Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 20, 1947 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 20, 1947
Page 7
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^ ~ HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Thursdoy, November 20, 1947 Arkdnsas Items Scntlnued From Page one ercd second degree burns. Fayetteville, Nov. 20 — W) — Fayetteville ha-j joined other Arkansas cities in protesting the at aireemfent in his mights fbtetf ft -tone?, i k~t Cnlcatf*. Wthowtwofe «„ —* f Unsafe then Jt should . tflffcet ott with setting atonal tSejitral, authority " ej-man state" and of,a peace collie Mnary t fttfe ,fMurV of th'e de R 1 rnin!sttrS> 1 ' In 1 --their Lohclon Sessions even on an ^agenda for nex I *lull - dress* conference sug A bar Southwestern Bell Telephone Company's proposed rate increase. The Fayetteville protest to the Arkansas Public Service Commission, was announced by City Attorney Price Dickson. t Furtherm6re, Marshall rnade clear • that the United States will continue to oppose Russia s demand for a $10,0000,01)0.000 Ger- rrian reparation bill with payment out of current production. 'As at Moscow last spring, however, Marshall's initial effort Will be to gel agreement first on peace withtAtfstria ift order to speed the withdrawal of Red,Army occupation forces from that impoverished country. <The formal opening of the con- •fe'rence is scheduled for Tuesday Marshall expects to arrive tomor- rdw noon. Wynne, Nov. 20 — UP) — A Negro couple has admitted the fatal beating Sunday of M. E. Mixort, 66- year-old. Parkin farmer, according Sheriff Charles Kasto ; Deputy singer. Kassihgef' and James Kirkwood 36, and his wife, Izola, 27, said a $13 -robbery was the motive, ine two are under Mixon'.s .body diainage ditch. arrest. was found in Pine Bluff, Nov. 20 — Arkansas County Judges rd Activo Skoo-Ty Scooter, Jr. 3.75 (M —The Associa tion's annual convention was to be held here today. C. Hamilton Moses, president of the Arkansas Power and Light Company, wil 1 speak at a dinner tonight. Little Rock, Nov. 20 — W — A fund of approximately $125,000 wil be made available for repairs and additions to a children's building at the State Tuberculosis Sanator ium at Booneville, Masonic lead ers said here yesterday. The building was fninanced by Arkansas Masons and turned over to the state, artd two , Fort Smitn lodges have been receiving contri butions for proposed improvements and expansions. Little Rock, Nov. 20.— (/P) Two Arkansas Home Demonstra rlon agents, Miss Mary Britzman of Craighead County and 'Mis Jenny Betts of Miller County, wil ti'ce'lve distinguished service cert: flcates at a National Home Dernon- strationMu'richeor, -in Chicago, Dec. 4.'-.-. ••-•;...•••-••• • •• • They are among 39 agents seeded by a national committee from nominations submitted by local and state authorities. v • Height— 28 inches A dandy scooter with rubbei 1 tires . . . tubular steel handlebars with rubber giips. Handsome enamel finish. ' Committee Continued From Page One ession, even though they appear o be doorhed. This whole matter was slated for urther discussion today (2 p. rri. oday (1 p. m. CST) with a meet- ng of the Senate Republican pol- cy committee; Taft, chairman of his .... ... $5! roup said plans for putting ",000,000 aid for Europe bill Market Report ST. LOUIS LIVESTOCK National tockyards, 111.. Nov. 20 — (IP)— (USDA)— Hogs, 13,000; barrows and gilts 25-50 lower ahtn average Wednesday; sows unevenly 25-1.00 lower; bulk good and choice 180-300 Ibs 25.00; several hundred •&- before the Senate also would be r-- \ ,„_„„,, pf -j^o*- ^g^^A^A^.fi 01 , 1 . 0 ?,.^™ 1 "! 