Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 13, 1947 · Page 12
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 12

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 13, 1947
Page 12
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INTHROP SHOES H O P I S T A R , H 0 P E , ARKANSAS Thursday, November 13, 1947 Here and There •n Arkansas FOR THE MEN ^ One*'of the many smart WINTHROP SHOES M iL _. you'll find at Collier's is shown below. Little Rock, Nov. 13 — (/P) — The State Banking Board has chartered the Delta Slate bank of Klaine, PMlips County. William Dermoret is president ol the bank. . . W. C. Moody Is vice president and Mrs. Catherine M. Heed is' chashier. The bank reported capital of $40,000, surplus of $16,000, and $4,0uu in undivided profits. Little Rock, Nov. 13 — (/P) — Margaret Truman sang here last night he H0gg sand at 3100 feet. The operators estimated it would produce 200 barrels daily on the pump. It showed u 21 feet saturation. Showing 30 feet saturation in. the Hogg Sand, Hunt Oil Company's Brewer NO. 2, section 27-15-lS.lymg between the main Wesson field, and the Morgan extension, is scheduled for completion tomorrow. dent. The Junior college assign- |_y city nent will be his first coaching venture. Before going to the university, Nichols played with. Ouachita College, ArKadelphia. a definite Little Rock, Nov. 12 —Iffi — Bas- Little Rock, Nov. 12 — l/P)— The U. S. District Engineers here today asked lor bids .for construction cf a 200 bed veterans administration hospital at' Poplar Bluff, Mo. Bids will be opened here Dec. 23. Specifications call' for eight have a complete range of sizes and widths in the most popular Fall shoes. to an 2,000. audience 01 approximately It was the seventh public appearance for the 23-year-old colortura soprano, daughter of the president. She sang in Italian, French, Spanish and English. Miss Truman also will sing in Memphis, Shrcvcport and Tulsa on her current tour. |ketball practice will begin at Lit-j buildings, the main unit' to be a tic Rock Junior College next week I six-btory brick structure housing with Deno Nichols, former All-1 general hospital facilities. Southwest conference guard, as coach. Nichols was named to the All- Conference squad in 1944 while Dlaying with the University of Arkansas team. His playing - 1 ended the same lost a leg in Washington, Nov. 13 — W'i — A 10,544,000-bushel rice crop has been forecast for Arkansas in the Agricultural department's next-to-last report of the year. The department estimated the state's average rice yield would be VI bushels per acre. Other Arkansas crop predictions: Corn — 16 bushels per acre and production 21,440,000 bushels. Soybeans — 125 and 3,750,000. Potatoes — 85 and 2,550,000. Sweet potatoes — 66 and 1,188,000. Pecans — 3,850,000 pounds. Little Rock, Nov. 12 —(/P) U. S. District Attorney James T. Gooch said today his office is preparing to file a motion for rehearing before the 8th U. S. circuit court of [Appeals in the case of Cllnnie Joe 'Buchanan and Ira Colcman Ro: berts, both of Jonesboro. The pair were convicted in Jonesboro last year on an indictment charging them and Joseph Dean Clark with conspiracy to defraud certain individuals in Illinois of $9,200 and transportation of these funds interstate into East Arkansas. i The conviction, on which Bu- 'Chanan and Roberts were sen- 1 tenced to five years, was set aside i by the appellate court last week on a holding that there was no 1 evidence of conspirarcy to trans- , port the money interstate, i W. H. Gregory, chief of assistant U. S. district attorney here, said , the motion for rehearing will enumerate several points contending the appeals court erred in 'its finding that the federal court in Arkansas lacked jurisdiction. Stephens, Nov. 12— (fP)— Ouachita County's Wesson oil field had its 96th producer today following com- jpletion of Stacy and Whitaker's I Davis No. 1 in section 26-15-19 in 1 Little Rock, Nov. 12 — (P) — Questioning of business and social acquainlaccs of B. L. Barnhouse pany. Downie authorities not elabor Camden, have predi ghan well oil per day. lotectives