Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 29, 1947 · Page 9
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 9

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 29, 1947
Page 9
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^^t^^^S^M^t^^Jff^lWM^A * j ' IT * " V "£ i '' r > H OPE S T A R , H 0 P E , A R-K A N S A S p, crsona 9 A, M. and 4 P. M I W.S.C.S. With a *he horhfe of Monday _ ; Oecember \ . " , < 4 ottee<W.S.C. Mfeth&dist church . ot wilt Jay, afterndon .at three feHiome of Mrs. tloyd Charles Wylle is Texarkana, Yerger to Play for Title • The Southern Regional A.C.A.A. group will meet at Yerger High School Monday, December 1, at 7 p.m. to make final plans for the regional championship game play , . , . , off between Texarkana and Hope. Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Lauderbach Hope has a higher percentage than will leave Sunday for a motor -V . . ?. ,,, ,.,i,^« trip to Jackson, Tennessee. Miss Frances .Lewis of T.S.C.W. Dentdn, Texas is here for a Thanks- Mr. and Mrs. Finley Ward and Bob, Spent Thursday and son, SUIt* JJUW* o^iwuv — "*"".", " —.. ** Triday with relatives in Pine Bluff. Returning with them, their aunt. Gray Key will visit them '- Mtrs. hero. Slipper Satin: The Aristocrat of Fabrics DOROTHY DIX LiUMt: iiaa « u*^*i\.» i y ,, Texarkana but due to an old ruling which will determine the Pionship of this year cham off fiiving visit with her le ,leafler. ineiday, Dec«mbe/, 3 - ,; he. Gardenia Garden CWb will iy^itternobn a't two-thirty at *- i - i t)e, of. Mrs* Royce Welsen- "ra' Donald Moore PilKHfton as aasoel . parents. Mr. and Mrs. C. R Lewis. Dr J. W. Branch will leave Sat- Illinois urday where he will take a two weeks 'oMhe W.S.G.S. of »„„. Methodist- church will fjfect-Monday + December 1. In- Will be a joint banquet "" lh<? Wesley an Guild night for Chicago, he w postgraduate course in surgery Hospital Notes Julia Chester Admitted: Teddy Jones, Jr., Hope Wesley Huddleston, Rt. 3, Hope. Miss Lenore Hatfield, Hope Mrs. Henry 1>. Valentine, Hope. Branch Admitted: Bill Collins, Hope. Dorothy Lee Prescott, Hope. Discharged: ' Mrs. W. B. Smith, Hope. First Baptist ill t 1titeet .at, two-thirty hnigh Friday In the Edu„..«,, uftding^o; observe Season picayer ",lor. foreign missions, s '- ,i ^ . •> t i "' « - • • ' No. 1 of. the W.S.O.S: ,o£ t f ffflrst > Mothbdist . 'church will MSbday afl2;30'afthe- church ". pot "luck" ^Urich^on.' « " o. "2 '.of the W^.C.S. of Methodist church will three a 1 block Monday at the home ol Mr$, J. 'for the Christmas meet- iate^ hostesses 'will be Lex Helms" and, Mrs, Clifford r&'. Mrs. George Peck is leader. Mr. of .Rt and Mrs 4, Hope V. W. Christian announce the ar- i» necessary to pick the In the last A.C.A.A. meeting rules were changed to be affected 194849. The winner of the Southern Region will play Helena, I nday, December 12 where ever the two winning teams decide. Thc A.C.A.A. officers: G. J. Jones, president, principal, Carbm High. Pine Bluff; J. A. Hams, vice president, Ycrger'*gh School, E. H. Hunter, secretary, Jones High School, Little Rock; J. H. White, treasurer, Eliza Miller High School, Helena; H. C. Crater, chairman of the Southern Region, Helena, Arkansas. . This has been a great season in athletics for the state as well as for Yerger. Yerger High School will make a bid for these championship games if we can get lull, cooperation of our community n h '° ""'' bo an asset to Hope. o This will » at ' Y:V|.A. of, the 1 Fi«3t Baptist hurch will meet Monday even- lx. o'clock at the Educational irig. All members are urged, s'."s'. A. Whitlow Hostess. ;lday Music Club ,.„ Friday Music Club met Fri- r evening at the home of Mrs. :A. Whitlow-With' Mrs. Finley /atd in charge of the program rival of a daughtei on November 28. Admitted: „ ; Mrs. O. McQueen, Rt 1, Hope. ' Mrs! 