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Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan · Page 22

Detroit, Michigan
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Saturday, April 18, 1925
Page 22
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23 SATURDAY A'PRII. 18, 1925. AQUATIC MEET CLOSES SEASON FTve Title Numbers Luted on Card at Yacht Club Saturday. New Records Expected in Men's' Relay and Women's 500-Yard Testa, Fl-ve atat championship event In wnlch virtually all of ths leaders are entered feature the closing mit of th Indoor swimming season tn the yacht club pool Saturday night. Kvelyn Fehr, Woman's Aiuatlo club ace, la the lone champttm who will not defend har honors, having suffered a brokan arm In practice earlier fn the week. Included on, the program are tha JO-yard free atyla, 200-yard relay and fancy diving for men; 600-' yard free style and pentathlon for women, championship teats, aside from a medley relay rare for men. PoatatsJe. la New Number. The pentathlon la a new event a -Med to the M. A. A- U. program this year and promises to furnish keen competition, The number will comprise the following teats: Fsncy low board diving. RO-yard fraa style, 60-yard back stroke, ISO-yard breast stroke and 200-yard frsa style, , Among the leading swimmers entered In the event are Virginia Lose a, Torothy Colter and Borghttd Johanneaen of tha yacht club, and Kdlth Fehr of the Woman' Aquatic club. Evelyn Fehr also was listed to compete, but her twin stater will uphold the honor of the club In nn attempt to wrest the. title from the yacht club entries. Due to Evelyn Fehr's forced withdrawal a new tftleholder will be named In the 600-yard free style. Mies Fehr holda the record for tha long teat and the race promises to be a atrugfflaS between Hedat Kllll-man, of the yacht club, and Jessica Nixon, W. A. C. dietanea swimmer. Relay Attract a Interest. ,; Tapping tha card from the point ef interest it the championship relay number. Northwestern high school, which holds the record of 1 :4e for the distance, will meel stiff opposition in the yacht club and Detroit Athletic club quarteta. F.arh team haa come close to the record In practice and it la likely that new time will b aet Haturday night Ira Benjamin makes Ms first appearance as national Junior Indoor fancv diving champion In the low board event. Benjamin annexed national honors at Buffalo last week and will attempt to add the state Indoor honora to his Hat. He holds the state outdoor title. Stanley Breda and Walter Grand), however, are certain to extend him in every dive. Kenneth Oxley, high school champion, is the other entry. Fifteen entries. Including Edward Flanagan, Howard Rone Iestf-r Nevlna am! Otia Trowbridge, are to compete In the SO-yard free atyla number. They face a task though In finishing ahead of Hobert Dar-nail. University of Michigan freshman, who won the century teat al the P. A. C meet and new time also Is expected In hlp number.. Michigan-Ontario League Of ficial Schedule 1925 The KITCHENER HAMILTON...... AT I AT AT AT AT AT rUNT BACimAW BAT CtTT KITCHENER 1NIQN HAMILTON ' . s . Queen's Iay w at Kltrhaner rreerreit Jur vw.",. . 1 1 1. n. u au. . t. . i u 1 1 jr a. a civic hoi..? au. sj, a, 14. a. x ut. j. t. i. t 40. u. a a juiT a. x a. a Aug. i 1, 4. i Hamilton , - Labor Uajr ' ' . ' at Bar City , ( Quean's Tar . jui.i n . ""ri"'," uii 1? 2-i. ?,,:. ?v Viizs-it isSnSTi, July i. 7 I I smet , w 5a Juna 17. IS. If. W 'r to. 28. 3 Mc Ktirhaner Sept. I. 4. , I vu m- " T. T, I. Labor imy 1 , Hamilton Junall H. II Mr M ' Mar 11, it, 14 Mar II, M Mar V. a. QT,'i J!m i$im- ftSi.'-.. ' Bok Score. KfM ' Wtft " Mar. I, T. I Mar t. 10. It ' Mar , , n Jun. .!,, Mar la. It VSHri Aug. Ti. S, Aug. 14, J. U. IS Sept. UU Pt. T. 7. I Aug. Jl. BapU U liberal wy .