and Deputy Tom Downie continued ficials still were without announced clue- to the g of the 47-year-old man- Little Rock Piano Com- sai'd last night that the had "a lead" bat did ale. e died Monday from in- ived in the attack with- egaining consciousness. Nov. 12 '—(IP)— Drillers cted that the Helen Gau- 1 for Lhich pumping has been ordered, will least 50 to 75 barrels of louston Oil Company, which is on a creek bank in a river bottom section in Calhoun county, a short distance from the Ouachita county line. Conway, Nov. 12 — (/P) — Conway and Forrest City high schools coaches have been unable to agree on a site for a playoff between the two A classification district winners, Coach Cecil Garrison of Conway said yesterday. The executive committee of the Arkansas Athletic Association will select a site if no agreement is -reached. Magnolia, Nov. 12 — (/P) — A natural gasoline plant in the At- Oil and Gas Company, has nounccd. The company, whose prmcip; fices are in Houston and Dei eight months ago. Test protc( eight months ago. Test proot began last week. The plant, which has conncc with 53 wells in tho Atlanta t plans to produce 35,000 gullcn natural gasoline and liquified roleum gas daily from 10,00 cubic feet of gas. Fodyce, Nov. 12 — (/P) — I Amis, 82, retired banker ano tomobilc dealer and for two t Dallas County treasurer, died vpstprclav.. lanta field, 15 miles east of here. A plank road will be constructed will be in full operation by end of to the well, a development of the the week, its owner, the Hiwas Field, Lewis au- Funeral services were to be held lore this afternoon. Thursday, November 13, 1947 '-~ .t r* 'c HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS *' ^1£f?»*^S •' • it •4'j Mclaughlin to Be Tried in Montgomery By JIM THOMASSON Hot Springs. Nov. 13 —(/P)—Leo P. McLaughlin today was granted a change of venue to Montgomery county for his trail on indictments charging misconduct in office during his 20 years as mayor of Hot Springs and head of the county political regime. Garland The case was set for 10 a. rn., next Monday at Mount Ida, Montgomery county seat. The motion for change of venue was filed by McLa'jghlin's attorney, C. Floyd Huff, Jr., when Judge Maupin Cummings of Fayct- teville serving under an exchange of circuits with Judge Clyde H. Brown, called the case. fair and impartial jury whether in Garland or Montgomery county." Judge Cummings commented that tne defendant can ask for a change of venue while the state can not and that the burden of proof is on the defendant. He said that the defendant had filed affidavits of 15 persons to the effect that the former mayor,set tne traditional routine DOROTHY DIX Let the Men Pursue Are the teen-agers going (S- U P- ;„ ro- Attornev Sid Me- could not get a fair and impartial mance and inaugurate a new sys- rV S p r move loined i trial in clrland county, while the tern of cour ship?_ For ages men Math, in a surprise move, joined of the trial from Garland county. "The state wishes to expedite this matter, which already has be- stalales require only two such af- have taken tne fidavits. I making and McMath conceded the reliability | end 01 tne come a classic of lay." McMath said. legalistic de"The state is willing to try this case before any IT'S KROfi BETTER VALUES C KNOWN BRANBS GREAT SALE m SAVIN3 KR00EI Only the best is packed under ..... THE KROGER BLUE LABEL Itf: VACUUM CORN Kroger. Vacuum packed. 12 02. cans Value! CORN ..... 6 Kroger. Whole kernal. No. 2 cans Save! KROGER PEAS Medium size, extra sweet No. 2 cans Kroger. No. 2-i cans Tender, snow white doz. doz. A=, cloz. j. B. Cook Auto Machine Co. 210 South Elm Phone 70 Hope, Arkansas DELIVERY SERVICE • Auto Parts • Rebuilt Motors • Piston Regrinding • Crankshaft Regrinding ® Brakedrum Turning • Brakeshoe Relining • Block Reboring • Pin Fitting * Cracked Blocks and Heads Repaired ie would grant the change venue to Montgomery county. initiative m love- on the fact, of the signers of. the affidavits and a maiden who was a real lady was Judge Cummings said thatl al- |supposed^ never to .have been though he did not desire for the