Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 24, 1947 · Page 11
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 11

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 24, 1947
Page 11
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„••''•« r HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Monday, November 24, , Sfiliber get. -Members afe ask; bring ' either,, food , 6r, ^loth- - the Radio rograms of the Day , Cosmopolitaii. Club, will y nigM at r 9!4ft at the H H&tne B. Henry,Hayfles With .Mrs. ' ~ ' as associate hos- ^ The Associated Press Central Standard Tlm« ,istenlng tonight (Monday): NBC George Tobias in. "Us "" Pil ms": 7:30 Howard Barlow con tf 9:30 "Fred Waring nigh timber's' at -the" f Hopi! Country will be ' erttertftirted with a Hksiiving dance* at the -club ^, evefcfhg. -Formal >or t is faptional. Hostesses Mr. arid- Mrs. H. L. r^. 'Dick Watr Geotge i Peck. I^ie'Mdore'. Jjfr. k and fyaht^-and' Mr. and SJ. 'mSwuthVof' qkay; All mbers-'are Urged tb attend. 25 / •/ BCflil* 4 Tr6dp\No. 5 uirffct the CBSr-7 Inner Sanctum; 7.30 God trey Talent Scouts; 6 Ida Luplno. ABC—7:30 Opie Gates show; Paul Whiteman Talent; 9'30 Ear Gddwfn. MB—7'Scotland Yard; 8'30 Hig' Adventure drama; 9 Fish and Hun Cliib. NBC— 8:30 . . CBS— . . ABC—11 . . MBS— band. . . Births HEMP8TEAD COUNTY White , Claude and Gladys Crowley, Hrpe, girl, Helen. , ' M, S. and Lillian Roberts, Hope boy. Michael. T. L, and Eunice Morton, Hope, boy, Gary. ' , '." , t B. C. and Mary Jo Clark, Hope boy. Gary. .. •,,•"•" Roy and Helen Toner, Hope, girl, Barbara. Wash Tuesday programs: a.' m. Cfevelandaires . . 1-30 Look Vdur Best . . a.'im. Welcome Travelers 11J30 Naval Academy With hef parents, Mr E. L. Archer here. and -Mrs. ifcr memti&r^ Interested \n joined troop agsUn. are urged to Jfd this' meeting. <" - ' i!*y, - r ,^», ftV youth", Departnient of the bt Baptist chUttM .'Will' nteet at ,at"r,o'ctpck , Tuesday d ^to'FaJr pa.rk tor Miss Sally Jo Webb of Nash- fepcnt 'the week end with her grandmother, Mrs Webb here. Mrs. Jewell Bohanon of Nash- Dawson and Marjone Crawford, Emmet, girl, Kathryn. ' B. J. and Mattle Bratcher, Hope,- girl. Judy. A. L. and Edith Powers, Ington, girl, Shelia. J. M. and Byrtle Barham, Lewisville, boy, Loon. • • , H. R. and Mary Rinehaft. Pat- mas, girl, Sherry. . C. T. ahd Betty J. Breedlove, Hope, .boy, Charles. '•H. F-. and Ruth Cumbie. Hope, boy, Michael. R. T. and Dorris .Hutson, Hope, girl, Sharon. E, T. and Acidic Patterson, • Me Nab. girl. Kathryn. R. L. and Hilda Warren, Hope, boy, Mitchell. D L. and Mattie Faught, Hope, boy. Garryv . . R. V, and Geneva Herndort. Hope, girl, Margie Lyn. E. C. and Charlcne Salisbury, Hope, boy, "James. E. C. and Bertha Aaron. Hope, girl, Brenda. • • F. L. and Arra .Johnson, Hope Court Docket Ark- Municipal Court of Hope, ahsaS, November 24, 194 1 /. , The following forfeited $10.00 cash bond each on a charge of druhkenness: Joe L. Crutcher, Edgar . Thorn:on, Earl Thornton, William T. 3reen. Frank Smith, T. P. 'Boyett, VT:- G; Taylor, George Townsend, Lee Williams, Martin Guthrie, Deward .. Russell. Rosie Lee Taylor, Petit larceny, forfeited $25 cash bond. Served ond day iri. jail. Martin Guthrie, Frapk Smith, disturbing - peace, forfeited $10.00 cash bond each. Delmar Stokes, no chauffer's license, forfeited $5.00 cash bond. . Maggie Fulce, possessing untax- edi intoxicating liquor, forfeited $50.00 cash .bond. The Doctor Says: By WILU1AM A. O'BRIEN,. M.D. Written fop NEA Service Vegetarians refuse to eat food, derived from animals, because they consider meat harmful. It is possible to live on a diet in which only vegetable protein is eaten, but the results of experiments indicate that it is better to eat both DOROTHY DIX Illness and Marriage • her up in this day of women s_ri- hts, and publicly humiliate her 3C fore others, passes any compr?