Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 12, 1894 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 12, 1894
Page 3
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J. in real estate is to keep build-, ings well painted. Paint protect the house and saves repairs. Yc:i sometimes vant to sell— r.ur.y i'. good house has remained unsul-.: for vant of pr.int. The rule rr'.-.-ul'; be, though, "the best ;>air.; c.: none." 'That means Strictly W "h< iii You cannot aiTr-rd to u^-? c/ifa,'- AHBfr. To be sure ei'gotnn- brnc>- iy Pure White Lend, loo!: at tiv. .brand; any of theau -^ s:ite: "Anchor," ' 1 ' l t i , c '- :t ' 1 ' crr :',', " Eckstein,'' " ?•" ar/: •••• > ' "Kentucky," "Co 1 . 1 .^-." FOR COLORS,—Nntipnr.l I-'cnd Co.'rf Pure White Lead Tinting COKTS. These colors nrc EPld in c:K-pi't;n.| (r.r'.i.-'•rich mn bcioR siiOick-ntloiint s; romuis -i ^ t ily Pure White l-eul tin; cl.-.ire-1 r.l:::-lc; <:vv :u.:. '•' :„" °e,I- r,-:.ily-im«:il r .;,,t".. Hit v™ 1 ; 1 ": '?' of perfectly P'T« coto™ P. i.f luux.tf.i i.in.i -a lint Strictly 1'iire White l.cr.d. A Rood ninny thousand dollar:! !MV.> I.L > saved ptopcrty-owncra by luivln;: oi"-' '•• " - ; Minting and color-card. Said us a l>o-i..l - -iv .and get both free. NATIONAL LEAD CO., Xi-v.- York. Cincinnati Ilrriiich, . Seventh and l : rccma:i Avenue, C •.!« iim.-.u. DR. TRUAX, THE SPECIALIST. OVER STATE NATIONAL BANK. \ aifopti <1 my present tor ui of uwttnv-nt, ami tsre co mlHctt.il ii »acce*tf ol practice in the above SMS ol CIIS-M. I liorillallr Invite 70" or >onr trt"ml.H, If afflicted with .my Cfirunlo Disease, to consult me and my method of treatment and Its remits. Ofllce hoars: 10 to 12 a, in .: 2 to •(. 7 to 8 Vtn Be»ldence atollloe. All culls ptomptly attended. STORAGE. For storage In large or quantities, apply to W. D. PRATT. Pollard & Wileon warehouse. FINANCIAL. WALL STREET! toSOO percent, pernnnam '»sllx "' ont rlsK. Send tot "Froipeohuanil letter,'' m¥ll«l tree. Hfchest Belerenee. Our ncord up lu dale per cent. 69 P* r ceDt paid to th»»ub9Crlbflrs. us the result of operations Irom rwcemher, I»j3, to Marea IBtn, ISM, WEISBAX A CO., Bankers and Brokers, Ho 41 Broadway, Kew TotH City. '..••••-••..£,.>:.//. i '' •' ""••-,. Just as soon .i 1 : yen «'•!': I;:;'! sue:: '!:.•."..•]-£:, as Fit,-'. St. VirA! D.'.nci-, K;M\epsy, fV:iy.-:> 4essn'!SsaiM i;<:rvo':s Prostrutioii thriv.-:;.' When; :'-tro!!}V !u\:',Lhy uti-vej '•"'.;, _nv,-'. •just a;; rif'.r'cric*.'-'. ; s driven ov.t.'itui !':'•''• •..'. *wc-:ton';'l f."A r>'.iri;icd by *.!;•-• wi:- 1 - 1 D.-\ WHSELER'S NERVS V1VALIZER TuiMtnv/hy Mrs. IT. K.Wiitthof Ist.iKiiy win-.-, Va., s:iitl: " " • au,l L'-.y :n.-vw> arc-v/oii'truvyi.!.--... aiiyi'ji»(; l1 ' 0 '">' !i- r vi;sso much .VOUM Vj;: £j'.i"i »--:;L t-iiis i:' Wi'i; iiti.! :.:ri>;.}; buL ifv/ofv'ii •"' iJtrvoas, you -.l.j. PRICE SI .CCA ROTTLi: Tnnuirc of dri:;« : .=ts for frt.r s:-,:p> If r.ot for.;ir!, wrUc ust):c!oM;ii!.: fov.: cv::i:s (st"ii"'vi :"or ;>o'.;l:i^c. The d.H-vor i;ivi'» —11-1 '• r frfetvlvirx-tonryISLTV< Ws Olfftfr 5500 ,ii wa se. ,snfFcrcrs. All ^Sy :i S!"c^! welcome. SKJiW3SraSl! TheJ.W. Brant Co. r«mirtlv contains Mikrro cRVn*: o 0 r"iTy ALBION, MICH. Imrminlilniz. ^_J And <» D«y St., NewYorli Sold by Ben Fisher, 311 Fourth St. DAILY JOURNAL. THUKSDAY MORNING. APRIL 12^ Cut prices on all goods.