Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 2, 1947 · Page 12
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 12

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 2, 1947
Page 12
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';# ss-^syj'iV 1 '®"^ &•* '* 3)Vl /"V ** > t i " . ,','«« * •• s " , , T ;i v • y ^ ,- * ' i ' „ N( < -^- ' **, „ 1 I 4 ','O ' ' '"' '' r V r , *. p ^ ^ '-i•** HOPE STAR, HO* 1, ARKANSAS Wednesday, July 2, Wednesday, July 2, 1947 HOM STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS ite Weather Bureau in MYear JOHN HASLAM Jrtlted Press Staff Correspondent tittle Rock, July 1 — (UP) — MS United States Weather Bureau Here celebrated its 68th anniversary f today, «. , l|3'Ana like good violins and fine •^-fifle', It improves with age *>,!»,Whcn the U. S. Aimy Signal jpCorps established the lust weather fsjtouon in Little Rock July 1, 1870, ,4tne t lone weatherman took two ob- f Stfcvauons daily with two baiomc- fcfters, two thermometers and a ram the 24-hour station at Adams employs 18 persons to oper e latest \yeatner-recoiding dc- (oo coVn'plicated for the lay- to Understand. The bureau Tias^autornatic*recording thcrmom e*ters, barometers* and wind vcloc ?« Af art'd direction equipment. II uses jM } light bbant and electric eye to |^j|gtferiinme the ceijing. It has othci instruments to show wind velocity drift direction, temperatures anc •liurfildity up to an altitude of ncai ly 15 'mile's. ^toie firsl weather bureau was .*„ Ideated on-lhe setiond floor of the old Sloddard Bank bunding at the & turner of Mani and Marknam in nttle Rock".* It was moved seven Urhes and on April 16, 1942, to its jresent location atop the admmis ition buildihg at Adams Field. Mte bureau was separated fiom Ie Ar'rty Signal Corps and wen civilian hiatus uncloi the 0 ipartment ol Agricultuie in 1892 SWeatheiman Walter C Hickmoi , across a few \veather oddities a log book kept by the burcat [der tnc signal coips' instance, on JJec 30, 1880 4fwasiinis entiy. "River Iiozen fion tferc lo Fort Smith. Said to b ijadly goiged below Pine Bluff " next day's, enliy said people isiialmg on the liver. SsAnd on Jan 1 , 1881, was this ijnmcnt: "Hiver btill fiozen anc stc airier 'Plow Boy' sunk by ice 'and steamei 'Katie Hooper' Irozei Check! , t " An entry fot Jan. 22, 1883, ic liver was frozen for moie than I'miles above Little Rock ^On Feb 2?, 18fU. the log recoid- >$.' ram and thuncterstoi ms in the Ie Rock area It said a family Argenta" was slightly mjuied ;n two bolts of lightning stiuck psite ends of then house at dl- 6t*the same instant. p^Feb. 3, 1886, noithein Aikan- -*Jiad snow from 20 lo 24 inches &P and Little Rock had fom- Res of sleet. i|)fl on t Oct. 2, 1894, the buieau ported 'a tornado struck Lilllc Here and There in Arkansas Little Rock, July 1 — (/P)— Miss Ella Posey, Little Rock, an em- ploye of the Arkansas Agricultural extension Service for nearly 29 years, retired yesterday. She had served a southwest district agent for the last 27 years. Little Rock, Julv i — (yp) —Completion of five ' -additional building expansion projects at Arkansas colleges" was announced today by W. ~R. ?Marak, district engineer for the' Federal Works Agency. facility programs at Arkansas State Expanded completed Teachers andVHcndrix Colleges, Cpnway; Arkansas Tech, Russell- villc; Arkansas College, .Batcs- ville, arid ': Philander Smith, -Little Rock, brought to eight • the number of 'finished projects in the stale carried; out 1 under yete'ran's educational facilities program of the FWA's bureau of community facilities. .'