-. hension. Hoven't you a mothei or i father or anyone who will pro ect you against yourself by at east calling, in the police. DEAR MISS DIX: I am engaged fine and understanding to a very boy and we expected to be mar- kill, boy, unnamed. J. C. and Mary Springs, boy Lloyd. Hope, ville arrived Saturday for n with her sister. Mrs dent.herc. Laura v!mt Bia- Non White Deary and met. girl. Jackson and Ruth Washington, girl. Rosa Lawson, Em- Muldrow, ioon'and . ' roast. 'All 1 young people Otged to attend. , >28> . ' Friday Music CWb will meet 7530 Ffiday night at the hoinfi 'Whitlow. Among the Hope Garden Club members attending the Texf-rltuna Harden Council meeting at Hotel 3rim on Friday afternoon weie: Mrs. Franklin McLaity. Mrs Thompson Evans, Jr., Mrs. Ke'ly Bryant, Mrs. W, R. Herndon, Mrs. J. C Carlton, Mrs. Garrett Story, Mrs John'Wallace and Mrs Fied Cook. Announced 'jj£id"§e and'Mrs.' Thomas E. Toler Malverji announce the en- nt arid .approaching marri- , _ „„ their duaghter Emmarene * "of Dallas, Tex. to Wingfield D. Stfflud," al°o of TJalla?, son of Mr. boy, James.. . . . . W."H.'and Ola Easterling; .Hope girl, Janice: ' ' ••'••'••' ••• !:•••. . W. F, and Gllha'-Monroe, Hope girl, Betty Jean. /' ' .'•'-• •'• J. H. and Syble 'Barnes,. McNab, girl, Dorothy. •' • . C. A. and Gladys Gordon, Hope girl, Sara. E. E. and Dorothy McDowell, Hope, boy; Bobby. . H. D. and Melba Hawthorne, Fulton, girl, Helen. Paul ,W. and Annie Jackson, Lewisville, twins.- boy. arid 'girl Mr, and Mrs Chailcs A Aiim- tage had as week end guests., Mr. and Mrs. C R Moiton und son, Mike of. Crossett. Samuel and Bernice Atkins, Hope, girl. G. D. and Evie Ross, Emmet, joy. . l£mon : and Thelma Porter, :dpe, girl. Thog. and Ola McGill,' Blevins, )oy. •• '.. Alonza and Sadie Gamble, Oswm girl;.: 1 • - ' :' William .and Ordlec Henderson, Oz'an," girl. Elmer and Gladys Fulks, Pres- cotti twin boys. L.'J: and Daisy Brown, Blevins, girl. ' W. E. and Joy Trotter, Fulton girl.'' , " J. A. and Bobbie Ma'rshall, Dzan, girl. Calvin ahd Lillie McFaddiri Phyllis and Phillip. • p. W. and Mamie , Hope, boy, Dewey. , Wpolsey on November bride, elect -is a' graduate of rsori'-Statt! Teachers'.College. she ma3ored iano' antfc music,? education. At " --«*.-• • the Music ^Ephica* t the,' £>allas ~ J-T -T f-f-I - <- r - • ~t ««•—-, IT— •* T- i/2rtiblk&-schools. ', '»<',.• . K'J *M»i <Sferoud«lM80.attended H«?nder- 4 " iStatej Twcta$/ College ahds 4hlfeeT jfW * ft S. at',preseht, Personal Mention Friends of Albert Willctt, six- ton year old son of Mr. and Mrs teen year old. son of Mr. and Mrs. will be pleased to know thot he is reported as doing nicely following an accident two weeks ago. >'W. D. and Alverne Reed,'Hope boy, William. L. C. and Louise Margin, Hope girl, Gloria. ..'.'-'•' H. L. and Lura Buzzington, Gar land City, boy, Royce. A. D. and Evelyn Middlebrooks Hope, boy, Marshall. B. C. and Annie York,, McCaskU boy. unnamed. •<'•". •'.' '-•• H, and Delia McCravin, Hope, boy, unnamed. Dewey and Virginia . Lively, Washington, boy, Robert. T. L. and Hollie Otts,... McCas- f given" SatOrday 'in— ate 1 -, home Mrs? -HT I','- Brandt, ;931 Mer- 36 St. i \vith -JMiSS Ma*y Preiley i W.oodard as * ' <»i*<n~+ s . t % Coming grid Golng"> > ^ij*- f . ' T '- '• ',-- ss Norma Jean , Archer will eJWednesday froqi ? Northwts- fTMversity, Evansion. Illinois Hospital -Notes Branch i 'Admitted: Hulton MHchell, Low |-ville. Discharged: , rt Mrs.) Cecil Rogers, Blevins Mrs. Jdmes Sevier Watson, Rt. 2; Hope. Julia Chester' Admitted: > ' Wfrs.' John Moore, Lewisville. -^--m."- *'*&[.