—Golden Rule. Muslin uDd«rwe»rs»le today—Trade Palace. Good calicos 2} cents, «t the Golden Rule «ale> A $2 sample umbrella for $1.25 today, at Patterson's. House for 8»1» Very Cheap—No. 808 Syoamore street Inquire of A. DeLon?, No. 402 Market street. If you decide to take Hood's Sarsaparilla do not be Induced to buy any Substitute article. Take Hood's and Only Hood's. For rent, good front room, down stairs, suitable for two, In good location on Market street, fire minutes walk from court house. Inquire X X Journal offlo*. The funeral of Hiss Haggle Henry will ooour from tit* residence 86 Bates •tnet today M 3 o'clock, services oon tooted »t the Baptist church by the pastor. Rev. W. H. H. Marsh M 3-80 O'clock. A DISTINGUISHED PA88KNQKK. Secretary of War Daniel Lamont passed through the bity yesterday on Pan Handle train No, 20 on his way from Chicago to Washington. He stopped off at Columbus where he inspected the military training school. He and his party occupied a special oar. Pan Handle engine 521 has been repaired and will leave the shop today. J, D, Allison operator at the Pan Handle yard office is off duty looking after his political fences. Kobt. Green of the Pan Handle machine shop, J. H. Miller and Frank Jackson of the repair Iraofca are siok. The remains t?f Pan Handle brake, man A. W. Benlhine will be skipped to Llgonler today where they will be Interred. Harry Harris, a Vandalla brakeman ha* three flnjrers of the left hand mashed Tuesday at LaPaz while making a coupling. Geo. Winaell, who was Injured several weeks ago has recovered sufficiently to return to his duties at the Pan Handle oar shop. Homer and Thomas Matthews, two Chicago switchman, formerly of this city, are here on account of the death of their aunt Mrs. Margaret Henry. Peter Weckfuss of the Pan Handle boiler shop was struck in the head Tuesday afternoon and as a result is laid up. The flying rivet out a deep gash below the eye. A diminutive narrow gauge locomo. tlve passed through the olty yesterday over the Pan Handle loaded ou a flat car The engine was built by the H. K Porter locomotive works for the United States engineering department and was destined for a western point. Engineer Al Phillips who was Injured at the wreok at Hartford City Tuesday evening was suffering extremely yesterday and it is supposed that hie injuries are more serious than was at first reported, Fireman Tucker fared better and is said to be getting along nicely. There are but four men employed on the Wabaih repair tracks here yet two of them are candidates for • nominations. P. J. Schroder is seeking the nomination for councilman of the first ward and Thos. McKeever wants to be water works trustee. Both of these gentlemen are democrats. Some wag supposed to have been a rallrord man telephoned to Matt Schneeberger yesterday afternoon to come at once to the Pan Handle freight house on Important business. When Mr. Sohneeberger arrived there, he discovered that he was not wanted and that some one had perpetrated a late April fool joke on him. The annual meeting of the Flits- hurg, Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis was held in Pittsburg Tuesday. Th» report of the board of directors for 1892 shows: Gross earnings, mainline, $16,750,809; expenses, $12,034.631; other Items, $14,046, a decrease as compared with 1892, of $182,380; net profit, $1,087,612. The net earnings m TMUJUB1B. I will tM a tandUate for Treasomt of of tooannport, iiibject to th» will of the can Cltr Nominating Convention. 0. & SARGCHT. Lomninort. Ind., February 13. lt$l. I will ben candidate for Treaauror of the city ol Lognnsport, nubjest to (be will ot the Depabll- o&n Cltj Nominating Convention. 