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Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan · Page 17

Detroit, Michigan
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Thursday, June 1, 1933
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tEje Pttxrtt $m It ! SPORTS FINANCE 103rd Year. No. 28 Thursday. June 1. 1933 Three Cent; Rickenbacker Denies Auto Race Will Be Discontinued Harry Heilmann Signs to Play with Tool Shop Nine in Sandlot League Former Tiger ! Slugger Ready to Play Sunday Addition Is Expected to Put Team Back in League Race Schoolboy a-Golfing Goes Senators Split with New York In Big Slugf est Twelve Pitchers Toil as Nats Win. 12-7, Then Lose, 7-9 Victory -and Death Drivers' Prize Money Is Held Up by Protest Banquet Is Called Off When Mooe Is Placed Third By Tod Rockwell Hairy Heilmann. former plucking Ticer outfielder. Wednesday signed a contract to play richt Arid for the Tool Shop nine in Class Triple A of the Detroit. Amateur , Baseball Federation, according to an announcement by Manager Bill , Punran. Heilmann will make his first appearance Sunday at North- j western Field acainst Bkraychttt, undefeated this year, The news of Heilmann's signing boosted the stork of the Shop team, plare of sand-1 o t haschall's h e s t league, i Duncan's team has lost the four i Camps it has j played this season. None of the defeats have been routs, but i the club has larked t b e punch t h a t j Harry is be-! lleved certain to supply As early as last February. Heilmann was : seeking a base. I bal loh in lip- Hrilni.inn hi . 'f troit, prpferably as a team manager. 1 1 Ml summer the Regal Cuh at- ' tprtiptpd to sign the big fellow for ! I's Triple A nine, hut Harry held ' ;-ss one in reluctance to play sand-tot baseball in a town where a few ! ycartl aco he was busting em over the fence against the smartest ; burlers in the Ameriran League. ' Put the four-time winner of the i Ameriran League hotting champion- ! ship is eager to play now. Hnrr In Good Shape For the last few years Heilman has been engaged in' the insurance business in Cinrinati, where he wrnt a a plaver with the Reds after Do 1 troit let htm out. He played several games last summer but didn't get himself in shape to do his best. Arrordlng to BUI Punran. Heilman is now as "lean as a hound " i He said he was down to lMi, his bait playing weight. In his prime few professional players were more popular than heavy-hitting Harry. It appears that he is destined to become a tandlot hero, taking the plare of Fobby Vearh. who played with Regal successfully for several years j and enjoyed It as much 'as his mates and the fans. ' Heilman will fin dthat Detroit! andint baseball has progressed Since he was at the peak of his big league taieer. Last Sunday more (ban 25,000 spectators attended Sandlm games at. Northwestern Field alone. It was estimated by: Clarence K. Hi ewer, Recreation Commissioner, that lK.iwi witnessed pit Tool .Shop-a mcrican Roy game. Madonna May Hit to Tribe I Mr Rrewer expressed him -.elf as ! teased with the signing of Hell-ban A tee of to cents Is charged lor sandlot bleacher seats, for whirh tb fen may see as many as three games it r the Commissioner's opinion riue to Heilman's signing next Sunday's sandlot attendance at Northwestern Field will bleak all records. Johnny Madonna, star shortstop rf American Roy. has received an fitter from the "Cleveland Indians end probably will arrept. If he dors he will go to Zaneivllle, in the Mid-Atlantic; League and join the Indians later if he makes the gt He. i wo University of Michigan player-: will join the sandlot ranks Sun-e, Avon Art.!!, Wolverine right