The Plain Speaker from Hazleton, Pennsylvania on October 10, 1888 · Page 3
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The Plain Speaker from Hazleton, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Hazleton, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 10, 1888
Page 3
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THE PLAIN SPEAKER, HAZLETON. PA.. WEDNESDAY MORNING. OCTOBER 10, 1888. a. Freelaud Stove as I Will occupy this space and announcements FREEL&ND, LUZERNE CO., PA- Who are you goiog to vote for? For the best man, of course, but of my knowledge campaign is a dull business year. I don't think J. BERNER and his men tbink so I see them handle carloads of s'uff. They sell everything. Child's t-l -wool under. esti. Rtd, 35 . Tine, Bj. per No. rhilv Me'lno Vpt8 153., rise 5c a No. Men's Kd all- odI Shin. 7.5c., SI.0O Ac. 1 adi- 8 Cams! hiir Vets,$l.lO wo-th $1.60. Amaies Merino Vests, iau., worth 7oc. They have the largest Furniture Room in Freeland and are hauling out and yetting iu goods all the time. When people think Berner is sleepiug, thev don't know him. He leads thein all and the people glory when ihey see how they can buy goods from him. Call at Jiis large new Store and I am sure you will find J. C. Berner very busy making some one happy. He also Keeps in stock Groceries, Boots, Shoes, Hats, Caps. Wall Paper, Shades, Flour, Feed, Hay, Straw, Potatoes, Apples, Onions ly the carload. Queens ware, wood and willow-ware, Guns and Sporting outfits. J C.BER3STER. w. j. mi THE JEWELER, Has a large stock of fine Gold and S lver WATCHES, To s.lect from. Also Musical Instruments, And Sheet Music. NO. 20 CENTRE STREET, Tbe popular Restaurant ol the tjwn 1j IRS. A. WILLIAMS, Cor. Main and Centre Sta Always well giocked wlih and Li-qul-w, Cig irs ol tbe best brand. Come and sea ns. TONSORIAL PARLOR, Newly Furnished aud Equipped for Hair Cutting, Shaving ad Shampooing. E Saloon on Ridge Street Js the ereatfAsort of thp town. Music furn- Iftaiu IOr us i LB mm parties m kuuil uuuto, Nearly all those Nobby Suits you see, come from J. J. THE TAILOR. Good fits guaranteed, and large assortment to select from. F. H. ALBERT Atjhis new rooms, on Centre street, can show you better bargains than any other furniture house in town. Come and look at goods and get prices before buying elsewhere mm, THE JEWELER, Always to the front, next -dor to the Bank, where -can be had go!d and silver Watches. Clocks and Jewelry of all descriptions. Repairing piomptly and '.-neatly done. POWERS FURNITURE. Advertisements. ardware Man, make some extraordinary in a few days. Try Goods All-wool TrlcUs, 30c, doub'.e width. 11-wool Palds. 50fl.. 60c., B ankets. 75c. f r gray, SI .SO to SO 00 for while Ca'pets, ISo. up to any grade. Oil cloth, 2 yards wide. 60a. STOP HERE. John Smith's Boot and Shoe Emporium. The celebrated Douglass $3 00 Shoe in stock. Also a lareje line of Gent's FURNISHING GOODS, Hats, Caps, &c, "COTTAGE HOTEL, Cor. Main and Washington Sts., J. H. HAAS, PROP'R. Bar stocked with fine Llqiors,, Cigars, Ac. Go d stable attached. MRS. A. J, DE FOY'S HOTEL&RESTAURANT Cur. Wa biugton aid Luze nt S:s. EverythlEg first class. Fresh bear always on tap. TO - CD a ? ja CD P in 09 3 & 0 CD 0 O CO CD GO B o CD P P Pi P O CP CD P P 3 CD P P P JAMES COLLINS, Proprietor. -OF THE- OFFICF RESTAURANT, Frcelatid, i'a, jr,Tf!lnt accommodations. Evrythlng ,ooi to est and drink. A shar of tin public rnaee t oliotted Pal ut Your Roois an 4 Protect Them From FIRE AND WATER, R. E. Flic, baring painted a large nmn- i r r.. I Ua.luttn nnrl vininlt.v lftsl ut'J ui I jy ' i . . - summer, Is now prepared to ngun paint your roof an