Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 22, 1947 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 22, 1947
Page 7
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«<1 ^/-•K • ,t#y)f *"' i ****" "XT'" >y* H 0 M I T A R , H 0 P I, ARKANSA* Saturday, November 22, 1947 ;'M$?4i$ s Mt% t^ '• fljfej*-''' 1 lllffllt*! ** '<> i rsona \ M i ;,-'M)ss Elsie embte arc* flsk- Ea-v.-^.-^rJfm tor clgth- flfi&fhiiSfeilJftn|fc bo*. F6r torlfltlon call %^W; or 344-W. .,. ~« the jFir stf 1 fly. after- fe- Educa'- for,, a Cdtnmunlty eam. ..Circles five the study. Top Radio of the Day ! '',.'.. i^ The Associated Press mbir 2fc * r ,_nc$alit«i £ltib will'rtieet plight at^:43 i»t the nptne ^ Ha!ytfes wtth Mrs. rt' as 'a'ssoclate hos- ', * , •* ,On Saturday night list:, NBC—8 Hit Parade; 8:30 Judy CanoVa Showl d Kay Kysef Kollege. ICBS -*- ePHawk Larnfice; 7:30 lleave It To Bill; 8.30 Vaughn Monroe Show. ( ABC—-7 ROB<> , Dolan, Detective; 30 Murdei- Arid Malpne; 9 Prof uii. ' ' ' MBS—7-30 Hospitality Club; top Me Gags; 9 Chicago Theater. Sunday: NBC—1:30. James Mel- bn; 4 Drama "George Washington .ept ere. 1 < CBS-T-12;30 "Doorway To Life, 2 efr York Philharmonic. ABC—10 a. rn Fine Arts Quar- et! 12:,3(1 'Sammy Kayc Serenade MBS- i -2 Theater of Song; 3 House t Mystery Monday: 'NBC—8 a -m. Honeymoon' In tf.' Y . CBS — 12-45 ufdln* Light. . .ABC—10.45 a m ed Malorte .'< ..MBS—8:30 a m, ha.dy Valley Folks. ^dt*f ' »f >« »••$*»- jwa J-"*"*^ • " "*" i»embe v rsaceU^ged ,to a.ttcnd> *~-' V ^troop Uo.HS .under '' u »• t. *" it...*- 'ity-.tiw , tethpdisti Chufcch. All ffei-'mepnbers intijre^edun join- lief troop again v are qrged to lathis 'meeting., 3?* t » *• H*^i Si ,) ling and Going i and Mrg. Jesse 'Brown week end guests their DBiiicr, Miss Jesse Clarice awn and Harold Hightower of Ichita College^ Arkadelphia. lospital Notes 'Branch "^Admitted: feii-Mrs. K. Spencer. Rt 2, Rosston m JjE» Dispharged: '6 Mrs '* Edgar Edwards, Blevins S>'Mrs ' R.' M* 'Pfutzenreuter anc Itte'-son, Rti V, Emmet. gJWmitted: '^ (- M , , **~"~'lL t A.i«.' Hamm,' HoiJb ', l^ffijst'earn, ArkadeljJh.», Ark t^T' .fj' .' / i ' Hortlfe TTemonstration Club Cul Visits. j ayj November ' 25:- ,' Mover Springs HpC,at the honv '"" Troy Greenlcse 5t,2 p.ni. jesday, Jfovmber ??: asetersHDQ at we hoa\ 'Olaf Luck'' at '2 p.nv- monstration upholstering a chair rsd,ay., November 27: ' "and 1 Saturday, -Npvembe 28; x • Bock attending State i T A* ,e Demon «traUon CIul?' met J at the home o fi. U G.'Pye, Friday. Novembe at 2 p hti. The following oflfccrs ^';electe4 fdt JHBr'W". Nuel Proper Lamps for Make-Up .... i m m ,.i — .* r . . .-flSae...... A\ '.. ,j.\/. .. . . .,. ^^..A^^^—g-— Rot-Infested Town Colls for , o Pied Piper Martfnsburg, Pa, Nov 21— W)+—In a ripe mood for the Pied Piper, residents of this small Western Pennsylvania f aiming community called tpday for an all-out campaign to rid the town of rats so numerous they've undermined foundations of homes ' Similar action Is planned by farmers ,arid residents 'of four surrounding townships, who described the rat menace as the worst in yeais Corn m cribs was ruined and other grain CIODS were riddle 1 before they could be harvested. Taking up arms against the thousands of rodent invaders, martinsburg council and the martlnsburg booster association collected contributions of $2 per home and engaged four - profe^ional exterminators Wielding poison and gas, the exterminators hope to' clear the town of lats ID a week. The farmers, who have petitioned t county" and state agriculture offices for aid, estimated the .damage caused by each tat averages $25 Face level placement «f drewtof table lamps, above, and whitr shades provide even illumination for making up. DOROTHY DIX Good Wife Material News of the Churches ST MARK'S EPISCOPAL Elm and Third Streets Rev. W. Nbrthey Jones, S.T.D. Acting Rector Nbv 23. The Sunday'next before Advent. 