elder, has signed with American Boy and will play agalnsi Plymouth Motors at Itrllc Isle AH Pn'rhm. Michigan's backstop will be behind the plate Tor the Forest mt m then gani" With Petroil ate ai Lodge Field. The la'tci Mams ire in Class A. Wolverine Nine Beats Buckeyes "COLl'MfU'S. O., May .11 A. P. i Ohio State 1 "nivet si'ty dosed its borne baseball season todav. losing t Michigan 4 to 2 The game also marked the Puckeye's final 1'ig Ten 'rjeountei and left tlicni with a eio pftfrrn'a ge of , r n, lost and none von ei i . It- fatiqed Ihe Ohio Staters with si ball. He allowed only four i I 11 II ii it t I n t ii inie n ii n n n n n n. i i ri , i iiiiii, . tu, nnd La Men Prtroilrr Is Named lo Riflr- Body Executive WASHINGTON. Ma 31 Herbert j Slrn-. of llrtroit. has been named ; OBe ol ihe executive nftirct:- o; nliw rifle club which has hen gjruntrd a charter hv the National Fjfle Association. The club Is the' Sanis Ranch Rifles. An fives Mich V fThe other ofllcers are Frank S. j Sins. Chicago. III., president; Klatid Siroule. An ('rrs. vice president; Mlw'n W. Sims. Jr., Chicago, seore-1 ttty treasurer, and Walter Pendred. JkW Gres, executive oflicer. Wildcats Name Brown V jVANSTON. Ill, M:iv i A Pi Robe it Rrown. of Ark' isa CM v. ' ae loi'ight 'vat de l d captmn . , , u ie-. - ... i. ... . .. if. BmMMfS ..unb.'icii vim ticej I :ll teim. LYNWOOD (SCHOOLBOY) ROWS A lot of schoolboys go golfing. In fact, there are probably as many of them playing the game as there are grownups. But in toe case up this schoolboy it's different because he is the famour, School-hoy Rowe, of the Detroit Tigers. He played Wednesday at Red-ford, and did just so. so. Note Lynwood's putting grip. Jack Dempsey May Referee Mauler Satisfactory to Max Baer ATLANTIC CITY. N. J. May ?,1 (A, P.) While Max Baer took a day off in his preparations for bis 15-round scrap with Max Schme-ling next Thursday, Ihe referee question came to the fore In camp discussion and was promptly disposed of. The dfscuislon arose from the in the ring. Hacr and his manager. Ancil Hoffman, agreed that it would be "okay" with them to have the obi man mauler as referee. He did (he job when Raer lost to Paulino Ulcudun at Reno two years Raer spent loday lounging around his cottage at Vent nor. He already appears fit to enter Ihe ring, hut he plans to resume boxinc tomor row and continue through Sunday, when his heavy workouts will be terminated, LAKE SW ANN A NO A. N J., May .11 A. P I Max Srhmeling plans only four more workouts in his preparations for his bout with Max Raer at the Yankee Stadium. June 9, The former champion win box tomorrow, Saturday. Sunday and Tuesday, his manager. Joe Jacobs, announced today, He pt-ohnbly will leave for New York next Wednesday. Rain kept Srhmeling Indoors most of today, although he managed lo find time for some fishing late in the afternoon. He weighed Kin pounds this morning and may take off another pound beforo he steps Inlo the ring. Mr. Pickens By Henry McLcmore IXfilANAPOLlS, May 31 -(U.S.) Mr, VVill Pickens, who swears he'd have won the hoys' bicycle championship of the world al Ihe Chicago Fair In 1898 If 62 other guys hadn't Competed, raised his glass, sur-V( veil Ihe room rooly, and continued "YesHie. gentlemen, I'm telling you there's no such animal as a famous amateur athlete anymore than there is such a I hing as a snhre-tool hed chicken. For when an amateur gets famous he gets professional. He just can't help it. Down in his heart he may crave to remain as pure as the Boui bon in this hot enough to start drawing big Crowda to wnfch him pel -form tht minute he starts pulling the customers through the gatea