Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan on February 15, 1994 · Page 24
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Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan · Page 24

Detroit, Michigan
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 15, 1994
Page 24
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4C DETROIT FREE PRESSTUESDAY, FEBRUARY 15, 1994 Key (V): Available on cassette Excellent; : Good; : Fair ; Poor QCIosed captioned; Gray tone indicates movie Listings compiled by Shirley Wilson u Detroit B Detroit a Lansing mTrav.City uu Cadillac o Alpena (!D Toledo m Detroit m Flint 3 Toledo (0 De ort i&S.Mar ( Cheboygan ra Marquette oGr.Rapids oa Jackson w Flint 0 Ml Plant a E. Lansing a TravXity , Creek m Det o u Kalamazoo B Bay City i) Alpena S.S.Marie ooi S.S. Marie op Marquette tin Gr. Rapids w Toledo w Toledo Wpa 2? nST twEacanata () S S.Marie t Detroit u Windsor to Toledo w Gr. Rapids ua Bay City w Saginaw w Gr. Rapids w Unsmg im Flint THE NUMBER you see tallowing each listing is a PlusCode tor the VCR Plus remote unit. For more Information about programming your VCR with VCR Plus, call 1-800-4321-VCR. A&E: Arts, enl AMC: Movies DIS: Disney ESPN: Spoils FAM: Family NICK: Kids TNN: Country HBO: Movie PASS: Sports TNT: Movies LIFE: Health SHOW: Movies USA: Sports, enl MAX: Movies TBS: Chicago WGN: Chicago . TMC: Movies WOR: New York., . ... I Morning Newt 1 1994 Olympic Winter Games Alpine Skiing. Figure Skating, Freestyle Skiing, Local Programming lob (6:0Oa)MH5 Ice Hockey, Luge. (Live) Q 62573 UD. Newt at Sunns Today Tonya Harding's U.S.O.C. hearing; author Nathan McCall ("Makes Me Local Programming KBIi (6:00a) 49283 Wanna Holter"); Arnold Palmer. E) 57M! ... This Morning Good Morning America Chronic fatigue; Luke Perry; flutist Sonya Kims re- Local Programming Kit (6:00a) 850W covery from a hit-and-run accident. L) 93467 63 Shepherd (5:00a) Legends of the USWA 96738 I Believer's Voice I Tom Bynum 23047 The Hallo Spen- The Children't The 700 Club WADL 869080 Of Victory 24776 cer Show 14399 Room402O2 78134 ffl Stunt Dawgt DuckTaleeg Mighty Morphin Merrie Melodies Dennis the Men- Bewitched 130028 Charles in Charge Laverne and Shir-WKBO 7l23 486844 405979 140405 ace 149776 Ly 859641 ley 765863 rT Believer Voice ot Power of Prophe- Pastor I. V. Hilliard John A. Cherry 893370 Sanford 592979 What't Happen- Screen Scene BET Victory 938757 cy 66028 678863 lng 211592 929009 PMy Business Mom- Daybreak g Business Day Daybreak g 473950 Morning Newt 485554 una mg 484825 112196 124931 "I7" Music Bo 385641 GummiBeartg Adv. in Wonder- Fraggle Rock g Welcome to Pooh Umbrella Tree I Dumbo's Circut I Mickey's Mouse DIS 987450 land 232347 786221 Comer 785592 776844 g 493009 Track! 309221 r..u SportsCenter(Re- SportsCenter(Re- SportsCenter(Re- SportsCenter(Re- SportsCenter (Re- Fitness Pros Getting Fit 330405 Bodiet in Motion tirtl peat) 222047 peat) 943028 peat) 955863 peat)681641 peat)680912 604592 213399 "THT Hearth Club Inspector Gadget Flintstone Kids Babarg 412573 Rupert4H844 The Waltont The Seashore" 377196 The700Club rAM (5:00a) 906844 g 767660 753467 985370 "ZT iMHr"TheNakeiGuri"(6:35;1rtr.,25mins.)(1988)(PG- Legend ot White Adventuresof "Uonol the ;DMrt" Anthony Qiiinn.(2rir.,46 : HBO 13)g(V)6660689 : Fang690399 Tintin g 662370 mins.) 1 981 ) (Violence.) (V) 756399 ,. Paid Program- I Paid Program- I It Figures 759641 Everyday Work- Frugal Gourmet Your Child 6 to 12 I What Baby "LileRoy Bean" lift ming 463775 ming 770134 out 425047 424318 1 408370 Knowt 134283 419026 .., "AnEyetorinEy"(5;40)(1981) "The Man in the Grey Flannel Suit" A World War II veteran can either rise on Madison Ave- "D.A.B.Y.L" g MAX (R)(V) I9169S44 riueort)ewithhi8wifeandfamay.