Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan on April 7, 1993 · Page 6
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Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan · Page 6

Detroit, Michigan
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Wednesday, April 7, 1993
Page 6
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?A DETROIT FREE PRESS WEDNESDAY, APRIL 7, 1993 Audit zeroes in on dubious write-offs Stretched deductions become IRS target 3pf lull ;i Aaron Epstein ,t'ree Press Washington Staff ASHINGTON Your chance of getting audited by the IRS keeps going down. But if your number comes ud. watch out: The eovern- jinent can be dogged and resourceful in tooting out tax dodges. j Ak Francis Manning, a Philadelphia radiologist. i Returns for him and his wife, and Ibis 'corporation, Francis P. Manning ;Ltd, listed an assortment of deductions: flowers, hockey tickets, swim-! ming pool chemicals, a BMW, family birthday parties, California wine, a gin j 1 umtny tournament, golf expenses, a 'krOm trips and thousands of dollars in i cash contributions to churches. So along comes an IRS audit for ! 1931 through 1985. Agents zealously j d nicked each item they thought suspi-i nous. ! They analyzed the ink from his receipts and his diary and discov- ered that some of the inks were not ' available on the dates shown on the ! documents. ! And those church contributions ; sit average $50 a week in cash in the I col&ction plate at two Catholic parish-I es.The IRS brought in two priests to i refute that claim. j The priests said they knew every one who regularly attended mass, and Manning's spouse, Audrie, who claimed she made the donations, was not one of them. Her "clearly incredible" testimony was but one of many indicators of an intent to evade taxes, U.S. Tax Court Judge John Colvin said in an opinion last week. Returns such as the Mannings' are ideal for audits, tax accountants say, because of myriad deductions. The chances of being audited have declined because IRS workers and technology have not kept pace with the increased numbers of returns. The IRS audited less than 1 percent of individual returns last year, down from 2.1 percent in 1976. But those caught with trying to evade taxes face increasingly severe civil penalties, which have nearly tripled in the last 10 years to $4 billion. In extreme cases, taxpayers may face criminal prosecution and possible prison terms if convicted. To pick returns to audit, the IRS uses computer formulas that are among the best kept secrets in Washington. A high score based on the formulas can trigger an audit. "No more than a dozen people at the IRS know the formula, and the formula keeps changing," said IRS spokesman Wilson Fadeley. Wi ti is iim SELLER IS GETTING AUDITED Percentage of individual federal tax returns audited by the Internal Revenue Service. 2.1 i.5 7i -C;'8lCr fM? 91 a Sourca Internal Revenue Service PATRICIA CHARGOT Detroit Free Press The IRS has disclosed, however, that it is focusing on sole proprietorship (Schedule C) returns with income over $100,000. IRS lawyer Keith Gorman, who handled the Manning case, declined to estimate how much the Mannings owe in unpaid taxes and civil fraud penalties as a result of Judge Colvin's ruling. Manning made false claims that "he entertained doctors he never entertained," that his mother lived with him when she never did and that the doctor said, in 1983, that his wife's mother "lived with them for 12 months when she died in May," the judge said. In addition, the judge found that half of the 12 trips Manning deducted as business expenses were taken for personal reasons. Manning testified that the primary purpose of his 1984 trip to Europe with his wife and two friends was to see German medical equipment. But the judge said it was "for a vacation and to take delivery of the BMW." Manning could not be reached either at his Philadelphia area home or his office at Nazareth Hospital in Philadelphia. "He is on vacation in Florida," a hospital receptionist said. Missing Kresge heiress declared dead by court HEIRESS, from Page 1A ance have different theories about what happened that night What's known for sure is that after 14 turbulent years, the marriage of Carol and Donald DeArment had reached a breaking point Carol Kresge was the great-granddaughter of Sebastian Kresge, founder of S.S. Kresge and Kmart Corp. She was a 22-year-old Western Michigan University dropout when she met Donald DeArment on an airplane bound for Chicago. He was 42, an established businessman, and a physical fitness fanatic with old-fashioned notions about a