in respectahle numbers he's done for as an amateur. He finds himself surrounded by folks who give him 10 times the attention and, shall we .say, at commodalions, than he re &8KHBsfSov Caddies Play Benefit for A I AI Wrtrous, Oakland Hills profealonal, found a way Wednesday to replenish his fast diminishing supply of practice balls, When Oakland Hills caddie) played their weekly round Wednesday morning each paid one golf hall to enter a kickers' handirap. Al received 40 balls and F,ud Noel, the winning caddie, is now sv.incing a new driver, posted by Al as the prize. Jack December Will Box La Rue Welterweights to Top Card at Armory Jack December, who won tht ' MIchfg&n middleweight title from i Morrifl Sherman and thnn rettrt- quishod it hy default, will rnrnr hack tn Petroit after a campaign in Ohio, to opposp Cliff I,h Run, of Toledo, in one of the two-tcn-round-I ors that top tho Naval Armory hox-1 Ing card for Thurpdriy nicnt. Chuck Woodp. Detroit feather-i wetffht, who hag won all of hin re-I rpnt bouts, will mert anolhrr To-! ledo rincman. TQUng Kid MrCoy, In tho other ,0-round feature bout. Two Drtroil 130-poun'lrrs. Sammy Blinder and Jimmy Rankin, will box in thn first Fix-rounder. A , changfi has hrrn madr in the pfr- ond six rounder, i-ii' Oerbea nf np- jtroit. and Stpvp Shay, of Tnlrdo. I rpplarinR the middle weigh I bout scheduled between Eddte Wells, of net roll , and Kt eddir Bernard, of Flint. EddlC TrongO, Detroit feath-: edweight. will be pitted against I Freddie Kunta, of Toledo, tn th four rounde opener. Knows His Amateurs ceived before. His traveling allotment becomes enough lo move a Siamese delegation about in style. "His eating money becomes sulfletent tn keep a herd of Jne. Bavoldil plump and happy. And that'- just two of Ihe way? be ftndf. money landing In his pocket No sir. gentlemen, an athlete can't play to a professional gate and remuln nn amateur.'' No body questioned Mr. Pickens, fnr lie has spenl the better part nf his full life managing sports celebrities. If all the famed amateurs he has persuaded to desert the pure for the gold standard were laid end to end, they'd make a pretty t id v little daisy chain. Barney Oldfleld, Ralph DePalma. Suzanne Lenglen, El Ouufl, Paavo Kurml, Glen Curtis. Lincoln Baachey and Red Grange are just a few of the boys and gills who have performed under Mr. Pickens' sheltering wing. Of all the stars, Brother Pickens has handled, Bcachey, the Lindbergh of nil and there-about.-, probably was hi3 fa-vonte, WASHINGTON, May el CA, V i In a pair of siege gun battles, in whirh 12 pitchers worked in vain to stop the smacking of 49 base hits from the hats of the two j teams, the Washington Senators J today split a double header with j the New York Yankees by dropping the sernnd game, 0 to 7. after winning the first. 12 to 7. The division gave the Yankees n two-to-one lead for the short series : and retained their first plare posi-tlon by three full games. The Nationals rlung to second plare by a precarious margin. Washington took the first game i by a rousing five-run rally in the eighth after coming from behind to tie the score in the previous in-j ning. Each team was forced to throw four pitchers into the halt!" In the second game, the Yankee's big guns opened up an eight-run j lead in the first two innings. Herb Pennock performed the unusual for the day by lasting the route, but he; was hard pressed as the Senator:! I kept pecking away, scoring five runs in the last three frames. Kleven extra-base hits boomed out in the first game, topperl by Lazzrri'R homer, while the seco'-.d contest brought forth a homer by Manager ,lne Cronln. a three-bag- I