11 a.rn.r^Morning Prayer and Sermon. • Come and worship with us. -© Team Lipstick Tint With Togs LIFE FROM .DEATH The . first Etelicioys apple tree grew from a,sprout that came up from th^ roots of a dying Wee in Mqdison county, Iowa, in 1870. The sprout /wa? cut down pnce. but came up again and was allowed tp grow, From this humble start came the famous, Delicious variety pf today. , By ALKHA HART NEA Staff Writer The correct lamps for your dress- ng table can light your way to ex- >ert .nake-up. Lightiftfe engineers who have pade tests to prove this conten- .ion r list these "jnusts" for makeup ights. On your dressing table, one lamp shpuld be placed at each side ol ';h,e mirror at f&ce level to illum- nate face ever/ly for accurate tra|?;c-up, Too-short or too-tall amps east shadows which interfere With good . vision and- '. may cause" you to smudge make-up or to ap- ite lampshades are engineers' choice because such shades dif- 'use clear, natural light over the face. Colored shades distort skin and cosmetic hues, say these .researchers Light bulbs should be Dnght— a 100-watt bulb in each amp isn't too bright a searchlight :o throw on your face if you want to. insure a flawless makeup. 12, The club collected cqnned beans, tomatoes, and tomato to sei^d to the Aikansas New lipstick, tinted deeR red w]th Utie overtonw, is a flatter-' ing aid to eyenine glamor. FIRST METHODIST West Second at Pine Rev. J. E. Cooper, Pastor Church Scho'ol -i-9f45 a.m 'Morning worship —10:50. Sermon: "Forget Not all His Benefits" by pastor.' Vesper. Service —5:30 p.m. Sermon "The 'Cost of Being Absent"' by pastor. Youth and Intermediate groups ill meet -at 6:30 p.m. .ARRETT MEMORIAL BAPTIST' North Ferguson Street 'D. O. Silvey. Pastor Rock of. Ages- broadcast from le church auditorium 9 to '9:30 ver KCMC', 'Texarkaha. ' Sunday School; ^r-'lO a.m. Morning Worship —11. . ,-.-••'.• B T.C.— 3:,45 p.m •'.' •;..- . Evening worship" — 7:30. •.;•' Monday, Auxiliary —2 pm. at the hurch. , ; ...'• •• : . ; - . . , Wednesday Prayer Service— 7:30 ' ''' ' "' ' dy it unevenly Whi with blue overtones, is a flattering aid to evening glamor. By ALICIA HART NEA Staff Writer The autumn's richer clothes col- ors—they'v'e never been so rich— will 'force you to switch lipstick shades any day now The palely-tinted lipstick which served your summer pastels so well ^wiU have trouble holding its own with dress, colors like slate ..gray, coffee" beari brown, aspen leaf f reen, Antweip blue and Titian red he inevitable black dress for fall also needs the sharpening effect of a deeper lipstick color ., Itfew" lipstick; shpdes, designed to )ipld their own against color pirates of the fabric field, have comparable intensity with new clothes colors. Rich, clear reds and deep blue-toned reds are apt to become favorite lipstick shades What some new lipstick .colors qtfer besides high intensity, is the ability to, hold tne^r dark brilliance under artificial^ light) a point in theft favor which is, apt to win New lipstick, tinted deep r«d' over many a party-going'giri i, president; Mrs. W. E Brad- r " " Mrs A. M. Children's Home and Hospital in Ltttte ,Rock. ,Mrs. Pye, who won first place Jn, the. county