Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 6, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 6, 1896
Page 8
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". • '. •. -i.y,i* • •' ' ' ' • ' ' '' ' "''.'.-•.'' * u ' .' : ' ' ~ ', • . i 1 '• -.•'".- '- '-.'"•' •.'< .-••••• v r" n ' i • • • i' '"^"rt'lT'Tf T *"• .., THE GOLDEN RULE. THE GOLDEN pf LE Clearing up Shirt Waists = 'i THREE DAY5 ONLY THURSDAY FRIDAY & SATURDAY. Our Entire Stock of Shirt Waists, no matter if the former price was $2.60 or $2.00 will be on sale for 75 CENTS EACH None reserved. ThisHs choice of our entire stock of Shirt Waists. Another lot will be 25 cents i SCHMITT & HEINLY; We have the very best line of wool dress goods. You must see them to appreciate them. Are You Going to Spend Any floney For a Pallor Winter Suit. If you are, don't fail to see our superb assortment of Stylish, Nobby and Up-to-Date Garments. Our stock includes duplicates of all the styles shown by the latest merchant tailoring fashion plates at prices ranging from $3.00 up to $1500 Remember our stock is entire y new, no old;chestnuts. All we ask is your inspection, All our goods are marked in plain figures and strictly one price. In conclusion we wish to state our furnishing and hat department embraces all the latest novelties and styles. Come to our store and examine our stock and if what we say in printis not proven we will relinquish all future hope of your favor orMrade. THE Northeast Corner Fourth and Market Streets. $20.0O \VilI Buy a Good Winter Suit OF- W. D. CRAIG. 436 Broadway, Second Floor. Diana Temyi.0 will meet In regular session tomorrow night. Natural gas bills for the month oC September arc now due. Hauna for slates aud pencils. We •will save you money. Fifth aud Kvoud way. •Miss Grace Greenwood Anderson has acceded to a special request, and will sing this morning at the services of the Broadway Methodist church. Harry Frank reports his last day's )/.isiuet<s in Logansport was greater titan any other single day's tMt':e, not-, withstanding ?ite Inrge holiday (rade. How Is your liver? Sure, it sate and pleasant are Dr. Hobbs' Little Liver Pills. They act promptly on the liver. For sale iu Logansport by .Tohn F.Goul- son and Ben Fisher. Fred Hamilton, the young man who had a leg cut off by a train at Forrest, Ohio, was brought home yesterday afternoon, and is now being cared for at St. Joseph hospital. He is getting along' as well as could bo expected. A children's .entertainment will be given at the residence of. Mrs. Van Horn, 1.115 Market street, Tuesday. Sept. Stli, at S o'clock. Bencllt of Trinity' Episcopal Sunday school. Admission 10 cents. Ice cream aad cake. Charles Hepp is here from Moberly, Mo., visiting his parents, Me. and Mrs, C. F. A. .Hepp, of North street. Chas." Hepp is now foreman of the black 1 smith shops of a rallroa'd at Moberly, and is'doing'very well. . ^: IMPORTANT MEETING. Railroad Hen'sSound Honey Club Monday Night; .The Railroad Men's Sound Money, club will meet at the rink Monday Levening at 8 o'clock sharp,' to. attend to--Important business matters. Ev.ery member is urged to t>e present at this 'incetmg, as it is Important that the matters under consideration be prompt- •ly-attended to. By order of E; F, KEARNEY, Pros. SITUATION IN KANSAS. Dr. James •McKee", of Newton, Kan., a brother of Mayor Geo. P. McKee- of the city, a man high In political circles in Kansas, and in touch with the political situation in that state, has written the Mayor that there Is a great revival of Republicanism in that section, aml'.-that many of the backsliders are returning to the fold. The experience of the last few years under the rule of such men as Llewellen, Whiskers Pcf- tfor, Sockles's Simpson and Mary Ycllin "Lease, has left a yellow, taste in the .mouths of the people. A careful, cou- ,'servatlvo estimate, points to a majori- ty'for McKlnley in November of about 20,000. ' AN EXCITING RUNAWAY. The horse hitched to Ray & Etnire's grocery delivery wagon ran away yesterday morning. It started from the Westslde and ran to the Store on Third street at a break-neck speed. Near the corner of Third and Market streets it ran on the cement sidewalk and when In front of Long's grocery fell, scattering the fruit and melons which were displayed on the sidewalk in all directions. •: A BROKEN ARM. Friday afternoon while the twelve-, year-old son of John Tyner of -Clinton township was seated on the fence watching his father at..work in the field, he lost his balance and fell, fracturing his left arm Just above the wjlst and just below-the elbow.' The injuries, which were very painful, were dressed'by'Dr. J. H. Shultz,; LONG CAREER CLOSED. Harry Frank, Substantial Business Man, Finishes His.. Work Here. Last night at. 11::?0 o'clock clos'.d the honorable business career iu I.