(1956)(V)5980(i9 (V)5ini34 UTU Awakening I The Grind 765202 Rude Awakening 397047 I MTV Blocks 375738 Rock j Videos MTV (6:00a)653Oi Don't... 149115 ,,, Lassie 0840467 Dennis the Men- Underdog 597863 iMuppet Babies g David the Gnome Sharon, Lois Ijanosch's Dream Eureeka't Castle NICK ace 585028 249689 231660 Brain 222912 World 972405 1 593047 ,., "Mouse on OWLTVTobog- Angel & the Sol- Heroes Leg- "Popi" A Puerto Rfean widower launches a reckless scheme to get his SHOW Moon"i48i955 gans. 114554 diet Boy 133689 endsse5405 twosonsoutof Spanish Harlem. (1969) 789863 Yogi Friends TheJetsont Tom Jerry Gilligan's Isle Bewitched (8:35a) Happy Dayt 3' i Company Little House TBS (6:35a)8223912 (7:05a) 2042776 (7:35a) 2478824 (8:05a) 1226825 6496196 (9:05a) 6857912 (9:35a) 4498554 (10:05a)4906028 "PasedAway"(6:00)1992)(PG- "How to Murder Your Wife" Jack Lemmon, Vlrna Lisi Jerry-Thomas. "Rocky II" (9:40) (1 979) (PG)(V) TMC 13ig(V)603l738 (7:40;1hr.,58min8.)(1965)(V)6ll322l m7 ZT First Business I Cartoon Express 445931 lr8.,.,!,Ten0,U8 USA 402221 493573 ,.u Believer Voice of Ed Young 187478 I Joyce Meyer I Garfield and I Bozo 501912 Andy Griffith Can We Shop WGN Victory 3870O9 937775 Friends g 788689 1 41 1405 537739 cbs tear Th",ric9"Ri9h lPf09fam- r9'nd,heRe8"wg isaag fflga.- Local Program- Jane Whitney Child-bearing after 40. Local Programming I Dayt of Our Uvea g 47 us Another World g NBC ming (9:00a) 56912 ZZ: "7T" Local Program- Home Why women pay more. 92738 Local Program- I Loving g 95776 All My Children g 83931 One Life to Live ABC ming (9:00a) (ming I I lLcII?I 0D The 700 Club Home Shopping Spree 3229283 WADL (I0:00a)78i34 " W Growing Paint g Can We Shop Starring Joan Rivera Family Feud Ivickll Pen pals. 864738 Rieki Lake Abusive relationships. .. WKBD 1W12 481399 143592 I885467 ' ... What's Happen- Video LP 963318 I Heart and Soul 477202 "" ' Video Soul 933202 BET ing Now 561863 Morning Newt Living in the '90s CNN 4 Co. g I NewsHour 599196 Sonya Live g 508844 ?iday INN (9:00a) 485554 g 268689 269318 l . CareBeartg GummiBeartg Lunch Bok 304641 Carnival Time g 409660 "SwnUk"(1hr.,15inlns.)(1983)(y)6487S7 DIS 772028 303912 TZT BodyShaping SportsCenter (Re- SportsCenter (Re- SportsCenter (Re- SportsCenter (Re- Boxing Charles Murray vs. Jake Rodriguez, Junior Wel- ESPN 600776 peat) 566301 peat) 116860 peat)69i028 peat)33422i terweights.(Repeat)g 227592 The 700 Club (10:00a) 985370 Cable Health Club $100,000 Name Let's Make a Deal Trivial Pursuit I Trivial Purtuit SplitSecond FAM "2919 Tune 415660 132825 766931 t3HW 429738 "717" "Lion of the Desert" Anthony Quinn. (9:00; 2 hrs 46 "The Living Daylights" Timothy Oalton, Maryam d'Abo. (2 hrs 1 1 mins.) Undercover (2:15) HBO minS.)1981)(P0)(V)7563W : : li: ..; (1987)(PG,Unguage,ViOlenOe.)g(V)9543l047 :,-,-::..-:-r.. 52616399 "The Life and Times of Judge Boy Bean" Paul Newman. (1 0:00a; 2 I Tracey Ullman I Supermarket I Shop Til You Moonlighting Q LIFE hrs.) (1972) (PO, Violence.) (V) 4i902 145399 sweeP779405 Drop 137370 23Q394 " "D.A.R.Y.L" Mary Beth Hurt. (10:00; 1 hr 40 mins.) I "Mister Johnson" Maynard Eziashi. (11 :45; 1 hr 45 "T,h Desperadoes" (1 hr.,26 MAX (1985) (PO)g(V) 51 11134 ,..,.--:---:,::: ' : r minS.)(1990)(PG-13)(V)59lS4467 ll" mins.)(1943)6783i UTU RockVideosThatDon'tSuck(10:00a)l49ii5 Music Videos 414414 mil .. Eureeka Castle I Muppet Babies Q David the Gnome Cappelli 4 Com- Hare and the I Eureeka't Castle I LtttT Bite 975592 Flipper (Part 2 of NICK (10:00a)593047 626689 627318 pany242776 Hedgehog 976221 564399 3)510937 ....... "TheForbionDarK:e"UumHerring.