Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 7, 1894 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 7, 1894
Page 7
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R, R. R. READY RELIfc! The moat certain and safe Pain Renedy ID the world that Instantly itopi the moat excruciating pains. It it truly the great CONQUEROR OP PAIN and has done more go*d than any known remedy. FOR SPRAINS, BRtTISES, BACKACHE, PAIN IN TUB CHEST OR SIDE, HEADACHE, TOOTHACHE, OB ANY OTHER EXTERN ALPAIN, ft few application* rubbed on by the hand act like magic causing the pain to Instantly atop. CCMa AND PBEVENTS, Colds, Coughs, Sore Throat, Inflammation, Bronchitis Pneumonia, Asthma, Difficult Breathing, Influenza, •ktiMtfn, Nemlftlc, Selaile*. Immburo, 8w«lllM of tke Jolita, Pil»t Im Back, Ghent or Umb*. The application of toe READY BELIEF to t&e put or part* where dtfflcnltj or pain eilau will •Void cue and comfort. ALL INTERNAL PAINS. PAINS IN BOWELS or STOMACH, CRAMPS, SO OR STOMACH, NAUSEA, VOMITING, HEARTBURN, NERVOUSNESS, SLEEPLESSNESS, SICK HEADACHE, DIAR- HHCEA, COLIC, FLATULENCY, FAINTING SPELLS are relieved Instantly and quickly cured by taking Internally a half to a teaspoon ful of Ready Relief in half teaspoonful of water. MALARIA. ! Chills and Fever, Fever and Ague Conpered. There li not a remedial agent In the world that •til core Fever and Ague and all other Malarious, Billons, and other Feveri, aided bjr Radwaj'i Mill, so QUlcltlr as fUulwaj's Rftadj Belief. Price 50c per bonle. Sold by druggists. MRS.DASCOT: A PLAY. LATEST PRODUCTION IN THE WAY OF DARK DRAMA. llrerrtoll, the Talented Dramkt- lo Crltlo of the Illnit»t»a Amarlcan. 8e»rch«> It In Vuln for » Moral — gome Sct>iien Therefrom. N ORIGINAL play, in four acts, by Lloyd S. Byres and Stunisluue Stance, was pro (1 need for the first time on any stage at the Fiftli Avenuo theater, New York, recently. "Mrs. Daseot 1 ' is another drama of darkness. It deals with the seamy side of life, and a particularly unpleasant phase of it even at that Its motto, in the language of the principal female fipure, is an eye for an eye, shamo for shame. It is not the first time by any means that a piny has been presented as a plea for punishment for the man as for the woman. Hut I doubt if the subject has ever been handled rooro roughly or coarsely. The conclusion leaves you in the same predicament as when you start The problem is not solved. Wo wada through four acts of nausea and arrive at the dead sea fruit of ashes. Like all pieces of this class, the play course between betrayer and Detrayea for ten years. The man and the woman have gone their own ways. We are asked to believe in the woman's love and then to accept an act on her part which no one but the most abandoned, the most depraved, the mr.Kt vile of her sex would dream of e»:n- HUMAN DEXTERITY. AS EXEMPLIFIED BY THE WONDERFUL BERTHOLDI. Aitonlnhlnit Kent of » Ynnng Womxii of the Truvellne Miow—Capitnlnc Who \Vnlk* on HIT IIi:»il Ha« Keen Outdone by the I''r«iiirliwom»n. PADWAY'S 1Y PILLS, [for the care of ill dlnordDM of th« STOH- ACH, LITER, IIOWKLS, KI0XEYS, BLADDER, [ HSHVOU8 DISEASES, HEADACHE, CONSTIl'A- ITIOJT COSTIVENESS, INWCIKSTIO*. DVSPKl'- IA, BIUOCKTONS, KKVEB, l>'FLAjniATl»:S' OF THE BOWELS, PILES, and nil deranro- •u«U of the iBtcnil Vincent, I'urclj yi^euiile oitzlili* no utrcnrr, mlntr*li or DELETE- KBIOUS DUEUS. Prl»SI5™nt«i»r box. Sold by all DrnyRlBtg. BADWAY ft CO.,82 warren St., N. Y. [WE* stire and ask for KA.DWAY'S. Catarrh AND ICOLD IN THE HEAD rilitvid Instantly b» oni application ol Birnsy's Catarrh Powder I THX I Kiev. FATBKR CLAKKK, Mffy to :bo Ht. Rev. Bishop of OolupibuM, Ohio, writes; . .. . GWTVMMBH:— 1 cniinot *aj' enough '« ipfnk imisv ci«*vHi«»ii«B"/ ••• •-• l *<*« th«lr WP«, I will ao .njthlnj lo iput •«"» I wort lor <!