6 ; a^^stfd 25 !' Frorri' American 92,073,643 1900 through 1946 the auto industry produced vehicles. , stop-gap aid legislation was approved unanimously by the Senate Foreign Relations committee yesterday. Chairman Vandenberg ;R-Mich) said the administration- backed measure will have the right-of-way over all other business once it reaches the Senate floor. The Senate meets at noon today, t Taft said the plan was to ad- Ipurn ' almost immediately until Monday. It remained to be seen when a similar bill would be ready for House action. The Foreign Affairs committee decided yesterday to Write its bwrt measure rather than using either the Senate or State Department draft. Meanwhile, however, at least one congressional committee was ready to tackle Mr. Truman's related economic program in its entirety. Chairman Wolcott (R-Mich) of the House Banking committee announced his group will meet Tuesday to consider the whole 10- pOirit program, including the controversial • price control and rationing items . . Wolcott also is a member of the joint ecbrfomic ' "group. His announcement came after Taft had said yesterday^ that "if we arc going to get anything out of this special session we will have to leave those points for the regular session" beginning January 6. Flanders, however, commentec to a reporter: I .don't think it \yould be wise :o delay consideration of those ' s ifin-170 Ibs 150 i/u IDS wos few ootboll Woftfc Hint Got Speed "V^hee-et VfinA it up and away it ROCS. Spiral spring Wiotor. Balloon type metftl wheels. Basketball Tough, stands -harJj use, Rubber • covered. Official size. W snuMosr 100-120 Ibs 18.75-21,00; good 400 Ibs down 23.75-24.50; very erly 24.75-25.00; over 400 Ibs 21.75 23.75; stags 17.00-21.00 Cattle, 4,500; calves, 1,800; opening trade slow; one load top good and chdice yerling type steers 3000 .medium steers at 22.75 about seady a few choice mixed yerling 29.50; good largely 24.00-26.00; medium 17.00-23.00, als steady; cows opening steady but somewhat slow and undertone easy; common, and medium beef tpw cows 13.00-16.00; Canners and cutters largely 10.0012.50; bulls fuly steady; good bee: bulls 18.25-50; sausag'e bulls 18.00 down; vealers unchanged ith good and choice 25.00-32.00; com rrion and medium 14.00-24.00. beep, 2,500- market not. estab lished. NEW YORK STOCK New York, Nov. 20 — (£>)— A hand full of special stocks responded t ood corporate news with stron pswing in today's market al iiough many leaders exhibited con iderable reluctance in followin suit. ' " : ••', Income tax selling provided >rake from the start byt switchin jy liquidators was an offsettin nfluence. The direction .general! was upward throughout. Steels came to the fore' in the final hour. While plus sings, on the whole ranged to a point or so, there were Several much wider jumpers. On Hope Star Star 61 HbpB 1899; Pres. 1927, Consolidated January 18. 1929 Published every Weekday afternoon bv STAR PUBLISHING CO. C. I. Palmer, President AIM H. Washbilrn, Secretary -Treasur* at the Star building 212-214 South Walnut Stren' Hope, Ark. Alex. H. Waihbum, Editor t Publlitw Paul H. Jon«, Managing Editor Otorg* W. Hosmer, Mech. Supt. J«i M. Oavli, Aovertlsing Manao«» Emma G, Thomai, Cashier Entered as second class matter at th, •ost Office at Hope, Arkansas, under thi t of March 3, 1897; Snyder Soys OPA Setup Out of Question Washington, Nov. 19—OT—Secretary of the Treasury Snyder told a news conference today the ad.minis- tration has no intention of setting up a new OPA. The treasury chief said he sees "no contemplation of a new OPA '. in President Truman's request to Congress Monday for' authority to put price ceilings on some pro-, ducts. "There is no intention of anything of that sort." he aded. Snyder broke off a reorter's question referring to a "new OPA to make his denial that anything of the kind is contemplated. He did not elaborate, but his remarks , (AP)—Means Associated Press. .(NEA)—Means Newspaper tnteiprist Association. Subscription Ratei: (Always Payable if nivance): By city carrier per week 20t per month 85c. Mail rales—in Hemp stead, Nevada, Howard, Miller nn- Ldr-ayette counties, $4.50 'P*' •'enr: «K« where $8.50. were taken generally to mean that any price ceiling action tried by the; administration, if 'Congress grants le president's request, will be fat- ess extensive than the price con- rols of .the former OPA. President Truman himself asked Congress to "authorize price ceilings on products in short supply which basically affect the cost of living or industrial production. Asked about another