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Detroit, Michigan
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FASHIONS OF THE DAY. BEAUTY ADVICE NEEDLEWORK THE DETROIT FREE PRESS MONDAY, MARCH 8, 1943 Milliner's Original Creations to Be Shown Train Women in Map Making i i i 4 -V-" "rs- 'J Red Cross Opens Drive for Nurses OPENING THE Red Cross drive for nurses, Gail Patrick, moving picture star, will appear at 12 a. m. Monday at the recruiting' center in the Cannon Memorial on Washington Blvd. The drive, sponsored by the combined nursing divisions of ths Red Cross, is to recruit Nurses Aides, students in home nursing and registered nurses for active duty with the Army and Navy.

With Miss Patrick will be another actor, Gene Lockhart. Both will speak over the loudspeaker system in the recruiting station. Detroit Quotas DISCUSSING the drive, the Red Cross stresses the close connection between the Red Cross nurse at battle station, the Detroit housewife caring for her families' ailments through her training in a home nursing course and the volunteer Nurses' Aide. With the requirement of 20 and more women on the home nursing front to back up one Red Cross nurse on the battle front, the three divisions have pooled their efforts to meet Detroit's quota in all three branches. For the division in home nursing Myrtle Vandermeulen, chairman of the home nursing division, has set her goal for the year at 14.980 certificates.

The nurses' recruitment must enlist 750 nurses for the Army and Navy. Chairman of Nurses' Aides Mrs. Carl Grawn is urging women to train as nurses' aides so that Detroit can meet its quota. A class is to begin Monday morning. Free Prv-- Thoto Making maps for the Army is a far cry from planning color schemes but Betty Gregory, interior decorator, finds it fascinating.

She is studying the fine points of map making in a ESMWT course at Wayne University. I I Monday Hours: 12:30 to 9 P. M. vV RUSSEKS 1448 Woodward Ave. 7f 2) ah with AY 0 11 PRINT $12.95 Completely dramatic are the new milliners creations to be shown to Detroit in a downtown store Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.

Lilly Dache's dim-out hat of pleated pink organdy ruffles has its own battery set which you. attach to your lapel. Klectric lights are hidden beneath the frothy ruffles. Designer Dache concocted the capot (upper right) in navy and yellow wool plaid as successor to the fascinator. For dark suits, Dache olfers the chartreuse and dubonnet plaid robin-hood hat with jaunty feather.

Ilarryson's "Mantilla" is a glorified version of the fascinator in black straw, black veiling, edged pleated white organdy. The sombrero felt hat with wide, upsweeping brim is a John-Frederice original. For shopping information, call IJAndolph 8915. DETROIT DAKY It Must Be the Needlework Y640 BY AILEEX SPAFFORD WHEN BETTY GREGORY, of 4SS Parkview, was a little pig tailed girl poring over her geography, she never dreamed that some day she'd be making maps for others to study. But the war has turned the world around in more ways than one.

So like most of the other women enrolled in the ESMWT courses at Wayne University Betty is' getting ready to take over one of the jobs formerly done by men. Topographic map making is to be her specialty. In this class, the girls study photographs taken from airplanes. Learn to interpret all the little gray smudges, white streaks and black spots. Finally, draw accurate contour maps to be used by the government, the Army or Coast Guard in planning military moves and such.

Government Sponsored APPROXIMATELY 65 different subjects are taught in the government sponsored ESMWT courses at Wayne and other college-level schools in Detroit. Unravelled alphabetically, ESMWT stands for Engineering, Science, Management War Trainees. In several of the classes, more girls than men are enrolled. Aircraft drafting, for example, is one for which women are especially adapted. They learn the basic principles of flight and airplane construction and are prepared to take jobs in engineering departments of airplane factories.

Members of the radio course are taught the mysteries of radio mechanisms so that they may inspect the assembly and installation of radios in Army trucks and planes. Laboratory Technicians THE INTENSIVE drawing course trains junior draftsmen for war plants. In the metallurgy class, students learn to polish specimens examine them under microscopes to determine the internal structure of the metals. They will become technicians in metallurgical laboratories. "We have many calls from the government and war industries for people to fill such positions.

More than we can possibly fill from our present student hody," reports Harold Donnelly of the Wayne College of Engineering. These part-time ESMWT courses are given during both the day and evening. They are 12 weeks in length and, as a rule, consist of two-hour classes twice a week. The majority require only a high school education. Enrollment for spring courses will begin March 15 with classes starting March 22.

Ammunition from the Kitchen Waste kitchen fats are needed for the war. They fire anti-aircraft and anti-tank shells. They make dynamite and gunpowder. Save, strain and sell all waste greases. Your meat dealer wdl pay you four cents a poundj for it.

