Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan on September 4, 1953 · Page 10
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Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan · Page 10

Detroit, Michigan
Issue Date:
Friday, September 4, 1953
Page 10
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IN HOLLYWOOD Perpetual By HF.DDA HOPPER HOLLYWOOD Tyrone Power is the busiest star In town. When he finishes "King of the Khyber Rifles," he goes on tour with Anne Baxter and Raymond Massey in "John Brown's Body." Then he comes back to Hollywood in November to do "The Long Gray Line," a West Point story, at Columbia, with John Ford directing. Following that he has a picture to do DYING FROM brutal treatment at the hands of a sadistic sergeant, Frank Sinatra completes his fine performance In "From Here to Eternity." Montgomery Ciift and Burt Lancaster, two more stellar performers, are shown with htm In this scene. STAR GAZING People Are Talking About This Movie BY IIELEN BOWER Free Fieu Moil Critic The year's most talked-about movie, "From Here to Eternity," arrives at the Madison Theater Friday. It was filmed from James Jones' much talked-about novel, a Book-of-the-Month Club choice, wherein Mr. Jones is the one who says "This is the army" in no uncertain terms. Many things about' this good movie are already being talked about as the picture breaks box office records. Jones had a good story to tell, so Daniel Taradash needed none of the original's rough language to get it across in his screenplay. Most talked-about member of the cast Is Frank Sinatra as the friendly, pugnacious little Italian, Angelo Maggio, In the prt-Pearl Harbor company at Scho-field Barracks outside Honolulu. Actually this Is a master stroke of type casting. The surprise and gratification come from Sinatra's complete identification with Maggio's character his love of a good time, his cheerful sympathy and his quick temper that leads to a tragic death. Another topic of conversation Is the clandestine romance between Burt Lancaster as Sgt. Milton Warden and Deborah Kerr as Karen Holmes, wife of Warden's company commander, Capt. Dana Holmes (Philip Ober). LANCASTER, A magnificent physical specimen, has already made it clear that he is an actor of like stature. His role as the sergeant with the army in his blood and bones is also superior tyre cssting. His masterful and somewhat beiiig-erent manner as a lover are wholly in character. It is Miss Kerr (with blond hair) who achieves the really amazing character portrayal as a wife who has long known that her husband has been brazenly cheating. Karen's passionate surrender to Warden Miss Bower Is compounded of boredom, hopelessness and self - pity. But through her insistence that Warden must apply for a commission if she is to leave -her husband, she betrays a fundamental cheapness. Aristocratically beautiful v. as ever, Miss Kerr employs a subtlety I've never before noted In her performances. That is one reason why the direction by Fred Zinnemann is being talked about for having drawn from his stars and all the others surpassing performances. PRIMARILY THE story of "From Here to Eternity" is one of conflict between an Individualist and an organization. The conflict has vigor because the Individualist, Robert E. Lee Prewitt (Montgomery Clift), is also an Idealist and the organization is the army. Prewitt, the central figure. Is a bugler who has Just transferred to the Holmes-Warden i company. He has a reputation as a boxer. Clift is the Ideal choice for the role. To Capt Holmes the sports Standing of the outfit means more than anything else except a promotion. When Prewitt for ii DANCING SAT. NIGHT ONLY RALPH FLANAGAN m4 kit artlwitra ED&EWATER