in the ownei 's division of the balanced Farming Competition, repoiled on hei tup to Little Rock io ^he State Luncheon Friday, November 15, Mrs Smith ippovted on the Halloween parly which was held at hei, home Thirty,- eighf men, women and childien attended <, Miss Mary Dix.on, home demonstration agent gave a demonstia- lion on spatter painting Christmas cards. Mrs, W, £ Zumwalt 'won the Christmas cards. The January meeting will be held at the nome Of, Mrs. R. C. Taylor and the demonstration will be on making window shades, Refreshments were served by the hostess and the meeting was adjourned following the repetition of the cjeed. ' » A group of boys ask me how they can tell, on; the safe side of the altar, what sort of a wife a girl will make. They, say that, before marriage, practically every girl»is so sweet, and amiable and gentle and mild that butter wouldn't melt in her mouth; that she yes-yeses every boy and' makes him think that she considers him an oracle, and she feeds him on angel's food that she alleges that she made with her own hands, and that, thus beguiled, the poor simp marries her expecting to lead the domestic life of Riley. 'But, alas, only too often he finds that he has been taken for a ride; that, in reality, a wife and marriage are different fom what he expected them to be. Different. Far, far different. Which, of course s perfectly natural and logical, for there are very few things in life that come up to our expectations. But while it is true that no man is; enough of a soothsayer to tell before hand what sort of a wife he is getting when he takes the .fatal leap into .matrimony, if he has any gumption he can make a mighty shrewd guess at it, and there is no excuse for so many men being the'' dumb clucks that they are when they pick out their life partners. For no girl is clever e- npugh to put on an act that will befool a man unless he is just ask- m The public .... . , ., is cordially /invited afford? Or is she always reasonable, willing to take things-as'they come and do her part? Every man's dream is of having' a 'comfortable home, which a wife who will meet him with a glad, sweet smile when he comes home at night and stoke him up on good food. Do a little checking up .on Sally before you pop the question to her. Is she Mother's little helper around the house, o.r daps she lip on a couch and read novels while Mother sweats over.. the. cooking stove? Does she ,like to cook and has she a .gift with sauces and pies? Does she think making a home is a career, or a chore? Take a tip, Son.' If you marry a girl who is allergic to ,the kitchen, you will have to fry the bacon as well as bring it home. . Every man wants a wife who will be a helpmeet to, him. Easy enough to tell whether a girl will make a wife who will boost her husband up the ladder of success, or whether she will keen his.nose to the grindstone with .her extravagance. Just cast .an eye on the way. she dresses. Beware of the poor .girl who is a, clothes horse. The'safe bet is the basement bargain buyer. And if you want to know, Son, how your wife will treat you, just watch Sadie with -her little brothers and sisters. If they think she hung the moon, it is safe to;buy the wedding ring. ' ' sV wise, or dumb, when she pur« sues a man? Both theories seem o work.