Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 28, 1947 · Page 16
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 16

Hope, Arkansas
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Friday, November 28, 1947
Page 16
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¥;*tf%% < 1 • " { WK"?^ 3 3 STAR, 'MOPE, AR'KANS'A- 7#f r ' #* r.V'^WfJ*^^ Friday, November 2», t947 SSIFIED Publication Victory Puts Texas in Sugar Bowl Fair Enough By Wet*brook Pcgler OpyHsht, 1947 ^ . e •By King Features Syndicate —— |2rS TKfc nk Vd od u a p y rh h e neP ie% x s . StiPER DELUXE frorn - one of its .most disastrous Tadio, heater, and- newly^ painted, crushing . new seasons, made doubly bitter by -a ted, crushing 32-13 defeat administered 2S-3t by the rival state A, and M. f in the ancient series I fwtth cftlf. 'Regis i , , . ~- * "v y'COW. 33 Uh 'rnienty Agi months old I Quarterbacking U di See Pan-, flawlessly and doini red* the expense Aggies. the Longhorn more than .. ..~ * PONV. TWO YEARS bridle and ssddlfe. 9 C J!; - j. , t.^ i na 1- hls - usu ai; share of ball-carry mi " Laytie set up one touchdown wit 26-3t and a run, pitched 2 to Dale Schwartzkopf for an sparked a third drive wit ro ^ in g and scored the fma touchdown himself after setting i up with a 11-yard dash on a fake Who Wouldn't Enlist? New York, Nov. 27 -.One day ot long ago, I. remarked apropos f some enormity which had^been nflicted on them by their oyal class, that the i eemed to be the dumbest of our e The e< angriest protest came from Local 1007 of Cincinnati, signed by Otto H. Frobe, the sccretary-treas urer. Mr. Frobe not only resented my reflection on the political abil- ty of the rank and We y cl S h J cr but abandoned me to the deyu oe cause I had described, as more or less housebroken pigs, , th ^ indi ' g " nitaries of the teamsters union who got beastly drunk, s™ as £?° drinking glasses .and how led _ "*£ animals at the political t>a " ( | u ° l which Dan Tobin, the old .king- president, arranged tor Franklin D. Roosevelt, at the Washington otal- ler, in the fall of 1944. 1 Fowler, Holland Lead Porkers Over Tulsa 27-13 Tulsa, Okla., Nov. 28 — (ff)— The five-year football supremacy, of Tulsa University over the university Of Arkansas was at an end ° It^was broken by the hard run ning and precision passing of two halfpint Razorbaek; halfbacks, ubrcy Fowler and Ken Holland SPOBTS BOUNDUP fari^i?- 11 *- A.,-' V / Ftlduy, November 28, 1947 Most of Bowl Games Are All thrertwo "Miss National Guard," Florence Lainhart, right, joins her lady- in^waiK Mrs. Ortn Lick,, a Belgian war bride, in a salute to new Guardsmen recruited .in a West Palm Beach. Fla.. drive. teamstersr to the legitimate the freighters who pass USED FURNITURE,' Mlfea* w.m c u .= -e*,— staged a terrific .last-quarter passing assault that netted twp scores. While Layne s passing proved more telling, the star pitcher of this game was Stan jomi. .cw««" ' iHollmlg, '• .the bit d-leggod Aggie ,r-carload. City FuroH quarterback, who connected on 11 *--' — 228 East 3rd., for 173 yards. 17'tt The game had everything —wild offensive action, great kicking, , jarring tackles. It kept the jit rrnwd over to IBITI into .^onT2|rcity|Ky? e Field - 41,000 - in a con 23-lm tinuous uproar. Shortly after the game Texas received and accepted an invitation -,— CHRISTMAS GWt leuIIlSlvlS, tilt: *i*-«fc,. , travel the highways .They, arc not necessarily dumb. Like the good Germans under Hitler, they are captives of an arrogant, ruthless clique and, again like the good Germans, they may be scattered, displaced and set upon if they are liberated bv external force and m- ;ernal rebellion, without any emergency union to replace the present autocracy. 