(1hr.,37min8.)(1990)(PG-13, : "The Men in the Moon" Sam Waterston, Tess Harper. (1 hr 39 mins.) SHOW Adultsituations,language,violence.)g(V)956680 (1991)(Pa-13,Adultsituations.)(V)3ii630l ... Little House I Matlock The Sisters" (1 1 :05a) Perry Mason The Case of the Lucky -"DayoftheEvKGun"GlennFord.(1:05pi1 hr.,33 TBS (10:05a)4906028 5418467 Loser"(12:05p) 4586318 mlns.)f968) (0)8818316 "Rocky II" (9 40) (1979) (PG) (V) "Chaplin" From London poverty to Hollywood legend, sitent-film star Charlie Chaplin's life The Rink (2:05) TMC 4557757 : ::; ' StQry iS tQld (1 1 :40; 2 UTS., 24 rons.) (992)g (V) 85881912 5O450202 .... Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show Opening Night. From Madison Square Garden. (Repeat) Q 1 19979 Sale of the Centu- The Joker's Wild USA ry 504028 890202 u Can We Shop I People's Court I People's Court I Geraldo Sexual contracts. 401028 News Skilling. Q 410776 Kojak 302318 WGN 537739 398080 306009 Daytime Highlights 0:OO O Bertict Berry Bad children. SB ID S3 CJ9 St) CD Sesame Street Q3 Family Matters Urkel s '40s detective yarn puts him and Laura in the leads, g gj) Romper Room Q (S Morris Cerullo O Maury Povich Man surrenders. Q Q Company With John Kelly & Marilyn Turner Billboard bachelors. O What on Earth 9:30 89 A Different World g S3 Body Moves GB James Robison O Urban Peasant 10:00 J Guiding Light g 03 831 24 85 Lamb Chop's Play-Along g 03 Rescue 91 ig 82) Lifestyles 03 Ben Casey (3) O Regis & Kathit Lee Wedding week. O 33) Jerry Springer Whether a convict should receive a heart transplant. d) O Theodore Tugboat 10:30 O QD Designing Women Charlene's spouse-abused cousin visits, g gD Supermarket Sweep (D O Mr. Dressup 11:00 Q CI) O (S) CD (U 60 The Price Is Right C 2 Another World g 83 Magnum, p.i. c, 162 Movie "The Spanish Gardener" (1956) O W Jenny Jones Women confront philanderer. S3 Mister Rogers g O Rolonda Violent youth. O Sesame Street 11:30 69 Barney & Friends 12:00 OOOfflOOCDtS fBS) CD CD Q 32 News Q3 Hill Street Blues (XiQ Midday Q S3 The de'Medici Kitchen 12:30 O O (5) CO 03) GB The Young and the Restless CD 83 l'4 OLYMPIC WINTER GAMES From Lille-hammer, Norway, g O OD B iiD 'C Loving TheJud(e S3 Country Basketweav- ing 1:00 (?) O Cf) CD 60 63 All My Children g 03) S3 Reading Rainbow Q3 A-Team Q9 Movie "A Love Affair: The Eleanor & Lou Gehrig Story" Blythe Danner. (1978) O (33 (2D 5 03) Days of Our Lives g O Country Practice 1:30 3 (3) O CT) CCD CT GB The Bold and the Beautiful rfl) S3 Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?Q 2:00 JC330(XiCCD(U)63As the World Turns g O CS) CfD 60 60 One Life to Live g S3 Taxi O S) CD SS O Another World g S3 Sesame Street (R)g Q Neighbours 2:30 83 XUXAg O Neighbours 3:00 O Geraldo Sexual contracts. O S OD 60 GB General Hospital 63 Pink Panther cm S3 Barney (R)g GB SoulBeat O CO CD Sally Jessy Raphael Stalking victims. O Coronation Street 3:30 60 Garfield g GB SoulBeat S3 Reading Ralnbowg O The Bill 4:00 O News O CO CD Oprah Winfrey "Random acts of kindness." g 63 Sonic the Hedgehog GB New Dance Show O Montel Williams Secrets kept from spouses. S3 Where In the World Is Carmen Sandiego?