ger and a double by Ruth, and four t wo-basers. Lefty Qomez W8J the victim of j Washington's five-run winning at- , lack in the late innings of the first game. Errors of ommissinn and j commission put two Nats on the j paths at the outset, and after the bases were filled by a walk, singles hy Manush and Qoalin and a double ; by Cronin completed the work. Crnnin's double was made off Rrown. who relieved Gomez. Monte Weaver was made the gnat of the Yankee attack at the outset of the second game. He yielded three runs in the first. first OAMB KCV Mllih. W HIM.IMV Mi II n i, ii o 1 II Klrr. m a P. '! I :i ii a Bra'le, m I " I n Msn'ah, I ." -' ii I n i. rr a I n ip i I Kttlh. Oehrlt, ! I hiin'n LaiVrl in, kri a a rf I t .-. I I I a i renin, i. 4 9 I I r it -' i a Hoaei, i i n , n - I I ll ll H'k n -! :t a -f -1- 4 r o . ii Blvefe, i I -i :t l , '.' n a a k-ri. 2b n it n n e I n ii i. s, i. r :. i a I liuir i. Mfitur, n ii ii n n i i ii, t. ,, a i n linmr. M ! O 0 II li-jirt. i O O U O Brown, i o no Tho'M, u " n Uv, II II M, ,., p it II II II Mrr n ii ii ii fHnrrii nun u Totali Ml MM Ti 36 1 HI t 'Betted fof Kmti le piciuii, fBattM for Tbomai hi ficlnh. iBattnJ for Kirn in rlthth. nrlc D I n fl II II 0 1 IViflhingtiin o 0 i l n 2 6 r; Knn conbt ;. 4. BswaU. Oehrlt, U ?rri, orent, Cmwttl T; Run M,inu-h '!. UMlIn '-, BIupcp ., Kerr, NWHl '-. HiirrK 1'.'. Brrort 4. npII, (ntc Kuiu hn( If ii iii l.mfrl M. C Sf fll. l:imihi t . 4 hi I in Kiff . COMUH 3 J. BCWPlI l.eliris, CrOBlfl I TWfMMH Ilit" Chapnmn, L, Bewetit J. Bswell, Lasteri, I'rnniit. Thr'c-h:c hiU Aliiniish, Itrhric. ( ii in It. J. rlewpll, HoiBf run LaBterl. rUcrlHrm Hoort, I. Bfwfll. Mvrr. l-ffi n hiisi'o Stw vrh H. uhiiuttan fl Be let nn belli on Huff ins i. Hoort i I rm i , si f ;irl .. TboauM t Mmfll mil H Befflni I, Croweer IfrAfpc iiii hit itiifrinc n in 8 lanlnjtii Mnrrrf 1 in 3, Geniei ' tn Mi, Rrnwn ' In I'rnmlcr tit Mwrl I In V., tnetna i in )'.. McAfee a hi i Wlnnlai nttrhfr Tlint'i. Li1ri ptteher Gomei I mi!ri- n c r it T 1 ji n . MmiHiri :iml llivrn. n n.n (. wit M OMR B ISHIJiOTON lt II II XII n n x lu'ltv ml 14 0 ktiliH. 1 A '.' I'.' n JJew'l, a :t I Man'tta, I . i ti hi Ii. it A a i n Gaelln, rf 1 " 11 IimiI. rt li n l ii Rrh'te, nt n ll ll ll ehriz. I t 3 11 fl Trunin, :i 1 a 1 (llnn'n. I I 3 a Hun-, m I II I II ljlVri. '! I 2 .1 .1 Bnkrn. .'I IK A i . . r . O a 0 Hlneer. a I 3 I 3 Iro- ti. 1 O I Cftewi, r II 0 II II ren'k, a " I Mra, tin ii t,, f. i ii n ii 1 R'nnetl, p '! ii n i Hurkr. n II 0 II I Ri-e linn tMyvr I n o it Tntall St 10 91 s Total, tn Btl la " Bii 1 1 el fn, I; ii . H n MTentb, ll:iftril lr Rurkr in ninth. r nrk I ."V 0 0 I n II It ll uhtnerofl ii ii i i ii ii :i n Huns I nnl' a, aeWell 9, Kiifl, ". I.rhril, I h'Mtimtn. Cnsptti II ; Krltlfl. rronln, Wneat ".. lu-rK a, Hire Krrafi tjiBterl ft Binpte i Rum baltea Ruth Oenng, J Bewell . Hanasti '. CrMla, Rirr. knhrl Tm-li(e hit A. euell. 1,ehf'G. COMbff, Mmt,l. Ntllh Thrfe he hit Rath, Heme run I, ,.,,. stolen MM Chapmen saerlReei Ten tmrk s, iinniiie nlari rronln, Beken ina , Kahel IUtir-e. Ilnkrn .in, I I'nnln. Left an bavn -pn nru ri. WMhfnclen i Hjii' nil lulls lift" Trunin 1, I. Wrmer Ruieelf I. atrarli nal Mi Penneek 9, Hiirti i. mirk,, I Iliu Oft- Wearer B i In f'n liinins. l: i 1 In .Mi Knrki .1 I In i. Hit h nHeher Rs RBMell 4 lmp- mnlil. intrher -l,n,i (inn'rr- aemmen, Oweni unit VancrafUin, Tim ' : -n. "I'll never forget the day Beachey became the first Ameriran RVfatOr and the second flier In the world to do n loop the loop. That made him world famou and later wo formed a mmpany, handling dozens of aviators At one lime we had twice as many planes as the