PARK W. Sma Mill Nr. Grand River KEswood M469 "1 -41 Motion Is Name for Tyrone for Darryl Zanuck before Ty goes to Italy. Meanwhile, he becomes a father for the second time. GORDON MACRAE finally got his release from Warners. The same day, Bill Wellman met him on the golf links and asked if he wanted to play the young pilot in John Wayne's picture, "The High and the Mighty." Gordon has signed a new contract for "The Railroad his own reasons, refuses to box, Holmes orders "the treatment" in an effort to break his spirit Every humiliation, every petty brutality is visited upon him. Sgt Warden begins to admire him and Maggio takes him on leave to the. New Congress Club (euphemism for something else in the book), where he meets Lorene (Donna Reed), who later gives him refuge. Miss Reed Is sensational to look at but her manner has about it more of the finishing school than the tough school of experience In which Lorene Is enrolled. Prewitt's fight with the brutal Sgt. "Fatso" Judson (Ernest Borgnine) after Maggio's death is a matchless scene of revenge catlike, sileat and swift Prewitt's sounding of taps as a requiem for Maggio is another kind of memorable scene, and the only sentimental touch in the picture. Maggio stepped into eternity only a little ahead of his friend,-for the attack on Pearl Harbor vivid'y ends the picture except for a final shipboard scene with Karen and Lorene, strangers to one another, side by side at the rail, as Lorene repeats a pitiful fiction about Prewitt Show Time ADAMS "The Bund Waon," 11:33 a. Hi.: 1:81.8:40 6 4 7:58. 10:07 in. BhOAIUVW CAPITOI, 'Arrow- hurt." l-':30. 8:5. ?:1' 10:30 n.m.. 1:50. fi:10 m "No Escalw.1' H M'ft m.. 2:26. 6:46. 8 p.m 12:20. 3:40 a.m. FOX "fity of Bait Mn." 102. 4:24. 7.3H: HI :ts n 11:28 a. ni.. 2:60. 8:05. :04 p.m. MADISON "From Hrre to rtemUy," 10 '.'4 a.m.. 13:51. 3:18. 6:45. 8:12. 10 :.'1H p. m. MICHIGAN "Th Ctiarra at Feithtr River 12: 4 08. 7 :42. 11:18 p.m. "Fnuioia Cover, the Bi Town," 11 a.m. 2:34. 8:08 9:42 p.m. Ml'SIC BALL "Thii ! Ciiwrama." 7. 10 P. m. PAI.M4 "llnd tn the Skr." 11:10 a.m., 2:38. 6:06, 0:84 p mA 1:02. 410 a.m. 'Tartan and the She-Devil." 1:0b. 4:34. 8:02. 11:30 P.m.. 2:68 a.m. CNITrn ARTISTS "Gentlemen Prefer Blonde.'' 11 a m., 1:(J4. 8.08. 6:12 7:18. 8:20. 11:24 p m. I W')2 r SEPT. 7 GRAND ond GOOFr COMEDf SEATS NOW SUaTv.' Firf Thtatrt Guild Subicrtptton Play EDDIE BRACKEN. G5 rre.. 4.30, S.M, 8.M, t.4, l.SO. Matlneet Wed. and Sat 8.60, 8.00. S 4(1, 1 SO. Prleea Inelilde tal. FISH DINNER Sptclall (Law Portion) , CHARLIE MOORE and Hit ATOMIC IAND Mtty Hedtemaa. Vocallrt "FUH N1TE EVERY TUESDAY Bachelor's Nliht Every Hedneada) Llqiiora Open Suodara IS Nan IMNCms lartj aod Baaqaet SI6HILV AerommoriHtiona Eieell Dorklna tarlllllea Frea I'arkinr No Cover Charga ' 7 p t w . Hour" and Is talking a TV show. , When I wrote that Jack Palance should stick to his character parts because he has a face that only a mother could love, I reckoned without his fans. I've been Insulted by females from here to Maine. Let up, girls! I admit he's a fine actor, and you've made me feel real motherly about his face, too. A CABLE from Italy says that Anthony Quinn had a real-life adventure on location in the Sicilian mountains for "Cavalleria Rusticana." After weeks of negotiations, a Blackhand Mafia chief, agreed to teach Quinn to duel with knives for a scene with Italian star Ettore Mannl, on condition that his presence he kept secret until the lessons were over. After which he took his cash and disappeared, and not even Tony knows his name. And if you believe this, you'll swallow anything. This I saw with my own eyes. Lucille Ball, the most famous Nowj; .G Irrr ; "ft 7j l,' HESTON ! 