pete Stout, TCU, 200, junior. Second \Team James Williams Rice, end. Hick Reinking, SMU, end. Weldon Edwards. TCU, tackle. Robert Tinsley, Baylor, tackle. Charles Stone, Baylor, guard. Theron Roberts. Arkansas, guard. Cecil Sutphin, SMU, center. T-Iue'y Keeney, Rice. back. Tom Landry, Texas, back. Lindy Berry, TCU, back. Dick McKissack, SMU, back. Third Team • Tilugene Canada. Arkansas, end. Morris Bailey. TCU. ond. John Hamberger. SMU. tackle. Harold Kilman. TCU, tackle. Joe Magliolo, Texas, guard. Odell Stautzenberger, A & M, guard. Joel Williams, Texas, center. Carl Russ, Rice, back. Aubrey Fowler. Arkansas, back. Jim Cahaday, Texas, back. Stan Hollmig, A & M, back. SPORTS ROUNDUP •By Hugh S. Pullerton, Jr. ... • . •'• A Yerger to Play Texarkana Here Friday for Title The high-flying Yerger Tigers will get a chance to avenge an early-season .defeat, the only one on their record, here .Friday night when they tangle with Texarkana at the Hope High School stadium in a game that will decide the championship of the southern district of Arkansas. Although the Tigers hold a percentage edge over Texarkana tho district officials decided to settle it once and for all by matching the two teams. The winner of Friday night's game will go to the finals playing the winner Of uie northern district of the state. Yerger has a record Of 9 wins against a single 10-G, early-season loss to the Texarkana eleven 1 . New York, Dec. 1 — (/P)— Now,, that the football season has everyone completely confused (the "reg" ular" season goes' on with such games as Notre Dame-Southern' California but there also are two "bowl" games this week) let's go indoors for an equally goofy bas-; ketball season . . . Tulane'opens the big-time doubleheader season, at Madison Square Garden tomorrow with a squad of five New Orleans boys, ten from Indiana and' one each from Kentucky and Illi- 1 nols . . . Coach Cliff Wells tutored' Indiana High, school cagers for 29 years before going to Tulane. . . . And this isn't pointing the finger at Cliff, because everybody is getting them where he can these days. Monday Mati"Ce Emil Sitko, Notre Dame halfback, has been tabbed "six-yard" because his average gains for two years have Been just about that . . . Don Bbven, who wound up the football season at Oklahoma City Thanksgiving Day, will head the Western Michigan basketball team when it invades the Garden . next Saturday. And Denver's Dick Yates is passing up a football trip to Hawaii to come east with the basket- bailers Branch Rickey, Jr., Playoffs to Resume This offers to bet the Pirates will finish in . the first division next season, sut-he won't give away any likely trades by saying what the BUGS will finish, with. By The Associated Press High school championship playoffs jump back into the Arkansas football limelight this week, with the undefeated but once-tied Little Rock Tigers now set up as a f.avor- ite for Class AA honors. Title scrambles in the three divisions — AA, A and B — are down to the semi-finals after having been suspended last week to permit the playing of traditional Thanksgiving day games. Little Rock goes to El Dorado, which put the only blot on the Tigers' record in a scoreless tie during the regular season, for a Saturday afternoon scap with the Wildcats. El Doado was a 6-0 upset victim of Camden Thanks- of the Line The day after he as named as the American League's most valuable player, Joe DiMaggio lunched with PreXy Ford Frick and Pub- licitor Charley Segar of the National League . . . Anyone want a bet they learned something useful for the next World Series? . . . Jersey Joe Walcott is a distant cousin of the old-time fighter known as the "Joplin Ghost" . . . That ain't the kind of ghost Jersey Joe will think he saw after Friday's Joe Louis fight. o ; giving, while Little North Little Rock Rock handed previously Ptv.iUnn. End, Kncl. Player. School: l-'i;i!ik Fischel, Helena. ia;;o Honcycult, Nashville. 