1 also modify my description of ttie swine who pigged it at the banquet. I have discov ered no evidence that they were housebroken at all. In the November issue of Tobin' royal court circular, entitled uie International Teamster, which i largely devoted to adulation ot the old fat-head and paid for by ; ni subjects, I refer you to an articl No Comfort for Pilot in Nazi Glider Offered , PAPER HANGING AND intlng. Call Ray,-Smith, 2211, Ark. 25-3t Lost (SMONTHS OLD BLACK AND SS ' J - ••-"-< setter. Female. Named .Reward, Phone 328 . FACED COWS, NO 1 * on'-left side $40, J. W, Sey- Phpne Tommy 26-et *Bfe»w-'-*, t »r VFOUR ROOM «UNFURN- .houses Close in."To,c6uple :«3>:_*X onn T» t ".9«.3 ie 900. BASS ipg'-24 pounds and fobou; «««*:»,'*••• jjieTworld's record , black bass caught -reel'Was taken by Is from the Tomin Alabama, in to play Alabama m the Sugar Bowl It was Texas' ninth victory in 10 games and kept alive the Longhorn hopes of a tie for the South- w e s t Conwest Conference hampionship. Their only conquer- r, Southern Methodist, plays ''exas Christian tomorrow and if he Methodists should lose Texas vould finish in a first-place dead- ock with SMU. Aftermath of the poor season was to-start reports that Coach Homer Norton of A. & M. would step down but Nortbn said he did not intend to'quit. "It is just the same a this time as it was last year,' Nor ton declared. "I have a contrac which I will fulfill " Norton, under fire from the ex students last year, was continuec as coach wften the college board o directors was informed by the stat attorney general that he could no be paid for the remaining time on his contract. The' contract has until September, 1950, to run. —o Ir;on- or?.found in Liberia is by Mr. Frobe, under the "Cincinnati drivers arc desperate. ^ He writes that he "represents ,000 Cincinnati truckdrivers and heir families, about 10,000 persons n all, who are not getting enough o eat or wear, or enough medical are or recreation. He says the wages of 3,000 of his subjects were rozen at 81 cents to §1 an hour since 1945. The contracts expired on Nov. 15. Frobe says that "when we signed our contract we nopeo hat price controls would stick He blames the National Associa tion of Manufacturers for the abandonment of these controls and fqi the decline of the living of his teamsters and the gradual sacrifice of their war bonds and other sav- first New York; Nov 28-.m-Fridays orecasts: the Army J ootba U l Sfi m will dispose of the. Navy handily, hough by no big margin, at PhiHy Smwrow . . a rip-snorting finish ike last year's just can t happen the middle than .Navy's vaunted line. . .next weeks Joe Lou"s Jersey Joe Walcott .fight : wffl be a sellout (proving that it tak es black eyes to more than a few . hurt the boxing business) and that Louis will -apply the crusher in four rounds or less. in T r»n thorns' 32-13 vic- 41 in thp 4ti-vear oia nvuuv. t j-iiu ic^an J - jU1I » „ *, . \ .. The Tulsa team made it interest- tory over Texas A..& M. yesterday - in the first half, but wilted brought them A an immediate myi- coing in the last two tation to ar Bowl. — Holland 1 -! scoring throws, both accepted last Saturday, n^he^s/qulrt'er,, were,to his With Michigan .n I Souhem Cal- winemen Bud Canada and Jim ifornia already picked for the-Rose C 0 x gn The first accounted for 43 Bowl and Southern Methodist and ? iir^ h / rS?<K-,»«. p ^cXTA"® :SK sllsfrw»K t F% M™ 2r^ uie »i jl Hurricane stayed in the card of major post-season •• - "--> • Several choice battles ,. „.. - „..