HELP WIN A BATTLE WE ARE OPEN TILL 9 P. M. We urge you to see our fashion-important collec-tions of the new coats, suits and dresses priced from 29.95 to 69.95 WASHINGTON BOULEVARD Buy Wo GomcU Lilly lJun-Uiitrlat Has Battery Capot, Mantilla, Sombrero in Group HV DOROTHY CLOUDMAX THE DIVINELY mad hatters have been up to exciting now tricks again. This season, Millinery is distinctly original, totally disarming in its novelty, highly flattering, and the blight morale-building spot in this at war. Designers have been so imaginative with their rionty-t'i ee materials that you'll your breath in wonder as you view the whimsical attitudes they're taking for spring.

You'll see them in the fashion showing of a Detroit store Tuesday and Wednesday at p. m. LILLY DA CUE went completely out of this world and ennie back with a millinery idea about which the whole country is talking. It's none other than her pop-pink frilly organdy hat which lights up like a Christmas tree on dimmed out streets or black-out evenings. Nestling beneath the ruffles of this black velvet-bowed chapeau are tiny lights anil how jire they lighted? Simply press the button of the black satin covered attery s.

and you're on Black velvet cord is attached to hat and battery. The price is $10. Remove the lights and you have an unusually beautiful hat that's still a conversation-piece. (Center sketch). REMINISCENT OF Robin Ibw.d is the spirit-liftmg taffeta int with its sky-high riubonnet feather.

Wear it perched squarely forward. The plaid is a blight rliarf reuse duhonnet for a brilliant combination with suits. Tins, too, is a Lilly Dache original, an i is worn by the volatile designer herself. An artfully how-si a i in matching: plaid is Hat is $35 (sketched upper left 1 The new "capnt'' is Cache's dramatic answer to the ''fas. and "calot" craze.

Winsome flattery is achieved by the crescent-shaped head-dress of navy, yellow and gold-shot wool piaid. Falling gracefully over the back hair is a skirt of s-df-matei ial ith four rows of nifties for sheer femininity. Navy grosgrain ribbon streamer a re tied in a bow at the back of your to hold the hat in place. Price i NER A YSO N. ire for "piettv" vim has tl few Mi as.

ooneoetc, the 'Mantilla" hat (sketched lower left). It's dainty, picture-framing iv.itiMii with the quaint charm of the glorified fascinator and the allure of trie Spanish mantilla. A tiny liuiriil circlet of fine black straw holds hat in plaee. A double veil of lacy, slii black is edged in oyster-white pleated organdv ruff." This demurely flattering hat is S22.50. Among the brilliant achievements of the John-Frederics collection is the up-sweeping', wide-brimmed hat that is really a feminine version of the Sombrero.

Finest French fur felt in a soft sand dun I'cetlt of color rU'bun trim heigp color in the saddle nd soft veil-is priced at Manners HV SAX IJAKTLETT R.i;.: It is best to use Mr. with a. business superior or an employer. Even though it might be perfectly all right for you as an individual to call your employer by bis first name it sets up a precedent in an organization th effects of which might he rather disagreeable. T.E.K.: No matter what the ires, instances when an engagement is broken, it is always hr-o', by the girl so far as tile public is concerned.

The you: man says nothing if he is a gentleman. The girl and man return the gifts and let-, ters and photographs which they may have received from each other ami she sends back the engagement ring. (Any wedding gifts which may have been received are also re- turned. Short notes explain-broken engagement are iug the writ ten friends by the girl to her and she always speaks as having been broken itual consent." of "bv I V. Certain letters or notes recognized social duty, include letters of con-tion upon some happy are Thev circu mst a p.ce such as gradua tion from or college, engagement or marriage, an artistic or professional achievement.

Others are letters of sympathy when there has been a letters expressing thanks for a gift and bread-and-butter letters. CLEAN CLOTHES ESSENTIAL To Morale. Dry Cleaning Preserves Life cf Apparel BOOSSV CLEANERS "Since 1S61" Phone CO. 4500 4SE6 Woodward BUr STAMFS. WAR BONDS Housewife Wants No Questions Asked: BY MAKJORIE AVERY WORLD TURNED UPSIDE DOWN DEPT.

It's told by a Detroit woman who is so thankful to get them back she wants no questions asked. She puts the whole thing down to the pixie-ish aspect life has suddently assumed. One day several weeks ago, in that high wind that swept in from the south, this Detroit housewife hung out the wash Look fresh as spring Itself all done up In daisies with a flurry of polka dots for good measure. The bow-tied blouse is a walst-whlttler, while the pleated skirt gives that important swing to your walk. Brown with aqua daisies, or black with gold, in rayon crepe.

Misses' sizes. BUDGET SHOP FOURTH FLOOR and watched it, with satisfaction, blow dry. ing day," she said. Later, taking down the clothes, she carefully that nothing was missing and with horror found was a garment very clear to her heart jewel an irreplaceable possession a anyway, it was her nylon pants. Answers to Beauty Questions BY GRACE BARBER MRS.

