Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 2, 1947 · Page 18
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 18

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, July 2, 1947
Page 18
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f-v^H >• >j! * A w "" ' s ' r' X . . --. •< ? ••• * ",•/.-, , *.,," ."";•' * ^ »'i ,-v- - "'^ »gc Si HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Wednesday, July 2,, 1947 LASSIFIED Ad* Must Be In Office Day Before Publication Ohe Three Si* .One •>Day Days Days Month .48 90 1.50. 4.50 .60 120 2.00 B.OO .75 1 "50 2.50 .7 50 .90 180 3.00 9*00 105 210 3.50 10.50 1 20 2 40 4.00 12.00 135 2 70 4.50 13.50 150 300 5.00 15.00 are for Cohtinuous Insertions Only Want Ads Casn in Advance lot Taken Over the Phone For Sole 4CER GIRDLES BRAS- lieres and surgical supports rs Ruth Do/ier 210 South JetVey. Phone 942 J 24-lm SALES CO NORTH Iftih at Ave B often bargains ifgallore. Khaki pants and shirts, double deck bujik mil S Office chiirs wrfler canteens, mosquito bus r cusluoricd theatre seats tric drop coids 4 wheel nib r tired trailois, and hundreds " other items Come over and •> Jjjiieefor yourself 27 6t SI? BAIT FOR SALE f Summer on O E Douglass ALL faim Jrti miles north of Hope on Piov WJrigGround Highway las, WORMS North Hazel 13t CALVIN St 13t IB CAPACITY ALL MFTAL e" box A-l condition $35 210 t SSouth Hervey, Phone 912 J 3 3t -USED ROTARY GREASE at a baigam price Young Chevrolet Co 3 31 Wanted to Rent 2, 3. 4, 5. 6, 7, ROOM FURNISHED apartment or house. Jack Williamson. Employment Security Division. Phone-G37 or 342-.I. 3-Ot Rides Wanted CAN CAPtRY 2 PASSENGERS™TO Los Angeles. Leaving Thursday morning ,5 a.m. O. D. Russell Phono 072-J. l-3t Kramer, Brown Go to Tennis Semi-Finals London, July 2 — (XP) — Jack Kramer of Los Angeles dofenleo IJinny Pails of Austrlia, (3-1, H-G .0-1, (!-0, in the Komi-finals' of the Wimbledon tennis ch impiun nips today and will moot Tom Brown ni San Francisco for the men's sin files, titles in the all-Amcrican fina on Friday. Brown, University of California law student, had reached the final a short time earlier by turning back 'giant-killer Budge Patty o: LOK Angeles, G-3, G-3. (i-3, before i packed crowd of in,000 on the sun drenched turf of Wimbledon' famed center court. Pails, who shares honors with John Bromwich as Australia's best, was -Kramer's.-second victim from down under in the last : -two rounds, The top-seeded American champion had eliminated Geoff Brown in the quattei finals, losing only four games for Rent vTHjlEE ROOM UPSTAIRS APART- £4s<aJhe.nt, unfurnished Couple pte oflerfed Phone 1164 M 01 apply Pfeat 111 West Third St CO 31 ""NICE 3 ROOM MODERN HOUSE *° One large room with utilities Phone 26 W-ll T L Brmt 1 3t Fair Enough By West brook Pegler Copyright, 1947 By King Feature* SvnrtlRdt«« A Kid's Big Day Baseball Standings M-'UNFURNISHED APART- private bath close in Mrs lOa l^ickard, (320 East Third St Southern Association Club Mobile New Orleans Chattanooga Atlanta Nashville Birmingham Memphis Little Rock American Club Now York League _r £d>lJTH BEDROOM PRIVATE I Boston s~* v tofeth accomodate three adult 1 " ' Detroit % x, ? 1002 East 3rd St Phone 588-J. I Philadelphia !«$» ff Mt$ :DavJd Davis. 