'W. J Erwin, Rt. 1, McNab. Mitchell LaGrone, Hope. Mrs. Dale Kidd, Hope . Discharged: , Mitchell LaGrone, Hope. ' o- - 1 Toft Supports Immediate Aid to Europe Washington, Nov. 20— (/P)— Scna- or Taft (R-Ohio) threw his Support oday behind uic ^597,000,000 mil- ions winter aid bill for Western Surope but served notice that he is pnvance l '-r*piano duet by Mrs. T CSrlton sf SncT Mrs. ' \Tilliarn --T, ,i< • ,oi "Melody F"— Mrs. " and Going w . A,i D. Brown- of 'Little, Rock llf-arrive Saturday-far a visit with [p^and Mrs, J. F. Gorin here. . -I—' ___ T,TT. „ . U * . 'aW Mrs, Thomas C. Jobe .£tJiJniversjty of Oklahoma, Nor, -¥w,»* Oklahoma are here for a With Mrs Jobe's parents, Mr, " "Fay James. ob Ward pf Oklahoma A & M , Sijllwater is , spending sgiving with his parents, Mr *Mrs. Finley Ward here. against any long range attempt at 'underwriting the worlds deficits with dollais. He told a reporter the inter aid bill, limited to food, fuel and fertilizer lor France, Italy and Austria is all right because it will "help those countries to go to work He predicted the Senate will approve the measure next week after its Saturday-Sunday recess | But the Ohioan, who is chairman ol the Senate GOP policy committee and an announced candidate for his party's presidential nomination said he opposes what he called a tate department policy of trying to Solve the financial difficulties 01 every government.'• Without mentioning the Marshall Plan by name, he* said no such polity should be carried forward into a long-range recovery program ior Europe. Under the Marshall Plan, 16 Eu- •opean nations would receive |16,100,000,000 to $20,000,000,00 (bil- ions) of assistance from this county to encourage them in a program of self-help by mutual cooperation. It is expected to icach Congress about Deg. 8. As an example of what he objects to, Taft cited in a Senate speech yesterday a recent advance of funds oy this coimtry to France which he said was used partly to pay French debts of $10,000,000 (millions) and aaUiUOO.OOO to Brazil and Belgium. France, Ital yand Austria must have help to keep going and to, halt the spiead of Communism," the Senator said He blamed their plight on the democratic administration which he asserted is al,most entirely" responsible lor the economic disorder in Europe and Collapse in Peace Efforts Indicated ) By ALEX SINGLETON London,. Nov. 29 -(/?)— Russia and the western powers indirectly acknowledged today the possibility of a collapse in the Big Four foreign ministers' quest lor a peace treaty which would keep Germany hajimless, but still helpful to Europe's recovery. As the ministers convened today at 10:30 a. m. (EST), they still were without agreement on a single major point after four days of discussion. , , . Yesterday they talked about what might .happen if __ this conference A RISTOCRAT of the dinner table and the ballroom is the dress of slipper satin. This fabric catches lights from candles and chandeliers like a Grand Duchess' jewels. Because slipper satin brings along its.own starch, it asks no help from a cnn- oline petticoat to make a dress stand out. Here slipper satin is shown ennobling two gowns: the ballet-length dress and the new floor-sweeping formal. Both gowns are designs of Adele Simpson, noted for a fashion excellence which women who buy dresses in: moderate price brackets can afford. —EPSIE KINARD, NBA Fashion Editor. Foolish Marriage Top Radio Programs of the Day Sunday: NBC—1 Bob Merrill concert; 4 'Sunday Theater. CBS—2 N. Y. Philharmonic; 3:30 Phil Spitalny Girls. ABC—9:30 a. m. Southernaires; 7p. m. Detroit Symphony. MBS—12:30 For Your Approval; 9 Voices of Strings. Monday expectations: NBC — 9 a. m. Fred Waring music . . CBS— 10:30 a. m. Grand Slam . . ABC— 11 a. m. Welcome Travelers . . . MBS—11:30 Coast on Parade. o TRIED TO PREVENT HAIL In many European countries great amounts of money were spent in the early years .of this century for hail cannon, to prevent hail. The mortar-like cannon discharged a whirling ring of smoke, but no projectile, and, of course, was entirely worthless. * DEAR DOROTHY DIX: I.have been engaged to ,a .