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Detroit, Michigan
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CC Q. Sitcom has double dose of TGIF entertainment At first glance, "Sister, Sister" may look like just another cookie-cutter family sitcom. And since it's being plugged into ABC's kid-oriented TGIF lineup, you expect lightweight, escapist fluff. But "Sister, Sister," which is set in Detroit, IVSiKE Duffy roe As World Turns Guiding Light (cc) 7710 Local Programming CBS News Rather, CBS News Rather, CBS News Rather, 66807 Chung. 78 Chung.

30 Chung. 1178 udt Another World Leeza When a child disappears, (r) 9178 Local Programming NBC News Tom NBC News Tom NBC News Tom 51975 Brokaw. (cc) 46 Brokaw. (cc) 6 Brokaw. 6246 anr One Life to Live General Hospital 35826 Local Programming ABC News Peter ABC News Peter ABC News Peter 97791 Jennings.

4536 Jennings. 5888 Jennings. 5772 00 Home Shopping Spree (11 6633062 "Mirrors" A woman loses a husband, gains a doctor and has voodoo visions in USWA Wrestling WA0L New Orleans. (1 hr 28 mins.) (1974) 51626 (r)7826 SD Flintstones (cc) Tom i Jerry Kids. Tiny Toon Animaniacs (cc) Batman: Animated Saved by the Bell Who's the Boss? Roseanne (cc) Golden Girls (cc) Married With WKBD 210623 (CC) 594197 Adventures 222468 201975 (CC) 207159 (CC) 599642 (CC) 221739 211352 202604 Children 586178 per Video Soul Video Vibrations 858352 Rap CHy 997555 Video LP 482888 News 406468 Sanford 773642 377642 puu Nowaday International Hour Europe: Divided EarlyPrlnw (cc) Inside Politics EartyPrime (cc) Showbii Today The World Today 948468 Moneyline 205130 (CC) 838642 (CC) 220449 941420 960555 966739 226994 1 940791 nic My Little Pony Donald's Quack Care Bears (cc) Under Umbrella Adv.

In "The Man Called Flintstone" (1 28 mins.) (1 966) I "The Billion Dollar Hobo" (1 978) (G) Tales 863739 Attach 114975 868284 Tree 847791 Wonderland 843975 688420 2792159 rcpu Tennis Racehorse Digest LPGA Magazine Golf "The Senior Tradition, Second Round" From Scottsdale, Ariz. (Live) 888352 NCAA Final Four Highlights 739772 SportsCenter (Live) 638604 (r) 884536 512807 876517 r.u Let's Make a Deal Heathcliff 8759)3 Super Mario Bros. Popeye 582791 That's My Dogl Punky Brewster Black Stallion Rin Tin Tin K9 Cop New Lassie 583420 The WaKons 125555 508739 503284 588975 847130 502555 (CC) 509468 uDQ "Rocky II" (1:00) "The Forbidden Dance" Laura Herring. (1 37 mins.) (1990) (PG-13, Adult "Leonard Part 6" (4:45) (1987) (PS) "Wayne's World" Mike Myers. 1 35 mins.) 630062 situations, language, violence.) (cc) 3240541 (cc) 1793913 (1992) (PG-13) 42388517 iirr Moonlighting LA.

Law "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling" the Spirit" Elaine May, Mario Thomas, Jeanme Berlin. (1 34 mins.) Supermarket Shop Til You Drop I Unsolved Mysteries 470642 (cc) 492739 (1990) (R, language, violence.) 859975 Sweep 505642 596994 (cc) 198401 ujv "Lunatics: A Love Story" Theodore Raiml. (1 27 "Radio Flyer" Elijah Wood, Joseph Mazzello. (1 54 mins.) (1992) (PG-13, "Knill" Ken Marshall. (2 hrs 2 mins.) (1983) (PG, Adult mins.) (1991) (Violence.) 895605 Adult situations, violence,) (cc) 851333 situations, violence.) 115178 utu Music Videos Totally Different Pauly 487807 The Grind 580333 Lip Service 586517 Catwalk "Two-Legged Animals" 864807 Trashed 590710 Dally Dose 581062 The Real World 465710 865536 uf Lassie (cc) 137130 Hey Dude Weinerville 149975 Looney Tunes Wild and Crazy Salute Your Shorts The Hidden Temple Looney Tunes Looney Tunes Doug 410975 "Suspicion" 428994 l51710 Kids 157994 1 430739 1 148246 146159 1 169739 cunvu "National "Desire and Hell at Sunset Motel" Sherilyn Fenn.

