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Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan • Page 16
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Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan • Page 16

Detroit, Michigan
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16' THE DETROIT FREE PRESS WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 6, 1932 RACE RESULTS and ENTRIES HE'S KING BUT Indoor Baseball Season Is Opened (By The, Aunelated Frew) TIGERS RELEASE SEVENPLAYERS Continued From First Sport Page WINDSOR ROUTS PinSBURGH SIX Jackets Outclassed by Champs, 6-0 Windsor's Bulldogs went back into undisputed possession of fourth place in the International Hockey League standings last night by trouncing the Pittsburgh Yellow Jackets in the Border Cities Arena, 6-0. The champions ran In three goals in the first period and came back with three more In the third session. "Doc" Romnes, who replaced Frank Ingram, and Stew Dunning, who was traded to Pittsburgh for Milt Halliday, of Cleveland, were In the line-up of the Jackets. Windsor finished the game with only three substitutes. Jack Arbour retired in the second period with a charlcy horse and Earl Roche went out of action late In the third period with a bruised ankle, Desse Roche was not in uniform. Pittsburgh resorted to a hard and crude checking game and was penalized heavily. I'll TSUI IU.H Cot Coal WINDSOR Kerr Hlnspericer Brown llayrea Lever Berlet 1'raser Roiiilen Rommea R. I R. Barton DllElllrf I'lttshnreh snhs Miller. T. Arhnur. )un- nlm. Mehls, rromlloek. Matte, While. Windsor snhs Fhitlitis, J. Arhour, Onelletto, ti. Roche. Bellemer. Referee Johnny Jones. Nummary! FIRST l'KRIOD 1 Wliulsor, llaynes (Hinsperfer), 1:10. 2 Wliulsor, Brown, I'hilllps, Earl Roche). 5:00. 3 Wlmlsor, llaynes (J. Arbour), 15:00. r-enniiics Kooncn, ltenet 2, Frafter, -Tiuiie, miisprrKer. RKCO.ND PERIOD Vo srorlns. Penalties Rodilen, T. Arbour. THIRD PKRIOD 4 Windsor, R. Roche, 4:00. 3 Windsor, K. Rorhe (Phillips), 14:00. fl Wlodsor. Dnmiid I Illnsperxer) 18:00. Prnalllea Karl Roche, Matte, Frnser. SYRACUSE LOSES TO LONDON TEAM Tecumsehs Rally Win, 3-2 to LONDON, Ont, Jan. 5 (A. A last period thrust that netted two goals, gave London a 3-2 derision over Syracuse in an International Hockey League game here tonight. Syracuse led 2 to 1 after two periods on goals by Martin and Savage, but London came back with a rush in the third period, Huard tying the count in 3:20 and Carrigan winning the encounter with a goal In 14:25 after a pass by Quenneville. SVRACl SK Miller HoKhea Palaoein Mrllriile Clark I.0NHOV Muart Holway Mirks Carrlsjan Qucnnesllle Neville Coal. R. II It.W White Castle and Hudson Motor teams scored victories and Wujck and Lincoln Metro clubs tied as Municipal Indoor Baseball League rivalry opened last night at the Police gym. Hudson Motor players won from County Employees, 12 to A. despite the presence on the latter team of Oscar Stanage, former Tiger catcher Tony Dugray, one-time Tiger prospect and John D. Maiullo, Tiger mascot of the old days who is now manager of a sandlot club. White Castles defeated Musketeers, 12 to 9, and Wujek Undertakers played a 3 to 3 tie with Lincoln Metro In the other contests. Fifty-Fifty Club and Spartons will play the fourth league contest of the week Thursday night at the Police gym. JACKSON SKATE MEET CANCELED Prisoners Wont See Detroit Stars Jackson's charity skating meet, scheduled to be staged within the walls of the State Prison Sunday, has been definitely called off. Officials of the Michigan Skating Association abandoned plans for the meet on account of adverse weather conditions. Freezing of an outdoor rink at the penitentiary would be Impossible If the present mild temperatures continued. Postponement of the meet was deemed advisable because of other meets scheduled for the next few weekends. The National champion ships will be held at Oconomowoc, Jan. 16 and 17. The next two weekends will be occupied with De troit 8 annual winter sport carnival, sponsored this year by the Amer ican Legion, and the Golden Skates derby. This will be followed by the Winter Olympics at Lake Placid and the Petoskey Winter Carnival. Announcement Tuesday that the Amateur Skating Union would stage the men's National outdoor championships this year at Oconomowoc, despite the absence of Olympic team skaters, meant good news to several Detroit skaters. Richard Smyth, State Intermediate champion; his brother, Dave Smyth, and Ford Hattleld are expected to be Detroit's entries for National honors. Loretta Neitzel and Rose Brady will make strong bids for the women's championship at the same meet. PONTIAC AND FORDSON PLAY FOR FIRST PLACE PONTIAC, Jan. 5 Leadership In the Southeastern Michigan Inter-Bcholastic League basketball race will be determined here Saturday night when Pontlae and Fordson clash. Pontlae was the champion last year with Fordson the runner-up. Both schools are represented by strong teams this season. Pontiac, victor in 19 of its 20 games, has