presidential feciuest for authority to restrain the creation oi inflationary bank crddit," Snyder said the treasury * is working on proposals with the federal reserve board and will present them at congressional committee hearings beginning next week. GALL BLADDER SUFFERERS FIND CURB FOR MISIRT DUE TO LACK OF HEALTHY BILE Supply Ruihcd M*r» — SufferjM R«|ole» New relief for gallbladder BufTerer* lacking healthy bile fa teen today in announce- irient of a wonderful preparation which net* with remarkable elteist. Sufferers with ^ agonizing colic, stomach. «nd gallbladder misery due to lack dt healthy bile now teU of remarkable .results after> usInB' thla medi. 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Flnnder is chairman of an Eco nomic subcommittee which sur veye'd the price situation in the east. After its study the group rec oni.mended voluntary food rationng with a control law in reserve. The. Vermont senator said .• he is opposed to price control, but is strong for considering the rationing of important foods, particularly meat. Sparkman said that if the joint committee'is going to take up the president's program at all "we should discuss all of it and at this tirrie." he added: "The primary purpose of any hearings is to explore the reasonableness of the president's proposals. I can see no damage in doing that, particularly since the presi^ dent asked for those controls for use only as a last resort." The Alabaman declared he is opposed, to price controls on any other basis, "but I do think we Plight at least to find out . jus! what kind of a program is pro posed." •"But I did mean to say we are going to put qff discussion of those points until We get rid of th others," he added. "I don't wan to' bar them absolutely, but I don' want to bind myself ihat they will the other handj the losing side was fairly well represented at the close. Transfers for the full proceedings ran to around 900,000 shares. United Dyewood preferred yielded 9 points in tlie wake of a de- fereed dividend. Lower were Paci- ic Western Oil, International Har- ester, Douglas Aricraft, Boeing, Worthington Pump, Owens-Illinois nd International Nickel. International business machines limbed about 16 points in further esponse to the sjplit up plan. A ileasing disbursement and a split >roposla lifted union Pacific some i points. Allied chemical added several points as splitup talk was leard for-this stock. Bonds were uneven, o- POULTRY AND PRODUCE Chicago, Nov. 20 — (/P) —Butter steady; receipts .442,579; prices unchanged. Eggs firm; receipts 8,842; prices unchanged. .Live poultry: weak. Receipts 37 trucks, no cars: prices unchanged mostly; FOB: fowl 23.5; Leghorn fowl. 19; roasters 25-29; balance tin- changed. Daily Bread that started as a one-car garage and had one room added at ! time, without any plan, of differen materials, at different levels, each painted a different color at a dif ferent time. 1 The commission apparently sug gested adding a couple more room —still without a plan— and re-lo eating a few partitions and redec orating a few odd rooms, insteac of buying a new lot, hiring first-class architect, and buildin a real house. If Dingell had complained abou this he would have been on sound ground. If he had found fault with spicifications he would have been excusable. Instead, in effect he gave warning that the Democrats and the Republicans will kick the old taxpayer around the lot again for partisan politics. Maybe we taxpayers ought to send word to Washington that the cost of living has cut us down to such slimness we aren't willing oi reniotRMwic *»;o««fcs> ««*^,» —«...