•* "rs. O. B. Chance, Hope Mrs 1 . Herbert Hartsfield, Rt. 2, Hope. Mrs. Edyth Wells, Conroe, Texas. Discharged; James Stearn, Arkadelphia. animal and vegetable proteins if top health is to be maintained. Seme so-called vegetarians eat milk, butter, eggs and cheese, in addition to vegetables and other foods. This group apparently believes that they can accomplish their purpose'by abstaining from animal flesh, but dairy - products are of animal origin and their proteins are identical with those of meat. Animal and vegetable proteins help build and repair body structure. Proteins contain nitrogenous compounds which are a basic need for persons of all ages. They also have carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, sulfur, phosphorouse, iron and other minerals in their structure. These elements are combined by plants, which form them into amino acids. It is possible to mix several jgctablos and get combinations hich yield all the amino acids ccessary for health, but the sim- cst way to do it is to eat a well- alanccd diet containing both nimal and vegetable proteins. ed. I Hope,' boy. Me- ' Clay 'and Velmer Johnson, Nab, . girl. Charley and Annie Swift, Ozan boy. . Lonnie and Annie Keels, Ozan, boy. Isaac and Mary Street, Patmos boy. •V Theopus and Lillie Primus, Ful tori, boy. ;Jphnnie and Lillie Cheaitom, Hope, boy. •.Augusta and Lacene Carrigan Fulton; boy. 'Clemon and Nancy McFadden Oza'h, girl. F. C and Minnie Clark, boy. Hope Josephine Mi. and Mrs Hope announce A, R. Hamm of the ariival of a LOST 32 WHINDS! * it noddy with A indy RulucinC , T cynoldi faaa a mode?* (ig-. our Mperlcncc ma thes.imc.t)U ngplan. Ver ftfiuUt or msdical4octoren) nsloit UtoJ ilolnaIew luclnftPlan. CKtmse No In^tlvtl. No " t plenty. Y on don't • Jr -'" - 'ore meals, 1 wppty. * OHN P. COX/DRUG CO. t*\ Phone $18 6 817 - Out thl§ A4>M*a Reminder daughter on November 22 Mr. and Mrs Carl Polk announce the arrival of a son on November 22. •Admitted: W. H. Tnpletl, Lewisville. Little Miss Mitzi Carol Polk, Hope. Mrs, Carl Polk, Emmet Discharged: Mrs. /Julius' Haynes; .Lewisville. Carter McCoiklc, Hope. Mis. Victor Cobb and little daughter. Hope. Mrs. J. D. Brown and little daughter, Hope. Baby Mike Poweis, Hope, iMrs. W. E Groves Hope QOAUTY.PURITY uirt nom< !' Morqllno, guaran- IUINS nc e S highest quality. Only lot MINOR. MOROLSNE XXIX "I—I-had promised Joel that-I'd go out with him tonight, Maurlne." Cam's voice was so steady, now that there wbs even so small a purpose as temporary escape behind it, that it''amazed '. "I can't keep my word. Tve got to go out— right now." 'Of course, 1 ' Mauririe murmured, solicitously. "Of course, dear." , .... '. "When he comes foi; me, If you like, go out with him yourself— since he's so interested in yoy anyhow—•." : '. ' 'I wouldn't accept a date from Joel Conroy," cut -in her cousin virtuously, "if he were absolutely the last man 'on the whole Carter campus. Not after the way he's treated you." ' ' • Cam left her standing there 5 on the stairs, a tiny figure ot indignation, and closed the heavy front door almost too hastily beliind herself. Walking swiftly, she \ cut across a campus already Swilri- ming in the darK pool of an Ucto ber twilight. She had chosen, icr direction by instinct alonb; allcl if anyone had stoppc-d her . Uv,!qU'es- tipn the reason for her choice, the might have, answered that" it was aecauso the river lay in the, Opposite direction from' the. Plhvl.'iied MMM SA — FEATURES — 2:26 - 4:38 9:02 6:50 "GOING MY TEAM.. T«om*d Again! UTKTNIWS COLOR CARTOON NEW - FEATURES— 2:50-4:54-?:58 9:oa a ' COLO| CARTOON ried very soon, but our plans have suddenly gone awry. I knew that I was hot in good health, but I did not know that I was seriously ill until my doctor told me the other day that I would have to be under treatment for at least two years, and that I must not think about marrying until I was entirely cur- have told my fiance how the matter stands and offered to release him from the engagement but be refuses and says he will Wait for me until Judgment Day if he has to before he gives me up. If we have to wait two years, I will be 21 and he will be 23. Shall I keep his ring as he wishes me to do, or should I return it and not let him lose two years of.his life just because of me? We love each other very much. ANSWER: You are.right to wait until you are thoroughly cured o) whatever disease you have before you marry, for you do not want to 36 a burden on your husband, as you would be if you were the vic- im of some chronic