-..". - • ; Other: projects are under construction at Little Rock Junior College, Arkansas Baptist College, and Danbar Junior College, Searcy: University of Arkansas, Fay- ettcville; John Brown University, Siloam Springs; Ouachita College, Arkadelphia, and Arkansas A. M. & N. College, Pine Bluff. Under the program, surplus war buildings are provided to colleges where an urgent ' need for additional facilities is justified because of the veterans' training program Projects previously were completed at A, •& M. College,' Magnolia;. Arkansas- A. & M. Monti' cello, and Henderson State Teachers College, Arkadelphia . . Opposition of GOPHaltsl2 Flood Projects Washinglon, July 1 •— (o>) —Rep. Kerr(D-NC) said today, that opposition by ''powerful 'Republi cans" had threatened a denial of any appropriations for 12 big flood control and navigation projects in the South. He said that the House Appropriations Committee finally voted to recommend funds- for 11 of the 12 for the year beginning today. House debate on the measure was set for this afternoon. Kerr, third 'ranking Democratic member of the House Appropriations Committee said hi''a'state- ment thai Chairman Dondcro (R- Mich) of Ihe House Public Works Committee, was among-'-those 1 who made the proposal at subcommittee hearings. ; Without naming other congressmen, Kerr said the plan "threat- ned lo lurn the vital flood con- rol issue into a partisanship ight." The projects on which Kerr said Dondero mentioned "halting" ap- roprialions for construction this ear included Ihe following: (es- imaled cosl, year congress aulh- Little .Rock, July 2 — (/P) ->entry list for Arkansas 1947 serrii pro baseball tournament at Fort Smith. July 22-30 will:be ;closc ; d July 10,.' -se'mi-nro Commissioner Clarence Higgins of Fort Smith a'n nounced here' yesterday. '; i : i The" 1946 champions; the Ed wards "Veterans of 'Fort Smith, have -disbanded and will not defend • 1'th.bi'r title, Higgins said. Rock at 8:28 p. m.', killed . four persons, injured 30, and did damage estimated at $150,000. Records showed the hottest clay ever recorded for Little Rock was 110 degrees on Aug. 10, 1936, the coldest was 12 degrees below zero on Feb. 12, 1899, the heaviest rain in any 24-hour period was .9,58 inches April 8 and 8, 1913, the heaviest snowfall was 13 inches Jan 17 and 18, 1893, and the highest wind veloci-ty-was.-49; miles an hpur'm anuaiy,, 1915. MEALS TASTE BETTER WHEN YOU SERVE BLUE RIBBON BREAD GROCERS and C I T Y BAKE • FRANKE S • BREAD • jCAKE-S t i A • AT HOBBS OLEOMARGERINE ' Lb MONARCH APPLE BUTTER 28 oz. jar Bruce Floor Cleaner Quart Purple Hull Peas Lb. Frozen Foods ENGLISH PEAS.. 31 c STRAWBERRIES . 59c SAUCE,.. 17c CAMUF WWER.. 33c APRICOTS > 17c SPINACH 28c Red Raspberries ., 65c Grated COGOANUT Pkg,21c Grated TUNA can 41 c AAiracle Whip SALAD DRESSING Pt. HOT ROLL MIX Pkg. 28c HENS and FRYERS • Government Inspected Meats ExcJusively "We Deliver" GROCERY & MARKET PHONE 266 ^rftvfiX. =1 «• J^'. „> '-" f n ^ Pcstmos Girl Wins 4-H Club Style Revue Mary Helen'Powell,-'Patmos Senior 4-H Club, placed r first in the best dress'"class-'in'tjic; county 4-H Style Revue,"held at the City Hall Tuesday, July 1, and will get a rip to Fayetleville to state camp, August 4-8. Virginia Ruth Ha'mil- on, McCaskill, placed first in the school dress -class,; but" will not :et the trip to Fayelleville because she is not yet fourteen.; Either inda Marie Sweal, McCaskill, or Jean Sewell, Bleyins Junior Club, >vho ticd,.for second place;,,will ;gei the Fa'yettoville trip.,-'. ,' '> Hazel Daugherty, Hope High Ichool Club, won second place in he besl dress class. Kay Kent, Palmos, won first place on; her slip. Wanda Jean Sweat, MqCas- cill, ' AVonj first place on a sack skirt.jand' third place on a school dress.