Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 13, 1947 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 13, 1947
Page 6
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»' T, ^^jfr^^l^f^f^m^^ 1 's**^-. " H': • ^ < *"• **» *^ r? HOP! STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Thursday, November 13, 1947 th* city [«.*•**• u »•>•»»• •••*^» ^»y"T"~~ " —-— -'r «*>*<-•-*- ' ! ^k£duting- Iht itftd enaed arid tn 1938, total rolled steel production in' the Ruhr nearly equalled tHe output of the re- tnhindfjr of Europe, with the ex- Ceptioti of Russia and England. Germany used to base its en^ tire. ..Synthetics program on the Vast coal fields of the Ruhr, to make up for 8t»oh laeks as natural oil and rubber. ——o •— *• i Africa has a virtual monopoly on diamond production. Market Report NOT "Just Luck" *.>*•<•»* i /'ri lucky to ho*» thd! Instance," is Mid of th« faintly oi o deceased tutky? t«i. but ifi not ju*t luck/ H was the huJxmd'i and latWi forwlqht and thrift ;;lBI mokbij Knoll monihly payment* on his WobdMto 111* Insurance certificate that toow prottcto kit loved ones from want. . JttMl aUe «njoy tiw dpixsriunlty to form a wld* :t« of M*ndi thro.tgh many t>lea«atit Iratornal ^_1 iodal f T«hU bl U»U local Woodrten campi. '^,'\"C;lftpl»wl'fW«*fM 9*& row family. ' ^Mlftfc Life Insurance Society 5/;C* ft a' ' l ' „ OMAHA* IfEBJUASKfl ^- Oy$ AIIET8 EXCEED 1110.000, 000 i jl. C: WALKER, Field Representative i"' ! '71f W*t «rh St. », Hope, Ark. i> * - if ^r ,r r <,- "i?> , -,' ,v", 1- ' /: ' v 1%'.^ v f fe J^ ** " ' T-C H YOU* I--? 1 *.' I*' *•< , «* , > f ' ' ' • saF% " . ' fi, -t • , JT» i .' i, v f>^<. i , t *" it . * |V it& i •• ' ^ ' k -^ ^^ annon toiuel sets fit ffx louely colors BwutifuUy boxed Cannon Terry Towel Sets •twayi m*Ve welcome gifts. Each set has two BrtH tdw«i«, two Hand Towels and two Wash- «lo(h« In Blue, Green, Maize, Peach or Rose. Stop in 0; phone our Catalog Office today, H4*vy Jlo^ttart) floral weave with thick, faff? pile. Extra large 22 x 44 in. Bath; i. 16 1 4202L-6-I'iece Set .... 5.50 i foli<J color Cotton. Tirry with contrasting- effect border stripes. Bath' Towels Q in. 10T 4201L~Six-Piece Set 3.75 PHONE 1080 DtlJvtry in 4f howri - '>> >8t. LOUIS LlVtStOCKS National Stockyard, 111., Nov. 13, —(#)—Hogs, 9000; active, steady to 25 higher than averagd Wednesday; bulk good and choice 180300 Ibs 25.26-50; more at 25,50;- top 25.50; 160-180 Ibs 24.50-25.25; J30- 150 Ibs 22.00-24.25; 112 Ibs 19.00 21.25; good sows 450 Ibs 2375-25.00; few 25.25; over 450 Ibs 2250-23.75; stags 17.50-21.00. Cattle, 3500; calves, 1800, inquiry moderately active and opening trade fully steady on all classes; two loads top good yearling steers 29.75; odd lots common light steers 16.65-18.00; medium heifers and mixe'd yearlings 16.50-23.00; a few good form 24.00-26.00: good coWs quotable at 10 50-17.50, common and medium beef cowS 1300-16.00 canners and cutters 9 50-12.50; medium and good sausage bulls 10 00 1750; good beef bulls to 1800; good and choice vealdrs 2500-32.00; common and medium 13 00-25 00. Sheep, 350; lambs opened steady to weak; most good and choice lambs early 22.00-50 about one deck 22.75; medium and good 19.5021.75; cull to medium throwouts 15.00-17.00. Hope Star Itar of Me*« t*«*; Frtii 19J7, CorttofMaUd IMttHH 11, 1*2* Published evfcry, w&ekddy oftftrnoun bv If A* FtlBUSHINO CO. ,C. I. Palmer,,Pfesldent AIM Mi Wartbum, S«eretory-T»«o»uf» . Ot the Star building. 