Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan on May 11, 1951 · Page 25
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Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan · Page 25

Detroit, Michigan
Issue Date:
Friday, May 11, 1951
Page 25
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24 Friday, May 11, 1951 DETROIT FREE PRESS TELEYI SI ON Horn Service SCOO CITY-WIDE CHASE Television SERVICE 16311 GRAND RIVER at Mettttal YE 8-8880 r I) TV-SHOP r - KEEP A V U ILUtK UAlfc I . at 0 Junriii I qi I "SCAT" DAVIS 1 l) EVERY Q I ---- q t) - (j LAID II n 1 o 1 1 m D f ' I r 2 ij lougns run, muni. ( I WXYZ-TY Channel 7 d V d; Brought to you by jj CAKES PIES COOKIES Because They're Wrapped! fl Buy and Sell Through Free Press Want Ads. 1:00 to 1:30 P. 31. WWJ-TV Channel 4 If you eant get down to Hudson! just shop by television. See the values! -Then order by phone at Hudson's I Hudson's telephone shopping hours 8 A. 31. to 7 P. 31. Call WO 3-5 lOO ALL GARMENTS CLEANED AND STORED UNDER ONE ROOF CALL FOREST CLEANERS TY 7-9700 Daily Pirkmp and Delivery In Detroit and So barb. HIhIbwb tstrai 50s Hf tin. citasss ia tar ilatt. T I W M M . asm J (IMIQINIDBDi Install Your Own 111.95 Vain MOW 95 Ystr CIlSiM I Styli friem include i-n.xiw i. wilt1 .mi tr Attic Mssnt Construct1 vita 'i Inch tualus alinlniai tit-ini and stt t k tss-fittd witk fllany aatta-ui at similar Still n. - THt ''Hi-la" alM arailakla Ii tb Caaleal tys (xx). Wa Gaaraatae Impr.T.d TV RECEPTION HERSHEL RADIO CO. 5245 Grand Rlv.r TY 6-6251 pen Monday thra Saturday to 5:30 OBSERVATIONS BY OSGOOD Skelton at Work on Fall TV Show BY DICK OSGOOD Red Skelton is already warming up for his $10,000,-000 television plunge over NBC next October. Men with cameras and bright lights are following him around his ritzy Bel Air estate, as he capers about in outlandish get-ups. Red is working - every spare moment. He wants those famous radio characters Junior, Cauliflower Mc-Pug, Deadeye and San Fernando Red to be perfect, on TV. So he dons make-up and costume, has himself filmed in a routine, then runs the results on his home projector and sits making notes. Although he maintains quite a staff, Red uses only two writers, and does a great deal of his work himself. Osgood 3H M Citywide Television Service wHhln 24 hours can Kay-Bee Appliance Co. aatsaaas laftaiMa 139 Livernels DI 1-2500 M QUESTIONS AND , ANSWERS Mrs.: E. Maier: "What happened to llif e Begins at Eighty?' " The sponsor cancelled out, and 4the show ; faded. It may be back. .. Mrs.- W. Johnson: "For years and years I have been : listening to Bill Morgan and J a c k McCarthy (WXYZ) every day. After listening all these years, I'd like to see what they look like. ; Are either of them on TV?" Morgan is on video twice a week "Sunday Matinee" (2 p. m., WXYZ-TV) and "The Friendly Theater" (11:15 p. m., Tuesday, WXYZ-TV). Jack McCarthy has not yet appeared on television. So' you'll find his picture somewhere in the neighborhood. . ' STRICTLY LOCAL Harry Heilmann is up and