U. Don't confuse deodorants and nonperspirants. They are different, although each has its place in grooming. Nonperspirants actually stop or deter perspiration. Deodorants neutralize perspiration and other body odors.

As to the number of times you should use a non-perspirant, some use it only once a week, some twice, some every day. Only you can judge for yourself. I think it's a good plan to have on hand both a non-perspirant and a deodorant, the latter cither in powder or cream form. Use them whenever you suspect you might be under any special emotional or physical strain. Nervousness often makes glands more active.

MISS II. I suggest two leaflets that will prove helpful. One is B-35, "Bleaching Tan and Freckles." The other is B-75. "Readers' Recipes for Bleaches" The latter is made up of methods used by women readers at home which have given varying degrees of success. A three-cent stamp should accompany your request for either of these.

"TV fhri RUSSEKS 1448 WOODWARD AVENUE With fear clutching her heart she searched carefully about the yard hoping the wind had hlown them off the line. Then fdie wondered if a dog had got in and torn the er garment down and chewed it up. Another thorough search revealed no torn shreds of nylon not even the ghost of a pair of pants. i i fWV s.k 'tat 001 or uinper 7.95 Tissue rayon flannel in aqua, maize, green or is carefully tailored in this becoming jumper. Note the cardigan neckline, the slim waist, the soft front fullness in the skirt.

(It's a sell-out everytime advertised because it's such a wardrobe-stretcher.) Sizes 10 to 18. $7.95. With it, a perky rayon blouse with stud-buttoned cuffs. White only. $2.25.

SPORTS SHOP FIFTH FLOOR 4 Young Folks Join the WHEN HER son and daughter got home from work she told them the sad tale and, flashlight in hand, they all went out and searched the back yard thoroughly, until even the skeptical young folks had to admit mother's surmise was correct. The pants were gone. Then this Detroit housewife, whose parentage was Irish, sang a keen to herself beginning, "Now my nylons are gone. They are no more. No more nylons until after the war Oh woe is me.

Oil woe is me. Oh lack-a-day. and so on for 21 verses. Two wash days later, which brings us up to date, the housewife was sadly bringing in the wash and looking mournfully around the yard when she saw something pink and clean in the corner near the fence, looking like a dab of frosting on a chocolate cake. She hurried over and there were her nylons, newly washed, ironed and folded neatly, held down by a large, clean stone.

There's to be no investigation. She wants no questions asked. It's enough for her that the pants have come home. War- "A GOOD dry- checked to see that something treasure a of tr well pair Hunt time. Mrs.

Edna Tietze is Miss Jennie Clow, principal of A I tint on KCt 1 SHAMPOO tints, reconditions! Cau lor: use enlyai dintttd on label MARY VITKO, spe cial representative, will be with us Tuesday. March 9. ONE TREATMENT and your hair glows with youthful looking color! ALMA KAMPMAH 504 Michigan Theatre Bldg. 220 Bagley Ave. CA.

83 7 First Bride on Record DESIGN No. 640 THIS busy little miss has every day filled gainful occupation. These designs embroidered on your towels will add color to the kitchen. Hot iron transfer pattern No. 640 contains seven motifs measuring about 5 by 7 inches each with complete instructions.

Price of pattern, 10 cents plus 2 cents mailing cost. Address The Detroit Free Press Women's Service Bureau. "Hit" Suit FOR SPRING 95 Purest 100 wool combined with detachable pique collar and cuffs of sparkling white, brown-white, black-white. Sizes 10 to 18. Similar styles in navy and gray $3.

1 MRS. MARGARET PATTEN has been a member of the Sarah Ann Mother's Club of the Lutheran Charities Settlement House for some years, ever since Nancy, who is eight, and Robert, six, were old enough to play outside the house. And when Margaret's husband died and the burden of providing for two little ones fell solely on her, the settlement house workers helped her with her problems. Last week Margaret and William Rutledge were married at the Settlement House, the first bride and groom on the records. The Mother's Club insisted on it.

Mrs. Venus Cain baked the wedding cake. Forty-five members brought flowers to decorate the assembly room, and a pot luck supper for the wedding feast. The Rev. George Martin read the ceremony.

Eight-year-old Barbara Bender sang and Robert Hislop, a music student, played the wedding march. li 1 I s5 white I "l'' i 1 I I v. Everyone had a wonderful president of the Mother's Club. Roe School, was there and Sarah Bame head worker at the Settlement House. SLEEP Better You will after we rebuild saggy, broken-down Inner Springs and Box Springs.

(Jewel 33 Years of Reliability Feather Mattress Co. I 58 1 0 Third TO. 8-0895 Monday Store Hours: 12:30 to. 9 4 FLOEEG 1514 WASHINGTON BLVD..

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