212-214 South Wblnut StfMi >. • - - Hop*/ Ark. »»•«. H. Weihbum, Editor & Publlthw >••! M. J*n«t, Manoplno Edltdr •Mr** W. Hcim«r, Mech. Stittt. MM M. 06yl«, Aavertlsirig MonoO*- tmttia 6. Thomai, Coshlw Entertd a» second class fnolttr .at tru Pdit Of flea at Hope, Arkansas, undtf th» fct of Marfch 3, 1B97. JAP)—Meahs Associated Pr«l. : fNEA)—M«an« Newspaper Entarprn* Association. > . l«bstrl»tlon Rat.i: fAlways Payable If Mvanet): By city carrier pe» week 20c t*t i rnonth 85c. Mall rates—In Hemp VtM, Nevada, Howard, Miller nnt lat-ayeH* counties, 14.50 per venr; eiw •here $8.50. POULTRY AND PRODUCE Chicago, Nov. 13 — (IP) —utter firm; receipts 414,502; prices 1 1-2 to 3 1-2 cents a pound higher; 93 score AA 83; 92 A 82: 90 76; 89 C 71; cars: 90 77, 89 C 71. Eggs irregular: receipts '11,337; prices unchanged. Live poultry; steady; receipts 41 trucks, no cars; prices unchanged except rotuters to a cent a pound higher at 25-29 fob. - d - — GRAIN AND PROVISIONS Chicago, Nov. 13 — W) —Open- ingabove the $3.00 malk for th first time since Oct. 20, the December wheat contract extended its gams under a strong buying movement late in the session on the Board of Trade today. Deferred wheat deliveries - also moved .ahead. Corn and oats lagged most of the session But toward the close these grains were aided by the strength of wheat. Early losses were re duced or cancelled. Strength of wheat was based on re-entry of the government into the flour market, pui chase of more than a million bushels of cash wheat by federal agencies yester day and a continued lacl? of mois ture in the major southwestern winter .wheat producing area. Wheat closed 1 3-4—31- 2 higher, December $3 02 1-2—3-4, corn was 1 cent lower to 18 highei, December $236 1-8—14, oats were 12— 34 lower, December $1.15 1-2; — 3-8, and soybeans were 1-2 to 1 cent lower-, November $3.70. Wheat in the spot market was one to three cents higher today; basis unchanged; receipts 21 cars, Corn was steady to two cents high er; basis unchanged to a centlow- er on new, unchanged on old; book- igs 58,000 bushels; receipt? 120 cars. Oats weie about unchanged; basis unchanged to easjer; , shipping sales 5,000 bushels receipts 15 Natlenel AdvettlilrH Representative Arkansas Bailies, Int.; Memphis, Tenn Sterlck Building: Chicago, 400 North M ch ban Avenue: He* York Cit>, 292 Madisoi Sv«.; Detroit, Mich, 2842 W. Grans •Iwd.; Oklahoma. CltV, 31 * rerrMnal Bldg Me* Orleans, 722 Union St. Member »f Ihe Aiioclatcd Prets: Th« Associated Press is entitled exclusively tc the use for republicatlon of all the oca rliVs orlnted In this newspaper as Well • all AP hews SlsDotches. ars. Soybeans receipts cars. 'O— NEW ORLEANS COTTON New Oi leans, Nov 13 —(*)—Cotton futures declined $1 15 to $1.90 a bale here today undei profit tak- ng from the long side and hedge selling, The tone at the close was aarely steady Mysterious Malady Is Discovered Kingfisher, Okla., Nov 13 — (/P)— A "mysterious malady" attacked and nearly killed seven persons lere before the correct diagnosis — a case of chimney swallows — was made, two local doctors dis- losed today. On Monday night her husband was stricken. Dr. Hodgson found lim slumped in a rocking chair, n great pain, and apparently vic- ,im of a heart attack. Dr. Hodgson ;aVe him the appropriate treat- me'nt and called in two nurses, some friends and relatives. , Baldwin looked worse and "worse. Htis sister -. in - law, Mrs. Fred Every,, turned up the furnace to relieve the. chill. Twenty minutes later Every ask- Rioting Continued Prom Page One at the police station, they turned down nearby Via Ciovasse, overwhelmed 10 policemen guarding the Monarchist newspaper Mattino D'ltalian and sacked the building Marseille, Nov. 13 — (/F) —Troops and mobile guards were called