coumy to go to any extra expense, of aware of never a boy's to have existence if they 'shall tell him of how they feel. Not infrequently, the object of the Airliners Are Grounded for Inquiry Gallup, At least N. M., Nov. 12 —Wl— four airlines grounded California GOPS Try to Get Warren to Run Los Angeles, Nov. 13 — (/P)—Earl Warren, California's Republican governor, will be asked by state leaders of his party today to declare himself a condidate for the republican presidential nomination. The executive committee of .the Republican State Central Committee has unanimously adopted a resolution asking Warren to consent to a slate of California delegates pledged to place him in nomination at the Gop convention in Phis- adelphis. Chairman Arthur Carlson of the committee and Vice Chairman Ed ward S. Shattuck said the resolution would be presented to the governor today. ne popped the question, and then her cue was to register surprise. Why. tne very idea She had never thought of such a thing Apparently, however, the old method of handling the sentimental situation seems to be going into the discard. Girls are no longer trusting to luck that they will lire some youth's fancy. They are up and doing themselves, and they are getting an early start. There isn t a day that I do not get letters from 16 and 17-year old bobby-soxers telling me that they are in love with some Tom, Dick or Harry and ask- girl's affections is a lad who has; their huge LKJ-tj planes todify, pe'nd never shown the slightest interest ....... in her. Often he is a perfect stranger to whom she has never even spoken, but she is sure that what she feels is a deathless passion for nirn and that she should ask him Lo go "steady" with her. Men Artful Dodgers And she seeks my advice in the matter. Now, of course, nobody expects the modern girl to let concealment prey on cheek like a worm her on a maidens did in Grandma's Or was it Great-Grandma's dainask bud, as time, time? l-j Now! Pur ex introduces * i* 1 1 f -< —new postwar suds sensation! ^ ^ safer than the mildest soap ' • for fine fabrics! . , —,cuts dishwashing time in half! *'«>». Soft, strong tissue. Value! Kraft cheese. 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A department crop report yesterday said about 25 percent pi the intended wheat acreage in Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado and New Mexico remained unseeded November 1 because of critically dry '.weather. These six states produced about 49 per cent of this year's record crop of 1,406,000,000 bushels. The report said seeding has progressed well, however, on what now appear to be an increased acreage in all other important producing area. Official said that assuming next year's production in the six drought-affected states is only one half this year's, it still would be possible, . on the basis of present prospects, to harvest a total crop of at leat 1,000,000.000 bushels. The United States has produced only four crops of a billion bushels or more, and they were grown in the last four years. Wheat output averaged 890,000.000 bushels for the 1936-45 period. While officials would -like to see another record crop because of the world grain shortage, they point out that a billion-bushel yield still would permit this country to export a much larger quantity of v;heat in the 1948 crop year than it normally shipped before the war. The crop report emphasized that wheat prospects are particularly good in the Pacific Northwest, in most Rocky Mountain States and in the -East. : o i Would Not " Continued From Page Qne obtain strategic material for stockpiling in return' for aid extended under the longrange, selfhelp re covery program, often called the Marshall plan. Phillips was listing materials which • he thought might, be made available from territorial posses sions of the 16 western European nations which would participate in the plan. Vandenberg interrupted to in quire: "How about uranium?" Phillips said that he didn't know, commenting "that is in the higher realms." Vandenberg then said: "You might indicate to some of the top levels to which you referred that some of us, before