Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 25, 1947 · Page 21
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 21

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 25, 1947
Page 21
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ww , !'• l'r<* 'i^ j> ; T W^f^|r^> 1 ~ **r* '- f ; ' ^* f ' ' HOM ITAH 1, .» ARKAN*A I Tuesday, November 25, 1947 fiSt^Ti" , 4 «T<v ' lite Office D«yB«for« IFIED Wfi BtfV,, USEto FURNITURE, .One piece or cttrload. City Fmnl tUfe Co. Phone 61. 226 East 3rd Street ,., ' 17-t ORDER ¥Ot)R CHRtStMAS GIFT .magazines, now. Special -rates. • Cha§. Reytterson. Phone 28, City - v 23-lm ..FRUIT ,.IxpBe«» office. Will'sell hft baying .them. out. First 1 ' , H. O. 'Cofrman, 400 fSK' "i'*" 1 .24-3t ' BKDttOOM ', SUITE " 506 fiast 5th St A 24-3t SUPER DELUXE .... -radio, 'heater, new ItcWerS,' 'AM 'newly,, painted l*fa * Ltir " ""' ' *" 9R - 9 ' "'WASHING Rogers, 62; SN CABINET A'N D bed. 1101 West Ave t • '„ \ -25-3 -_JI Estate for Sole fefvV" A T , 1 STOCK' FARM ALL , lar'ge p^ond, artesian well nt House and Barn, abou ores' meadow. and open land t tract of growing pine tim •if ideated 3/4 miles from V* mil e- from Price 15 dollars pe . balance good terms Porterfietd. ' '.' 20 6 Notlc« Inttruction - Female Fair Enough By Wettbrook Pegler Copyright, li)47 By King Features Syndicate^ WOMEN. HELPTILL THE NEED For practical nurses. Instruction Easy to learn at hoirte,- spare timei Good pay. Many can while learning. No high school required. Information Free. >Wayne School of Practical Nursing. Bd* 98, Hope, Ark. 24-3t Business Opportunity WATKINS PttOtiUCTS COMPANY has very attractive proposition for man or. woman In this city. Regular line of customers established. ' interviews' 'confidential. See or write A. A. Pate, 414 Lclia Street, Texarkana, Texas. Give full particulars, address. . 4 , 19-Ot ' Fired as Brown ', Manager, Hired by Cleveland i St. Louis/ Nov. 25~-(fl>)— Hayold Ru e 1, recently fired as mah- ,ager of the St. Louis Browns, sqld today he had agreed to terms as a coach of the'Cleveland Indians. RUel said Bill Veock, president of the Indians, offered him the job New York, Nov. 25 — A palace revolution is smoldering in the teamsters' union of the A. F. of L. one of the great, autocratic kingdoms of the union movement. There are almost a million subjects. There is a treasury of seventeen million dollars, cash. Strange as it may seem Dave Beck, the most pushful aspirant for the throne of Dan Tobin, the old king' may ' invoke the Tail Hartley law to promote his revolutionary ambitions, although he has damned this act as slavery law. Ji Beck's political plan should succeed smoothly then a number of rival household princes and barons of outlying provinces certainly will take advantage of the Taft- Hartley act. They will invoke its protection to secede from the big international union without reprisals. My use of the royal metaphor is not an exaggeration. This union is, in the most;, practical effect, a monarchy and Tobin is the king. He has been president for 41 years. Emperor Franz Josef and Queen Victoria ruled longer but not many Magnolia A & M to Ploy in Cojun Bowl Lake Charles, La, Nov. 25—UP)— Magnolia (Ark) A. & M's Mule- riders and a team they nosed, out in the season's opening game, John McNeese Junior College of. Lake Charles, will meet in the inaugural Cajun Bowl game here Dec. 12. • . Selection of the two • teams, and their acceptance were announced last night by the Young Men's Business Club, sponsor of the game.' ; The Arkansan have wpn eight games and lost two and will -end their season against Arkansas' A. Sc M. of Monticello at El Dorado Friday. McNeese, Which has.' woh seven and lost two, will .meet Connors, Okla., A. M. here Thursday. • <;. '• • . ; ' ',-••'..•,',* In the two teams' previous .jrieet- ing, Magnolia won by a 6-0 cotmt.