Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan on April 16, 1943 · Page 15
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Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan · Page 15

Detroit, Michigan
Issue Date:
Friday, April 16, 1943
Page 15
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THE TOWER KITCHEN TODAYS MENU MARKET LIST 16 THK DETROIT FREE PRESS FRIDAY, APRIL 16, 1943 Up-to-Date Manners BY SUSAN' BARTLETT MISS J. D.: The bride wear no gloves with & long: -sleeve dress. With short sleeves in a formal summer wedding she might have lace gloves to cover her arms. She wears her engagement diamond on her right hand so that her ring-finger on the left hand is free for her wedding band. The wedding ring is always placed next to the palm "closest to the heart." After the ceremony she returns the diamond engagement ring to the same finger atop the wedding band. 5L T.: Instead of place cards for your fun party, why not use inexpensive trinkets to indicate each guest's hobby such as a fish line, toy musical instruments, etc. ? KEYXO MAKGATVNE GIVES MOST FOR 5 POINTS 5 I'm the ideal spread for Any bread -Use me to season Hot Veqetablesjor Pan Fruina. Bakinq nr seatanino 1 J K. M 1 l ffii Iff 1 Hi fi3li& Ifianiriso I 31f l FLAKES )PJl LARGE PKG. lJ 22c (MS 22c f large j"! Glmnt 60e S P R Y lb. 24c 3 lbs, for 69c 0 SWAM I GOLD DUST V- FIOATISG SOA? LARGE SIZE targ Regular A 0"7 3 for 28c 3 for 17c TOF QIC 551 LUX or LIFEBUOY Ly 3 for 19c VYANDOTTE Sunshine CLEANSER KRISPY CRACKERS 2 for 15c lb. ISc GERBERS Baby Food 4 for 25c I Q DOG I PHILLIP FOOD MORRIS 5 lb., 49c 1 1.28 STB Libby SALMON, Red lb. can 39c Libby Libby TOMATO JUICE MUSTARD 14 or. can 4 for 25C 2 Jars 15c if, M. GOURWSTZ Stores 8405 Hamilton 19152 Grand River . 6407 Gratiot i 6C07 Livernois 2IE59 Grand River 13609 Gratiot 17638 Grand River 21221 Fenkell 9211 Mack OPA Fixes Price Ceilings on Cuts of Pork BY GERTRUDE VOELLMIG HAVE YOU noticed the big official looking sign in your butcher shop with the price ceilings of practically every common cut of pork displayed? Do you realize 'that these are the highest prices your butcher can and will charge? Or, have you been too busy counting ration points to see anything new? On April 1 the Office of Price Administration fixed definite price ceilings per pound on practically every common cut of pork sold at retail. There are two ceiling prices for each cut of meat sold. The small retail butcher has - i one maximum larger and chain stores another c e i 1-i n g, slightly lower. If price ceil-i n ss have I! " -v jl seemed con-tj i yJ fusing up to iL""V Jk n now thin tipw regulation by the OPA should help to simplify mat- Voellmig ters, at least, as far as pork is concerned. The Government plans to set similar ceilings on lamb, veal, mutton and beef in the near future. Instead of a number of varying maximum prices in your neighborhood there will now be only two. OPA has informed every retailer exactly what his highest price on pork may be. You should find them listed in your shops where you can see them easily. Controls Only Highest Price DO THE NEW price ceilings mean that sliced smoked ham with the bone in will cost you 56 cents per pound in every small independent stores? . . . Or, 54 cents in every chain store ? . . . That there will never be any bargains? Does this mean shopping in more than one store is futile? Of course not. The new price ceilings on pork control only the highest price the dealer may charge. He may sell them as cheaply as he wants to. . . . There is no law against it. Many of the market men will no doubt have sales and bargains which you can purchase if you have coupons as well as pennies to spend. An interesting note in the new regulation for homemakers who want to keep accurate account of their food expenditures is the ruling about receipt or sales slips. Upon request, any customer must now be given a receipt showing the date, the name and address of the shop, the name and weight of each pork cut sold and the price it cost. Ration Board Will Help ANY QUESTIONS which you have to ask about the price ceilings can be answered, OPA says, by the Community Service Committee of your local war price and rationing board. Don't forget that tomorrow, April 17, is the last day to get in your recipes for the present Ration Recipe Contest, "Main Dishes Made with Eggs." Winners of the three prizes, t. .1. - . - .. : - 1 rr Ms stamps ft . - "".r ! - , 1 , V r-r- y ' P -"if J I m ,- .... Cm HUM - , r i I, tII-. f i . - ' . i : "V-.xM"1 ;! . . . "' 'M'it '.