„ -----, — •--.T cine •fchlch has amazlhtf power to stimulate fldw of healthy bile. CAUUSIN U a very expenelve medicine, but considering, results, the $3.00 It costs Is only pennies per done. GAUUSIN (caution, unb only as directed) to sold with full money back guarantee bji JOHN P. COX DRUG STORE Mail Orders Fllle'd King-size LIPSTICK Queen! be ^considered session.' during the spepial to be much used for longer. political footballs Rural free delivery service was started 50 years ago, on five experimental routes each about 17 miles long, in West Virginia. Only Received, Continued From Fage One MeyerS had "any facts" to present. "Yes sir I have," Meyers replied In a loud firm voice. "As you know I have been sitting here for about ,10 days listening to jnany charges iriade against me of perjury, corruption, fraud and that I was a contracting officer and purchasing officer holding stocks with the airplane companies." Meyers paused and then said: "I intend to sit here and answer all the charges in the most I minute details. I intend to sit here unless I am physically and bodily thrown put —" Ferguson assured the general the ivestigating group would "give you time to cover" the charges. Meyers thanked him and then said he believed "it pertinent" to NEW YORK COTTON 'New York, Nov. 20 — UP) —Cotton Futures turned irregular today, following earlier steadiness. Tightness in nearby December contracts and a new cotton credit to Findland, influenced early buying. After themarket reached gains tit more than $1.50 a bale, increased profit taking and more liberal hedging brought about a partial reaction. Mills were good buyers of nearby deliveries against textile sales and there was also some covering asociated with British purchases of American cotton. Spot cotton markets were firm, and tightness in supplies was reflected in the strength in nearby NOTICE Nolan Clark & A. L. Caudle 1 Invite al| our friends to patronize us at" the "" ESSO STATION Third and Hazel St. YOU'RE SURE OF December delivery I^ate afternoon prices were 80 More, much more, than just a lipstick! A pass-key to enticing lip beauty—seven "costume" shades infused with lustrous color that magically become part of you! More, much more, than just smooth texture! Instead, a formula, satiny, silkily smooth! Fashions your perfect lip-shape, keeps it there; unbroken by feathery edges. 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Doun's give happy re icf and will help the IB.miles of kidney tubes flush out poisonous waStd from your | blood. Get Doan's Pllla. y cents a bale higher to 15 cents lower than the previous close. Dec. 34.23, arch 34.36 and May 34.-10. Futures closed $1.75 a bale high er to $1.00 lower than the previous close. Dec high 34.43 —- low 34.03 — last '34.40-43 up 33-35 Mch high 34.58 — low 34.15 — last 34.56-58 up 29-31 May high 34.31 — low 33.95 — last 34.28-31 up 23-26 SoJly high 33.10 -7 low 32.79 — last 82.96-97 up 5-6 Oct high 30.32 — low 30.07 — last 30.10 off 18 Dec high 29.92 — low 29.70 — last 29.65n off 20 Middling spot 35 on up 33. N-riominal. NEW ORLEANS COTTON New Orleans, Nov. 20 — (/P) — Near months continued to advance in cotton futures here today on trade buying and short npvering prior to first December notice day Monday, while distant position lagged. Closing prices were firm $1.80 a bale higher to 90 cents lower. Dec high 34.43 -r low 34.06 — close 34.43 May high 34.28 — low 34.00 — close 34;24-28 Jly high 33.13 — low 32.81 — close 33.00-01 Jl?r hgih 33.13 — low 30.08 — close 33.00-01 Oct high 30.37 — low 30.08 — close 30.15 bid . o The average truck in the United States pays $133 a year in special taxes, while .passenger cars average $,59 a yettr. Revenue buses average $1,100 a year. VALUES AT OWEN'S Three days of the greatest values in town, in Ladies' Dresses, Coats, Suits and Men's Jackets. Shop at our store Friday, Saturday and Monday for the values listed below and many others not listed. 100 LADIES' DRESSES New fall styles in wools, crepes, and gabardines. For three days only. Friday, Saturday and Monday. One and two piece styles, the new long lengths and the newest fall colors. _;_^ l /2 PRICE Auto & Home Supply 174 Hope, Ark; i ^iCiMMpf^A" Carnival! x*f+!na niohtS . . . 