a protection rgamm, mo nu A k vnur neighbor as to the merits of his celebrated Fire-Proof Paint. Address It. 33. FlilOBl, Lock Box 840, llazleton, Fa. Freeland Department. FREELAND, PA...OUT, 10, 1888. GRAND DEMOCRATIC RAlXY. The Demcotacy of Drifton Kutliuse on Monday Eventni;: The Democratic meeting at Drifton was a great saccesa. The town was brilliantly illuminated by an immense bonfire. P. M. Boyle called the meeting to order and read the list of officers. Pres. E. B. Coze, upon taking his position as chairman of the meeting spoke highly of each of tbe candidates on the Democratic ticket from President to Jury Commissoner, and hoped that each and every Democrat In Luzerne county, as well as this broad Commonwealth, would do their full duty as Democrats from this time untill after the polls close on election day. He then in introducing Mr. Lynch, the first speaker of the evening, paid a high tribute to that gentleman's personal character and integrity as a Democrat. Mr. Lynch, upon taking tbe stand was received with applause. Ernest Kagle, the great German orator of Lehigh county, next-adressed tbe meeting. He Kept the great crowd in a continual uproar of laughter. Dr. Banks, of Wilkes-Barre, next a dressed the meeting and told tbe people of the work being done throughout county, predicting tbe election of the whole ticket by a vote of at least 2,500. Hon. W. H. H'nes next took the stand and showed to tbe audience, recounting from biiuwn experience, while serving in the Legislature, the unfulfilled promises made by tbe Republican party and tbe manner in which all legislation that might be beneficial to tbe laboring classes had been throttled in tbe Republican Senate. After him Capt. James Col-lens, candidate for Representative, adressed tbe meeting but as it was getting late be cut bis remarks short and tbe meeting adjourned. Burled Monday. The body of Mrs. Reuben Gross, of Sandy Run, was consigned to mother earth Monday morning, at South Heberton. About two years.ago Mrs. Gross bad the misfortune to lose her husband. She leaves several children. Perbonal. F. L Snyder, of Hazleton, spent sever al hours in town yesserday. John D. Hayes, Esq., spent Monday at Wilkes-Barre attending to legal business. Rev. J. H. Schmidt was at Hazleton for a short time on Monday. Rey. M. J. Fallihee, of St. Ann's cbnrcb, circled among Hazleton friends on Monday. Postmaster Wm. F. Boyle, accompanied by bis father, vitited at Rush, Schuylkill county, on Sunday. Kriv Itond Being Surveyed. For some d.iys past the engineor corps of tbe L. V. R. R. has besnjengiged under tbe direction of Mr. J. Sharon McNair, in surveying a new line from a point on the new railroad at the Points down to South Heberton. A Mew lirpot. The work of erecting the new depot aud freight house at the Points is being pushed as rapidly as possible. The foundation walls are now completed and the work of putting up the buildings will be begun at once. It is expected that Agent McHugh will be able to "occupy his new quarters about December 1st. Burled at South Hebcrlon. The funeral of Mrs. Thomas Williams, of Drifton, who died at ber home in that place on Saturday, took place yesterday afternoon. Deceased was aged about 63 years. Interment was made at South Heberton. Hurt in the Mines. Yesterday afternoon Patrick Malloy, a miner, working in Oakdnle mines, was very seriously injured by a rnsh of coal in the breast in which be was working. The coal had become blocked, and being alone be .tried to start it to run when a large quantity rushed down over him breaking his back aud otherwise injuring him very seriously At latest accounts it was not thought that he could recover. He came to this country about a year ago and has a wife and tamiiy in (he old country. KAI1.KOAD TIMB TABLE. To Take Effect Monday, May II, TRAINS LEAVE HAZLETON, Via L. V. B.B. 5.10 a m. Frenlanil and Drifton. 