another league game this week, tackling Mt, Clemens here on Friday night. Coach Charles D. Welden will use a line-up consisting of Tapley and Bryce, forwards; Mathews, center, and Johnson and Chandler, guards, In both games. HE MUST WALK Boxer Swings Too Wildly In Auto, So Driving Is Ruled Out CHICAGO, Jan. 6 (A. King Levlnsky will not be permitted to drive his new shiny automobile until after his bout with Paulino Uzcudun at the Stadium, Jan. 15 because he drives like he fights. Matchmaker Nate Lewis Issued the order to the ex-fish monger, and when Levlnsky Insisted on an explanation, Lewis said: "You drive like you fight. You drive like you punch very wild, very sweeping and very fast. And you sometimes might not miss with your automobile like you do with many of your punches. So no more driving until after the ftTht." AMERICANS WIN FROM CANADIENS Champions Beaten in Overtime, 2-1 MONTREAL, Jan. 6 After going through 11 National Hockey League games without a victory, the New York Americans broke the jinx tonight and handed the world champion Montreal Canadiens a 2 to 1 beating in a fast overtime battle. The winning goal, scored after 39 Beconds of the overtime period had elapsed, came on a pass from Dutton to McVeigh with the latter beating Hainsworth for his second goal of the evening. The Canadiens scored first, after eight minutes of the second period, and held this margin until only eight minutes remained to play In the third period. Then McVeigh was on the scoring end of a combination play in which Hlmes and Ayres also figured. AYIKRICAN8 CANATMKNS HuitiKWiirth Hilrke 8. Manilla Moreos (illRllfttl Worters notion R. Avrrs L. Kurclt l-ainb K. Convey J. Amerlrnn snares Shields. Rrvdce. Mp. VelRhl, Hlmes, Filmnre, Mf Infill', Mtisse- car, W. kiln-H. Jeremiah, Cnnndirn snares tlondou. Lediic. Wne- nlc. l.eiiloe, l-urnrhelle, Monro, Kltere (uncials (iroree and Alex Komtril, FIRST r-KKIOD Vo seorln-. Penalties -lamh. Filmnre. Vlasoie. Le- (Itir. RKCOND l'KRIOD I Canadlrns. Larochrlle (Morens). 8:13. malt left I.eplne, Shields, Ltdne, Con vey, wasnle. THIRD PERIOD 2 Americans. McVelah (Hlmes and Ayres). Penalty Convey. OVERTIME PERIOD 3 Americans. McVeigh (Dutton), :39. Pe nalties Filmore. Larochelle. Lamb. Br) use BOSTON SEXTET TIED BY TORONTO Fast Game Results in 3-3 Score BOSTON, Jan. 4 (A. The Toronto Maple Leafs, tonight were held to a 3-3 overtime tie by the determined Boston Bruins. The game, the fastest of the season, at-traced an overflow crowd of 16,000. The opening score was easily earned. Clapper gliding through Clancy and Horner and fooling the Toronto goalie with an angle shot early in the first session. The scoring ceased until late In the second period, when both teams tallied twice. The Leafs Jumped into the lead when Day scored twice inside of three minutes. The Bruins tied the score when Owen pushed Clapper's assist inside Chabot's net and pulled back into the lead after Chapman caged Foster's assist. Blair tied the score In the third with Finnegan and Cotton assisting him, and the play continued even during all of that session and the overtime. The Leafs met with disaster early in the opening session when Bailey's knee was injured when checked by Hitchman. BOSTON TORONTO Thompson Goal Chnhnt Mhore K.I) Horner lliti-hmnn I) Clancy Chiinmnn Primeau Hnrka R. Conarher dulhraltll L. W. Jackson Ilnston snares Harry. Trmhey, Wetland, flapper. Cook. Owen. Foster. Toronto spares lllalr, Cotton. Ralley, tvlnsky, Dai, Darrnch, Orarle, Finnegan. Refereei Smeutnn and rtnlcnault. FIRST PERIOD 1 Boston. Clapper, Penalty Owen. SECOND PERIOD 1 Toronto, Day (Levlnsky and Jackson). 8:30. Toronto, Day. 1 1 4 Boston, Owen (Clapper). 1.V3Y Ronton. Chapman (Foster), 10:33, Penalties Cook. Day. THIRD PERIOD A Toronto, Rlalr (Flnueican and Cot-Ion), 30. Penally Barry. OVERTIME PERIOD 0 deorlnie. No penalties. DE PAUL FIVE WINS CHICAGO. Jan. 5 University of De Paul basketball team defeated Centenary, of Louisiana, 33 to 17 at De Paul gymnasium tonight. Additional Sporting Newt Will Be Found on Page 20 and 21 I I PREP HOCKEY LEADERS DRILL Cass Tech, Cooley to Defend Title By. TOD ROCKWELL a comparatively young sport for Detroit high schools, will be watched with Interest in 1932 The game was introduced in 192R, and in four years it has shown rapid development. Cass Tech and Coolev High Schools nre the defending cham pions. The teams tied at one-all In the playoff last year. Cass also held the title In 1929. Approximately 100 boys answered the first call for hockey candidates at Cbss. Only two veterans were in the group. The returning; lettermen are Neai ureignton ana ai Mc Queen. Steve Domback, star de fense man and captain-elect of the 1932 puck team, failed to re'urn to school this semester. Cooley expects to make another bid for the hockey championship Four lettermen were among the 00 boys who reported for practice Tuesday. They are: Captain Victor Nakula, Stan Newstcu, waiter Mur-dock and Jim Scott. NORTH WESTER JT Coach "Red" Carty announced Tuesday he would