-' i i m 1 1 ,., , ,fS .LL" mmmmmmm, ' ' LQHrtOn Mar 17. U, it, a ""'Ww' Mar t. It. II Juna J. tl .TU,,,V, 'ITK'n? D" M.r. i, M Juir li. 14, i J.iir4.4.i . j. b, m, n. n LeaZUft iu'I "t,11!,"- riirth ! Jul. juir 16. 17. it, it Au. t. it, ii. ii juir . ii, u. a Ai.. it a, a 6 Au- ... ' o Juir Au(. 11, 14, It Au. M.,. I, I Au 14. 17. 18, it flTt ' )? n, it, U at Bar Cltr Mar I, It. It Juna I, I, 10, It ,,, June 14. 15, II Mar 15, . Jl Mot t. T. I Mar tl. a. M. a Jun. 3. n.M-. 7J.T July 4, 4. i Juna IL 24 U 31 July V,, U, It.. July 10, U LlailT r.Sf?.f iTi. Au. i. It, 11 July 16. 17, II. 11 r July li 11 It xui. l6. li. U. 11 An. 1, 1 To.f Jul b,i. in. u. ii, n July m. , a au. A U. &, a ' gp. 1. 4. I, t U Batunlaya I Saturdaya . t Bituroy n Haturdaya 1 Saturdayt l ft,VI,'T 14 Hunilaya - U 8untya It,l.i I HolKUya 4 Uulldaya 4 Holldaya Slinrtmr 3 Holiday, 1 Holiday! I Holl.laya ' iJUnOiy White Sox Bfockcd i By Daius'a Hurling Caatla oea from Fag 14. had the greatest trouble getting the Cobbmen out, paid the penalty for the ornery meanness for their tltian-hal red associate who made them virtually eat out of his freckled hand. Dauas wasn't exactly a rock$nf Gibraltar himself when it came to staylnc the advances of the Box. But the old souper that George carries Rt his aide was equal to any emergency, and In the pinches particularly. It did not fail him. Detroit's total of aafetiea only outnumbered the floi by two. It to 11. It was the efficient manner with which r.auaa separated the liberties taken with him and the utter fail ure of the rtuunsttlon to prevent tn Tigers from grouping theirs that proved the determining factors. however. Only once after the first Inning was tha veteran in serious trouble, the fourth, where he dua a deep hole for himself and then was oblig ed to lean on his support to get him out of it. which It did after a fashion that warmed up otherwise chilled cuaromere. Falk and Harris contributed sin rles to begin the round and Kamm put them up a base. Pitching to flchalk, Dauss lost control and tunked Ray In tha bark of his right ear with the force to drop him like a loa Restoratives were applied and Bchalk planted himself on the first rerntr. ft Una the bnaea. It didn't aeem possible for Dauss to escape without being ecjirred for at least one run. The defense tight. ened, however, and the side was retired before a runner left his base Harry Hooper batted In place of Lyons and raised a high foul that the wind carried In the direction of oft the top of the morning f v Webster Hall men start the day . in exercise rooms. They use the rowing machines, stretch on the wall bars, pull weights. Then it's a simple matter to slip into a bathrobe, take the elevator to the bright, sparkling swimming pool for a bracing dip before breakfast! That's the way you'd like to start your day every day ! You ,tcan, too for the rentals that include every privilege of America's Finest Club Residence are rio higher than the cost of "just a room"! Dinntr Dancing ( Except Sunday) Toblt iH alt Evtty A'f o cover charge Dinner, 51.10 "America's Finest Club Residence" Weekly Rentals: $10, $12 and Up Daily Rates: 2, $2.50 and $3 rsji CASS AVKNUE AT PUTNAM "The Cultural Center ef Detroit" Phone Empire 9000 .7 the hoxee to the left of the screen. Basslnr went In pursuit of the bali. leaned as far over the rail in a L-as he could stretch and took It off a spectator s back. Mosul, up next, put his bulk hehihd a pitch and sent It on a line In a direction between Wingo and Manush. Heinle Judged U perfectly, started ahead with full speed, and, clutching for the leather wildly, made connections. Tha r lei ding real a re. This catch by Manush was the fielding feature of the third errorless game In four that the Tigers have exhibited to the gase of the regulars this season. Te White Sox. tnvarlsbly a collection of derenetve stare, didn't