(R)g Q 7 Little Australians 4:30 B News 60 W Bonkers g S3 Club Connect O Wonder Why? g 5:00 & Donahue Dr. Jack Kevorkian, g CO 63 60 Family Matters ) Remington Steele ' O o News S3 Senior Focus O Lynette Jennings Homework; - Continued -on next page ' 'Schindler's' Fiennes becomes self-made monster By John darnton New York Times LONDON "Evil may well be nearer the surface than we like to admit," said Ralph Fiennes. The 31-year-old actor pushed aside his teacup and picked up an imaginary rifle. He peered through the scope with one eye closed and squeezed the trigger. For just an instant, he stopped being a diffident, sensitive man with chiseled good looks and the slightly distracted, angst-ridden air of an existential poet. He looked more like Amon Goeth, the Nazi labor camp commandant who sits on his balcony and picks off victims with capricious abandonin Steven Spielberg's film on the Holocaust, "Schindler's List." That performance has mesmerized audiences and catapulted Ralph Fiennes (pronounced Rafe Fines) from a British actor known primarily for Shakespearean roles to international stardom. Last week it brought him an Academy Award nomination for best supporting actor. He has already won awards for the role from the New York Film Critics Circle and the National Society of Film Critics. Fiennes said he prepared himself for that harrowing scene by dredging up the memory of a primitive sensation. "It was like an extension of that boyish thrill with an air rifle when you aim at cans on a wall," he said. "That satisfaction when you hit a target it gives you a kick. It's as basic as smashing a fly with your hand as a kid and standing in front of a windowpane for ages seeing how many flies you can kill." Now add to that sensation, he suggested, a desperate and psychotic personality with an unnatural void at the core, years of Nazi propaganda and conditioning, and the conviction that your Jewish victims are not humans but some sort of destructive virus, and you have the basic ingredients of Goeth, a man feeding his inner demons while 7 .,...,,...,.....,,!J)MJgM 1 11111 111 L 1 ' - V " " ' IBiPJ."' wtw- fi ' " ' '' ' n- i-'X.,..!!! mini n i n nun Ralph Fiennes, left, won a best supporting actor nomination for his role as brutal Nazi labor camp commandant Amon Goeth, the antithesis of Oskar Schindler, played by Liam Neeson, in "Schindler's List." believing he is "iperforming the state a service by popping the odd one off before breakfast." Fiennes' Goeth is the antithesis of Oskar Schindler, the high-living German businessman and would-be war profiteer who, in the end, saves more than 1,000 Jews from certain death. In preparing for the role, Fiennes steeped himself in Nazi literature and history and watched films including SS recruiting movies showing combat training and "finely muscled Aryan young men doing gymnastics." He says he came to understand the appeal and how it touches "a sense of being part of a clan and the security that gives you." He used diet supplements to put on 26 pounds, which gave him a paunch and fleshy jowls. He had discovered from reading descriptions how gross-ness overcame Goeth's almost angelic-looking features.. "So many of them wondered how a man who looked at first glance attractive and good could he so brutal " he said. "I'm not a psychologist, but I'm convinced the brutality he became addicted to was related to his obesity. He also became an alcoholic and an insomniac. My own pet theory is that he was so steeped in this brutality that unconsciously, as a kind of remedy or palliative, he had to stuff himself with food and drink to numb his sensibilities." All this, he said, helped him to develop an uncanny sense of Goeth, who came from a middle-class Roman Catholic family in Vienna. "I feel that inside this man there must have been some deep void, a lack of moral sensibility. He found in Hitler's ideals, the Nazi ideals and the SS in particular a wonderful release for himself, a channel for his anger and frustration. "I felt a kind of sympathy for him," he said. "In a way, if you are involved in dehumanizing other people, you yourself become dehumanized. Everything