around in his home, which is grfat news. But he's still a tired man and probably won't- return to the air this, season. Jack,, the Bellboy may be wmBr mrn&mmi J mam 1 wm an 2l McCarthy happy to know 21 other disc jockeys will face the same ordeal with him when he goes to Holt lywood to be in that movie. Folks across - the nation will be, hearing from Detroit - Saturday when '"Cross Sec tion-USA" originates from WJR. Ron Gamble will interview Emil Mazey, UAW-CIO leader, and Joe Hainline will interview Donald S. Leonard, Michigan State ' Police commissioner. Subject: "What Can We Do About Organized Crime?" Time, 4:30-5 p. m. o TALKED WITH Josephine Baker backstage at the Fox. She says France has had color television for some time with a clearer picture than she has seen in America. Studios are enormous there; and all the French stars appear in TV; but. the big passion is. six-day bike racing! She says there is NO interest in France in "television without the picture" meaning radio. ' As I transcribed an interview with her, she wanted to know what the four letters meant on our equipment. "WXYZ is my station. We have WXYZ, WWJ, WJR, CKLW, WJBK all stations have letters." t And Miss Baker wonders how Americans can remember all those letters and tell "the stations apart, v DEAD MIKE A well known actress popped ,.off about cruelty to animals on' a recent radio panel on vivisection. As she was about to leave the studio, another program guest, who had been on the other side, purred,. "Dahling--don't forget your MINKS!" Huge Set Brings Korea to Netv York The largest exterior set ever built for television has been constructed for use in "Korea Th : Thousand Yard Look" on Friday's Pulitzer Prize Playhouse (WXYZ-TV, 8:00 p. m.) . ' To recreate the setting of AP Correspondent Hal Boyle's stories - of the early days of the Ko-r e a n conflict, ABC scenic de-signer .Bob Bright used a mass of photo-graphic and written material and the aid of a staff of Korean veterans. -The set will liOJle liiwminn fuitsirt Osan and other battle scenes. Smoke pots, flash boxes, banks of huge lights and sounds tape-recorded at the front will help bring the sound of war to ABC's Studio TV-1 on New York's 66th HStreet' . " , 1)1.1 f&'a,' f I'A'X'X'X'X'X-XjXv! a " a aa aeaaa 'a'a'a'a'a'a'a'a'a'a aa a a a a'a'a'a'a aa J aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa a ... a a a a a a a ........a..aa a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a . lA'J.V.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'A'.''.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.1 FRIDAY, MAY 11, 1951 TELEVISION HIGHLIGHTS AND- M PRtstm ton won good UEMti Mid etneRwmwn ON rnxr7xr7n 1 x n CHANNEL 7 m$mr mi? mm : j: If ii-? ' A -I Beginning SUNDAY May 20 LEO CARRILLO'S DUDE RANCH. 7:30-8:00 PM 3 Comedy and music in the carnival spirit from trie ranch of Leo Carriilo, famous star of screen, stage and radio who is. fast becoming America's most beloved TV personality as "Pancho" in the "Cisco Kid" series. 