* Personally, I don't think t'is'a good policy for a woman to ake the initiative in lovemaking, because men do like to think they did the picking and that they had ,o persuade Angelina into saying YES. Also, men like to believe hat they are great lovers. So, generally speaking, a woman should humor a man's vanity m he matter and never, never tell low hard she worked to .get him. Of course, there is an exception to this rule, too, and if a man is dilatory in asking a girl to marry lim, any woman who wants him should help a lame dog over the stile. When "a widower doesn't tell a widow that he loves her, it is a safe bet that he doesn't and he doesn't intend to incriminate himself. About all that a woman can safely do is to sit around and look willing. That generally turns the trick. ing for. it. 'Easy To Find Out o worship with 'us at; all times. FIRST CHRISTIAN; Y North Mal.n'at .\Vest .Avenue B Wm. P. , Hardegree. ; Mlnls.ter 9 45—Sunday'School. ' We have classes for - all ages./ .We would e very glad to have', you visit our. chool. 10 50— Morning wotship, Communion, and Sermon. The special nusic will be a vocaTsolq .by Mrs.: Tully Henry, "A Prayer". Also here will be an anthem by the ehoir, "Oh, Give Thanks." 6 30—Junior and Senior' CYF. These groups have programs and iible lessons that are itneresting o all young people. • 7:30—Evening worship, :Cqmmun- on, and Sermon. The special music will-be an anthem by the choir, 'Beautiful Words of Jesus". Monday— . ... . 7:30—Regular monthly meeting of the Workers' Council. All teachers and' officers are urged to attend. • ' . • '.'' .'••'••'.'.; Wednesday— . .. • ... 7 30— Meeting of the .Laymen,'s jeague in -Fellowship 'Hall. Supper will be served, and/ a very interest- g program has , been arranged.. Thursday— ; : .10—The Union Thanksgiving Service this, year will "be held "at ahe, Fjrst Christian Church .on Thanks-? giving ' morning, , ..November 27.' '. Take the common, everyday yir- tue.s.that make a wife a blessing, or a curse. How is a man to know, before it is too late to do him any good, whether 'Mary Jane is going to be easy to live with, or about as soothing as a bed of nettles? No trick at all, Son, if you keep your wits about you. •• Break a few dates with her and watch her reaction. Does she accept your excuse that you had an important business deal come up, or does she act as if you had stabbed her to the heart? Is she moody and temperamental and have to be handled with kid gloves? Does she have a jealous fit when you kiss your grandma? Is she a gold- digger who is always .making you spend more .on her than you can Deadlines Set for Mailing Xmas Packages , ; of all churche^ are. co. dailly .invited -to', attend. .. :.,' '".' K 7 30 — There will : be no choir rehearsal this! week; biit the regu- Washington, Nov. 21 — (/P) — The navy announced deadline schedules today for the airmailing of Christmas packages to Pacific areas. . Mail sent at domestic air rates must be at. the fleet post office, San Francisco by the following dates: For China, Japan, Philippines, Okinawa, Wake, Truk and Peleliu —Dec. 5. For Guam, Saipan, Kwajalein and Samoa — Dec 10. for Hawai, Midway and Johnston— Dec. 15. DEAR MISS DIX: Is it .ever Wise or proper for a woman to. pursue a man? I have b^e-niV, widow 1 for about two years and the 'rrian l ,in question is a widower. - L haVe every : reason to believe he ' Iqves m^v but he has never toldr.me so. I;love him very mjch ,aild. 'tyould be :Very happy ; as his : wife..'