-- South tomorrow are. expected_to the end of a provide one or both of tne drive Bowl duelists, with the • Cox' caught Holland's pass likely to be wa1 for the second Arkansas tally, | Carolina-Virgmia, —Very Red Skins— The best laugh of the ^ football season, according to the Green Bay Packers, came.when a carnival Indian tribe visited heir. home, town and hooked up with a local rlpnartment stork in a promotion ffl ' -one of those honored by being made members of the tribe was Jack Jacobs,, the Packer halt- back. . -he was given a nifty certJ- icate saying .that in . recogn tion of his services to the city, this paleface" had been chosen. Jacobs, an Olkahorrian, is quarters Indian. . .he proved it by not cracking a smile when the award was made. North - Geor Shorts and Shells 'Shag Shaugh'nessy, • International Leafiue president, says' that_ the ««nn Syracuse's Hank Saugt reason Bo^e scored 0 again - this time gia Tech, ' Mississi PP i--Mississi P pi ^£^^^&^^^^^ a ^ s &t 3 f1? is? sr^d!E «t ss-A S £}tui t WA mi- «"•- ., , . 0 ., . a:*.:,,,-.-,! T-i-ir T ,«Q mm Iril4t< fftigs of the "Horteri G," 76-foot, swept-back flying wing 'eiopea by the Germans .in 1944, which is now• being studied in the U. S, shows the position o£ the pilot in flight. He mus kneel place his head under a-tiny plastic bubb^ and con- Sol one^-mancraft with conventional wheel and toe-rudder pedals^ ^ ^^ injury the firs.. . ball and was used sparingly there Gets a Weigh With His Job Tulsa marched tHhe Arkansas" 21 traditional Ivy League .clash at after tSdne the kickoff — the Hur- Philadelphia's Frankhiv field yes- nSlns^ was through for terda^but ^^akers bad ^e in- by beaten season.in 39 years — with. ^S£H&inh3^^^^ s?es s ^: •ffl h ffi« kA Biss; ssf«f^ i| y %fl ^^^ ^^^'^'^^^^^ ri SV s rs r pl h ayed° al most e - of the- ^William & Mary, already tabbed game without tL offensive service as one half of the Dixie Bowl at of Clyde (Smackover) Scott, its ace Birmingham blanked Richmond ground-gainer who suffered a nose 35-0 to clinch the Southem Confei- iniurv the first time he carried the ence championship. L1 J " r L" ,,"; ,,cort =, in rinPlv there- I Arkansas' Razorbacks hung, up n Junior Series was that Hank took a look at the short fence in Milwaukee and forgot to look at the ball- he was .going to blast over it. ... Mickey Pesek, young son of John, the old-time wrestler, is a hotshot halfback for Ravenna, , Neb., Junior High School. Ho probably is headed for Nebraska U.,_. where fig brother Jack starred this sea- on. When any 'of these men falls ijee RiverV ;:;.'»26..' $*«£ J 4« rated as equal to Swedish ores in quality. , Although only a third of the United States motor travel is at night, three of every five traffic deaths are at night. ..„.,„» W»thin^40' Miles DEAD HORSES, COWS and CRIPPLES irkanatRenderlna Plant |If?Phone,683.W (Phone Collect) l^fMlJ[<>SAnswer Phone 3158-R Service and Repair .... T'«( .APPLIANCES ^5i RCFRIGERATORS ,'A Ail makes and model* f HER REFRIGERATOR & ELECTRICAL SERVICE ,810 A Elm P hone ™ • fl p. m. Phone 909-R Traffic deaths in the United States per lOQ million travel miles 1948 were 9.7. at an all-time low Legal Notice WARNING ORDER No 0758 In the Chancery Court of Hempstead County, Ark. Willie B. Johnson Plaintiff 'vs. * Hays Johnson Defendant The Defendant, Hays Johnson is warned to appear in this court within thirty days and answer the w n •"• the Plaintiff, Willie B. sick or is laid off, Mr. Frobe says, his pay stops. However, his own pay continues and that of all the royal and noble class of union bosses, including xhe two