that is unique about a human being's capacity to create and love and construct is destroyed and negated." People who meet Fiennes these days invariably remark on how hard it is to reconcile him with the character of Goeth. He is polite, articulate, almost shy. Gaunt and angular, with longish hair swept back over his ears, he has the look of an artist. In fact, he originally wanted to be a painter. In 1981 he went to art school in London but found he was drawn instead to the theater. He was accepted at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. Three years after graduation, he joined the Royal Shakespeare Company for two seasons, winning praise in roles such as Edmund in "King Lear" and Berowne in "Love's Labor's Lost." There followed two film appearances. He was praised for his portrayal of T.E. Lawrence in a two-hour television movie, "A Dangerous Man: Lawrence After Arabia." But the critics were unimpressed with his malevolent and destructive Heathcliff in Peter Kosminsky's ill-fated remake of "Wuthering Heights" for Paramount. It was that role, however, that convinced Steven Spielberg that Fiennes had enough depth to play Goeth. In a film soon to be released, "The Quiz Show," directed by Robert Red-ford, Fiennes plays Charles Van Doren, the Columbia University instructor who agreed to participate as a contestant on "Twenty-One," the rigged television game show that became a major scandal of the 1950s. Fiennes said it was a relief to step into an entirely different character, although he admitted that after living with Goeth for so long, he found himself sympathizing with him. "It's not a rational thing, but it's an instinctive thing," he explained. "If you are playing a role, you are immersing yourself in thinking about that character how he moves, how he thinks. In the end he becomes an extension of your own self. You like him." Predict the top Oscars earliest and you're a winner, too Moviegoers always have opinions. Does Tom Hanks stand a chance to win the best-actor Oscar against Liam Neeson? Will Jane Campion be the first woman to win as best director? If your hunches are correct, you could win the first-place prize of $1,000 in the 15th annual Free Press Oscar Derby. Or, you could win $200 as second-place finisher or $50 as one of the next three finishers. Here's how: Fill out the entry form and attach it to a postcard or the back of a sealed envelope. Don't put it inside the envelope and please don't send letters. We won't open envelopes. Or, on a postcard or back of an envelope, write your name, address and daytime phone along with your predicted winners in the six major categories. Include your tiebreaker choice, the movie that will win for sound. Mail your entry to: Oscar Derby co Key Punch Services 17421 Telegraph, Suite 202 Detroit 48219-3142 You may enter as often as you wish. As soon as the Oscars are presented on March 21, we'll sort entries. The entry wh the most correct answers PICTURE DIRECTOR ACTOR ACTRESS SUPPORTING ACTOR SUPPORTING ACTRESS SOUND (Tiebreaker) NAME ADDRESS. CITY Oscar Derby co Key Punch Services 17421 Telegraph Suite 202 Detroit 48219-3142 STATE ZIP DAY PHONE (including the tiebreaker) and the earliest postmark will win first prize; the entry with the most correct answers and next earliest postmark will finish second, etc. No postmark before Feb. 10 will be accepted. If more than one entry has the the same number of correct answers and the same early postmark, we'll select winners by random drawing. Closing date and time for entries to be received is noon Feb. 25. Employees of the Free Press, the Detroit News, Detroit Newspapers and Key Punch