back up their pitchers In the same good styla, however. Mostil, Collins and Blankenshlp contributed errors, and. unfortunately for them, each figured In the scoring. tllnnkenshlp's' "boot" occurred, in the first limine-, whera eventually he experienced no end of trouble; In fact, failed to gt past the second man. Doubles by Hetlmann and Rig-nay and a fngla by Wingo scarred him following his mlaplay, a heave of Haney's punch to the rubber, and after O'Rourke, the first to face Lyons, filed to Falk, Bassler contributed a double. Following: Lyons, appeared ron- nally. Man gum and Aah. There were several other pitchers wanning up In the bull-pen. too, but Collins wan too selfish to give the occupants rf the grandstand seats a close up (,f them by employing them where the Tigers, having one of those days when thev would knock ovr a con crete wall, could distribute thur abUHea more widely. GH Flying start. It was with a big lead that' the Tigers started Dauss away In the first Inning after tha Box, grouping a double by Collins and a single supplied by Bheely, "nlckedM the veteran for a run. Detroit's attack was leveled at two pitchers. Ted Blankenxhtp, who got but one man out. and Ted Lyons Blanktftiship walked Pine tit start the Tiger' first inning and then he threw wild to second base on Haney's push at him. Manush struck out. Heilrnami though, dou Died to lett, scoring Blu and putting Haney on third. Wingo drove a single to cenfer, scoring Haney and Hetlmann. Rigney doubled to right, scoring Wingo. Ted Lyons relieved Hlniiuenahlp and. after O'Rourke filrii to Falk. Bsler doubled to right scoring Kigney Dauas popped to Collins. Chicago cut away one f the margin In the second that Falk opened with a single to center Harris waited for a - pass. Ou Kamtn'i out, Rigncy to Uiu", the runners advanced, and while Hanoy ran Harris down After taktna n bounder oft Schalk's bat. Falk scored. Maniifth'a patience In wait ing for a pass broke the monotony of going out In order In the Tigers' halt. Doable Play Stops gas. MosUl's single to left and his steal" of second to start the third didn't get the Sox anywhere. Davis fouled to Bassler and after Collins walked. Pheeley bit into a double play. Haney to O Rourke to Blue It was three up and three down for the Tigers. Wingo. Kigney and O Rourke retiring on lifts to Mould, Kamm and Falk. respectively. Dauss pitched himself Into a dean hole In the fourth and, faithful to their trust, hia mates got Cieorge out of It. Falk and Harris singled In rapid fire succession and Knmm sacrificed. With a pitched ball. I'MUse hit 8chatk behind the ear nd knocked him down. That faux paa filled the bases. Hooper, hatting for Lyons, waa eraaed when BhpsIft reached over In a box to tike his foul and a long sprint by Manush, who ended his lunge for the tall by nearly falling on his noun. robh d Mo.tll at' a double and left the bases packed. Tigers' Ponnee an CenaaUy. The Tigers had a better combination to SBsall Connelly who relieved Lyons. Raasler walked and after Dauss struck out. Blue singled to center. Meat 11 let the ball seep pitnt him, Haasler drawing up at third and Htuo at second. Haney's help was a single to right, scoring nueslcr, HI ue ajtemptfd to follow Ua.-slcr home and was nipped at the plate orv Harris's throw relayed by Connally. Manuph waited for a pas and with Haney executed a double steal. .With a chance to create further trouble. Hcilmann bounded to Connally for the third out. After that there was a mil In progress on the base until the Tigers' sixth, when the upper end ol thn batting ordr, assembling three singles behind a base on balla. scored twit e. Paitfs walked nnd wis forced by Hlue, Haney's ln-gle'Ho right pushed 'Blue to aecond. Manual!' single to center scored lilue and put Hanev n third and Hetlmann's singly also to center, avored