>« rcmmly Io h«lj> ollpun <H\U' «ro lultunnB. P It E Fraowios, CuHtodlan U. 3. Appraiser's Stores, JVhShMrledrwai'nijiirfi'lbyo fn*n«t to try I>r, Hirnry IUnhtl Powder for my deufncrt. Have n.-cMirca my rr lr*lr. w that I «tn nnw h«r » watch tick plainly, it IhtMIS Inihrt from my«r I look ur^n it »s » l»«ti« IfordMrnvM tnU h»Yo rc<*mnicndo'l it» uii l» many t a<U »nil c»n *»J J have n«v«r ti«nr(l ''f t»cust wliuro ^,5OCa BirocyCatarrhal Powder Co, JM8 MASONIC TEMPLR, CF1ICAGO. Isold ererynhoro »r drui?Rl»t* or direct by as. 1 Sold by B. Y. KeMllnK. J. L. Hanson and Ben fisher. Lotfuiaport. Ind. WANTED. 7AXLED—Salwtrniin; ralarr *rom start, permanent place. Urown Bros, Co., Nnrap n, Chicago, ill. tA Apermontn anil expenses psiil (Ofld men for MU taking ordBrs. Bre»rty work. Apply Pro- UT» Mureerle-', UenBTa, M. r. 16XMT8 makf 15.00 a day. Grwitc.it kitchen V ntentll ever invented. Retiill.i 35o. 2 to 6 1 la ewryliouw. Sample, postwepald, frto. yoHHBJa & Men AKIN, Cincinnati!, 0. IKN to «*« orders In erery town and city; no 1 dellTerlDK; xood magm iromitnrt; puj wwekly; i capital required; work jeur totuid. vtate f«o. Cf UEN BROS., Kochdrter, N. Y. A A WEEK paid Io ladlM and genl.i to , . _ U nell tbe Rapid Dl§h Wwhur. Wgsli- p iind drle* tbem in two minute* «UlioiU wettjnx ' i band*. Mo *j[wrlMice nMrasarr: sells nt bt; permanent position. Addreen W. P. Har- n<tCo.. ClnkKo, it, ColumbM, Ohio. UNTED SALESMEN^ line of NUIWZBT STOCK and SKID FOTA"i. LIBEXAL SALARY or COMMISSION i WZKKLT. PEBMANANT and PAVlNIi _TION8 to (M)OD HEN. SPECIAL 1NDDCE- »T8 TO BEGINNERS. EXCLUSIVg TER- JORT OIVJtN I If DKSIBED. Write at onto r terms W i Hawks Nursery Co., Rocnes:er, N. Y. ANTAL-MLDY uut Inaction*. I Vtoey can In 48 boon the v SOWISd WIXD." professes to deal with a social riddle which it tossi:s about from pillar to post, and, finally, the author haviiur exhausted their stock of unreal and unwholesom(!slcenes,theplayis broiiij-lit to an illogical conclusion. We :irn iu> wiser than before, although we sire considerably depressed. The technical part of this new work is not remarkable for novelty or ingenuity. It is of the theater, theatrical. It !•; tricky and full of claptrap. Us mo&t sensational scone was anticipated lout, 11 (M^O by I)ion Uoucic'uult, who, howerrr, knew how to manage a stage nll'Kut The dialogue of "Mrs. Dascot" is raentably weak. Its only strength In the frequent use of the word "damned." It is not a workmanlike play. The story of this dismal drama may be told in a nutshell. Ten yeiirs bu- foro the action of the piece commences, a hospital nurse has been betrayed by a young 1 doctor. Circumstances M>pa- i rated the younj; people. The doctor developed into a fashionable London physician. The woman married «nd became a widow. When the play opens, the famous doctor becomes on- gaged to marry a society pirl. The woman turns up and implores her old lover to marry her. Ho refuses, \Vlmt follows is, to my mind, too amii/.in^ for words. If the piece had been written by boys saturated with dime novi-ls, I could understand its glaring 1 falseness. But, coming from men of tht> world, il is something wonderful in its mingled crudity and Hastiness. The woman. bear in mind, professes to love her betrayer of old. She protests this over and over ayain, vehemently, forcibly. passionately. The strength of hur love is dwelt upon, and driven intn the 1 minds of the audience, lie-member that there has not been any inter- A CLIMAX—FKOM "SOWING THK WIND. mitting. The doctor refuses to give up the girl he is to marry in favor of his old mistress. Love