(1 "In Between" Robert Forster. (1 32 mins.) (1991) "Convicts" Robert Duvall. 1 33 mins.) 447420 27 mins.) (1992) (PG-13) 258623 (PS-13, AdUlt Situations 5051468 (1991) 63754739 tdc Preseason Baseball "Baltimore Orioles at Atlanta Braves" Brady Bunch Brady Bunch Saved by Bell Saved by Bell Growing Pains Growing Pains Andy Griffith (Live) 33886710 2975352 2233246 3230265 6965468 7610401 9868565 4160468 TMc "Hoodfist III: Forced to Fight" Don Wilson. 1 "Blink of an Eye" Michael Pare. (4:1 1 30 mins.) "Waiting for the Light" Shirley MacLaine.

1 hr, "McBaln" (7:15) 28 mins.) (1992) (R) 1327951 (1992) (R) (CC) 4503165 34 mins.) (1990) (PG) 28671975 30169178 USA Tac bough Press Your Luck Scrabble 943888 $25,000 Pyramid $100,000 Pyramid MacGyver "Jack of Lies" Guest: Gregory Cartoon Express 933536 A Chucklewood 964371 215517 955623 951807 Sierra. (CC) 239197 Easter 230826 yjfju Designing Women The Hallo Spencer Yogi Friends Stunt Dawgs 861371 Energy Express (r) Saved by the Bell California Dreams Charles in Charge Designing Women 724536 (CC) 132371 Show 853352 (849159 111888 (CC) 852623 (r) 859536 (CC) 840688 (CC) 124352 sodes at 8:30 and 9:30 tonight on ABC, WXYZ-TV, Channel 7 in Detroit. The show's advantages? Start with' identical twins Tia and Tamera Mowry, newcomers who manage to radiate a live-wire freshness without sliding into the cloying-annoy-ing zone. Then there are the adults, likable Tim Reid and Jackee Harry who play the single parents of Tia and Tamera. Harry adds sass, Reid adds class.

They're fun to watch. Due to predictably hokey TV circumstance, Reid, Harry and the twins will wind up living together under the same roof. Real life, this is not. But once you get beyond the whimsical sitcom setup, you can see that top-notch producer Suzanne de Passe has gathered the ingredients for a pleasantly engaging half hour of Friday night family entertainment. Two-and-a-half stars.

certainly makes a more favorable initial impression than irritating TGIF staples like the Suzanne Somers-afflicted "Step by Step" and the Urkel-impaired "Family Matters." "Sister, Sister" the co-medic tales of spunky identical twins who grew up separately has a double debut with different epi- 7:00 Evening 6:00 Brandt. OS Star Trek: The Next Generation (cc) CtD A Current Affair (cc) 03 63 63 Cops (cc) (13) 03 (Mi MacNellLehrer NewsHour (cc) EE Cheers (cc) St Family Feud C26j Si Roseanne (cc) American Journal SB Night Heat between China and Myanmar; Indonesian culture in Taiwan. 60 Rush Limbaugh High School Challenge (30; Reading Rainbow "A Chair for My Mother" A family rebuilds after a fire, (cc) Saved by the Bell (cc) 35j America: Personal Conversations With Dennis Wholey Mariette Hartley. Who's the Boss? (cc) E) Golden Girls (cc) GB Streets of San Francisco Farce (cc) Hard Copy Brett Butler, (cc) Cij Q4! Great Lakes Outdoors fa 01! Entertainment Tonight (cc) 03 CBA Basketball Eastern Conference Semifinal, Game One: TBA at Grand Rapids Hoops. (T7 Full House (cc) SD 13 Real Stories of the Highway Patrol (r) S3 The Cosby Show (cc) Empty Nest (cc) 130' McLaughlin Group (56j (gi Coach (cc) Si! Inside Edition (cc) 05 The Color of Money Journalist Tony Brown.