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The guests participated in a number of games after which the hostess, assisted by Miss Emelene McDov/ell, freshments By the Associated Press Central Standard Time Hirphito Breaks Precedent -•• to Take Night train Tokyo. Nov. 19 — (#")— Emperor Hirohito is about to establish another precedent — he's going to take a night train. An official announcement. said the emperor expects to visit Oka yama City shortlv and that on his return the erstwhile 1 son of heaven will sleep on a converted sofa aboard a night train. Heretofore, the emperor has always traveled by daylight to facilitate police protection. - Tragedy Stalks Young Wife in New Green Coat Atlanta. Oa., Nov. 19 — (UP) — Robert Gorman, walking home from work along the "railroad track shortcut" yesterday, didn t recognize his 19-year-okl wife Bessie as she crossed his path in the dusk ahead of him. Bessie was wearing her new green coat. . . , Not until he got home did Robert served delightful re- to twenty -one guests. Aldr ipics •Ich; NBO—7 Henry • S.Al'Jalson; 8:30 Jack Carson; 9 Bob Hawk. CBS—0:30 Club Crosby; 7:30 Mr. Keen's Drama; 8 Dick Haymes; 8:30 Crime Photographer; 9:30 Food Appeal Documentary. ABC—7 Candid Microphone; 7:30 The Clock; 8:30 Darts for Dough; 9 Mr. President. MBS—7 Jan August Trio: 7:30 Scarlet- Queen: 9 Family Theater, Eddie Cantor Host. realize the girl in green had been his young wife. "It Was that new coat." he said. "I'll kid her about beating her homo." he laughingly told his mother. But Bessie never got home. Walking along the tracks in her now coal, she must have been inmking about the new snowsuit she had gone to town to buy for their sevcn-months-old daughter, Diane. She apparently didn't hear the warning whistle or bell of the train coming on behind her. Girt Scout Trdop'No. 7 .<~i'i. Celebrates First Anniversary, Girl Scout Troop No.. 7 celebrated its first birthday anniversary with a birthday party at tnp First Christian Church on Wednesday evening. ; The meeting was opened wi,th; a short business session under the direction of Mrs. Clyde Coffee and • Mrs. Charles Heynerson. Reports «were heard and assignments were "nade. ' .' • .-'" A ceremony was held Using the American and Scout Flags. The members were arranged to form a horseshoe, and as each name was called the girl came forward and saluted the ilags and repeated the ;Scout Promise. New membership carets were presented by Mrs. Coffee. Mrs. Reynerson gave pins representing a year of service to the members. Following a series of games and .contests tlie fourteen members -and tiwo leaders were served supper at Orville's Confectionery. Friday programs: NBC—12 Noon Music for Today. . CBS—1:30 p. m. Look Your Best; 3:30 Winner Take All. . ABC—10 a. Jn. Tom Breneman; 11 Welcome Travelers; 2:30 D. m. Paul Whiteman Records. . . . MBS—11:30 a. m. Campus Salute; p.m. Queen for a Day. • 2:00 LAST DAY • — FEATURES —. — 3:49 - 5:38 - 7:28 - 9:36 Demand for Rice Slackens During Week; Mrs. Rettlg, Mrs. Hardegree, Mrs. Anthony Hostess to Lilac Club The Lilac Garden club met Wednesday afternoon al the home of Mrs. B. L. Rettig with Mrs. William P. Hardegree and Mrs. Graydon Anthony as associate Hostesses, at the home of Mrs. Reltig. The Kettig' home was decorated with arrangements of fall chrysan- •jplhcmums and roses. The president, Mrs. Fonzie Moses, called the meeting to order and presided over a short business session. Mrs. Floyd. Porterfield gave the opening prayer. Mrs. Marion Buchannan, secretary read the minutes of the last meeting; During the business session the club voted to cooperate with the other civic clubs in their program to beautify Fair park. Mrs. Malcolm Porterfield a former member, was welcomed, back tlnto 1 the club. Member's answered to the roll call by saying 1 what they were thankful for. ... . : The program was opened with the song "America" with Mrs. C. C. McNeil at the piano. Mrs. Hardegree gave the "Legend of, the Chrysanthemum". Mrs. Lloyd Sutton discussed the November Gardening Club. Members viewed 'the Thanksgiving table arranged by ' Mrs. O. C. Button. The hostesses served a delightful salad plate to nineteen members. Washington, Nov. 19 — (/P) —Demand for rice slackened last week and as a result prices were barely steady, the Agriculture department reported today. Wholesale and retail distributoi's were .repbrted to have apparently accumulated sufficient rice for im mediate needs and to be less ac live