start his regular line-up against Southwestern next Friday. The line-up includes George Miles and Carlyle Rice, for- w.sii's; Bill McKnight, center; Jerry Martin and Capt. "Dutch" Rea, guards. Coach Carty expects the team to be handicapped by a smaller floor at the Prospector school. COOLEY Fifty boys have been selected from the 120 candidates for house track to make up the school team. The Cardinals will have their first Indoor track team this year. Don Harris is a promising candidate for the half mile. Walter Kratt has shown up well In the sprints. Bob Cooper, football and track star, is out with an injured ankle. He -ob- ably will enter the pole vault and hurdles later. Bob Kelly, rookie basketball forward, may start against U. of D. High Jan. 8. WILBUR WRIGHT Herman Schmldke, regular forward, has been shifted to a guard position on the basketball team. He probably will start at the new post against Rcclford next Tuesday. CASS TECH Otto Dyer, diminutive forward on the Mechanic basketball squad, was absent from practice because of illness. Tuesday's cage practice consisted of a long defensive drill. The hockey team hold its first workout on ice In the Olympla Tuesday afternoon. Track candidates are practicing dally In the gym. HAMTRAMCK Henry Kuchins and Joe Maclejka were chosen co-captains of the Cosmo hockey squad for the coming campaign. The squad practiced at Olympla Monday. Thirty-eight boys are on the squad at present. The returning lettermen include Co-Capts. Kuchins and Tony Sirikls. Matt Thomas, Al Kuzniar, and Ben Chojnackl. WESTERN Walter Wonsik, Stanley Grandy, nd Adam Sinkiewicz are the boys Coach Wilbur Gunnerson will de pend upon in forming the school swimming team. These boys were the stars of the 1931 team. Wonsik Is a free style swimmer. Sinkiewicz swims the back stroke, while Grandy is a diver. The Cowboys open the season aeainst Northwestern, prssent City champions, Jan. 22. DENBV Hockey equipment will be Issued to regular members of the team at the next practice. Jan. 11. Ten players who probably will receive suits include Capt. Irwin Berndt. Philip Vertes, Milton Price, Burt WTittbread, Emanuel DeMltchell, John Bodwick, James Van Gorder, Jack Harvey, James Latchney and Arthur Mlchalke. HIGHLAND PARK Coach Bill Miller has located new talent for his swimming team, He may use Clifford Rolling and Jack a-ralnst. Redford Jan. 18. Bob Smith and Dan Murphy are two promising new divers. Regular members fthe team include Capt. John Perttu. Horace Holmes and Carl Hoffman, back strokers; Ward and Gregg Dunlap, and Milton Rathburn, free stylers, and Harry Ford, breast etroker. NORTHEASTERN The hockey squad was cut to 17 players Tuesday. Chester Wisnlew-ski, goalie, is the only veteran on the squad. Joe Stralka was a member of the reserve team last year. The Club will hold a meeting Wednesday. John Mystkowski, president, announced the club will give a dance in the near future. A banquet Is scheduled for next semester. EASTERN The Indian intramural handball tournament will begin Wednesday. Over 100 boys will take part in trie tourney. Carl Fischer is the defending champion. Webster House holds the team championship at present. The basketball team practiced a new style of offense Tuesday. The play of the guards was stressed. r. or d. high John Walsh, guard on the cage team, will be unable to play this season. He is ill with appendicitis. Lewis Rudel, who broke an ankle early in the semester, expects to report for practice next week. Coach Lennox announced Tuesday that a volley ball tournament would be held next week for seniors during their lunch hour. SOUTHEASTERN Jungaleer bowlers are sending a challenge to other schools for an inter-school bowling match. Bowling teams have been organized for the last three years at the Jungaleer school. Southeastern won its match with Eastern in 193L. The members of the squad are Capt. Harold Head. William Klley, Samuel Gaston, Samuel Licavoll and Jack Mildner. Arthur Froeh-lich is the coach. MACKENZIE Clarence W. Beeman, athletic director of Mackenzie High School, Tuesday stated Gus Dorais, U. of D. football coach; Lloyd Brazil, U. of D. basketball coach; Bud Boe-ringer. U. of D. line coach; J. V. McNally, school principal; Bill Slat-tery and Holland Thlbodeau, football captains-elect, will speak at a banquet to be given by the Club. Coaches Harley Catherman and Richard Frankowski will give 19 football awards and 33 reserve letters. This is a yearly event at the school and was originated by the Club. NORTHERN Co-Capts. Henry Bcrrls and Carl Bayer were placed in charge of the reserve basketball squad Tuesday. They acted as coaches and demonstrated the new plays given out by Coach Powcis. A short scrimmazc between the regulars and the re-1 series ended the session. The hockey team had a practice scrimmage with Hamtramck at the Olympla Tuesday. RISDONS MAKE ONE GAME GAIN Win Three as Chene Drops One HTVNDINGS I. I. 10 8 Coca Colas 24 21 28 20 Haonon lothes 21 27 Ohene-Trnmh. Gnbel-Risdno iverreanon 211 22 Imnerlals 20 25 II. B. 2121 Detroit Times. 