*rMor^earty two years ond in that time we wTUI .ffi ec fiancee decided that she didn't want to live m my home town and would much rather stay at home third, she doesn't want to quit her job and her boss has promised her a raise if she stays want to get ° n At times I don't ngs in the homes. Circle No. : here. I feel that I don't any more. What situation is a o£ slipper satin heightens the opulent look of these dress-up fashions. Gold-colored satin is used lor the evening gown, left. New hemline •lopes from the ankle in front to a- short train In back. Off-shoulder cuff,is trimmed with brilliants and a fretting of gold threads. Ballet- length dinner gown, right, of bronze-colored satin has softly flared skirt, wide, crushed will meet with Mrs. Frank Rider with Mrs. Elmer .Anderson as the associate' hostess. Circle No. 2 will meet with Mrs. B. L. Rettig with Mrs. Jack Pritchett as the associate nostess. All members should take notice that the time of the meet- in!? has been changed to 2:00. 7:00 — The Teacher Training School for this area will' begin and the place'will-be at Prescott. There will be classes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday nights for two weeks. All Sunday School teachers of this area should make every effort to attend. Thursday— 7: SO—Adult and junior choir rehearsal. out when face getting bogs down, as thc Moscow meeting did last spring, in disagreement. . , . . The Soviet Union bumped into unbudging refusal by Britain —apparently with American and French concurrence— to relinquish in advance the right of setting up a provisional government in west- should such a stale- Fo tov By ETHEL HAMILL © Arcadia House, Inc.; Distributed by NEA SERVICE, INC Churches CATHOLIC "Our Lady of Good Hope" Rev. R. F. Boyle,. Ass't. Pastor Mass on Sundays at 10:30, ex- FIRST PRESBYTERIAN ern Germany, mate occur. Soviet Foreign swer Minister V. M. the demanding a yes or no anon whether the western Molotovv insisted upon raising issue, SW^i *-*ir wm-um--«- fc«s» •• ~~~ powers had such a plan and adding that if they had "the governments involved do not wish to reach an agreement here." . . Molotov v didn't get a direct answer. However, ~ British Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevin denied that Britain had such a plan and refused to commit his government or that of the British neople "as^to what might have to tie done in the event of a Big Four failure to agree, . ,, "If in the end peace is denied, Bevin added, "then surely you cannot at this stage ask us to stand still with Europe in chaos and not do anything at all."" French Foreign Minister Georges Bidault refused to say what the French stand would be. Caustically he observed that Molotov had sidestepped commital on the B>>itish- backed proposal for an economic •nergor of the Sarr into thc French economy and said he would avail nimself of the .same privilege of silence. U. S. Secretary of State George C. Marshall remained silent on the point, except to remind Molotov XXXIV The parlor of the modest homestead, dusty from long neglect, lay before her. It was empty. But in the gray powder which passing months and years had sifted over its neat carpet, she could make out vague footprints. A man's footprints. They led from where she stood, uncertain, to a second door at the opposite end of the room. The kitchen door, she recognized, because the layouts of such houses were so uncomplex. It, too, stood a trifle open as if waiting for her. Just beyond it; '•" ; as she stared forward, a floor board creaked. "Joel!" She was racing tow^aTd that small, homely sound already. Now she was thrusting the inner barrier out of her way, was plunging headlong into his mother's kitchen. "Oh, Joel!" He stared at her. "Cammie!''