this show is over, are going to want some in formation about uranium." Senator Lodge (RMass) said he thinks vigorous action should be taken to obtain raw materials in return for the aid. "There ought to be as much mutuality as possible about this program. The more mutuality there is the more self-respecting the whole thing is going to be and the less we will be criticized after ward," Lodge said. Senator Wiley (RWis) suggested that somebody ought to inquire if any of the nations receiving help woiild be willing to turn over stra tegic air and other bases in re turn. But personally, I am not strong for the feminine courtship school of action. I don't believe that pursuing a man is the best way of catching him. Men can always out- sprint women. And as for girls throwing themselves at men, that seldom works, either, for men are the artful dodgers. Besides which, men consider themselves the dominant sex, the ones who do the picking and choosing, the ones who know what they Want and go after it, and the harder a thing is to get the more they desire it. And this holds good in every relation of life. The boy-era zy girls are the ones who have the fewest dat.es. It is the flirts, who are uncertain, coy and hard to please, who have the pick of the ng an inquiry into the cause of a fire which forced an American Air- ines ship to make an emergency landing. 'Ihe Douglas Aircraft Corp., which builds the foar - enginea planes, also urged that all other users of them do liKewise until cause of fife's "have been established and eradicated." Twenty - live passingers and crew personnell emerged unscathed yesterday after the American Airlines' DC-6 came in for a spectacular emergency leading at Gallup Airport with flames spouting torn beneath its fuselage. In quick succession American, United, Braniff and National Air lines suspended flights of their DC Gs. One source termed the fire -"be yond doubt a near parallel to the blazing crash 9f a United Airline DC-6 whick killed M persons u Utah last month. The American Airlines ship was enroute from San Francisco to Nev York with Capt. Evan W. Chat field of Tulsa at the controls. An informant here who declinec Lo be quoted by name expressec the view that tne "flames in botl instances apparently originated in the heater compartment below lln pressurized cabin. He did not elabo daughters, it is with men as it is with; everything else in the world. Every girl writes her own price tag. If her, kisses are a dime a dozen, no boy wants them. If she runs after a lad, he runs from her. If she makes the love making she sickens him with her soft talk. If she .makes all the dates and pays for all their outings, he has a contempt for her because it makes him feel as if she had bought him. So, dear little teen-agers, don't let your emotions ran away with your common sense. Keep your brakes handy where you can clamp down on your impulses if you feel they are getting out of hand. Leave all of the courting to the men. Ne rate. A statement from Chairman C Alerted by a smoke warning In- icated, Chatfield discovered, the ames about live minute's out of allup, circled fo fiy across town the blawj,w«s * nd brought the teep dive ship dowii in a Despite smoke filling cockpit and! abin, he set it down smoothly-at ne side of the main runway. Latefe e confessed "1 couldn't see it." The local volunteer fire department joined in a brief battle", itfith lames bursting from the airliner's elly. A jagged hole nearly 10 feet ong and four to five feet wid6 was eft after part of the fuselage wad ipped away to reach the fire. It :xtended backward from the wings. The fire did not eat through the cabin floor. State Senator W. E. > Clarke credited his son and partner in the Gallup airport, D. B. Clarko, 40, vith averting a possible holocaust He said the younger mad was Irst among ground personnel rea^ :hing the craft and found a broken .ine spewing fuel toward the flame, which meanwhile had fired a patch of grass underneath. * • Clarke promptly plugged the leak with a thumb and pointed an-ex- egators, rdDreientfni «wj agencteMP airline** «& on hand eSfly today td'J damaged