6.10 " , N. Y., and all points 7.05 " Wilkes-Barre and White Haven 7.30 " PottHvUlo and ftlalianoy region, 8.:) " Free and, Drifton and hberva.e. 0.25 " Tottsville via I-. V. It it. 9.50 " Puilndelphia. New York and all points cast and south. 10 30 " Wilkcs-Iiarre and W bite Haven. 12.00 noon Wilkes-Ha-re ad the West via White Haven. 12.28 p m. Free one, Edeerly and Ebervale. 12 40 " Pottsvllle aud Mahanoy region. 2 00 " Philadelphia and New York. 3.07 " Pottsvitle nnd Mahanoy region. 4 05 Phila.. N. Y. and points east 4.20 " White Haven and Wilkes-liurro. 5.15 " Wilkes Barre via Penn Haven. 5 30 " PotUvil e and Delano. 6.10 p. m. Freeland. 6 45 " Phi a , N, Y. and all points west. 7 00 Poltsvillc and Mahanoy region. 8.30 " Audenreid. 10.05 " Penn Haven and the West. TKAIN8 I.KAVB H AZJ.KTON, Via P. B. B. 7.10 a. in Wilkes-Iiarre 7.40 " Sunbr.ry and the West. 10 57 " Potisville via P. R. It. 3 8ipm Wilkes-UarreandSunbury. 7.00 ' Pottsvil.e and Mahanoy region. TRAINS ARR1 VB AT 11 AZI.KTO.N, Via L V B B. 6.40 a. m. Freeland. 6.57 8.00 02 Pottsvil e and Mahanoy region. Mancb Chunk. Phila. and a I points southeast. Freeland. Fritton and Ebcrva'e. Potwvil'eand Mahanoy region Wilkes-Barre and vvhite Haven. N. Y Phila. and all points east. 10.20 10.30 10 52 " 10.52 " l.oopm 1 5S 2 5 " 4 30 " 5 29 ; 5.53 " 0.41 6.46 " 6 58 ' 8.25 ' 7.40 856 . K.5S Pottsvllle and Mahanoy region. Wilkes-Harro and White Haven Free'and, Drifton and Ebervale. Mauch Chunk. Miners' train Lumber Yard. Pottsvllle and M. hnnoy regLon. Phila., N. Y. and all points east. Wlikes llarreand White Haven. Phiia , N. Y. and all points east. Freeland and Drifton. Audenried. udenried. 11.45 Philadelphia and New York TUAINS ARRIVE HAZLETON Via P. R. R 705 PoUsviile and Mahanoy region. 7 35 " 10 52 ' 3.30 p in 8.58 " Leav e 8 15 a. in 1.85 p in. 2 50 " 10,05 fiunbury and theWetit via P. K. B. Wilkes-Uarre via P. II. It. Pottvil e via P. K. K. Wilkes-Barre via P. R.R. BUNPAV TRAINS. Delano and Schuylkill region. Delano and Schuylkill region. Phila.. N. Y aud alt points east, Penn Haven and Intermediate points. Arrive 11 45 p m. Phllnde phia and New York. 10.05 a.m. Delano and Mahauoy region. I 30 p.m. Phila., N. Y. and all points east 2.45 ' De auo and Schuylkill region. Freelnnd Branch-1.. V. II. R. at HazleU D 40 a. m. 25 11 20 " MCI p in. 5H ' 30 " .53 " W " at Freeland .50 a.m. " Jcave Freelaud 6 00 a. m. 8.6.5 9.45 " 12.10 p.m. 1.50 ' 3.30 5.15 " 7.00 ' Leave Hazleton 510 a m. Arrive 6 9. 10. 1. 2 4 5 7. .s s N 3J Arrive 5. 6 7, it 10; II. 1. 2. 4. o S a u a d fc S.iO ' 7 05 8.30 9 50 " 10.30 ' 12.28 p. m. 2.00 4 20 ' ,37 10 28 ,10 ,45 65 " p.m. A. WOMAlfS WISH. Would I were lying lu a fleld of olover. Of clover cool and soft, and sot t and sweet. With dusky clouds In deep skies hanging over. And scented silence at my hands and feet. . fust for on hour to slip the leash of worry, . In eagor haste.from Thought's impatient neck. And watch It ooursing, In Us needless hurry - Disdaining Wisdom's call or Duty's beckl Ail it were sweet, where clover clumps are meeting. And daisies hiding, so to hide and rests No sound except my own heart's sturdy beating, Itocklng Itself to sleep within my breast-Just to He there, filled with the deeper breathing That comes of listening to a wild bird's song 1 Our souls require at times this full unsheathing. All swords will rust it scabbard-kept too long. And I am tired so tired of rigid duty, . Bo