." "Beefy brought me," Cam heard herself babbling eagerly. "He—he iaid that maybe you'd want to aear something I have to tell you. Joel—I'm not marrying Herbert Powell. And I never was going to." Icept on the 3rd Sunday at 8 a.m. hero in Acadia. She's at the inn m! Mass nex t Sunday, Nov. 30 at 10:30 the village,'right this minute, wait-1 a m germon, "The Sacraments." ing for me to close up the house. I .. - Sunday School — 9:45 a.m. Church Worship— 11 a.m. Sermon: "The House That God Built". Vesper Worship— 5 p.m. Sermon: "Does Christ Really Matter?" Young People — 6:15 p.m. At the morning service, the choir will sing the anthem: "There's A Song in the Air," by Oley Sparks. We came here on. the same train. "Maurine c'ame all this .,, way with you? But—but' why?" I didn't know she was aboard. Not until after .we'd pulled out ol' Cartersville. She'd come to Mrs. .Funk's, and—well, I thought I'd persuaded her there that some ideas she had were just the result of a lot of overheated imagination. Anyhow, I Beefy, and didn't see her after I left the rooming Benediction after Mass. FIRST BAPTIST Third and Main Streets S. A. Whitlow, Pastor Sunday School.—9:30 a.m. Morning Worship Service—10:50. Sermon by the oastor. Training Union—6:15 p.m. Evening worship—7:30. Sermon by the pastor. Men's Fellowship meeting, Wednesday, Dec. 3, 7 p.m. at the church. George W. Peck 'will speak' following the supper. ANSWER: Your . perfect example of the .kind marriage that should never take place and does take place so often that it ruins innumerable lives, u is when two fine young T? c °^^° have only a pleasant friendship for each other, drift into an engagement through sheer force of prop inquity, but who find they have come to f ~ married that they have no real affection for each other and are only being driven into doing the thing that will wreck their whole lives just because they haven't the courage to disappoint their friends and families and make themselves the subject of gossip. Only Lukewarm Affair So they keep putting off the,wedding day,, just as you and this gal are doing, as. if it were the day of doom. If you will analyze your feelings, YOU will see that I am right 1 If you are so much in love with the girl that you feel that you couldn't live without her, you would hustle some sort of a place to live in If she was in love, she would be willing to go where your interests are. Any place would be home, sweet home to her if you were in it And certainly a girl in love would quit her job before she would give up her bridegroom. Finally, if your lukewarm love affair has entirely petered out, why be foolish enough to go on with a marriage for which neither she nor you have any desire? It you tell her that you arc calling iu_ ««rtorrn»v.ont off. vou neeun t HOPE GOSPEL 321 North Main H. Paul Holdridge, TABERNACLE Pastor "Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts I with praise." Psalm 100:4. During this Thanksgiving and Christinas season -the members .» ^' Fellowship Hour, Wednesday — an d friends of the Tabernacle are lhat the S. more invited the than a year governments ago had -. participating in Germany s occupation to join in. its economic intc- graton. . .. In most diplomatic quarters it has been expected that the United States will take he lead if quick achievement of German unity is not realized through a plan designed to weave the country s in She. was not certain what reaction she had expected her pell- mell announcement to evoke. But certainly it was not thc dull, cold lack of interest which lay on his strong-boned face as he looked back at her. "Oh?" he asked politely. "Why not?" "Because—"' Her chock sflushcd hotely, but she had to say it. No matter how disinterestedly ho studied the tip of her nose, she had to say it. "Because you are the only man I ever could love, Joel, by any possible stretch of the imagination.. That's the reason." For one more instant the wintry barrier held there in front o£ his unblinking blue eyes. Then it cracked, cracked into a million hofise; not until tr|e train, was, under ..way. And after that—oh, : she seemed so itpset at the idea of my selling thc old place that" I hadn't the heart to cold-shoulder her. -le was blushing, now, himself. The recital of what had happened on that trip to Acadia, that interlude between the college station and a-flag stop 50-odd miles away, might have