princes of the royal house of Tobin, Fred and Frank, who get $10,000 a year, for sedentary patronage jobs but never'were teamsters. All the 030,000 subjects in the union contribute to a political prok- barrel, or patronage expense within the union. Most of these patronage jobs pay at least $100 a week. Many pay $300. The average of the Cincinnati drivers seems to be a_ little over $40 a week. The pay of .eamsters elsewhere is not much better so these teamsters pay, more for executive salaries, expense? and grandeur and get less return for their dues and assessments than any other union group outside the unmitigated underworld rackets of the A F.L. which are frankly recognized as such. Here wo have the contrast of men who get 81 cents an hour for pushing box-cars through traffic and over hills in icy weather, providing Jan Tobin $600 a week in salary ilus unlimited expenses, flunkeys IvHovM -,C|TY CTRIC CO. t f«,for— -, iHduitrlol ••** 1, I?X v BwctfIcsl PHONE 784 'ohnson Witness my hand and the seal of said court this 6 day of November 947 C. E. WEAVER, Clerk By Omera Evans, D. C. LYLT3 BROWN, Att'y. for Plaintif T S. ATKINS, Att'y. Ad Litem (SEAL) Nov. 7. 14, 21, 28 5«a"T,i Have Your Own Portrait, on Your Xma« Cards Thiij Year You will like the "personal touch" of a Photo Greeting Card. Bring m your kiddies now. Special Xmas background. We are prepared to make as many cards as you need, but get your order in c-arly. THE SHIPLEY STUDIO "Hope's Finest Photography" nd servants and' their expenses, nd a royal winter palace in Miami 3each. The wives of these tea.m- sters and helpers everywhere should clip-this and study the union constitution and the schedule of salaries and perquisites and ask themselves whether these bain, luxurious rulers deliver enough in benefits when they have to send their children to school underfed and underclad. Frobe certainly is right when he says that 81 cents or even $1 is not enough to support a family Around New York suburban people pay $1 an hour to chore-boys. The United Auto Workers of the C. I. O. got $80 a week for listless, illiterate sweepers in war plants. Not only that, but it is disgraceful that a boss unioneer, and Frobe is one of the fat ones, dressed in style and with the whole appearance of the well-fed clubman, should be given space in the royal circular to flaunt | the tatters and the hunger of his subjects and whine that the National Association of Manufacture was responsible. The Frobes are paid to negotiate good contracts. Now, by the most ironic coincidence, on the page after Frobe's statement, we find, in a black, mourning border, the an- after. With Scott on the sidelines, Fowler stepped into the tailback position he held in 1946 and made his last Porker performance— he a senior—one of his best. The Turkey Day classic was the season-ender for both teams. The Razorbacks finished with a record of five victories, four defeats and a tie. o— ' DiMaggio Is Most Valuable in America By JOE REICHLER New York, Nov. 28— (if)— Joe DiMaggio, star centerfielder of the world champion New York Yankees today joined Jimmy Foxx, former great slugger of the Philadelphia Athletics and Boston Red Sox as :the only three-time winners when I their first Turkey day victory since 1941 in turning back Tulsa -"-if- Oklahoma City U. repulsed -Western Michigan 35-7. The bowl business has been so overdone that .some of the . sponsors have moved their contests ahead of the customary Jan. 1- date, and yesterday saw a half- dozen of these- minor post-season clashes. • ^ • West Chester Teachers (Pa.) defeated Carson-Newman (Tenn. 206 in the third annual Burley Bowl game at Johnson City, Tenn. Th£ Corn Bowl dre w 5,500 fans to Bloomington, 111., to see Southern Illinois beat North' Central (111.) 