put to -patrol the streets of Marseille today as Communist labor leaders issued a general strike call following a day of rioting in which one parson was fatally woundad and six others hurt. While the Communist claimed their strike call had met a wide response among factory hands, in dications as the day advancec were that workers were sticking to iheir jobs except in trades in whicl .heir unions previously had or dercd strikes. Affected Were all seamen, long shoremen and members of th metal, building and chemica workers unions. Some food pack conomically or in any other way o undertake a war of global pro- ortiorts." However, Eisenhower told Prcsi- ent Truman's Air Policy Comrriis- ion late 'yesterday that the United tales must remain "militarily trong" if it is to discharge its re- ponsibilities to the rest of the vorld. Wete 45 ed his wife to take him home — he was sick, too. She did, and then called another physician, Dr. C. F. Lattimora, when she returned to the Baldwin home, Nurse Myrtle Foote was un conscious in a chair. She and Baldwin's boss, Fred Lankard, looked after the nurse and then Mrs. Every fainted When Lattimore arrived Lankard complained of dizziness him self and went outside Another friend, Tommy Francis, drove up. He arid Dr. Lattimore Started looking. They found two canaries dead :on the floor of .their cage They raised the windows and : called the gas company ers also were reported out. All shipping in the port was tie Thursday, November 13, 1947 . .„, HOP! STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS , , St.JflSEPrT JSPIRIH „ f OR CHIIOIIM ', — ' So easy to give correct dosage. Orange flavored. 50 tablets for only 35c. Social and P crsona Phohe 768 Between 9 A, M. and 4 P. M. home Owned and Operated i Jim LaGrossa 210 S. Main St. HOPE, ARKANSAS Phone 747 up by the strike, which began a a protest against an increase ir street car fares and assumed broader proportions following the arrest of four union demonstrators Monday. A meeting of the Rhone Delta central council of trade unions was called for tomorrow'to decide whether to heed the Communist appeal for a, general strike. An affirmative "decision would affect the entire department — an extending along more than 60 miles of industrialized coastline: arid taking : iri the inland cities of Aries arid. Aix. At least a score of persons, including Mayor Carlini arid Assis, , , tant Mayoi Pierre Milam, weie m- Gas jmen found odorless^, _cplor-, 1urcd durmg yesteiday's noting . .. "'Both officials, members of Gen less and deadly carbon monoxide flooding the house. Chimney swallows had built Iriud nests in the roof vents of the'fur- nace, sealing them tight. The victims are recovering. Dec high 33 48 — low 33 15 — close low 33.38 — close; 33.15-16 Mch high 3370 33.38-40 May high 33 59 — low 33 29 — close 33,29-30 Jly high 32 82 — low 32 50 — close 3250-54 Oct high 30.20 — low 30.10 — close 30.05-Bid. Now She Shops ., "Cash and Cany Without Painful Backachf poisonous matter to remain ta your pauagei with immrtin* and burning »ome- tjlroe. shows there li lomettlng wrong wfth your kidneys or bladder, _ . . fc i „ ...I. Don't wait! Ask your druggllt tor DOM • Pills, a stimulant diuretic.jMed suc6«sf uUy by millions lor over BO years. Dban'i give gappy relief and will help tha 15 tails* of kidney tubes flush put poisonous wa*U f rota your blood. Get Doau's Fills. NEW YORK , COTTON i! New York, Nov. 13 —WP)—Cotton futures were lower in slow dealings today Commission .houses were inclined to take profit and some liquidation was stimulated by uncertainly over the fate of the administration's