ruffled the composure of a man about tovvn. And Joel Conroy had never protended to be a sophisticate. His chivalry was native to him, bred in his bone. "Cam, she—darn it, she asked me to marry her. She said she'd comfort me. She said she didn't, ex- nect -me to love her right away and—and—well, for just a ""'" while , there, Her.' eyes you, Joel?" "By thc time we'd gotten the train and I'd taken her over to the inn to wait. I'd gotten my dustrial machine into the Marshall' pieces. A bright mist burned into m-ocrain for European recovery, .its place. Cam never knew whcth- Ovcr the protests of Bidault, the 1 • -- ' "••-* ~ '""— ;< discussion strayed again yesterday from the council's fixed agenda. Molotov insisted, as he has previously, that Russia wants to nee a unified democratic government created, embracing all of Germany. On that point there was little disagreement, but on the form of government, its powers and the manor of Slecion, there is consider- ble dissension. Russia has plumped for a strong entralized government. SUNDAY fe STARTS NEW FEATURES 1:18 - 3:15 7:C9 - 9:06 MIRCILESS FURY UNLEASHED BY THE UNDERWORLD v , wpiff 'f^* ^^^^ B M m little I almost" weakened.' were on his. "Did oft :15. I urged to. be faithful in their at. The-«public is cordially invited.^to tendance at the House of - God. worship at all services at First |c orne an( i worship with us Sunday. Baptist church. GARRETT MEMORIAL BAPTIST North Ferguson Street. D. O. Silvey, Pastor ] ^ tlllul ^.... „ „.„.. c Rock of Ages broadcast from tne Eugenia Kesner, president. Sunday School—9:45 a.m. Guy E. Basye, superintendent. Morning worship —11. Pastor will speak. Senior C.A.'s—6:30 p.m. Miss church auditorium 9 to 9:30 a.m. over KCMC, Texarkana. Sunday School—10 a.m. Morning worship—11. B.T.C.—6:45 p.m. Evening worship—7:30. Monday Auxiliary—2 p.m church. Wednesday Prayer Service Miss at the -7:30 p.m. Thc public is invited to worship with us at any time. SAINT MARK'S EPISCOPAL Third and Elm Streets Rev. W. Northey Jones, S.T.D Actina Rector Nov. 30. ThC' first Sunday balance „. ~ back. I told her so. But she went right on begging me not to sell Ihc farm. It seemed almost like a fixation with her, by then. Say if Beefy's out front with the car" he said, "what are we waiting' for? • She's only five minutes from here." But before he would •*• i • .. j i. ,-..-, urt n /-i rm/il let her go, ow kiss Advent. Morning Prayer and scrmon- You arc invited. -11. FIRST CHRISTIAN •North Main at West Avenue B Wni. P. Hardegree, Minister Sunday School—9:45 a.m. Wo have classes for all ages. You will Junior C.A.s—6:30 pm Syble Sims, director. Evangelistic Service —7:30 p.m Pastor will speak. Tuesday: Tuesday Bible Class—2 p.m. Christian Service Brigade—7 p.m. Girls' Chorus Practice—7:15 p.m. Wednesday: HI-C. A. Brigade— 6:30 p.m. Prayer and Bible Study— 7:30 p.m. Choir Practice following. Thursday: Women's Missionary Council —2:30 p.m. FIRST METHODIST West Pine at Second Rev. J. E. Cooper, Pastor Church School—9:45 a.m. Morning worship —10:50. Sermon: "The Shared Life" by Pastor. Vesper Service—5:30 p.m. Sermon: "That Disciple Whom Jesus Loved" by Pastor. Young People and Intermediate Groups —6:30 p.m J_JLl t UU4UI »-; **^- i>— — iiuv*~ i^in** —•*— -- w- i \^ji UU1.J2) VJ . «JU JJ. ill. his mouth came down find a class in our senool suited The Board of stewards will hers and possessed it. _ was swift, but it or she moved first, or whether it was Joel. But his arms were hard around her, where a second ago there had been such distance between them. "Darling!" he whispered, chokingly, into thc windblown hair, "Cammie, I love you so!" "I should have known that," she breathed, clinging to him. "My heart kept telling me so. But everything else fitted together into such a horribly tight and complete picture —such an _ His was thor- fire along ough. U burned white Cam's veins. (To Be Continued) o —— RESTOCKING Forty-five ring-necked pheasants were flown from California to Guam in a C-47 airplane in 1045 rough* to America