- ' Irish Regain s a fairly representative expression of : his mentalj|y , and ethicst . "I rule the amenament passed."-,- - • Beck's ambition to take Tobin's place has been recognized by both his following and his opponents for several years. But last winter -I smoked him.: out with a ' dispatch predicting that he ' would try by flattery to persuade ToblrC.to-.r'e-. tire oh an extravagant perislon'.and arrange for his, Beck's,, election 01; appointment through some trick, to succeed him. The ambition to become president is legitimate but yOu would have thought I :had accused Beck of a felony. JHe said, this innocent statement,.that. • 'i'fte By JACK HAND New York, Nov. 25 'r-(/P)—Notre Dame has regained the No. 1 spot among the nation's footbair teams from Michigan after another. nip- and-tuck battle in the weekly Associated Press football writers poll. /The Fighting .Irish' from South Bend, Ind., and the Rbse Bowl- bound Wolverln-Js ate separated by only 30 points ; although- Notre Dame drew 97 first place votes to Blvfor Michigan of the 192 cast. In the point column it is Notre Dame 1,798 and Michigan 1,768. !•:; While Michigan wound up Its season Saturday .with a 21-0 decision 'over Ohio State; Notre Dame still has an important Dec. 6 date With Southern California j- the fourth ranking club. This contest probably Will determine the final rankings. •The Southern - Methodist Mustangs, hard pressed by.Baylor in a 10-0 victory, continue iri: third place as. they r ride towards their season finale .Saturday .with Texas Christian. ... ^- ' ..'•'.'.' •'the total vote with points figured oh a 10-9-8 etc..; basis (first place Bobcats to End Season Against Pine Bluff The Hope Bobcats journey to Pine Bluff Thanksgiving Day for a game with the Zebras ending the current football season. The Hope lads have a record of 8 wins against 3 losses and will be gun- s (enure. He is qnd in the kingly manner he ired to the of ac- in a telephone midnight. conservation last NICE G , rn, chicken .house, elc. out 400 feet frontage- on. High- Jn'city limits. If interested Floyd Porterfield & Son, "Arkansas:" ' " 20-Ot , 1 ' ' Services Offered f-'O R V s PAPER HANGING AND Call Ray Smith/ 2211. ' \ ' 25-3t Kf^-.tot .. r: WHO- ,, riof,. Dr v . Martindalc's ase return to Barney -^^ ,->-v 25-3t ble Instruction •/ , MALE. AUTQ Fender ' training, , welding, spray painting TOetal work, took into it. OT , the most profitable of tremendous Auto T offering chances for isb-or' your,-own -business. t \in< spare time. Veterans Hd rion veterans. Write for free (ctg,|Atito;Crafts Training. Box ' "*"— ' ' 24-31 Have Your Own Portrait, on ' Your Xmas Cards This Year You will like the "personal touch" of a PJioto Greeting Card. Bring in your kiddies now. Special Xmas background. We are prepared to make as many cards as you need, but get your order,in tarly. » THE SHIPLEY STUDIO "Hope's Finest Photography" GOOD USED CAR .PARTS TIRES, TUBES, BATTERIES Anything fpr your cor LAMB'S WRECKING YARD 317 South Laurel ^ct,>,.^ T ,. knowledges his preciouslty, that during his .reign the constitution was amended with a special section couched in. the language of royal courts, provided unlimited expense allowances for himself and his, queen, and an unlimited retinue of secretaries and servants. He may travel wherever he Will. 