-'.'L'yla Bea Rhodes won; second place on her tie-dyed skirt. Other girls who took part in' the tyle revue were Martha Harris, 31-evins;' Helen Lou Kcjil and ;Mil- drcd Middlebrooks, Palmos; anc Mary Ann England, Hope. Twenty-four dresses, thirty-cigh skirls, and "forty-seven head scarf? A'ere entered in community .4-H style revues held over the county and participated by girls belwccr the ages of nine and nineteen. Girls who brought cup cake; and cookies to the county meeting were Catherine Powell, Guernsey and Helen Kent who won blue rib bons; and Kay Kent and Mary Am England, who won red ribbons. Mrs. A. H. Rhodes attended the meeting with the McCaskill girls who had the largest representation and came the longest distance Bra Life Is Prolonged by Washing Care By ALICIA HART ,., NEA Staff Writer Brassieres need careful guidance through the laundry if their silken curves are to .withstand frequent encounters with suds and iron. For ways to prolong the life, shape and fit of a bra, listen to ex- perls' suggestions: Don't rub a bra when you wash it, they warn. Squeeze suds in and out, using mild soap and warm water. If stubborn stains remain t'.rter squoosmng suds through fabric, scrub spots with an old tooth brush. Don't slop rinsing, experts caution, until water is unclouded. To keup white bras white, add a blueing rinse to the final water. To revive the beauty of a fading ice- blue or pink bra, treat the garment lo a foam bath in the' tint required- The shape and fit of the laundered bra depend, according lo our mentors, upon what happens lo the cups while the garment is wet. They suggest pressing out water with your hands, gloved in a towel. Then push out the point at each cup with your index fin- Htr. Very lightly stretch the bra into its circular shape, and hang up to dry until it reaches Ihe damp stage. Iron while damp. You're cautioned, however, to set your iron for a warm —never hot—temperature. Iron first on the inside of each cup, one section at a time. To preserve shape, work toward the point in the center of the cup. Press straps and band— using a cool iron for the elastic parts — and you're through. But there's one more reminder. A brassiere demonstrator says the correct way of getting into a bra is to bend forward as you slip it on. This allows the bosom, she claims, to take its proper position in the cups of the bra. It also eliminates the need to push curves Triple Rocks- Win By the Associated Press Lonokc. Jut yl—ifP) — Virgil Harvey, 34, has been held for the. Lon- OKC county grand jury.-on a charge of first degree murder in tho death of William W. Dunn, 59, last Saturday night. Sheriff L. Earl Jackson said Harvey was ordered to undergo a 30-day observation at the. state hospital for nervous diseases. Dann was fatally beaten with a hoe on a farm near Cabot, where both men worked. Does Stomach Gas and Bloat Make You Feel Miserable? If so, hero Is how you may got blessed relief In freeing your stomach from this nervous distress. It works this way: Evtrytlme food enters the stomach a vital gastric Juice mxist flow normally to break-up certain food particle*;;else the food may ferment. Sour food, acid Indigestion and gas frequently cnuse-a morbid, touchy, fretful,; peeylsh,! nervous condition, loss of appetite,'Underweight, restless sleep, weakness. -'.•• To get real relief you must increase t ie flow of this vital gastric Juice. 