originally om the Orient, this game bud s being flown to islands of the ?acific to restock bird populations leted by the war. the engagement off, you needn worry about breaking her heart. Evidently she is looking forward to it with as much dread as you are, so make everybody happy by kissing and saying good-bye. DEAR MISS DIX: I am a girl of 15 I was married a few months ago and only lived with my husband five days. Since I left him I have met a sailor who loves me very much and plans on taking me to Ohio and our being married. But I am afraid that if he gets my divorce money and spends it all that I might find out that I,don't love htm after all. So, if you. were I what would you do. CARQLYN ANSWER: Well, if I were you Carolyn, I hope and trust that I would have sufficient hard, horse <-ense to go back to my parents until I got grown'up enough to use some intelligence in planning my life You are only 15, just a child, and apparently very unsophisticated even for that age, so you rush from one foolish deed into doing another still more foolish thing, ^ and you are bound to come to gri- iv. e£ unless you stop it. Go back home and try to behave yourself. DEAR DOROTHY DIX: I am a man about 50 and I go at times with a young lady o£ about 32. She calls me Pop and I don t like it I have three nice sons who call me Pop and I think that is okay, but when a girl calls me Pop that is something else and it makes me mad But she says it is all right o call me Pop at any place, any ime. What do you think about it? ANSWER: I don't blame you for not wanting to be called Pop. It is no way for a girl to address'her boy friend, for it calls attention intralized government. ufily picture. When I heard Mau- I r f^c e e, 0 ^s t ^u^ P c?1o e r S a dC de f . 1 r|!e y SSlng to you on the tele- but BidaultlPh °Ma"u"rme?" Joel pulled back his ie . . . entralized Germany, aid yesterdav France might make ome concessions if assured that Germany will not have control over ie Saar. The United States and Britain mve taken up a position in be- wccn the two. REPRODUCTIVE It has been estimated that a good-sized specimen of giant puffball may contain 7,000,000,000,000 spores, each one capable ol producing a new plant. for Russia's present strong position there. T«|. ,~. Tall said the "policy adopted at Tehran and Yalta of yielding to the Russian demands" resulted in agreement on Soviet occupation of Berlin and Vienna. That, he said, enabled the Russians to "establish themselves as a tremendous power in Eastern Europe able to interfere with and prevent the cure of the economic conditions of westerr Europe." Chairman Vandenberg (R-Mich) of thc Senate Foreign Relations committee said he hopes the Senate can reach a final vote on the winter aid bill Monday. Before that, however, Vandenberg will attempt to beat down an amendment by Senator Kem (R- Mo) which would require that each individual who gets aid be furnished with a notice that it is rumpled head unwillingly. "But I've never said anything to Maurine by telephone or not, that ould hurt you, Cammie. I've nev er talked to her on the telephone it all, except to ask her lor a casual date or two. What did you C "But—but I heard her end of t!" protested Cam. "She didn't mow I was coming into the house and I heard her telling you how she despised you for intending to °*et a Dean's Award through mak fug love to me. And later aftei I'd cornered her, when she had to admit to me that you'd told her— Joel! Why,-she wasn't talking 01 the telephone at all!'