'for- the purpose of making diplomatic, contacts" 'and "preserving his health." .accompanied by Mrs. Tobin nnd attended by the royal flunkeys entirely at the expense of his subjects: Tobin's self-appreciation is so great arid so worthy of this luxurious keep. Therefore, the constitution piovidos thai these royal conditions shall ceease when his successor takes office. That would not bother Beck. Once in power, he could make his 'own conditions. Beck is healthy., .aggressive and a hand-washing courtier in the presence of the old king He is tough nevertheless. In the term of Roosevelt era he has usen from a position of local, uncetam power in Seattle to the mighty role of commerical and industrial dictator of the northwest. There he rules' as Tobin's satrap, biding his time. He sent Mon Wallgren to the United States Senate and made him governor of .Washington. Wallgren will be presented to the 1948 democratic convention as a nominee for the vice-presidency as a "labor" man. Beck will 40 _ - HORSES, COWS CRIPPLES , enderlita Plant < ph °ne Collect) No.:AnSwer Phone 3158-R t'i, 7 , ,v fcWf Mrvic{» and Repair ?|* 'TI,f- .APPLIANCE j llf FOY bO IT • 'Level yard* • Did Pott Holet • Plow Gardens • Pi|t Vacant Lota • A|ao cuitopi work. HAMMONS TRACTOR CO. Phone 1066 & Walnut St.' tarrijnated' by truth-i ' This retort was' published^ in,*the Washin.gton Tearhster, which : .ca'r? ties Beck's na-me 'on tnc masthead, a president. But after:;all, it merely said Beck would )i6t Be a candidate unless Tobin, himself,' should nominate, him. , Speaking of himself, in his .-own paper, Beck said, "there is not a trace of the ingrate in Beck;'-..he woald not know how to double- cross; .his word is never broken. 1 " As a condition of their membership in the union, thousands; of intelligent, seU-respecting Americans are required, to pay for such revolting garbage. • - ". The premature revelation-of his scheme fox-ced Beck to change his plan slightly. A vain old humbler," Tobin wanted the final compliment of a single term as president of .tn'e A. F. of L. He was expected, in that case, to turn .over all his duties and powers, except his final veto power, to Beck and devote'his year as president of the A. :F.''6f L. to speeches about his own and great services to "labor." But political troubles intervened, 4ri...the; A. F. of L. and Tobin was'thwart-' ed. Therefore, Beck brought in the constitutional amendment creating the position of executive vice-president with plenary powers, subject only tp Tobin's.vpto, . • It is expected that Tpb.iri will name Beck to the job on Dec;'X The. salary is up to Tobin. It probably will be $25,000 arid libqr.qlV but limited expenses. Beck's Votes in: parentheses) , • J,' - Notre • Da.ftie - (67) .:.-.::. i|.-Michigan- (81) ;..:.-...'.../.:... 8. Soathern Mesthodis^ .'(6) •.4,- : Southern California (3) H.-p'ehh State .(I)''',.... 6i v .Alabama ..;...;...:... i7:•'•Texas 8. Pennsylvania;,..... •9;'-. Georgia Tech .. lOi North Carolina ... ,•11. California, 179:. 12. Army, 114; 13, Kansas, 94: 14. William and Mary, 66; 15. Mississippi, 38; 16. Columbia (1) 41; 17. U. C, L. A;, 32; 18. Rice, 17; 1ST. Minnesota, 15; 20. Oklahoma, 12.' ' ,. ' • 1708 1768 t-365 1227 1109 798 737 ,703 227 192 ning for a 9th victory. Pine Bluff has a fair team this season , and -at times has given some of the state's Best rugged competitioni Hope came out of the muddy battle against Arkadelphia last week in pretty good shape and should be ready come gametime. Last season the Cats broke a jinx 1 by soundly trouncing the Zebras for the first time. The best they could do previously was tie Pine Bluff. The Zebras are always tough and will be out to avenge the one-sided affair here last year. While Hope is away the Yerger Tigers take over at the High School Stadium by entertaining Arkadelphia in what should' be a close contest. Many local fans and the high school band will accompany the Bobcats. SPORTS ROUNDUP -By Hugh ft. Fullertom Jr, SPORTS ROUNDUP .... New York, Nov. 25 —(/P)— Admiral Jonas Ingram, who can freely say "Don't pay any attention to what those admirals say" since he's retired, figures there are just two things wrong with Navy football . . . One is that this year's schedule was "too tough for a team with their depth. The other that the alumni coaching system he originated has gone