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Get-a bottle ol SSS Tonic from your drug store today SSS Tonic helps Build Sturdy Health. orUed construction, and appro* House priation recommene, y o Appropriations Committee for year ' beginning today, . Rese- Re* The, $10,135,500 Narrows voi, Ark,, 1941, $1,762,500. The $58,100000 Oull Shoals SERVOIR, Ark., .938, $3,000,000. The $33,750,000 Fort Gibson Reservoir, Okl., 1941, $4,700,000. Heroic Deputy Averts a ^Lynching CLINTON P. ANDERSON Secretary ojAgriculture Sayts American Women- Your Used Fats Are Still Needed! America's homemakers have saved and turned in over 600 million pounds of used cooking fats since ;1942'. This,is an.average of nearly 20 pounds, for each'family in the. United "States. It is a record of • -Which every wortian can be proud. •• v However, it is still necessary to conserve every pound of fat, since the over-all fat supply situation i' is; little,better now than it was last year.y/he.n we • were desperately short, particularly, of industrial fats. : ; Manufacture of many of the.tiiings.we all Use and , wear in our daily lives requires industrial fats or the products of industrial fats. Used cooking fats turned in by American women have been and continue to represent an important part of our total industrial fats supply. Every pound of salvaged fat helps meet the need. / Clinton P. Anderson, Secretary of Agriculture Carrollton, Ga, July 1 A heroic deputy sheriff (UP) — thwarted a lynching at the county jail last night when he held off 300. members' of a white mob until rein- forcemenls could arrive to rescue a Negro mi-raer suspect. Deputy Sheriff Russell Lambert discovered the. ,'1-ynchin'gj i [attempt . .. when he peered irdrn :thb.-.y of his residence on the-'Villk Ca'rrollton road just before *J..p'.m., and -saw a long caravaTji'.ofiiC.a'rs headed tpward -the . nptilt'r'^iiU.-};.- He;Baid he guessed;WhatyWaSjUp and • telephoned a; watnih£"!tq?|E)ep- PJM Now can be Beaten! Tlio miseries oE Pin-Worms have toon known for centuries, and millions of victims hnvc sought n \vay to deal with thia pest that lives inside the human hotly. Today, thanks to a special, medically recognized drug (gentian violet), a highly effective treatment has heen made possible. 1'his drupr ia the vital incredient in P-W, the Tin-Worm tablets developed in tho Jahoratorics of Dr. D. Jayno & Son. The small, onsy-to-taltc P-W tablets act in a special way to remove Pin-Worms. So don't sufler In nilenee with the embarrassing rectal itch caused by this ugly, Btubborn pest. Ask your dnifjKist for a package of JAYNE'S P-W and follow the Bimple directions carefully. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. P-W—the treatment for Pin-Worms. uty Olis King who was on duly. "For God's sake,, hold Ihem off until I get there, Otis," he told King. Then he jumped in his Own car and raced for town, gelling Ihere ahead of most of the mobsters. There were 72 automobiles and a bus *n the motorcade, which had formed at Villa Rica, home of Andrew Boyd, 28-year-old white farmer who was allegedly murdered by the Negro. It was about 9:30 p. m. whin the men with faces blackened wilh lamp black surged toward the jail door. . • .•' ' i.' fin unidentified whitp . man as- black, suiged'toward" the jail door. An unidentified while man assumed the role of spokesman and talked gruffly to Lambert. "We came for Kaciie Brown, Sheriff," he said bluntly Brown. 20-year-old Negio, was behind bars; bulbil;dp 1 ilia jail, aw.ait- ing jtria% ;.*.'