Haney. WintA didn't have anything in hla bat snd a slow roller that caromed off it Collins turned Into a double play.t Mxelry Falla This Time, Between outs, Davis and Collins singled In the seventh, hut the troublesome Sheeley lut the rally pettr out with a fly to Wingo, o'Kourke singled with one down in t h Tigers' amotion, but didn't gat any farther than first baae, Haaeler and L'HUttK Hying to Harris. l'Hiistt couldn't escape a run In the eighth, however. He got Falk and H'irria easily enough, but Knmm lilted the ball out of the park vl:i the .ciweboard. By other means, the Tigers got the run back In ttnlr hulf. v Ith to out, Mkiiuju beat a hit to Collins und . when r'dilie three it aw.-y, H'-tijie went to second. H counted from there on lleltntanira ainfcle to center. Trying to 'nvtke another base, Harry, was run licwn and retired In the ninth and the bg en it up, Paui got the Sox without trouble. - . Roesinks Pante ttor nine wtll piny the Rippers Sunday at Ht. (lair field, diamond No S. at S o'clock. AH players report at the Mnrxhausen school grounds at 1 P m AOTIIt:ft FlfWlV TORY. A murder's watch and out from it looks a girl's face. "Kind her. and you'll find the man." said the detective. A thrilling atory with a happy ending Maassine Section, tomorrow's Free Press. CUBS COLLECT THIRD OF FOUR Chicago Jolt Pirates by 9-6; Loom Fielding, Free HiU ting Prominent Chicago. April It. Chicago made it three out of four from Pittsburgh today by taking the series final, 9 to fl, in nine rounds of free hitting and loose fielding. Harneu tgatn featured the Cubs' attack tlth a home run and two singles. It was his fourth circuit slam of the season. Miller also was promt nent with four singles. PITTSBURGH. Bicbee. .'Ht-jf, m....4 Moor, 2b. .,4 Traynor, Sb.4 OiylT, rf...l Granth'm, t. Wright. sa..4 Gooch. e I Morrison, p. I Kcupal, p...l Bonger, p....O Smith 1 tBarnhart ..1 AH II OA If.. .4 til Ati H O A McAuley, t 9 H'thcote, r-4 I t Adams, lb.. I 1 Hartnett, C.-4 I Krihrg, 8b.. I 0 1 Miller. If.. ..4 4 9 fit at i,1 m...-4 1 Grimm, lb.. I t 4 Kaufm'o, P-4 0 0- Totals.... U I Ml Totals St II 37 Watted for Koupai In seventh. thattM fur Bonder In ninth. Pitinburgh I 2 1 I 1 itiicMM.i ;.3 0 3 I 0 0 0 Runs McAul. Henthrots 2, Hartnstt Krttrg, Miller, giata ; Bigbea 4, Carey, GocK-h i Brrora Grantham, wngnt i a ii lev l. Hitsoff Morrtsoti 3 2-S. off Kiupal 3 in 1 1-a. Home runs urrnott Mtl. Twrv-haM hitUXK:h 2. tUlea. rtrtnim. HcT(flcs Adanis, Vri- berg. Stolen ba Heath cote, Adajns. Hit by pitched bnll McAuley snd Carey. Ktruck oul Hjr Kaufinaim 4. Morrleon 1. rioiiier 3. ltaaea on Lall "ff Kaufmann I. Morrtaon 1. Kovipal L Double playe Mnnra tn Wrirht to (frantham . Hurl net t to AauTis: Uooch to Moore, lft on bam t'hicago 6. Pittsburgh t. Tmie 1:42. Umpires Wuigley, Moran and Wilson. WILSON DEFEATED BY HARRY GREB KERR TO PLAY -SEMI-PRO BALL BRAVES HELD WITHOUT RUN . - - Deane Pitches New York to Victory, 2-0; Boston Has Four Hits. Bay Staters ' Collect Only Singles Off McGraw's Gunner. Boston, April IT. Deans held Boa-ton to four hit today and tha Giants won, to 6. giving them a rlotorr In thslr opening- series of the championship season, two (antes to one. Dean single In the fifth scored Devlne, who had doubled, with the flrat run. Singles by Terry and Wilaon and Jackeon'e sacrtAce fly gave New York Its other run In the nintn. NEW TORK. . AB H O A Walkar, m..4 lit rrtaoh, lb. ..4 111 Young, rt... Ill Killy. th....4 til Terrr. lb.. ..4 1 li 3 Wilaon. It. ..4 itt jMCtcami, se-l 14 1 rv1n, 0....4 14 3 Daan. P I 113 BOBTOff. 