240,000, the same that John D. Rockefeller. he fined Virgil Blackmor, Forrest Tackle, Albert Grizzle, Brinkley. Guard, J. P. Cliism. Forrest City. Guard, Jchn Glowers, Monticollo. CViuyr, John Pierce, Crossed. Back, .lake Baldridge,' Conway. Hack. Raiford Whhtonton, Forrest City. Back, Billy Ray Story. Magnolia. ' Back. Ecil Burchfield, Crossett. Honorable mention: Linemen — Stone, Hodges, Comvay; Wagoner, Stuttgart; Dozier, Bullemitle, Shiri- Westbrook, don; Mathis, Beebe; Neal, Gur- Helena; Chism, Marked Tree; Chambers, Booneville. Backs — Dempsey, Booneville; tell sne. Was that how it was you bought into the Browns that night at the party in Jefferson city? And tell me, for my purely his ing, gleaning, hammering, eating, scooping, sewing insect seed opening, snapping, spading, spearing, straining, and tearing. Temple, Brinkley; Hughes, Forrest City; Penny, DcQueen; McClure, Nashville; Blythc, Lassiter, Mansfield; Wimberly, Benton; Bennett, Newport; Turpin, Paragould. Class B Position, Player, School: «» End, Leon Lancaster, Sheridan. End, Lee Collard, Dermott. Tackle, David Hanner, Parkin. Tackle, Ralph Johnson. Norphlctt. Guard, Bill Cisco, McCrory. Guard, Raymond Wiley, Atkins. • Center, Jimmy Smith, Deranott. Back, Larry Hogue, Dermott. Back, Horace Grimmett, Bauxite. Back, Loyal Fryer, Atkins. Back, Fitzgerald, Parkin. . Honorable mention: Linemen — Statlings, Elaine; Wallace. Bald Knob; J. Lee, England; Powder, B. Powder, Spools, Bauxite; Hen- Southwest Loop Tough on Opponents By CARL BELL Associated Press Sports Editor Southwest Conference football teams, while making no exception of 1947 in their habit of concentrating primarily on pinning back the ears of those of their own number, compiled an almost phenomenal record against elevens of other sections. Among the scalps hanging in the Southwest tent are those of other conference champs and bowl teams. Arkansas knocked off Mississippi, Southeastern Conference titlist which will perform in the Delta Bowl; Tulsa, Missouri Valley champ, arid North Texas State, one Star crown winner, in addition to Northwest Louisiana State. Baylor also downed Tulsa. Rice, which finished third in the conference race, tied Southern California, coast champ and Rose Bowl host. Texas and Texas Christian defeated Oklahoma, co-champion of the Big Six, and TCU also tied Kansas, the other Big Six leader. And their efforts were not in vain, as three Southwest teams will appear in bowls New Year's Day. Southern Methodist, as champion, will be host to Penn State in the Cotton Bowl; Texas will meet Alabama in the Sugar Bowl, and TCU will be Ole Miss' Delta Bowl foe. Within the family, the pre-season dope was overturned. Rice, Arkansas and Texas — generally favored in that order — missed out while SMU, given a chance but ranked fourth by .most observers, grabbed top honors. The conference race closed in typical fashion Saturday as underdog TCU spiled SMU's hopes for a perfect season by tying the Mus- ,angs, in a razzle-dazzle thriller, 19-19. And the Frogs came to within a few seconds of defeating the Mustangs, who scored the tying touchdown quickly on Doak Walker's 55-yard kickoff return and two pass plays. Walker missed a place- kick which would have given SMU a victory. Rice spanked Baylor into the cellar, 34-6, by coming to life in the second half. Thanksgiving tilts found Arkansas clipping Tulsa, 27 13, and Texas downing Texas A. M., 32-13. All bowl-bound members began vacations today. SMU will resume practice Dec. until Dec. R, back to the drill field until Dec. 15. The season is over for all other Southwest teams. Walker clinched conference scoring and ball carrying laurels by running his total to (57 points and 684 yards. Arkansas' Clyde Scott, who led in rushing most of the campaign, didn't have a chance to keep pace with the Mustang star as he was injured early in the Rzorbacks' game with Tulsa and was used sparingly on offense. Gulfsfreom Track to Close Down in Florida Hollywood, Fla., Dec. 1 —(UP) —Gulfstream race track, faced with a threat of a "strike" by horse owners, will close down after today's inaugural of the Florida winter racing season, it was announced today. co-favored