foreign aid pro gram : arid domesti cprice controls in Congress. Hedge selling was also more aggressive than in lecent sessions, with offerings aborbed prinqipally through mill buying. The New York Cotton Exchange Service Bureau estimated October cotton consumption at 8,25,000 bales against 727,000 in September and 931,000 in.October a year ago. Consumption of the first three months of : 'the crop season was: running at; the annula rate of 9,000,000 bales. Late afternoon prices were 65 cents to $1.00 a bale lower than the previous close. Dec 33 37, March 33.60 and May 33 49 V Cotton futures sank into new around for the day on a closing flurry of liquidation Futures closed $1.05 to.$1.85 , a bale' lower than the previous close. Dec high 33 50 — low 33 20 — last ,33,20-24 off 33,37 Mch high 3366 — low 33 42 — last 33.45-40 off 27-28 May high 33 53 — low 33.30 — last 33,30-32 off 26-28 Jly high 32,80 — low 32 53 — last •3253 off 36 : Qcthigh 30.2r 30 10B off 23 De'c high 29.80 2971B off 21 : Middling spot 33.80N off 37. 'N-nominal; B-bid. NEW YORK STOCKS New York, Nov. 13 (fP) —The stock market today persisted in viewing .good corporate news through dark glasses and leading issues extended their decline by fractions to a point .or., more. Bullish forces found a slight ar- gument.in the fact that selling was exceptionally timid after a fairly active opening. While a handful of pivotals managed to hodl : plus signs at the close, and losses were shaded here and there, casualties maintained a large majority. Volume for the full proceeding dwindled to around 750,000 shares. Pacific Western Oil added 3 1-2 points in this final hour and Mission Corp. Improved. 'Modest advances were retained by Schenley, Allied Chm'eical,' -Union Carbide, Philip Morris* American Water Works, International -harvester and Goodich. Pennsylvania ailaroad touched ottom since 1941, again reflecting omitted dividend. Mack trucks low 30.10 - low. 29,71 — las SHOP AT OWEN'S FOR VALUES SPECIALS FOR FRIDAY & SATURDAY xSpecial Purchase todies RUBBER BOOTS First quality. Size 5 to 10 2.98 Heavy Sheet BLANKETS Value 2.49 Special' 1.79 Boys JACKETS Sold for $8.95. Not oil sizes in each style but range of sizes. Sizes 6 to 14. 5.95 Childrens Cotton Bloomers Sizes 4 to 16 Special 35c ,Mens WOOL SOX Values'of 59c On sale Friday and Saturday for only nd International espite extra and Ursernents. Bonds .slid. Paper skidded increased dis- Charles Do Gaulle's Rally. of the French People (RPF) which ousted the Communists in recent municipal elections, were . beaten by Communist demonstrators and spent the night hospitalized in' private clinics. The most serious casualties . oc- cured last night when, according to accounts in the moderate press, gangster .elements operating some bars turned .submachine guns on demonstrators who were said to be looting their establishments. The Communist organ 'Hu- manite ran a screaming headline saying: . "De Gaullist .murder. Vincent Voulant — 20 other patriots wounded by gangster bullets." The naper said the shootings took place "under the protection of Socialist) Premier Ramadier's prefect." o TRUETONE'S OUTSTANDING RADIQ-PHONO CONSOLE WITH . THE NEW FM (Frequency Modulation) • CONVENTIONAL BROADCAST • I AUTOMATIC PHONOGRAPH Ike Sees No Immediate War Danger Washington, Nov. 12 — (UP) — Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower bej- lieves there is no 'immediate risk" of another war. The army' chief of staff, who directed the Allied armies to victory in World War II, said "no nation in the world today is prepared Social Calendar The Hope Business and