> .; .Dp you think • I should 'tell, '.hirn so, or should I.' wait' for- : him to approach me on the subject?'J-.am hot a girl, but a woman > .who, is the mother of grOwn ; children; 1 shall gladly accept your advice; : LONELY WOMAN ANSWER: Well; lady.'your ciues-! tion is one of the ones-to which there is one answer and .about a thousand exceptions. - : Probably there isn't a person in the world who hasn't a theory on the'. subject and most of them differ. For instance, the general opinion is a woman should be timid and modest and coy and hard to please, and that .the man should do all of the courting. Under no circumstances is a perfect lady supposed to run after a man. He is to do all of the sprinting. Once Expressed Surprised . In the novels of yesteryear the maidens fainted with amazement when a man popped the question, and when they came to their first words were "This is so sudden!" .Apparently they had no inkling .of the boy friends' intentions. 'and how they knew they were in love with their Toms, Dicks and Harrys and were ready to marry them is a mystery, for' they don't seem to have even taken time -to think it- over. • .''-.'.-..• So who knows whether.a 'woman DEAR MISS DIX: I am in love with a young man who is also in love with me, but he refuses to become engaged'because he has six years Of college before him and tie feels that is too long to ask a girl to wait for him. Also, he says that if we were engaged he Would want to come homo every week end and that would interfere with his studies. What do you think I should do in thig situation? '•'•' ••.....' p. J. ANSWER: I think the young'man Who refuses to enter into an engagement that would have to run six years is taking a very honorable' and sensible position in the matter. There is no denying the truth that he travels the fastest whp travels alone, and that it is a grgat .handicap for a young man, who is in 1 no position to be married, to -have a long engagement li would be weary waiting for you to. spend the next six years wondering whether in that time ypu,might fall in love with some other . man, or pass up a good chance of marriage, and, anyway being the sort of woman who is neither maid, wife, nor widow is no fun. And who knows how one's feelings and tastes are going to change? By ETHEL HAM ILL 0 Arcadia House, Inc; Distributed by NEA SERVICE, INC lar time will be observed Week. ' ' '' next XXVIII: She heard her fathers chair push backwaid, sciapmg on the wide-boaid floor, And then the slow cieak of a lops- plank Under his heel us he shuEt'.ed.nearer';:The dooi in front of her opprted inward. William .Austin's lined face appealed in the imuow apertuie, 'Well, Cammic?" "Dad. I know the rule" about applications for scholarship aid being confidontipl. I've ".never asked you to break! it before, 'but —please— I've got to make sure about one thinR now, and nobody but you can toll me. Joel Conroy didn't apply fgr a Dauvi'Y Award did he,?" " .' •', ' ,.;' ;..,':':• . •' v "Conroy?" For a ciuizzjcM moment .the.,Dean aear.cljei ^hcr set M ^3h HI ^^tfF 8 tiWQft iALTO — FEATMRES — 1:00 - 3J04 f 4:58 7;02, ; .9:,06 w TK^T "QQING MY WAV TEAM iINO ROSBY JQAN fl»CY KIIIIIOI LATEST NIW5 COLOR CARTOON 1:09. 3:01 -5:02 7:03 - 9:04 f '! I UM J J 11 ..,. white face, as 'it hp wev'ii for something he/ was ! not M -" certain .he could -fincl ; in its "expression; "Yes, Cam'rnye, ; " He- nodded slowly, then. "Yes, ,hc> 'dJd, :It:\v.is just yesteray, ' late . in the ;, afjer- noon." • '; :. '•'••''- ,. .' '' ( 'Is— does, he .'stand',(iriy 'chan'c'e of rating one?" : ' • .'. -.'