1. LoNO. loganiport, Ind., February 16,1894. I wUl OB a candidate .for Treasurer •! the city of Logiosport. subjftot to the wlU of tue Republican Clti Nominating Convention. G E. (Bo) BARNBTT. Logansport, Ind.. April 7, IBM. I will b« a candidate tor nomination lor the offloe ol City Treiisnrer subject to tlie "Wj'«" e BBpubllean Convention, J. 0. ALLISON. iotpuisport, Ind., JteDrtmry 19, ISM. I will be a candidate foe Treasurer of the olti of LogauBport, uubject to tlie will of the Republican Citf Nominating Convention. powmx _ Logauaport, Ind., March 5, 18W, FOR CLKHB. I will be H candidate for Clerk of the ' City of Lo- ganspBrt, subject to th« will ol tlis Republican itr Nominal ing Convention. ^ B _ WJST1BS- Logansport, Ind., April e, 1894. Loganspott, Ind., March 31, 1891. I will be R candidate for Clark of tno City of Lo- gausyort, subject to the will ol the Republican City dominating Convent.on. IiOCRiuport, Ind., April 7, 1891. FOR MAYOR. Weldon Webster will accept the Republican nom'natlon for Mayor If tuus honored by the Re- ciibllaui Convention which raRMp Saturduy ni«t and will do all In his power to bring about usnc- cessf ul Issue at the tiolla. ___ I will be a candidate for Mayor of the City of Logan8port,iiubject to the will ot the Republican of the Pittsburg, Wheeling & Kentucky railroad were $63,181. a decrease of $54,430; net loss oQ the Little Miami for 1893, $204,871. Passenger traffic shows a gain of $641,474, as compared with 1892. Three directors were elected. They were James McCrea, of Pittsburg; W. H. Barnes, of Philadelphia; Sanuel S. Dennis, of Newark, N. J. Reduced Raton to Kokome T!« Penn- •TlTftnU Line*. Oa Wednesday, April 18th, special excursion tickets to Kokomo will be sold at reduced round trip rates from North Judson, Anderion, Montloello, and Intermediate stations on the Penn- sylvanla lines, account Populist and Prohibitionist rally; return coupons valid until April 19th, inclusive. Notlce-BlTUlon No, *8' U. B. K. Of F. Regular monthly business meeting tonight at 8 o'clock. All members are urged to bp present. By order of G, A. SCJHAEFEH, Capt. CEO. LINTON, Right Guide. \Vorld-wide, means world-tried. The high reputation and enormous sale of >Beecham's /Worth » Gulne»\ i-^j 11 ^ (Tuteku) reflect the wisdom of two generations. Logansport, Ind., April 9, 1WJ. Major WcFadln will be a candidate for the office of Mayor of the City or Logimsport subject to the Dem«cr»tlo City Convention and If elected no councilman or city official will be permitted to vote the taxpayer's monej Into his own pocKet II It Is In his power to prevent It. Eagle*' Neil. • This Is a play which pleases everybody; a well written, well plotted drama, full of stirring incidents and stage situations of strong human interest. It is claimed for it in its class that it never had jjut one rival, the Danltea, but as compared with that great play, the Blory of Eagles' Nest is confessedly stronger and better in sentiment and morals. Under the present management of Mr. W. A. Edwards, the piece haa been handsomely renovated in all its stage set. tings, -without regard to cost, until m its way it is pronounced perfect as a Btoge representation. At Dolan's tomorrow night. llolan'n Opera House. F. M. Williams stock company, composed of artlsti of metropolitan ability will appear at Dolan's opera house week commencing Monday April 16th, in an entirely new repertoire of modern plays at popular prices. This company is second to no other company now traveling in repertoire and makes a specialty of elegant costume* and settings. With this assurance Manager Williams will be extended liberal patronage. This company has all very clever people among them Little Edna Remlng, the child actress who is pronounced as one of the brightest of children on the stage. _ The Contract* Let. The contract for ths Hoiae of the Friendless were, let yesterday afternoon at a meeting of the building committee ai follows; The carpenter work to E. E. Mclntire for $1,011. The plastering to Joi. McElbaney for $190. The painting to J, C. Beatty for 174. The plumbing and gas fitting to J. B. Messlnger for $183. The furnace to J. C. Mehaffie & Co. for $165, The total expenses will be_ about $1,900 when the building 1* completed. _ Our readers will find Simmons' Liver Regulator advertise it, and use it, and we commend it as a. safe