buyers at prevailing, prices. The government continued to re main out Of the market for supplies for .export. With the exception of a few late fields, the i-ice harvest has been practically completed in the south, the department said and • only about five percent of the crop remains in the fields in Caifornia.j Texas markets for rough rice were slightly firmer than those in Louisiana. •ART VIOLENCE... PART MADNESS... PART ECSTASY! •The Biggest Little Store In Town' mother! real boys and girls; pre-fesf Relieve miseries direct —without "dosing" HUB ' ON WICKS W VAPORUB PolIParrot SHOES FORfBOYS AND GIRLS See What Pre-Testing Gives You! ARMY-NAVY Football Thrills Hospital Notes Friends of Mrs. C. C. Westerman will be pleased to learn that she is reported as doing nicely following an eye operation at Fincher Hospital in El Dorado. Friends will regret to learn that Mr. A. R. Newberry is ill at a Denton, Texas hospital. .Julia Chester " Admitted: Marcinkowski, JVirs. Anthony Berlin, Wisconsin. Elmer R. McKnight, Markoson, Wisconsin. Discharged: Mrs. W. L. Ponder, Rt. 1, Hope Sonya Sommcrvil'le, Hope. Josephine Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Brown o Rt. 4, Hope, announce the ariva of a daughter on November 19. Discharged: '*' Alyin Lynn, Taylor. EW • LAST DAY • FEATURES 2:26 -' 4:35 - 6:44 - 8:53 //I •'.,':-• ;• —- In Technicolor—"From the Best Seller by the Author of "Rebecca" FRENCHMAN'S CREEK" with—Joan Fontaine-ArthurodeCordoua • BASIL RATHBONE o NIGEL BRUCE • CECIL KELLAWAY • RALPH FORBES REPHAN'S WINTER ^;5 VALUES f > r ;^-i V./L& MINS AND B6YS^ '^''^1 SWEATE In this large group of sweater's.you'ill i styles in both sleeveless and With sieeve styles that are really warm. These 'sold'up'ttf '6V Bbth solid colors and patterns; ^ t real only ,' ' S»*r< Part Wool EXTRA REINFORCEMENTS AT AU VITAL PARTS Sizes 12 to 3 5 .00 £.50 to 3 Skipping, kicking, 'sliding, running — real boys and girls f>re-test our Poll-Parrot Shoes. And with what benefits for your child! Better protection for growing feet—finer materials—reinforcements at vital points. 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We have a large stock in most sizes. 1.98 Pretty - • LUNCH CLOTHS Rayon and cotton lunch cloths that are 50x50 ; ^A real value ' Mens ; ''^AS^I^iMI Loncjy; sleeye^ Ishirts'^c draWd1"Sf*f Hdf^'a^ ,trelj Warm for <jo(d ( Win l ter'0i ahead. / , ' - 98c ^ ' & \** I*- ' "'.Metis -V ' " ' i^J ': BOOT* ,«7 Here ^s a mui^yyvu^uvuci, <,| boot.' J ust * the' ^ boot", • f 6r^ I wet cbJd .weather: 1 ^M"** 1 ^' sizes,';**, * /, , u .^1 4:39 Table cloih 56x76'.and^ 98c Girl 13, Held for Murder of 5-Year-Old Look Smart in One of .these Originals by NAT FRANK \ of NEW YORK Bakersfield r Calif., Nov. — (IP) — Sheriff John Lonstalot announced today that a 13-year-old girl, Joyce Christian Nichols, had been arrested in her junior high school class- 'tj'oom. and booked on suspicion of the sex-murder of Miretta Jones, 5. An hour or so after her arrest. Sheriff Loustalot was still questioning her, and told reporters she had made an oral statement. Mireita's body, the head bludgeoned, was found in a children's play cave in a vacant field after she had disappeared from her home Monday on an errand to a grocery store. At that time Sheriff Loustalot said another girl, de- scvibpri as about 1C, had been seen ihvith Miretta as she started across the field. Miretta's body was nude, her clothing in the cave. Also in the cave were a bloodstained rock and shovel blade. An autopsy yesterday disclosed, the sheriff said that the child had been attacked. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. Earl Jones the former a trucking contractor. WEAK NERVOUS cranky 'every month'? Are you troubled b; distress pi female functional periodic disturbances? Does this ma^e you feel so tired, bigh-struhg, neruouj—at such times? Then »o try Lydla E. Ptols- barn's Vegetable Compound to relieyo Flattery starts with your hat . . . and you'll be .flattered by anyone of the NAT FRANK ORIGINALS that we have in our new collection. 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