11132 Hi-Speed Gas 2, 23 F'intex Clothes 13 35 The merry little game of whittling away at Chene-Trombley'a big lead In the Metropolitan All-Star League was resumed Tuesday night at the Recreation Bldg. It Is much like attacking a giant Redwood with a pen knife, but even that doesn't seem to dishearten the East Sid-ers' rivals. The second-place Gabel-Rlsdon team crowded a game nearer the Chene bowlers and now trail them by only 12 games. The H. B. Grow team gave the Risdons a helping hand, winning one from the leaders while the Milkmen were shutting out Fintex Clothes. Recreation moved 'into third place by winning three from Young's Coca Colas. Vince Fits-gibbons, chairman of the Coca Colas' entertainment committee, immediately announced his club wili adopt a new set of signals. Hi-Speed Gas, by totalling 8,117, blanked Hannon Clothes and moved into fifth place ahead of Coca Colas. The Grow team Is fourth. In the other match, Detroit Times took the odd game from Imperials through a big 267 game by Galesky. Harry Gerloski, of Hi-Speed, had the night's high series of 673, with Bert Pearson, the Gabel-Risdon southpaw, next with 657. IMPERIALS DETROIT TIMES SHcey. 217 202 IBS Gnl'sky 100 172 287 Ro'gera 107 l8 170 Rone. 18(1 1(10 202 1(18 217 148 M'A'hy ISO 222 170 lleis. 204 211 234 M'C'liy 200 181 220 210 170 177 224 1 70 178 Totals vfl OU8 01)3 Totals DH9 9I4 101(1 Grand total 2807 Grand total 2UI0 HI-SPEED GAS HANNON CLOTHES Be'leln 100 21.1 213 Sleg 100 179 158 Green. 105 170 22(IW'hnus 155 150 178 H'mun 11)0 18(1 208 M'Cabe 175 147 11111 Sh'kelt 211 223 205 Fisher 151 222 202 Ger'skl 238 228 207 Du tch 181 201 210 T'als 1003 1055 1051) Totals 855 1)08 044 (irand total 3)17 Grand total 2707 RECREATION COCA COLAS Rauer 20'! 212 2111 203 177 178 D'vleer 207 213 183 Fllr lllll 188 IIIO Foster 111(1 233 201 Sailers 177 214 lllll Gor'eyk 178 III'! 153 Bl'leln 180 201 1711 Fri'her 212 201 1HII J.S'nrr 211 111! 183 Totals 1105 1050 1)10 Totals 974 800 Grand total 2903 Grand total 2824 GABKL-RISDONS FINTEX CLOTHES V'hl'od 235 1(13 222 Sch'cho 103 109 175 Pe'son 207 211 2311 Smllh 182 181 171 well 11)5 223 181 Kumm 100 1118 25(1 Furlk 192 214 211 Jan'sky Kill 2(13 151 G'della 177 182 18! Heh'ski 25(i 187 201 Totals 1020 9U5 1034 Grand total 3055 H. B. CROW Br'klea 211 203 200 H.Allen 171 213 1(111 Go'ron 173 I DO 103 ol'nak 201 201 187 Ste'art 181 20(1 191 Totals 987 938 057 Grand total 2882 Repp 180 108 214 Norrls 232 179 217 Ra man 205 210 210 Grv'ler 181 220 18(1 Covins 179 244 192 Totals 937 1048 951 Grand total 293(1 Totals 9811 1027 IOI3 Grand total 303(1 Substitute Bowler Gets Big Total in Stakes Play Aided by a smashing 289 in the fifth round, Roge Overmeyer, substitute for Mert Lowe, totalled 1,369 to beat out Walter Shackett by seven pins for high on Tuesday's squad in the All-Star Sweepstakes at the Garden Alleys. Ber-lien and Werner, the other members of the squad, shot well up into the 1.200 class. The following will bowl Wednesday at 3 o'clock: Whitney, Brewer, Bolan, Sedstrom, Ashley, Bauer, Hall, Zion and Gies. Tuesday's scores: Orermerer 178 229 235 202 289 23(1 1309 Shaekelt 237 2 :5 200 238 239 223 Berllen 173 203 221 257 2211 193 1273 Werner 1U0 179 247 241 184 11)01237 BOWLING NOTES John Crimmins and Frank Ashley, two of Detroit's younger bowling stars, will team it against John Gilboe and Bob Allen, of Pon-tiac, in a 28-game match this weekend. Seven-game blocks will be rolled Saturday afternoon and evening at the Recreation Building here, followed by two more blocks Sunday at Motor Inn at Pontlae. Flint All-Stars and Hi-Speed Gas, of Detroit, will meet in a home-and-home match beginning Saturday afternoon at Flint. Three games will be played there both Saturday afternoon and night, after which the teams will return here to conclude the match at Palace-Schoen-herr Recreation, Sunday afternoon and night. Entries for the State Bowling Tournament, to be held at Kalamazoo, Jan. 25 to March 1, will close this Sunday night. Detroit has promised to send 100 teams. Entries are being received at the Recreation Eldg. SPORTLIGHT By GRANTLAND RICE Continued From First Sport Page Booth bowed destiny to his will by an icy-nerved one-man act, when he drop-kicked the winning points in the Harvard Stadium. 5 Johnny Baker's drop kick that sounded Notre Dame's retreat. In itself, this contribution may not seem one of the season's greatest exploits, for it took all of a savage Southern California team to give Baker his opportunity. 6 Red Woodworth's outboard moforboat victory In the Albany-to-New York race. This dramatic feat has probably been almost forgotten but remembered with Its preliminaries it takes rank with the most exciting happenings of the year. 7 Burleigh Grimes' pitching success in the World Series. This must take precedence as a memorable feat over Grove's brilliant season-iong record, because Grimes rose to the occasion, while Grove's standard was disappointing in the crisis. 