21-0 ' - r " Another addition to the lipt, the Salt Bowl, unveiled its first offering at Hutchinson, Kas., where Hutchinson's undefeated and untied Junior College team Tigers Lick Arkadelphia by 31-0 Score The Yerger Tigers completely outclassed Arkadelphia at the High School stadium yesterday .aftori- noon rolling up a 31 to 0 score giving the Tigers their 9th win of the season against a single loss. Striking on the ground and in the air the Tigers ran-up a 19-0 scor.e the first half and coasted the. rest of the way with second and third stringers doing most of the work. Outstanding for Yerger were:-;B Dixon, E. Stuart, J. Cannon, T. Jordan, G. Lollis, H. Yerger ani? A. Campbell. Guernsey to Be Host to Spring Hill Cagers The Guernsey basketball teams .will be hosts to the Spring Hill. rolled teams Friday night of this week, over the McCook Indians, Nebras- Games scheduled are the Junior ka Intercollegiate Champions. 44-7. eir i s j un i or boys, senior girls and Pacific Lutheran College edged f eniol . boys. The first game will Southern Oregon 27-21 in the Pear I. _ t 7 o - c i oc ic. Lcaman ^ Bowl at Medford, Ore. The . Little wards - wiu referee the games Rock Jaycees triumphed over the w b Coffeyville Jaycees 31-7m ,1^.Cot- 1 J her ^ u f es make their regu- beginning _ approxi- ine oniy unc^-ium- ,,*..!.~-- ..----- ^vj*i*-.j ,.»..*, -— «w ,., .,, v • A^ lar ruuiua u^&»»,»".*e» . -^^ . he was named the most valuable f ee Bowl at Coffeyville, Kas. At tel y at 5:30. The public is .m- P?ayerof the American League for |l^^^ ; . c^^^^Ste^nd welcome to ride the GOOD USED CAR PARTS TIRES, TUBES, BATTERIES Anything for your cor LAMB'S WRECKING YARD 317 South Lourel wf*n<<x™ • --- — After being sworn in as mayor of High Wycombe, England, G. H. ceremonial trappings, i^ghedm accordance with a that the mayor al ™ his coun Legend has = c.>.v.v.o».J of sitting dc..,increase during their tenure of orttce. centuries-old custom. ee clllors may be accused of sitting down on the job if their weignts. of the Third Panzer Army and later army group .center in Russia H'ans Von Salmuth, .com Go ors Trio! nouncement, dies, "Brocky Farrell j German Nuernberg, Nov. .28-(#-Three , . - — -• field marshals, 10 generals There was a brutal old scoundrel vho — Speak not ill of the dead, says you? All right- Then let Otto H. Frobe speak the eulogy for Brocky Farrell. But s that Otto may do Uio old vogue justice, please wait until tomorrow. We need room for this. __„ ef WHERE you . tt|y* we &*n probably help ; rypMj »lnce all Government '' —ignlytlons have now been ipvtd. If you want ypur merits reduced, or If need extra cash, or "***-- ys right away. . keep a customer lonaer than neces- are headquarters U Come and get It LET FOY DO IT • Level yards • Dlfl Post Holes * Flow Gardens • Cut Vacant Lots • Also custgm work. MAMMONS TRACTOR CO. Phone 1066 8, Walnut SL , and one admiral — last of the important military figures the JJUl V»ll I I llliil«-»»-»i7 -~CJ ^ . •, Nazi High Command to be tried by United Slates Authorities — been indicted on charges of ainst peace and human- By The Associated Press Army vs Navy — MBS, p. m. For .... LIGHTING, COOLING, WIRING, MOTORS, and APPLIANCES or anything ELECTRICAL See ALLEN ELECTRIC CO. 24 Hour Service W*hen«, Nlt|htPh9H« Football I j til l« Al-ttlit' » *"* •—« T ; - mander of the 15th army in the French campaign. Gen Karl Holidt, commander o the sixth army in Southern Rus sia and later