United States riovernmrnl under cording to Pickens, but more temperamental than a larrorse field of opera prima donnas. "Her opponents never knew what she would do next on the court, and I never knew what she'd do once she got off. That made her a hundred per cent." Pickens and Tex Rlckard brought El Ouafi, l'J28 Olympic Marathon winner over, because they heard he ran "like a I lightened fawn and had bushy black hair that stood on end ." He was, Pickens says, much more picturesque in a picture than in the flesh. We asked Mr. Pickens how much Nurmi, who was then an amateur, marie on his tour of thi.i country in 1838. ' He didn't lose anything.'' waa the reply. a w!! W LaaaaH wSl Ahove is Louis Mevcr, winner of Tuesday's 5110-mile automobile race receiving the congratulations of the victor. He is standing between his wife and father. G. C. Meyer, of Huntington, Calif. To Shields Loses to Frenchman Boussus Beats Last Yankee Star AUTKUIti, France, May .11 - (A. P.i The only American threat to the men's singles title In the French j Wednesday In the Women's mallard Court Tennis Championships ; trrt -weekly tournament, at Western was removed today with the defent Coif and Country Club.. On the of Frank Shields. United Slates navis fur. in 1071 ,1 IttH , Left-handed Christian Boussus, ilid ranking French star, defeated hieMa in rn- ,. c-!cocc i in a fourth Marcel Bernard French b a v a he'd inviolate sincp It flrsl wa thrown open to the world in Boussus re pelled Shields with the same style of play other French stalwarts of the courts have used in turning back other shields -Jl Amencan advances, keeping the ; pionship flight having put three ball in play until the American, ( representatives. Western, eonsid-with his smashing game, fell into ered a tough test by most male an error, golfers, likewise proved difficult for Although Shields was eliminated the women. Only live broke 100. as a contender a strong field still Mis, Arends had three sixes and remained for the three Ftcnchmen;a seven on the outnine, requiring lo defeat including Rorietich Men- IS strokes. Outside of sevens on 7.CI. ot I 7ecnoslovakl, (iloiElo I c Stefan), of Italy, who pu: out the, veteran Frenchman, Jacquea Brut- nnn, ur, naniri crenn. .,r tier many, .i .j. noi.inns, Mniih A f pea ti 1 champion; fred Perry and ft f, i N Lee. of England Jack Crawford, I of Australia, and Jlro Satoh and F Itoh. nf .Japan Crawford and Margarel fc riven. ; twelfth ranking Bngliab player, won the mixed doubles title during the! I day from Perry and Betty Nuthall, of England, the defending titlehold-I arp, 6-2. 6-3, to give Empire players two of three titles already decided. I Perry and G. P. Hughes yesterday, won the men's doubles. Elizabeth) I Ryan, the American, and Mme,, Rene Mathieu. of France, won the1 ; women's doubles Saturday. Play will continue tomorrow in I both men's anil women's singles,: I but with no Americans scheduled.; I Helen Jacobs, United States rham-, their way to the quarter-finals of I women's singles yesterday. Mrs. John Arends Bags 93 to Lead District Golfers Mrs, Michel Traill by One Stroke as Only Five Br 100 at Western By E. Mrs. John I. Warner, Jr. Arends was stumped sixteenth tee she hit a long drive, j nut it lodged in the crevice or a stump Kno' he fairway, her code of St. Mrs. Arends realized that it was an unnavable lie. she trrlmlued hack to the tee and played bar round match lo ,n'rd "hot from there, taking the first flight Mrs T O. Mcl aughlin ' un tmiav sent Pitcher Re. vl Rich-at a nri heiHe penalty an unplayahle lie. She fin- with m and Mrs. T. 0. Harris with mond back to the Ra'tiniore club ished Ihe 800-yard hole