•'-•••"A very good chaiice/,! J'd ;,'ia,y, child. His war record was excellent. Two decorations, ,yati -kn'b.w. And he made fine grades when he was here for one semester, ''-years ago. He's sound college material.' Just yesterday. Late in the afternoon. The house seemed to be rocking under Cam's feet as she siood there. That would, indeed, be since Beefy had assured his buddy that a good strong personal rooting section would be behind him in the Dean's own' household. "Dad —-there wouldn't be any- rship money much, much eaiher' 'ust yesterday! The words had ipcome a tolling inside her, like lie tolling of disastious bells "But J still won't believe it " 'he', merest whisper of sound in he still hallway told her that she lad spoken the desperate thought aloud "If it were hue—why, then, Joel never would have fought with rne last night. He'd have wanted o keep things pleasant He'd have je'en as -sweet as honey." She. had not realized that.Mau- rine was back in the shadowy en> jrace of the stairwell, drawn, 3own.wa.rd by the murmur of voices at the study door; not until her cousin'^ hesitant voice spoke out of.'the dimness above her.' • . .. "Camrnie-^, did''you mean that ;QW Jpel- ; raised •' about Gary Mar- .Dwp?\'lTrI;hay^'tQ,.teU you about .hat. r don't .-want tp., but I Have ;p': ?'Hp.¥r-'$e\just staged th.rit,. gust preten&fi'cT'tb be' raging mad, about it'.' • So' that this; morning, when ne .suddenly " rjr.pposqd, it would look more genuine:." ; -Cam's, face twisted, and the -leap ot ; green.*; (ire 1 .into her eyes .was ..so Visible : that- Maurine shrank back against the railing, "How did you even know : Joel ws here .-.last night? Mvi'ch less what we talked obout?" "He told me himself, this afternoon." thing personal in mending him for your recom an award? Ii wouldn't have anything to do with —with—?" For so brief a'tim.R that it mighl well have been a reflection of light glancing across .his bifocals, the Dean's pale eyes seemed to warm with amusement. -"Well, now, I do like the boy." "But just b-hecause Joel and I—?" "Would it hurt my lone off spring's feelings if Conroy got a bit of extra money? I've been over his finances and he really needs it to stay on here. Even a small award will make all the dif ference." "I—I see," Cam said -slowly, "Then this award is vital to him?' "I'd say that U meant a lot Now, don't fret about Conroy's chances, honey. You old Dad wil" see to H that—" Cam turned away from her fa ther with a small and strangling sound in her throat. She realized as an isolated fact that the den door closed softly behwa her. M it had not been true —what Maurine bid been saying on the teleKhoaewr. Joel syrely would have applied for such jjnpwtaiU schpi- back into still fur Maurine shuddered the protective gloom ther. before she continued, timid in the face of Cam' raw emotion. He was waiting for me after my Bible History conferenct group Cammie, and he told me all about it then. I —I almost hated him He must think I'm a perfectly awful person to condone such a mean plot. I— I think he even ex pected me to tell him how clever he was." Cam stood there, a figure ol stone. "I still can't believe it." "I wouldn't, either." Maurine answered, hurt and outrage twist ing each syllable from her. "He's so handsome. And so exciting to be with. While he was away with the Army, he must have learned how to make girls all around the world believe whatever he wanted them to. I know I'd have believed him, if it'd been me he was ben on making a goose of. I'd hav believed every> look of thos dreamy blue eyes." The thought of Joel's eyes cu into Cam so deeply that she ac tually winced with pain. She hat to get away from here, away from this house. This was where h had asked her to marry him. Slu couldn't just stand here, prac tically on the very spot where h had stood bracing himself for tha breakfast interview with the Dean and let Maurine watch her hear bleeding to death. She had to fini somewhere that .she could be alon until the world stppped rocking. (To Be Continued) FIRST BAPTIST Third and Main Streets S. A. Whitlow, Pastor Sunday 'School —9:30 a.m. Morning Worship Service —10:50 .m. 