woman's role in a relationship. They wed in 1969, only months after he divorced his first wife. Though she had the blue blood, he was wealthier. He owned four area auto supply firms and at his death, left an estate of more than $1.7 million. Friends recall that Carol DeAr-ment's attraction to her husband waned. She chafed at his authoritarian manner and sexual demands. In her divorce complaint, Carol DeArment accused her husband of verbal and physical abuse. A judge ordered Donald DeArment not to enter the den, which Carol used for a bedroom, while the divorce was pending. Shortly before she disappeared, Carol DeArment's attorney said he had discovered that Donald DeArment had recently and secretly re ceived $1.3 million from the sale of factory property in Detroit. The attorney, Hanley Gurwin, said he arranged for an accountant to meet with Donald DeArment's attorneys to trace the money, which Gurwin wanted included in the divorce settlement. Only days before that meeting was to take place, Carol DeArment disappeared. Rollinger, the detective, said he thinks Carol DeArment confronted her husband about the money that evening. "At that time, he probably struck her or strangled her and then somehow disposed of her body," he said. Police found a silver-dollar-size blood stain on the sofa in the den. They found another blood stain in the trunk of Donald DeArment's 1978 Mercedes. Without a blood sample from Carol DeArment to match, FBI lab technicians compared the stains to blood samples taken from the children and the husband. Rollinger said the tests showed a 98-percent probability that the blood stains belonged to the missing woman. Robert Harrison, who represented Donald DeArment before he died, disputes that result. No charges had been brought when Donald DeArment. The veteran detective visited DeArment in his hospital room in the last hours of his life. He said he was hoping against hope for a deathbed confession. Donald DeArment never said a word. Detroit -ifrwPm ITH KNK.H7 U.45 RJUOtR (USPS 155-5001 (ISSN 1055-27581 Published Daily by Detroit Free Press at 321 W Lalayene. Detroit. Michigan 48226 Second Clan Postage Paid at Detroit, Ml Phone Numbert " AREA CODE 313 Editorial Page 222-6583 Local News 222-6600 Sports 222-6660 The Way We Live 222-6610 Entertainment 222-6821 Business 222-8765 Readei Representative 222-2441 To order Free Press books 962-6657 (outside 313 area code) 1-8O0-245-5O82 Newspaper rater ' um, uoom Art CountiM Daily-Home Delivery $0 25 $0 50 Daily-Newsstands $0 35 $0 50 Sunday-Home Delivery 1 00 1 25 Sunday-Newsstands 125 125 7-Day-Home Delivery 2 50 4 25 Saturday. Sunday and holiday editions are combined editions of The Detroit News and Free Press'. Metro Area includes Wayne. Oakland. Macomb. Washtenaw. Monroe and Livingston Counties. Rates may differ in some areas. Mail subscription rates Within the State of Michigan Dtity A Daily Sunday Sundayt 0'Vt Only 52 Weeks $470 60 $343 20 $127 40 26 Weeks 235 30 171 60 63 70 13 Weeks 117 65 85 80 31 85 4 Weeks 36 20 26 40 9 80 Outside Michigan 52 Weeks $507 00 $371.80 $135 20 26 Weeks 253 50 185 90 67 60 13 Weeks 126 75 92 95 33 80 4 Weeks 39 00 28 60 10 40 Foreign rates furnished upon request tSubscrlption price includes $3 64 per week tor the joint Saturday, Sunday and holiday issues of "The Detroit News and Free Press". Subscription price includes $1 .04 per week for the pint Saturday and holiday issues of "The Detroit News and Free Press". The Detroit Free Press is printed partially on recycled newsprint. Postmaster: Send address changes to: Mail Subscription Department 321 W Lalayette Boulevard Detroit. Ml 48226 icti.i-i-j DETROIT NEWSPAPER AGENCY Home Delivery & Service 222-6500 TOLL FREE 1-800-395-3300 Monday-Fnday. 6 a.m.-7 p.m. Saturday-Sunday. 6 a.m.-2 p.m. For replacement papers, please call before 9 a.m. Classified Advertising 977-7500 TOLL FREE 1-800-WANT-ADS Display Advertising 222-2355 All Other Departments 222-6400 Telecommunicalion Device for Deaf (TDD) 222-2576 OFFICERS Frank J. Vega. President CEO 222-2060 Robert Althaus, Sr VP-Circulation 222-2373 Gary Anderson. Sr VP & CFO . 222-2167 Elizabeth Connor, VPHuman Resources 222-21 14 Gasper Genovese VP'Information Systems 222-8730 Timothy Kelleher. Sr. VPLabor Relatons 222-2424 Richard McClennen, Sr. VP-Marketing 222-2459 N. Suzanne Miles VPMarketing Services 222-6680 Randy Miller, VP'Plannmg 4 Development 222-2061 Keith Pierce. VP'Operations 222-2389 Now Through Saturday Onlyt TAKE 50.00 OFF ALREADY-REDUCED MEN'S SUITS BY ALBERT NIPON : Spring and summer selections. 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