1IROA Nola, m,..4 tit iianvrort, s..l f 1 xiarria ir...a 1 s Welah. rt..J Ilurrus. lb.. I S t Juina. ZD. ...I I Glbaon. O....I 1 t Uan'wicli, p.l t or.iu.iu. p. .4 v V ...1 . Htenal Uarqu'd, e p 0 0 1 TOUI1....U ItlU Totals U 4 17 U 'Battad for Orahan M. Tors In alrtatK n n n i n o 0 0 6 0 0 0 0-0 0 12 South Bend. Ind.. April IT. Dickie Kerr, former Chicago White Sox player, will pitch for the South nena semi-pro team tins year, ao- coraing to a telegram received to- any iroro Kerr by the local club. r.err is seeKlnff r, n.tBt.m.nt in maJo 'league bas.ball but It barred this year by Commissioner Landla. who decreed that players who lumped to outlaw organisations cannot be reinstated for one year. It was said Kerr, who is In St Louis, has permlsaton from Land Is to play with South Bend. Rn.imt Rune Terry, Davlna 2. Error W.l.b1. Twn-baa. hit D.Ttna. Htol.n baaYounf. Bacrinc-H-JaRkson. lMrabl. nlar Jackeon to Kally to Terry. ITt on DaJ.1-Nrw York fl. Boaton 3. Baafta on balla Dean 2. Stnic-k out Tnn 4. Oeliawlrh 1, Oraham 1. Hlta oil unewicn in o. uranam a in s. Itarouard 3 In 1. Wild pitch Oraham. newice. i mpn Time 1 45 Loelnir pftohar 3newtce. aiocormica WHAT ABOUT TOTR CROWTTIH G GLOHYI If a woman's crownlnjr glory fs her hair, she'd better take care of the crown I Antoinette Donnelly gives good sdvlce to every woman. wnetner ner nair is DODBea or un-bobbed. Household department, Sunday's Free Press. by Cheher Hostom -coifs host SUCCESSFUL TZAC&RJttHS CHICK ttXIS There Is a natural acceleration of tha ipeed of the golf ball in tlia back gwing which the golfer ihould at all time understand. The rhythmic exertion, of any kind, starts slowly and gradually and naturally speeds up. This is so with throwing a ball, cracking a whip or anything else you might think of. Yet golfers by the thousand violata this natural law with their golf clubs. Another factor is this: Regardless of the speed you use in starting the back swing, this speed will sjways progress from that to a still more violent action. You never saw a golfer start his back swing with a quick jerk and then slow It down. Thus, it is tha quick, jerky action at the start that really causes all the trouble. Use all the speed you want to after you start away from the ball slowly and easily. llMrOpyrisiiii, .i ti ii m . vii - 1 Ooprr!(ht. Oheatw Horton. Hit reproduction In any form strictly prohibited ) SMOWING THr Acceleration OF CVUBHErXD IN BACK swing t BIDEWELL, HARADA GAIN NET HONORS f Win North and South Title at PinehursL Plnehurst. . N. C April IT. Raymond B. BldewalL of 'Boston, and Taketlohl Harada of Japan, today won ths United North snd South doubles tennis championship here by defeating G. Carlton Sharer, Philadelphia and Walter Merrill Hall of New York, S-4, -J, S-J. Bldewell's playing was ths outstanding feature. In the semi-final round of the women's doubles. Mrs. Bronson Batolie-lor. Forest Hills. N. T paired with, Mrs. M. Brook Huff of Philadelphia, defeated Miss Anna Fuller sf Boston, and Miss Penelops Anderson. Richmond. Va, l-l. S-4. to gala' their bracket In ths final round tomorrow. The other match of the division was won by Mies Anne B. Town-send and Miss Molly Thayer, both of Philadelphia, over Mrs. Benjamin K. Cole. Boston, and Miss Martha Bsyard. of Short Hills, N. J, T-IV - . - ' At New Torn, April n.- Ckainefas lxakabangh t.'annefa Lookabaush B) I 4 V) 4 4S W I .131 i; I u Middleweight Champion Scores Easy Victory at Boston. Boston, April 17. Harry Greb. of nttnburg-h, middleweight boTlne- champion, scord his third vlrtory ovr johnny Wilson, of New York, former tttleholder, when he won by a wide margin from Wilson in a 10-round bout here tonight. They boxed at catchweiKhts. Greb weighed ldS, and Wilson 1MH. ttreo scorea in every round with a right upper cut whinb. he used to good advantage at close quarters Snd did the bulk of the forcing. Wilson found Ureb elusive and was able to land effectively only Infrequently. Wilson rallied oceaalnn-slly, hut never waa able to reduce consistently th. arivaritasre In polnte wnicn gave ureD me derision, ' ONE QUAUFYING ROUND