(Part 2 of 2) (cc) 33 CD SB (3) NBC News (cc) Star Trek: The Next Generation Previously spurned by Troi's mother (Majel Barrett), a Ferengi kidnaps her, Troi and Riker. (cc) CB 03 SI HE) ABC News (cc) (13) astmmm Nightly Business Report An examination of the auto industry includes interviews with top executives. 03 as The Wonder Years (cc) (35; MacNellLehrer NewsHour (cc) In the Heat of the Night (cc) Married With Children (cc) (47) Rescue 911 (cc) Designing Women (cc) 8 Hard Copy Brett Butler, (cc) (D CB fffl Wheel of Fortune (cc) CD News (T) CE Inside Ed Won Woman catches a stalker, (cc) OS Entertainment Tonight (cc) CBCSlfiB Nightly Business Report ABC News (cc) It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown (cc) CB CD Hoops Hysteria A chronicle of Final Four weekend in Charlotte, N.C. Hosts Terry Gannon and Tim rx 4 1 0 Qj Hi jo 03 1 if. CB SB News (3D Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Love threatens the college career of Will's girlfriend (Jasmine Guy), (cc) CD MacNellLehrer NewsHour (cc) CE f9S MA'SH GS 2) News (cc) (13) Off the Record 05 The Cosby Show (cc) IE) Espana Viva (r) SO (Ml Full House (cc) (Ml Asia Now Satellite space; trade 7:30 6:30 'ML rhft v' 'h If A Current Affair (CC) CD CB S3 Jeopardy! (cc) CB Wheel of Fortune (cc) CB CD Paid Programming CB The Royal Canadian Air QJ 3J CD ID 6B CBS News (cc) GD Tribute to Reverend Boyd WM1 MM.

Local Programming ggg Local Programming Burke's Law "Who Killed Romeo?" Eva Gabor; Dick Butkus; Florence Henderson, (cc) 9284 Picket Fences "System Down" Brock is jury foreman in the trial of cop-killers, (cc) 2371 Diagnosis Murder "Guardian Angel" Mark disbelieves confession to mayor's murder, (cc) 9420 "Perry Mason: The Case of the Skm-Deep Scandal" Mason defends the husband of a cosmetics Local Programming Local Programming Viper "Crown of Thorns" Frankie (Joe Nipote) is NBC tycoon found slain on the eve of her anti-aging cream's debut. Raymond Burr, Morgan Fairchild, David attracted to a royal attendant, (cc) 1888 Warner. (1 36 mins.) (1993) (cc) 4975 Local Programming Family Matters Urkel Step by Step Mark is Local Programming ABC Sister, Sister (Premiere) Twins await first dates. (CC) 95772 2020 Cancer patients who experience spontaneous remission; safety of a synthetic milk-production hormone, (cc) 61739 addicted to video games. and Carl go camping.

Sister, Sister "The Meeting" Twins unite. (Preview) (cc) 3555 (cc) 4420 (r) 10517 News 1772 News 7352 Paid Programming 3159 Bamaby Jones 6710 USWA Wrestling Oakland County Bible Students Good Friday special. 6197 (r) 7826 WADL News Makupson Scott. 4109604 Pistons Game Night NBA Basketball Detroit Pistons at Chicago Bulls. (Live) 584371 EE WKBD Real-life twins Tia, left, and Tamera Mowry are Tia Landry and Tamera mm In Search Of (7:00) Investigative Reports "The Real Story" Guildford Four; "In the Name of the Father." 763604 An Evening at the Improv Edward James OlmOS.