DC-6. r */• This dwtr tt.th the Ptn-Wotin The •null. ewy-ttt-Ufce n**''! f-W , t . in • iMetaf w»y to So don't mttw in •UMM wHh t rauln* neUI Iteh ouMd.br simple dlrtetlon* M guaranteed or your Inpoef b p.W-tl.0 treatment tor ' ' R. Smith of the American Airline board in New York said Chatfieli voiced a like opinion regarding hi ship. Other companies suspendin flights of the DC-6, swiftest of th_ airliners in scheduled service, wer United Airlines, operator of the ship figuring in the Hryce Canyon, Utah, disaster Oct. 24: Braniff;Airways and National Airlines. United stated its action would stand "until anv possible hazards have been eliminated." A Douglas company representative in Washington reported that 90 DC-Gs had been delivered to six airlines up to Nov. 3. Although a few have not yet been placed in service. When You Bring Your. Truck fo VOt>GE TKUCK HEA For Exp,rt En fl i,l. Tun.-upS.rvlc. « ver tell a boy. how much you love JThe deliveries included 42 to Amor him until yovi are engaged to him and the wedding day is set. Keep him guessing if you want to keep nim interested. And never, never forget that reticence is always a girl's trump card. (Released by The Bell Syndicate, Inc.) ican, five to Braniff, 35 to United, four to National and two each to the Belgian Airline, Sabena, and Panagra accounts from passengers and crew of the ship forced down here stressed the impression that all aboard displayed amazing calm, althougn several said they could see flames from the right side while still in the ,air. ___ OUR • Checking LOW COST TUMI- Points and Spork- .fnft Comprcuslon. • Checking Condenser »ni) Coll. • Checking Generator nnd Starter Brushes, and Generator Cha ~ Rate. UP SPECIAL INCLUOISl Checking Distributor. • Cleaning «nd R Cleaner. « • Testing Fuel Pump: B. R. HAMM MOTOR CO. , ' Pljoiie 58 -*• Hope A Better Breakfestti A Bern *A Ib. pork sausage Y4 cup finely cut onion 1 cup grated raw sweet potato 2 cups cooked r:co J /2 cup Pet Milk teaspoons sate teaspoon pepper 'Q teaspoon marjoram* f n teaspoon sage* a teaspoon thyme* Cook and stir sausage until brown. Add onion and potato. Cover; cook slowly 5 min. longer. Mix in remaining ingredients. Spoon lightly into cavity of a 5-lb. chicken or duck. Fasten cavity. Roast in slow oven (325° F.) about 3>/4 hrs. teaspoon poultry seasoning can replace marjoram, sage and thyme. Note: Double above recipe for a 12-lb. turkey. Roast turkey in slow oven (300° F.) about 4 hrs. You Will Need: PET cans Milk Spaghefrtican23c With Meat Balls Rice 2 p'g 35c No. 1 Potatoes .i?. 49c Onions Ib. 6c FREE DELIVERY EVERY DAY ON $2.00 ORDERS STUEART'S STORES PHONE 447 We Reserve Rights to Limit Quantity AND SAVE ~ WERC'S ^! HOM BtmR FOR BABIES WHITE HOUSE MHK 400 U.S.r. UNITS Q .VITAMIN C, HI fid* J Soap Cashmere Bouquet Soap Ivory Soap Swan Soap Ivory Soap Swan Soap Sparkling Oxydol Kotpt Colors Dreft Ivory Flakes Ivory Snow Lux Flakes Ih. Mew Rinso Quick Suds Vel Blu-WhiU Flakes Old Dutch Cleanser Sunbrlt* Cleanser Splc » Sp«n Cleanser N*ctar Tea Sultana Red Beans ,(AN> Bar Bath Bin Bars Mad. Bars Bars Med. Bar Med. o Bars 0 Bars Lg. Pkg. 1-3. Pkg. Pkg. Pkg. Lg. Pkg. Lg. Pkg. Lg. Pkg. Pkg. M-oz. Can 13-01. C.n 16-01. Pkg. '/j-lb. Pk,. 17-01. 'A 9c 9c I5c 3lc 20c 25c 25c lOc lOc 33c 33c 33c 3lc 35c 35c 35c 33c 3lc AT HOME AT PLAY . . i f - > t t < * ,\ Breakfast, so nutritionists say, is the most important meal of the day. Reason aplenty to folks the finest fare you can ... to give them a good start for a busy day. 11 And that's you shop for your breakfast needs at your nearby A&P Super 1 Market. Select from our. wide ments of fresh and canned fruit, fruit juices, cereals, spreads, breads and beverages. You'll findjpr pleasing . . .so plan to satisfy your clan with a bright and cheery breakfast tomorrow mornin'^ the makin's from A&Pi ' ^ :<££ Breakfast llolls 29c Trial thft family to «orneth!ng "different" for breakfast! Marval Home Stylo Bread Jane Parker Donuts lona Cocoa Eight O'Clock Coffee Bokar Coffee SunnyfUld Oats Loaf I7c Dor. |9C Ib. Ctn. l-lb. Bags l-lb. Bags Ib. 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