3 3t Cleveland Notice WHEN IN NEED OF CUT FLOW J'| '4*rs. sprays, coinages or pot "" v VplAnts, Call Ellen s Flori-t on ; 'Spring Hill road Phone 2 F 2 £. "f-ft- 28 2w ff. *-f . **- >, Lost yE»AIR OF BLACK SHOOCS WRAP* .ped in Geo Robison papei *liiced in wrong truck Satuidaj une 21 at Tirst Nation.il B ind Name of Mr Biint on box Finder retu:n to Geo W Robison & Co for leward 30 3t PAIR SHELL FRAME READING *tj glasses Lost <}o\\nlown Tues ifHday. Reward Phone 1GJ 3 It BRACELET WITH STONES f* across tho top Lost Monday r/ It found please call 850 Hope, ^fArk for rewnid or contact "-> ,y Hope Star office 3 3t Washington Chicago St. Louis National League Club Boston Brooklyn New York -St. Louis Chicago Cincinnati Philadelphia Pittsburgh W. L. 03 28 49 34 42 41 40 40 as 39 40 43 1 li 29 52 W. L 1 2<> A 30 3'2 31 i '2 29 23 30 32 32 3u 23 40 W. L 37 28 38 29 j 27 34 32 33 33 33 35 23 4fl .25 39' Pet. 054 .590 506 .500 .494 .482 .408 Fcl. .612 .531 r .)8 .508 .471 .305 Pet. .567 .515 .too .485 .412 MURALS IN BRASS Boston, July 2 — (/P)— Gloucester Artist Lawrence O'Toole is tucking away some sly humor in the murals he is painting as decorations for the first naval district officers' club. They depict such early American scenes as the launching of the frigate constitution and the Boston tc-a puty but the ficps of sime of ilhc figures bca*- shaip resemblance Mn prominnnt navy brass hats of this era. O'Toole was a chief in. line coast guard during the war Shoe for netting Menl If you like the feel of fine leather on your feet, Johnsonians are the shoes for you. Made of choice leathers... uppers, soles and heels. Custom-crafted to look smart, stay smart, and to give you foot comfort. *Stop in and let us fit you with a pair of John. the "Smartest Shoes on the Square". Now-York. July 2—A cable item from Beyrouth, Germany', suggests a fair comparison 'between some of the followers of Adolf Hitler and some of the adhercnis of Frynklin D. Roosevelt. This -little, -dispatch reported that the prosecution in the trial of Fran Winifred Wa«- ncr charged her with being one of Adolf Hillei' mo't f^njlicil fjl lowers. Apparently that :is a criminal .charge;, and. this, 'defendant may bo punished for fanaticism. Immediately on the burial of Roosevelt at Hyde Park many of our newspapers, including even spine papers of the political opposition, started In refer to • this grave of a mortal man as a 'shrine. That, is fanaticism. A ".hrinc is the burial place of a lacred or holy person and noose veil certainly was neither except to tho fanatics among his follow ing. Millions who voted for him, whether by deliberate choice or because they were thorough Democrats, knew he had great faults but voted for him nevertheless. These Americans accord to his grave no mure spiritual or holy significance than to the grave of any other person, Fanaticism connotes bigotry and intolerance of the opinions of others. Jim Farley has learned something about this since his memoirs began in Colliers. Not only are his 'opinions condemned but he is not even given credit for truthfulness, although even Roosevelt, as long as he lived,- and practically all the reputable'men in public life in Jims time, Have acknowcdgcd that truthfulness .is his greatest virtue. When he says: ; that Mrs. Roosevelt told him that Franklin enjoyed himself only among' his social equals, thus