then changes to hato, and thoughts of revenge fill the mind of this creature. The doctor is in an inner room. She creeps in, locks the door on the inside, stealthily puts the key in her victim's pocket, and then screams at the top of her voice. Patients and friends rush in, the doctor is discovered in this compromising situation, the woman alleges u. charge of assault against him, and, in rtn instant, his reputation is blasted. Up to this point there has not been much sympathy for the woman, for the unreasonableness of her request is felt. But, from this point, she is loathsome. The action shifts to Alexandria where the doctor is in charge of a hospital. The woman who has ruined him turns up tis a hospital nurse, and again protests her love. The bombardment commences, all the other characters, including the doctor's former fiancee, .appear as though by magic, and death for the whole party seems imminent when the approach of the English soldiers is announced and a rescue effected —oh. shade of Uoucicault! In the last act we return to London, the woman tries to work upon the feelings of her seducer of'old by telling him that they have a child, itntl then it is discovered tlmtlhe child is dead. Mrs. Daseot repents her evil ways iind clears the doctor's name, and, with the picture of the doctor's prospective marriage to the girl from whom he has been separated by the calumny of his former mistress, this gloomy piece comes to a. lumo conclusion. What, I would like to know, is the good of all this dabbling in dirt'.' It does not produce a play which arouses, :i- | or instructs, or solves n problem. You end with exactly the same situation as that with which you start Moreover, women do not do these things. They do not turn up after long yuars and alternately entreat and demand marriage from their old lovers. In this case, especially, »the woman has been married, she enjoys some social distinction, and she is, financially, in comfortable circumstances. I do not believe that any woman would want to marry her seducer when she found herself so placed. She certainly would not hunt him down for the purpose. And I am convinced that the woman who still loves would not carry out IIEUK ARE SO innny more women in tlit; world than husbands can be found fo r , that fa.ir \vutn«n is forced into fields of intellectual and physical activity which were never dreamed of fn the year 1. 1 do not know a better example of physical activity in woman than can be witnessed in New York city, where a iiru-eseape apparatus is being tested by two.young women, who, with their skirts securely lashed together, presumably to prevent all accidents of whatever nature, slide from the fourth story to the street There is no fire in the house during this hair-breadth escape save that in the furnace, so it is impossible to tell how well these rehearsals prepare these ladies for their debut at the tenth-story window of a hotel when the rope is likely to be too short such a filthy, low, abominable trick as that trumped-up charge of assault She would want to forget her pas with its folly and sin. The doctrine of "shame for shame" does not exist with women. AUGUST BHEKBTON. Ml.T.K, HKHTHOI.J)!. and the pavement below can not be scan for flume and smoke! JJiit then these arc minor details, which work out their solution when the curtain rolls up upon Mich ;i drama in real life ns :i real fire in which the: ilrc-esciipe apparatus will not work. The owners of a music hall located near by were no doubt jealous of this fire escape act, for it draws a gren-t curbstone audience of "dead-heads' 1 on the opposite side of the street, so they forthwith, not to be outdone in their business, engaged Mile. Alcide