with the Tigers and El Dorado in the playoffs — a 13-0 licking. • It was that Turkey Day triumph which zoomed the Tigers, defending state champions, to a spot by themselves atop title .speculation. North Little Rock's Wildcats will be hosts to the Subiaco Trojans in the other AA tilt, to be played Friday night. All games in the A and B divisions will be played on neutral fields. The A semi-finals will pit Forrest City against Booneville at Cqnway and Paragould against as out- Catcher Miami, Fla., Dec. 1 — (/P) —The St. Louis Browns, richer by $425,000 following four startling transactions, sought more gold today, dangling such tasty bait fielder Jeff Heath and Jake Early .among other front line players. Among the first to arrive for the annual minor league convention which gets under way Wednesday the Browns' delegation of General Manager Bill DeWitt, his brother; Charles secretary of the club, ana Zach Taylor, the new manager, already have set up shop in one of this winter resort's leading hotels. Bill DeWitt made it plain that others of last season's squad which finished a dismal last in the American League race are certain Magnolia at Jonesboro, both Fri- 1 follow Vern Stephenn, Jack Kramer Parkin will meet Atkins at Forrest City Thursday night and McCrory will play Dermott at Sutt- g'art Friday games. The finals 12 or 13. night in Class B will be played Dec. ley, Norphlett. Backs— Ponka, McCrory; Lynch, Dardanelle; Colbert, Sheridan; An derson. Strong; Nichols, Norph Yanks, Browns to Decide Pro Title New York, Dec. 1 — (IP) —The New York Yankees and the Cleveland Browns will collide for the All-America Football Conference championship Dec. 14 for the second straight year and the Chicago Bears and the Philadelphia Eagles are on the threshold of meeting for the rival National League's diadem a week later. The Yanks won their second straight Eastern Division title yes terclay by crushing the runner-up Buffalo Bills, 35-13, at the Yankee Stadium. The Browns, who defeated the 10; Texas will rest and TCU 'won't go Yanks in last year's championship game, were idle along with San Francisco, Los Angeles and Brooklyn. Meanwhile, the Eagles look over first place in the National's eastern division scramble from the injury riddled Pittsburgh Steelers by blanking the Steelers 21-0 at Philadelphia. The Eagles are only a half game ahead of the Steelers but they have two games to play while the Steelers have only one. One more Eagle triumph will assure them of no worse than a tie for the crown. In the western half flag chase, the idle Bears took a one game lead over the Chicago Cardinals as the Redbirds were upset, 35-21. by the eastern division's tailend Giants in New York. In the remaining National League games the Boston Yanks nosed out the Washington Redskins, 27-24 and the Green Bay Packers cuffed the Los Angeles Rams, 30-10, while in the other All-America tilt the Baltimore Colts downed the Chicago Rockets 14-7. and • other • who made Thanksgiving merry for St. Louis . stockholders, financially speaking. "We are not though trading by any means," DeWitt said. "We are prepared to trade anybody on our roster if we feel those deals will improve the club. "We are deter 1 mined to field a young, speedy, hustling team next year." « DeWitt was not the only would- be David Harum at the 'minor leagues' show which attracted such big time pilots as Mel Qtt of the New York Giants; Joe McCarthy, Red Sox; Johnny Neurj, Cincinnati Reds; Bill Meyer, Pittsburgh Pirates, and Bucky Harris of the Yankees. Robert E. Hannegan, who recently purchased the St. Louis Cardinals, was one of the early arrivals. Also here were Horace Stoneham, Giants; George Weisfe, Yankees, John Quinn, Boston Braves; Warren Giles, Cincinnati Reds; Joe Cronin, Red Sox; Roy Hamey, Pirates; Herb Pennock, Phillies and Billy Evans, Detroit^ Tigers. i. Along the business front, the American Association, through its president and spokesman, Franfe Lane, went on record as opposing Coast League's pro.