suggesting . that snobbery which was apparent in all his dealings with the reporters, Jim tacitly invites Mrs. Roosevelt to deny it, She docs not deny that she said this. Nor. for that matter, has any member of his per sonal or official family ever tried to de n y that hf pcrs"!ially nccred several clever little schemes having the color of legal- l-v fo- the benefit of his son, Elliott. In plainer words, that he was a crook. Yet there has been a reaction and a counter-pronaganda that is reminiscent of Goebbels himself, who employed the trick method of suggesting that all those Germans who opposed Hitler were monsters for-that yory .reason. Hitlers angriest enemies among us, mostly-vocal and sedentary, do him the great: honor of imitating tho most insensate of the -Hiterites. Here is an example, of this in the propaganda still current in oar own country: At the convention oi the newspaper guild in. Sou'x City, Allan S. Haywood, a vice president, of 'the C. I. O., said that we had not tatesmcn but "men of hate", in ingress, who "hate Roosevelt that leal Hate Labor Now, few of us who -opposed Roosevelt hated him as furiously and uncreasonably as we our selves are hated by the persons who utter such political remarks We arc damned for hating Roose veil regardless of oar excellent •canons. We hated the new deal for jood reasons both patriotic and noral, and the main reason \va!s .hat it was too much like Hitleris'n And, of course, none oC those 'men of hate in Congress actual y hates "labor. They hate the •eptilian, Ihe corrupt and treacherous explorers and betrayers of :ibor who were given their nower by Roosevelt through the Wagner ict in another demonstration, R:\sil O'Connor, Roosevelts old law part- lor and executor, made a speech .it Warm Springs, Ga.. in which he declared that Roosevelt created the foundation "which stands as a liv ing memorial to his overflowing love for his fellow men and his lender .sympathy 'for all who suffer from the afflictions to which mankind is heir, lie wanted all, particularly those less privileged with wordly goods than he, to have the benefit of the skills which brought .him back — O'Connor said. ;•• Tliis is just disgusting. Roosevelt started this foundation to " make money, and he held up John J. Rasko'b for a private gift of a fortune to recoup his own private investment in Warm Springs before he would agree to leave the place and run for governor an 19:'8. John J Raskob is still alive and he undoubtedly has the cancelled checks. An audit of the books- of Warm Springs would prove or disprove his statements. That audit never is presented. Many parents of ci-inpled children know, moreover that when they tried to obtain tor them "the benefit of the skills which brought him back, they found the prices impossibly high Others know that Roosevelt sold Warm Springs properly by deeds which excluded heroes perpetually from Ihe ownership or Five Homers By JOE REICHLER Associated Pi-ess Sports Writer New York fans, oven lho.sc \vilh long memories, will tell you that there never was another National League team that packed the punch these Giants of 1947 do. . ^ ... . - T , _ , Any spectator nt last night's lee-1 Guida Dave Bolcn, ing alt party at the Pro Grounds nn ? Ko 'J Cochran HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS v? BLONDIE By Chick Young Curt Simmons, .one of this season's most sought-after high school baseball players, joyously signs, a major league contract with the 1 Philadelphia Phillies, in Philadelphia. Looking on are the boy's 'father, Lawrence Simmons, center, and Phillies' general manager, .Herb Pennock. Voted the All-American Boy of 1015, young Simmons is a graduate of Egypt, Pa., high school. sonians, the Boston Braves would bo inclined to agree; Training their siege guns at four Boston pitchers, the relentless Giants blasted away' for Ifi hits,.- including", five, home runs, a triple and n 1 double to vanquish the Braves 15-3. Bobby Thomson slammed a home run. Bobby Kerr hit one. And of course, the thumping trio of Johnny Mizo, Willard Marshall and Walker Cooper hit one apiece. 'homson also connected for a n c e bippci Along about the fourth inning vith the ^Giants in front 12-3, it cgan to rain. The Giants obli.:- i.',' wont out in order in the fourth nd fifth innings in their haste to cat the downpour, but once the aitic became official, they re- uincd their furious attack, collect- ig a couple of more needless runs n the sixth. It was in that inning that Mizc, ho malor's home run leader, lammed his 21st circuit clout, a crrific wallop high and far over he right field roof. The teams got in one more inn- ng, but finally tho umpires called n halt saying .the two nines as well as the 36,923 thoroughly delighted 'ans a drenching. Boston retained its fivst place lol'd over the Brooklyn Dodgers by :wo percentage points. The Brooks "ost an opportunity to take over he IcTPue leTd vhpn they blew 5-3 game, to'.the'.'.Phils in Philadel- oailier m th*e. day. In ' the -- .onlv other National League game, tho steadily rising St. Louis. Cardinals moved within three and a half games of tho top by winning a close.2-1 game irom he Pirates at night' in Pittsburgh. Detroit took solo possession of third place in the American League by nipping the. White Sox in Chicago 2-1. The Tigers now are a half game in front of Philadelphia and Cleveland who are tied for fourth. The Indians moved in on the A's when Ihey defeated tho Browns in a night game at St. Louis 9-3. o •— New York, July 2— (JP)— Herb Me- Kenlcys feats of twice surpassing the world quarter-mile record makes the 400 motors the No. 1 event: on tho National A. A. U. track program this week-end . McKcnlcy will run-up against such guys as Cliff_ Boitrland, George Woldon Kerns .If anyono is going to beat Herb, ho must be in that field though none of those guys 'ha?, run within a second pi McKei'ilcy's'bo&t time. . California track followers (who arc among the smartest) are plugging 18-year old Hugh Mc.Klehcnny of Los Angeles as a -kid who'll be heard irom as a' decathlon performer by next year. Shorts and Shells Manuel Ortiz, world bantamweight champ, is returning to Hawaii to fight Hawan'nn Tea the r- weipht king Cliico Ros.i, July 13. . . .Don't know how much he'll collect, but you can be sure it aint a hay skirt Cotton Team Greenville .... Greenwood .. Clafksdalc ... El Dorado .... Helena Hot -Springs.. W "- Pet. ...44 18 .710 39 24 .819 ....34 2,'! .1)43 ...20 30 .419 . 