with seven, but it, did not prevent her from leading the small field with a card nf iH V M Ipprtmcll Helps inn, r fine stroke back of Mrs. Arendr-was another Detroit tlolf flub en-try, Mrs Roy O Mlrhell, who is a Oral flighter. A "Sarazen finish" enabled Mrl Michell to chalk up a M She played the .VW-vard seven- teenth in par five, being home in three Then she put her drive on the l5-yard eighteenth 15 feet from the cup and proceeded to sink the putt for a deuce, Most of the women must have had their fill of golf on Decoration Dav. as onlv 47 coniDcted. the cham- the eleventh and sixteenth hcles she was nuioh better on ihe second nine The aavan on No ii resulted - ; when her drive lodged In the bray ; grass henlde the river bank and sh had trouble getting out ,.-, ..., ,.r,, ' " 1 rn" The rest nf the wav he was pla; par. She drove on a bunker Pepper Martin 'Hizzoner' Now ALVA, Okla.. May 81 ALP.) - Pepper Martin not onlv has hit his way to the lop of the National League, but also tn ' honorary mayor" of Alva. The tille has heen conferied on him hy Mayor O, L. Haydr.n. who is pretty much of n aeeball fan Martin, who hails linm Okla h 'ma CM likes lo hunt ducks in thi3 vicinity. I if the right is Lawson Harrison, of Indianapolis, Meyer's mechanic. Below is one of the wrecked cars which figured in the crashes that cost five lives on the Indianapolis speedway. from the flag and she dropped the putt. Mrs. Michel! had consistent nine, of 4, each Four holes in women s par helped offset two sixes and a seven going out. On the second nine, Mrs. Michell almost ruilTed her card with nn eight on the lengthy fourteenth with its narrow fairway, but her finish In fV-2 assured her of second honors for the j day. ; Mi.-s ircinia Paddock, with n I Mi was second low cross in the B7 were the only other players under 100. Mrs. , Don Wcl ;1 tool ' gross Vltn ,,n honors i even 100, one sttoke undpr a fellow Flint player, kfre, Joseph Hnsr.ei. Flint also annexed the tow gross prize in the third flight. Mr.-,. Louis Washer scoring 108 A special tournament has bepn carded by Mrs. C H. Booth, pi., trirt president, for Monday, June 12, tn repiare the event that was rained out at Lochmoor. The Women's District has been Invited by Al Watrnus to use his North Hills course on that day. The Junior District golfers are scheduled to open their season on the same day at Oakland Hills. CHAMPIONSHIP FI.IOHT Mis. .Tehn Arena 4R-4S . tl.1-1 so Mr., t u Rarrti inm u; h in Nf, .1. H. lie Vnwrr BS-47 108-T ! riBAT FMOHT Mr, Tt ci Mehj Pi it -sa Mm vtrtinia Pu'ldnr-k us 1.1 (1 ', Mra t n m fjAuthlln an m- .as wrr. i-. v urn ina it ni Mr. c W '11,., en. Mr W Ii Msi k-nrie I M rB f, fl Sh i,, , I, an i M-. area lomi llii. N. F. Hannllnn : Mr.. M. r linikenhrnrf ' , Mi- 1 ' Hrrhnr. Mra. R M. Ferfunoa , 1 Mm. A. V Arhury Mr.. F K IK i'. ' ! Mrr. C, p. LArncd I Mrs. n. J. P ill Mrs. Ft, O. BojatOa THIRD FI.IOHT I Mm. Loan VVa.hrr Mrs. D. D. Archurt Mrs. D, E. ItaUton MM J M. Kindle I Mr!! OrAi-e Honavi,i7 Mm. W. .1. , hniitt Mm. R r. Hanitlowr i Mm A. H. Scott .. I Mr.. rinr Ilnvtr M - W il;i,-,. wiener 1 Mra. V. J. Nehioa M-. II .'l p.'e.'.'.r ' I Mm r r; i i,,v . ... Mra G, MouWtIA i i toe. ft p tMT-ll Ita I n t T s inf. is 9; 107 1790 ins 15 'i ins ir ao inn is hi i ta-t?