•; J :': j. Kin; ''Boys',-. F don*t' Want' Vib ti oublc," Lambert told the mob calmly. "But, there's going,,to, Ije'.Jiji/ and oidei in this; cdu.ntjj(iairaf4 lat Negro s going Id ge^.d iaii;|iTajl(." King "was ih another room, telephoning nearby towns for help. In a few minutes, stale patrol cars, police cars and sheriff's deputies from surrounding, counties were roaring along side roads and highways, headed for the jail. Outside', the mob was growing resllcss as Lambert spoke calmly Cotton Loop Leaders Win Over Cellarites By The Associated Press The Cotton States League leading Greenville Bucks defeated the last place Hot Springs Bathers 4 lo 3 last night, but it took them an ex tra inning to dp • it. The Bucks victory came in the aenth when Third Baseman Joe Webb smacked a long drive to left field and Frank Brucella came home with the winning tally. Greenville Pitcher' Johnny Myers fanned 16 batters. Piling up ininc runs 'in 1 'the first three periods, the second-position Greenwood Dodgers- battered Hel ena, 11 to 4. The Seaporters ac.cumulated: all •four, of their scores in fourth frame but five errors blighted their efforts. A .scheduled . game between; Clarksdalc and.;'El Dorado at El Dorado was postponed because of and quietly to the gang leader "I'm warning, you," he said, "if a man comes inside this jail he's going to get shot, and shot dead,' he told them. "Im repeating, this county's going to give its people justice — black or white." Lambert said the mob leader told him: gro will go to trial and ^et life in prison. Then 'in a few years, he'll be out on good behavior. We ain't taking ho chances, Sheriff. We got our own justice right here and we intend to see that it's done tonight. Get that Negro, Sheriff." In the rear of Ihe mob, other men called encouragement, yelling, "What are we., waiting for Let's go." The crowd was gelling in an ugly mood, Lambert said, when., he heard the sirens of-police cars arriving. Within a few minutes, they had spirited the Negro oul of the jail under heavy guard and into a police car. He was taken to Allan "That's just the trouble This Ne- ;ta, 70 miles away, for.isafekeeping jm BKKii • i cpcfl A B*X BTCKB / en A n /^%v IP 31 D D IB ^ J ST.U'EART'S:-4th OF.JULY Right back where started jeforc Ihe four-game.scries which ended lasl night, the Soiilherii Association clubs prepared today to launch new scries. All broke even in the last >sels. '. • '••' Mobile gained on the other | first division clubs last night—recoyei ing.ground losl .earlier in Ihe week —defealing Nashville, 74, < as JRoy Boles hung up his ninth triumph of the year .despite/, being blasted! for 15 hits. Four of the blows .were b'i" Hal' Jeff coat, who ran his hiltih] streak to 33 games. , ' ' ' Chattanooga and New Orleans j split a twin Dill, in . record time, completing.both games before !any of the otners in the. leagu- were complete. Chattanooga took tho opener, 83, but Ihe Pels copped the nightcap 90. ... . . j-attle Rock won from Bivming ham. 74. and.Memphis came from behind to beat Atlanta,, 7-G. ;.' Al Flair, New. Orleans first base man and the league's home : run socker, hit one in each game at Chattanooga to'.make it 15 for the year. Little Rock,. turning in the league's first triple play of the year in the firsl inning, jumped inlo a 71 lead before the Birming ham Barons scored four runs in the eighth to force Al Piechota, who started, off the inound. The triple play resulted when Ed Van in and Dick Adkins singled to slarl Ihe game and Joe Scheldt slashed a liner down the first base line. Traveler First Baseman Joe Mack speared the drive, stepped on first to double Adkins and threw to Shortstop George Morgan to triple Vanni, Four of the Rocks' 12 hits were triples. nto place, thus avoiding possible njury to delicate-tissues, and does away with the tugging that causes undue wear and tear on the bra itself. STREAK - 0 - LEAN Lb. FRESH YARD Do , 45c A Great Cake for a Great Day! POPULAR BRANDS W Lb I7c .FRESW- Lb SLICED BACON Lb FRESH Table Dressed FRE^H , • Tab(e D^essqd. \ ' ~~~ *~* 1 l^k. ^B 11 •• ' \ f WR >i :RSIb. ! 