- special major-minus torical interest, how was Edna and lett; Pinkett, Bald Knob; So, now, Mr. Muckex-man, you have the years been kind to her? Pocahontas. Track President James Donn said that he had been unable to reach agreement with horsemen who insisted that the minimum purse be lifted to $2,500. The track Million, announced some time ago that the price would be $2,000. I The word from the Arabic The German word 'baumwolle," means •Kotn." is derived for cotton, "tree-wool." The tents. In used —o- Romans used cotton for — o England, cotton was as candle wicking. first the Pacific porsal for a status by a unanimous 8-0 vnte. The International League, third of the present trio of Triple A minors, meets today and probably will follow the A. A.'s ample. Ravishing Avis Vaughn knew her way around Hollywood —but she didn't expect to find MURDER AT MY HOUSE (A new mystery serial by Rene Ryeraon Mart) Starts Wednesday, Dec. 3 in HOPE STAR WANTED - Logs & Blocks GUM - HACKBERRY - ELM -LYNN SYCAMORE - HOLLY - BAY HOPE BASKET CO. Call 1QOO or Contact Office .ay, Decembet 1, 1947, » *> ntifio.!^ .. Veth'-T/iUl H O P E S T A R , H 0 P E , A *>K A N S A S By Chick Young OZARK IKE , L 11 ] COULD. BE IN THE KITCHEN--NO "I HAD IT UP HERE OH, GOODIE-J |l> WHAT DID HERE IT IS r^ (VOL) LOSE? IN MY POCKET KH My GOODNESS, h ALMOST WENT SFF WITHOUT (MY—WELL., >-VHERE CAN h IT BE ? i DIDN'T LOSE ANYTHING I FOUND IT SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith CARNIVAL By Dick Turner By Michael O'Molley & AND I as (unfed at my eyes with the i. ,;oker and I went over backwards WASH TUBBS WELL, 1 'TURNED TH' y I CMO'T IW&SINE STOL'RM DIAMOND / AMONE THMDESER.VIES WTO 7H 1 POLICE, : IT LES5...BUT IT WILL MftKE CAKOU.THEH SfW A ft NICE NEST EG6 FOR TOMivw'L-L'GET TH; V HIS FUTURE EDUCRTION REWARD WRIGHT HE PROTESTEP USIN6 IT fHM TILL1 HWESOAAE - , ,bT>OU.IVRS"IS fc MIGHTS S .-JffiSKB^SisJriilfca, COPR. 1M7 BY MEA SERVlCE t IftC. T. M. REC U. s: PAT. OFF COPR. 1947 BY NEA SERVICE, INC. T. HI. RED. U. S. PAT. OFF "When I call you that, smilel" By Carl Anderson i , - " t&> I want a new suit and overcoat and they have to fit loose •—my wife is threatening to put me on a reducing diet!" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Hershberger I ABSOLUTELV SAW DOMY BE LAR.D W'ITW BETHANY'/ ysu-j MOTHER. ' SAID HE HAD A DATE WITH BETOAMV.I DONALD DUCK "I don't like the idea of the guy who sold us this used car following us with a tow truck!" COPB. 1947 BY MEA SEBVIc'ir.'lMC. T. Mi REG. U. S. PAT O IF. THAT5 OOOLA, THEN WE KIDNAPED / THAT'S Y-i r PONT , HER. ALL DAME.' / RISHT...WE GOTTA TELL NOBOa SOME MEN.EH? I TAKE IT y<?a^ AW. AN OOP /THATBIfi LUG CONSENIAL! SOMEONE AL- SOMEONE \PEAPY HAS... SHOULP TAKEI G V1 GAVE HIM A FALL OUT / T H" DRESSING OF HIM/ S DOWN OF HIS UIFE.. I BURNT Thimble Theater ,. MADI CWUP mMKC POP? 1 DVNNO WHYrOIPN'T 8UGT KINS GUZ —T VA SEZ W/MPV GOT THE\ HES ENTERIN' THE NATIONAL GLOVE?? TELL Me SUMP/M- WIPE- OPING GOLF TOURNAMIMT AT STVUSH RESORT CO VA KNOW WHAT HE'S GONER DO WITH W6 MUST DRESS H lS ONLY A GLOVE, AND FOR THE LEFT HAND AT'TWAi; BUT 'TWAS USED BV A LEFT-HANDED SCIENTIST; Ar£wi Sn i RArEP WITH ACTIVE ATOMIC By Edgar Ma TO'B OUT OUR WAY OUR BOARDING HOUSE By J. R. Williams With Major Hoople I VWCHED VOU--A HA ON ONE EAR AND THE OTHER HUMPED INTO A SKIMPY COLLAR.' HERE YOU ARE, JUST BECAUSE YOU HATE TO BOTHER WITH AN OVERCOAT.' GAY, AlAOS/ THCT AUTOMATIC BEO YOU IN\1£^TED MAVNOT B& JUST A> CRACK | CROCK AFTER ALL/—x KNO\M A FELLER \MiTrt A SOFT SPOT BETNM&Ert Tl4e EARS FOR 6UCH GADGETS -«*• ViB'LL HOP IN M.V ^HW PLAlxiE AND RUr^ OMER AMD S&E HlM.-^-\T'S OMUY ABOUT 600 MILES/ . PLEASE/ IVE ADMIRED AW LOOKED UP TO YOU ALL MY LIFE--NOW PLEASE PONT LEAVE ME HAVE FV SUCH A MEMORY OF YOU AS THAT NEW) PLAICE? UI\A-A.H.' YOU DIDN'T TELL /v\F/ YOU ABAMDONeD H&LICOPTER ? \MHAT MArOis OF MAGIC RUG ARE YOO FLlTTlNe tvAROUGKt CLOUDS OM f^O\M .-.,.^:~,^^g InSlILL 5HERIFF 5c? RVPE.R'5 <3oT THAT AMP A5 CHIEF HE\L pig BEf-oRE HE -TELLS WHAt HE iiKSS&t ,«. WHY MOTHERS GET 6RAY .,^A

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