-ogans- port of one of Logansport's most substantial businc-ss houses, that of.Harry Frank. For th'irty-seven years Mr. Frank was established "ere IE the clothing and furnishing trade. lie was also in business twenty-seven, years ;it Delphi, and Hour years at New York, one year at Flora, already over a year at: Wheeling, W. Va., his future home. .. • Beloved and honored at home a (id abroad, Harry Frank has 1 established a reputation second to none. His friends can say for him that his word has always been as good as Lis bond.. There was enough confidence reposed in him that at one time he was. treasurer of five different lodges aud orders. Til all the years of his business career.. he never had a law-suit. . ; . ' It is board on every side. ;'Sorry to see you go." "He will be missed froin. our ranks." The Journal, with .the rest: of the community in which he has lived for so many years, wishes him prosperity in the new homo to which he remove*. All wish 1o see him make the success he deserves. At his new home, Wheeling,' W. Va., lie iyill eii- saKO exclusively iu tlie - wholesale 1 trade. As has before been stated. tl|o. Frank building on Fourth street .has- been leased to' Bprwanger Bros., of Knoxville, Term., and they promise to equal the success made by' their predecessor. . LABOR DAY PICNIC. ; Of German Shop Men a Yearly Affair—Pharos Convulsed. • .There was a general laugh at the'ex- cited condition of tbe Pharos last even- lug, over the G'errnan night-shop men's picnic. This Labor. Day picnic has been held for.several years. It is giv;- en bj T the German employes and they usually Invite their friends. It'is'not a new thing at all, -and Is gotten tip and managed entirely by the Germans of the night force. They have their com!- mlttees and the whole thing Is aisocij- 'able and friendly plculc. It Is'-'riot likely that anybody connected iwltlj any of the heads of departments knew ; anything;;about it till the-.night/ -men invited their fellow employes publlclyj •It .Is certain that the Republican cornj mittee had nothing to do with authorizing the picnic and it is not In.lts'con-- trol In any shape or form. ,.;. • -• ;•'.; "The Pharos Is making a.fool of Itself, in attempting to create the impression- i that anybody is being btiltdozed-.'First; it says under the Australian ballot law, 'every man can .vote as he pleases andj Is perfectly safe in his convictions,; 'and then it says-the employes,are:be4 ing forced to join .political clubs.. Whys the Panhandle company would waste; any time forcing men to join.-clubs'; i when they, could vote as they pleased,; and the work" be useless, the .Pharosj docs not explain, • • '•..•.,••:•••: i The truth of the business is-thatthej Chicago convention struck a blow .at, all business in an attempt to Kansaslze! the whole country, and Intelligent men. are rapidly seeing It. Tnev ; railroad; movement Is a natural, spontaneous! movement, and the Pharos knows 1 it, \ and that la what hurts. DABOR^AY. ', ,. ..;.. . On account of Labor Day demonstrations the Pennsylvania Line will sell excursion tickets for.all trains Monday, Sept: 7th, to Marion and to Anderson, at one fare for the round trip. Tickets good for return until Sept. 8th. Frank.Ba'jcr has;sold his Interest In tl.e ,buslnef-S''of .Bauer P,ro?: to John Tauer, and will remove'to .Connersville where ho bns purchased tin establishment. His .many ' friends in 1'h* 1 ?ity wish him success In his -new home; •'•-. •: •' .' ••: •• • (•'• '•'.''