Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 20, 1947 · Page 14
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 14

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 20, 1947
Page 14
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HOP P. STAR. HOPE, ARKANSAS Thursday, November 20, 1947 Thursday, November 20, 1947 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS are being made ln» them/ so they in moVie thea- }!CK RELIEF FROM »iM6>f Dfstms ArUlns from •OIVSACH ULCERS ro EXCESS ACID IlilblOfettSfritioinaTrtetmenttltat t IMP or It Will Cost You Nothing P tfctco tttillion bottle* Of the WH IARO lime been sold tot rollcl of trcssarislng fi rtm. St«m«eH .etra due (.0 E*«e»* Acid — ^oiir or,tlp*>t Stomich, HecUturn, SitepUutMM, etc., ito t«M» AeJd.foldon )fi<layR' trial 1 t for "Wlllard'c Mes«ig«" which fully an» this treatment— tree— at To Speak Here The Hope Gospel Tabernacle is . . ^i t _ _ *i~..~.« ,1«-f T\Ai'tViiniin**V three-day N s. GIBSON' DRUG do. , COMPANY "Meals arc cosy .I: i Vj< •* ' to prepare y r s ' with Johnnie FAIR' There are 5,548 assemblies in the United States; 10,223 ministers; and 243,515 members. During the lt)47 fiscal year the Assemblies of God* gave lo World Missions $1,-, 823,736. The Hope Gospel Tabernacle led the Slate of Arkansas in World Mission giving over SC,000 during the p»st fiscal year. AH 01 the members and friends of the Tabernacle arc invited to enjoy these .very unusual and special Missionary services. Stresses Need with The ^p iW\ ^^"oT tf*& h- is«J Convention beginning Friday, vember 21 and concluding the Sunday night service, convention will be under (he direction of Home Missions Secrccary Rev Fred Vogler of Springfield, Missouri. Rev Vogler is also one of 1hc four Assistant General Superintendents of the General Council of the Assemblies of God. He is a native Austialian, having come to the States eaily in life, and he is" in charge of all cif the Home Missionaiy activities which includes Alaska, the Jews, -North American Jnclipnb, foieign langu age gioups, deaf-mutes and prisoners He has traveled extensively and will be showing pictures. oC some of his ti avels as wall as othei Missionaiy activities over the world Two ictuined missionaries '.who are home on brief furloughs lor . needed rest will be the missionary speakois Hev Hrmor T. Goodwin I Who-has served two lerms in Gold Coast British West Africa is one | of the speakers. Rev. ' Goodwin | for -his: last'three year term was I superintendent of Ihc Gold Coasl Field Rev bjdney S Bryant from India will bf the olher speaker. Rev Biyanl has 'xrved, a num- bei of yeuis in the very difficull field of India and will have an interesting repoit ol his work there. At the present time the Assemblies of God have more than 630 missionanes labeling in 45 coun- tiies They luve over 3,100 churches in foreign lands; 3,052 national mimsteis, ovei 200,000 mem- beis abioad, and 21 Bible Schools. Poland Protests 'Smuggling' to Sweden Warsaw, Nov. 19 - (W —Poland prolostcd to Sweden loday against what she called the "systematic smuggling of Poles abroad by Swedish officials and Swedish citizens and demanded that Sweden recall her consul in Gdansk (Danzig). The government charged thai .the Swedish consul, Torsion _ Jonan Frcdcrik Bergendahl, was mvolvec in the flight to Sweden from Po land of parliament member Stcfar Kornabski and his wife. . (Korbanski, a member of Status law Mikolajczyk's Polish Peasan Party, has now joined Mikolajczyl in self exile in England. He ant No- his wife made the trip by way o side by side with the Chinese gov-1 dent either did not know of .the i - T.I TT w,,,, on , m , Manchester, N H Nov. 20-f/P) Gov. Thornr.s n, Uewej of New York today .charged the Truman Klminlslration with seemingly eminent for five years and having promised them still further assist- anrie, our government seems to have abandoned them to Communist conquest. '•The seriousness of the- situation is • 'pretty clear . when one realizes <hal while there arc 275.000,000 people in Europe who are still free, I there are 400.000,000 in China." De( , wo y who is makiri g a two! , t £ N England, asserted .,,,' clolhlr costs of giv ing neces- ' arv assis , tanoe to the Chinese peo- tue bandomng the Chinese to Com-| p]o js a u .jfle compared with munist conquest,' and asserted £ ost - of European aid." 1,1 i™ =„„. .., he declared, "the. presi ignored situation or