5:45 p.m. WXYZ-TV: Faye Emerson talks about tomboys with teenager Marybeth Gerrier and Alice Thompson, -.. editor of Seventeen Magazine. 6:30 p.m. WXYZ-TV: Art Linkletter with Actor Phillip Dorn and Per-sonologist Dr. Kdward Jones. Thebom on20 QuesUons; WJBK-TV: ; f Katrin learns how to be popular from Mama played by Peggy Wood. 7:30 p.m. WWJ-TV: We, the People with Dr. Tiber Ham, Hungarian doctor, who escaped Communist atrocities; WXYZ-TV: Betty. Furness hostess at Cavalcade of Films party with Nita Naldi, Neil Hamilton, Patsy Ruth Mil- Marie McDonald - $ A' r & :m ler, Gus Van; WJBK-TV: Man Against Crime with , Ralph Bellamy solves a Chicago crime. 8:00 p.m. WXYZ-TV: "K o r e a The Thousand Yard Look" war stories by A. P. Correspondent Hal Boyle; WJBK-TV: Live Like a Millionaire, kids present talented parents. 8:30 p.m. WJBK-TV: Crime Photographer; WWJ-TV: Henry Morgan repe-tory theater. 9:00 p.m. WWJ-TV: Boxing, middleweight, Eugene Hairston vs. Walter Cartier; WJBK-TV: Toni Arden, Maurice Rocco, Jack Durant with Morton Downey; WXYZ-TV: Jackie Gleason with Marie McDonald, Carlos Ramerez. WJBK-TV Channel 2 WWJ-TV Channel 4 WXYZ-TV Channel 7 10:50 News 7:00 Flying Start 10:00 Pioneer Playhouse 10:30 Party Line 11:00 Steve Allen 12:00-Wayne U. Series 12:3fJ Garry Moore 1:30 First Hundred Years 1:45 Ladies Day 2:30 Fashion Magic " 3:00 Homemakers Exchange 3:30 It's Fun To Know 4:00 Lucky Pup 4:15 Western Theater 5:00 Captain Video 5:30 Telenews Daily ' 5:45 Sports Telescope 6:00 Serial Theater 6.-30 Doug Edwards News - 6:45 Perry Como 7:00 Mama 7:30 Man Against Crime 8;00 Live Like a Millionaire 8:30 Crime Photographer 9:00 Star of the Family 9:30 Week in Sports 9:45 Sport Shorts 10:00 Telenews Ace 10:15 Weatherman 10:20 Parade of Events 10:30 Your Better Half 11:00 Telenews Ace 11:15 Friendly Theater 12 :45 Weathervane MONDAY Beginning il V If eVIlS May 21 WEDDING BELLS, 8:30-9:00 PM The newest idea in Television. An actual wedding brought into the homes of viewers every week. Gifts galore to the bride and groom. A beautiful Hollywood production. Beginning WEDNESDAY May 23 MISS U. S. TELEVISION, 7:00-7:30 PM Gals, Glamour and the thrills of a National Contest wUJi the public as judges. Beginning THURSDAY May 24 LEO CARRILLO'S AMERICAN DIARY. 5:30-5:45 PM "Behind the Scenes with Leo Carriilo. Intimate, fascinat- ing, thrilling. Beginning ' SATURDAY May 26 HAIL THE CHAMP, 8:00-8:30 PM The youngsters' favorite program.' Adults, too, will like the action-packed competition. Watch WXYZ-TV p . f X ft 4 " ' A vb 3 It rK' C ' ' Frances Bergen ? , X 5 TIME WJR (760) - 11 11:00 Play School 11:30 Jean McBride 12:00 TV Giveaway 1:00 Shopping Show 1:30 Film 2:00 Miss Susan 2:15 Vacafn Wonderland 2:30 Bert Parks 3:00 Kate Smith 4:00 Hawkings Falls 4:15 Gabby Hayes 4:30 Howdy Doody 5:00 Cactus Jim 5:30 Roberta Quinlan 5:45-r-Curtain Call 6:00 Kukla, Fran and OUie 6:30 News 6:45 News Caravan 7:00 Sports Closeup 7:30 We, the People 8:00 Big Story 8:30 Henry Morgan 9:00 Cavalcade of Sports 9:45 Greatest Fights 10:00 George Scotti 10:15 Sports Top Views 10:30 Man About Town 11:00 News 11:15 Broadway Open House 12:15 FBI 12:20 News 9:00 Coffee and Cakes 10:00 Hello Girts 11:00 Charm K'tchen 12:00 Movie Matinee 1:30 Happy Hour Club ' 2:00 Pat 'n Johnny 3:15 Memories in Tune . 