24 39 .381 ....19 41 .317 LET • Level yards o Dig Post Holes o Plow Gardens • Cut Vacant Lots • Also custom work. MAMMONS TRACTOR CO. Phone 10G6 S. Walnut St. They Manage to Manage Opolika, Ala., of tho Georgia- Alabama League'probably is ihe only baseball club whoso business manager also is the leading pitcher. . .Zack Schucsslcr, wlvj issues orders from the front office to playing Manager Luke Gunnells. receives them from Gunnells on the field. Apparently it works, because Opelncas Owls have been leading the league all season. Home, Coach Clint . Evans, California U. coach, started from downto"-.-; Kalamazoo Mich., during- the recent college World Series late one night. . . He hailed a cab going the right way, opened the door and found five of his players in it . . Clint moaned: "They not only wore out after curfew, but they made pay the cab . fare, too' me Today's Games Press Fights Last Night By The Associated Press • Los Angeles — Jimmy Bivins, 1fil, Cleveland, outpointed Bobby Zander, 177 1-4, Los Angeles. 10. Kansas City, Kas. — Roy Miller. 162, Kansas; City, outpointed Jimmy Edgar, 161. Detroit, 10. Albany, N. Y. — Willie Pen, .130, Hartford knocked out Joey Fon tana, 134 14, New York, 5 (non title). E Buy Plumbing fixtures here. Plumbing and installation and Repair work. Reasonable and reliable. HARRY SSGNAR 1023 S. Main Phone 382-J OH, BOY, THAT'S THE-BEST NEWS T SAYS HERE, ) /" A. I I FOR HUSBANDS WOMEN AHE ^N. / THAT'S M IN TWENTY OING TO WEAR H RIGHT JIL YEARS.' THEIR DRESSES LONGER NSTEAD OF A WIFE WEARING A DRESS J"L THAT'S ONE SEASON, J ^ THATS SHE'LL WEAR T TWO OR THREE YEARS MEANS IT MEANS SKIRTS ARE TO BE THREE INCHES LONGER AND THAT WIVES WIUL. OZARK 1KF /~~~ By Ray SORRY AM SOCKED YUH, SPIKE, BUT AT TH' TIME AH THOUGHT YUH HAD DONE MARRIED DINAHf HAW/...SO DID HER. FAT BROTHERS/... BUT. I WAS ONLY SAVING HER FOR . YOU. OZARK... AND NOW I HOPE IVG SQUARED Ogift THINGS. PAL '..BUT AH LL CALL \/ FORGET it* «-n« IT EVEN IF YUH'LL )/ YOU JUS' SLUG! SLUG ME AN' ~J\ SOME RUN[ MATCH THAT T— I THAT CIS? SLACK EYE \ V NOW set a AH GAVE YUH. ] 7 IN L£FT fME NOT purrc, SPIKtf,,, irtfTii. ^--^ >^-^ ^ <* " htfJA-ni Sy to?U% :J(vM*S| CcprttftuVitiO''*!' " SIDE GLANCES By Golbraifh CARNIVAL by Dick Turner MONUMENTS Call or See R. V. HERNDON, JR. Phone 5 or 56 Repi'ascntative for ALLEN MONUMENT CO. Little Rock. Shreveport Texarkana . & ; -f Joe 'Maxim struggles to his knees after going down after a right to the kidney from Jersey Joe Walcott, during 10-round bout in Hollywood. The 10-round decision went to Walcott. All-Star Game $7.95 '<- Wf? Clothe the Family for Less OWEN'S DEPT. STORE r» W *tore« ot HOPE, PRESCOTT and NASHVILLE l 13 Iw* Second Phone 78 1 use o£ such Innd. Ami others nmong us know that his- birthday ball exorcises were whooped up by Crr.'j Byoir, n public relations expert, at the expense of Henry L. Dohcrty, the public utilities magnate, for the pui-puse of l)uyin« Dohcrty im- mjnitv from harrassment and-or pi-c.