tired ol all my tired hands find to do I I yearn, I faint, tor some of life's free beauty, ', Its loose beads with no straight string running through I : Aye, laugh, if laugh you will, at my crude speech i But people sometimes die of such greed-Die for the small Joys held boytnd their reach. And tho assurance they have all they need. -Mury Aah 1 ey Townsend. Billion's Consumption Care. This is beyond question the most success ful Cough Medicine we have ever sold, s few doses invariably cure the worst cases of Cough, Croup, and Bronchitis, while it's wonderful success in tbe cure of Consumption is without a parallel in the history of medicine. Since It's first discovery it has been sold on a guarantee, a test which no other medicine can stand. If you have a Cough we earnestly ask you to try it. Price 10 cents, 50 cents, and $1.00. If your Lungs are sore, Chest or Back lame, use Shiloh's Forus Plaster. Sold by H. W. McClnr & Co. SOME DOCTORS honestly admit that they can't cure Rheumatism and Neuralgia. Others 6ay they can but don't. Ath-lo-pho-ros says nothing but cures. That's the secret of its success. Years of trial have proved it to be a quick, tajc, sure cure. Concord, N H., Sept. 3, 18ft ' In my own family Athloiihoros was used as a last resort, the user liavini? Buffered from rheumatism for years and liaviuK been treatal for the disease by different physicians ui this State anil Massachusetts without even teiuiwrary relief. Ulon my recommendation scon of P"-ll8 hare useil this remedy with the same resultstlauued for it. 0. H. Wiijbon. Dubuque, Iowa, Jan. S, 18B8. AthlophoroR has completely cured me of nervous heartache, and I feel thaukful for all the (food it has done me, Mrs. Louise Ohebev. 43-Send 6 cents for tho beautiful colored picture, " Moorish Maiden." THEATHL0PH0R0S CO 112 Wall St. K. 1. DATARRH ELY'S ISAM r wi... riiDri;vj-. . v....i SSi'cJflH . HEAHi Passages, Allays 3r Sores, Restores me Senses of Taste nnl AY-EEVEF A nartlcle Is arnlled to each costril and is agreeable. Price 60 cents at Druggists ; by mall, registered, mi cis. t.ux iixvuj.xiiL.r.-3 56 Warrsn street. New York. The Best Blood Purifier !S THAT WHICH KEEPS THE LIVER AND STOMACH IN A HtALTHY CONDITION: AND NOTHING IN THE WORLD CAN SO SUCCESSFULLY DO THIS AS MANDRAKE, WHICH, AS IN )r. gcbencIVs pills, IS A NEVEF.-FAILING REMEDY FOR ALL DISEASES OF THE LIVER AND STOMACH. For Sale by all Druggists. Price 25 cte. per boi; 8 boxes for 05 cts.; or sent by mail, postage free, on tecoipt of price. Dr.J.H.Schonck&Son.PhilaU's, BO i Lt. C The WONDSinFUS. CHAIR V?ASM 3A Oombming a parlor, tmrar, mc- w. . - . . . .. . ..'".m ino. Kec n no. or mvai a tniiin. v'SiSfjt'ilfes! i iiMar urn An and R5V or COUCH.' Price 5).JU ta vXSpA- vve mako tne i&rgost vta-iuty oi A-?C!il43a atiMl! Kprlinlnn Phwclclm' 'i&''r.&xnA Suroeii!s' Octrsllna. Invalid XTT-trBclllno. Ka.nmoik, OSicj. titrrry. rRCV Carpel folding, Reed and haMan Cri AIRS and ROCKERS BICYCLES, TRICYCLES. VELOCIPEDES and SELF PROPEILLERiJ. ALL KINDS OF APPLIANCES FOR IKVALICS. Orer IOO difi'prpnt dtsi-rns. Our Patent AL'tnmailc Brake on Ml dr. rt'ife', Jrtt. Vie nave uiscouunuoa wiiiHOTniiiiR , u; jv.v- . j - - direct vyith the makers you can mm tcttral prts. Oar ttnt-hiufi juice j and Bpeoial Hnrfffif nH will aatonihA Joll. UOGQ8 SOlU UI1UW V't"'""'". I Anl HlimrHil i'rvft to any Doint in l OaUlotue, and eUto cloaa of oodfl yon wjbIj U lor. LUBL'!?G riFC. CO. 1 15 North liighth Street, fhiiadcliihia, Pa. At 16 BEG HIVE STORE JUST OPENED. WOOL TRICOTS, At 25 C'cnlM, Also a Case of 1 J oth At 3) Cents. A Lot of Double-faced COTTON PLUSH, At 10 Cents. These are the cheapest Goods on earth. Also a thousand other big bar-gaius in eyery description of 1 Dry Goods, Xotlom. Carpels, Furniture. Laudarburn, Smith & Deisroth. 