•''"' gggiipii^ We Herewith Extend CHAMPIONS Boys of Post F., T. P. A. Have the Li,... Baseball Temple Cup, WON FROn FT. WAYNE Cleveland Went Down Before rir. ,,,' Klobendanz of Boston. Whoopee! Hear us holler! The Trio Temple Trophy cup Is ours, There is no more speculation or shuddering .doubt. There never was really much 'd'oubt about It over 'here, but there were others from Fort. Wayne who hud Idea that Post FJ, T. P. A.. \viis not entitled to the State base ball championship nmoiiK 'the ' traveling On 1 gory fields throe separate and distinct times'we have shown them 'iii:it 'conversazione and base ball were MS distinct, as foot bull and checkers. Talking never made brt.se hits. It 'Miist bo admitted that the Post F.boys have made hits in spite of the fact that !lu\v also talked more or loss. Thirty- niue.in yesterday's bloodless game, off the plump and'perspiring Abe Minsko, was iill that the sympathetic Logansport players had the heart to take. It was tried, but. a, sufficient supply of pencils could not be found in time to express the real amaxing features of 'the''truly wonderful contest. The Fort Wayne players came over to drink deep from the'sugary flagon of revenue. They hud had indignities put upon them and rubbed in, and they itched frantically for revenge. They itched so decidedly that the boys of Post F kindly gave them a few scratch hits to relieve UK; sensation. The Log.insport boys also treated the •visitors white. The locals remember -with unalloyed pleasure the fair treatment and royal entertainment given them' on their visits to Fort Wayne, and they were on their 'mettle yester- day'in showing the guests a glad day. Tiie official score by Innings of the game that makes the Post F boys Immortal, and lowers the Post, A fellows lii their own opinions, at least as ball players, was as follows: Fort Wayne ."10103 ."> 0 1—10 Logansport ....30020903 '3-20 •' The giants of the Commercial diamond lined up as follows iu the big game: For Ft. Wayne—Rostinat, rf; Curtis', If; Bond. 2b Hodges, 3b; Watt, c: Minske, p: Tyger. cf; Ribia, ss: Rolston Ib, Op'posed to them were the champions, as follows: • Vincy. ss: Fisher, c; Blacksione. Jb; VanHorn. p:. Kerns. 3b; Greory, rt; Briggs, If; Wilkin, cf; Franklin, 2b: W. Wilkin, sub. • • Harry Staats.umpired the game, and gave good satisfaction to both sides. It was a jolly game from first to last, and, the attendance was not as heavy as. it should have been. .The rooters who ""saw tlie contest for scientific points arid the sweat, .were loud in their demonstrations as brilliant plays trod upon, each other's heels. We won, aud the championship Is held iu the City of Bridges. " ' ' TWO GOOD GAMES. Promised by Boston Lights find North '"'". '.'..' Manchesters. -• The North Manchester team, which will engage the Boston Lights at the driving park- this afternoon in-a game of .'baseball, comes with confidence of winning from the Logansport boys. May.be they will, but if they do they •will.play the hottest game of their livus, and .If all accounts are true of, them,'they are capable of playing hot ball.:' Denny Lyen will pitch for tbe home team, and will be opposed by a pitcher of the name of Lyon, the difference ot one letter in the name not .being a marker of the difference in .the.pitcuers. Following Is the positions. of-the two teams: . - .Logansport—Lyen, p;: Hazel, R.. c; Courtney, Ib; Staats, 2b; Hazel, T., 3b; ;Kcsling, If; Stemler, cf; Brown, rf; Shaver, ss. • • ' . • North Manchester—Lyon, p; Mills, c; .Taylor, Ib; Middleton, 2b; Bo.ucher, 3b; .Arthur, If; Krisher, cf; Shenfleld,. rf; Brown, ss. . •:It,will be noticed that there arc four of the ; .old''Otto-players! in the team, Staats,'": Stemlcr, Shaver and Lyen. "Dad' 1 Bblari is still confined to his bed 'atvthe St., Joseph hospital from the ef- •fcct of'hls fall ;froni"a'sTTeet"car over a week*ago, and is not able to take part. He Is getting along as well as could be expected, and it is thought will be able to get ouL within, a .few days. The. North .Manchester 'team play's here "'again tomorrow, afternoon and, the .lovers of the National sport Jren:another cliance'to testify •tnclr-a'.ppreclati'on. . EACH TOO'K A GAME, Cleveland Won'a.nd-Lost Wi'th Boston -'- : Testerday^Clhcinnati Won a. \ ..-'•r,;-.-•-": •''•'•• ••'•:'/ Game./.' ' ' ..." OUR HEARTY THANKS - FOR THE GENEROUS PATRONAGE Bestowed Upon Us During Our Famous Farewell Sale. HARRY FRANK, discovered by Manager Bancroft of the Bostons, pitching bail in the New Eng- la.ud league and was attached to the stall' of the Bean-eatiug pitchers, is a star. His name is spelled thus:' Klo- bcudanz. If there are twists'and curls in the name, the owner has a ; multiple of those wriggly lines in his pitching, and he uses them so effectively that he has not yet been discovered by any of the heavy hitters in the big league who have faced him so far. He pitched'the ga.mo for Boston yesterday against the Cleveland!?, and was opposed by one of tlie strongest pitchers in the-National league, the Logansport boyi George Cuppy, and the end of the talc was that the Clevelands were defeated by the score of 0 to 2. Cleve- .laud won the second game,'but the loss.of the first one is what hurts. Following are tlie scores of the games played yesterday: At Philadelphia—Chicago 5, Philadelphia 10., At Boston—Cleveland 2, Boston 5. (Second game)Clovelaud 7, Boston 0. At Brooklyn—Cincinnati 5, Brooklyn 3. Called at end of sixth inning on account of rain. STANDING OF THE OLUBS. Clubs Won Lost Per Ct. Baltimore .... ....77 34 .001 Cincinnati .... 