- ' " ; "-"Cr: -r'" a E N . . ,... ...1 C - - - ! t ' -' ii niiiin'f"m v t '"" "" .. ... J"r Press Photo The Office of Price Administration has fixed a ceiling in cents per pound on the price of practically every common pork cut sold at retail. There are two ceilings for each cut of pork. The small retail butcher has one maximum price; the larger and chain stores another. The ceilings should be posted in every shop where they can easily be seen and read by the consumer. $10. S6 and $1. will be announced April 24. There are still a number of excellent bean recipes which we hope to be able to print for you to use. Among them is this recipe for mock sausages from Mrs. J. M. Nevel, of 4300 Clements. Block Sausages 1 c dried lima beans 3 c bread crumbs 3 eggs 2 T cooking oil t sage lb. t salt . Ji t pepper Wash dried beans, soak overnight; drain. Cook until tender in salted water. Force through a strainer; add bread crumbs, eggs, oil, seasonings. Shape Into the form of sausages. Roll in crumbs, then dip in lightly-beaten egg, then in crumbs again. Fry in hot deep fat until golden brown. Serve with a favorite sauce, apple rings and a crisp salad. Serves four to six. Curried Kidney Beans lJi c dried kidney beans 1 medium onion Salt T butter or substitute T flour t curry powder. 3 a 7 J. 73 C miiit Pepper Cover the beans with water and soak over night. Drain and add a quart and a half of fresh water and the sliced onion. Cook until tender, adding more water if necessary to keep them from burning. Add one and a half teaspoons of salt near the end of the cooking time. If there is more than a third cup of liquid left on the beans when AND POULTRY PRODUCTS tdriilous t . J 2ealthfuL In Nature's Own I Sanitary I tender, drain and boil down to a third cup. Melt butter or substitute in double boiler, add flour and curry powder, mix well. Add milk and cook, stirring constantly until thickened. Add beans and liquid and season with salt and pepper. Reheat and if desired serve on fried apple rings. Serves six. The recipe above came from Mrs. Fay Timmons, of 1492 Sheridan Ave. This hearty bean soup, grand for supper meals, was sent to the Tower Kitchen by Tina Anagnos, of 47 Pilgrim, Highland Park.' Navy Bean Soup i lb dried navy beans ' 2 T tomato paste 4 T oil or fat 1 T salt 2 medium onions, sliced 3 carrots, sliced 2 c celery cut into medium pieces Soak beans over night. Next morning wash beans and put in a two-quart kettle filled with water. Then add salt, oil, onions, carrots, celery and tomato paste diluted with three-fourths Needlework CROCHETED play shoes created from cotton rug yarn are simple to make in a couple of hours. Pattern No. 1087 contains complete instructions for making these slippers for adults and children. Price of pattern, 10 cents plus 2 cents mailing cost. Address The Detroit Free Press Women's Service Bureau. A satisfying breakfast makes a happy day! White House Coffee 7 dSl. 4jgtw cut cup of water. Add more water as needed. Cook until vegetables and beans are done. Serves six. This Week's War-Time Menus Every Friday the Tower Kitchen plant a week of healthful dinner menus to help Detroit women with their wartime food problems. Rationed foods and those which are scarce are taken into consideration to make the menus practical foods which the homemaker would normally purchase by the week are susr-pesied on the week-end market list. Additional supplies which will be necessary to complete the menus are also listed. The menus will be repeated daily. SATURDAY Scrambled Eggs and Brains French Fried Potatoes Green Peas and Carrots Tossed Orange and Lettuce Oatmeal Fruit Pudding SUNDAY Pot Roast of Beef Brown Potatoes Yorkshire Pudding Green Beans Perfection Salad Honey Parfait MONDAY Braised Heart with Rice Beet Greens Corn Fritters Carrots, Celery Rhubard Cream Pie Ration-Recipe Contest Main Dishes Made with Eggs THE TOWER KITCHEN, THE DETROIT FREE PRESS, DETROIT, MICH. I wish to enter the recipes Inclosed with this coupon in The Detroit Free Press Ration-Recipe Contest "Main Dishes Made with Eggs." NAME ADDRESS CITY. (PRINT IN WARTIME v MEALS! Save time - work Ksflogf's Com Ftoset ire restored to WHOLE GRAIN NO-TRITIVE VALUES of THianwi (Vrtamtl BiX Nisei ' In I 1 II I y. (mm?!! Market Tips BUREAU OF MARKETS, WEIGHTS AND MEASURES PLENTIFUL SCP?LT: Asparagus, avocados, carrots. MODERATE SUPPLY: Apples, lemons, pineapples, strawberries, beans, beets, celery, cucumbers, onions, rhubarb, radishes, rutabagas, shallots, spinach, tomatoes. LIGHT SUPPLY: Bananas, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, lettuce, mushrooms, parsnips, peppers, potatoes, sweet potatoes, turnips. MEATS: The wholesale meat situation is unchanged this week except in the case of pork on wrhich the general supply has increased a little. Dealers state that the intimation that ceilings may be placed on livestock has stimulated shipments of live hogs and as a result stockyards' prices have dropped 90 cents per hundred-weight since a week ago. There are still good supplies of sausage and loaf meats available on which point values have been reduced recently. BUTTER, EGGS AND CHEESE: Wholesale dealers report a little improvement in the supply of butter