925642 Ancient Mysteries "Mysteries of the Bible: Jesus in the Galilee" The Sea of Galilee's role in the Bible. 766791 Time Machine With Jack Perkins "The Propaganda Wars" Propaganda films in World War II. 783468 767420 "The Rat Race" A saxophonist tries to share an apartment platonlcally with a dancer in New "Bringing Up Baby" A paleontologist loses a dinosaur bone to a dog AMC "Barefoot in the Park" (1967) (G) 614587 York. Tony Curtis, Debbie Reynolds, Jack Oakie. (1 45 mins.) (1960) 117401 whose heiress owner has a pet leopard, Baby.

Katharine Hepburn. 1 mms.) (iswts) 354130 Campbell on "bister, bister," debuting tonight at 8:30 and 9:30 on ABC The sitcom, set in Detroit, is about twins who grew up separately. We'll miss hitting the road with you, Charles Kuralt Comicview 778197 Video Soul 812492 Out All Night (CC) 384807 Out All Night (CC) 495352 What's Happening BET 759062 967468 World News 320913 Sports Tonight 689178 Larry King Live Kermit the Frog; Ted Koppel. (cc) PrimeNews (cc) 307062 CNN 327626 A-List 5126130 Soap Burt tells Mary. COM Mystery Science Theater 3000 (Part 1 ol 2) 2050913 Kids in the Hall (cc) 5154913 Saturday Night Live Host Ron Howard; musical guest the Clash.

2040536 Whose Line Is Anyway? 3871642 3640389 "The Billion Dollar "Bye Bye Birdie" Dick Van Dyke, Janet Leigh, Ann-Margret. (1 52 "The Big Mouth" An airline stewardess helps a goofy guv chased by gangsters who are looking DIS Hobo" 2792159 mins.) (1963 734688 tor stolen diamonds. 1 4 mins.) (1M6) 62791739 quired "Holocaust" for an April encore. The acclaimed 1978 miniseries, which first aired on NBC, stars Michael Talk Soup Weekend 659623 TVs Bloopers Coming Attractions News Week in Review 897081 Late Night With David Letterman Thirteen-camera ShOW. 652710 Late Night Letterman 660739 Practical Jokes 39588B 307623 "Little Murders" A pushv woman marries a listless man In a orlm "Terror Among Us" A police sergeant and a parole off icer track a rapist who Is back on the street.

"Dead Heat on 4325517 ENC Monarty, James Woods and a pre-superstar Meryl Streep. The 10-hour Don Meredith, saran purceii. (i mins.) (imbi 4035420 new Torn mat gets grimmer. (i an 9224343 Baseball Tonight 598915 NHL Hockey Boston Bruins at Buffalo Sabres. (Live) 22810 ESPN NCAA Final Four Special 401352 The 700 Club 169888 "The Robe" A Roman tribune, his Christian lover and a Greek slave are linked by the red robe worn by Christ.

Richard Burton, Jean Simmons, Victor FAM The Waltons 125555 Mature. (2 13 mins.) (19M) 542975 "Batman Returns" The Caped Crusader clashes with Catwoman and saves gloomy Gotham City "Wayne's World' HBO "Ghostbusters" Parapsychologists with nuclear guns go into business ridding New York of poltergeists. 1 45 mins.) (1984) (Language, Ifrom the loul Penguin's plot. Directed by Tim Burton. Michael Keaton.

(2 6 mins.) (1992) (PG-13, (6:15) (1992) 42388517 violence.) (cc) 68108517 Language, violence.) (ccj 6755343 Unsolved Mysteries Unsolved Mysteries (cc) 185062 LIFE Sisters "A Kiss Is Still a Kiss" Alex encounters an old flame (Dennis Boutsikaris) at her high-school reunion. 114449 "Cookie" A mobster leaves Sing Sing after 13 years and teams up with his illegitimate daughter. Directed by Susan Seidelman. Peter Falk. Dianne WiesL Emily Lloyd.