Services and then-immediate families are not eligible. Nominees PICTURE: "The Fugitive," "In the Name of the Father," "The Piano," "The Remains of the Day," "Schindler's List." ACTOR: Daniel Day-Lewis, "In the Name of the Father"; Laurence Fishbume, "What's Love Got to Do With It"; Tom Hanks, "Philadelphia"; Anthony Hopkins, "The Remains of the Day"; Liam Neeson, "Schindler's List." ACTRESS: Angela Bassett, "What's Love Got to Do With It"; Stockard Charming, "Six Degrees of Separation"; Holly Hunter, "The Piano"; Emma Thompson, "The Remains of the Day"; Debra Winger, "Shadowlands." SUPPORTING ACTOR: Leonardo DiCaprio, "What's Eating Gilbert Grape"; Ralph Fiennes, "Schindler's List"; Tommy Lee Jones, "The Fugitive"; John Malkovich, "In the Line of Fire"; Pete Postlethwaite, "In the Name of the Father." SUPPORTING ACTRESS: Holly Hunter, "The Firm"; Anna Paquin, "The Piano"; Rosie Perez, "Fearless"; Winona Ryder, "The Age of Innocence"; Emma Thompson, "In the Name of the Father." DIRECTOR: Jim Sheridan, "In the Name of the Father"; Jane Campion, "The Piano"; James Ivorv, "The Remains of the Day"; Steven Spielberg, "Schindler's List"; Robert Altman, "Short Cuts." SOUND: "Cliffhanger," "The Fugitive," "Ge-ronimo: An American Legend," "Jurassic Park," "Schindler's List." THE LIST! Today LINCOLN CENTER JAZZ ORCHESTRA, 8 p.m., Hill Auditorium, U-M, Ann Arbor. 763-TKTS. MARDI GRAS PARTY, Cajun buffet, 6 p.m., music by Eddie Bo, Lou Ann Barton, Angela Strehli, 7 p.m., Sully's, 4758 Greenfield, Dearborn. Ticketmaster or 846-1920. RON JACKSON, bebop jazz, noon, Detroit Public Library, downtown branch, 121 Gratiot. 224-0580. "CRAZY FOR YOU," 8 p.m., Fisher Theatre, 3011 W. Grand Blvd. Ticketmaster or 872-1000. Angela Strehli Wednesday ELEANOR McEVOY, 8 p.m., Magic Bag Theatre, 22918 Woodward, Ferndale. Tickets available at Sam's Jams Record Store, 279 W. 9 Mile, Ferndale. 544-3030. LINCOLN CENTER JAZZ ORCHESTRA, 8 p.m., , Orchestra Hall, 3711 Woodward. 833-3700. - : "RUNNING WILD," staged readings, 8 p.m.,' Aaron DeRoy Theatre, 6600 W. Maple, W. Bloomfield. 788-2900. "THE REAL LIVE BRADY BRUNCH," with Davy Jones, 7 & 10 p.m., Michigan Theatre, 603 E. Liberty, Ann Arbor. 668-8397. "I DO! I DO!," 8 p.m., Birmingham Theatre, 211 S. Woodward. 644-3533. "YOU NEVER CAN TELL," 2 & 8 p.m., Meadow Brook Theatre, Oakland University, Rochester Hills. 377-3300. By Janet Josaitis m?m Mike Duffy is also known in the Free Press A. Captain America B. Captain Video C. Captain Kangaroo D. Corporal Kangaroo Answer' b vs linNCiiriRN PRESENTED BY THIS FRIDAY THIS SATURDAY 8:00 PM 8:00 FN ALL SEATS KIDS HAT NIGHT $10.00 COURTESY OF (FIRST 1 ,000 KIDS 35 l2lHDER0riLV) THIS SUNDAY 2:00 PM . FAMILY DAY KIDS 1 2 AND UNDER. SENIORS OVER 62 $2.00 OFT SELECT SEATS ON SALE WW AT TIE PALACE BOX OFFICE AND 8 CHARGE AT (3131 645 6666. mxotTOORGVOniAnon (313)377-0100 (mm TV BEAT TODAY ITS 71 THE MONTEL WILLIAMS SHOW Does your lover know all your secrets? Today's guests are in for the shocks of their lives as their lovers reveal deep, dork secrets. NEWSBEAT AT 5:001 Sparked by last week's exclusive investigation, more victims of the Oakland County con-man have come forward. Who else has he hit? Mike Wendland s I-learn digs deeper. 'ONCE IN A LIFETIME"! After a fire destroys her life, a popular novelist picks up the pieces by moving to Hollywood. Now she's torn between her glamourous new life and the son she left behind NIGHT B EAT AT 11:001 She claims she was about to be thrown through a windshield when an unseen arm held her back. was it on angel? Paulo Tutman explores the mystery. 11 :QOPM

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