liaison officer to Hit ler's Reichschancery- Adm Otto Schniewind, operation officer,' chief of the Navy Arma ment Office and later commando of naval battle forces in Norway and naval group north in the North Se Lt Gen. Karl Von Rouques, commander of group Roques in Southern-Russia and commander pi the rear area of army group A in the C Lt Ca Gcn. Walter Warlimont. chief i• ihe Department of National De- armed forces oper- player 1947. In the closest race in the history f the award. DiMaggio compiled a total of 202 points in the vote of he 24-man committee of the Base- jail Writers Association of Amerca to nose out Ted Williams of the Boston Red Sox by one point. •Williams, who gained the tr-inle crown by leading the league in bat- tine (.343), runs batted in (114 and home runs (32) as well as in runs scored, total bases and bases on balls, polled 201 votes to gam the runner-up spot. The balloting for third place also was decided by one point with L.OU Boudreau, shortstop -manager or tne Cleveland Indians beating out Joe Page, the Yankees great left- handed relief pithcer, 16» votes to 57 George Kell, outstanding De- roit third baseman, was fifth with 32 points and George McQumn, the Yankees bargain basement first baseman, was sixth with 77 points. Joe Gordon, acquired by the Indians in a winter deal with the Yan- tees for Pitcher Allie Reynolds, beat ojt Bob Feller, his famous pitching teammate, by one point tor seventh place, 59 points to 58. Phil Marchildon, Canadian right- hander of the Athletics who won 19 games for a second division club, landed ninth position with 47 points four more than Luke Appling, short stop of the Chicago White Sox got ner over Fresno State Jaycees. vited buses. As Expected Tech, Teachets Tie for Title By The Associated Press •. . Thanksgiving Day victories left Arkansas Tech and Arkansas State The Caddo Council =»«&? Teacher,; Colte^ta^ to tojg *° ard ™:l., at ^? W £l e L T d e , Ss : ence tootball championship. day evening Franks, dis- ence l^,C iV/Wtfrf***» »,».»•..--£ <. Tech defeated Hendrix, 32 to of 12:la l ">' . lorced labor and mis- treai:.u-,U of millions ot persons: of public and private North Carolina vs Virginia — C13S, Ip. an. 8 Mississippi vs. Miss. State •— CBS, 2 p. m., (Note: CB will alternate broadcasts of the two games). Southern Methodist vs Christian — NBC, 1:45 p. of and dc-:-:l ruction of cities, towns and villages and. of -other grave I crimes." T!u> defendants are: Field Marshal Wilhelm Von Leeb who commanded the 12th army wh.ch occupied the Sudetenland, Fights Last Night FIGHTS . Philadelphia Texasl and | ater was an army group oom- ImaudtM-in-chief in the invasion oi F Fk>!d' Marshal Hugo Sperrle who commanded the German Air Fleet which bombed England from its. Georg Karl Freid H o n e y c h i 1 e Johnson, ,"144, P h i 1 a d e" 1 p h i a. knocked out Humberto Zavala, Mexico City, 1. Atlantic City — Jesse Moraney, 153 3-4, Harrisburg, Pa., outpoint- ed Ray Spurlock, 163 1-2. Kansas City, 8. Fall River, Mass. -^ Eddie Mon fa 145, Fall River, outpointed Lee JBritto, 141, Providence, 10, rich 6 Wilhelm Von Kuechler, who commanded the 18th army and later the army group notrh, both 11 R Gen' Johannes Blaskowitz. wh commanded German forces m th N Gen rl Hermann Hoth. command er of the Fo.ui'th .Panzer Army i Russia. Otto army Woehlcr, corn- group south in ,,. ,_,..... Rudolf Lohmann, legal oun'sel of the Wchrmacht. It Gen Hermann Remecke hipf of the National Socialist Guid Vc Staff o£ the high command. The indictmcni alleges tha American and British parachutist and uniformed members oi com nando task forces