DECIDED ON FOR STATE Continued from Parse 14. tha better players fall to qualify and a tournament will suffer as a consequence. Golf at Its bt is too uncertain and the element of luck plays too prominent a part when the championship flight Is reduced one-half. James D. Standlsh, Jr., selected to fill one of the vacancies on the board of directors, has been appointed chairman of the state tournament commute and will supervise the play at tSng-lnaw. University of Detroit students In-tprested In srolf, have orarHnixcd sn informal team, th object b1nf to fire pa re for the 1926 season when It a hop-d the athletic board of control wilt recognise solf as a minor sport. Hen Kroha, of the enraHneerlne; school, is the team's captain. A score of men are trying for pieces and as most of tham hve another year of two In school, a strong team is expected to be formed In 19H6. A general call will be leaned In a iweck or two which 10 or more men are expected to answer. The golf seseon In Petrolt la now formally opened. All that remained to make It a sure go was the return of Alex Rops. profas-stonal at the Detroit Golf club, from Plnehurst, where, he is located every winter. Alex is back, so the fireworks can start s MM I MMMIttllMIIIIIIMIMttllseM,tf,IHtllltaimtS I Minor League j 1 Standings j QltlStinillllttlfflMNIUHMtMltlttMMMHtMMtlMlllttlltMt AMERICAN ASSOCIATION W L Prt W X, Pet Txiulavllle.. I 1 .67 Tolflr, 1 I .ton ImltHnMpolle t 1 .47 St. I'nill.... I I .frtl Mlnn.Hpolla I I .Srtl Kwi. I'ltT.. 1 I .Xtf Columbus.. 1 1 .SM MUwaukee. 1 t .in Friday's Results. .0 S 1 0 S 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 11 0.0 0 .07,1100004 1S I! II I tl I i-14 14 St Paul .. Col'mbus Molshaui l rlwn. Minn oils Tote.Io ll.Hinmpnit. Konioiiaon ann ensstock; l.'Ms,vtin. Jiihn.on, Jonnard unS (,ton Milwaukee 1 0 1 1 0 I) 0 0 0 0 0 0J 3 Umisviii. oooioooooooo ei 10 j H.iil and tkifr Tlncup and Urotleni. Meyer.. I'Hlled enl of thirteenth rtarVn.aa. Krtnu t'lty-ImlUnapolla postponed. Wet rounis. t-a d .1 0-4 14 H KIp and ol)lns: Pott and ! INTERNATIONAL LEAGUE Huf n 000 0 0000 1-1 ft" 1 '' J.riev- Cltr 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0- 0 0 .U!ly and McAvoy; GUrv and Frltajr 3i.i. unu ... 1 4 0 10 0 14 o it 13 ii Nvwark . 0 0 0 3 0 0 0 O O 3 7 3 Pru nkhoune an'l Nelbrrnll; Swunty. prhr-iilcr und Eiltott. 1nchair - 0 10 9 0 0 ft 4 Keadina 3 0 .1 0 0 1 x-7 0 1 ft 'ailed rain.) (vi-eMfll, Horn, Brown and jOc; Wilaon and I. von. TurnnltT-Haltfmore jrame scheduled for UkIajt. plar4 April 14. SPRING SUITS AND TOPCOATS IN THE BEST LONDON MANNER SATISFACTION GUARANTEED . Here's a fine view of Atlantic City's famous boardwalk on Easter Sunday A great artist . . Samuel Nelson Abbott . ,., . found it worthy of a special drawing. We're glad to reproduce it . . .as last-ininute evidence. . . of what the best-dressed men in America are wearing! Because ... it confirms the judgment . . . of a lot of men ., . . who permitted us to help them ... in the selection of a spring topcoat or suit. And, as for men . . . who've been too busy . . .to give much time . , . to the subject of new clothes . . . there's food for thought ... in the interesting fact . . . that the chief difference between our clothes . . . and the smart custom productions so much in evidence ... at Atlantic City . , . on Easter Sunday is that ours cost a great deal less. Hart Schaffner & Marx Suits ivith two trousers or rich silk linings And at SSS. $60, $65, $70, $7S, $S0, $SS i ll rsJ New Four Winds Topcoats by Hart Schaffner & Marx Other good Topcoat Values, $25, $30, $35, up Plenty of 2 -Trousers Suits in the newest spring shades - $35 Others at $30, $37.50. $40 and $45 Detroit's CLAYTON'S Michigan at Shelby Since 1883 Largest Exclusive Me n' s and Boys' Apparel Store

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