65c Prem, Spam, Roth's, Mor, e Treet Armour's Vienna Sausage Armour's Deviled ' Tongue „ Armour's Liver Spread Underwood's Deviled Ham Llbby's Foiled Meat " E-Z Liver ' Loaf , Sultana Peanut Butter Ann Page Salad Mustard French's Mustard American Dill Pickles Ralnbo Sweet Gherkins Sultana Plain Olives Sultana Small Stuffed Olives Ann Pago Garden Relish Ann Page Beans Mel-0-Bi» Cheese ..,..; t 12-02. Can No. i/ 2 Can No. 1/4 Can No. 'A Can 3-oi. 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(ShVift pfc -sticky < salt deposits- thai cling, "tq hair. \Th_e advantage of - a^ tube-pack- By DeWITT MacKENZIE AP Foreign Affairs Analyst Cosmetic Stockings for Summer By ALICIA HART NEA Staff Writer The cool look and unencumbered eeling of lag make-up continue to ive cosmetic stockings their sum- ner supremacy. As ! stqpking stand-ins, however, ie sttccfcsft, of leg make-up dc- enas upon how well it can fake l>e ..lookV,of ''glamorous hose. 'That epcnds r nbt so mlidh upon the kind f make-up, you use, .but'how skil- ully you 1 'apply it. The : -.'bcst technique Will 'fail, lowever 1 , if, yotiV Skin isn't made jbsolutcly fu£z4ii'GO before you paiht' your, togs Fil st get rid > of he stubblo Ihcn'go on from Iherc All del? Re,ad Jhc label bn the .Tpduct you use. There's no better •rietlibd of getting in and' put. of our cosmietic socks than the one he maker sums-up for you on hi; abel. Read Ihe label and curb any .endenc'y to speed up Ihe paint job. faking lime to blend make-up over your legs and going easy ol h.e amount you apply aw: rules that can't be shrugged off if yoi are looking f6r successful results If you want to keep this sum trier's longer hems safe from leg slaps, buff off the powdery residue after leg paint dries, As good a buffer as any is an old stocking frisked over legs and feel. ITS ORIGIN Our word "map" comes Irohl a vord the Romans Used for "nap- in," and today We're still draw- ng maps on restaurant napkins nd tablecloths. • There are around 4,700,000 truck .nd bus drivers in America,' larg- on W ! s hini» to enroll sh st occupational group except for'° ne Dishing to enroll si igrictilture IMr - Kennedy at the o.M" «• r* Singing School A singing scholifwi; Spring Hill Methdch-)fe',cHlJS < pervised t>y Ifbfac'e JA& o* a. ityf, Have you ever watched your doctor wilt* .q prescription? II you hav« you will renumber the thought he put Into every stroke of his pen, (or, when writing your prescription he Is applying to your particular case all the scientific medical knowledge handed down through generation* ol medical practitioners. We'll show your prescripUon the respect It deserves by lining it with the tame-care the Doctor took In writing U. WARD & SONS The Leading Druggist •rrir aged;.cream, makers of this one claim, is that no liquid streams into eyes when hair is washed. To make the after-management of qnickly'-showered hair easier, ' vegetable' oil-- ingredients are Used lavishly m this product The presence of these softening oils is ap- pai enU ,when freshly-washed hair is. GoajteiSAback. -into curl : -O French minister of the interior, FJEduard Depreux's announcement of a Black Maquis plot —lo over- thrpw the republic and establish a military dictatorship — is couched in such guarded terms lhal it leaves much lo the imagination, although the statement is in all conscience grave enough on the face of it. The political situation in Francs is highly complicated, and in order to find the real significance of this ugly .revolutionary .scheme we. must consider it in its relation to the entire picture rather than separately. When we do that we shall find, I believe, that ' thp most important aspect of -the plot • is that -it's another of those phenomena which indicate France .is; swinging back toward .Ihe right after; a steep, leftisl nose-dive. M. Depreux tells us that, the Black.Maquis comprises right wing .resistance leaders, monarchists (and .