were execu e mder an army order that they "b slaughtered to the last man. ••Murder and violence by Gcr- for the 10th spot. . Cold figures are misleading in the case of DiMaggio. While the figures show he batted only .315, 28 points behind Williams' figure, and drove in 93 runs on 20 home runs, ie was far more valuable than Irlt The Yankee clipper, unable to et into the lineup at the start of ie season due to a slowly healing oot following an operation for the emoval of a spur in his left heel, ourageously decided to play de- pite the handicap when the Yan- cces got olf to a slow start. His big bat and his outstanding work in centerfield immeditely sparked the team to a successi9n of victories. After the termination of the regular season and the World be- ries. which he helped win, it was disclosed that the Yankee slugger had been suffering from an ailing arm which hurt him terribly whenever ho was forced to make a hurried throw in an effort to head oil a runner. UrtV evening. *—iii*.w*.~ -, _-- Tonh nPTf trict chairman of Hempstead Boy Tech deic Scout District, introduced the local at ^onway. ^^ ^^ rf __ visitors and welcomed the mem- „ t Clarksv jn. e in a bers who represented five other ^" swh t ch saw Teacher Back districts in the council. Mr. Franks g^Vorncgay .removed from the also introduced Josh R. Morris, d taken to a hospl t a l with president of the council, who pre- |a neck sided over the meeting. .According B th -_ vicotr j es both Tech and to reports heard, five districts Teachers have conference records have already held successful 11- o{ six wins aga i ns t no defeats or nance drives this month to raise ties< The two did not .meet, and the 1948 budget. - school officials have announced Kelly Arnold, the newest rnem-, t h ere ' will be no post-season play- ber of the Executive board, dis- off trict chairman of Cass district, i n the only other AIC gome yes-,, save a very favorable report on ter d a y, Ouachita and Hendersoir,- progress being made in that dis-: Arkadelphia intra-city rivals,, bat- trict tied to a scoreless tie before" Reports were heard ' from all crowd which included Governor committee present. Jim Shaver of District, invited and Mrs. Laney. Little River, Little Rock Junior College de- c, u.vii^ the executive feat ed, • Coffeyville, . ,K as., boara to Ashdown for its Decem- Junior College, 31 to 7, in the Cof- ber meeting The board accepted fee Bowl game at Coffeyville,'Kanthe invitation. El Dorado Site of Playoff Game December 6 Little Rock, Nov. 28 -Of)- The ittle Rock-El Dorado semi-final in ie Class AA high school football layoff will be an afternoon game, aturday. Dec. 6, it has been an- ounced here. El Dorado previously had been esigned as the site by the Arkanas Athletic Association executive ommittee. . . In the other semi-final Subiaco vill meet North Little Rock at North Little Rock the afternoon or light of Friday, Dec. 5, North Litle Rock Coach Sam Cook an- lounced. by AVAUJ n»^* .....~ nan troops were encouraged German army order," the indict- m The S cale d 'is under the direction of James McHaney of Little rock, Ark. Paul Niederman of Chicago heads ihe legal staff. One parking space is required for every three -workers in industrial plants, according.to a recent SU M V a e n'y people in ancient times and in the Middle Ages believed cotton grew on lambs which attached to plants. Little Rock Team Takes Coffee Bowl Coffeyville, Kas., Nov. 28_ —(£)— The Little Rock, Ark., Junior Co lese Trojans overwhelmed the Cot fevville Red Ravens 31-7 yesterda feyville in a Coffee Bowl football gam witnessed by 5,000 