and excellent medicine. We became acquainted with it in Georgia where it is a standard family medicine. We do not deny the merits of other pre^ paratlons but simply state that this one commands oonfidence. From the , 'Journal, " Lanesboro, Minn. flOO Benird, »100. The reader of this paper will bo pleased to learn that there u at least one dreaded _ disease* that science has been able to cura In all Its stages and ttat to catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure iTfte onlr positive cure known to the medical f raternlty. Catarrh being a constltntlenal disease, requires a conimutlomS treatment. Hall's caterrh Core Is taken internally, acting directly on the blood and mucui surface* of the system, thereby destroying the foundation ottbe disease, and giving the patient strength by bnlldlng up the constitution and "SStlng nature in doing Its work. The proprietors have so mueh faith in Us curative powers, that they oBer One Hundred Dollars for any case that It falls to cure, Bend for list of testimonials. IddreTs, »• J- CHENEY 4 CO., Toledo, 0. S^Soid by druggists. Handle Factory Wood for Hale. Handle factory wood delivered to any part of the city. Mall orderi to Hillock & Plttman, Handle Factory, on Toledo 3t., or P. J. Kimmor. My books are In chug* of Mr. Hal Vlney »t.Sell«»' grocery, corner llth and Market. Alt persons indebted to me will ptoM* call there-and settle, •BIB for •print Goo«U DonMee (be iltrtlu on Tired Whop Glrl«—Vaca- .< tlonB a liODK War Off—How RUny'Kpep Well and Strom. "0 men with sisters dear, 0 men with mothers and wives, It's nor the linen you're wearing oat But human creatures' lives, If Thomas Hood could have looked Into one of the big retail stores in any city with the endless streams of eager buyers and the pule faced shop girls behind the counters, he would have included women as well as men in bis appeal for more bumanlng. In order that some may go finelv clad and have leltmre, thousands of tired working girls must wear out good health, good looks and strength by long, close hours in offices, behind monotonous store counters and in factories. "Women," as Dr. Weir Mitchell says, "are by physiological nature more liable to be nervous and thin blooded than are men." It is a sad drawback in the face of the duties of life that a very little emotional disturbance, anxiety or nervous strain suffices to overcome the women as it does not the men, and that the Dame excesses which make him irritable make her nervous. The greatest friend tired, feeble women have today is Palno's celery compound, the remarkable discovery of Prof. Edward E. Pbelps, M. D., LL. D., of Dartmouth college. This greatest nerve regulator and blood purifier yet known Is the mainstay of a great proportion of the homes throughout the country where nervous weakness and feebleness have entered. Palno's celery compound begins al once to rebuild the shattered nerves and cerve centers all over the body. It is the one great spring medicine, because it quickly removes impurities from the blood; gives new llfo and Vigor by tilling every tiny ramlQcition of the blood vessels with rich red blood, capable of making health} tissue. "The difference between the knowledge of today," says a well-known scientist, ' and that possessed before Dr. Phelps 1 sti dies of the nsrves and their Intimate connection with every process in the body, Is enormous. Dyspepsia, for example, is now ranked as a nervous disease, and, as the case of other nervous weakness, it is readily curable by attending closely to the nutrition »f the nerve centers with Palno's celory compound. Diseases of the kidneys, heart and the liver are cured in the same radical way by providing abundint and appropriate nutrition for these parts." - "Not more food but better," is the watchword of the