Professional. Women's Club will hold its November Social meeting at the home of Mrs. Frank Russell on South-'Main street at 7:30 Thursday night. Mrs. Opal Hervcy will be associate hostess. AH members are urged to'attenfTand remember to bring .your birthday pennies. Thursday, November 20 Oglesby and Paisley Parent Teachers Association will sponsor a book reyiew at Hope City Hall at 2:15 Thursday, November 20 when Mrs. L. B. Tooley .will review Marguerite Lyohs "Hurrah For Arkansas" Tickets are being 'sold by the students of Oglesby and Paisley Sore Throot schools. The admission price is 50c. of colds. Rub VapoRub on throat...chest. Melt some in mouth, too! V VAPORUO Yocom-Crafton Marriage Announced Mr. and Mrs. Mart Yocom of this city announce the marriage of their daughter, Louise to Gene E. Crafton, son of Mrs. Mabel B. Crafton and the late Mr. Harry E. Craftcn of Little Hock. The marriag6 was solemnized on Friday evening, November 7 at the First Methodist church in Little Rock with the Reverend Aubrey Walton officiating. The bride was attended by Miss Louise Ehemahn, maid of honor and Mrs. John R. May as matron of honor. Mr. John R, May served the groom as best man. The bride is a graduate of Spring Hill High School and a member of Beta Sigma Phi Sorority. The groom graduated from Little Rock High School and attended Louisiana State University. He served thirty months with the armed forces which included 18 months overseas. After a short wedding trip the couple will be at home in Little Rock. read by Miss Emelene McDowell, recording secretary. During the business meeting, it was annotmced that the Beta Sigma Phi plans to have each civic club in Hope sponsor a contestant to attend the Maid of Cotton Carnival in Memphis. Tenessee. Plans were made for the Ritual of Jewels Banauet to be held this month. Following the meeting, the mem- jers adjourned with repeating the" Closing Ritual in unison. The next meeting will be held Monday, November 24. LAST DAY. FEATURES 2:10"; - 4:23 - '6:36 .-8:49 A SMALL DEPOSIT , WILL HOLD IT 'TILL CHRIST/MAS THEftE'S A TftUETONE FOR EVERY M£MB?R OF THE FAMILY.. A Christmas Thrill... A NEW HIGH IN LISTENING PLEASURE 1HE tAtf&T THING IN DAD'O AND TOU«[ ClIIING .111 '!« -IS '!« PANCitNG DAPIDIV AND YOU U Bt BKDY WITH IMIS ill .AUtOMAIIC BtCOHO CHANGEB fBOViDlS * CONNNUOUi «OG«AM 01 »OO« (AVOBltt BKOODV -JUSI SII..BACK. RFlAV AND (NJOT IHtM PlATi 10' IwllVf Oft 12 UN INCH BECOBDS 39c Boys SWEATSHIRTS A real value. Special 98c Mens YI Palm Gloves Heavy Leather Short and long cuffs. A good buy for winter. Special w/br//nwedfcfe £ew/ce STARTS F&SDAY i. ROMANCE! EXCITEMENT! 98c Mens Moleskin Pants Values of $4.00 Special 2.95 Beta Sigma Phi Met Monday Night Mrs. Joe Richardson was hostess to .the members 'of the' Alpha Zeta Chapter of the Beta ySigma Phi Monday night at. 7:45 at her home on West Avenue B, The meeting was called -to order by '. the president, Mrs. Inez Staats after which the Opening Ritual was recited.in unison by the members Minutes of the last meeting were PROMPTLY relieves surface CONGESTION.! CHEST COLDS In Upper Bronchial Tract! RUB ON 'alsley P.T.A. Meeting Held Wednesday Afternoon The Paisley P.T.A. met Wednesday afternoon at the school with VIrs. L. B. Tooley. president, presiding. The meeting was opened with the Lord's Prayer and Mrs. Tooley read the president's message. Mrs. George Peck was in charge of the program and presented Thomas Purvis, soloist, accompanied Luther Holloman at the piano. Group singing followed under the diroction of Mr. Purvis with Mr. Holloman at the piano. Charles A. Armitage, Secretary of Hope