deliberately "It's most urgent and should be given immediate administrative attention in such a fashion as to be successful because even two Stockholm). mmediatc aid should be sent ro he Far East as even a two months delay "may be too late." Making his first comment on President Truman's special message to Congress, the Republican lovernor told a news conference le was "deeply disappointed in it" in that "no mention si all was made of China or the situation in the Far East." While European aid is urgent I XXX," he said "there is an oven j more urgent situation in China. "There the- Communist armies are not riding in the streets which is bad enough, as in Italy and France, but they are away ahead of the schedule in Europe. "They are actually engaged at Ihis moment in highly successful warfare against the Chinese government." "The .tragedy is, having fought months from'now may be too late." Fire Damages Building at Ford Plant Detroit, Nov. 19 — (/P) —Two paper chute fires early today clam- a«ed the four-story administration Duilding of the Ford . Motor Company's Dearborn plant Five persons were overcome by smoke and suburban Dearborn Fire Chief Stanley Herdzik was injured in a fall as cily and planl firemen brought Ihe fla.mes under control. -.''''. A company spokesman said trie firsl of Ihe blazes might; have been caused by a lighted cigaret. Salur- clay Ihe company lifted a ban — which had been imposed ' by the late Henry Fod in Ihe early days of Ihe firm — forbidding employes lo smoke while on duly in Ford buildings. ' . The music of "My Country, fis of Thee" is al:;o that of the national anthems of the British Empire, Denmark, and Switzerland. SALT-LADEN Salt in Utah's Great Salt Lake amounts to nearly 25 percent of the total weight of its contents, or approximately 6,000,000,000 tons. When the first transcontinental railroad line was completed in 1869, the United States had 50,000 miles of railroad, compared to about 233,000 in 1940. MOREf.r Osl'rex Tonic Tnli!n;« lor pep. yminwr fwllrw. till* very day. 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Jim LaGrossa PSione 747 Hope 210 S. Main It was still early when Cam crept* out of bed and showered and pinned her pale hair up into an informal Psyche knot. She slid into a simple acqua wool dress and tugged its waistline drawstring tight. There was still time for her to get out into the yard .for a while before breakfast would be ready. The thought of the crisp October morning, after the long lethargy in .vhich she had lain out the night, was like a tonic, bitter to the taste yet healing. As she opened the front door the dew still lay frosty over the leaf- dotted lawn, weaving its own transient lacelike mysteries. The early light sifting down through the elms was like a sari of sheerest gilt mesh. She took two steps a cross ' tne veranda—and paused with a sudden soft gasp of panic- freighted as the swish of meadow grass from which warning wing have whirred. '-One hand flew to her throat. Joel stood up slowly, unfolding from his seat on the top step. The clothes he had worn were the same he had worn last night, with a few new creases added; mute evidence that he had not yet been to /bed His hair was a rumpled mass which gave him the lopk of an untidy small boy. . ' -, " "Cam?" He spoke her name .slowly, as if he half expected he to disappear at even so slight a sound as he had made. GRAPETTE has a flavor you enjoy ANYTIME, thirsty or not! •much that I had to keep away—or ell you about it. And 1 was afraid o do that. Afraid you might care bout me the way 1 knew i cared bout you." Cam smiled tremulously. "Would :iat have been so terrible?" "Yes. ' 'The word seemed to vrench itself from him. "If you'd nly said the word, Cammie, 1 was o sunk for you that I'm have done mything. I'd have chucked my pro ncd course and turned to some- ning two.could live on quick. That s how much I wanted you." "Joel Conroy, do I have to beg you to kiss me?" She didn't have to beg. Joel's arms were around her. hard and possessive, pulling her. against him, roughly, yet with a toucn in which he underlying wonder was aching- y evident. She could feel the Jong quiver of tension unleashed which shuddered down the lean length of ni-m in the charged instant before their lins met and locked. He was holding her close, close, as he murmured her name. "Cammie, you're so sweet. Just the touch of you, just the look in your eyes. If