-seculton and that (his purpose was acc-omplishctl by this moans. It was Byoir, not Roosevelt, who Kil upon ihe sentimental tricK of lendiiii; the presidents birthday to 'Tlie character of Roosevelt that is presented historically to the people of today and to the historians ul' the future is shoddnr.ly diu- honcst There are fanatics among his following who slill regard him :'« a holy man and would suppress every shred of the truth about him. Trie 'wild ferocity of Hitlers idolaters was never more savage and intolerant of truth and hoest opinion. The only difference is that they haven't the power t-j suppress and persecute. And no statement of these fa'M.s has ever been presented in bad taste as- tho remarks commonly are uttered, and p'-jb- lislied, on the many occasions ilia u r e manufactured frequently thiuughoul the cakndar year to carry on politics in Roosevelts name. — " — •" • O — " •'• '-"-'^ -— ~ Now York, July 2 — (/P)— The most nnxiously awaited inter loiigtie pitching Unel since the days of Ltltj Gune uul Du?y D in m i> t il o place m xt TuosrlTv \\uli Cleveland's Dob Feller and Cin pinniili's Ewell Blackwell the probable starlcrs in the 14th all-slnr baseball game at Wrigloy Field, Chit i i The duel will probably come off ,if Feller's strained back is okay by i then. I With Blackwcll headinfi a seven- man pilchin" staff, the National licngue announced an all-star lineup today which included seven outfielders, eight infielders and three catchers. The American League team, led by an eifihl-mnn mound crew, was announced last night. "1, the slringbcan right- hander of the Hods, was joined by such pitching notables as Harry (The Cat) Brcchecn, Southpaw Warren Spahn and Righthander Johnny Sain, the pitching twins of the Boston Braves; 21-year old Unlnh Branca, of the Brooklyn Dodgers; Lynwood (Schoolboy) Howe, control expert of the Philadelphia Phils and George (Red) Hunger of the Cardinals. It was uncertain today whether a strain which Feller suffered in a fall off Die mound at Philadelphia June 13 would keep him out of' ihe all-star tussle. The Cleveland ace was forced out of last night's tilt in St. Louis in the second inning with severe back pains. If Feller is unable U> alart, the nc:l may go to Hal Newhoaser, Detroit southp-iw. The National League mound corps \va<. selected by Manager' Eddie Dyer of the Cardinals, who will direct the National Leaguers Dyer's first te ; ini, exclusive of tho Cart'Mia!:-:, who will direct the National Leaguers. Dyer's first lean, exclusive of the Ditchers, alrc-.uty had l:oen chosen "by the l,07:i,-!93 who voted in a poll conducted Chicago Tribune and as;c- ni'Wspnpers, radio sl.ttions LIQUOR CASUALTY Tokyo, July 2 — (fp) —A Korean was cnarged with bootlegging after receiving hospital treatment for facial cutr He told attendants ho was leaning over a vat-, of Japanese gin he was brewing in his home still. A cigarette ash fell in the brow causing an explosion. JUDGE'S HOLIDAY Seattle, Wash., July 2 — (IP) — Municipal Judge Earle W. Forst of Kansas City, Mo., was a vacation visitor in Seattle. And how did lie celebrate his holiday? He spent two hours an a guest on the bench in municipal court, 3. (night .(night) By the Associated National League Now York at Brooklyn (night). Boston at Philadelphia (ninht). Cincinnati at Pittsburgh night). Only games scheduled. American League Washington at Now York (night). Philadelphia at Boston (night. Detroit at Cleveland night). Chicago at St. Louis (night. Yesterdays Results . l : National League Philadelphia 5; Brooklyn New York; 15; Boston 3 —7 jiinintrs) St. Louis 2; Pittsburgh 1. Only' games, American League Detroit 2; Chicago 1 Cleveland 9; St. Louis 3. (night). Only games. Southern Association Chattanooga 3-0; New Orleans 3-9 Mobile 