(1 29 mins.) (1989) (R, Language, violence.) 117536 (CC) 198401 "Bodies, Rest A Motion" A young woman In a dull Arizona town makes "KruH" 2 MAX "The Bodyguard" An ex-Secret Service agent falls for his client, an actresssinger someone wants, dead before the Academy Awards. Kevin Costner, Whitney Houston, Gary Kemp. (2 9 mins.) drastic changes when her boyfriend heads for Montana. (1 33 mins.) (1983) (PG) 115178 (1992) (H, Language, violence.) (cc) 3290246 (1993) (H) 245046 1 The State 834791 Week in Rock 587246 Top 20 Video Countdown 103333 Beavis and Butt-head 490371 MTV Beavis and Butt-head 850739 Mary Tyler Moore Lou I Love Lucy Ricky asks for a raise. 342523 NICK Bullwinkle's Moose-a-Rama 158623 Dick Van Dyke Rob advises Mel to stand up to Alan.

697230 Bob Newhart Ellen's handsome ex fiance returns. 383517 Mary Tyler Moore Mary's aunt visits newsroom, (cc) 672913 Partridge Family Famed folk artist joins the act. 429623 Mork and Mindy Mork holds a wedding for Eugene. 408130 investigates corruption. (CC) 663265 Sneaux Zone 612807 'David Kamau vs.

Kenny Baysmore, Junior Welterweights" From Inglewood, Calif. (Tape Delay) Championship Week From Charlotte (Live) 994772 PASS Boxing 784197 BY MIKE DUFFY Free Press Television Writer Notes from the Captain Video file: Gushing about Charles Kuralt is easy. He's a class act bidding us a fond actios. And he knows well the simple, honest joy of deftly written, less-is-jnore television. i The words "hype," "hot" and "tabloid" are not ones you associate with this exemplary and unique journalist.

Jleidi Fleiss and the Menendez brothers aren't on Kuralt's dance card. But sadly, after the Easter telecast "of "CBS Sunday Morning" (9 a.m. WJKB-TV, Channel 2 in Detroit), he's here. Needless to say, Kuralt heads into an early retirement with everyone's best wishes and no small amount of shared regret by loyal viewers. Thanks to him, "Sunday Morning" has created a 'rare network oasis of calm, civility and intelligence.

CBS will have a very tough time replacing this man of amazing, droll grace. Sundays just won't be the same. Peace, Charles. BIRD IS THE WORD: Brian Dennehy's superfine medical drama "Birdland" makes a brief escape from Hiatusville this month. Two fresh episodes are scheduled to air in the "Matlock" slot at 9 p.m.

Thursdays April 14 and 21. As one of the season's best new drama series, "Birdland" certainly deserves more of a second chance than that. But even two more episodes is better than none. "Birdland" fans can badger ABC to renew this promising series by A I I ku4uI ItlainAH 1" A mtirrlarnW nnliraunman'c "Convicts" (6:15) SHOW "Miracle Beach" (1 27 mins.) (1992) (R) 130888 "Amos Andrew" A car thief helps Inept police when they overreact lo reports of a burglar in an exclusive neighborhood. (1 34 mins.) (1993) (PG-13) (CC) 2674371 (1991) 63754739 replacement continues a cocaine-cookie case with her ex-partner.

1 hr. 23 mins.) (1993) (cc) 57008913 The Three Stooges Cats Dogs Two shows, "Dogs" and "Cats," offer a 1 history of the animals as pets and as Yogi, the Easter Bear 6823604 TBS Beverly Hillbillies 6944420 19205246 'cultural influences. (cc) 8651178 The Last Days of Jesus" Life and Times of Jesus 828826 Life and Times of Jesus 681197 Life and Times of Jesus "Who Was Jesus?" 671710 TIC Hometfme "Plumbing" 228642 Life and Times of Jesus "The First Christmas" 668246 "Holocaust is scheduled to air over five nights, April 10-14, on Lifetime. Bouncing Off The Satellites: if you can't beat 'em, join 'em: "All My Children" star Susan Lucci, a 14-time Daytime Emmy nominee and 14-time loser, will host this year's statuette festivities May 25 on ABC. Renewal boogaloo: Hot rookie tabloid "American Journal," anchored by Nancy Glass, has been given the go-ahead by King World for a second season.