-M i in ih im So rarrt Nn Can Nn Card .10V23 as 107-gs aa 10O-2S H7 117.2a M ii aa (in 1U3.: Ill II. 1 INPlANAPOUS May SI St (Eddie) RirkenbaeUer, prtaidaftl the Speedway Corporation, tori ; spiked persistent rumors thai ' 5no-rnile Indianapolis auto claa I had heen run for the lat time. "The raee will (to on aa Ion? n ': have anything to do with it. a:w expert to control It for many yea: ' AmericVs VVorlrl War ace said ; denylnc fhe reports that the rr had heen staged for the last tir Rii kenhni lier expressed the opini that the raee Is an American in l i- Klve fatalities, two in a trial run Sunday, and three in the. his: raee Tuesday, gave ris to reports of ! discontinuing: the race. As a result of a raohack In tha timing of the leaders of Tuesday raee. Lot! Moore Ios Aneeles. orljf-inally placed fourth, was moved uji to third position ahead of Cbet 'tardner. I,ong Reach. Calif , with ; the result that the prize money of the leaders has been held up and I the drivers' banquet, scheduled for tonlRht, was called off A last minute protest filed by . Alden Sampson, owner of the ear driven by Oardnar, caused the cancellation of the cijatotnary banquet i and the delay in Ihe distribution of prize money Sampson protested againat 'be awaid of third plare to I Moore on the grounds that the I,oa I Angeles driver should have been disqualified for finishing the race exh; pipi extent beyond the driver's seat. E. D. Ed art burn, of Detroit, and Ted Alien, secretary of the A. A. A, will make a ruling on the protest tomorrow. The ruling, however, will not affect the statue of Loui3 Meyer and Wilbur Shaw, winner and runner-up. respectively, in Tuesday's rare. Should Moore he disqualified, all the other drivers who finished the race will move up a place, giving Gardner third place money, which amount to s.i.onn. The lecheck. In addition to plac-; Ing Moore ahead of (lardner. al 1 diopped Miff Barter out ol Ihf prtaa money. Originally Bergera i was placed tenth, hut the reebeck : put. Luther Johnson In tenth place i Tho revtaad speed of Moore waa announced as 101 r,m miles an hour; ; Oaidner lfll Juhiio)t n7 2S7 And : Rergere nfi SM. I While Rickenberker was deriving the reports that, the race would he ; discontinued, he found time to throw some cold water on another , report -that a ne- track was to be I built and other changes made at I the Speedway. I Rickenbacker inflated that there was nothing wrong with the track ; and expressed the opinion that it is better now than it was 20 years ago. He said the track was laid on a perfe foundation and had been smoothing out for 20 years. He rlirl not ajrc that H would be advisable to make tho curves longer and mora gradual on H'e theory that such would destroy the sporting element of the ram .mri make i onlv a test of the endurance of the cars. Rickenbacker admitted that plana havp bM drw'n fnr ,h mn, of pom, f Jft ae. DrMud the oninmn thn n,i, , wn,,i,i i, . Cubs Loose Richmond to Make Room tor Kiki HK.At.O. May 31 i A P I The rr"m which be was obtained prkir ! to the opening of the spring t . - " e.-ns,,ri i j 1 1 yrar mrnmitii i depafiire reduced the ,;;, , -, ,.-T io a piayers so mat Kiki r.uyler could rejoin the club within the' inquired limit of 23 AMERICAN 1.1 Ai l t New Vnrk 13 Wanhinglon 24 I'hlladelphia '.'1 CU' eland Chicago 20 Detroit in St, Liuila 16 Unstnn tJ Wcd,.Mlrtv' ReU rVaalatngton I8t, New ' Oni- Mnrea aolaaalitied 'Ihlirsdai's GajTH I lilc,iri. at Detroit t le-rland at I Boeton -it n ahipcti.n tnli ffnme scbedulej m ..isa nn .TH 1 I NATIONAI, I I tUtn W L Pet. I'lttshurgh H 13 .813 St. Louis 18 .810 New York ft 16 .388 Chicago " 20 ,32t Cincinnati 20 21 .48 Brooklyn 16 20 .444 Ronton 17 '1 .413 Philadelphia . 14 27 .341 Wednc. lay's Results ( hicai;n .'. I itlshureh 1. Rrnnklyn Vim Vnrk, wet s ml. It ,sl,m I'hil.Mlelphiii. wet crntinda. Only games scheduled. Thursday's Games Brnolvli n at ftoMan , New ; ii it Philadelphia. M l.nuis at Chicago. Uiiiv sprues scheduled. )

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