-Vichy collaborationists. '. Why should they want to establish a 'die- Protectors JJaveShoe Lining By ALICIA HART NEA Staff Writer The girl who sheds her stockings in summer shouldn't deprive noble soles of protection. Foot socks serve as double protection for feet and for shoe linings, which may deteriorate when bare feet perspire. These protectors, made of nylon lisle, rayon or cotlon-rayon mix- lures, are slyled for every type of shoe. They are more plentiful now; even have newcomers in their ranks. Sauciest newcomer is a toe-guard of bright red nylon. This foot-guard, which ends under Ihe inslep, peeks from a shoe window to. simulate a brightly lacquered toe. More conservative girls will like the suntan shades because they are nearly invisible. Open heel styles in foot protectors team with sling- sack pumps. All over toe-and-heei overings provide comfortable doz. 35c cfn. 1.93 qt.10cgal.29c tatorship? Well, it strikes me we don't have ;b loch" frr for Iheir main : answer. They have been dissatisfied with :he country's leflisl swing which for-a.-time permitted the Comma nists to gain such power that.the outside: world wondered"•• whether France was about to 'become a part of the Russian 1 sphere qf in fluence. In addition to the polilic'al disabilities, the nation, has been Struggling in an economic morass. Some extreme rightists hayc felt' that a : dictatorship would eliminate political confusion and also permit more efficient handling of the economic problem. . So much for the Maquis. We can leave them to the French government which, M. Depreux informs us, intends lo push its investigation "to ils .final conclusion, no matter how important a personage is found lo be involved." As a matter of fact another phenomenon has developed into a sit- lation which has bid fair to take are of the Communists, threat withoul need of recourse lo slrong arm melhods of revolutionaries. A '•ouple of months ago France's mild-mannered Socialist Premiei iamndier surprised the world with a sensational revolt against the jowerful Communist party which lad imporlanl ministries in the coalition government. Early in May Ramadier laid down a policy of freezing wages in he interest of helping stabilize the The and ouffcrs for oxfords or similar type, shoes of Sun Lotions May Leave Bad Stain By ALICIA HART NEA Staff Writer If suntan lotion discolors youi sunsuit or leg make-up leaves trail around a dress hemline, the earlier you remove these stains the better. Remove by washing 01 dry-cleaning within a few after discovering them. days. sis 2 for 29c FREE DELIVERY EVERY DAY ON $2.00 ORDERS STUEART'S STORES PHONE 447 We Reserve Rights to Limit Quantity AND* SAVE Most of these cosmetics contaii tannin which, if allowed to re main on the fabric, may make a permanent stain, say dry cleaners. These experls offer more sug- geslions for safeguarding summer clothing: apply deodorants and anti-perspirants at least 15 minutes before dressing. Remove ex : j cess with damp cloth. Garments | should Jje kept immaculately clean 11 to prevent chemicals in these ' preparations from building up in ' the cloth. A concentration of chemicals weakens cloth fibers and affects Ihe color. Before slipping on your dress, guard il from lipstick smudges by holding a piece of cleasing tissue between your lips. A more foolproof procedure is to apply makeup after dressing. If you're giving a wrinkled suit a quick press, walch oul for slains on the fabric. Never touch a stain i with a hot iron or the heat may set it indelibly. Q _ Texas is trying reflectorizec curbs to cut