Mobster patrol: Anthony Denison, who played suavely sinister gangster Ray Luca on "Crime Story," has finished filming the CBS movie "Getting Gotti" in Toronto. Yes, Denison has the title role as real-life New York mob boss John Gotti in the May sweeps docudrama. EXTRA BLAH BLAH: Amateur chuckle-head: Brooke Shields, latest main squeeze of tennis punk Andre Agassi, makes her stand-up comedy debut on "Girls Night Out." Shields hosts and performs on the premiere of the new women-only cable comics' series at 10 p.m. Saturday on Lifetime. In the works: "The Gonzo Papers," a TV show from Rhino Entertainment based on the life of rogue political writer and addled satirist Hunter Thompson.

Back to the future: Phyllis Coates, who played Lois Lane on the original 1950s "Superman" series, is introduced as the mother of the new Lois (Teri Hatcher) on May episodes of ABC's "Lois Clark: The New Adventures of Superman." Final Four fanatic: Captain Video has Arkansas in the office pool. Whoo, pig, sooey! "McBaln" An ex-POW and his war buddies help a dead friend sister TMC "Posse" (1 49 mins.) (1993) (R) (cc) 3828130 "Thunderheart" A part-Indian FBI agent and his partner meet militants on a 1970s South Dakota reservation. Directed by Michael Apted, Val Kilmer, Graham Greene, Sam Shepard. (1 59 mins.) (1992) (R, Language, violence.) (cc) 612474 oust a drug-cartel regime In Colombia. 1 hr 45 mins.) (1991) (Language, violence.) 30169176 Club Dance Shelley Mangrum.

(r) 306449 Country News Record Country Musk Video Album Hour Travis Tritt. TNN Music City Tonight "Elvis Night" Ronnie McDowell; the Jordanaires; D.J. Fontana; Scotty Moore; Eddie Miles; Charlie Hodge. 937888 review. 200246 673178 NBA Basketball Atlanta Hawks at Phoenix Suns.

(Live) (cc) 7773442 TNT Wild, Wild West "The Night of the Golden Cobra" I 666888 Bugs Bunny's All-Stars 665159 "Big Business" Mismatched at birth, two sets of twins meet as opposites in Manhattan and Murder, She Wrote "To the Last Will I Grapple Wings (cc) 952536 USA "The Toxic Avenger" 247517 With Thee" (cc) 392130 (confuse a corporate deal. (1 hr 3B mins.) (1988) (Language.) 302517 Best of Stand-Up Spotlight Host Rosie O'Donnell. Top 21 Countdown 804371 Stand-Up Spotlight 926807 Best of Stand-Up Spotlight Host Bobby Collins. 665284 VH1 662197 Night Court (cc) 740449 The Jefferson "The News Sanders, Payne, (cc) 472536 WGN "The Third Key" Two Scotland Yard detectives hunt a safecracker who seems to have inside Information. Jack Hawkins.

(1 36 mins.) (1956) 453401 Unnatural" 839772 Prime Time Mind Body Connection" (Part 2 of 5) (cc) Divine Plan CE) S3 SO Sister, Sister (Premiere) Tia and Tamera await first dates, (cc) (2? Are You Being Served? West Michigan Week Battlefield Ministries SD Yogi, the Easter Bear dii W5 Wrth Eric Mailing Profile of British Columbia, (cc) C4D The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. (cc) as Bishop Brooks 8:00 10:30 10:00 8:30 writing Ted Harbert, President, ABC Entertainment, 2040 Avenue of the Stars, Century City, Calif. 90067. (13) Please Stand By: Maximum Bob III Ql Paid Programming Dennis Wholey I33 News 86 Who's the Boss? (cct (47 Real Stories of the Highway Patrol (r) IB Praise and Worship (66 The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. (cc) Paul Newman.