'Sermon by the -Pastor. Training !Unk>n — 6:15.R.m. Evening 'Worship .Service—7:30 m. Baptisnial Services .'will''be eld at the. evening hour of wor- tiip. . . - .-...-.' ' Fellowship Hour, Wednesday — 15 p.m. •..'•:•The public is ; cordially inyited o worship with us at, all services. CATHplUI'C "Our Lady of Good Hope" Rev. R. F, Boyle, Ass'i. Psistor Mass on Sundays at 10:30, except on the 3rd Sunday at 8 a.m.' Mass next Sunday, Nov. 23 at 10:30 urn. Serrhoh; "The Sacraments". Benediction .after Mass. . HOPE GOSPEL TAPERNAQLE 321 North Main ,' ;'H. Paul HoldridQe, Pastor The members and friends of the Fabernacle are urged to be present ,o worship with ' us this. Sunday. -'For a day in thy Courts: is better .ban a thousand.". Psalm 84:10. ,''-'Sunday, School —0:45 a;m. Guy E.. Basye, Superintendent. i ''•Morning worship— 11. Visiting missionaries will be in charge. Missionary Service —2:30 p.m. Visiting missionaries will be in charge. * • ... Senior C. A.s—6:30 p.m. Miss Eugenia Kesner, president. Junior C. A.s —6:30 p.m. Miss Syble Sims, director. Missionary service —7:30 p.m. Vistiing missionaries will be in charge. : Tuesday: Tuesday Bible Class— 2:30 p.m. Christian Service Brigade — 7 DEAR MISS DIX: My husband and I have been married 18 years and have been very happy together, but a few days ago we had a little spat and since then he has gone on a hunger strike and refuses all food. What can I do about it? I: am afraid he may starve to death as he has always been heavy eater. ••-•••:. WORRIED WIFE ANSWER: Calm yourself. Don't worry another worry. He is pulling a bluff on you. He is eating at a, restaurant. Nothing in this world affects the appetite of a hearty .eater. Just keep on putting savory food on the table and he will come to. it. -" : (Released by The Bell Syndicate, '•' • . • Inc.) p.m Girls' Chorus' Practice 7:15 p.m. Wednesday: HI-C.. A. Brigade —6:30 p.m. Prayer and Bible Study —7:30 p.m. with Choir practice following. Thursday: Women's Missionary Council -—2:30 p.m. Saturday: Sardis Evangelistic Service—7 p.m. FIRST PENTECOSTAL Fourth and Ferguson T. F. Ford, Pastor Sunday School —9:45 a.m. Sunday Worship •—• U a.m. . Sunday Young Peoples Classes — 6:30 p.m. Sunday Evangelistic — 7:30 p.m. . Bible Study Friday —7:30 p.m. ¥pu are always welcome. MEAT CURING Season NOW OPEN Brincj us the whole carcass or hams, shoulders and sides CURED & SMOKED 5c per pound No matter what the weather our meat curing room is the same temperature the year around. Don't wait on the weather. your hogs are ready bring them to Langley's for curing now — tgke him off the feed bag. LANGLEY'S Frozen Food Locker Plant Phone 49 Prescott, Ark, •H Of ICE . I have purchased Albert .Fink's interest in the Hope Confectionery and will'continue to operate the confectionery-,qs I: have in the past, t wish to thank Mr; Fink for ;h.is help in our'past dealings as partners. I also want to thank the many Customers of Orvilles Hope Confectionery for their:past patronage, and assure them that their excellent support has instilled me with confidence to venture-jnto. this business on my own. . , . . ' • • Dorsey O'Steen will .assist 1 me in operating the business and invites his many friends to come in and visit us. '•'"' . . '. Orville Taylor WE ARE EXTENDING OUR SALE FOR ONE MORE WEEK AT THE PLANT .50 PICKUP DELIVERY SUITS .65 PANTS .30 .25 COATS (Short) .35 .30 OVERCOATS .65 .50 SHIRTS .30 .25 JACKETS .35 .30 DRESS (Plain) .65 .50 LADIES COATS .65 .50 SWEATERS .35 .30 SLACKS ,30 .25 BLANKETS (Single) .65 .50 BLANKETS (Double .85 .75 PHONE 399 BAKERS CLEANERS Below Paisley 1101 West Ave. B jjl mmmmmm i mmmmmmmm ^! m £ mmm ^!