7; Nashville 4. Memphis 7; Atlanta G. Little Rock 7; Birmingham 5. Texas League Tulsa 5; Fort Worth 1. Houston 0; San Antonio 2. Beaumont, ft; Shreveport 2. Oklahoma City 3; Dallas 2. CHIVALRY Algona, la., July 2 —(IP)— Four men were standing by as Mrs. Sam Foster moved a kitchen stove. But they bestirred themselves when a stove leg broke and the range fell on her. They extricated her from beneath the stoVo. By United Press New York — Willie Boltram 134 34, New York, outpointed George B. Smith, 140, Haverslraw. N. V. (8); Buddy Knox, 224, Dayton. O. outpointed Harry Ecrnstcn 205, Norway (8) San Antonio. .Tex. — Tony Mar. ISfi, Mexico City, outpointed Chief Gordon House, 133, Houston (10). REMOVED FREE Withir 40 Miles DEAD HORSfci, COWS and CRIPPLES Texarkana Rendering Plant •Phone 883-W /Phone Collect) If No Answer Phone 3158-R Doug /"^j'T"^/ ^ ar ' Bacon W»S.lr I Jones ELECTRIC CO — for — House IncJusvclal Wiring Wiring Electrical Repairs Borrow ail the money you want from us, regardless of WHERE you live. People come from all over the country to borrow from ub on Vheir cars, or almost anything they own. We often lend from $50.00 to $5,000.00 in ten minutes. VVe never keep a customer waiting longer than necessary. We are headquarters for CASH. Come and get it! Ask for Mr. Tom McLarty at the yAV :. 1947 BY IIEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REO. U. S. PAT. OFF. 7-2. U-. " I COPR. 1947 BY NEA SERVICE.! INC. T. M. DEC. U. S. PAT. OFF. "It's been a trying day for me, too—something dreadful happening on every oris of nvy -favorite prpgram?!"- "You don't have to look daggers at them when they only S' ve : ^f^L'JQfji.Pj 2 ^ 01 " 1 -—we get them at the Friday night bingo parties!" ' ; ""• —• 3 —- c| FUNNY BUSINESS FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Blbccei By Hershberaer Phone 299 '- r^-\ '' fc,'"- 1 ) V » "•'•••. <^-J..V ..."•;**•* T ^ ^ _ j-^^cosiAr^ ®iM 9ri : n v ; K t i sV iv \ cVf i hj£ : i;'ri.JEfa:u: 'i'f^offf-^:-^^:^:^f^-.-^- ^-^^^'8 .,/ Urt ^^.f.^'^Jo V NJuTTy FROM H|S Housir—THEN LARD^' WHO SI6IJALS FIRST ?. X-FEONA HILDA'S —-- THEM US ' "One more chirp outa you an' you go to th' showersl" POVEYE 7-S > GOES NUTTY,' HALFWAV RIGHT ON THE BUTTON I ACROSS TbWM / / 1 WOULONT HAVE BELIEVED ITi ,«-Ul-7'V\ (f'-'^V^ $. '®W!.* VW v •/•rx-0 ii^i.-A, ^•^ ^cofn. isij py MEA EJ:'RVICC, INC. T. M. REO. u. t. PAT. OFf DASH DOT IS N--DOT DOT PASl-l IS U-- ONE DASH IS T AMD THREE DOT5 ARE S/ AMD THE MOUNTAIN AND" BROUGMr FORTH A NAOU5E ' Thimble Theate? ]$&OBt l & quality • Special prices vmm^ti^sti^&mj&S'Mm •*•* To "too up" in British means to fill the car 'battery with water. fans by li: ciated and ji A!.'in! \viih Feller on the American Lea'.'.iv's strong pitcliiur.; Ela'.'f will be K;nid Chandler, Frank Siic-i, Lefthander Joe Page, Hal N.r.v- hoiiM r \vno may be chosen over Fclicr a;; tiia starting pilch 1 , 1 ! 1 , and Pain (!.>i/.:.'.yi Tro.it. Jack Krn.nu-r of St. L.-.uis j'ricl Walter Maste-son of \Vr.shin;;t!:n round out the eight- man i-lnli'. Manager Joe Cronin of the Boston rtea Sox will pilot the American League ti'ain. . These are the other players besides the starters selected by the fans: National League — Stan Musial, Marly Marion/ Kd Stanley, B'-uce Edwards, Phil Masi, Willard Warshall, Bert Haas. Phil Cavarrelta, Andy P:;fko, Frank Gustino. American -— Billy Johnson, Char- tii'it ] toy Keller, Aaron Robinson. Jim Ilegnn, Pat Mullin, Stan Spenco, Luke Appling, Rudy York. NATIONAL BANK CALL Washington, July 2 — (/P) —The comptroller of the currency today issued a call for a statement of the condition of all national banks at the close of business Monday, June 30. .