8 Helene Madison's clean-up In the swimming realm. It used to be considered ladylike for a young girl to be modest about accepting honors, but this mermaid has blotted out all opposition, making all records hers, and dominating the swimming scene for the entire year. 9 Top Flight's sweep of the two-year-oM realm on the turf. Here'i another lady who doesn't know when to stop, and she didn't mind going 8 a I the supposedly i stronger sex. I 10 The Burke-Von Elm matter at Inverness. They must be linked together, for although Burke's per-j formance in outlasting his rival is history-making. Von Elm's holing of two twelve-foot putts under I pressure was magnificent. (Copyrunt, luiit 1 up much of the time during the rest of the campaign. Gerald Walker wag one of Tils successors and won his job through his superior hitting. "We need a man In our outfield who can come through with an extra base hit once in a while," Frank J. Navln, president of the club, said yesterday. "Gerald Walker does that a little better than Hubby, so we have decided to retain him. But we are by no means through with Hubby. He has only teen sent away on option and we expect him back." Walker and Sullivan were the only players among the deportees who finished last season with the club. Sullivan Was Failure Greenberg came to Detroit from the Evansville club of the Three Eye League during the 1930 season and was later sent to Beaumont Holley was purchased from Beaumont and was returned to that club last season. Sullivan has had several tryouts with the Tigers, but has never fulfilled his promise. Last year he was used mainly as a relief hurler. He has the stuff, but neglects to study his batsmen. Detroit club's chiefs still believe he may nna himself in the minors. Hughes came to the club from the Three Eye League during the 1930 season. He finished last season with the Beaumont Club. Doliack was acquired from the Wheeling Club of the Middle Atlantic League. He made the spring trip last year and played part of the regular season. When the Tigers' acquired George Quellich from the Reading Club of the In ternational League, Doljack was sent to Reading. Strong Here Wednesday Shiver was purchased from Beau mont and made the spring trip last year. He is a former University of Georgia football player and baseball player. He was sent to To ronto last year ana nnisnea me season with that club. It was also announced yesterday that Ken Strong, Tiger outfielder recently purchased from Toronto, would arrive In Detroit Wednesday to be treated for a hand infection. Strong recently was married to Miss Mabel Anderson, of Jackson Heights, Queens, N. Y. He was an All-American back at New York University in 1928. The club also announced the signing of a new trainer, who Is reputed to be an expert at curing with sore arms. He is Denny Carroll, once one of the best known athletes on the Pacific Coast, and for the last 23 years trainer for the San Francisco Seals. He- will Join the Tigers at Richardson Springs, during the middle of February. Economy Move On The paring down of the Tiger squad conforms with an economy policy adopted by big league magnates at their Chicago meeting. Other clubs have been cutting too, in the move to reduce rosters to a minimum before the training trips get under way. Washington, at one stroke, lopped off eight men who in normal times would be almost certain to see the training camp. The discards are Ad Liska, once-prized pitcher, who developed a sore arm last year; Phelps, catcher; Masters, pitcher; Voss and Travis, first base; Mc-Leod, shortstop, and Powell and Gill, outfielders. The White Sox roster numbers 31 men. They too are going to travel light. Connie Mack has 30 players enrolled and about half a dozen of these are not likely to survive long enough to make the training trip. Because of Owner Ruppert'a desire to build another pennant winner In a hurry, the Yankees have a squad of 40 men, one of the largest, while the Browns have been paring down to 26 men. WESTERN BEATS JUNGLE CAGERS Ed Gerisch's Basket Wins Practice Tilt, 22 to 20 Western defeated Southeastern High's cage team, 22 to 20, in a practice game, Tuesday, on the Cowboy's court. The winning basket came in the last half-minute of play when Edwin Gerisch broke through the Jungaleer defense to score with a short shot. The Jungle boys outscored their opponents, 14 to 7 during the last half. William Morris, guard, was high point man for the Cowboys with 10. Steven Grunis led the Southeastern team with three baskets and one free toss. WESTERN SOITIIF.ASTERN Sehwneko. nulla, i i II 4 Slorkini. I I Wolf, -i 4 Wuneonr. a 't 1 Nmot'ukl. iro. Morris, 4 i 10 Zuehlke. (I Con'ham. f. 1 irum, a .1 Morrl. Brenner, Totals 10 22 Totala .8 CENTRAL LETTERMEN TO ATTEND BANQUET Central High School will hold Its annual Club banquet at the Fisher Branch of the Y. M. C. A. at 6:30 o'clock Wednesday evening. The banquet will be for boys who are members nf the Club and for those who will receive their first letters and rese. ve awards. James M. Brown, state boxing commissioner and dean