ailment. No wife wants to be just a doctor's bill to her husband. Ideal Marital Age with In addition to supplying amino cids, vegetables are a good source £ minerals and vitamins. Raw r cooked fruit and several vege- ables should be eaten daily. Po- aloes are especially valuable for hildrcn and hard workers, as they ontain amino acids, starch, min- rals and vitamins. Psychological Problem Some vegetarians .dp .not eat meat because of sentimental rea- ons. It is a psychological, prob- em which may go back to some hildhood experience. Older persons may attempt to lerive all of their amino acids rom vegetables, because they iave been told that meat is harm- ul for them. This prejudice goes jack to the last century. :—o But you are foolish when you get melodramatic and want to break off your engagement because you have to put off your marriage for two years, and you talk as if you will be so old and feeble by that time that you would hardly be able to totter up to the altar. You say he would be 23 and you all of 21. Dear, dear! How sad that you will have to wait until you are senile before you get married. Yet 23 for the man and 21 for the girl are, in reality, the ideal ages for marriage and quite as young as any couple should marry- You will have a lot better chnce f making your marriage a suc- ess if you wed at 23 and 21 than | 6u would have if you carried out our original plan of marrying your teens. And why do you think that your sweetheart will lose the two best •ears of his life if he doesn't mar- ^ ... •y before he is old enough to a g e . i will gladly vote? It isn't true. Statistics show meals, a place, to that far more boy-and-girl marriages end in divorce than that of older people, and this is because joys and girls lack the discipline and the wisdom that come with maturity and hence are Unable to make the adjustments that mar riage requires. DEAR DOROTHY DIX: Do you think that a boy of 18 is too old for a girl of 15, even if her men tality is higher than a girl • of ; 15? Do you think it is right for my boy friend to spank me every time I displease him, even if he is my steady? It humiliates me terribly, but he doesn't care and does it even if we are at a party. He has told his -boy friend that he thinks ;irls should be tamed every once n a while. Please answer this as soon as possible'. TROUBLED ANSWER: You do well to-sign yourself'TROUBLED because that will be your middle name if you DEAR DOROTHY DIX: Do you enow any woman who wo.uld like ,o help me out in my houseworK. I have two kids, 7 and 3 years o give her her live and her i be an elderly no family arid also Monday, November 24, 1947 HO PI S.TAR, HO PI, ARKANSAS BLONDIE By Chick Young OZARK IKE THE KETCHUP )i WON'T COM E < OUT OF THE ) BOTTLE - woman she must be my companion. I want someone who would aPP«?ciatea pleasant home, but I do not pay any wages. B s A ANSWER: I certainly do not know of any woman who will do housework and take care of children and be a companion without receiving any salary for her labor If vou have tried to hire a servant in these days when the price of a good maid is above rubies, you must know that no such domestic angel now exists. marry the young brute with whom you think yourself in love. How any girl, with even a thimbleful of brains, will permit a boy to beat (Released by The Bell Syndicate, Inc.) Famous Name IS RELIED ON *Y MILLIONS £ St. Joseph ASPIRIN WORLD'S LARGEST SELLER AT UK walk up which Joel might i be striding even now to keep his dale with, her. • She^ might have answered' so and iieiieVed, herself, in the logic of the answer. Thai the river — their river— could be calling to her Was ndlyulpus. It was close to mid.mght whf>n, without turning oa the light' ir the familiar hall. Cam: crawled her noiseless way up lha stairs where she had left Maui'ine standing in virtue, tilcewis-j ., in darkness, she found her bed and fell across it, stiff and exhauster], When her eyes dragged r.ppn, next morning, slowly £(rid us if unwilling to adrriit that another day had! started, it was already late. The unrestful sleep, whidi Had blacked out her thoughts for a handful of lethargic hours had done nothing to restore her. She felt a thousand years old,, and twice a? tired. When she came downstairs at last, an opened cppy of the Curler Daily lay beside her breakfast plate in neat alignment with her napkin. Her father and Maurlne must both have left the house, and long ago, one for Ws meeting and the other for her early classes. Cam flicked out the p.