^^i ! %r^^ ^ h * r , November 22, 19,47 HOPI STAt t H Q F I, ARKANSAS ?^'U*tA By Chick Youns OZARK IKE I WOULDN'T HAVE MENTIONED IT IP VOU HADN'T PROMISED TO DO, THIS FO$ ME: MAMA, WHY DO vou STAND TALKING TO AN EMPTV SOFA? PADDY THINKS MII.M HE'S HIDING r TMt FIREMEN GOT 6ZARK oar OP THE HOUSE auacr Kitg Ftduttt Sjndcaittm"wo(!J i SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith CARNIVAL By Dick Turit»7 ^ YOU KNOW, 6ftOWl, THIS .,,.„ CHIMK HAS BEEN COI... . •^'\ OOOSLY INCONSPICUOUS DURING THE PAST 48 HOURS. YOU CAN'T HANS A MAN ILb FOR BEING •CONSPICUOUSLY J lkl>**%klnni/*i ton i^7 WHAT ARE YOU SCHEMWS WASH TUBBS ! VIHKT W THE'SKM HILL KRE U POIHS VilTH , I THOSE SHOES I CALLED VOU IMWEWWpLV TILL SEE IF &FTf RI WWCED IXMP SPW / THEY'RE OUT- THE TYJWS WERE QO^iWHWI.1 OHi IAV DONALD DUCK COP!): 19*7 BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. BEO. U. S. PAT. OFF COPR. 1947 DY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REO. U. S. PAT. OFF. THAT'S EXACTIV WHAT I TWOUSHT-SO TV I'M MOT SO, CUtyB<- IAAPECTINENT/ "Maybe yoU were better than that in'history when you were a kid—r-there was only about half as much history v,,.. then!" MUCH ABOUT "Couldn't you say we were observing the President's program? Did you have to tell them we can't afford meat?" THIS 'IS DAISVi.-MXIC STALLED OM'ME ANCVC-OUDS ARE COMINJS our a= IT/ VVELX.AL.U IT NEEDS , , IS WATB8.- DSV.' FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS SAKE COULDN'T FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershberger . HONEV.-DOM'T'VOLT | I SHO' JE5T.NATURALLY PINE FOR / DO/ ,: ROAST. POSSUM ,r THATourpy JOE'S 6ARA6E TME £rt. I WOULDMT KNOVW BOAST HECK M06"JOWLS ARE? /T poSSU^A FRQW BOIUEO ' rfr-f HOOT OWL—AND , -T^/^ . NEITHER DOES He.' '_//-"' IN SHOCK PROOF "It's an electric spanker to break Junior of squeezing the toothpaste tube in the middle instead of at the end!" ALLEY OOP THERE SOES \ \VHW5 HE SOT .71 GET MA 'HEART-THROB" ) TBE MAP ABOUT?/ EVERY TIME OOP-HE LOOKS I HE5GOTALLOUBI I LOOK. AT i u»is.tr-,A miM-s* / niMCC fZ^'fit^* UIM\ TU* I M/=' r\TPH...I Tni1iSx' rT7 *1^B r ^>'''*S 6 '!^ "BWfiM&J.* * V«^l Thimble Theater MAD.' /DAMES GA'fiA! HIM AN'.HIS KIDNAPIN: EVEN PO BETTER LET'S. SEE,YVEF?y WELL; TH S WITHOUT IT/' VOU TRV.'iA TIME I YOU MACC A HOLE)/WHO? AGAIN!.' /REMOVE 'MY. GLOVE!• f X f\vv»N^ «.vse,^t. r\o»c.«\»Jv| •« J^^ "~% With Major Hoople By J. R. Williams OUR BOARDING HOUSE OUT OUR WAY N0,t HWJ&Nk x T V^ORKEt) SI1^C& W UIV\.' H/\K-KA.FF//THE OLD k: AOSTRALIA. t& VOO 5AV THB tflGOPX REALLY q3 ^w, \M|(sJD VMAS SO ^J KfSNSGAvRQO Kl CAl^ PUNCH . STRONG IT BL6\M TH& HWS %j{ ~>~ PAP/? ^ *~ IT'S A. / STATUES -~. |T BUEVJ A ^ I VJAS ABOUT \V CLEfMsi. \l KAW6ARPO N S POCKET IN6ID& |\ TO RELATE OUT AMD I FOLit^D A BUStAeu i-A TAL£ OF A OP GOLD MlMa&PTSTUE CS?ITT£R/ DlAlv\OMD AS u^ D RPF-KX hVOAeDlMG/^-v'x^ LARGE AS A STOP/ IM COK1V1MCED / THAT'S FAR EMOUGH TO PROVE IT KIM BE POME,' HALFWAY MEASURES IM PROVIMG AWVTHIWG.' GO AHEAD/ '™?^> , RED RYDER HEAUOCK' YOU ACTED LIKE THE WEAKLING

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