3 nmmn mm Suiiogl THE ONLY Brilliant "A Durable Economical Are .Diamond Dyes. Tliey excel all others in Strength, Purity and Fastness. None others are just' as good. Beware of imitations they are mad of cheap ami inferior materials ad give poor, veak, crocfey colors. 36 colors; 10 cents each. Send postal (ir Dye Book, Sample Card, directions for coloring Pho s., making the finest Ink Oi Ekiing (10 cu. a quart). &.'c. Sold by Druggists or by WBLLS, RICHARDSON & CO., Burlington, Vt For Gilding or Bronzing Fancy Articles, USE DIAMOND PAINTS. Gold, .Silver, Bronze, Copper. Only 10 Cents. TH B Brewing Company's Celebrated. Tannhauser Export Br, Bottled with steam in the Brewery and guaranteed to keep for years in any climate. J.Hoffmann & Sons, Agents, Hazleton, Pa Most respectfully solicit the patronage of the trade for this FINEST and MOST PALATABLE of all American beers. Eead this and he convinced that there is no better beer manufactured. D. O'HARE, of the University of Pennsylvania, af ter examining the most celebrated beers of America, declares the TANNHAUSER the most wholesome and best to atd digestion. Its average of retardation of digestion is one minute and thirty seconds, tvldle other good beers need from one to two Iwurs. See Medical News of June .11. 1887. Hotels and restaurants supplied with this beer by the keg. EW FALL STYLES ARRIV1N li'K MILLINERY GOODS In quantities, styles and prices to suit all. MRS. E. SWEENEY'S, No. 43 East Broad Street. Thompson's Glove Fitting Corsets. Dress-making a Specialty. Hazleton Steam Laundry, To the readers of The Plain Speaker: If yon have not given ns a trial do so now for you do not know what you are missing. No where is better work being done than we aredoing. No Chinese yellow or green tinge to our work, but a beautiful while. We have quite a little industry and invite you to call and see us in operation. Work called for and delivered in any part of town. Orders by mail or express promptly attended to and carefully packed when returned. IF YOU REQUIRE ANYTHING IN THE LINE OF UPHOLSTERING. Call on Wm. Glewine and havs it 6m in t!i3 most reasonable and satisfactory manner. WM. OUiWINE, WEST BROAD STREET. Ifvouwant your baby's riiotograi.h just makes inni sniue wnen a uaoy is uruugiu w nun to ue pnoiograuueu. We were amused when iu liis Gallery the other day to see the place full of bahic3 and Trevaskis all smiles photographing them with lightning speed. He will also make a Freehand Crayon, the best for $15. 20x21, m like $2 50 per TREVASKIS, - HAZLETON IRON WORKS, FoBiiry, Ida Slojs anfl Boiler Werte. ICine Locomotives, Engines, Steam Fnmpg, Boilers, Car Wheels, Steam Pipes, ALSO AGKNT FOR THE si PlUKACTURKItS OF C9 LJz-LJjr' "rJi-fa rirrnhr Saw 5L. 3. ALLISOM Corner Church and Chestnut Streets, Catalog Seat Ca licaiioa, HAZLETON PA CELERY COMPOUND CURES PR00F3 "Paine's Celery Compound cured my ncry. ous sick headaches." Neuralgia Mrs. L. A. liRnitTKHR, Nervous Prostration aa jaemto, Lai. "After usins six bot tles of Paine's Celery Compound, I am cured ol rheumatism. Samuel Hiitchinson, South Cornish, N. H Rheumatism It has done nip more good for kidney disease than any oiher medicine." Gro, Ar.BOTT, Sioux Citv, Iowa. Kidney Diseases AND AU Liver Disorders "Paine's Celery Compound has of great benefit for torpid liver, mdiffestion, and biliousness." ELIZABETH C. Udai l, Querhee, Vt. V EBY: D A Y. taken, just go to TrevaHkis' Gallery; it made, in heavy Gilt Frame, J'rame, $20. Uabmets, Dozen. PHOTOGRAPHER, Column Pipes, Screen Segments, t.'rnte Ears, mm S esm Engines, Boilers, " . .,' I. . ' ' "..'