wrong because of lack of co-operation from the Navy Department. "My idea was to have a Navy man as head coach and give him all the outside assistance he needed and assign younger men to learn the trade . . . That isn't working out, so now I say to put Tom Hamilton on the retired list and keep him there as head coach," Ingram said yesterday. "There's nothing wrong with Hamilton as a football coach." The difficulty, it seems, is that Tom only has one more year at the Academy and then a new coach will have of its top five basketball scorers from last season, the outlook isn't too dark for. Bruce Drake. He still has Paul Courty, five of last year's subs and six-foot, eight-inch Douglas Lynn, a 1945 freshman . . . find of the Line Seems the late Judge Landis started something he wasn't pecting when he gave Bill Cox the heave-ho as head of the Phillies In 1943. That started a string of club sales that will reach eight when and if the deal to sell the Cardinals to the Skouras brothers goes through. Bob Carpenter bought the Phils; then Branch Rickey and Co. started buying Dodger stock ahd since then .the Braves, Yankees, Browns, Indians and Pirates hava been sold. Anybody want a Kn11 chip? ropes. didn't work regime. to start learning The army found the that hence Red Blaik's Observation Post Pepperdine College has been in- . . -n .1 ... Tl 1 UUl llHHLlrU . UAMC1JOCO. .A^C*-*.- P be his sponsor. By that time, Beck | a . men dment does not even-require I i For .... ' LIGHTING, COOLING, . WIRING, MOTORS, and APPLIANCES or anything ELECTRICAL ' '.' See ALLEN ELECTRIC CO. i , -84 Hour Service Day Phone Night Phone e • 833 ' , L 804 | 2^4 South ELECTRICAL SERVICE ~" " , Phone 70 Phone 909-R r 'CITY*-' ' ELECTRIC CO. ^O^fcr-r- . ' Industrial Wiring PHONE 784 ye,., Loon Payments Cash? jfeta of WHERE you KM «#n probably h<?lp •the* all Government latione have now been tVfd. If you want ypur —"- reduced, or If extra, cash, or «te u» right away. 'V«r Keep a customer - longer than neces- ..„? are neadquartere A,8H- Come and get It probably wi^l hnvc movefl in as the executive", vice-president of the international union under a constitutional amendment which B.eejc, himself, , put through .the national convention in San Francisco last August Beck saw it through the cornmittee and heard the old king, Xrom his 'throne on the platform steaniroll the opposition. The constitution requires that amendments thereto shall be approved by a two-thirds vote of the delegates present, Tobin ran through several amendments by the "aye" and "nay" process, the Opposition was helpless. ' In voting on one amendment, Joseph Casey and Anthony Cancilla; of San Francisco, and Martin Lacey, of New York, fought hard to defeat a proposal to increase the arbitrary powers of the old man and his executive junto. A vocal Doak Walker Passes Scott m e By The Associated Press Individual offensive honors, as well!, as an undisputed championship .fpr Southern Methodist Uni- vqrsity, will be :at stake in this week's, Southwest Conference foot- ha.ll .games— the last of the sea- SMU's Doak Walker passed Clyde (Smackoyer) Scott of Arkansas to take the, lead in ball .carry- Teixds Cotton Bowl BidtoSMU Dallas, Tex.. Nov. 25 — (/P) — University of Texas Athletic Director Dana X. Bible today had paved the way for the Cotton Bowl Athletic Association to name participants in the Jan. 1 Dallas football classic. •Southern Methodist University is Certain host and undefeated, untied Ponn State the best bet for nn opponent. ..Bible said last night at'Austin that Texas '.'would yield to Southern Methodist University in the Cotton.Bowl picture if there was a lie for the Southwest Conference champjonship." . 