Capitaine. who is an aerial gymnast, and Mademoiselle Bertlioldi, who justly calls herself a marvel. Capitaine docs some extraordinary feuts on the /lying 1 trapeze, and quite eclipses her fair rivals in the fire escape act, for they only go down, while Capitaine walks on her head— woman always was contrary—dives and twists as well as ilies through the air, and is, besides, a beautiful and refined-looking woman. Mademoiselle Bertlioldi is one of those extraordinary beings who seem made out of india-rubber or jelly—certainly not flesh and bones They say the physic! I ered muscles in Sam like other humans ans have discov- Sandow's body which | have never existed in any other man's. Surely somebody ought to Iind out what pretty little Bertlioldi is made of. What this young lady can not do with her lithe form is not imaginable. Her of those thill £* that The Httsburg club has placed a shed over the home-player bench so as 1 act ls rl -' !l lly to keep the spectators entirely apart must bc soen to bc appreciated, it is so from the players. e ooj - •"' R ' M ' The New Yorks have rc-enfraijed the i services of Arnandus Urewster, the lit- j SHOOTERS GOING TO ENGLAND. tie mascot who has served for years in that capacity. or Ij •SQ m 1 •: •: i)!m?'r:sniitrj or carpenter tinker •.' . ik-lMr lei it ulone than do that! 1 •.•!;• v;j;ir nerves—your very life prop? •:i'..r '.iK-ciiauism gets out of order, and icp'iir it ? I.-..- fine mechanics who caunot repair r •! ••-:• ur.j ; s '00il physicians who cannot • "i rvis. Dr. Wheeler's Nerve Vital•.; .• ;;:nl positive cure for every form 1 -'i;!itv' ami nerve exhaustion if used ;• -c'vulinr; to directions. e It's. Just What You Ne It is, if you suffer from Chronic Headset". Sleeplessness, Debility or Prostration ! Xbcse are warnings—if neglected m.-" ; to Paralysis, Epilepsy, Apoplexy, or 1 jl';£ O u r Vitaliwr does not atupify—it • bi'ilds up—rrnrcs ! ;, i-,r.r:i<;ic ft iiiofpliinc, -v hK.-.-ii.'-Jl uiv;s >" Ihm F-cp sa::i:-;'.c for con vising trial of my il (jist, or dii-Kjt from ua on receipt of 5 e ( .stn:nji<!) .'cr return jiostnjc. Tliti doctor will ^ive fr?e advire to any . A!! ;ir" welonnto. U iloihir n bottle 1 ! H - ;'ili> V,:'.. For Sale by Ben Fisher. 311 Fourth St. Amerk-anpi Will Try to Win the lotcr- iiKllonitl riKoon Tourney. Enrrlish shooters will have to look to their laurels this year. The London Gun club holds what is callutl an international week at its grounds at Netting Hill, London, about tlie middle of May, Many handsome prizes are offered for competition, and shooters fruin all over the world are eligible. A team of Americans is going to cross the Atlantic and try to win Eou>r>.of the. rich prizes. The team, as at present arranged, is as follows: (ieorge Work, Fred Hoey, Oakleijrh Thorn e, Captain A, C, Money, L. I. Davenpoi't and Frederick G. Moore of New York, and H. Yale Dolan and Charles Mncalester of Philadelphia. All these men are first- class marksmen, and if they fail to bring back some good trophies it will be a preat surprise and disappointment to their friends here. One of the members of the team suggested that Mr. Work, who owns the seventy-foot sloop Katrina, should put the yacht in commission and take the party across the ocean. Jlr. Work was willing, but it was thought that the men would hardly be in condition to shoot after buffeting the iviuus and waves of the Atlantic for three or four weeks in a small yucht. irafe Gives You Strength and grit—makes pure blood dart through your veins with the- energy of health—strengthens your nerves and keeps them... strong. BEEFHALT and CELERY does this and a great; deal more. Prime Beef, Ripe Grain, Fresh CeBery, THE TRUTH FROM OTHERS: —its only ingredients*. Dr Paul B. WhartOD. of lDc!l(inapciU». ln«. wriws: "In my Ion* prscUco I bMl never founa en »dveT- cdywhftUtwiH claimed to be nuul Boof- cnlKid Co rar attention. The virtue of li» Srelenti! is InWutRblc. I H»vo •BllU Intiirtalite micottin," r, Midi. wrtt»» It 83711 Mr- Lewis WSIcon, n promlaciAultoracj". o' " , Urn, Kl!za!;clliS!