and eggs this week. No change in prices have occurred, however. Cheese is still in moderate supply but dealers report sales somewhat slow since rationing started. POULTRY: Some of the wholesale poultry dealers, who have not been operating the past two weeks because their fixed ceiling prices have not allowed them sufficient profit to operate without loss, are reported to be considering the handling of their receipts at retail. Two carloads of live poultry have been received this weel: and it is understood that the bulk will be sold alive direct to consumers. This plan will allow the wholesaler an additional margin of about 6 cents per pound. FISH: Since meat rationing began demand has increased sharply for fish. Therefore, the moderate offerings that are coming in now do not last long. This week's supply of fresh fish consists mainly of blue pike and perch from Lake Erie and yellow pike from Lake Huron. Consumers who want low price fish should find mullet and sheephead in fairly good supply this weekend. TUESDAY Beef Roll with Cream Gravy Harvard Beets Fried Cabbage Waldorf Salad Lemon Prune Ice Cream ' WEDNESDAY Lamb Pie with Baking Powder Crust Broccoli Tossed Salad Apple Sherbet THURSDAY Baked Beans with Sausages Spinach Loaf Grapefruit and Orange Salad Prune Nut Bread with Cream Cheese FRIDAY Spanish Rice with Grated Cheese Kale' and Kernel Corn Assorted Relishes Baked Pears Hermits .TELEPHONE. STATE. PLAINLY) - fuel - other foods CORN FLAKES Friday's War Each day the Tower Kitchen plans a healthful dinner to help Detroit home-makers fill their families' food requirements. Rationed foods and thoee which are scarce are taken into consideration to make the meals practical for the home front. French Fried Fish Hashed Brown Potatoes Spinach Loaf Assorted Relishes Date Nut Pudding MARKET LIST Tonight's market list may be purchased for approximately $1.25 and serves six. It uses no points in your war ration book. 2 lb fresh fish 1 bunch radishes 1 bunch green onions 2 lbs spinach 1 bunch celery CHECK THESE SUPPLIES: Bread crumbs, fats, potatoes, milk, enriched flour, eggs, dates, margarine, sugar, corn syrup, baking powder, salt, nuts, vanilla, bread and beverages. Date Nut Pudding 1 c chopped dates V 1 1 u c boiling water T butter or margarine c sugar c corn syrup Week-End Shopping List $7.90 Approximate Cost 68 Points in Blue Coupons 32 Points in Red Coupons 1 lb lamb brains (3 points, red coupons) lb beef chuck, bone in (24 points, red coupons) 1 bunch carrots 1 head lettuce 4 lb potatoes 1 lb green beans 1 head cabbage (3 lb.) 2 lb onions 1 doz oranges 4 lb apples 2 lb dried pea beans (8 points, blue coupons) 2 No. 2 cans corn (14 points, blue coupons) 1 No. 2 can green peas (16 points, blue coupons) 1 No. 2 can tomatoes (16 points, blue coupons) 1 pkg. lemon flavored gelatin 3 cans irradiated evaporated milk 5 lb whole wheat flour 2 lb sugar 1 lb brown sugar 1 lb walnuts 1 lb prunes 2 doz eggs (Grade A, large) 1 lb margarine (5 points, red coupons ) 1 qt salad dressing CHECK THESE SUPPLIES: Salt, pepper, Worcestershire, chili powder, mustard, vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, drippings, French dressing, enriched flour, cornstarch, rice, baking powder, milk, honey, corn syrup, molasses, vinegar, bread and beverages. WHEN IT RAINS IT POURS Plain or Iodized owned and operated by SFBUE BnOB. 16822 Kercheval 880 West McNichoIs 5355 Chene St. 180 West Maple, Birmingham CRISCO ACDADArilC i ib. jar ASPARAGUS 25C 5 Points 59C Per Bunch California Fresh CARROTS SPINACH 5C Bunch 2 Lbs. for 25 C GRAPE FRUIT Last Call at This Price Sweet, Juicy '1.95 Eag Buy Now '2.49 Bag Philadelphia G. & R. McMillan Famous CREAM CHEESE TURKEY PIES IQC Pkg With Gravy 50 C Points Choice Mayflower BEEF POT ROAST Oleomargerine 31c Lb. 24c Lb. . PORK LOIN ROAST PORK LOIN With Tenderloin 38C Lb. Rib End 31C Lb. Fresh Spring CALF LIVER LEG of LAMB 69c ib. 42c it- PRIME SIRLOIN for Broiling - Time Dinner c sifted enriched flour la t baking powder t salt 1 c chopped nutmeats i t vanilla extract Mix dates, boiling water and butter or margarine. Beat egg, blend with sugar and corn syrup and add to date mixture. Sift together flour, baking powder, salt and add nutmeats. Add to date mixture. Add vanilla and pour into greased eight by eight by two-inch pan Bake in a moderate S50-degree oven for 45 minutes. Serve hot or cold with orange sauce or top milk. Yields nine two-and-a-half -inch squares. Mo loolin'ihty'r goodt EASTER TABLE LINENS Table linens must be especially tice for Holiday festivities, so be sure to wash them with Roman Cleanser. Roman Cleanser makes linens immaculately snow-white; removes many kinds of stains; saves the wear of hard rubbing. Follow directions on the labeL Economical Sold at Grocers as STEAK 1,QG Lb. JVYy S BUY aj v iSN war CSvr vf B0NDS m.

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