7 Southern Methodist clinched a tie by beating Baylor last week. • The Lcnghorns, beaten 14-13. by Southern Methodist for their only loss of the season, could tie for the title by defeating Texas A and M Thursday and if the Mustangs lose to Texas Christian Saturday. Dan D. Rogers, chairman of the Cotton Bowl Athletic Association, said he expected an opponent for vited 'to play in the Salad Bowl game at Phoenix, Ariz., which is in the Salt River Valley . . . Now with some oil and a touch of. garlic they'd ha,ye the salad dressing, too. . .•••-••.. • .' • One-Minute Sports Page. Although ; Oklahoma U, lost. four Boudreau Named Manager of Cleveland Cleveland, Nov. 25 —(/P) — The Cleveland Indians have retained shortstop Lou Boudreau as mana- ager, which is what the fans of this baseball-minded city wanted. The h.andsome Frenchman signed a two-year contract at •& "substantially increased!' salary during a 'six-and-a-half, hour conference -with. Tride President Bill Veeck in the stadium office yesfer- day. -• i , -' ••••'• '.• v '• " vote was challenged Tobin, will} a show ' asked for a the hands by of Cancilla. patience, that the new sub-dictator' shall ''be a member of the union.- .• .. ., - If Tobin pulls a' surprise :tind' names somebody else. Beck .can' pull out of the union; ab9Ut ,250,pOQ subjects under his reign in 11 Iwpst* e'rn states. In' that case, the Ta'ftr Hartley law would protect him by forbidding the old king to declare n boycott and a secondary'picket line. That, however, is not 'count of hands. When were raised, Tobin sked: "Does anybody wish me to count?" "I do," floor. "Heaiing Casey yelled from the none," Tobin said, in 'speculative possibility in the plans of the anti-Beck forces. They are, desperate men. If Beck' peco'mes boss, they are doomed'.and many of them .deserve well for their .long labors. ' "•''.•.'•;,.' ; .-..'.'•••'.'. Accordingly, they"-are making their plans to pull out many >o,a}s in San Francisco, tos Angeles, New York, Philadelphia and Bo»ton and to join with an old independent Chicago -union in a Convention to organize a; new rjval in^ ternational union.'In that', case, these seceding unions, will 'demand, that the National Labor Relations Board under the Taft-Hartley .law protect them and' all: employers having contracts with-.them and all clients of those trucking firms , . ing as he. netted 74. yards against Baylor last week wjiile the .Razorbacks were idle. Walker rras 597 yards in 13.9 carries to Scott's 586 onU29 — leaving the Arkansas star with' the best • average per' try. /And Walker will have to hold his lead "against -thfe conference's top defensive team -^ Texas. Christian n- -Saturday. Sco.tt, who has been in, Irpnt virtually all season, will try his hand against Tulsa. traders in other statistical departments are the ' same as last week's. 'Bobby Layne of Texas still leads % in total offense with 970 yards, followed by Scott at 844 and Wlalkef at 803, and in passing with 9.12 yards on 59 completions. i !Ih punting its. Tom Landry Texas • with 'an 'average y'a'rds; ,in pass' receiving, : NOTICE FARMERS , ~ - - ' have q car .of 46% Superphosphate If you have not, used up your al lot merit, get AAA order for this fertilizer. Mid-South Supply Assn. of 41.1 Barney Welch, -Tex'as A. & M., with 19 for 2J6 yards; im punt returns,' Aubrpy Fowler-.of -Arkansas,' with an' average' of. 1?,8: yards- on 18 returns; in team• offense, 'Texas,'-' with 2,955 yards, - ".'•' '•• '"' .'.,-, . - •'.'•' ••SMU planned a stiff workout to- flky, following a light session yes- terdayi Reserve 'End,. Grady Mar- .tlri'V^as-lost for the' seaon when he Buffered a; torn cartilage in his knee in last week's paylor clash. •'•Texas arid Texas .A.'& M. took life easy as': they bpgah tapering otf' for their meeting Thursday. Texas could tie for the • champipn Southern Methodist to be named today. . Yesterday, Southern Methodist's Undefeated, untied football squad voted on the team it would like to play in the Cotton Bowl. This selection, reportedly overwhelmingly in favor of Penn State, \yas sent to the Cotton Bowl directors without announcement 'as'to'the.