(1967) CB Si Editor's Notepad CB S3 (S3 Step by Step Mark is addicted to video games, (r) (cc) (13) Great Performances "The Songs of Six Families" (cc) (B 'M 08 Off the Rscord (35 Hoops Hysteria A chronicle of Final Four weekend in Charlotte. C. Hosts Terry Gannon and Tim Brandt. CIS Mystery! "Inspector Morse VII: Who Killed Harry Field?" (Part 2 of 2) (cc) iJS First Friday SS McLaughlin Group (cc) The X-Files (cc) Believer's Voice of Victory 0T The X-Files (cc) SO Designing Women (cc) Great Performances "The Songs of Six Families' (cc) ED Rush Lknbaugh Are You Being Served? (33 Babylon 5 (r) 35 John McLaughlin's Night Court I'f Baywatch (r) 63 Are You Being Served? Again! QB Movie Till the Clouds Roll By" Robert Walker, (1946) 11:30 fa Li CE 09 ill (33 Late Show Wrth David Letterman (cc) C4j SiT News (cc) Ci CU OB 35 The Tonight Show Ir) (cc) CE SO NightliM (cc) SO Dear John (cc) BS May to December Nightmare Revisited: with List" making big Academy Awards noise, Lifetime has ac fa CD CE 03 (ID (SB Diagnosis Murder Mark disbelieves a man who confessed to the mayor's murder, (cc) Tom Substitute teacher Dorothy fails Mike on a test, (cc) (3) CD OS) 01 Viper A visiting dignitary is targeted by the assassin who killed her father, (cc) Si NHL Hockey Winnipeg Jets at Vancouver Canucks. CE(13) CB 09 (5 38 BJ Washington Week in Review (cc) fa IE 6D SD Family Matters Urkel tags along on Carl's camping trip (cc) 117 .53 36: NBA Basketball Detroit Pistons at Chicago Bulls.

(T Boy Meets World (cc) (TMISI 3i) IB (P 'Jf' Wal Street Week The outlook for the biotechnology industry, (cc) IB CE (D S3 Sister, Sister "The Meeting" (Previewl (cc) SB Landmark Temple 9:00 (X 31 CD a 88 Burke's Law(cc) CJj Nurses (cc) iED Qi Movie "Perry Mason: The Case of the Skin-Deep Scandal" Raymond Burr. (1993) CC fX Movie "Hombre" ta co ji ss S' Picket Fences (cc) CE Ehis: Airborne Canadian figure skater Elvis Stojko. CBCS03 iS Great Performances "The Songs of Six Families" (cc) a CE 03 SO SO 2020 (cc) 80 In the Heat of the Night (cc) 123 Are You Being Served? A Guide to the Age of Rubens CIC Talking With David Frost "Vladimir Zhmnovsky" (cc) CT; Cops (cc) S9 Healmf and the Mind "The 11:00 Kermit hops into King's CNN seat ra en ce a en ce CO 0 (B ffi News Cii CTV News (cc) 15 Prime Time News (cc) CE SO Paid Programming (13) Red Green 9:30 dj Evening Shade (cc) fX Qi 09 SB McLaughlin Group 2E g22aaA ila3al22ft3 CBS Late Show 3436371 Kids III the Hah (12 9716869 Local Programming By marc gcnther Free Press Television Writer Kermit the Frog says he's just "a little nervous" about the prospect of hosting tonight's edition of CNN's "Larry King Live," at 9 p.m. "I don't have a I Late Night (12 9701937 Friday Night (1 2774666 I Local Programming (2.35a) NBC Tonight Show (1135p) 3438739 ABC N'tline 9064517 Cone. 4484460 Local Programming (12 35a) Wrestling 9319? Home Shopping Spree 855937 Paid Prg.