traffic accidents. rrench economic structure, tommunisls opposed him; when Ramadier called for a vote of confidence over this important ssue in the general assembly the Communists refused to join in the movement. The premier gave them a quick answer. He fired the five Communist ministers out of his cabinet and his Socialist parly sustained Mm in this action. However, that didn't worry the Reds — not 'right away. Actually it suited them perfectly, because they expected to be able lo maneuver so lhat Ramadier would be compelled to recall them to the cabinet, thereby increasing their prestige. II hasn'l worked oul that way thus far. Impartial observers say that the Communist party has lost much ground, including perhaps a fifth of the votes heretofore accorded them in general elections. Their opponents say they tried to force Ramadier's hand by instigal- ing a series of slrikes, which they called off after Communist power lad been demonstrated. But the grand coup — the general railway Hrilro frvr hiphpf wages batk- itrike for higher wages ired., The railroad workers not only paralyzed rail transporl .hroughoul the counlry bul refused ,o obey Communist orders and juit; until Ramadier granted them ligher wages on June 12. Thus at the present writing the Red stock and strength is much lower, and the government's is much higher. Whether this trend will continue depends largely on the government's success in making economic repairs, and that in turn may depend on what economic aid Frace can secure through the Marshall program for Euro pean economic rehabililalion. o 17-YEAR-OLDS ELIGIBLE Lillle Rock, July 1—{#>)—The Ar karisas National Guard has beer authorized to enlist 17-year-olds Brig. Gen. H. L. McAlister, slate acjljutant general, announced today Ml/^- >- ^ COOKED PICNIC ReadyMo-eal- ... no long cooking, just heat and serve. No shrinkage. Shorter shank for better value. Frying Chicken >b Dressed and drawn. Grade A. Ib. Wieners Skinless, sure to be tender. Cold Cuts ib Star and Wilson assorted. 62c 39c '< M I * L' i * >*, ( i"«4 Beef Roast Chuck cut. U. S graded. WATERMELONS I 1 * > % I i^ "*''". l*T-&<< THSTO",r ^ ~WM*&M --- * • ^"F^ " flfi ,,^^^4 i-fwtaji fW,S/I A JM Vine-ripened. Red meat. Guaranteed »'-vv /„',,: ' . «f *\ 'fH )!„„ 'HHJ-JI n,.* •»•"> ' <$jf{J TT-isil •^ ID. I •»'*•! V „ Golden ripe, Firm, meaty. . * "'BfMS • v "« WifiS $*$W _lil<!» H««l 'Xiy/tM? Cantaloupes lb 7ic Bananas Deep gold meat: honey sweet. Tomatoes ib \7\c Lemons Homegrown. Firm, red-ripe. Sunkist, firm, juicy,' 'I*- rfL -JH.. v , i^'-j -»«(>*• £! 1 <f&£ .' ' !Mf?, J 1 7 ¥> ! > *<* .' > y-1 V^ l-jvv* .> •. > 4 i * * • ***. v*t . f , .J-i i«% « *5, ««ft*lrAl SALAD DRESSING PW Kroger. Secret seasoning, mello zest flavor - * .' Prem or Spam 12 0/ c . m 37c Queen ,. TO D0l ^_,, For quick-fix meals and sandwiches. Embussy stuffed. Finer flavpr, > ' V" "lft Pickles 12 02 jar 32c Cheese R. B. sweet crisp. Picnic favorite. a*" I " Windsor Club.' Buy^p\vl Jaks*^^ Rifz Crackers ]bibox 32c Kidney Beans f. *; . Nabisco. Crisp, fresh, flavor. Joan of Arc. A plcni^fieat.' Spotlight Coffee Hot-Dated, fresh ground. 1.05 Kroger Bread Still low-priced. Finer texture. Orange Juice 4G oz - can 27c Mustard ••Kroger. Just chill and serve. Grape Juice pintbct Kroger. Pure. Quart, 49c Kiaft Salad. 27c Peanut Butter ,', Magic Mix retard^ oil 8 oz. jar taafiflwtfj 1 1U *.»": ^ *%% )ff*. i , *r« 'V \^ r t —. C 3 I **\- "••'?- KROGER COLA GINGER ALE or ROOT BEER 9 24 oz lOr fm bot. 17L* Plus Deposit FOTO FLEX Twin-Lens CAMERA 795 value with purchase of 2 rolls Superchrome G-27 filrn^ 23c each. "17°"M' 1 HX"4ki^ Krpaef,-§pM4~J8^| Witt* wil

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