{team .named, ' ' —o - The first dinosaur bone discov- ;ery was made in Connecticut, WANTED - Logs & Blocks GUM - HACKBERRY - ELM -LYNN SYCAMORE - HOLLY - BAY jOt*. lp»k wpm W«»L 4 |« • f Bp« *•*• /^** ^^\. OPE BASKET CO. Call 1000 or Contact Office FAST... DEPENDABLE HAULING ED CHAMBLESS Phone 1147J Hope, (Jll UllCUla U* ll»VJ»« b* *.4V*>»< 1 C> *•*.»* »U •• V,OWH- - — -T T ", . o •«»• '!* r»HJTTt from any reprisals by thb'old king ship : by m beating A.&M. if SMU and Beck. I loads';, to TCXJ. WE NEED'EM NOW!...... ^.,1*^ !T> . 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YOU BRING IT IN 'I I BUY IT i Lk sw^f m IE Complete with Shade $7.75 DUFFIE HARDWARE CO, 108 W. 2nd St., PhiuMJH Hop«,Ark. Don't sell your car until we see it. Well make you a real CASH Offer HOPE AUTO CO YOUR FORD DEALER FOR OVER 28 YEARS 220 W. Second St. Hope, Ark. Phone 277 - 299 HO? I STAR, ,HOPE, ARKANSAS Tuesdoy, November 23, 1947 «Wi** fjj* s*\ yi>««4iH4«^M«* ' *' > ,,• Xe-^-4< j .. v" wi. '!«.*'•* ,***£.,;. OZARK IKE By Chick Young LATE,,, NO ONE COULD •YES, BUT DON'T LET ANVBODV CATCH M GOTTA \ LIVE IN THAT THERE... I BLAZE/ WAri DINAH'S ' INSIDE I CANT COME OUT SALLV-I HAVE tO SIT IN MV ROOM FOR BEING A NAUGHTY GIRL HEAW-HEARTEO 02ARK WATCHES t VISIONS HAPPIER DAYS DYING EMBERS. jyMj^frMaHjy* toldsSwIfii Vfct MK*v What I had IlUCRStlAWAS By Dick Turner By Galbraith SIDE GLANCES OKAY, FLINT; so WE CAN . Y WHOEVER PROVE THAT BOTH JANUS AND \ THINKS ANITA LUCRETIA WADHAM WERE MUR- 1 DEAD,TOO/ AND HE OERED. MOW HOW DO VWr 1 1HIHKS SHE DIDN'T PROVE (3RMWPOP, Y I'LLMJSWER. THWi VOUMG FEUft! MOUP ^l<HlsTf^ SOO ftPpE ^ IN cp,K. GRAHDP^ WILL THIMfc TWl'CB MEW TIME GOMN^ BE (X WHEM HOU'R.6 BEFORE TRSIMSTO DISTRlBUrE W& SHOE SWAPUES IM MW PtlUMNMl By Walt Disnty DUNALD DUCK COPH7 1947 BY NSA SERVICE, INC. T. M. RED. U. S. PAT. OFF. What z. quaint step you dance, Admiral! What is it, ihe " "You're not getting out of wiping dishes any more — if you tell about me using lipstick, doi/t forget two of my girl friends saw you smoking!" hornpipe? FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By HershLerger FUNNY BUSINESS IT SOUTHERN FRIED CHICKEM/ POSSUM / WHAT ANYWAY? ^ ,^ ,[ n ,•>'»•«.' !'V34>& ft r ,'».1C *M-t' '#<J$ ' i i , w - TO """* By Carl A So FEECH'S T WHY, HONE 1 /, AM ve HERE / so I GOT A, LATE DATET ' ' COiN A AU$i WJLL. WITH'H^ ': WHAT ? usc WlUL C^. INC* T^KEG. U. i. PAT. OFf? saves time by taking his shower onthe way to work on rainy daysl" ,A »-!,«• Y OOP Thimble Theater I; IDIDJUH ta THAT! 5VELU.' WE BELIEVE"THE "UPPINS ATQW" CONTAINS IP THE SCIENTIST: WAS LEFT-HANDER, WE WOULD USE 'AT HAND MORE.'/ FRANKLY FOPEYE, WE HAVE A 1 NEW ATOMIC THEORY NAMED LE'S GET THIS STRAI6MT - MR. UPJOHN, OUR THE UPJOHN UNJIVERSIKV LAB IS MAkIN' SECRIT EXPERIMUNTS Wit' WISHBOMES, FOUR-LEAF BACK TO THE ALONE, TV 1 BENEFACTDg — Wg CALL S ATOM"?? AW SUMBODY 8USTEP IN AN' TOOKED HIS LEFT- HAN' GLOVE;? With Major Hoopla OUR BOARDING HOUSE By J. R, Williami OUT OUR WAY THAT? OH, SODA'S TRYlW TO QUIT SNAOKIN 1 AKi 1 HE'S GOT CURLY HOLPIN' TH 1 PACK AM' ONLY ALLOWIW' HIM OME. CIGARET EVERY TWO HOURS/ . n i? R\Sl<"/, .. THE OLD SENiT SETS TUlMKS IMDIA^S ARE IRVING to SCALP HI/A.' IF HE 'KB AFTei? STARTS M5LLIt«iS FOR, KlS RIFLE? f~i I'D f^> sooivj HELD THE ALAMO ALONE AS HOLD ANYTHING FOE A TAPER-OFFER.' (3OTTA KEEP THIS A l<e FOOTBALL RftNDPA HOOPLB DOeSKfT KrtovO UNCLE gOLeVS TRICK ED TUW YANKS A. GLiV OOT OF AND POTG HI/A ONi 1416 FEET — BDT WE ROTKER.VlHEl^ TUlSGOeS OFF TO/v\ORR.Ovxl AT 5A.M./ ftli >*Ti \ ,,| V/ /Sfci-'tl -N RED P.YDER tyfcStKDeK'or vusfc/istoKe*** YOU'RE UNDER. YVM-&N™ 8_E f, 8IU. HUPP/ A «

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