*llrnf<,f Ah ""i 'mvplswfn-.ii'.t to ilmnb Mr ir.y bo»lth, i nm IV rf*n- OKI.! «ru :tt tree 1 rum w««*Be.vui»»]Wt ncrvons»ilment»«*wlivn n rUllii. AllmyuetelllMW Lnve leurat <l io I'fc- .''cur rrm^ly nirouKb m*. euirii... !t uii»v ijit treat, you to krjow that corormnli»Uc*.»^ coaMocrsIJeeimiilt ladwjwcffclilo. Wo nil taSxitt.. wbcn we think we're not in KOOd form tinl On'l in tira \vb8twcwftnU II ourrc-coiLniftnUHtiouhMia^:^, «,,i s i,r»itL t lre v-M^v SOLD BY ALL DRUCGES7S. There is no substitute for c. mother, neither is there for Eeefmalt-. aiid-Celery. Don't allow your druggist to sell you some cheap, gopd-for- nothing article for Eccfrnalt. Have him order it for you. Price, 350. THE BEEFMALT CO., Boston, Mass. Chlcaoo Office, 225 Dearborn SU. For sale by Ban Fisher. 311 Fourth St., and, all Druggists. The Hub's fc BOY'S OUTFIT for The Greatest Offer of the Century t A FULL SUIT OF CLOTHES, Ages 5 io 15 years—every thread all wool- double breasted coat—panls made with double kaecs—double seats—taped seams (will outwear 2 pairs of the usual kind)—A Stanley- Cap, made like illustration—io match the suit —and A Pair of Shoes of solid leather,. first-class, strong and neat — the entire out* fit for $5.00. Sent on receipt of price, or C. O. D. with privilege of examination to any p«rt of the United States if $1.00 deposit is sent with order. If not satisfactory we agree to, refund the purchase price. Samples of cloth FREE. Clothier-, Hatter* Fnrn- CHICAGO* ILL« State KBd J«rk»OB Sta. THE HUB. ixlicrv and Sliocrw. W. L, DOUGLAS $3 SHOE The Terre Haute (Ind.) Trotting As Bociation has changed its free-for al) trot to one for the s:10 clasa It was Jonnd that but few would care w enter against Direetnnt Mr. Harris, the English crack, b»s openly announced his prof esiionalism. The makers of the wheel he rode whil* »n "imftttur" : hIV« klm -with * check ft>r»l,dd-X The Best Show loi Ibc Jjsisi Money FOR 6EHTLEKH SO, 84 and $3.50 Dress Shoe. S3.5O Police Shoe, 3 8ole», S2.5O, $2 for Workingmeiu S3 and $1.75 for Boys. LADIES AND MISSE& S3, 82.6O 82, $U7& CAUTION .-If •»» demte* offcn yon W. L,. iDaaEU* •hoe* at • reduced prlte,. or K»J» be h»81 hem wltfc- oni (h* nnnifl Btamped in the bottom, pnt him. dvwn mttmtftMi, DOUGLAS Shoes arc stylish, easy fitting, dnd give bett- Wtisfaction'at the price* advortiscc! than any other make. 'Try one pair and be vinced. The stamping of >V. L. l>oui;liis' name and price on the bottom, guarantees their value, Eaves thousands of dollars annually to those who wear Dealers who push the ealc of \V. L. Douglas Shoes gain customers, which help«V> Increase the sales on their full line cf roctk. Th«. y can ntford to (ell mt • Ion rfffl w« bolioro jou can dnvc money bv brvtns nil Tonr rnotw«»» of the de«l« Died below. Catalottio Iroo opou K.vplicailan. IV. lu DOUGLAS. Brockton, ] J. B. WINTERS. THI« 'U'T. VT THIX t\VT. "IF CHRIST CAME TO CHICAGO" COUPON. Tills Coono'i, touettipr with Fortj.flv* centg, preewitod at the Portfolio ivpart- . limit of The Journal, m-cni** the g-wt book. "It CbrlttCAim toChinwo.' 1 IN;M uiir TBI« S1AGE CELEBRITIES, This Coupon "with twoothers of dlfkronl diitei, and Ten Cmtit, IB food for on« (.an, containing twenty portrait*, ol tke Marie BurroBgh's Art Port. folio ofSUge Olebritie*. THE JOURNAL. COT

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