.' "Not to me, certainly- But wh "Because I was wrong about he not knowing I was on the steps ,,,n \u.ntched mo ci Of course sh She must have watched me com to your needs. Tijjrning worship. Communion, and Sermon—10:51). The special music will be a vocal solo by Mrs. A. A. Haynos, "Why Should He "junior and' Senior CYF—6:30. Both of those young people's groups invite you to visit their meeting. Evening worship, Communion, and Sermon—7:31). The special music will be by the choir, dorful Grace of Jesus." Monday— 2-.00—There will be circle mect- 7-30 at the church. All members urged to attend this important meeting. FIRST PENTECOSTAL Fourth and Ferguson T. F. Ford, Pastor Sunday School —9:45 a.m. . Sunday Worship —11 a.m. Sunday Young Peoples Classes — Won- IB^O p.m. Sunday Evangelistic — 7:30 p.m Bible Study Friday —7:30 p.m Vou are always welcome. , ;o his age and none of us cares to lave that mentioned in company. A smart girl in her place would address you as Laddie. Pop, ha! That girl's dumb, and if I svere you I wouldn't take her stepping another time. (Released by The Bell Syndicate, Inc.) The Mayan Indians were proficient as wood-carvers, potters, and weavers. At the PALACE THEATRE MONDAY, December 1st on TH€ HARLEM'S HOTEST SATURNALIA OF WANTON RHYTHM. from the United Staes. . Vandenberg said any such sys- I ~ tern would be impractical in opera- We don t tfiri*V-•""•••••'" • Cartersville, ing up thc hill, knew'' * "How the dickens did she eve know I'd applied for a Dean b Award?" Joel demanded. *oui father suggested it weeks ago. But I never really intended to use the application he gave me, not until Beefy beat it into me that you d want-" His shoulders stiffened slowly "I think you and I had better have a little talk with Mau- jjift r "rrhe very minute we get back i.to Cartersville. have to wait for he cut in. "She s MODELS ULL NEW THIS •ASON THE BEST ALL COLORED SHOW ON THE ROAD HOPE STAR, IfO P E / ARKANSAS y, Number 29> 1947 . OZARK IKE By Chick Young ALL MY-.LIFE I'VE SEEN PICTURES OF HUSBANDS TfiVINS TO SNEAK INTO _ WITHOUT WA'KINS TWEIR WIVES-1 WONDER IP ANY OF THEM EVER MADE IT? IF 1 CAN JUST Q£T INTO BED SNltHOUT WAKING BLONDlS, EVERVTHING WILL BE ALL.RIGHT OH, BOX THAT GAME LASTED A LOT LONGER THAN 1 THOUGHT Q'*&«4<r w By Dick Turner CARNIVAL By Golbraith SIDE GLANCES YOU MUST MT tH§ vie/ KM A Mite*! oo». UNMRSTANDt< I SAW HIM WHEN W THOUeHTI WAS O^COMSCIOUS... MAY I SPEAK TO VIC PUNT/ PLEASE?.. HELIO... ZfcH~/i* , *.-x^ •.. ii-j —"ir v Vi J /•»> v ' \ ANITA/ NOT SO LOUD/ SCVTHE Y,WHOEVER.' FOUND IT Y THERE! OETECTIVJE ' ( WUSTft SOT OFF W / I UNTIED M$ WENT OVIER.; V !RM»BEFORETHW!/ SHOE WITH THE TRNN'WITH H^sa ^— ^f CROCHET HOOK. (i. FINE TOOTH ftffHJ^ „ . . . COIAB BUT FOUND l" V « I . V WILt SUP OUT O 1 HOTKIXCEOF COPR. 1947 DY NEA SERVICE, INC. T. M, REG. U. 5. PAT. OFF , - COPR. 1947 BV NEA SERVICE, INC. T/M. REO. U. G. PAT. OFF, "Okay, so you got a vacuum sweeper! You can't chase ;the cat out with a vacuum sweeper! "You did it, Mom—there's a big dent in. the front! Now nriaybe Pop will let me drive the car and I can get a few dates!" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS , . „ ^.--w * FUNNY BUSINESS By Hefshberejer TOO EARLY, WMAT. VU/ESTAM — AH SEVEtvl TO EIGHT I'M- TOLD VOU EIGHT MAMSIN& AROJND DONALD DUCK SBCPSJP FL.OOE.,, QO&SBTS BUT. BOYS, ITS ISOMEBODY'LL MA.VE AM OLD I JO PAY THE CHECK/ SOUTHERN! J IT'S AN OLD CUSTOM; / NORTHERN! CUSTOM J : It's CALLED LATE , DATING.' SHESAVS THEY DO' ' "Why not for winter, with butter, the price it is?" ALLEY OOP Thimble Theater WELL.OOOI.IKI; MY STABS. t DIDN'T /HELLO I HAFTA UMJSH WHEN I HINKA. HOW OOP'S S""- YEH...AN SONNA SQUALL. '~ "' WHEN HS FINDS OUT COOL*. BODY LU KNOW HAS BEEN. ,A WE HAD A. KIDNAPED.V V HAND IN IT.' DRESSE9 WITH F00ZY RECO6NIZE / QUEEN MEANWHILE — PERHAPS I SHOULD-SHUSH'UP CM " ' PUTTIN6 A 44- FOOT PUTT?? 3M^i^s.il^¥ Copt. 1947, King Faluco SynJiqlc, Inc. WorlJ righli icitrvtd With Major Hoople OUR BOARDING HOUSE By J. R. Williams OUT OUR WAY EG AT>, FATHER/XCAi^ VEIL OF TW3 / fvWAOTOMM"lC _ LIFTED YOO TO YOUR FE&T, 60T YOUR AilGrVTMARE Vl/X=> <$ SO RErXL YOO OPENED FIRE ^"THE MOHA,\MKS/-"-D|vA.' SOT HOV4 DID "Tr^Er g£D (SET 11^ VOUR ROOM."? THIS? OH, I HAFTA 1 PICK TH 1 BURRS OFF APVISE A SACK FOR. \ VOU, TOO.' J TH 1 DOG 'FORE HE CAN) GO IN TH 1 HOUSE, AKS' I'VE GOT TO PUT A SACK ON TH' HA.FF OF HINA I'VE PICKED, CUZ HE 6\T5 IWTO TH I'VE PICKED BEFORE ITO AN/trilNfi 1LL <3£T Kio SMART ^\$3$k*£&-<&* *$

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