I'd stopped lo think, last night—'' "I—I didn't know anybody was out here," said Cam lamely. "I just came out to get a breath of air before—before—" "I've been waiting since sunrise for some sign of life inside: 1 The milkman's been here, but .aside from that". He gestured awkwardly. "You know why I'm here Cammie. To say I'm sorry." "If you'd waited, Ooel. If you'd let me explain." "I must .have been crazy. It was jealousy, I guess. Blind jealousy because another guy could give you so much. Here am I, alive and on .top of the green earth, and I'm not able to offer you anything. I've been in love with you so. long! You didn't know that, but—" "I wanted you to be in love with me." Cam came closer, looking up into the blue of his eyes. "I prayed that you'd love me. And when you didn't, or I that you did—" "I loved you. They were still in a world of their own, 'considerably later, when the shades in President Balfour's house across the street were rolled back to herald the advent of morning. Within the Dean's own residence, a clatter of breakfast silver and a hum of voices crept oat to penetrate their sweet preoccupation. Joel drew back from her unwillingly and stood before her, grinning down with a triumphant, light shining'like a beacon torch behind his blue eyes. "How's his Nibs apt to be at breakfast? Cheerful?" , "Absent-minded," answered Ca "Thinking about some' list or oth er and sprinkling sugar on eggs and salt in his coffee." "He'll have to lake, his mincl off those lists for long enough to make some announcement abo.ut whethei GOPAttacks TariffCut Program Washington, Nov. 19—(/P)— Rep. Knutson (R-Minn) said today the State Department in its "free tradt" tariff cuts has sought to tie the hands of Congress against protecting American agriculture and industry from foreign imports. The statement by Knutson, chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, indicated n bitter battle in Congress when the recip rocal trade law comes up for re newal next spring. In his attack upon the new trade accord Knutson said in a formal statement: "The president and the state do partment have announced the most sweeping tarriff cuts in the history of the country. Over 70 per cent of our dutiable imports will be affected and almost 2,000 rales of duty covering upward of 1,000 items have been either reduced or bound. "When the full meaning of these tariff cuts.becomes appax-cnt to the American public, the reaction is likely to prove interesting if not disconccrning to the do-gooders who have traded us off for very dubious and nebulous trade concessions thai may never be realized." Under lerms .of the Geneva Trade and tarriff agreement made Dublic by the government Monday light, he United States will make more lhan 3,500 cuts ' duties as part of a :" affecting half ,of the merce. A slate department official told a reporter then the, effects 6n , trices and on V61ume 6i 3e slow to come but "tile general effect should be to ease the byrderl on the consumer " ', The reductions made by th& United States and seVen other countries are scheduled to gojnto effect Jan. 1, J948. Other countries are to adhere to the Sgteerneftf as soon as they - Cndrles w...»«..«,.» •>«. the National- ;Coop*f* Producers ^edefHtl"" J statement that the MI# « Holm an fecund '- albhe* of j MEALS BETT -v: VVHEH-YOU SERVE BLUE RIBBON BREAD AT YOUR GROCERS and or not he can stand me for a son-in-law, let's face him!" the idea of Come on, couldn't believe I loved you so postwar suds sensation! —safer than the mildest soap '"for fine fabrics! cuts dishwashing time in half! Kroger Thrifty No. 2i can Halves — Bartlett reserves Clover Valley Pure Cherry Kroger-Cut 1 Short Ribs . . . Ib. 29c Krcger-Cut, Barbecue. Rib Steaks . . . \b. 55c Kroger-Cut. Lean, tender. More rneai Jess v/aste bmom y« Krcger-Cut, Rich flavor, tender Ib. Spread Value! Margarine. Mild, vitamin enriched iutter 92. score. Delicious Ib. Ib. Wilson Select- Lean and crisp Ib. End Cut Ib. PORK CHOPS PORK SAUSAGE Ho " yBrand All Popular brands. Save LINK SAUSAGE . . . Ib. 49c Holly Brand. Serve with eggs. 