4 ' ' ? A f f f 1 4- jt ' -,v Li - -lA WOW ON IARTH." I. lyULffSU I , t l f . ' K f , . w VlfSiy j' -JT-Tlfri -Her and them sweaters. Looks colW QOFIPIA PE .mr moment r i1 1 an iceberg, but I know who llElililllcl lllL A in 3 NOW! GOOD SEATS teught her Vt mm FOR LABOR DAY I" ' w k mm i ji i it j a i a.-j-j i f- AW'llfK - r : 7 . I'v WA 1 pB3 il LIFETIME HAVE AUJtSTI ' few sis .ni 1 fQR A GIRL ON THf RUN I A Columbia Picture . "- . W)f W S Tht ONE and ONLT film nminirvrmn .TT... M with a NEW DIMENSION I iuuuDLL luun WAHT..! ) -and tht magic at MONEY'S WORTH Vw Cinaram.Soundt - devil himself! - I J ; mVU,' f ' U . VU l ' T - rTTM 'A V . f. :f - JEANNE XRAirJMi DALE f ROBERTSOfl I T. X S c STARTS 0& TODAY JTh HWW I tssjt &&tjmwiEBmmmm -r rVTr-Te i 3 tfifHhHH Michael. endv 51 IT I '.""'HUHTEIl EtNNIE HIU J fyT. A FERNANDELo? '"o.i'J'". DETROIT FREE PRESS IQ Friday, Sgpt. , 1953 I woman In America, stood alone at the Del Mar track bar, ordered a drink, downed ft, and paid for it In any other place except here, a thousand men and women would have hedged her In buying her champagne. Cinerama Cannot Be Shown In Any Other Theatre In Michigan for the Next 5 Years AND HIS ALL-GIRL ORCH. SAT. and SUN. No Dane! This Friday walledIake CASINO BALLROOM WALLED LAKE, MICH. Tat. Croud llvar (U.S. HI 4 Norl Tm KiqSt 2 Milts r t : a I a i s b "4 ta k at w" m -uiair mm m : x y ' .jF n . ams. - r mbw1 i w i . 1 ' Nk' " a 1 1 .Til.1! U .OJ. Cinerama Cannot ifffSvSSSJ arir- ii I DC Jnunn jw s i i: I t iiil FREDDIE SHAFFER THE 0 Honestly, Fearlessly On The Screen! "Tier oueit ummm Montgomery "Prew was a hardhead, ... the tougher it got, the better h liked it!" DEOORAH III STARTS TODAY 9:30 A. rFLAME SHOW BAR- & fp Mldwoit't Itagtiful Black and Tan Cq 4 PRESENTIN9 CONTINUOUS SHOW NIGHTLY RCA-VICTO ond DICCA RECORDING STAR PLUS A Hlftl ALl-JTAH SUWHTINC.CAST NO COVEI NO MINIMUM NO DOOR CHARGI 4264 JOHN R at Canfield Phont TE 1-2210 aTaaMMaTaBaani MORRIS WASSERMAN, Yaar Harl FALCON LOUNGE 19901 Van Dyla, Cor. Ouar Driva TW 3-2323 FUN AND FOOD FROM 5 P.M. fo 2 AM. . t. FESTIVAL IN COMEDY r.i.ntad ty LOU TURNER :,d PLAYMATES Dancing to the BOB LOYILL TRIO Centlnooci Eatsrtilnment tn Dtnclns Nlfdttv. Ca'trleo to frivato Partial, Banquets and Waddlaff .If's Cool at You aways pick a winner . . . when you eat your dinner . . . of fie PADDOCK "nd CHOP HOUSE 203S PARK AVENUE 1 BLOCK NORTH OF GRAND CIRCUS PARK DINNERS SERVED DAILY 4 t. 10 P.M. EXCEPT SUNDAYS Air Coadltiwad OLDEST BOOK was one thing he wouldn't do...eren for a woman!" TllBUllTll Em iliMiimr iin- I -- if . J Rtl-FRANK '"7 ' i M-G-M's Greatest a KTechnicoior X ' ftlUSICAl r&rS TT-'kw' , tinea Ht famed htt W "Ail Amarlcan In Porl"l i lUhWfwiruiih , Cyd Charisse NANEiTE Fabray-Jack Bxhanan 0, j. Oscar Levant J-'t-f MM Mie Foleaa- EXCELLENT POOD and CHOICE LIQUORS 'AT REASONABLE PRICS fa Taar Caarfart OF OUR TIME... A 0 i --... i Screw Mi, b, DAWEl TARADASH Bated pn tht ol ajr JAMES JCWtS by BUDDY M. T.7ADIS0N ln New Orleans it's ANTOINES . . . In San Francisco it's OMAR KHAYYAM In DETROIT it's I T TtaTl rT?-- i ftJSWK i oL sCA J pnvMnnicniJ LI Ti uui iimuioun afee Tfm It C-sW - .;.;vr.,. clif He's sach a comical little runt He make me want to cry while I'm laugbin' at hira." MUX "Sure, she's nice to him. She's nice to all the boys..." ADLER D.-acltd ky FRCO 21NMAM- THEATRE a II.MtHa'llL'lL ii Warner Colo ft It's their AtV$T Starring DONALD O'CONNOR mm suut um tacwMi mnmt aum: hum CooL DOORS OPEN I0H5 a.M. O'ER ILL RIGHT 'TIL I A.M, fUC Torzan m hk She-Devil LtX BAnKn lOTCE MacKENZIE lak St. Cloir 5U I. J.Hro a Vj Ml. Rd. PR S-1100 lui-Aniusement Thrills KIDDIE RIDES AT ALL TIMES MODERN SPEEO BOATS . Vlfc.-' 31 a.m.

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