8:30 Auntie Dee 3:45 Half-Pint Party 4:00 TV Classroom ' 4:80 Cowboy Colt 5:39 Space Cadet , 5:45 Faye Emerson 6:00 Cocktail Time 6:05 Club Seven 6:15 Bob Murhpy Sports 6:0 Life With Linkletter 7:00 Twenty Questions 7 ;30 Penthouse Party 8:00 Pulitzer Prize Playhouse 9:00 Cavalcade of Stars 10:00 Theater Hour 11:15 Faye Emerson .' 11:30 Today's News 11:40 Sports Final 11:45 Feature Film RADIO HIGHLIGHTS 6 :30 p.m. WXYZ : Damon Runyon Theater presents "Idyll of Miss Sara ' Brown." 7:30 p.m WXYZ: New tone Ranger adventure. 8:00 p.m. WXYZ: Dick Powell as Richard Diamond with Edgar Bergen, his wife Frances, Charlie McCarthy, in the story of "Danny Dever," a ventriloquist murder; WJR: "Lauren Bacall, Humphrey Bo-gart in Bold Venture. 8:30 pjn. WXYZ: This Is Your FBI investigates gambling and corrupt politicians; WJBK, - WKMH: Detroit Tigers vs. St. Louis Browns. 9:00 p.m. WJR:. Ed w. R. Mur-row presents Hear It Now; WXYZ: Ozzie and Harriet are interested in astronomy. 9:80 pan. WXYZ: The Sheriff stops a crime wave in "Disappearing Payrolls"; WWJ: Herbert Marshall in Man Called X. 10 :00 p.m. WXYZ : Boxing: Middleweight, Eugene Hairston vs. Walter Cartier; WWJ: William Bendix as Ri ley celebrates Mother's Day. Marshall CKLW (800) WWJ (950) WXYZ (1270)" WKMH (1310) WJBK (1490) 1ft MelodT Rd.-l'D Toot David 3 arm lornm 45 " DaTbreak a Farm 8torr Rhythm Roonduo M Fred Wolf ' Dirk 4sicood Melcx! Farm Time Musical Clock Rise and Shin :0O 1. Burrts. New Newa Ac :1ft Mnaic iiall Tobr Oavid -:SO " AastiD Grant MS " Toby Uavid Bob Maxwell Show Fred Wolf " Dirk ItaKood Listen and Xlve Fred Wolf Newa br (ederberc Gentile and Blnia Newt UHf i. White. Newa Newa Snorts :1ft Bud Guest Tobr Darid :30 Musle BaU . " . Minute Parade Dick Osxood Fred Wolf . M News Aee Todar's Thoochta Rinpllnc Rhythm Ted Gray Show :)0 Eddie Arnald ft Mra. Paca :3 :45 Pete and ln TOO Arthur Godfrey News: Labbitt :1S . - - Mvrtle Labbitt :3 " Mar Morcan J45 m. Beauty Clinle Newa Aee: Mnste Newa, Reeordinca niri IMntit Onia Fran H.rriw Who Am I Woman In My llouae Good Neighbor Club Jimmy Ueland Breakfast Club Libert j Minatrel Don MrLeod Weieome Travelers , My True Story M Double or Nothlna Betty Croeker Mod. Romaneea Liberty Jamboree Headless ' Heraemaa Beginning SATURDAY May 19 SOFT BALL. 1 0:00-1 1:15 PM Every" Saturday night flie best local semi-pro softball game will be televised for your viewing pleasure. Don't miss Detroit's best sports features, "Always on WXYZ- TV." News: Musle Gosoel Singer Queen for a Da 12 Beginning TUESDAY May 22 7:00-7:30 P.M. "CARROT TOP" ANDERSON SHOW. America's fastest rising western singing star with an all-star cast. Decca recording artisK Featured on Leo Car-rillo's Dude Ranch program. Tops in entertainment. mom) 5QO CDQv7 (DOS 5 5 6 G 6 :00 :1ft - i ...... .,,....w....?tll lir(gy i aWi-Mfi I t A jHS Ha. I W If. W Si i ii a m I m M7iS&f It- :15 :30 Grand Slam :43 Rosemary OO Wendy Warren Greenaerea :1 Aunt Jenny " :3( Helen Trent Eddie Chase 4 J. White, Newa " Break the Bank u J nrk Berrb Dave Garroway Victor Llndlahr David Amlt I't Got Your No. Dick Haymes Bobbin with Robia Dli. Trout Show Bine Sinra :0O Bic Mister :1ft Ma Perkina ;30 Dr. Malone 1 :43 Gnldlna Light Giveaway Ken l-ojirh aub Bobbin with Robin Jack the Bellboy Midday Melodiea Edw. C. Hill - News. Weather News. Musie Baseball. 1917 Question Please I've Got Vonr No.j " - Austin Grant Cinderella Weekend Paul Harvey Symphony Sid - - Ted Malone " . News Ladv of tharm - Nancy Dixon Don MrLeod 2 HH 2nd Mra. Burtoa lft Perry Mason 30 Nora Drake 4ft Brighter Day Donble or Nothing Charm Kitehea live Like a Million Sweeny. March " Frances Scully :uO Hillton Hnitu News: J. Seara :1ft Kings Row Eddie Chaaa l:SO Share the Wealth " ':4ft Our Gal Sunday Life Be Beautlfnl Benny Rubin Shaw Road of Life " PeDoer Young ' Hannibal Cobb Right to Happiness Talk Back Bobbin' with Robin Jack the Bellboy , 0 Musle Hall Mat. :15 -30 f :4ft Newa Ace Backstage Wife . - Gloria Swanaoa Stella Dallas Iorenzo Jones Johnny Blade Young Widder Brown - :00 J. Denman. Newa Mark Trail :lft House Party :30 " Clyde Beatty :43 Curt Massey A' Girl Marries Portia Faces Life Just Plain Bill Front Page Farrell nn J Hitinlln. Kn News: Snnrta ':1ft Fred Kendall Eddie Chase :4ft I)wcll Thomas News By True Nnmlier Please Mark BelUlre Don Wattrlek lee Hinlts Tyson Snort Review Damon Ranyoa Thea. Sports Neira Let's Be Frank Three Star Extra U.N. Spotlight Bob Murphy ,K( Betilah Fulton rewla. Jr. 1:1ft Jack Smith Guy Nunn :3ll t luh 15 uaortel Meaner :4S Edw. R. Murrow 8 Bells: Bands Manhunt Edw. C. Hill Musical Treaa.. News of the World Lone Ranger One Man's Family Raymond Swing JnHeph C. Harsh Polka Time Bold Venture Magazine Theater :30 Proudly Wa Hail Dane Orchestra :4ft " r World Forum M Short Story Richard Diamond Your . F.B.L - Bobbin with Robin m Baseball Diamond Dust Baseball .KM! Hear It Now Can. For Theater Dangerous Assign :1ft - - 1:30 " Maa Called X. ':45 Z . Oxiia and Harriet M The Sheriff Rex Allen Your Congress Frank Edwards The Airmen Van Kuren. Newa Quiet Sanctuary J. Hainline. Nm Van Korea. Newa i Yrs. of Challenge Arthur Lang Van Patrick Rnllo 8. Vest Life of Riley i Fights M 1 Bill Stern Listen. Detroit .rw npwi riicr ofcriiiKs . Jnkebox Johnny Guest of the Hoase Oneratle Favorites - Hotel Sutler News News Bt Tree Newa Marine' Corps Hotel Stevens Organ Portraits " Gov. Williams Masie at Night Bobbin' with Robin Larry Gentile Silver Strings Musle AH Night Other Radio Stations: WCAR 1130), WEXL (1340), WJLB (1400), CBE (1550) FM STATIONS FJRK.FM attiM. . fKLW-FM 91.9 me. WJT.B-FM- S7.9 me. WDET 1A1.B me. - -ffDTR 0irrt WJRFm" 9 Jl me. WCAR-FM .99.S me. WEXIPJM 104 3 me. 4 WLDM t5.Ipt. WWJ-FM 97-11 . me. WXVZ-FM 101.1 me. WKMH-FM ma.

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