of men at Michigan State Normal College, will speak. shoulders turn as the hack swinr top back. Aeainst this turn vour you placed your finger near the hub The faster vou forced the huh in i-o 5 I HAVANA FIRST RACK Two furlai(a: Olive KhIioiIi O-l s-t l-l New Reel I Elisor) 't-l l-l Esella (Nenll 1-1 'lime Dnrh, Miss llowee. Propitious, Flyinc Vole, I.ney Menifee, Cornelia tarn, BulKtieue, hspolr and Pol. laeni nlo rati. SECOND HACK furious! Rlark and Mine (( ran) 1 1 8 5 4-3 Mortlon (Moore) 1-8 1-1 Bruit Apin l-'J Tlrof; 1:11. Pals Meadnsr, Ravine, Norma Jean, Rorkjr Point, Deeorns. mju Meddler, Ma Sua and Arradian Fldf also ran. THIRD RACK lt furlongs: Dr. Ridrnrnpe (Me'lln) 11 1 1-1 1-3 Ronald liret Kr'field) 1-3 l-l Panama I Moore) 2-1 Time 1:17. Trappy. Pantacmel, (heater, shield. Paddy ftlalierty and larloman also rao. Mil RTH BAIT and one-sixteenth: Mlrarle (l.otunan) 3-1 1-1 'J-A Mosarl (dilnert) 1-1 Monophase ((ox) Timr 1 Phi Delia, Reproduce. I.aily Viola. Golden Play and Manaaer Ever also ran. FIFTH HACKuve and one-half fur-oiiks: June Ellen IRmlerlrk) JO-1 4-1 I (lorn lire U-l 3-1 Resisted ((illhert) 1-'! lime 1:111. Utile Turtle, Pandis. In finitive, Hasty Polly, Pulycron and Westy j.uii.t Rimii run. SIMM RACE Six furloncs: NXIe I'elihles (Knsor) 1-1 3-A 1.1 Prioress Ytricinla (Par) 3-1 l-l Eddie lhmann (Rod'k) Time Black Flyer, Loyola, Ada Epinard aod stylish Mark also ran. hi. E.N 1 11 RACE Mile and one-slvteelilli: Old Turk (Seal) B-l S-l l-l I ul Boh (Dye) 4-1 2-1 Jnilphiir (Crltehfield) 1-1 Time Tang. Prlnre Clol, Ray Ruddy, Conseienre, Hlurk F'lnn and Herb Ashby also ran. TROPICAL PARK FIRST lnni: RACE Five and one-half fur- lernis(er (Horn) Pal, Callahan (Arthur) Tusrun knieht (Mills) tin 2.10 a. io i.uo 2.10 Classy, Time ittle Turkey, (Jiirfle and Broun Kuplnet also ran. etr.Mi.Mi it ix rurloiiKs: Miss Chllla 6.10 3.H0 HlK Spring (Fields) 20.00 Unlit Air (Mills) 2.70 Time 1 13 3-5. Shasta I.nver, Mike Carry, Unite and tin Between also ran. THIRD RACE six furlongs: light (Mills) U.2U 2.1)0 2. SO Born Danre 2.S0 2.3(1 Castle Roek 2. SO Time 1:12 4-3. Franeork, Orkln, Bounder. Lansquenet and Talky also ran. FOI RTH RACE One and one-quarter miles: Varioe 24.70 ,1.10 2.10 Hour Mash I Al ilia 1 2.IiO 2.10 Cuhlldo lltollero) 2.10 Time (New Irark record). Mosque, Maunaolu and Pretty Penny also rao. FIT-TH RACE Five and one-half fur-Imiiks: Tmnlierean fChlavetta) 3.00 2.10 Nouioyee (Mndely) 3,00 2 "(I Calcury Kay (Horn). 2 ''(I Time 4-0. Druggist, Donla and Jack Howe also ran. SIXTH RACE One mile; Deserve (Cornell) 11.50 B.10 Single Roy (Horn) 3.m 5.1,0 Inns Mn (Phillips) 20 80 Time 3.5 Nugur, Spanfalr, Princess Italia and Delude also ran, SEVENTH RACE -One mile: Battling On 0.20 4. 80 4 00 Marshal Nee I Hill) too Meek Mootgomery) Time 1:40 1-5. Observation. Tlmn'ur, iJiflar, Kuvunaugh, Kitty and Verve also ran. AGUA CALIENTE FIRST Rtry ri Teeolote U.anrll 1J1.00 82.00 S.VOO Hlla Rose (Knanp) 3.40 3.00 Beaver Boy (Wright) 540 Time .1:15 4-5. Tahnka, Rnmp, 'Wool Boy, Salx. MVeltstee Ki Uui- Fountain, Trinket and Mary Ream also run. SECOND RACE Six furlongs: Booeun (Coueel an on assaiilt (Uestronel tt't 9M11 Curus Clarus (Trein'ne) 220 lime 1:1.1 4-5. fiavr Girl, Valley Queen and Belle ulso ran. mini' n.u Six furlongs: Amour (Salnrar) 4.20 3 40 Bill Connive (Srur'k) 8.20 Beu (Wilson) 11.00 Time 1:15. Corsage. Barber John, V'lre, That's It. Cordon Bleu, Double Chin, Seolluniler, Engineer Day and Big Bill Thnmpson also Field. FOI RTH RACE Mil ami 1. Seilgle 1R1110) 3. ho 2. HO 2.20 -llekaehee ((oehlln) 6.H0 2 80 Ah I'et (Wriiihll 3.40 Tlfll( Brown Tltlctle. tfll.l Brown Master and Oraydnle ulso ran. FIFTH RACK Seven furlongs: Alma Borland (At'sou) 13.20 tl.HO 4.80 Ru-set isalti7iir) 12.110 (Collect) 2(10 Time I 1-5. Mlrvln Louise. do, Parly, Royal Doullou and Starkist also ran. SIXTH RACE Mile and sixteenth: Fair Boy 13.20 3.10 2.80 Arrhv (Reno) 2.80 2.2(1 Mullah (Koapp) 2 20 Time Spanish C.lrl, My Own Lad, Petulant and Brown Mury nlso ran. SEVENTH ACE Mile and sixteenth: Madam Queen (Ktiapp) 0.00 3.H0 2.40 Shorty (Gilbert) 0.60 3.40 Joliva (II. Fisher) 12.40 Time "Ida Fltipatrlrk, Volt, Speedwell, Via, 'Congo II, Korax, Sailor Boy, Sallsficr and s.Maglo light nlso ran. Field. (By The Associated Press) JEFFERSON PARK FIRST RACE Six furloogs: The 1)1. ill (Lewis) 1.00 3.20 Sweep Past 11.10 Lord Valentine (S.vl'ee) 2.00 4.20 Time 1:15 2-3. Wolfy, Outcry. Partici pate. Uild Olive. Flniiulh, Hunmald, Urim-sey and Craphite also ran. SECOND RACK: Six furlongs: Vlaillinir (Tinker) 3.20 3.20 2.80 Red Vest (McCoy) 4. HO 4.0(1 Tuflmif (Allen) 5 III Time 1:111 1-5. Top Cloud. Lynn Bark-ley, Halliard, Shakllup. French laid. Mar-lory Nell, Eugene O'Sulllvan, Sister Ruby and flamhol ako rao. TIIIKII VI Mile and slateenlh: Dnrva lEIstoo) 4.00 3.00 lllai Pamela (Lewis) 4.00 3.IHI Chip (Tinker) 3.O0 Time 1:1112 5. Thomas Set)). Snn Thorn and Essare iilwn ran, FOI Kill RACK Two furlongs: Tiverton (Ho-e) 20.10 10. 