Chamber of Commerce was * gUest speaker Following the program a business session was held at which time it was announced that a total of $168.85 was netted from the recent rummage sale. In the room count of •mother's the prize was awarded to Mrs. Theo P. Witt's room. EW LAST DAY 2:36 FEATURES 4:42 - 6:47 - 8:52 • Crosby »Hutton «Tufrs ''Here Comes THE WAVES" STARTS FRIDAY Johnny Mac Brown in "CROOKED TRAIL" — PLUS 2nd FEATURE — // WHITE STALLION' Eddie Dean Ken Maynard Ruth Roman Rocky Cameron MaxTerhune and ELMER \ Ford-trained Mechanics know your Ford best. They'll give you immediate skilled service that saves you time and money on any service job, large or small. Factory-approved Methods save you time and money because they're planned by the men who made your Ford to do fhe, job better, more thoroughly and hi less time. 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Second St. "Your Ford Dealer For 28 Years" Phone 277 - 299 SAMPLE LOW FARES From Hope, Ark. to: Texarkana San Antonio Nashville, Tenn Little Rock Houston Memphis St. Louis Chicago New York Los Angeles Dallas Detroit Plus 15 ,$ .75 8.50 8.50 2.50 6.15 5.15 8.35 12.75 19.85 29.90 4.35 15.50 Federal Tax Tickets Complete Information «' MISSOURI PACIFIC PASSENGER STATION R. L. McCain, Agent Phone: 1'37 Hope Iris Club Meeting Held Tuesday Afternoon The Hope Iris Garden Club, met Tuesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. M. M. .McClcughan.-.with.Mrs, F. N. Porter as associate hostess. The president, Mrs. Herbert Burns presided over the business session and heard reports from the various committees. The secretary read the minutes of the last meeting and called the roll. Mrs. Paul Haley, parliamentarian read the by-laws of the clu'o. Mrs. A. A. Halbert was in charge .of the program on "Make Your Own Merry Christmas".' She was assisted by Mrs. Arch Moore and Mrs. John Britt. The flower arrangement contest was judged with first prize going to Mrs. E. O. Wingfield, second prize to Mrs. C. P. Tolleson and third prize to Mrs. Johrt Britt. During the social hour the hostesses served a delightful salad plate with coffee. Personal Mention Misses Betiy Colcman, Laura Garanflo. and Frances Lewis, students at TSCW, Denton, Texas, have finished the informal initiation period and are now active members of L'Allegro and Chaparral, literary and social clubs- of the Texas State College for Women. L'Allegro and Chaparral are two of the eleven clubs on the campus, and the total number of girls pledged by the organizations is 279. Miss Coleman, daughter, .of; Mrs. J. C. Coleman, 303 < S. HerVey, pledged to L'Allegro. She is a junior Advertising Design major. Miss Garanflo, daughter of 1 Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Garanfld,'- 122 S. Washington, pledged to Chaparral, She is an Interior Design major. Miss Lewis, daughter of Mr. -and Mrs..C. R. Lewis. 320 S.Elm , is a sophomore Busincs Education major. She pledged to Chaparral also. Hospital Notes Friends of Mr. J. M. Arnold of DeAnn will regret to learn^that he suffered a broken '• collar, "one .in a fall at his home on Wednesday He, has been carried to Little Rock for treatment. Singing Nov. 16, of Garret* Memorial Church % A regular monthly singing convention will be held at Garrett Memorial Church at 2 p.m. Sunday. November 1(5. A number of quartets "are expected to be on hand. The public is invited. Branch Mr. and Mrs. R. M.. Pfutzen- reuter, Rt. 1, Emmet,•'announce the arival of a • son on • November 13. Admitted: Mrs. R. M. Pfulzcnreut-er,-Rt. .!,• Emmet. * D. E. Powell, Patmos. Discharged' Mrs. Elmer Murph. Hope, Two Local Persons Lose Large Sums of Money Two local persons lost about $440 in, cash, during the past two days, the Police Department anonunced, Approximately ?4(i was found by Fred Smith but $400 lost by ,Toe Lunibley/ Bruner Ivory Handle Co. employe, is still missing. o Top Radio Programs of the Day By The Associated jPress (Central Standard Time) Topics tonight: NBC — 7 Aldrich; 7:30 'Burns; and i'30 Jack Carson and Eve Hawk; 9:30 Eddie Cantor. CBS—G: 15 Jack ,Smith; 7 sense; Lucille .