best medical skill— better food for nervas and nerve centers. When the system is completely nourished the tired-out, run down feeling vanishes, and the braving of the nerves called neuralgia, rheumatism and heart trouble ceases. • 'There is one remedy deservirg the name of spring medicine—that is Palne's celery compound," said a very careful physician. Sick headache, sleeplessness, mental oppression and lack of energy are cured by Paine'B celery compound. It" makes people well. _ : What Will D« III Medical writers claim that the sue- 'cessful remedy for nasal catarrh must be non-irritating, easy of application, and one that will reach the remote sores and ulcerated surfaces. The history of the efforts to treat catarrh is proof positive that only one remedy has 'completely met those conditions, and that Is Ely's Cream Balm. This eafe and pleasant remedy has mastered catarrh as nothing else has ever done, and both physicians and patients free. ly concede this fact. Our druggists keep It. Days full of the sunshine of health are those which follow the use of Dr. Wheeler's Nerve Vltallzer. Sold by Bon Fisher. _ Quaker headache capsuls give re. lief in ten minutes. WONDERFULI The Remarkable Care of an Arkansas City Street Commissioner. I had an attack of La Grippe the 18tb of December, complicated with tonsllltls; was confined to my bed one waet The physicians g»»e me np My breathing was very labored; had a »motheted sensation at times; mf chest and longs were rer* sore. Phelp's "Four C" remedy helped me the Brstdoie: the soreness left my cheat almost In- stantlr; was well In three days. The »U>v« It due Mr. Pheios In simple justice to this wonder- fnl medicine. P- H. FKANBT, (Street CommlfOmer , December aoth 1891. Four "C" has eared AithmA, Bronchitis, Bnen- 'monto, and Ulcerated TonMIltu. In eomposlUon U U DIFFBBKNT, U MOHB powmiDL and AOTOT w fact UssMTFlBBENT troro anr «tl*r Hoc remedy as molauw U different from Ttaimr. tt UaBtTTLATION, Brer or £U> TOT UIB MS ttat. Tte«isMClof.thecomtrMtU, F«ir "9 IflJBT vrn SATISFACTION or montr * BEN FISHER. This interesting number is the first IDWAY NDM and contains the following photographs: 1 The Western Entrance to Midway Plaisance 2 Town Ha'.l in Old Vienna 3 In Cairo Street 4 The Egv ptian Temple of Labor 5 The Irish Village 6 The Javanese People 7 The South Se Islanders 8 The Algerian Theater 9 Ths Panorama of Kilauea 10 Arab Spearmen of the Wild East Show 11 Encampment of Bedouins 12 the Lapland Village 13 Interior of Lapland Village 14 Midway Driving Bell Exhibit 15 The Famous Persian Theatre 16 The Chinese Pagodas. MEETS PRAISE FROM ALL Every person -who has taken advantage ol our offer of MflRIB BURROUGHS ftRT PORTFOLIO OP STf\OE, CELEBRITIES admits that not only have all our representations In regard to It. merits been fully justlfled; not only has every promise been kept, but th» work EXCEEDS ALL EXPECTATION. Th. demand for it has amounted » Trush whloh It has kept us bu.y to Bupply, and although we knew that U would be popular, has surpassed our most sanguine hopes in regard to It. It merits the popularity it has gained. It is unique among »r *«c P n W Iflrt g£ treats a popular subject in a popular way, presents poitraits of ALl , T^ rRPAT LIGHTS OF THE STAGE in the most attractive manner known i»« STandeaeh Tart comprUes twenty handsome half-tone photograph. FIN. ^HED IN TWO COLORS, these being tbe latest and best pictures of eaoJi subject, with a well, written biographical sketch of each. Don't fail to secure the back numbers and secure the forthcoming parts as thev arrive. Two parts issued each week. Part 7 now roady. "IF CHRIST CAME TO CHICAGO" COUPON. STAGE CELEBRITIES, part, Harie Bwrongh's Art fell* «f Stage UlebrltiM. JOUBHAL. •**

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