^ge folded uppermost before her, and. glanced down with the habit of years at the big headline. Today's lead: Dean's Avi/ards to Be Mvst Gen- .erous in Carter Hiftory. There [was a second, head to the 1 story which followed, but this was a mere three-column matter m type perhaps a third as flamboyant. President's Committee, it ran, Meets Today to Pa.is On Applicants and Faculty Promotions, She sat for a moment staring back at the neat phUanxes of letters. Tomorrow's front page would casry, probably as a , boxed feature, the alphabetically arranged list cf the successful ones. And Joel Conroy would appear th«re, high among the C's. Her father had practically assured her of that. Cam pushed her chair DICK swiftly, and it made a little angry sound on the floor *s it moved. She could not have swallowed a mouthful ol food if her life had depended on it. ler life, both great and smal' ihowed by what, a •••hopeless m^i jiiii she had overslept her ow jarliest class, Deliberately, she ru ijjr second one. She had a note 6,write; arid,' since the Dean was >usy at that meeting .for whi-^h he lad prepared so arduously, she elected to write it at her father's desk. It was big and familiar'and t's solidity gave her he backbone She .knew she would need fo make the words come out the way they must. Dear Joel: ; tet me congratulate you .MI . cinching you.r scholarship. And i now I am in line for congratulations, too. Herbert Powell and I are planning to be married, very, very soon. Thanks for those laughs. They did help both of us pass the time, didn't they, Joel? You know, don't you, that I'm wishing you good luck? Cammie She mailed it in the post box at the edge of the campus, on her \vay to the day nursery. This was Friday, and the nussery was her Friday job. Even heartbreak didn.'t mean that the children there needed her any the less. There \yould be a lot of time she could give them now. Empty days. Empty weeks. Perhaps she would volunteer for a complete extra shift at the nursery. Ahd for at least one more afternoon each week at the hospital. If she kept busy everj moment, she wasn't nearly so likely to remember. If she tired herself out, day after clay- But at this moment, this firs Boy Scout Troop 62 of Hope has recently added fifteen new Scouts to its enrollment which fills the troop membership' to capacity, according to Scout Master Clyde Coffee. Troop 62 is sponsored by the First Methodist church • of Hope and is enjoying an outstanding scouting program. Eagle Scout Arch Moore Ellington is serving as senior patrol leader for the troop. Troop 65 of Fulton has reregis tered this week. This troop is un der the direction of Chester An derson, Scout'-Master, and is. one of the outstanding troops in Cad Council. The troop made an xcellent record while in camp or ten days at Camp Pioneer [ena, last summer. Through an invitation by tb empstead Boy ' Scout District he Caddo Area Council Executive Joard will meet this month in lope. The meeting will be held at arlovv Hotel, Tuesday, November 5, at 7 p.m. Josh R. Morris, Council President will be in charge f the program. Clifford Franks ocal executive board member is moment after the slot of the mai box had clanged shut on her good by to Joel, she could not complet even that one bleak thought in he mind. She felt too numb, too be wildered. The clap of that iron lip, closing on her note, had sounded too much like the end o the world. (To Be Continued) Tbe ticke which h*d To relieve