fans. The Trojans, led by sas. NLR Booster Sees Game From Ambulance Little Rock, Nov. 28 — WP1 Dr. W. M. Burns, North Little Rock High School's No. 1 sports booster, viewed the annual Little Rock- North Little Rock football game yesterday from an ambulance parked near the sideline. After the game he was returned to a Little Rock hospital, where he is confined with bronchial influenza. Dr. Burns said there was only one thing wrong with his experience — Little Rock won. Fullback Hal Waggoner, tallied five touch downs in the last two periods after having been held scoreless m the flr Coffeyville's lone counter came in the second half when Halfback Floyd Temple ran back a kickoff 92 yards. WANTED - Logs & Blocks GUM - HACKBERRY - ELM - LYN SYCAMORE - HOULY - BAY HOPE BASKET CO. Call 1000 or Contact Office "'«i% >„'•>'<r<,v-,; i '*; , *• v ' STAR; trott OZARK IKE By Chick Younq WHY DID YOU BRING THAT THIN<3 HOME? 'LL PUT THE Jl THE3.GOSH--1 FORGOT.' D7ESS PORMV1 MUST'VE PUTTWE I A9KED vANOTEJN SOMEONE NOU TO > ELSE'S HATBAND BRING ? NOT£ ON MV ) ON VOUR WAV HOME FROM tME OFFICE, DASWOOt? STOP AT MY DRESSMAKERS AND BRING HOME HER DRESS FORM FOR ME HATBAND <• SO I'LL B£ * SURE NOT < v TO FORGET 1^ PrwotH Iff s«f*«t SWn.ir.S5. &f)li||hl 1947 t7 King fMtwm SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith CARNIVAL By Dick Turner Sftthin one minute Anita would call, so I began to set the stags. SOMETHING HAPPENED TO ANITA WAOriAM? ftl /MR. CHIMES, $50,000 IN OLD ISSUE CURRENCY WAS FOUND IN LUCRETIA WADHAM'S POSSESSION AT THE SCENE Of HER DEATH.WW WERE JAMUS WAC'IAMb LAWYER. WHOSE MONEY IS IT? * WADHAM'S WHY 00 YOU ASK? WASH UBBS WONDER VWW 60 MIWV -PftSSENGEpS ARE __THEIR STOCKING f EET PN!~ EftSV WEET • THE TR.MM: , N \ <n7^^H»v//i '• ;sy::.:":Mi ' ~ 'By Cofl COPR. 1947 BY NEA SERVICE, INC. T. M. n"C, U. S. PAT. OFF. "We've been here twenty minutes—something's got to be done about automobile production!" "Well, you might call it a period piece—it goes back to Suez's furniture store if we don't mr^ke all the payments in a certain period!" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Blosser FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershberger THE BOYS DIDN'T N\lMD ALL H LATE HOME AHVE" ['AND we HAD LATE DATES WITH /POOR. DRIPS TOA'H:BOY5 IN-ONU -/STOOD FOR EVEMIN'/ ^ DIFFERENT GIRLS, WAIPCUTTING DONALD DUCK /WHAT AGAIN? HI/DAISY..!. 2R. GOSH, ANOTHER . n A LATE DATE / ^/CONVENTION! T/ TELL. V THE i-liYA.M,.GORGEOUS THEY'VE LOST/ >^eanf 1M7 BV >»* SttiYICH. INCT. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OFF. "Joe is behind in his room rent agaml" ALLEY OOP 1 tumble i heater HARD; -rtf SON .WOULD A LOT EASIER IF SHE TRAVEUN' UN HER OWN POWER THE /NATIONAL WIPE- OPEN IS BEING PLAyEP AT SKUKIKTON THE BALLS i STRUCK SHOULD BEJ > MEADOWS. YOU WON'T UN "WE I (WE HAVE COV\E 4O2) f L ir^A/f* < ^ fc -» \JA rsr-icr A i r^r— A i-n.7 ^-'' STAMP A CHANCE AGAINST •7 THE' WORLD'S BEST 'GOLFERS, BUT i WOULD^ LIKE To SEE YOU ENTER '.! ll-ZS Copi 1947, King Features Syndicate, Inc.. World rights reserved With Major Hoople OUT OUR WAY By . R. Williams OUR BOARDING HOUSE ALLTHPCT MftR COOL-D / YOU'D THIMK TH'OWB WHO PRACTICALLV OWMS THIS VAST JOINT WOULD BE'SO PROUD HE'D HAVE HIS CHEST STUCK OUT FARTHEST BUT HE'S TH 1 MEEKEST LOOKlW. THE?/ SAV THE MORE VOU KNOW TH 1 LESS VOU KNOW YOU KWOW/ IF HE'LEARNS MUCH MORE, HE'LL BE COM1M' DOWN AM 1 TAK.IM' A SWEEPER JOB.' POKERS/ CAVALRV WIGWAhA m LET'S \ (SUBSIDED^ A LA^\.v\et> FIFTH 1 JUSt «AvJ OAIL, -PEVUW' VOE AWf 1ROU61.E HUPP VllTrt THERE SnsiMMlAfW

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