71 43 .623 Cleveland 70 44 .614 Boston C5 50 .550 Chicago 05 52 .050 PIttsburg' 01 51 .545 Philadelphia 50 "59 .487 New York ........55 01 .47-1 Brooklyn 53 CO .46!) Washington 40 06 .41.1 St. Louis '..' .35 7!) .307 Louisville 20 SO .200 With all due respect: to my silver friends iu Harrison township, this Is my statement as to (he facts In the case. PHILIP WOLFORD, Trustee Harrison township. A SILVER LIE NAILED. Philip Wolford of Harrison Township Denies, a Pharos Story. v That"^youngster with ^the, ..u:;.U".:. ''' name,' wlro was'" The Pharos has had far off rumors stating that a man who Vas in town saw a man who heard of a Republican at Goodland or some other ' remote place who was in favor of free silver. After weeks of such unreliable statement it finally announced the name of one Republican in Cass county who had been misled into believing that this country could bring about free coinage at 1C to 1 when the market value was 32 to 1. In the Issue of September 3d the Pharos made the statement that Philip Wolford, a prominent Republican and sound money man of Harrison township, had joined a Bryan silver club organized hi that township, and gave his name In a list of mem|bers. At no time did the members of the county committee, and the friends pf Mr. Wolford, believe, that he had flopped to the cheap dollar party, but to satisfy .the public as to the falsity of stories told by the Pharos, the matter was Investigated. The following letter is now In the hands of Chairman Powell, and may be seen-at any time, and Its genuineness proved. It was received yesterday, and nails tbe He completely. Royal Center, Ind., Sept. 5tb, 1S9G. Mr. Powell: ...-.• « The statements in the county papers •hat I signed tlie silver club at Lucerne Is a mistake, and wholly untrue, KENNEDY SWEARS. But Not Before any Officer Authorized to Administer Oaths. James H, Kennedy, whoever he may be, makes an affidavit which" fs published In the Chicago Record and : reproduced iu the Pharos, denying tffat an American silver dollar will' tiny twice as much in Mexico as a Mexican silver dollar containing more 'silver.- He says an American dollar will not be taken at all, but the party present- inp; it will be referred to a broker. It is possible that Mr. Kennedy is going through tHe world 'with Jbis eyes shut There are lots of men who are and the fact that h'e was in Mexlca and always used Mexican money, proves nothing. Tillman in his Speecb" at Lebanon In thie State admitted ttiat an American-silver dollar would buy. two silver dollars in Mexico, but said the reason was that the American Silver dollar was on a par with goW. Wie. Mexican Central railroad In a business circular states that agents are authorized to accept American silver dollars at a rate of about one American- 'dollar, to two Mexican 'dollars,'and. any man who has traveled in Mexico know.s that the American, dollar is taken everywhere at that rate. The Pharos itself disproves the article It reproduces by Its market reports on' its second page. Mexican silver dollars are. quoted* as worth 51% cents in American silver dollars. . It will be noticed that Mr. Kennedy doesn't swear before any one authorized to administer oaths. The largest line of tinware in tho city sud th-i lowest prices. Coroor TM';!; and Broadway.—C. M. Hnuua. POSTOFFICB CLOSED. Tomorrow being Labor Day, the postoffice will be closed. The carriers wJll .make one general delivery in the morning at 7:30 o'clock and a general collection a.t 10 o'clock. Tlie g-eneral delivery, stamp and register windows will remain open until 10 o'clock". If you want pure spices for your preserves you can get them at Bea Fish'- cr's drug store. Pilling Shoe House 412 Broad way. The Cheapest and Best Place to Buy the Latest Style Foot Wear.

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