(.x.t'.J and Circular Saw Mitts. WOiCSJ! DO YOU VANTntSwnr lce weam Go to J. A. PEEliEY. PO YAH UHUTlbe Best Bread and Go to J. A. 8EELEY. GO YOO VYAHTTberjTne8tCon'eollon- Go to J. A. S.ELEY. 00 YOU WANTr,1,"11110- Go to J. A SEELEY. Picnics, festivals, parties, etc., supplied on short cotlce. J. A. SEELEY. 121 E. Broad St. ) P.. H. B. CASSELBERRY, Physician and Surgeon. Diseases of the eye, ear, nose and throat ipecialty. Errors of refraction corrected bT application of suitable glasses. Office with Dr. J. R. Casselberry, Hazleton, Fa. Office hours 0,00 to 12.00 a, m., and oi to 6.00 p. m. JJIRANK ROZMIEIISKI, fl He Is a trradnate from one of the best Veterinary Colleges in tho old country. Office In Z. T warowski's Hotel, on South Wyoming street. All messages answered Immediate ly. aagao-lm q.eo. h. troutman, Attorney-at-Law. Office in Markle Bros. & Co.'s Bank Building. jyK. JOHN KAUFMAN, ' Residence Ho. 56 South Fine Street GRADUATE OF Hahnemann Medical College, PHILADELPHIA. PRANK W. LARNEED, Attorney-at-Law, R. 14 North Franklin Street, BOOM 6, WiLfes-BAEBit, Pa. J)R. WM. C. GAYLEY, Physician and Surgeon. Diseases of the Eye, Ear, Nose and Threat a Specialty. Office hours from 8 to 12 A. m. and from 7 to 8.30 P. M. 'offloe-Second story front, Walnut Hall, Hazleton, Pa. j)r,-0. e. schulz, Physician and Surgeon. Office, West Broad Street, opposite A. Tar-dee's residence. Specialty Catarrh, Lung and Throat Diseases, Medical Electricity tor Khenmat'sm, Chronic and Nervous Disease -. P. F. BOYLE, CONTRACTOR and BUILDER Shop and Yard. Corner of Third and Alter bts. Diamond Addition, Hazleton, Pa. Dans and Specification and probable coat for buildings furnished upon application. Repairing promptly attended to. I V YOU WANT " ANYTHING GOOD TO cat or Grins, go to WEIDMBACITS HOTEL, East Broad St., Hazleton, Pa. The celebrated IJudweiss Lager Beer always on tai; u'so tho tlnest Wines, Liquor! and Cigars constantly on hand. CIIA-. WEIDKNBA03, Prop g d. taylor! INSURANCE AGENT FIRE. LIFE & ACCIDENTAL. OFFICE Corner Church St., and Diamond Avenue, Hazleton, Fa. JJJWAlUD',MAUEi"'''"' """ " DEALER IN PARLOR BED-ROOM AND KITC'iEN F'JHNITURE. Corner Broad and Linden Streets Hazleton. Kesidence Cor. Broad fc Linden Sts. UNDERTAKING AND EMBALMING will receive the most careful attention Orders by Telegraph promptly attended to. JRISlIN HOUSE, Cor. Wjomlng and Chestnut Sts. Bar PtonKel with flrit-class liquors and clears. G'od Rccommodatlons and god stabl dg. A tlrst-clns.- eating bar attached to toe hotel. Tte hotel has a tirst-class reputation for catering to the want of its many patrons. JOHN ENIES. Manager. JrrZPATRICK'S HOTEL, 1 hree Doors North of the Post Office' Hazleton, Pa. ALL KINDS OF DRINKS SERVED IN EX-CELL ANT STYLE. COL. JAMES FITZPATRICK, Propr. QW. KLINE, Attorney-at-Law. Office Second floor, Cor. Broad and Wyom ing Streets, Haz eton, Pa. Consultation in German and English. " 33IJOXJ," uprignt, Cprlght, GRAND AND SQUARE pmNoa Action will Stand Climatic Change. Pall Iron Plate. Powerful Tea aud Durable. Catalogues and particulars of PROFESSOR G. KLIEMAN, Liberty Hotel, Hazleton. Toning Bd repairing a ipeoiaity. pV. WEAVER, Attorney-at-Law, AND NOTARY PUBLIC. Offlce In ilark'.e Bros. Bank Bntldlng, Wet Broad btreet. F. A. HrILTRAUT, VETERINARY SURGEON. Tie Is a Ridnate ot the Ontario Veterinary ColUgu, T ironto, CanaJu. Oflicn and stable rerof Luze ne Hoiol. Telegraph and telephone ineesaKes answered Immtdiately. HAL'EY, LAWYER, OrFicE 2d Floor, Cor. Broad and Wyoming Streets, Hazleton, Pa.

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