-' Ball; 8 layrncs:'. .8:30. \ Crime Photo; 'Great Expectations," drama ABC—6:30 Treasue Agent; The 'Clock- Drama; 8 Willie Piper Skit; 9 Mr. President;'9:30 Reps. VTonroney and -Bender- on : "What Congress Faces." MBS—7 Jan August Trio; 8:30 Scarlet Queen Drama; 8:30 Block Party; 9-Family Theater "Perfect Wife " Julia Chester Discharged- Mrs. C. C. Holmes and daughter, By ETHEL HAMILL -*! © Arcadia House, Inc.; Distributed by NEA SERVICE, INC THE STORY: Joel moves to a cheaper room in his boarding house so that he can give the extra money to Lon's wife. He' meets' Dean Austin walking across the campus. The Dean suggests Joel apply for a:scholarship. XX The rest of the way home, once the jalopy had rolled past her, Cam had relied upon blind instinct to lead her feet in_the right direction, reference.-Joel That flip, poking had made to the hour they had spent together on the liver the evening before, and to the prjyate things i.he; had; discussed with her, had crushed her more agonizingly than the wheels of the vehicle done had she itself might have fallen under their smooth-worn tires physically sick. She ielt sick, She felt dizzy and lost, and there was distorted laughter in her ears. All that afternoon, locked in the bedroom where she had awakened so happily, she struggled to make what had happened fit into any pattern she could accept or understand. But the dimensions of such sharp-edged bits as remained of her day were of senselessly assorted contour and color. They rer fused, flatly, to dovetail. The note to Maurinc, with the asters. The heedless shouting out of an hour she had imagined Joel would hold sacred. Betty Lawrence, laugh ing there beside him. But she must not leap to any hasty conclusion. She must wait until she cnuld talk things out with Joel himself, quietly and alone. Cam dressed for dinner carefully, so that neither Maurine nor the Dean would suspect what a desert of bewilderment and un? happines her afternoon had been. But despite her best efforts to keep conversation moving, the evening meal was not one of the brightest In the history.of the Austin household. Her father seemed preoccupied, and Maurine kept glancing Ostentatiously at her diamond wrist-watch. They were barely un from the table before Iron Man Blair's pert, dark-eyed daughter was headed for the front veranda. She paused as she passed the pier glass to fluff out the ruffle of her gossamer blouse and adjust the swatch of white satin violets which she had obviously deluded herself into regarding as a hat, "Good ni-ght, Cammie dear," she called back, light as milkweed down 1 , from near the front doorway. Cam followed her. surprised. "But aren't you and Joel—?" "I'm meeting him at Kremol- ka's." said Maurine gaily. "Why on earth doesn't he call for you?" Maurine looked uncomfortable. "Well-M-1, I saw him over near Ihe chem lab this afternoon, and he asked me if I'd have any objection to meeting him instead, and I didn't have, so-o-o-o—' 'It's none of my business, of course," Cam said, her troubled aze fixing on the silly knot of violets, "but I'd object. This isn't like Joel! If a man wants to date