cough- Ing spasm?, muspular soreness, rub throat, chest and ^ • if* I* a back at bedtlnie WIC If 9 with time-tested ^ V* P o R u B New Hope Singing Will Be HeSd Sunday, Nov. 30 A singing program will be held it New Hope Church, north of •lope on Highway Number 4, start- ng at 2 p.m. Sunday, November 30, it was announced today. The public is invited. With less than seven percent of the world's population, the United States has 81 percent of the world's passenger automobiles and 57 percent of all trucks. Do You Suffer Distress Of n charge of arrangements, -o- £5re Crifrscazes U. S. Over Present With Uncomfort ^ able Fullness? Are you troubled by distress of female functional monthly disturbances? Does < this make you suffer / from pain, feel so^/ ^rS suWrnes? Then D o try Lydla E. Plnkham's Vegetable Compound to relieve such symptoms! In a recent medical test Plnkham a Compound proved remarkably helpful to women trouU.ed this way. 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"People who read American his- :ory will search its pages for a long ame before discovering that American loaders sent presents to British oyalty whilst America was strug- ;ling for its independence," an editorial said. The Irish press said that, a sindi- viduals, the people of Eire wished the young couple well. GETTING UP NIGHTS GETTING YOU DOWN? • Here's good news for you folks who have to get up at night to pass water, have backache, too, because of rainor.functlonal kidney disorders. Three generations ago, a famous doctor developed a medicine for this very trouble. Now millions have used it, often with amazingly fast, effective results.The medicine is Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root, made of 16 herbs, roots, vegetables, and balsams — truly nature's own way to relief. Instantly you take it, it Btarts to work flushing out kidneys ... increases the flow of urine, helping to relieve «xceu acidity ... 60 irritated bladder geti • good flushing out, too. Caution: Take ai directed. 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V (JtOvMt phon«J itMlpJI THERE WA*'* IOT Of IT KM D l| 17 W*» l«ft Of ' NEAR THE WI^ECK. fM tOl MlL ? *' IT IN WHIN WS «T WASH rUBBS WILL VOU T WELL MOO SEE,... I'M * MMJOrKTUREB EXPLWM \ AND IT-AM ...OCCURRED TO t Wtnfhrl fc/»t fcr"l^» t ni^f 11 —(-"!»•* w»tfi~-i~**~*r t^^i-iw vl 1 j WHW SOU'RE FEW SUWPLES OF-EB-OUR L>Tfe*T . t>01M& OUT HERE /.MODELS WSHT BE DI&TRlBUTEOl WfflWSIVC OF SHOES? THKT \s i f B \iiiTU Lin till n ifiE ^nEivnt^tivnivj^ Vj* ^»n*"«^fc VOUMG'UMS, MJD.NOVJ VOU VtANtft I s . 'I DONALD DUCK "Your grandfather and I lived in a barn for a while after! we were married—but r guess you wouldn't have much* " oroom in a garage!"' Popsie, I wonder how much that one is! Or am '"~ V being too acquisitive?" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Blosser FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershberger 1 TMINK I'LL BREAK \DONT: DO MV DINMEE. DATE WITH! i IIHAT—- GO HIM —HE'S LIABLE TO /AHEAD AND 1 FEED ME POSSUM ' / DATE THE ' -f DOPE/ M ** ' ^ v-P X4 HENRY m- TlMB HAS COME TO GIV/E \WITM SOME .REAL SOUTHERNJ CUSTOMS'/ "It's pur.new aerial super-duper play COPR. 194T BY NEA SERvtcE. INC. T. M. BEC. U. LETS INTRODUCE LARD TO ' A CAROLINA LATE , DATE/ SWELL/ THAT WILL REALLY BE SOMETMNG MEW iM , SHADYSIDE/ II 11-24 i^^^^^E V. ALLEY OOP POPEYG Thimble Theater TRICK/ LITTLE EA5CAL, ' ISMT "IT? fSAW IT PUCK JUST AS . WE' HAFTA PASS 7HJS EXAAV i IP I PLAVS: IN'A SPINACH BOWL?? ~~ ANSWER ' NEXT. QUESTION THE CREAM OF THE GOLF WORLD IS ARRIVING AT •*£ SiOJNKTON, MEADOVVS FOR t THE NATIONAL W/DE-OPEM—. — BEFORE IT IS OVER. WE hfr\VE WHIPPED CREAM f V< * fr°° \ I ^/ ° & \V "• 11-24 ILL K BACK gy SUNSET. BUT DON'T WAIT PINNER BOOTS OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoopla # IF HE EVER WIMS ANOTHER TURKEY IM A RAFFLE I'LL RUM IT OUT OF TOWN).' I WANT 'EM FRONA TH BUTCHER'S--DEAR 'PICKED ANP HELPLESS/ WOMEN! 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