99227 The Kids in the Hall 37173 Paid Prg. 58688 Paid 538956 "BIT Paid 258208 iJeffersons 590821 IWebster 511314 Hillbilly 259937 Star Trek: Next Generation Trek "Shore Leave" 863289 Can We Shop 562869 Murphy 190555 Paid 785802 Paid 695840 Paid 948579 Video Soul 137668 I 352333 1993 St Lucia Jan Festival 7082jRap CHy Top 10 207734 CNN In '90s 348840 Showbii 250163 Sports 358192 World 324260 Sports 343395 Crossflre 419294 Over 4162043 Larry King Uve 614395 Money 833197 Newsnt 646753 Showbii 993173 my Space 470314 "The Big Mouth'' Jerry Lewis. (1 47 mins (1967) 816192 Movie 734868 iEMs in Hollywood 91 28956 "The B8Bon Dollar Hobo" (1 (1 978) (G) 4)925598 ESPN NHL Hockey Boston Bruins at Buffalo Sabres" 262550 Close 573208 SportsCenter 169492 Bodybuilding 410531 Sr. PGA 16O024 SpoCtr. 149531 King's CNN producers, who previously have used Dennis Miller and John Chancellor as guest hosts, turned to Kermit, who had agreed to fill in, during a guest appearance on the show last December.

"We jumped at the chance to get him," quipped Wendy Whitman Walker, the show's executive producer. Naturally, CNN had to negotiate a deal with Kermit and his handlers. "There's a lot of green tape that goes with hiring Kermit," said Walker. Asked if he had any long-term ambition to leave his reporting post on PBS's "Sesame Street" and host his own cable talk show, Kermit hedged. "Larry's a good friend, and I don't want to tep on any toes," he said.

"But ftsk me again after the show." I V. it r.yv FAM Paid 806314 Paid 910956 Paid 963173 Paid 984666 Paid 805685 Mansion 564665 Paid The 700 Club 834937 700 189688 Jake 284937 problem sitting in Larry's chair," says Kermit. "Providing he's not already in it." Luckily for Kermit, King's taking the night off. Guests will be ABC News anchor Ted HBO "Invader" (1991) (R) S4'l208 Real Sen 8 (2 45a) 8322'92 Movte68i085i7 (Comedy 204666 Strange 575666 "Spring Break" David Knell. (1 hr 41 mins.) (1983) (R) 6445 '35 Movie 3290246 I "Black Venus" (11 (1SS3) (R) "South Central" (1.25a) (1992) (Ft) 81100444 MAX "Btoodfight" BoioVeung.

(3 10a: 1 39 mins.) (1990) 53960173 96176463 MTV Musk Videos 971192 Alternative Nation 535260 Sport 460265 1Y0! MTV Raps Beavis 99 1 956 Beam 970463 NICK Dragnet 795734 Hitchcock 455463 Smart 271333 Dragnet 345145 Hitchcock 36600J Super 436802 Lacy 181482 Troop 704482 Newhart 790289 Van Dyke 458666JMary 714869 Show "Chains of GoW" (2 05a; 1 35 mms (1991) (R) 57239753 "Aces: Iron Eagle Wt" (199:) IH) 70701531 "Illusions'' (1 35 mins.) (1992) (Ft) 9859598 Kermit TBS StOO. 63761096 StOQ. 37302666 StOO. 67949043 Stop. 91601519 Stooge 5410956 I Stop.

59203753 1 Stop. 88563826 jStoo. 48128 '53 stooge 7428598 iStoQ. 163447fStOQ. 19084821 StOOge 3492869 "Bloodfist III: Forced to Fight" (2.35a) 5666227 "Leprechaun" (1993) (R) 25258869 "rosea" 11 utro missj 36130 "Kouno irto to Heaven- nz saa tossw "Frankenstein Must TNT NBA '6476389 "Frankenstein" Patrick Bergm.

Randy Oua'd. (1 56 mins (1993) 3P8P43 "Frankenstein Conquers the World" (1966) 1937240 Koppel, senior White House counsel David Gergen, A-odel Carol Alt $rd wrestler Hulk Hogan. USA "The Tonic Avenger" (19S 5 247517 "TrToiric Avenger, Part (1 38 mms (1989) (R) 7i4yj "The Tonic Avenger Part III" (1 42 mins (R) 924024 Dirk B4 roe. Francoise Rosay. Mervyn Johns.

(2 hrs.) (1949) 9'2biApono Comedy Hour 708734 "Odd Mao'Out" (1947) WbN Uptown Comedy Club 213265 "Quartet'.

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