^ A highest quality tire built especially to match the speed and power of today's modern cars. All the new features a new tire should have* LIBERAL TRADE-IN ALLOWANCES EASY IfSRfAS TO SUIT YOUR CONVENIENCE • *Raytex Fortified eord construction Dayton's specially processed Rayon in sizes 6.SO and up. a Flatter, V/idcr Tread for longer lira. • 8 deep circumferential ribs prevent skidding. • 5,760 road gripping edges for quick stops. • Scientifically blended compounds with more natural rubber give bettnr mileage. Size 0.00 U6 Plus Tax PAT&«WITH Luck's 700 Service Station 500 S. Walnut Street Phone 700 WMPYl^K CANT ^ DOWM LOSE WITH DYNAMITE WIMPY, you ALREAPy HAVE < SOME GLOVES?? Lsr/ 7-2. OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williami OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoopla <0 »:• V/HY WASTE HIM A CATCHER? HE COULD \\ PLAY THE WHOLE OLTT- " A FIELD VMITH THOSE PANTS/ Vi !». COOK OPA VJAV yf AMD lAi'LL OOT O' ALAS,CH\EP' M.V POOR " i&KAlMOp ~^<K-\ UUlU'r- \\-\t\\ *«*x to&i BUT I FEAR 3A1L }^L TRAFFIC RAP X: ; f ASOOt FOR ME? •**-Tt4/\T J.^Ml''r HEAR ' f1 " 1 - -%{A5FAP. DESPOTIC 30DGE (?EI^CHV J^f^ 2 ^ OLDTALUOVJ )( A'S SNATCH A BEAOTIFOL, 6OMMER OOT OF TOU&H UK& \MlGWAN\ FOUL OF POL&CW&,' V!C FLINT WHAT Wf CAUSE OF DEATH DOCTOR CAN'T TELL FOR \ SURE YET. THERE ARE BRUISES ON THE THROAT. COULD BE STRANGULATION. NOW TELL ME JUST WHAT HAPPENED, DRIVER. vl By Michael O'Mdlley & Ralph Lai T THINK NOTHIN'OP IT. tVf DONE ITOFTPK. BUT WHEN t GET HEkt THE DRUNK& DEAD- : ifessN JK- C GUY'S HOLOlN'THlS ONE UP i l\ LIKE HE WAS DRUNK. HE SUPS " "r TEN BUCK 4N' TEl 15 E TO HAUt HIS FRIEND JTi.fV TO THIS ADDRESS. WASH TUBES -r" L.U.S PAT Qfr-^copR iwnYN^A BCRviSOil —_ -. _ . *W¥ By Leslie TurHcf ; GIUUE HEE.E'5 P^SKIN' ABOUT 1H' v^ SEP. FINE EOMWISi MR.OCHS. I TOLPHM/.PEOPLE, tM... T—r 1 HOU <NEVM 'E.HA.I 'CIRCUS MSISTOCRMS... -^ I'* 1 „ l''i>,.---.-....(-.•; mVrr^V KijOWM'EN\ OVI6R. -:—^.^tip ^ tiiNtik :TiNEMTi WITH SNNSER'S CIRCUS THIS ^SEf^SOM.,, R.ETIEEP PROWS TO TR.S1N6 \AERll^U WORK, THOu-BUT TH' TO LOCWE \ pWJfiHTER \S CURVING Oti - THEWi SUHi I ON THE HIGH TRAPS' *P ] ^,' T\): 7-2. K<i:liMhIUI:li'l HOW OLt? \S THEIR. DMSH-CAJ:'; DONALD DUCK By Walt Disr [ r«|x i<ftr!'Wjii Ditnty : I'dHiiMtiutt 'X'nil.l Kijjift KrwrM-il ^-^ iytnU.lf.1 IT Kmj, | t ^ ut r% ^ ( fefiff HENRY By Carl Andfl ""* -&5 I Ccpt ,v^ Kmg ft* Im. VI oitj r fK(> nwr»*4 ^ f'2. r / ALLEY OOP BOOTS OH, VEKH.' NO\v I REMEMSER.. I'M ON >> NICE, QUIET. PEACEFUL DESERT ISLAND.' f SOUNDS LIKE A THREE- ALARM FIRE.', a.ftv«\,v coovci^a. Icftvct'. . HOW 1 H BOUKiCt ASOLMW OR \T Vi\V\. sou _..._. tAOMTl-Va P\&O, C VWtM VJt WPlD COOX, Pi MONTrt'i CAM x>. RICH '<$IL& > * ' ftakwr 4 By IF poUAfC tfll.5 riovO ) WE TRIED TQDRliG ^ RTPER'i AOfi^£/i^J^( I'LL E-r - y ~ — - //: ^ ;w.^- i^5>-'-'-': AVOA,'( •' REP WOULDN'T SCARE HO55E5 V-OiTi- ttAEt COfAE POWhi " THE STRETCH •* X <r!i"'

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