'Ml S.flO Boston Waters (Aod'u) 11.00 Steel (Mever) 3.80 Time 'M 1-5. FiKurlste. Belle S0110, Rlp.uirrl. Fnilntuin, Cloisters Dream, Troford, Chaiitesula, The Hub und Lady Trust ulso ran. FIFTH RACE Six Furlnngs (substitute race) 1 Black Darling (Dyer) 52.10 18.00 10 80 Hag o' Roses (Martin) 7.00 Tin Hat (Klstoit) 4.0(1 Tloie Florence Dnlnn. Metco Jones. Joan (1., Helen Dean, Worm (ilow. Hock Reef, Monks Fox and Becky also SIXTH RACE Seven furlongs: Sand Wcnik 11.10 5.20 3.10 llonnellu (Garner) 3.80 3. Id J.tiav Prince (Richard) Tim 1:4. Magna Mater. Mukanda. Jimmy Sutro, Crescent City, I.nyul Louie r'-'iil'oore also ran. SEVENTH RACK Mile and sixteenth: llr- Dock (E'Mnnl 11.20 5.211 3.MO Junior (Roussell) fl 1(1 3.10 Princess Dare 5.20 Tlme 1:51. Aurica. Belevitornot. Super Toy. southlaod Bnv, I nilcr Dun, Rnfiler Cun and shonoa also rao. (By The Associated Press) WEDNESDAY'S ENTRIES TBOl'ICAL PARK FIRST RVCF. M.IIOO. 2-year-old mald-s. (oral Way louroe- (about two fur- e-'gs( tRnnolc llliuo 1 1 s. mour 118 olden Hue 118 tMike Revnnlds I IS 'lolT Doe. IIS Si lorv Anne 115 1 15 Belle Mv.lere .115 inkers 1 lash I IS High l.vploslye 1 15 Blight Mmik I IS tl-rudie Broom Il gsereen Idol I 15 entry: Mrs. A. X. Weas! enlry KW. C. Wean! entry. SKIONIl RVCF Sl.noo, claiming, 4-year-ohls and ut, rt furlongs: Bounder Ill Hlark sioeklnga. 1 1 1 Boreahs 1INI sir Barley Ills The Spaniard Ill "Orkln KHi Deertleld Ills 1. little I l-l Albrrl Please Il lllarel llnmherls. IDS I 13 Golden Wrsl 113 I THIRD RACK Sl.OtlO. 3-yrar- I 'uriomj: Ills IHsrnhohis 110 Kver Faithful I0T Hon Pablo 107 nit-tin If: Mini ILL I III Forelirn Play 1118 Ituniin Ill 102 On Leave 107 FOIRTH RACK SI.O00. claiming, 4-year-olds and up, furloocs: La dolanilrina 100 Fair 1 1 1 I hoiee .118 Bird nf Pree 118 wamlerlnt I II -Tack III Sonr Msh 1 13 Tnrralonc Ill lantalisinc 110 Play turioua 110 lansquenet Ill rir i a si.ciih. inp Count Handicap. 3-tear-olds and up. mile: liin isn viiokic 102 Arras mo HZrr 1 Caii'Vper Water II. fair Roper -1 i sin i r. riaiamia a-ycac oiu aod no. (uruinc Wsla HIT Nilvecy IOT Fuller Mull 107 (irlllln 112 1X1 Toady 110 SMF.NTil RACF l.flno. clalmins. 4-senr-olds and Hp. I l-lll miles: flelilo 111 Hlth Plater 104 Uauaaola 101 trances at, Bl Ro ion Typhoon 113 Sea Horkel 1 1 "Prlnre. Toy 11)1) Charles 1 13 l)raha 10S Jlmmle. 101 pprenllee ullovrauee elalmed. Weather clean Irark fast. JEFFERSO.V TAKK FIRST RACE claiming, 4-year-olils and up. fnrloUKs: Sally's Hour 111 Bell o' Keotlaod. 104 BoiMora I lit 'standard Hearer I II Round I'p I III Hrrnlre Van 101 Shasta Mint I (HI Jill Harrass Ill Trulaood 101) (enerola 1 1 1 Dar-Ftir 1 III Bill Lull llO'aila IOI Have 104 Itimate 1 1 1 lorrh Boy. Ill Creel 100 oilfiller 114 Valovlan Ill SECOND RACK Ifloo. claiming, 4-year- hiiu up, lunniiies: Harold Ill "Mr Tools 101 -annua. "Chr Pasr hen 1 1 1 Williams -Ill Hour Wood 101 Arfhitirrat HftRf Kellin Miij-rndou trno I'nirp Trjrrnbrl 1 1 1 By 1'rnilurt 1 1 1 lit On i I I 1 1 1 ltttnthrr.f 1 1 1 it-n ii Mt Atfaiiiinthiiii 11 1 1 1 FitiRtr Tipn liHI iw iraq xi I JUtf Til If I RACK -S000, claiming, 4-year- olds. 1 1-1(1 miles Rnnor I fx! 'Wavfarer 1 Nervalor 104 Patlie Kate I'ou lot! Aregul 114 Na dar Kill D.odoro 114 -iiarpuon 1IHI I-oulsville Ill liuskv Boy 108 I nele Charlie ..114 Potfnll Ill Mulligan's Ill valiant tint -I. unary .101 I'luyahit 111! Flying VVInga 111! Bear Cry 10(1 Broud Axe 113 FOI RTH CE (100, claiming, 3-year-olds, mile and 70 yards: Bottled Bourbon 101 Prince 108 Jorghensnn 107 Hac Tide 108 ersnniii cneer lll.l Hon 100 Ouaker Wayg loo Tail Wind 108 name runs n. Tl'rlnce Keno Ills Tiedemann 100 Bright Knol 110 -our nanny iiio FIFTH RVCF. $1100. claiming, the Times I'lcujune. 3- ear-ulds and up, 6 fur- longs: 'Alarms 107 Distress 1 15 Estln 110 I'etnhlt lit) John Speed 110 Jargon 110 Bag o' 11X1 Wrldeleen 101) Imelda ....101 Prometheus ......118 Penn 105 Catalan's 102 Array 103 Adrian 101 Authors 101 lllpplas 112 Chicago 1)5 little Buster 1115 Deceptive 101 F'orget 115 SIXTH RACE SHOO, claiming, 4-year-olds and up. mile und 70 yards: Transgression Mill l.silv Marseh .113 Oh eah 114 Gertrude Readelll Pence lady Ill Anne Arundel ....118 Traumel 1 1:1 Blushing l.ailv Swecl -Ill Maideu HbicI Densnn 1 13 Black Palrlrla 1 12 Eleonora HI Helen 115 Utile Tools 11(1 'Sydka 101 Curtsey Ill SEVENTH RACE ifiufl. 4-year-olds and up, I l-lll miles: Lurk Piece 113 Wise Susan 101 Joan Pat 111! iola Stinson I (HI tl "Rocky Way loo 10! Austerlltl 101 104) Entrap 1 1 1 Post Horn Ill 101 Bashful 10(1 Little Pan Agnes Sorel Devon Troinpe of Dawn Lad's Run Oil Old Sol Kill Alton 104 Alharniio 1 1 1 lit Carllno 1(1(1 Pessimistic. Thomas Ill Apprentice allowance elalmed. Weather cloudy track muddy. HAVANA FIRST RACE $80o', allowances, year-olds, 2 furlongs; Dred Scot! 1 18 Regspleler Mrlrhor Column Edevess 118 llopullklt Hilly Rob 118 Panther tBenedlct 118 Walter tF. Tjler entry. 