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Fresh Fruits and Delicious Apples CocoanuH Cranberries Winesap Apples Fresh Beets V/hite Head Cauliflower PORK CHOPS 63c Nice Lean Center Cuts Fresh Pork Potatoes Fresh, full of milk. For Holiday baking Washed, select reds. 50 Ib. bgg 2_.49 Ib. bag Spare Ribs; Rib or Loin End : Pork Roast Smoked Picnic / Bacon Squares Pork Sausage j Frosted Fryers Young Hens ib. Ib. 5lc 55c Short , Shank I Smoked 2-lb. Bag Youngblood'i Dressed Ib. Ib. Ib. Ib. Ib. URGE HNDIR SMll. I FILL YOUR MARKET BASKET! *£;; 19c SMOKED HAMS I Butt Cut 63c Shank Cut Somewhat to Cam's surprise, she found both her father and Maurine already seated at the table. Ti,me had indeed flashed past while she \vas out on the veranda! Dean Austin looked as if he were only mildly surprised to encounter a young man who looked as if he had roamed the streets all night now appear- ng at. breakfast. But Maurine, vhen she recognized that it was oel and had taken in the detail of low he held Cam's hand tight in as own, dropped her grape i'ruit poon with a clatter and sat star- ng at them. Swiftly and proudly, Joel explain- d what he had come to say; and 2am forgetting Maurine for the moment watched- h'er father's face or the first hint of his reaction to neir. news. . • • The Dean made no direct answer vhen Joel had finished, but stared pward at his caller through those mnipreseht bifocals for a long moment. Then he said, in a friendly voiqe, "Like grapefruit, Conroy? Orange-juice in the ice box, if you don't. Find a chair, Cammie." And so began the happiest day Cam could remember. i (To Be Continued). — o- Seeing Eye Pencil May Aid Blind Ann Arbor, Mich., Nov. 19 — — A "seeing pencil" may enable blind persons to read ordinary printed pages. Delegates to a national conference on psychological diagnosis and counseling of the adult blind were told today by a .University o£ | Michigan psychologist that the "electronic pencil" may some -day be in use among blind readers who heretofore have used the Braille system. The remarkable pencil, explained W. W.,.Morris, utilizes the photoelectric cell principle and "reads" printed words by picking up light impulses as it moves along a line of type. These impulses are carried to an attached audio frequency . oscillator, which converts them into sound impulses and in turn magnifies them and sends them to a standard hearing device worn by the bund reader. The reader can be taught to dis tinguish between sounds and associate certain impulses with certain letter formations, Morris added. He can find the type line by starting the pencil at the page's top I and letting his ear tell him when the instrument is on printed matter. . By the same means, he can keep the pencil on the printed line although he doesn't see it. since sound impulses will differ if he slips off. Despite technical perfection of the new instrument — which resembles an over-sized fountain pen — it is far from being ready for general use because of the difficulties still Involved in identifna- ton of sounds carried through the apparatus, Morris warned. He said it would not be available on the market until the university's bureau of psychological research, which had developed the i pencil, can perfect a means of teaching the blind to make use of it. Some progress in this direction was reported by Morris. He said one man, using his own learning methods, had attained a reading speed of. 20 words per minutes — about one-third as fast as the average blind person can read Braille. The device was born in the RCA laboratories at Princeton University under sponsorship of the National Research Council's Committee on Sensory Devices. In that sa-me workshop, Morris added, another embryo instrument is coming into being. That one will even.pronounce the words on a printed page. Fifty-seven percent of our urban residents receive • eU their jnilk by '4 ^n*3C November 2Z, 1947 ' 10 Ib. mesh bag large .. 3Sc small 15c firm. ^^' «£$,&'|fe vri Note: 2^4 team, pumpkin pie «pice "4 can replace the above apices. ' f e £~i% For Sweet Potato Pic, Substitute forV" 1 ^Ke.j.'pumpfcl^i; _-fre»hly,_' cooked or\ canned 'siycctjl pbtatoetv or yami, put i through a sieve; reduce'brown iugar^ : (o ! /z cup, omit molasses and add 2./ tablesp. melted butter or margarine, Fot- Squash Pie, follow recipe,fai I Puihpkin 'Pie, substituting , cooked^ Winter (quash, thoroughly nruuhtd."'»r for ; the pumpkin, I Hibx 2qts. 15c y ou win 5 ib, Milk Flour Bokerito Shortening 1.15 Green Giant ', ^ >,^| _> , i KU 1 m 4*,-. AStl Peas ^^•IMIM™™^"""^ £j»lgers "Coffee NO. ^ can ft i ' H can 511 Tomatoes Note Book School °Toblot$ 3 FREE DELIVERY IVERY DAY OK STUEART'S INE447

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