a girl, the least he can do is pay her the simple civility of ringing her own doorbell.' "Queen Victoria!" Maurine jeered, much, much too brightly. "No, seriously. There's something wrong, isn't there? Some reason you don't like to tell me that Joel gave you for not—?" As if she were saying something she wanted to get over and done with before it hurt too much, Maurine interrupted rapidly. "He said —well, that he'd gotten pretty sticky last night while you two were out canoeing. He seems to feel that Ke must have let down his back hair and told you a lot of stuff that probably. bored you silly. He sort of said he was ashamed to face you this soon afterward." Her green eyes, staring at nothing, were sick with shame. It wasn't boring her that Joel was afraid of. He knew she hadn't been bored, not for one single moment. That was the trouble. Joel had known, last night, that she was taking their being together seiiously Far more seriously than he could let her take it, under the circumstances. Those plans he had lain down lor his life required years of trailing. A man with no income other Ihan a government allowance for education was in no position 'to take- On a wife or other responsi Dilities. Now he was doing .his best, in a galant if mistaken, way, to get his point across to.her After, a Ions time, Cam straightened slowly i It wasn't Joel's fault. He hac warned'her. But then 'she had tor- gotten his warning. The only fail thing to do now —and the only thing which could save both theii faces— was for her to make it in stantly clear to him that she hac received his signals. She had to let him know, if only so that he would no longer dread calling . a< Dean Austin's door when he hac made a date with Maurine, tha he had nothing to feav Moving back along the; stately hall, Cam looked more like sleep-walker than like a girl who knew or cared where she was heading. Yet once she had reached the telephone she "picked it up with a firm, a decisive gesture The .voice in which she was pres ently asking for the Faculty Club came steady and natural. "Herbert?" she was saying, r moment later. "This is Cam, Her bort. I've been thinking that, un les you're busy with something more important, this might be a good evening for you to come over " (To Be Continued) Henry Alien; 9 Bob Sus- Dick 9:30 7:30 Friday Items:' NBC—11:30 a. m. Words and Music. . . . CBS—10 a m Art Godfrey; 2 p m. Double or Nothing. ABC—8 a m. .Breakfast Clyb; 10:45 Ted Malonc. MBS—11:30 a. m. Capus Salute: 1:30 p. m. Martin Block, records Romanian King Says He Is Nor Fleeing Munich. Germany, Nov. 12 — W) -King Mihai I of Romania said today.:he had heard reports he was fleeing his country, but that they were "ridiculous and untrue." The 26-year-old Monarch and his mother Helen, divorced wife of ex- King- Carol, 'flew in from Bucharest en route to the. London wedr ding:,-of Priincess Elizabeth. "I have heard those repoits quite' a fewVbf them," .Mihai said in a ibrief .interview. .".They are not true.! I have my responsibility, arid I 1 intend to m.eet it." The king-.was at .the, ; controls of his own two-engined .transport for thei:,five-hour .trip . to 'Munich, ^ihai'--said'.h'e .was. visiting Ger- rri^ny^f&r the first-time: in-.a dozen yeais It will be his first trip to England in nine years. i Asked whether "political unrest" had diminished in Romania, he said it had and that the chief problem now is economic. He said Romanians are in grave danger economically'. Beverley Gail, Route 1, Hope. Mrs. Guy Downing, Hope. Josephine Discharged: Hope. -Chas. Ed. 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