11H SECOND RACE HOO. claiming, 4-year. olds and up, 0 furlongs: Frank l.tEht.. KM) l'nam nui Golden Sweep 114 "Ijina mi Bunama 1 II Musketeer Ill Princess Henry III! Damocles Kill St, Agnes 1(11) Circy Belle 100 THIRD RACK 800. claiming. olds and np, AV4 furlongs: Eight Hour 105 -Ketlr Ann. Bruken Slooe 108 Sun I ncle Sam 1118 Hold Red Briar Maximum Oregon t'ltlren-101 Tlmoii Zebra 07 Gilded Arch. Pan 110 10(1 108 1 10 108 10H Ill FOI RTH RACE SHOO, claiming. 8-year-olds and up, 6 furlongs: Easter Boy. 107 1 nlon 100 Captain's Jostina 110 103 Vnllev 1 :) elson 118 Tamerlane 107 scalier 113 "Jag Mint 10(1 FIFTH RACK SHOO, claiming, -jear-olds and up. I 1-lrt miles: Gully I 1 1 Earl of Warnlrkll'! Port o' Play 107 Kadlak 1 I Athol 111!) Crnthrd I OH The Break 105 'Peurh 104 Nigh! Tears 110 SIXTH RACK SHOO, claiming, 4-year-olds and up. 1 l-lll miles: Lexington Girl. 101 Fuir Cite 10(1 SI Relief Ill Toerilo Ill) West Point 110 Flo O'Nell 11)0 Hcdg Ray 107 Ike Mann 1 10 'ancer Ill High Life 113 Amsterdam llrt -Broken Ill Chief's Warrior 11 1 SEVENTH RACE 800, claiming, 4-year-olds aod np, I 1-1(1 miles: The Doctor 1118 Winnie Jo 00 Brick Kiln 101 Magic Cornel 105 Mnrnecn 1 1 I Hold On. 103 Racketeer 1 10 Vpprentlee allowance claimed. Weather clear: trnck slow. (By The Associated Press) AGl'A CALIENTE FIRST RACK $000, claiming, -year. nlils, 2 furloogs: tllappy Fanuy. 113 Glen Ivy 100 First Pip IllSllkrag loll Joe Patsy 10!) Wishing 104 JSegunda 1 12 Patricia 1 14 f.Masle Ill Tro 104 tCoburn rnlryt $Huron Long entry. SECOND RACK 1500. claiming, 3-year- Rain God i timings 1 lo Gee Bee 1 II) Ooedge 103 "Beset 103 "Prenle Belle 1113 Blue Horlron I3 Chief 108 103 1 0.1 1(13 1(13 Ins 1(13 Eseoha "Para wick Iieiii-ni'eau liicngoliia Honk Muid Devnlta THIRD RACE 4-yenr-oIds and up, claiming, ft'j furlnngs: II IOI "Princess 97 Kind Words 117 Imhrlnn (Khi'llo 102 Princess "Pact 1)5 "Fort Worth I in Allavar 108 "Louie's 11(1 -riving ce lllll 'sure Hills KIR Silent Sweetheart 104 "Miss Chevenne 108 Theolex lllll Cherokee Mold 100 raiarane 107 Black Agate 108 Igor 100 FOI RTH RACK S.590. claiming, and up. 1 l-IH miles: -itavmond Hale. 01 "Dr. Fred 101 Ta-eiiiy-wo Nisla 103 104 Milium ml 100 Witticism 102 100 "Sim.ta Rock IOI 1(12 "Billy Doran 10! lO'l 100 "Bird Snanldlng Kill "ixiy I lrlca Marura I hnno Argn Dll Dale Our 1(17 Black Velvel 107 'Rednan 102 "Kansas 104 FIFTH RAf'F MOO, claiming, 8-year- "mi-, Turnings: Slen This 103 Peterkln 100 hlng Caress 108 Sic Satin 115 Red Diamond Choice 1 1 1 'John Facchlna 101 112 SIXTH RACE 7I0. claiming, and np. 1 1-1(1 miles: Belgian Lass I'lO Oiilver 100 Sebimltar 101 "Mild 102 DnnriH'k 107 SEVENTH RACF S5O0. clolmlog, S-i- mile: Bictrall 103 Marerhal -iliii's Princess 1(13 Sosu llilipc ion Hob Miss Bullet 103 110 in 1 1 108 tnrenllee allowance claimed. Weather clear; track good. Grand Trunk Five to Play Barretts Grand Trunk cagers will meet the Barrett Tire Co. five, of Pontiac, Wednesday night at the old U. of D. gym, E. JelTerson and St. Antoine Aves. Louis Conroy, one-time cage coach, will return to the floor where he once directed his team against opposing colleges, but he will be In the role of a player for the Barrett learn inis time. deorge spradling, former high- coring forward for Purdue, also will be in the Pontiac quintet's line- up. Mortsky and Marchand have strengthened the Grand Trunk team. A preliminary game between Grand Trunk team and Wyandotte Independents will precede the mam contest at 7.30 o'clock. Syracuse sparesWallc, Drooiljard, llonc. potvnle, London snares llunrd. viaraie, TeaMlole. Pettioer, Hof. Ilncer. droll, hehneliler, Rellllkka, LouKhlUU Kereree russ tratio, FIRST PKRIOD 1 Srraruse. Martin (Halle), Penalties Mi Bride, Hick. hK(IIM) PKRIOD 2 Syraeose, Savare, 4:30. 3 London, PcttinKcr (Hoard), 3:30. Penalties, Clark 2, Howe, Uueuneslll, Walt. THIRD PKRIOD 4 London, Hoard (Pcttlmtcrt, 3:20. 5 London. Carrigan ((Jucnuevllle)s 14:25. Penalty droit. 85 NOW: Hudson Quality at Qreat Savingsl SALE MEN'S SUITS, OVERCOATS $2785 ROCKHAM QUALITY Maximum Fabric Values! 36 INSIDE GOLF By CHESTER HORTON Goll't Successful Teacher KUPPENHEIMERS or KENMOORS Other Fine Suits SS or $53.85 Other Fine Overcoats, $43.85 to $98.85 Second Floor Woodward Avenue Building HUDSON'S STORE or MEN Note in the sketch todav how the from the address position to right leg stiffens while the left side acquires a rather relaxed condition, about the only pressure to the left being -your hold against the turf with your left foot, to maintain balance. It is in this shoulder-turn that the power of your swing is found. This turns much as the hub of a wheel, with the tire corresponding to your club. Now if you had any sort of a sizeable wheel lying fiat and, say, you had a small flag attached to the rim To make this flag whirl rapidly let's say that and aunlied the necessary measure. the the faster your flag would By. However, the pressure would have to be annliec in verv smoothlv-incirased measure. Just uiih vnnr chnul.ler. turn es you swing. It is smoothly-increased pressure there that yields smooth acceleration of the elubhend. (Copyrujhi, 1U32, Jobs PI lie)

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